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Zotto Mattress Reviews

Zotto is a disruptive mattress in a box company. It crafts an all-foam mattress with extra cooling versus many other mattress brands. Its 4 layer design with extra cooling in the top layer puts it at a pressure-point relieving medium firmness. Customers find comfortable overall, but some had issues with the material value and the durability.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.6/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

No Back Pain: 8.7/10

Price: $650-$1095

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Zotto's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Zotto has a goal to make things cooler than other mattresses. This led them to use materials such as their 'ThermaPhase™ comfort layer,' which is a hybrid of phase change material. It sleeps cooler than memory foam, but not so cool to become uncomfortable. We'll go through the layers in detail below:

Layer 1: ThermaPhase Comfort layer cradles the body and is soft, but regulates temperature so it doesn't sleep too hot.

Layer 2: CoolFlow Support layer is an open cell polyurethane foam that is firmer than the top layer, but provides pressure point relief.

Layer 3: The transition layer is a firmer piece of foam that is more responsive, and provides support without being ultra-firm.

Layer 4: The base layer is ultra-dense and ultra-firm, providing structure and support to the mattress.

Overall Comfort

Most sleepers find Zotto's mattress comfortable, but others had issues with the sagging and durability problems that can limit comfort to the short term.


Check out the scale above. As you can see, Zotto falls right in the middle of the firmness chart. This is great for those that are side sleepers or light in body shape. For those that are heavier or stomach sleepers, you may need something firmer.


This mattress will sleep cooler than most other foam-only mattresses. For those that are extremely warm, it may still retain some heat.

Who Is It Good For?

Zotto's mattress is perfect for those that are looking for a child's mattress or need extra cooling in the medium firmness range.

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I would say this bed is between medium firm and it arrived a week before expected very satisfied and would recommend this bed to

The bed is firm yet forms toy your body and it isn't too firm. I would say this bed is between medium firm and it arrived a week before expected very satisfied and would recommend this bed to others.!

Five Stars

10 stars here .

So Comfortable. I love my bed now more than ever!

Finally an affordable high-quality memory foam bed! I've slept on a Tempur-Pedic for a month and loved it. And when it came time to buy one for myself, I found it way out of reach on a price point level. $4500 for a King Tempur-Pedic? I get it, they have to charge that much to support their advertising and retail stores, then pass that cost along to us the consumers. So that got my wheels spinning and I started researching their competition and WOW am I glad I did! There are many other companies out there that offer a very similar product, but without all of the big advertising costs. I just love a great deal when I can find one. I researched 4 competitors Leeza, Casper, Tuft and Needle and Zotto. It was all a little overwhelming at first. So I decided to call customer service at these companies. Kudos to Zotto for their customer service. They were awesome, no pressure, they just answered all my questions in detail so I can make an informed decision. After all they all seemed very similar. At the end I chose Zotto for their excellent service. I figured it didn’t matter anyway with the 100-day guarantee, but I've received my mattress for almost a month now and absolutely love it! Memory Foam mattresses are the way to go, especially with the new copper cooling technology that Zotto built into it's mattress. So comfortable, I love my bed now more than ever!

Not The Greatest Bargain.

First off it is not 10" thick, 9 was the most I could stretch out of this. It's okay but so far nothing specially stands out, however they are wrong also saying it can be used without a box springs. Of course it can but before long you will notice sinking where your heaviest body parts lays. (usually your hips). Not too sure it's wont happen anyway. I think for $550., I could have done much better. Just saying check all your options before you buy.

Awesome mattress

"I love my new Zotto mattress, not sure where the name came from but, who cares this mattress rocks! I am a big guy and suffered for years sweating in my sleep. This mattress sleeps way cooler, I sleep for longer durations and don’t wake up looking like it rained in my bedroom. "

Third time is the charm!

Third time is the charm! I tried two other bed in a box companies before finding the Zotto. I almost gave up on the idea but, I figured I’d try one more, man am I glad I did. No more sleepless nights tossing, and turning. Thanks Zotto!

very happy

My first online bed purchase, and we are very happy. This is by far the easiest, fastest, and most inexpensive mattress I have ever bought. I do not usually write reviews but we were just blown away by not only the service but the bed itself which is incredible. We love it, and have recommended it to our family members.

