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West Elm Storage Bed Reviews

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West Elm is known for its high quality furniture with tasteful styles for a variety of pricepoints. When it comes to their storage beds, they have a variety of trendy and chic styles that are also practical in mostly wooden craftsmanship. Customers like their West Elm storage beds overall, but there were some that had issues with the prices and delivery.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 8.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.5/10

Material Quality: 9.5/10

Design Options: 8.8/10

Ease of Assembly: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

Price: $899-$2499

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West Elm Storage Bed Details

West Elm has three storage bed designs to choose from. Each of them utilize solid wood materials, which make them more pricey than alternatives, but focused on lasting a longer time than discount brands. Most customers like their West Elm beds, but there were some that had issues with assembly and delivery.

Quality of Materials

West Elm focuses on providing higher priced, stylish, and well-made furniture. When it comes to their storage beds, there are multiple features that are enviable -- for example, their use of quality wood. Below, we'll go through their offerings and talk about the ins and outs of their designs.

Here is what's inside their Logan Industrial Storage Bed:

The Logan Industrial Storage bed has some nice features, like their four drawers -- two on either side, and use of solid acasia wood in a smoked brown finish. This platform bed has a high end look, but also a high end price at over $2500 for a King. Most customers like their storage beds, but there were some complaints about delivery time and delays.

Next, here is what's inside their Contemporary Upholstered Storage Bed:

The contemporary storage bed comes with a variety of fabric options from twill, velvet, deco weave and others in multiple colors. The storage component of this bed is at the foot with a drawer that enables easy storage beneath the mattress. Most customers like their West Elm beds, but there were some that struggled with deliveries.

Lastly, here is what's inside their Oak Wood-Wrapped Storage Bed:

The West Elm Oak Wood storage bed comes low profile with a slightly lifted physique with four legs. Its storage areas are found in drawers along the side of the bed. With the benefit of hard oak veneer, customers can fit this into both modern and trendy contemporary designs.

Who Are West Elm Storage Beds Right For?

West Elm storage beds are best for those that want a sleek look with high quality materials and don't mind a sometimes difficult delivery period. Those that want more options for lower prices, see our List of Top Rated Storage Beds for great alternatives.

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I kind of feel like a celebrity

I kind of feel like a celebrity every time I stop by West's one of the pet-friendly stores in SLU and I always take my Yellow Lab with me when I go, and everyone always runs up to him like he's some kind of magnet, oohing and ahhing and telling me how well behaved he is, and can they please give him treats? Guys, he's a Lab, of course you can give him treats! That and attention are all he wants in life, and it's in my favor to keep him happy so that I can keep shopping. As far as the furniture and decorative objects at West Elm, they are pretty, colorful but not overly bright or loud, somewhat organically styled and often organically produced (organic cotton bed linens etc), and totally my design aesthetic. And usually within my price point! Well, as long as I don't buy everything that appeals to me, anyway... So let's recap: store that's super dog friendly (even if it is a big chain) and also chock full of pretty things to look at? Sounds like my kind of place!

My friend purchased a bed...

My friend purchased a bed for me 2 years ago from my local West Elm in Portland. It is the Narrow-Leg Wood Bed Frame in White, size Queen. We treat our bed well, it has been handled very carefully in it's short life. Recently, I noticed the longer sides of the frame have started to sway out. The actual wooden pieces are bending, causing the slats underneath to not reach the sides of the bed. We literally fall through our bed. I called West Elm customer service and they were lovely, but couldn't help me because I had purchased in store and not online. When I called and spoke with the manager at the Portland store, his response was- Since I purchased the bed, the distributor has changed so replacing the bent pieces wouldn't be an option. He told me that since I was not the one who purchased the bed, he wouldn't be able to help me. When I asked him if my friend who bought it could call back regarding the bed, he told me that because she had given it to me, they couldn't do anything about it. I love West Elm designs, but I will definitely not be repurchasing any furniture from them because they refuse to stand by their product when it breaks!

What a disappointment...

What a disappointment. During the first week of June my husband and I ordered a bed, two dressers, two nightstands, a dining table, and four dining chairs from West Elm, all totaling over $10k. We were told that items would arrive in 2-3 weeks, but once we paid, and were on the hook, that got estimate was pushed to 8-12 (!) weeks. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, all we could do was wait. In mid-July, our "white glove service" delivery for the bed was scheduled, and the following Sunday, two sweaty delivery men who did not speak English showed up with our dressers (which were not due to arrive for at least another two weeks) but NO BED. When we reached out to West Elm customer service we learned that the bed was somehow lost in the warehouse, so they placed a "replacement order" and assured us that our bed would arrive in 3 weeks. It still has not arrived. We called customer service again today, and were informed that the bed is now backordered until November (!!!!) and there's "nothing [they] can do." This is the poorest display of 'customer service' that I have ever experienced. When our order was misplaced, we should've been bumped to the top of the list for a replacement. It is ABSURD to expect a customer to wait five months from the order date to receive a piece of furniture that is as essential as a bed. We've cancelled the order, and I plan to scream from the rooftops about this utterly terrible experience. The take-away here... Shop Local because West Elm is GARBAGE.

Nice furniture and housewares

Nice furniture and housewares, but... I ordered a bed in the store a month and a half ago and still don't have it. Two weeks after the purchase, I had to do some investigating to find that the bed was backordered. I placed an order for a different bed online to replace the order for this one, and got a tracking number and expected delivery date. After that delivery date passed, I called to discover that the bed had arrived but was not deemed "first quality," so that had to send it back. I assumed that they would then order another one. This took them two weeks to do. I called again after learning this, and was told that they would call me back within 48 hours to tell me another expected delivery date. It's been five days. If you can buy something in the store that is in stock, go for it. If they tell you they'll order it for you, head for the hills. Crate and Barrel is basically the same thing, and the half hour it'll take you to get down to Tigard should be a welcome relief to six weeks of sleeping on the floor.

We recently purchased a large amount of furniture

We recently purchased a large amount of furniture including living room chairs, two beds, a buffet, and several tables, etc. Our experience overall was really good. We like the designs that they have come out with recently and their service really is excellent. The in store sales people go above and beyond and the people that delivered the furniture were fantastic and super professional. We did end up with a delicate table that we noticed was damaged, but we let them know and they delivered a new one within about ten days and picked up the damaged one in the process at no charge. The entire process was easy and we really like the furniture.

I just moved here

I just moved here from Seattle about 2 weeks ago. I did some christmas shopping here last week a couple of times and everybody was super nice and helpful. I had inquired about a dining room table with benches and also a bed frame/night stands when I was in. They said they were having a huge sale after christmas and to come back then. My husband and I returned today and spoke with Nick, who helped us order all of our new goodies for our new home. He was super nice, helpful and very organized. Thanks Nick for making this such an enjoyable experience and for saving us almost $900, thanks to your sale! I can't wait to get everything into the house!

Avoid this place!

Avoid this place! Absolutely the worst experience I have had buying furniture. After walking in to place an order, a single order, I walked out with four separate orders, some from store, some from the Internet. The "available" status quickly turned into dates weeks away, some more than a month. And, to my dismay, nothing would be delivered until the very last item is in stock! Then after many confusing calls, finally it's delivery day...the most exciting thing about that was that my West Elm nightmare would be over...though not having to sleep on the floor was also something to look forward to. Well, 9 am arrives, delivery company calls (I'm thinking they are at the front door of the condo) and lady tells me the small screws for the small bench didn't arrive so we aren't coming to deliver the bed, the table, all the other items I ordered. And, they hung up promptly. What THE F*%k!?! I'm left sitting in my empty condo. Seriously, I'm sleeping in my car tonight after a half bottle of whiskey to knock me out of my misery. West Elm sucks, plain and simple.

I'm a sucker for pretty things

I'm a sucker for pretty things and dreaming about the fabulous decor I could have (that I don't). West elm has a lot of this to offer for people with way more attention to detail, and space for decorative nick nackery than myself. That said, I did buy a bed frame. it's a nice looking frame, it's platform (box springs are for the birds!) with lots of storage underneath which is great for the amount of crap I need to store respectably in a small space. However, I didn't realize I was actually purchasing an amateur furniture building kit as opposed to a piece of furniture. it took me 3+ hours to put it together. granted i'm a stubborn bastard and did it by myself. but it was a LOT of pieces and is going to be a PAIN if I ever move. that said it looks nice and was reasonably priced (for furniture). And everyone at the store was super nice, I looked at it, paid for, and picked it up all on separate days, so I did my best to be the customer from hell and they accommodated me.

West Elm, I love you

West Elm, I love you. I wish you were closer. And I can't believe we almost left Portland without stopping by. On a recent shopping spree to Portland (I mean, a trip to visit some family...), the hubby and I ended up spending almost our whole morning at Bridgeport Village, getting us some shelving at the Container Store (I found a coupon for 15% off - too good to be ignored.). By the time we left, it was around 1 and I suggested that we stop somewhere in the Pearl on the way home for lunch. As I'm sitting at Noodles & Company down the street it hits me: Isn't there a West Elm around here? So we bust out the iPhone, and sure enough: West Elm is two blocks down. Not only do I love the furniture (someday, I will have an overlapping squares bed), but we very desperately need to get my hubby a computer desk - and Crate & Barrel was letting me down so far. So we cruise down the street and within 5 minutes, I have found the Jay Desk. At a very reasonable price too! (How a desk is only twice the price of the hutch is beyond me. Clearly, in this case though, the hutch is a little overpriced.). So we got it. Then were told that the next pick-up time wasn't until 3 (which was another hour away), a bummer. We let the guy know that we were from Seattle, planning on heading up right afterwards, and they made an exception for us. By the time we went two blocks down to get the car, the boxed up desk was waiting for us to load right into our car, no wait at all. Someday when I win the lottery, I'll buy more furniture. And come with a U-Haul.

I am writing this negative review

I am writing this negative review with regards to the West Elm's vendor delivery service, which while I know is not directly tied to the Portland Pearl District store, it is within the jurisdiction of West Elm and their subsidiaries. Vendor management is critically important to ensure end-to-end satisfying experience for retail consumers. MXD group was assigned to deliver my West Elm bed and the process has been less than satisfactory to say the least. First of all, the procedure does not have the customer in mind. They call to specify a two hour window the day before the scheduled delivery service and are unable to specify a larger window in advance. When we had specifically said that we would not be available before afternoon, they schedule us for a 10AM-12PM delivery, stating essentially that they had already made their route and would not be able to change this. There is also mismanagement of communication between MXD headquarters and local hubs as the former specifically told me that the drivers deliver up until 10PM and when I spoke with MXD Portland, the individual stated, "drivers are BACK at the office and finished with delivery by 4PM." We have since tried to reschedule with MXD group who again called us the day before for a next day delivery on a time where it is not feasible to change schedules less than 24 hours before an intended delivery. As I've stated, the process that happens with MXD does not have the customer in mind, which is in sharp contrast with my experience with West Elm. I strongly recommend that West Elm reevaluates its relationship with MXD group to avoid tarnishing its reputation as a customer-centered retail store focused on delivering the best customer experience. I have loved West Elm for years and I would be disappointed to end my customer buying experience because of poor vendor choices.

I have tried on multiple occasions

I have tried on multiple occasions to go to this West Elm store, and other times calling them for support or questions, with just generally unfortunate experiences. I am never greeted, approached or helped by customer service staff at the store at all. Maybe that's their motto, to let customers be on their own, but it just feels generally stale inside the store. I have also tried calling to ask about products that I see online, and been told that they will call me back, and then...crickets. On a more important level, though, are concerns about the values of the company. I was very close to purchasing the Mid-Century Acorn bed. I was in love with the design. But, the customer service experience was enough to make me pause. Do I really want to give money to a company that has done nothing to increase my loyalty? Furthermore, when I tried to find out where the product is made, I was directed to their sustainability website describing how they import from "responsibly managed forests." But, nowhere on the page does it actually say where that is or information about the vendor. I even went so far as to call their customer service number to see if I could get to the bottom of this and find out, and the representative was just as clueless as I was. What a disappointment. West Elm claims they create environmentally sustainable products but can provide absolutely NO proof or explanation to the customer? For all I know, they just added this webpage to their site to follow along with the "fad" of eco-conscious commerce. Gross. I'll never shop at West Elm again. Not because I don't think some of their products are beautiful, but because I can't help but wonder where on earth this product I wanted was made. And if you cannot tell me, as a company, where you even make your product, or information about your vendor, why would I support you? If we truly want to make an impact and make companies like this responsible, then we have to turn away from their easy, affordable buy of something that, for all I know, is contributing to the tear-down of forests somewhere in Indonesia. I should not have to sacrifice one value for another.

I had a perfect experience at this store

I had a perfect experience at this store. Everyone was nice, beautifully laid out, reasonably priced. Needed some parts to put a bed back together and Tony went out of his way to get me the right thing and show me how the bed was supposed to be put together. Unsure how anyone would love this store!

Wish I could give less than 1 star

Wish I could give less than 1 star. Ordered a bed and a dresser 2.5 months ago. These items are yet to be delivered. The customer service is beyond useless. Prepare to be put on hold for 30-60 minutes at a time only for someone to fob you off without answering your questions. This company is a joke. I would sincerely advise against ordering furniture, especially custom furniture from this retailer.

It's a little shocking to read

It's a little shocking to read all the horrible experiences people have had, we have for the most part had very pleasant experiences. All of our bedroom furniture is from here, and aside from our dresser being way overpriced for how little fits in the drawers, we have been happy. The bedding is amazing! As far as customer service goes, there is one guy there who I believe is one of the managers, that always has this look on his face like he hates being there. I've had 2 interactions with him and they've both been unpleasant. Lucky for him, every other person we've ever had help us in the store has been wonderful, so they make up for his shortcomings.


Ughkkk!! Who ever is in charge of hiring employees at this location needs to be fired!! We are in the market for a new bed and I found one that I loved online. The problem with online is that there are so many choices and options/ it's a bit overwhelming... I prefer to see what I am going to buy.. old school style... plus I wanted to see and feel a swatch in person. This really rude asian girl helped me... I have to describe her ethnicity because I didn't get a name. I am part asian .. so, I don't want anyone to get offended.. anyhoo, I shouldn't say helped because she didn't help at all.. It was more like , pardon me for wanting to buy a bed from your store!! I asked for all of the velvet swatches.. and she was like, " that is too many.. I would have to get like 10 swatches for you!" She asked me to narrow it down like I was inconveniencing her!! Or, she was too lazy to go get them.. regardless I love the bed but why would I support a business that has employees that lack basic etiquette!!! Go get a desk job where you don't deal with the public... Or, better yet go get more skills and get a job that you would be happy at!!

On September 1st

On September 1st I purchased a sofa, headboard and bed frame. I received all items on separate days, even my bed rails came on a different day. Needless to say, they charged delivery fees all separately. My sofa was last to receive, it came October 3rd. When delivery was made, I had delivery guys put it on top of a rug we laid out. Soon after their departure i noticed furniture was damaged on the corner base of the leg. I immediately called the drivers back, but of course they did not answer. I followed up with a phone call to customer care to be told that a furniture medic will be in touch with me to schedule a visit. This so called call would not take place for about a week or so. And of course I am frustrated to pay thousands for a sofa that is damaged and not have anyone address my concerns. I called back again, same day to see if that week time before they call me can be shortened. I was told no and I was at their mercy. On October 19th, I called back again because no one has reached out in regards to addressing the issue. I was placed on hold for 30 minutes for furniture, but no one answered. I was frustrated and angry. I called the regular customer service after hanging up. Representative that took the call was helpful, or so I thought. She informed me that they should have send me an email advising me to send in the photo of the damage. This was not done. She acknowledged the mistake. She advised and assured that I should receive an email within 24 hours requesting for a photo of the damage. This never happened. On October 29th, I had to call again in regards to my damaged sofa. I have waited patiently for someone to address my issue. Today, they finally put me in Touch with a supervisor who I made hold while I sent in photo of the damage. Why could they not address this when I first called in? Why do i have to spend hours on calls to explain my situation and be put on hold for someone to start the claim? Mind you this was just to start my claim process. I am sure I am no where close to being done with this claim yet. This is just POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Do not shop at West Elm if you want customer service.

These guys literally

These guys literally stole $1000 dollars from us. We attempted to buy a trundle bed from them in May, 2018. They said that it would take about a month to deliver to our hour. This was fine with my wife and I. Fast forward one month later, we got a email stating that there was a hold on our order and we should call them for details. The customer service representative was rude and accused us of putting a hold on the order. After some additional investigation we discovered that there a quality control hold on our order and the couch would have to be sent back to the factory. A few more weeks pass and we contacted to set up a time for delivery. Delivery Attempt 1: They deliver the could without arms. It's a two part shipment, the arms weren't in their local warehouse. So we called them up to complain and they took back our couch. Delivery Attempt 2: Three weeks later They deliver the arms of the couch. Yeah just the arms. At this point the story is still kind of funny. Like haha West Elm can't get their business together. We refused delivery. Delivery Attempt 3: Three weeks later they deliver the couch with out the arms again. We refuse delivery on the spot. Furthermore we call them up to ask for a refund, because at this point it's been close to three months and no couch. Refund: We asked to have our account credited, which they couldn't do for whatever reason. So they said they would issue a check. Okay that's fine. Since then it's been several more months and several more phone calls and always the same run around. "We are so sorry for your inconvenience. It'll be could of weeks, we usually take a week to issue the check and another to deliver it". So now we are 6-7 months later, no check no couch. West Elm, please do the right thing and give us our money back. A thousand dollars is nothing to you but it is significant to us.

If I could give 0

If I could give 0 stars I would. By far the worst experience ordering furniture ever. It has now been 4 months and I still don't have one item. I have been charged and then refunded for the dresser over 30 times. I have spent hours on the phone and email trying to fix this. I have been told it's on it's way and even had deliveries scheduled multiple times, yet still no dresser. I got rid of my old dresser the first time they were supposed to deliver it (over a month ago) and so all of my clothes are sitting on the guest bed. Do not, I repeat DO NOT buy anything from this p.o.s. company.

We bought a couch

We bought a couch from west elm for over $3,000 two months ago. It wouldn't open up into the bed so they picked it up for repair which they said would take 48 hours. It is three weeks and we are still waiting. They have set up three delivery times and them don't show. West elm blames it on the delivery service. When we call the delivery service they blame it on west elm. I've never experienced such bad customer service. We still do not have the couch!!! No one seems to care. What is up with this? We will NEVER buy anything from them again. Don't anyone go there for anything!!! Horrible The couch was returned today after 3 weeks. It still won't open into a bed. The people they hire to deliver it would not carry it up the 2 flights of stairs. We had to hire someone ourselves for $200!!! Unbelievable

Horrible customer service!

Horrible customer service! Walked around store for over 30 minutes and ignored by sales associates - too busy discussing schedules and steaming bedding. Store was not packed with customers - finally asked an associate for assistance and told it's not her area - and I needed to find someone else to help me. I left. Must not have fit their customer demographic.

I love my bed

I love my bed. I love my bed. I love my bed. I also got awesome sheets on sale here, and while I might not shop here regularly for that type of thing, the one-time, long term investment of a bed frame was so worth it.


I ADVISE TO NOT ORDER ANY FURNITURE FROM WEST ELM. I have purchased my first home and what should be an exciting experience has turned into a nightmare because of West Elm. After waiting over a month for my couch to be delivered, I receive the couch damaged. The damaged part of the couch cannot even be scheduled to be replaced until 2 weeks from now. I have also been waiting for a bed frame that came incomplete and now is on back order for the next 3 1/2 months! So not only is my couch deformed but I am forced to sleep on the floor for a few more months if I intend to stick with this piece of furniture that I paid $1000 for. Thank you West Elm for ruining my experience as a first time home owner.

Very nice products

Very nice products. Worst customer service I've ever experienced... I went to West Elm - Emeryville, and I custom ordered a couch with chaise, a bed frame, and a custom headboard. The headboard and the couch were both late, so when I called to find out what was going on, they told me that it was ready and just sitting in the warehouse. So I was waiting for no reason. The day they delivered the couch and the headboard, they forgot half of my couch (the left arm chaise).. They also came an hour earlier than they were supposed to, with no warning call. Then the delivery guy tried to leave without attaching the headboard to the bed frame.. so much for white glove service. I had to deal with West Elm customer service on the phone, getting bounced back and forth between different representatives, and nobody had any answers for me. They even transferred my call to a warehouse in New Jersey, which didn't help because I live in California. Setting up the second delivery date for the full couch took forever, and constant back and forth phone calls throughout the day. The day of delivery they brought both pieces of the couch, but they made the couch wrong! I ordered a left arm chaise, with a right arm loveseat.. they brought a right arm chaise with a left arm loveseat. So now I have a couch that is not what I ordered.. I am currently dealing with them over the phone, and it's going to take months for them to send me the correct order. You're better off shopping at Crate & Barrel. My experience with them was seamless. I would not recommend custom ordering any furniture from West Elm.. If I ever do shop there in the future, it will be for small items that I can pick up in store.

West Elm

West Elm deserves a great review because of the very satisfying customer experience I received here over the past couple weeks. Through seemingly no fault of the store or its personnel, a few problems came through with the purchase of a new bed frame. First, I was told the bed was in stock when it really wasn't. Second, I took a bed frame home that was missing the hardware. Third, the hardware that arrived was missing a few pieces. After each of these steps, the staff at this particular West Elm did everything they could to address my concerns and to make sure that I was a satisfied customer. Now I have a new bed frame that I love, and no hard feelings at all to the store. They turned what could have been a commercial nightmare into a reminder that good customer service still exists in this century.

Funny story

Funny story. We went into West Elm on Black Friday weekend while we were waiting for EQ3 to open so we could buy our bed there. We walked into West Elm and fell in love with the storage bed!! Bad, bad, bad. We absolutely loved the bed from EQ3, but my boyfriend and I both agreed that lifting up the mattress for storage (EQ3) vs. storage drawers below our bed would be MUCH better on our backs! In addition to the bed, we purchased the matching nightstands (left & right) and also the Hudson armoire. We were going to hold everything, but we decided right then and there to just purchase! Tiffani was extremely helpful, patient, and courteous! She helped us get our order set-up and delivery set-up! The whole purchasing process was painless (except for how much it cost!) and we only needed to wait a few days to get our furniture! Something I was all for since we had our mattress sitting on the carpet. I was not home to receive our furniture, but we had the delivery guys assemble the bed frame for us, which was suggested by Tiffani. They also took the trash with them (FYI West Elm uses a crapload of styrofoam). We opted to assemble and attach the nightstands on our own, which was TOUGH. The bed was SO HEAVY!!! When we opened up the box for the left nightstand to find one of the corners bashed in! NOOO! If it were on the back bottom, that would've been fine, but it was a front top corner. Yikes. We took it back to the store and they graciously gave us a new one, which we had them open then and there to inspect the pieces. They were good. We brought the nightstand home and was able to completely assemble our bed! Oh, and the armoire comes assembled right out of the box! I definitely want to go back and shop for other household items soon! II have fallen in love with that store. :0)

Donia was so awesome

Donia was so awesome, helpful, nice and very patient! My husband and I are both really particular customers. Donia did such a great job with helping us out selecting, styling and purchasing our bed, headboard and bed accessories. We absolutely will be working with her again and make sure that we contact her for future living/bedroom designing. Great customer service! We always have loved West Elm products.

I love everything in this store

I love everything in this store, I could live here! Super clean, modern designs. Some things are a bit pricey, but it is really good quality. I have bought everything from a desk, bed frames, to blankets, and even to pick up good gifts! Very fun novelty items. Super cute graphic plates with owls and birds on them; birds are a big theme here. Also, cool twist up mechanical moving creatures! I am having a hard time deciding what to buy. After spending a certain amount I applied for a West Elm card and received a $100 gift card! Although when I bought my bed frame they gave me the wrong color, pretty terrible mistake because I had to come back to return it. A bed frame is not a small item to transport! Gladly they more than compensated me for my trouble-I ended up getting a $400 bed frame for $150 because they sold me a frame they were sold out of and that's all they have available in the store! Btw, many of their full size bed frames have been sold out for months, few available in store (for full size only). It's just cause they are THAT good. You should really stop by this store anytime you see it! :)

I purchased a sleigh bed

I purchased a sleigh bed from West Elm; it was delivered last Saturday (2/27/16) Sunday morning (2/28/16) the foot of the bed was loose; I emailed West Elm on Monday 2/29/16 and they assured me someone would call me in 24-72 hours. