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Zenhaven Mattress Reviews

Spring 2024 Updates: Zenhaven mattresses are in-stock and typically delivered within 9-21 days. Recent reviewers have mentioned positive customer service experiences overall.

Zenhaven is another brand by the factory-direct Saatva brand, which has done very well with their Saatva and Loom and Leaf brands. The Zenhaven mattress is an all-natural alternative with high-end materials like organic wool and 100% Talalay latex. What's more incredible: the price point is much more affordable than major retailer varieties of the same quality, which is why it is such a great find for eco-conscious shoppers.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.1/10

Price Value: 9.3/10

No Back Pain: 9.2/10

Price: $1795-$3990

Trial Period: 365 Nights

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Zenhaven's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Zenhaven is Saatva's latex foam mattress line. They emphasize their all-natural latex ingredients and eco-conscious materials. Here is what makes up their mattress from top to bottom.

Layer 1: Organic cotton cover provides soft and natural comfort on the top layer.

Layer 2: A thin layer of wool that acts as a flame retardent (without the use of chemicals).

Layer 3: The first of the support layers is a perforated latex that is firmer in some spots, but less firm in others providing spinal alignment based on your body's position.

Layer 4: The latex support cores are also aerated to facilitate air flow and is made of 100% Talalay latex for a healthier sleep.

Overall Comfort

Most agree that Zenhaven provides a comfortable night sleep though there are disputes about the firmness specs.


Zenhaven offers two firmness options: luxury plush and gentle firm. These are not two different mattresses, but are two different configurations (one side vs the other). Some have complained that it is difficult to decipher which side is which. Others have complained that the soft side is not soft enough and the firm side is not firm enough.

Back Pain Relief

The Zenhaven gentle firm side is rated medium firm and should provide good spine alignment for most back pain relief.


Because of the aerated latex, Zenhaven's mattresses should sleep cool for most people. Some extremely warm sleepers may still experience heat retention.

Who is the Zenhaven perfect for?

The Zenhaven mattress is perfect for folks that are looking for a comfortable latex alternative to memory foam and want a medium feel.

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My new happy place

After sleeping on a very worn but beloved traditional mattress for 15 years and trying to be more eco-conscious and not taken by the big-box mattress stores that have popped up seemingly everywhere, my husband and I took a chance on the Zenhaven King. I was sold the minute I laid eyes (and my back) on it but my husband thought the Plush Soft side was a little too soft and while supportive, not firm enough for his back issues. So we flipped (actually rolled it over) to the Gentle Firm side and all is well in the universe. Flipping the mattress took our sleep experience to a new level. He is now talking about purchasing the Lineal Adjustable Base as well and I really want to try the pillows. The only thing that was a bit of an issue was that the mattress is designed to be used without a box-spring, which lowers the bed height significantly. Husband is 6'2 and I am 5'8. The bed was too low to easily get on without flopping so we are using our box-springs under the mattress to regain the height until we purchase the Adjustable Lineal Base. The customer service reps were very helpful and patient with our many questions and there was absolutely no pressure to buy. Considering the risk involved in purchasing something like this sight-unseen, this was by far one of the best decisions we have made.

Zenhaven Bed

We received our new Zenhaven bed about a week ago and have to force ourselves to get up every morning! It is hands down the most amazing mattress we've ever had after 33 years of marriage and multiple purchases of other brands. This mattress provides deep, restful sleep throughout the night. We also ordered the Saatva Dreams pillows and sheets in Ivory. They are just wonderful. Also, our delivery men (Duke and Chris from Coast to Coast Delivery) were outstanding. They set up the entire bed and made sure we had the side up that felt the most comfortable to us (Plus Soft). They also took away our old mattress (a huge bonus). All in all, we could not be more pleased with the entire process. Going back for naps right now! Carol and Mike Paine, Southport, NC.

Pure Heaven

We had a foam mattress set that dipped in the middle over time and wasn't supporting our backs; we woke up every morning with a back ache. About 9 months ago, we purchased a split king Zenhaven mattress set along with the automatic adjustable platform beds, and have never slept better. This was our first experience sleeping on a latex mattress, and and we will never go back to foam beds or spring mattresses. We really look forward to going to sleep each night. The Zenhaven doesn't sleep hot like foam, and you feel like you are floating on top of the mattress, instead of sinking into it, it's heaven! We both sleep on the softer side of the mattress, and it's feels firm enough for us to support our back, hips, and shoulders. The only negative was the delivery service, they weren't careful delivering and setting up the mattresses and adjustable beds in our home. Other than that, we are extremely happy with our purchase.