Best Sleep Ever

I never thought I had an issue with my bed. I just figured after years of tossing and turning a few times a night it was normal. I have been sleeping on this Zotto mattress for just about two weeks now, and I sleep through the night. I do feel a difference in my energy level, and stamina through the day. My only regret is I wish I had tried this out sooner.

Unfortunately this mattress

Unfortunately this mattress didn't work for us - We slept on one at Thunder Valley and loved it but the one we got felt much different - the edges were kind of rounded and you just kind of fell out of the bed when you rolled over - and it kind of dipped down at the head area too -- and we were very hot sleeping on it -- The return experience was EXCELLENT however, so i would recommend them highly from a customer service aspect and give them 5 stars in that regard -- but the bed just did not work for us -

My daughter loves her new Zotto

My daughter loves her new Zotto mattress. She said it's the best mattress that she's ever slept on. It delivered exactly when it was supposed to, and was so easy to setup.

I am very pleased

I am very pleased with this product. I first slept on one at a hotel that uses them and certainly recommend it.

Love both

Love both of ours! We have a king and a twin - Super comfortable!

Great matress

Great matress, it was a major step up from a 20 year old Serta so it's hard to give a good comparison. Since being on the zotto i wake up with ZERO back pain. I'm a heavier male at 260lbs and the bed is just great despite reading reviews that foam isnt well suited for my body type. I did notice 1 of my old pillows doesn't work well with the bed but my favorite memory foam pillow is great. I only gave 4 stars because the bed sleeps HOT! So i had to adjust my thermostat to 77 instead of 78 which wasnt a huge deal but very noticeable. I hadn't been on a memory foam bed before and have heard they sleep hot so this bed may actually sleep COOL compared to other memory foam matresses. All in all im very happy!

Zotto mattress

Zotto mattress is awesome. After reading several reviews and instructions on how to best set up your mattress, it was a breeze. We chose the Zotto after sleeping on one at Thunder Valley Casino and we had the best sleep. What I love best is that there's not a lot of movement in the mattress; so when we're getting in and out of bed; there isn't a lot of disturbance. Great buy, great sleep!

Best decision ever

Best decision ever! We looked at over 20 brands. We read all the good and bad of each. Zotto just stuck out to us. We purchased 2 twin XL mattresses and an electric adjustable bed frame. The mattresses were unrolled and slept on within 5-6 hours. No smell or any other problems. Best night sleep I’ve had in years and without medication.

We had been on the hunt

We had been on the hunt for a new mattress for almost a year by the time we ordered our Zotto. Initially, after much online research (seriously, at least 40 hours of reading forums, reviews, comparing specs etc) we tried an online mattress that was talalay latex. We slept on it for about 3 months but it slept pretty warm and my arm went numb when sleeping on my side. We sent it back. Up next was another online mattress, also with latex top and foam base. This one slept cooler but was also way too firm (and I thought I liked a firm mattress). Another 3 months and back it went. Finally, my wife was tired of us going through all these mattresses so I buckled down and wanted to get it right this time. I was looking at 3 well known online brands that were twice the price of Zotto. Some were hybrids with innersprings, others were not. I was ready to pull the trigger when I stumbled upon Zotto. For a number of reasons, I ordered Zotto. Let me tell you - that was two years ago and we absolutely love the mattress even still. It sleeps as cool as our old innerspring, my back doesn't hurt in the morning, and it provides good support while also letting you sink in slightly and contour to your shape. I travel a lot for work and I still look forward to coming home to sleep on my own mattress. Highly recommended, great company (had an issue that Zotto promptly took care of, over and above my expectations)


WONDERFUL !!! We first laid on a Zotto Mattress when we were visiting a newly remodeled casino in California and fell in love with our great night sleep. So, obviously we had to purchase one for our home. We have always had a pillow-top mattress, BUT once we found Zotto Mattress....that's it !! We are hooked and we tell all of our friends and family and even strangers if mattresses are brought up in conversations. I sleep hot, my husband sleeps cold and this mattress accommodated both of us. We are amazed at how solid of a sleep we both get now. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE ONE OF THESE !!! No more soreness. 100% HAPPY !!! Please keep up the great work and keep this around.

