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White Dove Mattress Reviews

White Dove mattress was one of the original innovative hybrid mattress brands in the US. They still focus on hybrid mattresses, but also have added latex foam mattresses to their lineup as well. Selling their mattresses predominantly in PA, OH, IN, and surrounding states, they have stuck to their roots while creating mattresses that are up to the times. Most customers find White Dove mattresses to be high end and quality made, but some folks had issues with durability.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.3/10

Price Value: 8.4/10

No Back Pain: 8.3/10

Price: $497-$1350

Trial Period: No Trial

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White Dove's Owner Satisfaction

Looking into customer satisfaction is an ideal way to focus your search for the right mattress. These mattresses, however, get mixed reviews from sleepers. Some have had complaints about the feel, but others have found them to be exactly what they wanted. Look on below to see what customers say in their own words.

White Dove's Supportiveness

All sleepers need a supportive mattress and especially back and stomach sleepers. Also, having good support that aligns the spine is a must-have for side sleepers. These mattresses offer a good amount of support, above average overall. That said, some others didn't like the support so if you are heavier, make sure your choice aligns with your body.

Edge Support
Most folks like the edge support from these mattresses. Some customers weren't entirely satisfied with the edge support.

White Dove's Durability

Companies that properly invest in testing, quality control, and good materials should have durable mattresses. Mattresses that sacrifice these attributes may have durability issues for some sleepers. Unfortunately, customers have mixed feedback on these mattresses on durability. Some have reported finding a good night's sleep, but others have complaints about discomfort over a short time. Do a final rundown of the reviews before you purchase.

Browse White Dove Customer Reviews

Best mattres i ever slept on

Best mattres i ever slept on. Great service fron the representative. I would recomend this mattress to everyone

White Dove warranty promises

White Dove warranty promises are false. After less than 1-year the bed I purchased from them has sagged so bad I won't sleep on it (the bed has not been moved and I'm not overweight, so no excuses). I emailed them explaining the situation, submitted all the required pictures and documentation with no luck. This has all been while I was pregnant and NEEDED a comfortable bed to sleep in - instead of sleeping on the couch or cheap twin bed in our guest room. I have been strung along for 5 months, waiting for a new bed (now they quit responding to my emails and phone calls), in misery. Don't buy a White Dove, King Koil, or Comfort Solutions mattress (they're owned by the same company and don't stand behind their word).

We bought our first White Dove

We bought our first White Dove queen mattress about 12 to 13 years ago. It was reasonably priced, and the quality and comfort were excellent. I wanted a firm mattress and got one that held up well.

After a few years, we needed to replace a mattress in another bedroom and chose another White Dove. We've had it for 3 or 4 years now and it also has been superb. I have a pretty bad back, but these mattresses really fill the bill for me. They stay supportive and don't seem to degrade as quickly as orhers I've owned in the past.

A few years ago, we bought a third White Dove for a spare bedroom. Again- well made, great quality, and no complaints. Like all the other mattresses, it too came from Wayside Furniture in Akron.

Finally, after some reading on when one should replace a mattress, I learned that after eight years is a good time. Since our original White Dove queen mattress was going on 14 years old, and my back is giving me a bit more trouble as I age, we decided to shop around a bit and get a new one with a bit more firmness.

Not surprisingly, a White Dove was still the best choice, and again we purchased it from Wayside over Memorial Day weekend. For comparison's sake, I looked at Mattress Firm first, and tgeir products/prices didn't even come close to the White Dove models at Wayside. They had a great mattress sale going on, and according to Consumer Reports, Memorial Day weekend is an excellent time to find good prices on mattresses.

For one, I really like that White Dove mattresses are made nearby in Cleveland, Ohio. More than that, every one I've had has been a pleasure to sleep on and has held up beautifully. In fact, when the delivery guys came in to take out my original White Dove and saw it, they asked what was wrong with it. It still looked new to them, despite its 13 years of use!

As long as White Dove still builds their mattresses in the USA, I will never buy anything else.

The absolute best

The absolute best mattress that I've ever slept on!

Superior product

Superior product made by true craftsman! I have an auto immune condition that causes me lots of pain and makes a good nights sleep difficult for me. My parents have bought White Dove mattresses for years, so I decided to go get my own. I bought a Lincoln Highway Plush from the Cambridge Collection. It's amazing. So comfortable! Even for my achy bones :)

Poor customer service

Terrible customer service especially regarding their warranty. In this day of Covid-19 this company will not let you pick product up. Every other business'slet you pick items up from clothing stores to grocery, but not this place! Way to save themselves from honoring a warranty on a defective product!!

6 months and the mattress sank

I bought a new White Dove from a reputable furniture store near Akron, Ohio. I only had it 6 months and it began to sag seriously in the center (almost an inch) where I sleep. I was not overly heavy (145 lbs) when I bought it so weight was not a factor. The furniture store told me White Dove would not do anything about it until it sank 2 inches; by then the warranty was up. It was very frustrating. I tried to support a local company by buying this, but it backfired. I would not buy another White Dove.

Luxurious Mattress, Affordable Price

If you want a mattress that'll last you 10+ years and don't want to spend $5000, look no further than White Dove. You can get a mattress with a 25 year warranty covering impressions of half an inch. Yes, HALF of an inch. This year is their 100th anniversary and they've many reasons for sticking around. My wife has a double hip deformity, back, and nerve problems. After buying a latex mattress, her pain has completely disappeared. Yes, the latex mattresses are their most pricey, but if you want the most comfortable, most supportive mattress in existence, White Dove has you covered.

Nothing different

Ok I am a 400lb guy. Mattresses collapse under me. I had went through a number of mattresses 10yrs ago at great expence and had given up. Memory foam and latex are a cost cutting and marketing gimic for the industry. Body heat after a hr or two and the foam collapses no longer providing any support. But will retrun to full expansion when you get up which allows the manufacturer to avoid most warrenties. After 10 yrs sleeping in a chair in desparation i looked at new mattresses again. Chose the Atlas because the said it was specifically made and tested for big folks like me. I was sceptical because of all the foam but hoped they had done something diff with the springs so they would hold up. Within a few days the bed under my rump and hips not only had the foam collapsing but the springs did also and once again I was left in a deep hole each night with severe back pain. Within two months there is a noticable concave shape to the mattress. I had the rep inspect and with thier string measurment the at rest depression was over a inch. White dove responded saying they did not see anything wrong but will be replacing the mattress. At this point if you are looking for matress for big people, keep looking. Nothing different here. Unless the new matteress is somehow made diff from the first I expect to be posting again in another couple Mo. They need a layer of old style heavy quilted material for the first layer to keep body heat from the foam. Or better yet not use the foam and use older traditional padding exclusively.

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