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Zeopedic Mattress Reviews

Zeopedic is taking the discount mattress industry by storm as the mattress-in-a-box choice of Big Lots retailers. With a 10'' profile and cooling gel memory foam on the top layer, Zeopedic has customers asking why should I buy a more expensive mattress? Although customers love the Zeopedic mattress at first, there are some reports that it doesn't hold up to normal use as well as other slightly more expensive options. Read on to get the full story!

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 6.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 6.9/10

Price Value: 6.9/10

No Back Pain: 6.8/10

Price: $239-$599

Trial Period: No Trial

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Zeopedic's Specifics

Zeopedic is Big Lot's proprietary all-foam mattress that comes at an 10'' thickness and features a thick layer of gel-infused memory foam over a supportive foam base layer. These mattresses get good initial scores on comfort from customers, but are best suited for temporary options due to the mixed feedback customers give them on durability.

If long term comfort is a priority, take a look at our list of top mattresses, and specifically the Nectar mattress which offers affordable memory foam mattresses with high customer satisfaction scores.

Quality of Materials

Zeopedic has a lot going for it from a low price perspective, but when you take a look under the cover, is it everything it's set out to be? We'll go through the entire mattress in detail and tell you about any potential pitfalls that lay in your way. Here's what's inside:

Layer 1: The first layer is a machine washable and removable cover that is very trendy. It's a big plus for customers.

Layer 2: 3'' of gel memory foam help melt away pressure points. Some who are on the heavier side may find that they sink through this layer. If you are light or medium in size, it shouldn't be a problem initially.

Layer 3: The last layer is 7'' of high density base foam, which is very firm and provides that mattress its flat structure.

Overall Comfort

Some customers had issues with the mattress not expanding completely and developing a sinking in it rather quickly. Although others didn't have the same problem, durability is a major concern and day-1 comfort may not last.


Zeopedic comes in at a medium-firm profile, which means it is great initially for medium-sized and small back and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers may find it too firm for them.


This mattress will sleep cool for most customers, but those who are very warm sleepers or live in a warm environment, may still experience some heat retention.

Who Is It Good For?

Zeopedic is best for children or as a temporary mattress -- such as in a seldom used guest room. Although folks can use it as their full-time mattress, its durability leaves something to be desired.

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SO disappointed

I had such high hopes this mattress would be the answer to my back problems and I might actually get a full night's sleep for once. Alas, I was mistaken. I returned this mattress and went with a pillow top Serta.

Love, Love, Love

Great sleep on this mattress!

Comfortable mattress

Using on main bed. 2 weeks now and so far very pleased. This mattress offers a lot of support and is very comfortable. My husband and I are sleeping better than we have in a very long time. I was so skeptical to buy a mattress in a box. Wish I wouldn't have waited so long. This was a very good investment.

Not bad for the price

I could have spent more money on a higher end mattress but I decided to give this one a try. It's not bad for the price. It took me about 2-3 weeks to get used to but I am happy with the purchase. It does start to form a little bit of a dip in it but it is a gel/ foam mattress and it is to be expected. I have had multiple back surgeries and sometimes I do wake up stiff, but it would be way worse with a traditional spring mattress. I give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars for its quality compared to its price.

Over a year later, still awesome.

It has been over a year now since purchase and we are still very happy with this mattress. My wife has serious back problems so finding a mattress the makes her comfortable is difficult. Finding a mattress that makes her comfortable AND that I can sleep on is near impossible. This mattress offers the perfect balance of support and softness. Firm support with no pressure points, even for a side sleeper. After more than a year there has been no noticeable change in comfort.

best mattress for Fibromyalfia

this bed makes it so easy to roll over without sinking into a pillow top. So cool, no night sweats. For the money, best value in town. Add adjustable base with massage and you have the perfect sleeping majic

Great product

This bed offers great support especially if you have any back pain. Glad I took a chance on bed in a box.

Zeopedic Mattress

One of the best purchases I've made in a long time. I've always liked an extra firm mattress but my arthritis doesn't agree any more. This mattress gives my body great support while giving way to all my curves. I highly recommend this one to anyone.


