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+2x side sleeping

+2x soft support

+1.7x better comfort

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Spring 2024 Updates: WinkBeds mattresses are currently being shipped as usual, typically within 3-5 business days.

WinkBeds got its start manufacturing factory-direct luxury hybrid mattresses made in the US to compete with the luxury showroom market. They have innovated through the years and now include both a luxury-style all-foam and latex hybrid mattress in addition to their classic hybrid. With both reviewers and customers appreciating the quality of their mattresses, WinkBeds is a top brand to consider on your mattress search.


+2x side sleeping
+2x soft support
+1.7x better comfort

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.3/10

No Back Pain: 9.2/10

Price: $1149-$2399

Trial Period: 101 Days

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Winkbeds's Specifics

WinkBeds started their business crafting one high-end hybrid mattress in a box, which won wide acclaim from mattress reviewers and customers alike. Since then, they have expanded their offerings to include the Eco-Cloud hybrid featuring Talalay latex as well as the all-foam GravityLux.

We'll go through each of their offerings below to discuss what's inside and what customers really say about their comfort.

Quality of Materials

WinkBeds has three different mattresses, their original WinkBed, the GravityLux, and the EcoCloud.

First, we'll go through the most popular option, which is the 13.5'' tall original WinkBed:

Their hybrid mattress is made with their proprietary blend of foams and array of luxury pocket coils. They also have 4 firmness options for sleepers including a Plus option for those that weigh over 300lbs. Here is what's hiding inside:

Layer 1: The Tencel cover keeps things cool and wicks away moisture.

Layer 2: Next are two layers of gel infused memory foam that provide softness and a pillow top feel to the bed while helping to ease muscle tension. (The soft version gets another 1'' of super soft foam.)

Layer 3: Small micro-pocketed coils provide superior edge support and response across the mattress.

Layer 4: Another layer of memory foam that provides additional support and separates the two coil systems.

Layer 5: Larger pocket coils to add support. (The firm version has firmer tempered coils for added support for those that need it).

Layer 6: All of this is wrapped with WinkBeds perimeter support that provides extra edge support to the bed.

Next, we'll go through what's inside the 11'' GravityLux Mattress, which comes in 3 different firmness options:

Layer 1: Similar to the original WinkBed, the GravityLux comes with Tencel® cover. This cover is tufted with 2'' of premium cooling gel foam for extra pressure relief. Depending on the firmness selected, this layer is either 2 layers thick or 3 layers thick.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a generous layer of AirCell™ memory foam that provides pressure relief, cooling, shock absorption, and eliminates partner disturbance.

Layer 3: Beneath, there is a zoned progression foam layer that provides firmer support for the middle spine and pressure relief for the hips / shoulders. This is a high end feature that is commonly found only in higher end foam mattresses.

Layer 4: Lastly, a layer of Atlas Core™ Foam is customized for the firmness level of the mattress selected to increase durability and lasting comfort.

Lastly, here is what's inside the 12.5'' EcoCloud Latex Hybrid Mattress:

Unlike the other two mattress options by WinkBeds, the EcoCloud option only features one firmness option, which offers a medium-firm profile.

Layer 1: The top cover is made of organic cotton and sustainable New Zealand wool which helps to regulate temperature and keeps the surface cool to the touch.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is 4'' of Talalay latex, which has been zoned for more support for the lumbar region, and more pressure relief for the hips and shoulders.

Layer 3: The pocketed spring system below is also zoned for extra firmness for the middle spine and better pressure relief for the tender areas.

Layer 4: These springs are also reinforced along the sides by the Extra-Edge™ anti-sag support system, which is the innerspring support core that is firmer along the sides.

Overall Comfort

When it comes to popularity, most WinkBeds customers prefer the original WinkBeds hybrid mattress. However, for those that prefer the all-natural take of the EcoCloud or the all-foam design of the GravityLux, most customers have great things to say about these mattresses initial and long-term comfort. Overall, these mattresses seem to do particularly well for side sleepers, with WinkBeds reviewers 2x more likely to mention a positive experience with side sleeping* versus the average comparable mattress.


The original WinkBed has four different firmness options (including their 'Plus' option for plus-sized folks), while the GravityLux has 3 options, and the EcoCloud has 1 firmness variety. Most customers can find something that is suitable for them -- with the soft version being ideal for slimmer side-sleepers, while the firmer options are ideal for stomach sleepers and larger body types. When compared to the average mattress, WinkBeds reviewers are 2x more likely to mention being happy with the softness of their mattress.

Back Pain Relief

WinkBeds gets many positive reviews about back pain alleviation with the biggest complaint being those that made a mistake of which firmness they purchased.


Overall, most customers found the WinkBeds mattresses to provide a good amount of cooling. Some who live in a very warm climate and sleep especially warm may need something more specialized.

Who Are WinkBeds Mattresses Right For?

WinkBeds mattresses are ideal for those that are looking for a more value-driven luxury mattress feel. With reports of great customer service experiences and easy returns, WinkBeds are a top brand to consider.

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happy sleepers

Our son and daughter-in-law recommended Wink. We find the mattress to offer us great firm support for aging backs. Delivery was a breeze. Don’t think you will be moving this mattress around, as it is very heavy.

Love it!

My old mattress had given up on me. I woke up with a backache every day. After much research, I decided to try the Wink Bed. Really glad that I did... After one night, my back was feeling better and now, after a few weeks, it is gone and I am back to normal. This is one of the better decisions that I have made recently. Thanks!

If I died tomorrow...

