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Zinus Platform Bed Reviews

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Zinus offers a wide variety of platform beds for sleepers to choose from, including both wooden, upholstered, and metal options. Their prices are extremely competitive, which is a nice bonus for shoppers that are considering their products. However, the low price points do come with some considerations, like durability and assembly challenges described by some customers. Read on for details into their most popular offerings...

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 8.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Material Quality: 8.2/10

Design Options: 8.4/10

Ease of Assembly: 8.2/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

Price: $93-$469

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Zinus Platform Bed Details

Zinus has a wide array of platform beds, that range from wooden, metal, and upholstered versions with very low prices. Their most popular Suzanne metal and wood frame offers a metal frame with wood sidings and slats. When it comes to assembly, most customers describe simplicity and ease, but there were some that had issues with set up and durability in some cases.

For sleepers that are looking for something stylish and long term, see our list of beds and bed frames for competitive options. Below we'll go through the Zinus options and discuss which get the best scores from customers on assembly and durability.

Quality of Materials

For most shoppers, assembly and set up is reported to be simple. Many Zinus options include numbered parts and simple guides with tools included. While most customers feel that they can follow these instructions easily, there are others that found assembly difficult or had issues with components' quality.

Zinus Platform Beds

For those that are looking for a very affordable platform bed, we'll go through the most popular options from Zinus below to describe what customers say about each one.

The first option is their most popular, Suzanne Metal & Wood Platform Bed:

The Suzanne bed offers a wooden veneer style to the headboard and with slats to support the mattress below. Painted steel is used in the frame to provide support. The connection areas use allen wrench screws and washers. Starting at $177, this platform bed is extremely competitive with mostly positive customer feedback. Some, however, had issues with the quality with some describing poor quality wooden headboards.

The next most popular option from Zinus is the Dachelle Upholstered Platform Bed:

The Dachelle platform bed is an upholstered option by Zinus that comes in a light grey or dark grey option. Coming in a full, queen, and king, these platform beds are made of upholstered steel, wooden slats, and are secured in place with allen wrench screws. Most customers liked their Dachelle, but there were some that had issues with damaged parts and difficult assembly.

For something more basic and even more affordable, here is what's inside The Mia Metal Platform Bed:

The Mia bed is offer a steel frame with metal bars for the headboard and wooden slats to support the mattress. One of the biggest features is the 12'' of clearance beneath the bed for storage. Overall, customers like this platform bed, but there were some issues with the headboard height being too low, some squeakiness, and issues with durability. While it is an inexpensive option, it has some issues according to customers.

Next, here is another design of their upholstered platform beds, the Lottie Platform Bed:

The Lottie Bed has a dark grey upholstering that looks very modern and chic. With knitten polyester, wooden slats, and a steel frame, it is assembled with screws and an allen wrench included. Customers felt good about the assembly and the deliveries overall with many reporting simple set up. Some, however, had issues with the low size of the headboard and some sizing issues.

The next option is the more basic Arnav Platform Bed:

The Arnav is a basic steel platform bed frame that comes with wooden slats. It is ideal for those that don't want a headboard for their mattress. At a very low pricepoint, most like these beds and find the bed straightforward. Some, however, had issues with assembly parts.

The next bed frame that they offer is a wooden style. Here is what's inside the Olivia Platform Bed:

The Olivia bed offers a very modern look with a black metal frame and lightly stained wood panel for the headboard and foot. With simple assembly guides, most can set up this bed quickly and easily. However, there were some that had issues with squeakiness over time.

Lastly, the Brandy Platform Bed offers a light grey upholstered platform bed with a tufted look. Here is what's inside the Brandy Bed:

The Brandy bed offers a steel frame with polyester upholstering. In addition to that, it features wooden slats and simple assembly instructions with screws and an allen wrench. Most customers find that it good for their living space, but there were some that faced issues with quality and durability issues on delivery.

Who Are Zinus Platform Beds Right For?

While most customers find their Zinus platform beds to perform well on set-up, there were some issues reported about durability and quality. Due to that, these options are ideal for shoppers on a strict budget or those that only need a temporary solution. For those looking for more options and a longer outlook for durability, see our List of Top Rated Beds for great alternatives.

Browse Zinus Platform Bed Customer Reviews

Beautiful bed and so much though behind assembly

I loved how the pieces were numbered with stickers so you know which end goes where. For once, I didn't have to undo something I screwed in because it was the incorrect match!

Low sturdy well built

We wanted a super low platform bed. It is well built and easy to assemble. Very satisfied!

High Quality, Elegant, But Maybe Too Low

I am impressed with this bed frame. It is one of the cheapest bed frames I found and is overall very nice. The wood/metal combo makes it very easy to match furniture with, and is high quality. It looks exactly like the photos. The assembly might've been easier than IKEA. With that said, the velcro slats tend to make velcro noises when you flop on the bed. It's also very, very low. Which it says right there in the title, but I somehow wasn't expecting it. My fault? Maybe. But if you don't have a box spring, your bed will be about as tall as the short edge of your pillow.

data quality

Nice looking and great quality however SUPER low to the ground.


Looks fantastic. Was really easy to assemble. The best part was the slats were on Velcro and didn’t need to be drilled in. Made it really easy!

Squeaky, creaky hellacious demon bedframe

My quality of life has become much poorer since purchasing this bedframe, and I'm likely to ritually burn it in my backyard later tonight. I literally cannot sleep on it, because there's popping, creaking, and squeaking every time I so much as blink. I'm an engineer. I followed the instructions when assembling it, and used all the parts and tools included. I've thoroughly tightened all bolts, applied WD40, added foam padding, ensured the feet are level, and tried *loosening* the bolts (when tightening had no effect). I'm about 120 lbs, so certainly I'm not taxing the weight limit.

Well engineered,designed, and manufactured

The package arrived kind of a beat up (thanks UPS), but after finishing opening it, I saw that I didn't need to worry. Everything was super well packed and it was all there. Even the Styrofoam that was crumbly was sealed in bits statically clinging to everything. There are no tools needed, a really nifty ratchet allen wrench is provided. I put it together by myself in less time than you'd think. Maybe 30 minutes with no elbow grease needed. Everything is well (and discretely) labeled by steps during assembly. Tab 1 fits perfectly with slot 1 etc. I barely needed the provided instructions (Take that IKEA!). When assembled, it is a very solid piece of furniture. No creaks, squeaks, or wobbles. It's a nice looking piece and even seems to complement the mattress I already had. I think the durability, no tools needed, ease of set up (take down) and price could make it a sure win for renters. But in addition a great modern look that will make it nice for homeowners too.

Best Furniture-Assembly Experience I've Ever Had!

I so appreciate the thought that was put into this item. How simple is it to package the bolts, screws, and Allen wrench together in an understandable way, rather than a jumble in a bag? How small of a touch to include a ratchet for assembly? How easy to add additional stickers on each piece so you know which end goes where without having to study the picture as though it is ancient hieroglyphics? And yet how many people don't do it, and how well Zinus did it. Great experience!


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