It's a terrible mattress

Great night sleep awaits you

I love this mattress in a box. just take it out the box and be amazed. Your body will thank you in the morning

Simply Amazing!!

I am at a loss for words. I can only say SIMPLY AMAZING!! I suffer with back pain every day. I was desperate to try anything. The bed I have now was an expensive mattress for a platform bed. I thought that it would help my pain. Definitely NOT. I saw the reviews for this mattress and thought I would try. So here I am. It's just SIMPLY AMAZING I SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!! My legs are not falling asleep and I am not tossing and turning ALL NIGHT from the constant pain. I definitely will recommend to anyone.

I have bought this product 5 times

Best bed I have ever owned including a sleep number. My wife and have back trouble but with this bed we wake up refreshed with no back pain.


This product is amazing a must have feels as if it was s high end mattes

Love my new "mattress in a box"

Love the "mattress in a box". Very comfortable and packaged beautifully & delivery was very timely. Excellent transaction. I originally thought that the product delivered was not as pictured on-line. BUT, upon removing the delivery packaging, the mattress was in a box with wheels, just as pictured on-line. Very easy to manipulate and get it up the stairs. Your on-line Customer Service was responsive to my concerns and answered promptly.

My daughter and granddaughter love this bed

Easy setup, very comfortable.

Very comfortable and for the price you can't beat it.

Started as a guest room mattress but I sleep on it regularly now. Very comfortable.

Very squishy

For my son..he loves it. It is a good memory foam!

Worth the purchase. So comfortable!

I sleep like a baby on it.

I would buy this product again

Excellent product. I buy two. I recommend it to my family and freind.

Great mattress

Love big lots

I have never slept so well1

This bed has been the best purchase I have ever made at this store. I hope to purchase another one for a Christmas present for my son. I can't imagine ever owning another mattress.

Excellent Quality

This started out in the guest room for my daughter when she was visiting from out of state. We needed something quick and easy to set up. Perfect solution - Now I use this as my primary bed. So comfortable. Makes counting sheep outdated. I have highly recommended this to friends and family. Purchasing another one today.

Great. Now able to get a good night's rest without pain

Now able to sleep through night without hip and shoulder pain.


I have fibromyalgia and this mattress is the best thing I have ever had to sleep on! No more dreading turning over because of the intense pain. This mattress releaves this by giving me just the right amount of support without being too hard.

I love my new mattress.

It did take a couple of nights to get used to the firmness but now wouldn't trade it. Will be getting one for my extra room too

Sooooooooooo good for me and confort !!

I buy two mattress one full one twin for my kids and is soo good for them


it is Great

Absolutely love our bed!! No more pain for me!

I was having problems sleeping with my regular "thereaputic" bed! I have arthritis in my hips and lower back, so sometimes it was hard for me to sleep good and bit wake up with pain. But once we got our bed, I was sleeping more through the night and way less pain because of the support I got! Best bed ever purchased!!



Happy with my purchase

The purchase was perfect for me after a recent relocation from overseas. This bed was an ideal solution for me. I was able to go to Big Lots directly purchase from the store with a great bed frame. All packaged so that it could be transported in the car but they offer delivery as an option.

I love it!

The only thing that could be a downside is that the protective cover I put over it takes from the softness. I love this mattress though. The box also fit in my small car.

Surprisingly comfortable

Had comfortable sleep night after night on our cross-continent trip from Tennessee to Alaska.

Very nice

Use in the guest room. Has been great. Definitely recommend 2 people when you take out of box.


It gives me the support and comfort I need. I've slept great since getting it.

We LOVE this mattress!!!

We were looking for a more comfortable mattress for our camper that was firm-ish yet soft and conforming. We were at Big Lots and ran across this mattress and brought it home. It is literally the most comfortable mattress we own! We did add a 2" foam and featherbed to it as we found it slightly firmer than we wanted - but overall, this mattress rocks! I wish we had a king size one of these in our room at home and some twin size ones for the kids.