I’d die happy because I slept on my extra firm wink bed :)

Mostly pleased...few issues

The mattress is super comfortable. However, want to note a few issues. The delivery people almost could not get the king mattress up my stairs because of the thickness. I have a 90-degree angle on my stairs and that was the problem. Also, it rubbed the ceiling. No damage, just a few scuffs on the wall. Second problem is the weight of the mattress. Very heavy. I'm 70yo and am having issues changing the sheets on the bed. I don't use a boxsprings, Instead I have a 4-sided bed frame that contains the bed. Can't use the mattress lifter item sold on Amazon and elsewhere. It only works with a boxsprings. There are no handles on the side of the mattress, so cannot lift it. Handles would have been nice maybe. Rotating the mattress is impossible unless I get friends in my house to help. I'm open to any tips on making the bed or rotating the mattress. Love the comfort of the mattress...just wish I didn't have the problems. BTW, can't use a boxsprings if I bought one. Too rigid and big to go up my stairs.

Bed is very comfortable and

Bed is very comfortable and service was excellent. Definitely will buy again when I need another mattress.

So far, so good.

I'm really pleased with the bed so far, it has just enough firmness, quishiness and bounce! Construction seems very sounds and the delivery process was seamless. As skeptical as I was about ordering a mattress online, I'm glad I did. I would totally recommend this bed to others.

Happy, Happy, Happy

This was our very first online purchase of a mattress. We spent considerable time researching exactly what we needed/wanted and decided on a Wink Bed. What a great decision. I had considerable back pain from our older mattress but after a few sleeps I had no pain. Our first few sleeps took some getting used to ... we purchased the Luxury Firm and it is a firm but just the right firmness. I would definitely recommend WinkBed. Should you prefer something not as firm there is a softer option!

We LOVE it!!!

This mattress is everything they say it is. It supports and it's extremely comfortable. We especially like the edge support. We replaced a tempurpedic mattress that we paid almost three times as much for and this mattress is much more comfortable.

Waterbed to Wink Bed

I had been sleeping on a waterbed for past 40 years. My back wasn’t enjoying it anymore so I started researching mattress options and reviews. I found Wink Beds and thought it offered me a high quality product at a value price. My wife was still comfortable on the waterbed, so we decided on the Soft Plush as a compromise. Delivery went very well and involved 3rd floor condo. Mattress was much firmer than expected. My back was comfortable with more support, but it didn’t have the plush feel I had hoped for with Soft. We slept on for a month and was still too firm for my wife. I contacted Wink Beds regarding my concern and options. They suggested a mattress topper and offered to ship one out free of charge. We have been sleeping with topper now for a week and it has come closer to the softer, but supportive feel I was looking for. I’m happy, comfortable and getting a good night sleep with no aches or pains anymore. I would definitely recommend a Win Bed, but only if you are looking for a medium to firm mattress.

Great value

Very good bed. High quality. We checked out many,many beds and determined this was best for us. Figured we saved close to $1000.00 compared to brick and mortar store. In addition if you don't like bed you can return it to Wink within 100 days. With store bought you can only exchange in store which begs the question if you couldn't find what worked the first time what do you expect to find the second time there.

Best Sleep Ever

I am highly statisfied with the service and quality of my mattress and box spring.

So happy with my decision to buy a winkbed.

Thanks to numerous reviews and the ability return the mattress, I chose to buy a Winkbed. I am so happy I did. The process was easy. The bed is so comfortable and I am sleeping better. Kudos to the Winkbed folks!

Winkbed Better than Saatva

Returned our Saatva after 2 months due to the feeling like you were going to roll off. This new Winkbed is very comfortable and has great edge support. Ordering and delivery was flawless.

Queen Mattress and boxspring

The order, delivery and personal service/attention are 5 stars. It's hard to determine a mattress by description only. It is good but I wonder if the firmest option would have been a better choice for back support.

love this bed!

love this bed!

Great mattress...great sleep

We have been looking & comparing mattresses for a year & decided on the WinkBed...glad we did. The reviews were great, the price was right & we liked the try it if you don't like we will come & get it at no cost to you return policy. The first mattress we rec'd had a highly noticeable manufacturer's defect & they immediately replaced it for a perfect WinkBed mattress. The mattress is comfortable for a side sleeper (like me) or a back sleeper (my spouse). My hips used to go numb on our old mattress & I was constantly waking up changing sleeping positions - not so on our WinkBed mattress. I can sleep on the same side all night long with no problems. We love it.

Love this mattress!

We have so been enjoying our new mattress. It’s the best of both worlds- coils below and memory foam above.

Very comfortable, sturdy

We purchased the firmer option knowing we like firm beds. We like it a lot. It is firm but still soft, and no sinking, which is what I really don't like. Delivery was easy (for us)--the delivery men got it up to our third floor bedroom up twisting stairs! Awesome job on that. Would recommend to others.

Great Mattress

I really like the mattress. My only reason for not giving 5 stars is because within 3 weeks the mattress started to yellow. Super comfortable, matress, great price Just one issue.

WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress

What a difference your mattress has made. I now sleep so much better and through the night too. Thanks WinkBeds.

Best Sleep Yet

The moment I lay down in my Winkbed I am instantly relaxed. I can count on falling asleep quickly and waking up in the morning without any aches or pains (something that I couldn't say with my last mattress.) I love the mattress depth and the overall feel (soft enough its comfortable but firm enough to be supported.) I am a side sleeper and I haven't had any shoulder pains from excessive pressure either. This is also a good bed for couples... no more rolling to the center of the mattress!

Great sleep

My wife and I have been very pleased with the mattress. Keep up the great work.


Love my new WinkBed! Just the right amount of support. I have had it now for a couples of months and my night time back aches from my old bed are a thing of the past.

Great mattress - and my back loves it!

Understand correlation does not indicate causation BUT for the several months before receiving my Wink mattress I was dealing with some nasty lower back pain. Been sleeping on my new Wink for about a month and the pain has diminished to the point where most days there is none. A plus is that the mattress is super comfortable.

Our new Winkbed King Size

Took a leap of faith to order this bed online without testing it. After 1 month find the winkbed very comfy. Great edge firmness. I sleep on my side and my wife sleeps on her back. Both of us get a very comfortable sleep.

Wink Bed review

our comments are directed to the box spring we purchased along with the mattress. First the was/is a small hole in the fabric of one of the box springs on the side about the size of a quarter. Also the box spring is slightly larger than the mattress. The mattress does not fit squarely on the box springs. John Howell

Enjoy new bed!

very comfortable. I have a bad back and your bed allows me to get a good night's sleep. Thanks!

My Body Thanks You!

I am so pleased with my WinkBed experience and the quality of my mattress! I wanted coils and firmness and quality fabric and a consistent sleep experience - no rolling into a crevasse in the middle of the mattress and you provided all three! It was wonderful to get exactly what was advertised and tonso at a very reasonable price point.

Good bed

I think its good. I seem to be sleeping fine. Probably need longer to determine for sure. Delivery was great.

Wink Soft Twin

Super comfortable mattress! I'm a side sleeper and this mattress is the best I've ever slept on. Love it!

Great Bed

Wonderful bed that gives both of us a great night's sleep.

Great mattress

Really enjoying our new WinkBed mattress. Very comfortable to sleep on...about my only complaint is how heavy it is when I'm trying to make the bed and lift the mattress to get the sheets/blankets tucked in under it. But, otherwise, very happy!

Love the Bed!

The firmer bed is fantastic ... just the right amount of soft on top of great firm support. We love it!

Best mattress I've ever had!

We purchased the luxury firm mattress, and we couldn't be happier. I have had back problems since I was a teen, and I wake up pain free each morning.

Wink review

Best mattress we have had.

My Wink Bed

Love my wink bed. A tad bid higher than I expected. But thats okay...

Great Customer Service. Love our

Great Customer Service. Love our luxury firm Wink Bed queen mattress.

Love the FIRM

We went for the firm mattress and LOVE it. The guide was really helpful- go with firm if you like to feel “on top” of your bed not “in” your bed. The quality is really good, clean white and sturdy. Highly recommend the delivery with set-up as this mattress is WAY heavier than most inner-spring mattresses! Enjoy and Thank You Wink!

happy with purchase

We had tried a foam only mattress from another online company and it wasn't a good fit for us. We looked into hybrid foam and coil options and landed on Wink. We have been really happy with our purchase and have adjusted quickly to comfortably sleeping on our Wink bed. We never achieved this sleeping comfort level with our previous foam mattress purchase even after 80 days and had to return. Glad to have found Wink!

Love this bed

Great bed Firm support yet comfortable.

great bed.. we will buy more for the house.. love it

Why we waited so long to replace the bed I don't know. but we are very happy with our new bed


I've had the softest version in King for about a month and it's becoming more and more comfortable. At first I thought it was just a tad firmer than I wanted, but not enough to return it. My body has become used to it and both my husband and I are very happy with it. We both have been sleeping very well through the night since it arrived. I researched mattresses for months and was afraid to pull the trigger on a purchase. The Winkbeds return policy and price made me feel much safer with this choice. It's tall (which I love) and looks great on our platform bed. I work at home and take naps on it too. I definitely recommend giving it a try. For reference, we are both in our 40s with a small build (140 & 120 pounds.)

Fabulous Mattress!

Great experience buying mattress. No annoying mattress stores to deal with. A helpful Wink employee answered all my questions. Most importantly, the product it terrific. My husband and I were very unhappy with the Temperpedic mattress we had. We chose a King size medium firm. We love the Wink!

Quality maytrrss

The soft is not as soft as I thought it would be, but still very comfortable.

Reviews were right

As many others, buying a mattress online was an uncomfortable experience however less uncomfortable than trying to buy a mattress from a salesperson at a box store. I researched numerous mattresses on line and decided to stay with a slight hybrid (springs and foam). Our mattress was delivered and setup with the utmost care and concern for our mattress and our house. The bed had no smell to speak of and from the start we had a great night’s sleep. We are a six weeks with our new mattress and feel we have a winner.

Excellent bed and excellent sleep

Excellent bed and excellent sleep

Great combination of firmness and comfort

the mattress is exactly what we were looking for in that it has the comfort of foam over the strong, sturdy inner coils. So you get a bit of that feeling of it forming to you, but not that you are going to sink in too far - still get the strong support as well

Verry Comfortable

I really like the bed and I have been sleeping great on it! However, the "white glove" delivery was terrible. You need to find somebody other than Pilot Freight Services. They were several hours earlier than scheduled, in a big hurry, and sloppy. They "drug" the bed through part of the house and basically just threw it on the frame. I was planning to add the Cool Control system, but now having second thoughts -- I don't want to go through that delivery again.

Not all I had hoped, but I'm not in pain anymore

My husband and I are still not 100% sold on our mattress, but my hip and shoulder pain are mostly gone, so that is good. I purchased the softest mattress, and it is still firmer than I would like. I realize I am used to a 15 year old spring mattress, and it might take more time for our new mattress to fully break in. It is very very tall. I am considering removing our boxframe and creating a platform with 2 x 4s instead. I know it's silly, but I'm worried for my dog who keeps jumping up on the bed. Eventually he's going to get hurt, pull or tear something in his legs or hips. The mattress is better than those horrible foam mattresses, and softer than the spring mattresses at Costco. I used to sleep on my side and with this mattress I tend to sleep on my back or stomach. I don't know why. I am less likely to snuggle with my husband on this mattress while we sleep, probably because I don't roll towards him anymore :). However that does make us both sad. It is difficult to keep the sheets on, even though I purchased new sheets with super deep pockets. So it is a mixed bag, but I suppose it's better than waking up with pain.

