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Yogibo Bean Bag Reviews

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Yogibo is one of the most well-known bean bag companies with multiple unique designs created to complement any type of room or use-case. From spherical bean bags to their most popular body pillow-shaped Yogibo Max, they have innovated to attract customers both young and young-at-heart. That said, some customers who are interested in a more traditional bean bag shape may find that the Yogibo designs are not ideal for them. Some have had mixed reviews on the filling material, finding it firmer than desired.

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Customer Satisfaction: 8/10

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Support: 9/10

Cooling: 9.1/10

Price: $89-$429

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Yogibo Bean Bag Details

Yogibo makes a variety of innovative bean bag chairs and futon designs. Started in New Hampshire, Yogibo's unique products have won them acclaim from average comfort seekers, gamers, and sleepers alike. Their most popular bean bag, the Yogibo Max is a larger pillow shaped bean bag that is great for laying or sitting.

Below, we'll go through the details of their most popular bean bags and what customers are saying about the comfort.

First, we'll go through their Yogibo Max:

The Outside: The Yogibo Max is shaped like a giant body pillow, and is responsive to the touch. There is a slight crackling sound when you sit or apply pressure due to the movement of the fiber inside. The bean bag can be conformed to the body with the ability of a verticle or horizontal orientation making sitting or laying down comfy. It comes in multiple solid color options with 14 colors to choose from. Its exterior is made of a cooling and moisture whicking cotton and spandex blend.

The Insides: Within the outer cover is an inner cover of spandex and polyester that wrap the microbeads within. There is enough fill to be responsive to body and relieve pressure points while still providing support for sitting or laying down.

What Customers Say: Most customers like their Yogibo Max bean bag with the average customer choosing the horizontal orientation for laying down. The limited complaints mentioned noise while moving and also disagreements on the price value.

Next, we'll go through their Yogibo Double:

The Outside: Similar to the Yogibo Max, the Double features a large body pillow design, but is made for two people rather than just one. With a much larger surface area, it can sleep two comfortably or create a standing double loveseat. It comes at a firmer and responsive feel with a slight crackle sound when weight is applied. Its exterior cover is soft but stretchy with a cotton and spandex blend and 9 color options.

The Insides: Similar to the Yogibo Max, the inside of the bean bag has a large amount of microbeads within a synthetic, moisture whicking inner cover. The feel is firm, but responsive for pressure point alleviation and easy molding to the right shape for comfort.

What Customers Say: Customers like this bean bag overall, especially those that want a larger bean bag than other options. However, some that wanted to use it individually found that it sinks too much and is difficult to get out of.

Next, we'll go through their Yogibo Pod X:

The Outside: The outside of the Pod X is similar to a traditional bean bag shape, with a spherical design. It's firm, to provide more back support while sitting. There is the slight sound of crackling when pressure is applied. With a cotton spandex fabric outer cover, this bean bag has over 5 different colors to choose from.

The Insides: The inside of the Pod X comes with an inner cover of spandex and polyester, covering a generous and firm amount of microbeads.

What Customers Say: Customers report that this bean bag is comfortable and responsive without being too soft as to sink in deeply. Customers like this bean bag overall, with the largest complaint being noisy when shifting weight.

Next, we'll go through their Yogibo Short:

The Outside: Yogibo's short bean bag is ideal for those that are interested in a sitting bean bag that is small and compact. It's design is pillow like, but smaller than the Yogibo Max. It is firmer when pressure is applied and has a slight crackling sound. The exterior cover is made of a spandex cotton blend that is soft to the touch and stretchy for easy conforming. The bean bag comes in 13 colors to choose from for easy integration to any decorative design.

The Insides: The insides are made of microbeads that are surrounded by a synthetic fabric interior cover. The fill is generous for a firmer feel while still allowing for some molding for comfort.

What Customers Say: Customers report that it is a comfortable bean bag -- which is best for sitting and relaxing. The biggest complaint is the desire for it to be somewhat bigger and disappointment about the price value for the size.

Next, we'll go through their Yogibo Lounger:

The Outside: The Lounger has a unique design, ideal for those that want a bean bag that resembles a recliner or chair. It's cover is designed with a clear sitting area, with a clear delineation from the back and front. When pressure is applied, it gives little, but is still comfortable because of its universally supportive shape. The outer cover is made of a spandex and cotton blend for stretch, but also moisture whicking properties.

The Insides: The inside of the bean bag chair is millions of microbeads that are are filled to a firm amount with less squish. Under weight, there is some crackling that can be heard as the microbeads rub together.

What Customers Say: Customers really like this design -- especially those that were looking for more of a chair with back support. The main complaint area is that it is short, so hard to get out of for some.


Yogibo products are firmer than other bean bag options, which means that they are less squishy. The Yogibo Double would be considered squishy if one person uses it, but firmer if 2 people use it at once. All of the options we listed fall in the firmer category.

Who Are Yogibo Bean Bags Best For?

Yogibo bean bags are best for those that want a horizontal design for both sitting and stretching out. Additionally, the firmness and crackling noise would be ideal for folks that need greater support and don't need absolute silence. For those that are looking for squishier, more traditional bean bag options, see Our Full List of Bean Bag Reviews for a full breakdown of available offerings and how they will work with your body.

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Best sleep ever

My yogibo max is my bed. Really. I sleep in it every night. I have a bad neck and a bad lower back. The yogibo lets me get in the position I need to be most comfortable. Once or twice a month I wake up half out of the yogibo. That can make my neck or back hurt. But it is worth it for how good I feel the other 29 days of the month. I would get the double max, but I don't think I could get it into the position I need it to be. I could be wrong about that, maybe one day I'll get one and find out. It's also a great chair and recliner. If it had wheels I would use it at my desk. Yes, getting out of a yogibo is tricky, but you get used to it. That's the only downside.

We love it! Absolutely no regrets!

I am in Vancouver and honestly when I started my search, I was simply looking for a retailer where I could actually see, touch and feel it before buying this somewhat costly product. Yogibo was about one of two stores that carried a product and wasnt just sold online. I was impressed by how this product envelopes you and my daughter loved it and the wonderful colours it comes in. What I also liked about it is the shape of it - it allows you to stand it up and sit in in so you actually get neck support. Many of the ones on the internet are too small that you dont get neck support which is important. I came home and did more research and even looked at other brands online without a retail store front. However, having to spend several hundred dollars on a product that is sight unseen is such a risk, so I decided Yogibo was the one for us as we actually tried it out and thought it was a good quality product. Many of the others online had good and bad reviews but without seeing it, you dont want to take the risk, and many of the good reviews seemed hyped up. In the end, for a product like this, the storefront sale actually worked better for us. We are super happy with the product!


(this isn't a fake review) the yogibo is the perfect size, though the gaming chair shown in picture is quite hard to achieve. Its AMAZING to sit and sleep in I could sleep in it any day.

The best Thing Ever

The Yogibo Max is very comfortable and very unique. It is like the best thing ever. When I first walked into that store I knew that I would want one. It is a little pricey but I is nice


So comfy, best quality, the price was a little on the high side but besides that I loved it.


My so needed a place to decompress after school. Now EVERYONE in our house loves to sit/lay/jump on it. Saving our money to get a second. Its worth every penny.


The best bean bag

finally jumped to buy!

i have been wanting a Yogibo Max for literally years... at least 4 years since i first ever sat on one at a friend's house! i finally decided to buy one and i have only had it for a couple hours and it's already worth the price! i can't wait for it to loosen up a little and be even more comfortable. definitely buy it, it's so worth it!!!


I'm not one to spend money frivolously. The cost seemed prohibitive......bit the bullet and bought 2. No regrets at all. OMG. When you plop down in it ...the whole chair is firm. Not squishy. It relieves the back pressure I deal with. Thumbs up.. if the cost makes you turn away please think twice. Good product I happened to find by fluke.


