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Wool Mattress Toppers Reviews

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Wool is one of the most luxurious materials that is used in softening up mattresses and providing pressure point relief. Additionally, wool is commonly used in pillow tops with its ability to respond better and longer than looser fill, like down or feathers. However, when it comes to wool mattress toppers, construction and packing plays a big role in comfort. Not all wool toppers are ultra-comfortable and long lasting. That's why we've selected our favorite wool mattress toppers that are rated highly by customers. Read on for our full list...

Mattress Topper Scores

Overall Score: 9.6/10
Customer Satisfaction: 9.6/10
Comfort: 9.5/10
Support: 8.7/10
Cooling: 9.6/10
Price: $135-$849

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Wool Mattress Toppers Specifics

Wool is a sustainable and renewable resource that has been used in bedding for generations. When it comes to mattress toppers, wool adds temperature regulation and pillowy softness naturally to firm or too warm mattresses. However, wool is pricier than synthetic options, which turns some customers off. That said, customers think that the price is worth it, with lots of positive feedback about how wool leads to a comfier bed.

Mattress Topper Selection
Below, we'll go through our top 5 favorite wool mattress toppers and pads that are well-loved by customers.

Here is a breakdown of Plushbeds Wool Topper:Looking for a pillow top for your mattress? Look no further! The Plushbeds wool topper is high grade and extremely comfortable with 3'' of chemical-free and cruelty-free wool packed into it. Customers describe the topper as adding a luxurious pillow top feel to their mattresses, all while sleeping cool.

Next, here is what's inside the Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Wool Topper:The Sleep & Beyond wool topper is 1.5'' thick, which provides a moderate amount of pressure relief without detracting from the supportiveness of the mattress below. This option is ideal for those that are looking for some pressure relief and temperature regulation, but may worry about too much pillow top. Customers give this topper great ratings with the rare negative review mentioning wanting more pressure relief.

Next, here is what's inside the Alwyn Home Genther 3'' Wool Mattress Topper:The Genther 3'' wool topper adds a pillowy cover to the mattress beneath. With a fluffy, tufted design the wool adds a luxury pillow top feel, relieving pressure and distributing weight evenly, making it ideal for those that are suffering with a too-firm mattress. Customers give this wool topper great ratings for cozy comfort.

Next, here is what's inside the SnugSoft Elite 1.5'' Topper:The SnugSoft topper is 1.5'' thick, making it ideal for those that only need a bit of fluffy relief on the surface of their mattress. This topper will allow sleepers to get the benefits of the supportiveness of the mattress below, while still feeling cooling, pressure relieving benefits from the wool topper. Overall, customers like this mattress topper with reviewers noting the feelings of softness and fullness this topper provides.

Lastly, here is what's inside DownTown Wool Mattress Pad:The DownTown wool mattress pad is for those that really don't want a big edit when it comes to mattress feel, but still want a wool protection for its cooling and hypoallergenic properties. This mattress pad provides those features at a competitive price, with positive feedback from sleepers that mention good loft for being lightweight.

FirmnessWool toppers range from very soft and fluffy to having less fill and being less soft. Those that have less fill, however, will leave sleepers feeling much the same in terms of comfort as their mattress below.

Back Pain Relief
Wool toppers mostly focus on pressure relief, which the thicker toppers will do very well. Those that are looking for back pain relief that is related to support may do best adjusting their mattress below or investing in a firmer mattress topper.

Wool does a great job regulating temperature. The thicker the wool topper, the more the temperature regulating properties of the wool can be felt. That said, if you are a very warm sleeper or live in a very warm environment, you may need something more specialized.

Who Are These Wool Mattress Toppers Right For?
Wool mattress toppers are great options for those that are looking for hypoallergenic materials or suffer from chemical sensitivities. The thicker versions will also do a great job providing pressure relief for those looking for it. For those that need more support from their mattress topper, see our list of top rated mattress toppers for more information.

Browse Wool Mattress Toppers Reviews

Wish I Had Purchased It Years Ago - Give it 10 Stars if I could [Plushbeds Topper]

Very well made. So much attention to detail in the seaming, fabric weave, and hand tying. We are farm people with bad backs, shoulders and such. CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT THIS TOPPER HAS DONE FOR US. No waking up with aches and pains and stiff. Plus every night when we crawl into bed we think we are staying in a lavish hotel. On top of all of that, the real reason I chose the wool topper is due to many health issues related to chemical farm sprays, sensitivities and molds. It's been three years since I have slept properly. I LOVE this topper. For me a life saver! Time to purchase the pillows. (Tell the sheep I Love them and thank you ;)

Wool Topper [Plushbeds Topper]

I really like my bed topper. It is very comfortable to sleep on.

Eric and Joelle [Plushbeds Topper]

We love it! We go to sleep right away and don’t want to get out in the morning! Excellent product!

Heaven [Plushbeds Topper]

It feels like I slid into a cloud!

Great bed topper [Plushbeds Topper]

This topper is just like advertised. It keeps you comfortable temperature wise, not to warm and not to cool. I really like sleeping on this topper.

Comfy [Plushbeds Topper]

Comfy topper. I put it right under my fitted really adds some softness and comfort.

Great Product good value [Plushbeds Topper]

Beautifully made - very comfortable - not too firm and not too soft - adds support without pressure points - great restful nights sleep- Thank You

Amazingly comfortable [Plushbeds Topper]

It is truly the best purchase I have made in a long time, I am very happy. If I could steal my wife's side I would.

Like sleeping on a cloud [Plushbeds Topper]

Got this topper for my bliss medium firmness mattress extremely happy with it like sleeping on a cloud now. Doesn’t make me hot either and helps keep me comfortable I usually always move around while I’ll sleep but it’s helped me keep still for some reason lol

Materials are quality and made with integrity. It took one year to find this company. [Plushbeds Topper]

The PlushBeds Luxury Wool Topper is the height of luxury. You are placed in a deep slumber with such comfort. I feel very confident in this company’s products. And, they are made in the U.S.A.

Perfection [Plushbeds Topper]

Loved my plush beds so much better than expected!

Who knew wool could be so cool! [Plushbeds Topper]

Heaven on earth! Makes my bed hard to get out of in the mornings. Soft, yet provides support and sleep cool

Wool topper [Plushbeds Topper]

Have had a plush bed for a few years. Recently added the topper. Sleeping better than ever!

100% Wool Topper [Plushbeds Topper]

You can lie on top of this luxurious topper or lie under as you do with a feather bed. Either way, it will lull you to sleep easily and you'll feel so cozy and comfortable. I highly recommend it!

Outstanding comfort! [Plushbeds Topper]

This was the perfect complement to my 12" Soft Botanical Bliss I bought back during the summer. I used it for the first time last night, and had an amazing night's rest. The combination is truly superb. Definitely worth it, IMO, at least if you like a softer sleeping experience. I used a Tempurpedic bed for 11 years, and thought that it was the best purchase I ever made ... until now. This combination is much, much better IMO.

Very nice topper! [Plushbeds Topper]

This topper is a nice addition to my bed. It's very plush and comfortable. I have never seen a wool topper in stores before but I read that it helps to regulate your body temperature and maintain it throughout the night. After sleeping on it for 30 days, I agree. I sleep comfortably and cool throughout the night on it.

Very Plush and Comfortable [Plushbeds Topper]

My daughter is starting her first year at college and the dorm room beds were a little firm. I bought this topper to make her dorm bed more comfortable. I just received the topper and I am very pleased. It's very plush and comfortable. It will soften up her bed and make it much more comfortable. She will be very happy.

yes this is [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

yes this is just what I need it and perfect fit. really happy with it.

Really high quality [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

Really high quality and just the right amount of cushion for our firm, organic mattress. Great!!

It’s comfy [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

It’s comfy and regulates tempurpedic mattress. We love it!

Love [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

Love it!!!!

Very happy [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

Very happy with this purchase! We were sleeping very warm on our memory foam mattress and find that this topper distributes the heat really well. It also adds another layer of cushion and is very comfortable. Experiencing a much better sleep now.

Love [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

Love, love, love. Bought it to counteract the cooling gel foam in my mattress, and to give me something more natural to sleep on.

Ecolgical [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

Ecolgical responsible, quality product. Love it.

Best [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

Best investment for my bed- very comfy and fact that it's organic is the kicker -no chemicals !

Love [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

I Love anything wool. This makes my bed a little softer(not a lot) and is great for temperature regulation.

Comfortable [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

Comfortable! A bit thin, but the upside is that you should not get body impressions. It feels good to know you are sleeping on an organic topper. However, it slept hot for both my husband and myself. Would be excellent for a winter only topper.

This [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

This topper fits very well and does not shift. My sheets do not slide on top of it so that is great too. It does regulate heat well but does not add much cushioning. I am happy with this toppe but would like it to provide a little more cushioning.

Awesome [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

Awesome product for the money.

Loved [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

Loved it! Made my organic latex mattress a bit more cozy.

Good [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

Good shipping and nice packaging. It's not as comfortable as we had hoped however it does seem to help dissipate the heat which is why we bought it. So far so good.