Sleep quality

Thinking we might need the firm. Too soft.


This has turned me from a rather fitful sleeper who tosses and turns to... well, most nights I sleep like the dead. It is that magic combination of softness/comfort and firm support. It doesn't 'hotbox' and turn the comfy bed you laid down on 20 minutes ago into an oven. Overall I'm very happy with it and looking forward to many more years of good sleep. One caveat: it is HUGE (16.5" height), so pay attention to the dimensions when selecting a foundation (I could have done without one entirely, but the smaller 5" is fine too), and measure things out so that the bed sits at the height you want.

Quality product and service and works for different bed rupes

I can't believe how easy it was to get a new mattress! Ordered online after reading great reviews, Shows up on time. White glove delivery brought it right upstairs to my bedroom and installs it... all within about 15 minutes. Mattress is very well made and has an incredibly comfortable top layer. Feels like a spring mattress with a plush down like top layer. I am very pleased. And more importantly, my husband is very happy with it. We normally can never agree on a mattress as he prefers a much softer one than I do. But we both are happy with this. We ordered the medium firm. I would probably have preferred the firm, but since we both sleep well on this one, we will stick with it. I definitely recommend it and have already told several friends that we are pleased with it, especially for the price.

Wink Bed Review

Bed is working out great. I'm sleeping well and so is the cat. I live alone and I've found it easier to rotate without help than I thought it might be. I do have a question. There is definitely an imprint where I sleep. I'm not used to memory foam. Will this eventually cause a sore back?


I haven't slept all the way through the night since .....I can't remember! On my new WINK Bed I sleep well, and wake up rested. Thank you ever so much for a great product!

Review of Twin Bed with Riser for Head and Foot

Dear Winkbeds, Your bed is wonderful! I bought the adjustable head and foot frame with it and your mattress is comfortable to sleep on. I think thoughI have my problem figured out. When I bring up the back and head of the adjustable bed, I slide forward and my feet begin to move out over the foot end. This causes discomfort and cold feet. The winkbed I tried at the showroom didn’t have that problem but this one does. I’m thinking no one told me the winkbed I tried was an extra long where my feet didn’t stick out over the foot end of the bed. I had layed on the showroom bed long enough to remember my feet didn’t have this problem. There are two answers I come up with. One, I will have to buy another mattress, extra long. ( I never thought I’d have to do that) Secondly, and this is a maybe… if your wonderful mattress were made thinner for this kind of frame there could be a chance a person upon raising their feet wouldn’t slide down causing their feet to slide forward off the bed. Otherwise your mattress is really excellent, comfortable. Just short for this kind of bed frame. An almost very happy customer, Thank you for your time with me. Your very kind. Mrs. Janelle Kellogg

Better than a Lessa!

Attracted by the mattress in a box my wife and I had tried a Lessa. We were not fans. The Lessa ran hot, didn't have much "bonce" and awful edge support and you would sink too much for my tastes. After 6 months I felt like I was sinking much more than when I bought it. The WinkBed on the other hand is awesome! Its cool, good bounce and support. The sinkage is super minimal and just enough to provide support. The edge support is great when you are putting socks on. The Winkbed felt way more comfortable than other hybrid innerspring beds and is a better deal than traditional mattress. It is much heavier than our Lessa so I'm glad we had white glove delivery it.

Mattress review

Great mattress, my back has never felt better! I should have paid more attention to the depth of the WinkBeds mattress because I would have also ordered the WinkBeds foundation. The mattress on top of my old foundation makes my bed way too tall!

Perfect for half of us

Really like our new Winkbed innerspring mattress and box. Getting great nights’ sleep since we got it. Delivery was great, and the quality seems very high. My wife feels the top is a little too deep but I don’t. Have recommended it to others and would buy another online mattress and WInkbed without hesitation.

Pleasantly Surprised

I was very skeptical about buying a bed I had never tried before. But after weeks of searching and reading/watching reviews, I decided on the WinkBed. It came in a fair amount of time considering it is made after ordering and arrived in perfect condition. None of that awful off-gassing smell and ready to sleep on the minute it came out of the box. I was not disappointed to say the least. The quality of the mattress is obvious in both feel and look. It is just as comfortable as I had hoped and I have slept better on the WinkBed than I have on any other mattress I have owned. I am very pleased with my purchase and I will probably make the same decision when the time comes to purchase another! Thank you!

$ Well Spent

We have had our bed for about a month now. In general, it's a nice balance of having a soft and welcoming feel but also being really supportive. I sleep on my stomach, so if a mattress sags it kills my back. I therefore liked the 'firm' part of the luxury firm description, but wasn't sure if it would be too hard. Happily, it's a perfect balance of soft and comfortable, yet supportive to your whole body. Not a typical review-writer here, but very happy with the returns on investment with this bed.

Great mattress. Poor delivery experience.

We have had great results with the new mattress. The delivery process was greatly lacking. Had a neighbor and I not been available to do most of the lifting and navigation, there would have been damage to the mattress and likely the doorway in our home.


Best bed we have "Ever" slept on !! We will buy another when the time comes.

Reluctant to buy online

I was worried about making such as big purchase online without trying it out. After looking at the YouTube reviews and reading many reviews. I reluctantly agreed to buy a Winkbed. So far, it has been a good choice. My husband and I are sleeping much better. It is a beautiful piece of craftmanship. Deep pocket fitted sheets and longer queen top sheets are nbecessary!


After doing extensive research on mattresses, we are so happy we decided on the Wink mattress. It is firm and supportive but with a soft pillow top, and is reminiscent of the super luxurious mattresses at nice hotels. We are sad every time we have to sleep away from our mattress! My husband is 6'5'' 225lbs with significant back problems, and I am 5'6'' 130lbs and the mattress works well for both of us.

greatest bed ever

I have severing from severe back pain for months, waiting for surgery. I researched and researched and decided on Wink bed. The customer service was great, delivery was on the exact date they said it would be, white clove free of charge because of my physical health. And the bed. I cannot say enough about how amazing the bed is for my back. I am not kidding you the first night I slept on the bed my pain was at least 25% less. The support is unbelievable, yet it is soft enough to mold to my curves. The edge support is great. I cannot sit in a chair since back surgery and sitting on the edge of the Wink is great. Would definitely buy again even at higher price. I was not paid for this review in anyway.

Loving the bed

I was hesitant about buying a bed site unseen, but after sleeping on the mattress for the past month I couldn't be happier

So Far So Good

Comfortable. I like the edge firmness. Glad we bought the "firmer" mattress.


After much research I bought the Winkbed and I am happy to say it's exceeded my expectations. Great quality, Great comfort and most importantly a great night's sleep.I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.Thanks Wink!! P.S. Set two alarms cause you won't wanna get up

Very satisfied with this product.

Very satisfied with this product. Most comfortable mattress I've ever owned.

Getting more winks!

Love my new king WINK bed! Got it about a month ago. White glove installation was quick and professional. The bed itself is really beautifully. So far no imprints on the mattress from where I sleep. I bought the relaxed firm and still considering the firm during my 100 day trial which I'll be able to check out at a friend's shortly. The representative suggested I purchase a certain thin mattress pad rather than the usual thicker ones. Amazon was out, but found on Walmart site. Professional sales people answered my questions well - so far very happy!


Owning a Winkbed is like sleeping in a 5 star hotel every night. Couldn't be happier.

Mattress great so far- delivery needs work

So far the mattress has been comfortable, but delivery needs some work. Delivery service was disorganized and when they finally managed to get the mattress to me, sent ONE guy to move the thing into the house. Impossible with the weight. Had to have a friend help delivery guy move it as d.g. wanted to just dump it into the garage for me to deal with later.

Softer good for bad backs too!

Seems like we get a new bed every 5 years. My husband has a bad back, and every time we've gotten a firmer bed because that's supposedly better for bad backs. Well, we both really missed having a soft, comfy bed. We ordered the softer Winkbed mattress and have loved it from day 1! I was 9 month pregnant when I first slept on it, and then recovered Read more about from birth and now am sleeping better than our newborn baby on it! My husband falls asleep and stays asleep! He is usually in the same position whenever I get up to nurse our baby, which is saying a lot! With our old bed, we'd both switch from laying on one side to the next and back and forth all night. This bed is so soft and supportive, really...I never get that urge to have to change sides or move positions. Feel totally satisfied with our purchase! Love that we are also buying something built here in the USA!! Love our WinkBed mattress!

Love it

I love this mattress. It soft, but still supportive. I was worried it might be too soft or too hard because it’s so tough to know with a mattress online, but it’s perfect for me. I weigh 105 and sleep on my side, so firm beds don’t work for me. That said, I tried much softer beds in stores that were too soft, and I bought a different inner spring Read more aboutcotton/wool mattress online that ended up being too firm even though the materials were nice. This one is just right.

Skeptical at first

I was skeptical to purchase a bed online but knowing I could return it and get 100% back I took the chance. And I’m so glad I did! This bed is amazing! I don’t wake up with back or hip pain like I did with my old mattress.

Mattress replaced a 15 year

Mattress replaced a 15 year old more back pain. This mattress is recommended if you want no more back pain and the best sleep you have had in a long time.

Pleasantly surprised- highly recommend

The luxury firm we got is just wonderful. I can’t recommend this bed enough. The pillow top is just enough softness but the bed holds you comfortably. You don’t roll around and are held quietly for. GreT night sleep. My back is happy too! Never thought I’d order a mattress online but we did and thrilled!

First online bed purchase

I was about as a skeptical as anyone could be to spend this amount on an online purchase of a bed. From day one it was good. After breaking in the mattress for about a month it has changed our lives! I don’t have experience with other online manufacturers but I doubt their quality can match Wink. Best decision we have ever made. We will never buy Read more aboutanother mattress from another company.

Fixed my back problems!

This bed provides great support, and has done wonders for the back problems I was having. I sleep sound and comfortably all night. Love it.


Like this bed a lot. Went from a Serta black to this. Box is very heavy, but no off gassing and my back feels great. Would definitely buy another one.

No more aches and pains!

Buying a new mattress is stressful but the Wink return policy and warranty made choosing a Wink mattress easy. For years, I had tossed and turned, adjusting my positions throughout the night to ease hip and back pain but, no more! I am a side sleeper so I chose Soft and I have slept throughout the night and woken pain free. I have recommended Wink Read more about to friends and family!

Very good build

Very good build

Very good mattress

Arrives well and surprisingly ready to use right out of the box(I was expecting it to require a few hours to fully “inflate” after being vacuum sealed, but out was perfect as soon as it was unrolled). My only concern I’d that it’s not firm enough. I am almost 300 lbs, and I am still having less-than-amazing sleep. I may return this for a more firm Read more about mattress. But the coolness and gel cushion is exactly as advertised. Very well-made product

Slept like a baby

After searching for a mattress for months and many nights of no sleep, Wink Bed was a miracle!! It was comfortable from the first night with no break in or adjustment period. Best mattress by far, extremely happy with my new bed. Thank you Wink!

Great Bed

This is a great mattress! It’s a little more firm than I was expecting, but I have adjusted and sleep great!