I got my first Yogibo three years ago after trying it out in the store and being amazed at how comfortable it was. Guy in the store told us cats don't really like it - he was wrong! Still one of my favorite purchases, it is amazing comfortable and so cozy. Only issue is getting out of it, lol. Although it's pricey, it's definitely worth the buy.

Amazing thing!

The yogibo is great for cuddled on with a significant other or the kiddos. It is also a great place to take naps or ha e guests sleep. I fold it in half and use it as a gaming chair sometimes. It's perfect.

Amazing sensory experience for my students!

I have wanted a yogibo for several years after reading about it as an amazing tool for children with autism. I wrote a grant to get this for my self contained classroom. Although I was worried that it would not be worth the cost, I was happily mistaken. This is amazing for any special education classroom, sensory room or home use. I honestly want one for myself! My kids love it and it was worth every penny and all the time spent on the grant. Thank you!


I sleep and lay down on it everyday while sometimes I just put it downstairs and talk to my family. Even though it's pricey, the cost is worth it. If you're not that much of a fan of bean bags you can still enjoy them with this.

Loved it! FANTASTIC!!

I loved this beanbag!! It's big, durable and easy to wash!! The best of both worlds!!

Affordable and extremely comfortable!

The Max is the most versatile peice of furniture I own! I often use it as a recliner to do work on my laptop (add the traybo!). Only problem: My dog and cat steal it from my family all the time! It is there new favourite sleeping spot, awesome after we spend $300 on a cat house! Haha. So easy to wash and so comfortable. Best deal. Love Yogibo!!!!!!

ygibo max is great

Its ability to match the shape of your body as you sit in it is incredible. The soft, mushy-ness is so comfortable. The price might not be great, but the yogibo definitely is!

This Yogibo is worth the gift.

I have been asking for this Yogibo since my birthday and I got it for Christmas. It is very comfy and soft. Some people claim that the beads inside are noisy. They are only noisy if you pay attention to them. The mind works that way. If you are looking to get one, it will make the person really happy. It calms people with autism down. I think the Yogibo is a bit over priced but I think it's worth it.


fun, awsome, amazing, the price is a little high

Comfy Comfy

So I got one of these after I tried it out at NYCC. And for the past couple of years I've used it as my comfy place to hang when I watch TV. It's easy to wash the outer cover. And the material is comfy. The beans move and make some noise when you sit or when you lay down but that really doesn't bother me. Sinking in and having it conform to my body is just wonderful. I got soda on it though. Talked to their live chat and found out I could hose it off outside and let it sit in the sun. Well since I was worried about ants getting on it, I hosed it off in the shower and the soda washed away with the water. The beads don't absorb the water and the white inner cover doesn't' seem to hold the dirt either. However, since I didn't want to take it outside, I had a fan on it for several days moving around the beans regularly to get the water to the air. Eventually it got dry. And well, while it took some time, this was far easier to me than replacing all the beans or trying to figure out what to do with a foam filled chair. Just recently I've purchased replacement beads because it's now losing some of it's puff. I'm not that big of person so I am sure mileage varies on compression of beads due to weight. Although, the beads inside still are comfy and I can mix the new beads with the old if I desire. As far as me resting on it, I love it. My back feels really good resting on the chair. It's easy to put in other positions to sit with my laptop or just lounge. I have slept on it without issue. Sometimes I have to roll myself off of it because I've gotten to comfy. You can't just bounce out of the chair. But no matter. It's a bean bag and has no springs. Hahah. Price wise I think it is a little expensive at full price but I got mine when there was a coupon available. That helped. Overall, better to deal with than a couch or regular chair. I can move it out of the way when I want, clean it when I want and refill it. So maybe the value for me is really good compared to the cost of a couch or other furniture. It does the job that I need it to do.