It's like getting into a new bed every night!!

Best mattress ever!

This has been the best mattress we have ever bought. Yes we can spend more, but why when all the quality we were looking for in a memory foam mattress was right here in the Zeopedic . We would buy another if needed.

Great but

I like the bed overall I wouldn't trade it just don't buy it if you don't want any airflow and want to blow bubbles at night time because the bed holds to much heat and gets to hot.

I would and have bought a second one of these mattresses

We bought a replacement mattress for our camper and for our cottage. Both had limited space available to get the mattress in the rooms. Coming in the room with a box was much easier.

Really like this matress. Would buy again.

Have had more expensive mattresses in the past, this one was a little cheaper but is holding up better than the others. Have washed the liner and put it back on with no problem. I was afraid that it wouldn't fit right after being washed and dried, but fits just like new. Really like this product. Would purchase again.

I would not buy this product again

Its a very firm mattress being memory foam i would have thought it would be more soft

Not sciatica friendly

The quality seems decent but I found it too firm for sleeping. Great for sitting up, reading and viewing television.

This is the BEST mattress in the world

The best mattress ever. Nothing bad to say about it. It's PERFECT!

loving it !! Had it a little over a week and its comfy !!!


Love it...

We really like it! My boyfriend and i have jobs where we are on our feet a lot. Very demanding on our bodies. And we LOVE THIS MATTRESS. It is on the frim side but with great support. u kinda mesh in. Not warm and so affordable

Great Mattress!!!

Great Mattress for the price good quality.

I would buy this product again

Im really enjoying this matress and it sure has helped with my back. I really recommend it to everyone try it. Its the best thing we have purchased i dont regret i would buy it again n again.

Good product

Big Lots is a favorite store to shop.

Never slept better

Great value better sleep no more tossing n turning

Firm Mattress

This mattress is very firm and if you have back issues a firm bed that offers support is important .


Totally surprised us. We were really concerned about buying this mattress, but it's been great!

Awesome and good sleep.

Awesome and good sleep

Yes I would buy this product again.

Use it for guests, but had family members try it out and they loved it.

For the price point this is an excellent buy

Use in Guest Room and my guest could not be happier

We haven't had it long, so I don't know

We like it.

Best purchase ever made at Big Lots!

Purchased this bed for my 80 year old mother. She loves it! She doesn't get the joint pain & back problems she had with her old bed. We can't wait to get ours!

Not so great

Of course you never know what you're getting when you buy a mattress in a box so my expectations were low. It has never really gotten comfortable for me, it's just too hard, but then that may be how memory foam feels. One of my biggest issues is that it never filled out completely on the corners of the mattress. I called the toll free number and spoke to someone who told me to unzip the outer cover and pull at the inner cover to allow the mattress to have room to expand but it never did. It's kind of like a very hard boat with ends that curve up.

Good product

I wasn't too sure about this whole bed in a box thing but I wanted to try it. So I saw this at big lots and decided to get it. Very glad I did.

Best mattress in it's price range

We purchased the queen size for a second home. I am very happy with the purchase. It is the firmest of the 3 brands of foam mattresses we have, but it is still very comfortable. I would purchase again. There is a smell that needs to be aired out when new.

I like it a lot

Light weight, no lumps

I would buy this product again and I am telling people to

I love my mattress

Great mattress - especially for the money!

This mattress is for my husband and me - we are very comfortable on it.

I like i buy again

To sleep

Comfy comfy

We love this bed. I will always buy this mattress from now on and suggest it to friends and family. We just hope it holds up for years to come as we're sure it will.

I am going to buy another one soon

It's great

I would recommend this product.

Mattress is on my guest room bed.

Love this mattress

We both have back and hip problems and this mattress is surprisingly awesome for the price.

This product is not to bad.

I like it its comfatable. It could be just a liltle bit firmer and it would get the full star's.

Would defenitely purchase another one .

This is my everyday bed love it !!!

Loved my queen - that I bought 2 more twins


I highly recommend this mattress!