We purchased the king size

We purchased the king size Zotto mattress a few months ago and haven't looked back. It is hands down the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. The staff was super nice and easy to get a hold of and the entire process was almost effortless. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for their next mattress.

Nice medium mattress

Nice medium mattress, fills in the spaces nicely. I sleep very good on back and sides. Couldn't be happier.

The pair of Zotto

The pair of Zotto Twin/XL mattresses we purchased is one of our best ever decisions. They fit perfectly with our new Tempur-pedic bed frames and provide a perfect nights rest. My residual lower back pain has virtually disappeared...Thank You, Zotto! A small shipping error by the distributor took only one phone call to Ryan at Zotto to resolve in just several minutes. Top notch customer service. We highly recommend these mattresses and are confident we purchased the best mattresses at the best price, not to mention that the home delivery was great and the set-up was completed in just minutes.

Zotto was #4

Zotto was #4 in my looking for a king size mattress that actually did what it claimed to do. I had a sleep # for 18 yrs and it fell apart (all the foam parts). the second was tuft & needle bad support It would bottom out (ouch). Third was loom & leaf for a back sleeper its ok yet after 10min on my side it became and stayed rock hard (pain plus) . Then after much searching and watching the guys who test mattresses on you tube we decided to try Zotto. From the first time laying on it until now I have never felt an indentation sleeping on it. When I lay down within 5 min all pain from my pressure points are gone. I'm a disabled Vietnam combat Veteran. The support and pain relief this mattress gives is amazing . My sleep has gone from 2 or 3hrs to 5 and 6 hours solid. My wife of 45 yrs said this is the one ! "The keeper" We are very pleased and really enjoy the experience every day. Make your day a great day with Zotto.

This mattress is AMAZING!

This mattress is AMAZING! I was having horrible back problems prior to purchasing this mattress. Since my husband and I have had it, we wake up feeling so refreshed and without any back pain. I highly recommend it!

Fast shipping

Fast shipping and very comfortable mattress as was promised. Have yet to try it in hot weather,house in Coachella valley. Will update this summer.

I love the mattress

I love the mattress. I chose Zotto when I discovered that a nearby hotel casino was using these mattresses and getting rave reviews from it's customers. I'm glad I did. It's very comfortable and I sleep much better than I did on my previous traditional mattress. before

Best Sleep

Best Sleep of my LIFE! Was at Thunder Valley Casino in California and had the best nights sleep. Woke up in the morning and started searching for the brand. Found Zotto and purchased it the next day. Had it about two months now and I can never sleep on an old spring mattress ever again. Not too hot, not too firm, not too soft, perfect!

Such an amazing improvement

Such an amazing improvement from my prior mattress! I look forward to sleeping each night!

I love this mattress!

I love this mattress! With the sea of mattress-in-a-box choices out there, the Zotto is a little softer than the others, which is great for side sleepers like myself. I find myself occasionally sleeping on my back, which I wasn't able to do on my previous mattress. The Zotto support is excellent! Also, it sleeps cool for a memory foam mattress. I'm sleeping more, dreaming more, and waking up with less low back pain than with my old box spring mattress. I really should have bought a Zotto years ago. Shipping was delayed a day (supposed to ship same day) and never did find out why. That's the only thing that didn't exceed my expectations.

When we ordered the zotto mattress

When we ordered the zotto mattress, we had no idea what we were getting. being in lawenforcement 48 years I require a good nights sleep. me and my wife love it , it could not be any better. I truly recommend it to anyone who wants to sleep like a baby.

This mattress is fantastic!

This mattress is fantastic! We discovered this mattress when we were staying at a resort. Went online got a $50 discount in order the king size. My husband and I love it it's the best sleep we've gotten in a long time. We plan on buying a king size mattress for a travel trailer this mattress is that great

Zotto is the perfect mattress

Zotto is the perfect mattress. Two years ago I purchased a Novaform Memory Foam Twin Mattress from Costco for my 6 year old son. He always complained that this Novaform mattress was hot! I recently purchased a new King Size Zotto Mattress and it’s the best. My son absolutely loves the bed; he can actually sleep without waking up full of sweat. If you’re a hot sleeper this Zotto mattress is for you. I returned the Novaform mattress to Costco and ordered a Zotto twin size for my son. Problem solved!

We are thrilled

We are thrilled with the Zotto mattress. Had actually ordered the Zotto mattress for our camper, liked it so well we decided to switch out mattresses and put the Zotto in the house! Now, we want to purchase another Zotto for the camper!!

We have slept well on the Zotto mattress

We have slept well on the Zotto mattress. The only thing that I don't like is that the edge depresses and you roll off if you sleep close to the edge. We might need to get a larger bed to thoroughly enjoy the mattress:) - planning to anyway. Our guests will enjoy the mattress we purchased after choosing a new bedroom set.

Awesome mattress.

Awesome mattress. I was worried it was going to be too firm, but it's just right! Not too soft, not too hard and stays cool.

I'd purchased a Tempurpedic

I'd purchased a Tempurpedic for a small fortune. I slept on one of these at a hotel and bought it. I've not regretted switching, but do regret having invested in the Tempurpedic.

Enjoy the firmness

Enjoy the firmness, I am able to wake up feeling like I had a sound restful sleep.

Great bed

Great bed!! Easy set up. The smell lingers for a bit but going away!


Cons: Could be a little firmer. Doesn't have handles on the side to help with positioning the mattress. Pros: Delivered within a week. Box had hand holds, which were very helpful. One person can unbox and remove wrapping. Mattress returned to full size and thickness very quickly. Didn't notice any smell when unwrapped. Doesn't make you feel hot. I emailed a few questions, prior to purchase, which were answered within 48 hours. Nice quality. Made in USA.

We tossed & turned

We tossed & turned for weeks on the purchase decision. When the mattress arrived, the toss & turn stopped! Set up took 4 minutes. Trick is to take the mattress and out it in your bed frame before unrolling it. We were told to give it 2 weeks before forming an opinion; it was apparent after the first night that we made the right choice with Zotto. My husband's chronic back and shoulder pain subsided after a week sleeping on the Zotto. I'm well rested when waking up even with just 4-5 hours a night. We now have an appreciation for a good night of sleep because we noticed a difference in our productivity and increase in energy during the day. Great choice!!

very comfortable

very comfortable, easy to set up. I would definitely recommend.

I really love this mattress

I really love this mattress! It is firm but not hard and it sleeps way cooler than the TempurPedic I just got rid of! And it cost 1/2 the price! I wake up with less back and shoulder pain and that makes me happy! Glad I found you Zotto!

Great mattress very comfortable

Great mattress very comfortable. Edges are a bit rounded feeling, so if you sleep on the edge there is a tendency to roll to the extreme edge.

Had mattress about 3 weeks now

Had mattress about 3 weeks now. Had slight odor that went away after 3-4 days after opening. Very comfortable and easy to set up. I will be keeping it.

After a sufficient trial period

After a sufficient trial period, I decided the mattress was not as firm as I would like and called to arrange a return. Angela in customer service could not have been more helpful and communicated with me continuously until we worked out a return and refund. I'm not sure a memory foam alone is right for me, and will probably go with a hybrid. Well worth the trial however, with no risk at all. Good company.

I love my new bed!

I love my new bed! I'm facing my 3rd back surgery am in constant pain and was unable to sleep on my old matress. Zotto is comfortable and fits itself to my body so I can sleep. Not too soft not too firm but just right.

Showed up

Showed up very quickly and we are very satisfied with the quality

Very comfortable.

Very comfortable. Conforms to your body and "absorbs" you. May be too soft for those that prefer a firmer mattress.

So far I'm not sure

So far I'm not sure. The quality is awesome but I'm having back issues so it could just be me. Really well made. I'm just not sure if my back will get used to it.

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