I rec'd my Yogi over a year ago (maybe two years at this point). I used it only occasionally, even though I found it to be very comfortable and loved sitting in it. But, with 3 dogs, I have to put it away so that I don't have to worry about them tearing it apart. So, at times, I've forgotten about it. Two weeks ago, I came down with a severe back spasm (maybe Sciatica) which made it very uncomfortable to sit. Driving was painful, sitting for dinner was painful, work ... well I fashioned a stand up desk out of some boxes at work. So, as a last resort, I pulled out my Yogi to try to get some comfort in sitting - there's only so much standing a gal can tolerate! Ohhhh....sweet relief!! The bag shapes to your body, and is soooo comfortable. Within a week, I resumed most of my normal activities, including sitting at my desk for a couple hours a day. I am still in love with Yogi and highly recommend this to everyone. The only 'however' that you should be aware of if you haven't had a chance to test drive it in a store or at a friend's house - Yogi is not easy to get out of (at least for this over-50, pretty fit, female). I literally have to roll out of it to get up off the floor. But it is very much worth that minor effort.

I really like this thing

I bought a Yogibo max yesterday. I had seen it the day before and needed a night to rationalize the price. The next day I got stood up so I went to the mall and bought my Yogibo.

Love it!

We bought two of these on Saturday at the Annapolis Mall location. We had superior customer service from Amy, the Store Manager. We had them both covered and have a single cover for both coming in the mail. My teenagers love these! Very comfortable!

Useless, terrible for back pain

Recv'd a Max for birthday. Increasingly underwhelmed. The Yogibo deforms under pressure, so there's always pressure against my lower back resulting in back spasms. Collapses with even the slightest movement, so it's useless as an office chair. Too low for use as a couch. Agonizing as a recliner. Someone who wants "fun" furniture might appreciate this, but I want functionality. A chair at least does One thing well - the Yogibo does everything, but does them badly.

Its amazing

It a all in one comfort zone.....


We got the Yogibo Max for each child (9 and 13) to put in their rooms in the corner as a reading nook one year ago. They both LOVE their beanbags! They bring them in the living room to watch movies on, and I admit that I sneak in their rooms and sit in them to read when I need a quiet break. They are comfortable, and just now reaching a point where we need to fluff them up a bit to refill. We've washed the covers with ease and had no problem. I've slept in both on occasions when the kids have been sick at night and need me nearby... the beans are a bit noisy, but if you're tired you can sleep through it. If we hadn't just bough a new couch for the living room, it would be hard not to go get a couple more. Great product... a bit pricy, but in this case you're getting what you pay for when you compare this bean bag to traditional ones.

Amazing Support for Chronic Pain

I have been dealing with chronic neck, back and shoulder pain for years, and recently had neck surgery to remove severely herniated discs. Before surgery, the pain was so bad I couldn't sleep on anything. My doctor told me to visit a YogiBo store and I walked out with the Yogi Max 10 minutes later. I am not a medical professional and can't claim this will help everyone dealing with pain and insomnia; all I can say is that the YogiBo is the ONLY thing I have been able to sleep comfortably on for weeks, before and after surgery. It does seem expensive for a bean bag, but not when compared to the cost of a new mattress. I don't find the noise of the beads to be too loud and in fact it is far quieter than any cheap bean bag I've ever sat on before. After spending weeks barely able to move from it, it has held its shape and still perfectly conforms to the support I need in the places I need it most. I don't know what I would have done without it and I wish YogoBo made a mattress!


it is really comfterable. But it is very noisy when you are on it because of the beads in it. Also i Think they are way to much money. but really comfterable.

One problem

I really liked the yogimax but i had one problem with it, the beads. They make a lot if noise when you move it. Also, when you sleep on it, it seems very loud and makes it hard to fall asleep. If it is being used as a second bed, it can keep another person up all night. Overall, it was very good but if you are planning to use it as a bed, i would not recommend it


Comfortable for 30 min then gets stiff and uncomfirtable

So comfortable

I received a Yogibo Double as a birthday present. I wouldn't have spent the money for one on myself, but my sister knew I was impressed with the product, so she (and my family) surprised me with one on my birthday. So comfy. It seems a bit ridiculous, it's "just" a bean bag after all, but it's incredibly comfortable. I feel pampered every time I sit or lay back into it.

versatile and so comfortable

I got this for my son's dorm, and it was so comfortable and useful I'm getting one for our family room. Compared to the price of a futon, which was the other option,this is a bargain. Since it stands on end, it also takes up little space when not in use.


I got this and I never want to get off. It really is how they describe it. It transforms into any type of furniture. You can hear the beads, but it doesn't bother me. Plus the beads are tiny. This is definitely the best bean bag you could possibly buy. This is actually a great deal because what you will get out of this specific Yogibo is priceless.

this things is amazing

It is a bed, couch, and chair all in one. I would recommend to anyone. Great buy.

Pleased, but not wowed.

I was actually expecting more from the Yogibo, based on the rave reviews. I have been drooling over these beanbag chairs for about a year and a half, and was saving up for two to furnish my room. Because of my location, I had been unable to even try out one of them, but I was already blinded by my Yogibo-frenzy and tossed in the money to get two. They arrived today, and so far, I'm slightly disappointed. The beads are rather loud so it's really obvious when you move around. It's actually rather firm (can't say whether I'm pleased or displeased by this), and the fabric is thin, but seems to be holding up well through my various flying jump tests. If I had paid $80, I'd be over the moon with joy. Instead, however, one YogiMax costs $229, and I don't feel that the price is very in accordance with the actual product. The product itself is good, and it's definitely pretty comfortable, but I probably won't be purchasing it again.

Perfect in every way!

I live in a small nyc apartment, and this is my favorite piece of furniture. I can easily move it around, and prop it against the wall when I'm not using it so it stays out of the way. It's also great to sleep on. The quality is amazing as well, as I've had it for over six months and it still looks and feels brand new! I will definitely be looking into more products from yogibo!

Yogibo MAX

During a trip to the local mall yesterday my husband and I and our 3 kids stumbled upon a new Yogibo storefront. As we peeked in to look @ the cool stuff, the salesperson says come on in (drinks in hand) so I was instantly impressed. He does a lil demonstration on how much fun the bean bags/furniture is and tells the kids to give it a try, then hubby too. Instantly the kids want it all, and much to my surprise my husband says ~ the stuff's pretty cool. Long story short, we end up buying the Max and a horseshoe wrap. Once we get it home, I realize how big it really is and panic. We use it last night, kids love it, I am still apprehensive this morning until our daughter jumps out of bed, runs in the family room and dives on her new Yogibo Max and cuddles up!! That's it, I'm SOLD!! It's staying and something tells me we will end up with more pieces to the collection!!!! Thanks Yogibo!!!!

At the Christmas fair

Today we went to a Christmas fair (sorry I forget the name) but when we went to there booth, they had a bunch to try. The owners laughed with you, and just had normal convos unlike annoying sales people. As soon as I saw it I was like ok this Is what I want for Christmas! And now all my siblings want some and my parents for around the pool! Can't wait to have my own!!

Best Product

So comfy! Love this product!!


It is a very cool item, but it is a little expensive

Worst Customer Service ever experienced

Took almost 10 days before it even shipped. Rude customer service, didn't arrive as promised, almost 3 weeks later don't have the item that I ordered for a gift. No answers to my emails. POOR service, not worth the price.

Yogibo Max & Support Accessory

First, the Yogibo has a chemical, vinegar smell; secondly the stuffing makes noise every time you move (feel like small round styrofoam pellets; thirdly it does not move freely with your body. I also have a LoveSac and now understand why it costs more. The LoveSac has a memory foam stuffing, no chemical odor, move easily with no noise, and is 100 time more comfortable. I am disappointed that the Yogibo reviews it not accurate and misleading. If I could return the 2 Yogibo items I just received I would.


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