I originally bought this mattress for my guest room. My parents have back problems so my husband and decided to try this mattress before they came to visit for the holidays. We loved it so much that we got the same mattress for our bedroom. We paid over $3,000 for our mattress and this one sleeps much better.

Very comfortable, bought a full size too

My son got the queen and I kept the full. He is a big guy, and yet the bed has kept it's shape.

Very happy with this product. Would buy again.

Guest bed. Lots of compliments

Love this mattress!

Best sleep I've had in years!

I would buy it again

Love it. Its my personal bed mattress

Will not buy again

This product is fabulous for single people

Awesome bed to sleep in.

Best bed I've ever slept in. Excellent for all the pains I have including neck pain shoulder pain low back pain and leg pain.

Love it

Comfy cozy with great support. Good deal. No odor. Not hot. A nice deal

I'd happily purchase another of these beds!

After a few months of getting used to the bed, we have found it to be very comfortable. Firm, but with enough give that you settle in easily and quickly. The only down side is the frame, but that is easily replaceable. It tends to creak as it is split down the middle.

Best sleep in years!

Granted I have only had it for 3 nights now...but honestly it's been the best sleep I have had in years! Literally YEARS! It's not hot, it's not too firm...and the size...I had a rather expensive mattress...but this mattress fits the bed perfectly...from headboard to footboard...side rail to side rail. Just awesome! I'll follow up with another review in 30 days...! Love it so far!

Love my mattress

I love my Zeopedic mattress. I’ve had my mattress for a year now. Finally getting sleep. My ONLY problem is I’m like Princess and the Pea. Can’t stand it when my sheets don’t fit tight. It’s very hard to find sheets with 10” deep pockets. I have to use “garter belts” on the corners of the fitted sheet to keep them somewhat tighter. Wish I knew that before I bought this mattress.

Bad smell

Mattress is very comfy but i dont know why it smells so bad i dont know wheather to let my children neat it or not very nervous anf not sure is it is certipur or not not a bad price but health effects possible if you have issues breathing ot get sick easily

Best Mattress

I'm elderly and a bit heavy and have to wear a Cpap apparatus. With all of that I haven't found a mattress that I actually could find comfortable. I tried lots of mattresses and didn't like most of the memory foams. I bought the Zeopedic and it is the MOST comfortable mattress I have ever slept on! I used to toss and turn on my coil spring mattress, could never get comfortable. Now as soon as I get into bed I fall asleep and wake up without any arthritis pain! I am a very satisfied owner!


Very disappointed in this mattress! We have slept on a water bed for over 20 years, was getting to where we would wake up with our lower backs hurting on the water bed so for Christmas we bought a brand new bedroom set and a brand new mattress. I did several reviews and we went with the Zeopedic mattress. Was the worst decision we have made. We have had this mattress for 6 months and it is just horrible. We wake up with more pain now that what we did with the water bed. Lower back, upper back, legs, headaches, even my feet hurt. We have rotated the mattress and still very uncomfortable. Sure wish we would have purchased a different mattress. My husband says it’s harder than a rock. Would not purchase another one of these mattresses. I hate that we wasted the money and sleep like crap. Was really looking forward to sleeping good on our new bed.


I have had this for a few years in a king size. I just ordered a full for my daughter. It is so comfy. It is not firm or soft- its right in the middle!

Far too firm for side sleeping

Bought this because I wanted to try memory foam and the price was right. I am a side sleeper 99% of the night and this particular mattress is NOT for side sleepers. It’s like sleeping on a board. After two weeks I awoke with nagging lower back ache every morning that only got worse the more I slept on it. Moved it to guest bedroom and got a mattress (different brand) specifically made for side sleepers.

Hard as a rock

Worst mattress ever! It's SO hard - a mattress topper does nothing to help. After only 2 months we have 2 large channels where we sleep. I am only 110 lbs. Looking into how to place a warranty claim but can't find much. I feel like I wasted $750 and now looking to buy yet ANOTHER mattress now. Very unhappy with this purchase. Buyer beware!!!!

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