Love [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

Love this soft/great topper just as it is advertised I'm so grateful to make the decision to purchase it! Blessings

This [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

This was just the right size for our king bed. We sleep cooler and a little more comfy. Glad we made the purchase.

It's not super cushion [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

It's not super cushion-y if that's what you're looking for, but if you want a little extra padding and perfect temperature regulation I would highly recommend this mattress topper. My bed feels great and I started sleeping through the night, so basically I'm obsessed with it.

We got this topper [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

We got this topper for our Tempurpedic, because we sleep so hot! Believe it or not, the wool mattress topper breathes really well and actually helps keep you COOL at night! Crazy, but true. I makes our Tempurpedic mattress so much better. I highly recommend this!

Thinner [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

Thinner than what I expected

the best! [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

the best! Great quality , nice packaging. Love it. I could not stand my memory foam mattress so this was my solution and I am very happy about it. thinking about wool pillows now.

Soft [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

Soft and comfortable mattress topper. Keeps you warm in winter and cold in the summer time. would purchase again.

excellent [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

excellent for the futon in winter,

HEAVEN [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]


very nice [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

very nice in all respects

love [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

love it!! sleep better than ever!!

Great [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

Great delivery fast service No problems at all!

love [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

I love that it has elastic to hold in place. very helpful.

This was purchased [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

This was purchased for my teenage son's bed. He loves it! Sleeps like a baby again.

This mattress pad [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

This mattress pad is comfortable and feels somehow old fashioned, like made to order by a craftsman.It has a slight smell which seems to dissipate after a few days. It has the consistency of a few wool layers, and it helps a lot on top of my memory foam mattress. This does not feel like a feather bed, it is much firmer. i would have liked more fill inside, but that would have made it firmer too, so i guess the fill is "just right". My review is based on only a few nights of use, so I cannot comment on how durable the pad is. I think the pad fits the description and is a good value.

I am very impressed [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

I am very impressed with the quality and look of this mattress topper. I also like that the wool inside is not able to shift. This was also the best deal I could find online. It is also nice that you can ask a question of people who have already purchased and they provide feedback before you buy! Very helpful!

Good quality [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

Good quality and durable however not as comfortable as I had hoped it to be. Was not able to find a cover for in. A nice compliment to this ensemble was organic sheets I recently purchased.

Soft [Sleep & Beyond 1.5'' Topper]

Soft, comfy, cool in warm weather, snuggly in cool weather, just great! Easy to put on the mattress, all around a great fit.

best [Alwyn Home 3'' Wool Topper]

The best topper! Really makes a comfort improvement for your whole body.

works [Alwyn Home 3'' Wool Topper]

works great on my bed

cloud [Alwyn Home 3'' Wool Topper]

I bought a mattress that had some memory foam in the top part of it. The smell was horrible and my eyes were burning the first night I slept on it. I decided that sleeping on a sea of chemicals was not for me. I shipped it back to the store. I researched all natural toppers and mattresses and found this wonderful thick and fluffy topper. No smell! No chemicals! Organic! I used this topper for the first time last night. It's like sleeping on a cloud! So comfortable and much better for my health. Highly recommend!

Love [Alwyn Home 3'' Wool Topper]

Love these! Great to give us a healthy barrier between our conventional mattress and us.

This [Alwyn Home 3'' Wool Topper]

This arrived on time and has been a terrific for my very firm mattress.

Good [Alwyn Home 3'' Wool Topper]

Good quality and especially great for the price.

This [Alwyn Home 3'' Wool Topper]

Too warm on your memory foam? This makes is very breathable and bearable!

Very comfortable [Alwyn Home 3'' Wool Topper]

Very comfortable and healthy sleep. I loveit.I strongly recommend that for anyone..

This [Alwyn Home 3'' Wool Topper]

This has been an amazing product, and you can't beat the price! I researched over several sites, and locally sourced to no avail. I sleep so much better with this soft, luxurious feeling topper. I flip it regularly, and pair with an organic latex mattress. Let's just say, I value my quality of sleep, and get plenty now with this topper!

We purchased this [Alwyn Home 3'' Wool Topper]

We purchased this because our Tempurpedic was causing both my husband and myself back pain and numbness in my arms. We have a King size bed and I purchased 2 XL twin size toppers to be able to fluff more easily than 1 King topper (which I read was very heavy). We placed these toppers on top of our existing Tempurpedic mattresses and we both immediately noticed a difference and felt and slept better. However, it's not the easiest thing to "fluff" as the wool settles a bit and flattens out. I try to shake it up a bit each time we change the sheets, but it's a bit tedious to do. I have to say I am glad we purchased the 3 inch thickness.