Wonderful bed!

We have been sleeping on this bed for over 6 months. It is the most comfortable bed we have ever had. I was nervous about a latex bed as we have only ever had innerspring mattresses. My back felt better on the firm side. The bed is very heavy so make sure you have help when moving it. It was a very good investment and we would make the purchase again if we were to do it all over again!

We love this mattress and call it the healing bed!

We purchased 2 twin extra long mattresses to fit in our king sized bed close to a year ago. They fit great and with a padded mattress cover it is difficult to feel any separation when lying on the seam between the two. After being used to mattresses (with memory foam on top) which quickly developed saggy, softer body depressions, you have to get used to this flatter mattress. After the first night, my lower back was a bit stiff and my husbands was sore. The second night you could literally feel your body adapting to the flatness and we both felt great. The mattress gets more and more comfortable as you get used to it. I did need a slightly higher pillow to support my neck than in a bed where you sink more. My husband now calls it the healing bed and we can't wait to get one for our spare bedroom which we might use if one of us can't sleep or becomes ill. It has been 11+ months since purchase and there are small body depressions where we normally lie down. It is not enough to change the comfortable, supportive, flat, gently firm feel of the mattress and not anywhere near as much as any of the mattresses we have had in the past. Disclaimer: we can't sleep on very firm mattresses as our limbs fall asleep and we need to add mattress pads on top. We are both thin at ~115 and 155 lbs so can't guarantee this for those who weigh a lot more. We just returned from a vacation where we slept well on 4 different good quality, nice hotel mattresses and found our Zenhaven the most comfortable when we returned. So happy to have finally found a mattress we love! Being a cancer survivor and environmentally conscious person, I was also delighted with the lack of chemical smell and natural materials (I don't use products with perfumes and am sensitive to offgassing smells).

After one year...

After a year, I have to say that I finally sleep like the way you are meant to sleep. My back no longer bothers me, I sleep through the night and I don't bother my wife. I'm a big guy and move alot. I don't remember anything about the delivery, so that was fine. The mattress looks like the day I bought it, there are no impressios whatsoever. Without a doubt I would buy another mattress from Zen Haven.

Best of the Best!

Following weeks of research on mattress materials, life expectancy, different companies and reviews, we purchased the king size Zenhaven mattress. We hesitated due to the cost, however this mattress did offer a 120 day trial, the best materials and the longest life expectancy. Plus, it's the only mattress we found which had a firm side and can be flipped over to a softer side. I suffer from degenerating disks in my lower back. We use the softer side. I found I needed a bit more soft and contacted customer service. They shipped us a king size topper, made of the same quality materials as the mattress, at NO charge. This was the perfect solution as I've never slept so well! No pain whatsoever all night long. We've had our Zenhaven for 6 months now and we couldn't be happier with our purchase! Their customer service is exceptional. I have contacted them on 3 occasions with questions. Each time they were courteous, professional and helpful. This company and their employees are top notch!

Great company to work with

My wife and I were exceptionally pleased with Zenhaven and the Saatva Company. They completely stood behind their bed, my wife loved it though I needed a firmer latex and felt it was too soft. Alex Y. was so helpful in suggesting options which we tried. Their delivery team headed by Sumaya was equally helpful. This company is selling a good nights sleep and not just quality beds. This is truly a five star company!

No regrets

The Zenhaven is not cheap, but I am so glad we bought it. I started looking into latex mattresses after a few trips to Europe and cruises and decided I wanted a dunlop process latex mattress. The research has definitely paid off in much better sleep. I *love* our mattress! The motion isolation is incredible and no back aches when I wake up.

Great Customer Experience

The Zenhaven is not cheap, but I am so glad we bought it. I started looking into latex mattresses after a few trips to Europe and cruises and decided I wanted a dunlop process latex mattress. The research has definitely paid off in much better sleep. I *love* our mattress! The motion isolation is incredible and no back aches when I wake up.

Great Customer Experience

Although the mattress did not work for us, I wanted to leave a review about the great customer service that we received throughout the entire buying/returning process. Every staff member that we spoke to was kind, informative and accommodating. Every process, from buying to returning was made easy. Thank you for your great service.

The Bed is better than promised..