Easier and better than we expected

I called to consult with someone on which mattress we should get. Wonderful customer service and explanations! After ordering, our mattress was delivered much faster than expected. It was easy to unbox and we knew after the first night it was a keeper. We sleep better and our bodies feel better. Hoping it continues to be this great for years to co Read more aboutme!!!

Great customer swrvuce

From ordering, exchanges, sheets and toppers to shipping: excellent.

Great help

This bed was extremely comfortable as well as helpful with my pain. After a liver and kidney transplant I developed arthritis throughout my body. I was in so much pain I could not sleep. I had purchased a Tempur-pedic mattress and it was so uncomfortable, I never could get a good nights sleep. With this mattress I am able to sleep through most of Read more aboutthe night. This was my third mattress by far the best. Thanks

we love the bed

we love the bed

feels like a luxurious hotel mattress

My husband is a side-sleeper who prefers a soft mattress, and I am a stomach-sleeper who prefers a firm mattress, so we originally bought the medium. He decided it was still too firm so we exchanged it during our trial period for soft. The exchange process was flawless and convenient. We are very pleased with the new mattress and are both sleeping Read more about soundly!

We love it!

After dealing with 2 really terrible new mattresses over the past nine months from a local mattress store, we took a risk on this one. We got the Luxury Firm. It is softer than typical firm mattresses we have had, but still offers the support we need, while feeling luxurious. The mattress arrived quickly. The only trouble was that we also ordered Read more aboutthe foundation, and it took almost a week longer than the mattress to ship, which made set up more difficult. My only other complaint is that the mattress does not have handles. Adding them would seem an easy way to make a fabulous mattress even closer to perfect.

Best bed ever!!

I bought this bed partly due to reviews and partly because of the 120 night trial period. After the first night, the old mattress went to the dump!

Expectations Met

Very comfortable and no more aches and pains.Older home with tight staircase and boxed bed was perfect to get king size upstairs.

Couldn’t be happier

The bed arrived sooner than expected. You can see and feel the high quality. Set up was extremely easy. Now I’m getting the good nights sleep that I deserve. I love my Wink Plus. My only regret is that I didn’t buy one sooner. Haha

Winkbed Soft Model

It’s a cool sleeping great bed. We sleep on side mostly but also back and stomach and it’s perfect. I have returned a nest Alexander hybrid and a terrible Dream Cloud bed that felt like a sand bag. This bed. Is like a cloud for sure. Note it’s all about how big you are so we are both under 170 and the soft is perfect for us.

Excellent mattress

Excellent mattress

5 Stars for Comfort ....but a little squeaky on the edges

This bed has been heaven sent. Comfortable beyond words. But my only complaint would be it's a bit squeaky on the edges of the bed when you sit on it or move over to get off of the mattress. Not sure how that can be remedied, but it is my only complaint.

Finally, the relief I needed

This bed has been a pleasure to sleep on and it help me realize, I just needed a firmer mattress that fit my weight all along. Feels like luxury but it's in my home. Wake up with no aches and not having to be forced to find a comfortable position at night as someone whose about 6'5" and 265 is such a big plus for me. Thanks for the awesome bed!!

Maybe not for Senior Citizens

Very comfy. But needing to rotate difficult for seniors, with heart issues. Same for just trying to put on fitted sheet. Too heavy to lift. We have a new Beautyrest too. No rotating and light as a feather. We’ll give it some time and see if it’s manageable. .

Love our new WinkBeds. Wake

Love our new WinkBeds. Wake up we’ll rested without back pain.

Great bed

There was an adjustment period the first few nights, but no sleep was lost. It was more a deep sleep that I haven't had in a while. It is great

First month Great!

I cant give you a review on longevity, but i can tell you that i will never go back to a bed without coils and with Winkbed's warranty, i dont see a reason to try another bed. they are price very well for a luxury bed and that is exactly what it is. My wife and I have never slept better. My only complaint, And just because i dont want anything to Read more abouthappen to my bed, Please put handles on the side so movers dont ruin the bed when they are taking it out. Other than that. I cant be happier. I dont know if i can update this review down the road so i am only a month in, but hope this continues.

Great at first

My husband was seeking a bed that offered more support than a tempur-pedic mattress so winkbed was the clear winner. There weren't many reviews but the few we did see were positive and they had a great return policy that gave us a chance to try out the bed first. We opted for the softer version because the firm was very hard. This bed was great at first but now it's less than two years old and it's so uncomfortable. I feel my body leaning in towards my husbands side and our body aches the next day when we try to spoon. I tried switching the bed around but that haven't helped. I seriously can't believe a bed this expensive would wear so terribly in such a short amount of time. We've resorted to adding a topper which is a temporary improvement until we get another mattress. i just hate how it's adding additional height to this already freakishly high mattress.

Pleased so far

Initially purchased Amerisleep AS3 and unfortunately had to return as had back pain from day one. Not faulting Amerisleep- just didn't work for us (seniors). I was however extremely unhappy with the sheets, pillows, mattress pad promotion as they were of poor, substandard quality and i felt inappropriate to include on a 1600.00 mattress. If you can't offer your name brand Amerisleep bedding components then offer nothing but never a cheap knock off. My wife washed the sheets, put on bed and immediately took off the next morning. The WINK king mattress has more edge support and so far we are enjoying. WINK also provides bedding components that are of good quality (cotton sheets, not cardboard like as the Amerisleep) and zippered pillows with removable fill and a mattress cover not a cheap pad. Hoping the WINK will continue to exceed expectations

Not worth it

After having tried several mattresses from big chain mattress stores that didn’t work comfortably for us, we discovered WinkBed and were very impressed by their website, policies, and warranty plan. However we were terribly let down. At almost exactly 2 years of owning the bed we have now replaced it due to an uncomfortable compression, leading to severe stiffness, body aches, insomnia, and our inability to continue rotating the mattress on schedule (it caused major issues for my wife’s back so we had to keep the defective side in my position). We believe that it was a mattress defect, as does the owner of the store where we got our new mattress. We contacted WinkBed repeatedly and received no support or resolution. In short, I would not recommend WinkBed nor respect their guarantee. If you want a more in-depth story, read on… We researched and decided to order the WinkBed mattress because of their marketing: Lifetime warranty, $300 off sale, free returns, and a 120-day trial. It cost us $1500. The only thing we didn’t really like was that you can't flip the mattress when rotating – it was ONE-SIDED USE ONLY. We purchased the king-size Luxury Firm. We are between 150-175 pounds each, so shouldn’t have put any unusual stress on the mattress. The day we got the mattress, we marked our calendar and religiously rotated the mattress per the company’s specified schedule – every two weeks then every two months. We first contacted WinkBed for Customer Support in June 2020, about 10 months after getting the mattress. We reporting that it felt like something “was poking me in the back when I lie down”. We also described experiencing a slope from the middle to the edges and that it was much softer than we had anticipated. Customer Support responded that “Since your trial period has concluded, we unfortunately would be unable to accept a return or exchange of the mattress.” But they reminded us that we could use our “50% off any reason replacement guarantee, to replace your current bed with a firmer version for 50% off retail price.” We replied indicating that the issue was the slope and something poking from the mattress and requested that this be included in the Lifetime Warranty (per website: “For the lifetime of your ownership, we’ll replace your mattress with a brand new WinkBed at absolutely no charge to you if yours is defective in workmanship or materials, waiving all transportation costs if a manufacturing defect or materials failure is confirmed to exist. That simple.”) At this point Customer Support responded with a request for photos, indicating that “the lifetime, non-prorated replacement warranty covers any sag of 1.5 inches or greater, or any manufacturing defect as long as you own the mattress.” Our photos showed a 0.75-inch depression at the worst spot but we were unable to take a picture of any visible manufacturing defect to the mattress interior (how would you prove that other than anecdotal evidence?). Customer Support then responded that our photos demonstrated “expected body conformity as a sign that the mattress is breaking in normally” and they told us to make sure to rotate it. An uncomfortable year later, we contacted WinkBed again and re-attached new pictures that showed almost a 1.5-inch depression in the worst spot. This email got no response so we sent it again. The Customer Support response was nearly identical to the message we’d received the year prior talking about “normal body conformity” and the reminder to rotate! We responded that we indeed rotated as much as could be tolerated for our mutual comfort. WinkBed responded. “Unfortunately you're not quite at that 1.5 inch indentation depth for a warranty claim, but we'd be happy to take another look at some photos if you do find that the compression progresses.” Seemed to me like we were solidly on that road but we were unwilling to sacrifice our sleep and aching bodies any longer. Another thing we noticed is that the mattress was extremely NOISY, creaking and squeaking with every movement and getting into and out of bed. That was enough for us. That was our last contact with WinkBed. This August (2021), we decided to move on and get a mattress that wouldn’t cause us pain every night. It was an expensive lesson, slowly learned. We purchased a new mattress from a local family-owned retailer. So far, it’s been a tremendous improvement. It has a 30 year warranty plus a personal promise from the business owner to replace or refund within a year if we’re dissatisfied for any reason. And it can be flipped, which is a plus to us. And, it’s quiet. Our WinkBed was donated to a family in need. NOTE: We could not find an actual place to leave a review on WinkBed’s website. We did find this disclaimer on their site though: “Reviewers were proudly shipped free product and may receive other compensation.” It was in gray text on a gray background. The only reason we noticed it was because we searched for “review” and it was highlighted. So, DON’T TRUST THE REVIEWS ON THEIR SITE! Look for reviews on other sites.

"We got your back" a twist

Curious to me that as someone who purchased directly from Wink, I can't leave a review on their website, seems as if they "curate" what they want potential customers to see. It's not a bad bed by any means, well built with quality materials. But, I've always felt like I'm sleeping on a slanted surface, my head slightly higher than my feet, it's a strange sensation. I've had the mattress for about 16 months and for 15 of those months, my lower back has never been the same. As a stomach sleeper, there's something about the way it "supports" you and it's not good. I'm in my early 50's, very fit (5'11"/170lbs) and exercise regularly, but I wake up each morning with my lower back feeling like I'm in my 80's. I now have to do specific stretches numerous times a day and am contemplating physical therapy. Perhaps I received a defective mattress, but having it for 16 months, I now have to live with it and my back pain until I can find something that works for me. Unfortunately, this mattress did not live up to the curated hype for me.

Not durable

I bought a lux firm Wink mattress 2/18. For the past year I noticed the mattress has 2 growing valleys where my wife and I lay. We turn the mattress every 4-5 weeks. I weigh 220 and my wife a buck and a quarter. Mattress is still somewhat comfortable but not impressed with quality.

Save your Back!

We purchased two WinkBeds (The FIRMER WinkBed Queen for $1,599 and The LUXURY FIRM WinkBed King for $1,799) on July 19, 2020 and due to Covid and shipping issues, we received the King on October 19, 2020. We were really excited to receive these mattresses (one for our master bedroom and one for our guestroom), however, due to covid, we had major delays in our home renovations and could not move in and try the mattress out until January 2021. Both my husband and I have been experiencing extreme upper back pains since we have been sleeping on them and cannot understand why. Nothing in our daily routine has changed except for the beds. As we used other beds while on vacation, we realized that the real culprit was our mattress. The back pain is almost unbearable to the point that we now sleep in another room on an old mattress. When we reached out to WINKBEDS with our problem on Feb 26, 2021, they said we had passed the 120 day return window and couldn't do anything about it. For a bed so expensive, we are really disappointed that WINKBEDS wont stand behind their product for dissatisfied customers. Wink needs to accept if their mattresses is defective, whether it is 5 days after purchase, or 5 years after. They are supposed to accept returns for defective mattresses regardless of the timeframe...this is their guarantee. We want our money refunded so that we can purchase another mattress and rectify our back issues but Winkbeds refuses to listen or help.

Unethical approach to refund policy

I purchased a mattress from WinkBeds on 10/21/21. I proceeded to email the company on 12/3/21 to request to return the mattress -- which was permitted under the company's 120-day free trial policy. On 12/13/21 the mattress was picked up from my home. The company's trial period and warranty terms page (the link is listed at the bottom of any webpage on their site) specifically notes that "we issue 100% full refunds within 5 days of the pick-up." As a consumer, I mistakenly assumed this brand touting its positive reviews would follow through on its refund as promised. I discovered recently 85 days after the mattress was returned that my credit card statements showed no refund had been issued. Upon calling WinkBeds customer service, I was informed by the representative that I indeed had not been issued a refund. I was given a terse apology and informed the refund would be forthcoming which the company did issue the same business day. When asked what would have occurred had I never discovered the error, the representative said the company tracks returns and periodically issues refunds. I then spoke to their supervisor who answered the same question by saying "I have no visibility into that". Based on my poor customer experience and the absence of any meaningful explanation of what occurred on their side operationally, I am concerned that WinkBeds may be opportunistically delaying its issuance of order refunds. Please be careful.


I purchased through Walmart, within the first week springs have sprung. Feel like I wasted my $300. Am now having to purchase other mattress. The end of the mattress did not fill out properly. I am very disappointed with this product.

Dont Buy This Bed

They Are Not Will To Work With You If Some Thing Is Wrong, We Bought A Mattress, Adjustable Base And Mattress Cover. The Base Is Not Working, We Tried Everything The Booklet Told Us To Called Wink They Told Us The Same Thing, Called The Company For The Base They Told Us The Same Thing To Try. It Wiil Not Work. They Wont Give You Your Money Back And Come Pick It Up, They Said If It Does Not Work They Can Send Out Parts For You To Fix It Your Self. Why Should I Have To Fix A Brand New Base That I Paid A Lot Of Money For, I Did Not Break It. But Wink Does Not Care. They Tell You, You Have To Deal With The Manufacture That Makes The Base Its Out Of There Hands. But They Are The Ones Who Sold It To You.


Purchased a Firmer king mattress in 2019 and the experience was five star. Fast forward 3 years and the mattress was feeling too firm so we decided to take advantage of the 50% off lifetime replacement guarantee. The first thing we were told is that this mattress would come with no warranty because of the deep discount. This seemed "suspect" because if you are selling a brand new, perfect mattress why not offer the warranty? Regardless, we were happy with the quality of our first mattress so proceeded with the purchase. Upon opening, the first thing we noticed was that the top edge of one side was 2" inset from the casing under the pillow top. Slept on it a couple of weeks thinking it would work itself out. It didn't. Reached out to Wink beds to report the issue and were immediately told that there was no warranty. We pointed out that regardless of warranty we were guaranteed a brand new mattress and that if there were any issues with quality upon receipt they would be addressed. Messaged again and were told that the top was not flush because the mattresses are hand sewn. We replied that our first mattress was perfect and did not have this issue. Then we were told it was "slightly rounded" because of the "eurostyle pillow design". It is NOT slightly rounded, it is caved in on one side! In addition, at our recommendation, our neighbors and a family member had purchased a Wink mattress that we were able to inspect. Both were perfectly flush. This flaw is so uncomfortable when getting in an out of bed. Top edge disappears and you have no support. When we have to turn it one of us is always unhappy to have to deal with the flawed side. Sheets don't fit correctly either. Communication with Wink Beds about this issue was the absolute worst! Questions posed were not addressed or were completely ignored. Multiple requests to have this flawed mattress replaced were ignored. It is obvious that the 50% off lifetime replacement guarantee is Winks program to get rid of mattresses that are either factory flawed or ones that are returned during the 120 day trial period. So to sum it up, we HATE this mattress and are out $1000. We should have spent $600 more and got a brand new, perfect mattress with a real warranty and trial period. We will be getting rid of this mattress and purchasing a new one and it will NOT be a Wink Bed. Do yourself a favor and do NOT use Winks lifetime replacement is a complete joke, not to mention fraud.

Impossible to contact company to speak with a human

I was really excited to purchase this bed based on the reviews and all of the awards that this bed has been getting. I received my mattress and frame. Frame was defective and needed replacement parts. All communication is via chat and or email and I had to continually ask for updates. That being said I was still excited to try the bed. We received the replacement parts and put the bed together. It is not the best sleep of my life. I am now trying to contact the company via phone to no avail. Line busy, then a message that the number is unavailable. How can that be? No additional phone numbers are found anywhere online. I truly hope I can get this resolved and change this rating but not being able to connect with the company in a timely manner is frustrating.


We previously purchased the platform bed frame, after a house fire we were excited to purchase a replacement. In that time a newer version came out, sadly this does not live up to the quality of the previous version in sturdiness or materials. This is not a refundable product and there is nowhere to leave feedback on this product. Which I believe is how Winkbeds keeps the rating so high. I am really let down by the product and that we now how to figure out a different option after spending too much on something we will be junking after 2.5 months of use. The issue is when one of gets up in the night or even twitches in our sleep the whole bed shakes side to side. Thoroughly disappointed.

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