Fantastic [Alwyn Home 3'' Wool Topper]

Fantastic purchase - just what I needed to make a hard mattress feel more comfortable. Makes bed now feel like those you might sleep in at a fine hotel.

While expensive, this mattress topper is worth it [Alwyn Home 3'' Wool Topper]

While expensive, this mattress topper is worth it! I have tried just about every type of topper out there to ease the pressure on my back and hips, and this is the ONLY topper that provides both support and comfort. It feels as if you are sleeping on a cloud! Pros: Comfort, support, better sleep Cons: NONE

My husband and I got this [Alwyn Home 3'' Wool Topper]

My husband and I got this to top our latex mattress. It is so soft and so comfy we have a hard time getting out of bed. Completely recommend this product!

I have chronic pain [Alwyn Home 3'' Wool Topper]

I have chronic pain and this topper provides the right amount of cushion that really helps me sleep. Also fits under a deep pocket fitted sheet which keeps it in place. Great investment.

We bought this [Alwyn Home 3'' Wool Topper]

We bought this for an older mattress that we were trying to make more comfortable. The first night we put it on the bed, it felt great, but the second night it seemed to have lost a lot of it puffiness and support, especially in the middle (even though only one side had been slept on by child). Still better than just the mattress but not by much. Not worth what was paid as far as comfort but not many alternatives for organic.

Plush and cozy [Alwyn Home 3'' Wool Topper]

Plush and cozy with a slight sheep odor that lasts a few days. I only have our fitted sheet over this topper since extra layers seem to hinder the pillow feeling. Would purchase again! Pros: plush, organic, natural, perfect Cons: none

I wanted to buy this item [Alwyn Home 3'' Wool Topper]

I wanted to buy this item and contacted Wayfair to make then aware the manufacturer sells this Queen size comforter for $113 less than Wayfair! Disappointingly Wayfair would not price match so I decided to shop elsewhere

Topper came quicklly [Alwyn Home 3'' Wool Topper]

Topper came quicklly and as described. Very comfortable even in summer temps. I am very satisfied with my purchase, highly recommend.

This is our second topper [SnugSoft 1.5'' Wool Topper]

This is our second topper, first one for guest bed. It really does keep you warmer but not sweaty as it wicks. It gives some cushioning, much better than the average mattress pad, but I'm guessing not as much as a memory foam topper. I still turn at night due to hip pressure. This topper is is worth the money!

Keeps me warm on cold nights [SnugSoft 1.5'' Wool Topper]

Keeps me warm on cold nights. I just bought a new firm, tighttop mattress and this snugsoft on top of a layer of soft latex foam is what I’m using for padding. Much cheaper than “built in” padding on a mattress, plus I can adjust it to my personal taste. I have back pain, hip pain and cold extremities, so this combo really works for me. I get the support I need, plus the comforting want.

I am very pleased [SnugSoft 1.5'' Wool Topper]

I am very pleased by the softness & fullness of the SnugSoft Elite Bed Mattress Cover. It adds much comfort to the bed that I so desperately need as I have a bad back. I would recommend it to all. Pros: Soft & comfortable. Makes sleeping much easier. Cons: a bit expensive, but all in all worth it.

I ordered this [SnugSoft 1.5'' Wool Topper]

I ordered this for the full bed in my guest room. Once it arrive it wasn't as cushy and think as I originally thought it would be and it doesn't not lay flush with the edges of my mattress (which is a regular sized full bed) but other then those small details it performs flawlessly and after each guest stays they never fail to ask me what that amazing thing was that they slept so perfectly on. They love it and many of them have ordered one for themselves.

Great product [SnugSoft 1.5'' Wool Topper]

Great product my mom is in bed and this help her to avoid ulcers, her skin looks amazing she have 90 years old. Thanks for that great product

Such a great purchase [SnugSoft 1.5'' Wool Topper]

Such a great purchase. My husband tends to sleep hot and we have already noticed a differences in he temperature of our bed. It also has added a nice cushy feeling to our rock-hard mattress.

Very [SnugSoft 1.5'' Wool Topper]

Very comfy!

The SnugSoft cover [SnugSoft 1.5'' Wool Topper]

The SnugSoft cover really helped the "hot" feeling of my Tempur-Pedic mattress.

this mattress cover was great [SnugSoft 1.5'' Wool Topper]

this mattress cover was great - we have a memory foam mattress what was overheating and sinking and this took care of it. much better than buying a new mattress!!

As described [SnugSoft 1.5'' Wool Topper]

As described. ELITE. NO shedding. Stays in place on bed. Very comfortable, soft and plush. Worth the money.

Wonderfully soft [SnugSoft 1.5'' Wool Topper]

Wonderfully soft mattress cover. I struggle with hot and cold nights on my regular mattress and looking forward to sleeping more comfortably at night.

This mattress over [SnugSoft 1.5'' Wool Topper]

This mattress over is very comfortable and keeps me cool in the nice. I really like the quality and it fits perfect on our bed. I am very pleased.

The craftsmanship is incredible [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

The craftsmanship is incredible: no dangling threads, no barely-there stitches. The fit, too, is precise. Some folks mentioned a strong sent of sheep but my pad had none of that. The comfort this pad has brought to my lower back is beyond my expectations. It is similar to memory foam comfort but without the burden of the petroleum products.

this mattress topperr is just great [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

this mattress topperr is just great.when you lay on it is like sleeping on a cloud.Cannot go wrong.I have fibromyalgia and it is a God -send.

It really helped regulate the temperature [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

It really helped regulate the temperature on my foam mattress. When it first arrived it had a bit of an odor, but once I placed it in the dryer on air fluff for with a fabric sheet that helped.

This mattress pad is so soft [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

This mattress pad is so soft and it’s just cotton and wool. Nothing synthetic.

I love wool mattress pads [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

I love wool mattress fault, I ruined this one ..I tried to wash it because of a child accident when the protector was off getting washed...and it is sadly no more :( They are not wash!!

Oh,my; best sleep [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

Oh,my; best sleep I've had in years !!!! Fantastic product !!! This merlino wool mattress pad is just what I needed !!! Great service and very fast shipping !!! I told my brother to order one for his queen size bed I know as soon as he tries lying down on mine he will !!! Great product and no smell or wrinkles whatsoever !!!

Luxury [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

Luxury! Warm in the winter and cool in the summer

Fits bed nicely [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

Fits bed nicely. Happy with the natural fibre, in and out.

I purchased this topper [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

I purchased this topper as a gift. No complaints thus far.

It is perfect! [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

It is perfect! Has helped me have a wonderful sleep!

Excellent [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

Excellent pad

This pad is just what I was looking for [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

This pad is just what I was looking for. It is lightweight--with good loft for the weight--and adds a layer of softness. Wool breathes, is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Great complement to a memory foam bed that alone locks in heat. Also no chemical smell. Ideal item.

I love these wool pads [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

I love these wool(and cotton-encased) mattress pads, made in Austria. Natural fibers are important to me. I ordered two twins and one queen. The corner straps did not work well with my mattresses, but the pads lay perfectly well under my fitted sheets without using them. Yes, the wool had a "wooly"/barn smell. I tossed mine in the clothes drier with a damp towel and low heat and they came out just fine!! Had it been sunny and warm, I would have spread them over my fence to air. I did not mind the scent, but my guests might have. Function? I love sleeping on these. As with some of my finer wool clothing, I will use these year 'round! Packing and shipping were outstanding, by the way. This was my first Wayfair purchase. I will shop again!

Purchased [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

Purchased it for someone else as as far as I know, he likes it.

Great mattress pad [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

Great mattress pad! Just as described! Fast shipping! No issues! 5 Stars!

Very nce [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

Very nce with a good loft. Very good value

A solid purchase [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

A solid purchase. It truly does make a difference when sleeping on a "hot" memory foam mattress.

Made my memory foam mattress feel even better [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

Made my memory foam mattress feel even better and cooler. Cons: none

Best [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

Best mattress pad for use in all seasons

Soft [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

Soft, comfortable material. wool filled allergy free material. Cons: strings are too short for 8" mattress.

All of my beds begin and end with a wool [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

All of my beds begin and end with a wool, and these are really well made. Pros: Good value, great price. Cons: I wish I bought a thicker pad, and the next time I will.

This is a good purchase [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

This is a good purchase. It has made my firm mattress very comfortable. It keeps me cool as long as I use cotton sheets.

I purchased this product for my seven-year-old son [DownTown Wool Mattress Pad]

I purchased this product for my seven-year-old son as a mattress pad for his cotton-filled, firm futon mattress. Not only softens his sleeping area wonderfully, but I am sure, given the properties of wool, that it is helping to maintain a proper moisture and temperature balance for him or he sleeps. His mattress is particularly firm but I would recommend this product for any mattress. In addition, I was surprised at how substantial this product is. I am planning to purchase additional pads for my daughter and myself. I don't think anyone purchasing this product will be disappointed. It definitely is as described.