From the pre support chat to delivery. The sleep is wonderful. I used to wake up 3 to 4 times a night. No more. Really a wonderful product from start to sleep. Recommend 110%

Awesome Mattress

We did the split king which worked out perfectly. One side of the mattress being firm and the other a little softer. That way my wife and I each get the comfort level we prefer and with the adjustable base we are able to enjoy a great nights sleep. I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone who is looking for an affordable latex mattress.

Excellent Service, Excellent Mattress

I would give more than 5 stars if I could. This company has excellent customer care, and honestly, I didn’t know a mattress could be this comfortable. I have chronic shoulder and neck pain and I have not had any pain while sleeping on my new Zenhaven. This bed provides the support needed for my back and a plush, soft feel that is pressure free on my shoulder. Please note: carefully choose a mattress protector. The first one I tried had little stretch and as a result made the bed feel hard and cheap. The cover I have now is stretchy and does not take away from the amazing qualities of this very comfortable bed.

Fine mattress but dubious delivery

It is early yet for me to be totally clear on this queen size mattress but it feels great. Here is why Zenhaven gets a 3 star: The delivery arrived within the 7 to 15 days. The delivery agents did NOT contact me before delivery. So, they showed up with the mattress when I was not home. The next door neighbor, with dementia, hobbled over and the delivery agents ALLOWED HIM TO SIGN for the mattress. Who knows which name he may have signed with. Then, they just left it on the deck near my door. Fortunately, I arrived home between rain storms. The delivery agents were gone but they delivered the mattress in some old unlabeled truck, did not leave a note/message/signed receipt or business card. I had no way of contacting them. So, the story gets better when you picture me, at 130 lbs, moving a flexible 60 x 80, 125 lb. mattress into my home and getting it settled in the room. Believe me, this is rich material for a stand up comic. I've no idea what a 'white glove' delivery service is like but I do know that I got the KY Gel + Rubber Glove delivery service.

Very happy with purchase

We've had our mattress for about 6 months now and are very happy with the purchase. When shopping around, I was most concerned about heat levels (I sleep hot so wanted something that would stay cool) and sagging (I'm 190 lbs and my last mattress had a crater). So far, have not had any issues on those topics. Also, the mattress is extremely comfortable. It seems very well made - very dense, heavy - so feel like it should last a long time.

High quality and comfort at a great price

We shopped a number of mattresses from traditional manufacturers. Styles included box spring, memory foam, inflatable, and latex. Most of our choices cost between $4000-5000 and we found things to be concerned about with each of them. Because of the satisfaction guaranty and easy return policy, we decided to take a chance on a Zenhaven latex mattress. The purchase process was simple and we were aided by knowledgeable customer service representatives. Delivery was timely and professional. We tried the mattress in both sides, with focus on the level of support, the ability to relieve pressure points, and the ability to move without affecting each other's side of the mattress. We ultimately chose the firmer side of the Zenhaven. After 6 months of use, we are entirely satisfied with our purchase. We no longer suffer from back or shoulder pain, as we did from our previous, too firm mattress. The mattress sleeps cool, has never outgassed any odors, and recovers quickly from the previous night's sleep. All this, and we saved at least $2000 by choosing the Zenhaven over our other options. All of our purchases should turn out so satisfactorily!

It's Greeeaaat!

We had an airbed for 20 years and decided to go different this time. We visited many stores to look at mattresses. We finally decided on the Talaly foam mattress. I went to the internet and was directed to Zenhaven. The service was very good, the delivery after the first try was the best and the mattress is all it was supposed to be. My husband was complaining of back pain before and the has, thankfully, stopped. We are extremely pleased with our purchase.

Comfortable Mattress but Ordering Process Tedious

This review is for queen mattress, foundation and frame delivered in October 2017. The most frustrating part of ordering this bed was navigating around the Zenhaven website to find the answers to my questions. As this was a big ticket purchase for something crucial to life (a good night's sleep), I wanted to do the research because I had no way to test the bed beforehand. So, after much research, an online chat with a Zenhaven employee and research elsewhere on the web, I placed my order. To cut a long story short, I wasn't present at the time of delivery but I'm told the delivery people gave the white glove treatment and wore booties over their street shoes to avoid tracking mud/dirt into my house. The heavy, queen mattress was delivered rolled up. The mattress was flipped so we would sleep on the firm side, as ordered. There was most definitely an odor from the mattress for the first few days. It was not wholly unpleasant but I was happier when it was gone. My husband adjusted to new mattress material within nights. He had suffered back pain and this was the impetus to get a new mattress. Within a week of sleeping on the Zenhaven mattress, his back pain has gone and has not returned.

Best mattress for 180/360 sleepers

Unbelievably comfortable mattress, sleeps cool, provides the right level of support especially if you alternate between sleeping on side and back. I wake up energized and refreshed. I was nervous making such an important purchase online but the sales representative was informative and eased my concerns. The company accommodated expedited delivery and the delivery company provided white glove service. I wish I could purchase pillows from Zen Haven!

Unmatched excellence

The Saatva customer service professionals are unmatched in the industry and in the profession of customer service. Any time we called- from the questions prior to purchasing, to a few questions after purchasing, we received a warm and helpful real person every time we called - never a recording. When you call you are able to speak with and understand a live person domestically. Additionally, their customer service team across the board conveys an attitude of gratitude for its customers, a caring and helpful tone, goes above and beyond to patiently answer questions, be helpful and other-centered, honors their warranty and commitment to excellence. Their latex bed is first-class with customer service professionals to match. We would like to especially thank Gloria N. and Nicholas O. for their knowledge, expertise, follow up, caring professionalism and excellence. Your amazing team of professionals make a great name for your company. Please thank them for us- many times over.

Great Mattress

Never thought I'd buy a latex mattress, let alone buy one online without ever trying it out. Am so glad that I did. This is a great mattress. It is really comfortable. Really comfortable. What else can I say.

Best Mattress We've Ever Bought

After much shopping and research and laying on mattresses at different stores, we ordered a Zenhaven set. We had the delivery team place it on the Luxury Plush side. Took just a few days for us to love this mattress. We had been sleeping on a memory foam topper on an 8 year old set. We really like the new Zenhaven, and with the 20 yr. guarantee, this may be the last set we ever buy. I would recommend this mattress to anyone wanting to sleep on top of a bed instead of sinking into one.

Talalay lover!!

We have received fast, response on our zenhaven box spring 2 times! Great 1st class!!

Best mattress I’ve ever slept on

I always used to hear people talking abouy how much thwy live their bed, how they miss it when they're away, etc. And inside im thinking "whats so great about a bed or a mattress? Who cares?!" After 9 months with this one, i get it. This is the best mattress I’ve ever slept on and one of the most worthwhile purchases I've made. Good sleep is one of the most important things we need it's up there worth reading and breathing. Check out the doctor of sleep Prof Ruben Naiman too if you want to learn more.

Excellent mattress

My husband and i love this mattress - so much so that after the first purchase we ordered two more! My husband has complained about every other mattress we have had - and we have had the best -- sleep number, etc. The on-line purchase was easy. The delivery in all three instances was very smooth. Can't say enough good things about this company.

Helped with my backpain

I decided to splurge on a Zenhaven mattress in part because I have chronic lower back pain and I found that the right mattress can help a great deal. It was the most expensive option but so far I'm happy with my purchase. Initially I was surprised that the firm side of the mattress didn't feel nearly firm enough, but after sleeping in it for a couple of months, I can say this is the best mattress I've ever owned. The only downside is that the material is very heavy - they have movers who will deliver and setup the mattress so it wasn't a big deal but if you plan on moving shortly thereafter, it requires 2 - 3 people to move a king mattress.

Amazing Mattress!

I've had other highly-regarded mattresses in the past, but the Zenhaven stands head and shoulders above them all. Quality construction, excellent customer service, and--most important--more than 200 nights of amazing sleep without any soreness in the morning are characteristics of the Zenhaven. I am a huge fan.

Love the mattress and the delivery service

The mattress is exceedingly comfortable: soft but also supportive. I like that flipping it provided a different softness level. Delivery company was terrific.

Very satisfied I bought the right mattress

Had to find a bed as we sold our 12 year old Sleep Number set before moving 1100 miles. Lucked into a couple of barely used adjustable twin sized bases and the accompanying king headboard/frame at an estate sale - all I needed was the mattresses. Went with the Zenhaven Twin XL after much online research and in-store look-see. Glad it had the dual firmness option because I like the softer side and my wife needs the firm. Slept good from the first night with no break-in or adjustment period, and it conforms well to the adjustable base. A very satisfying purchase.

Zen Heaven

I now have three natural or organic latex mattresses from three different companies. They are all delightful. However, my Zenhaven mattress is the most comfortable and aesthetically beautiful mattress I've ever experienced. Thank you!

Thoroughly happy with my mattress

I ordered the zenhaven mattress and am thoroughly happy with my purchase. My husband and I love this mattress. It's so comfortable that I look forward to curling up in bed each night! The order and delivery was very easy. I ordered a second mattress for our guest bedroom.

So much better than a regular mattress!

I gave it 4 stars because it hasn't helped my shoulder pain. It HAS helped with my hips though, and I love the fact that I'm no longer sleeping on metal coils. I have it with the plush side up, but I don't foresee me flipping it to the other side. That was also a big selling point though, the ability to flip it. We've had a couple warm nights already here in the Northeast and I did not get hot from the mattress. Would definitely recommend!

Best Bed I've Ever Purchased

Back has gotten worse since a few years ago I had torqued my back. Started a new job and had bad spasms and restless sleep due to a very poor bed and frame. Friend of mine recommended Saatva, and saw the latex bed. While a bit pricey, decided to get both the Zenhaven and the adjustable base. Glad I made the leap, the trial time put me at ease buying a bed online. After it finally arrived, no longer having to sleep comfortably on the floor, I slept like a baby. Haven't slept on my back on years, typically a side sleeper, with the adjustable base and the Zen, it is easy to fall asleep on the bed. No longer waking up in the middle of the night or having pain due to my bed being so poor. Glad I spent the money on the bed, best purchase I've made in years!

Best mattress ever!

After tons of research, we settled on the zehaven. I was skeptical ordering on line without actually lying on the mattress but the return policy was generous and the reviews great. I am so glad I did. The most comfortable mattress I have ever owned. I have had it almost 1 year now. I just called today and ordered one for my son.

The Best!

This mattress is a game changer. No more discomfort, no more soreness. It supports without any pressure points. Perfect! This is one of my all-time best purchases EVER.

Best. Mattress. Ever

Seriously, I have other organic latex mattresses, and this one is hands down the best. I had to layer the others myself and zip them into the mattress cover. It was cumbersome, and not something you can do by yourself. The edges are droopy. The mattresses are good, not great. But THIS mattress - omg. I love it. The ordering process was easy, they kept you informed, and they delivered it and set it up. Unlike the other ones, it's assembled at the factory and arrives like a regular mattress. The edges are not sloppy, and it's the most comfortable bed I have ever owned. You will not be disappointed. We have ours on the firm side. And, it can be folded in half, so getting it into a tight space isn't a problem

Better sleep!

I used to have a firm latex mattress, and when I got the new Zenhaven it was quite a bit softer than my older mattress. I was worried by how my body would react. I've had the mattress for a few months now and so far, no problems at all. I love this mattress.

Love my bed

I absolutely love my zenhaven.

Moderate softness

I was worried that it was going to be too firm, but it is perfect for me!

Still Ouch

I've had chronic pain and really needed a soft mattress. This mattress is not soft. If you have pain, do not get this bed.

Never hear my hubby

My husband wakes regularly at night, but I never hear him on this mattress. I am sleeping so much better just because of that alone!

Works with my adjustable base

I was relieved when this bed worked with my adjustable base. It really has been the perfect thing for my back.


This is the fifth mattress that I've tried in the last year. We are so happy that we finally found what we were looking for with the Zenhaven. This is exactly what we needed.

Still a couple of things...

We tried lots of mattresses but finally settled on the Zenhaven after we decided against breathing in nasty foam chemicals. The mattress was a bit too firm to my liking so we had to get an extra $150 soft topper that has made things all better.

Still a couple of things...

We tried lots of mattresses but finally settled on the Zenhaven after we decided against breathing in nasty foam chemicals. The mattress (Luxury Plush) was still a bit too firm to my liking so we had to get an extra $150 soft topper that has made things all better.

Too firm

This mattress was way too firm. Customer service sent us a new topper that helped somewhat, but I am still going to have to get another topper too.

Never going back

This mattress is a bit on the hefty side so it makes things like sheet changes difficult, but besides that I love the mattress. I need the softer side because of a recent surgery and haven't experienced any major issues.

No more allergies

I've suffered from nasal allergies for years. To my complete surprise and happiness, it has vanished after I got this bed. I am not sure if it was just the dust mites in my old mattress or something else, but I love that this is all natural and hypoallergenic.

Not what I expected

This mattress has been very difficult to adjust to. I am a side sleeper and I find it difficult to adjust. I still have some neck and back pain that hasn't gotten better from this mattress.

Not too warm

This mattress has it all -- no off gassing and still cool even though I am warm by nature. I can't complain at all!

way too soft!

I was expecting a much harder mattress, had it on their firm side and that too was too soft, too much sinking! If you are looking for a medium to firm this is not for you!

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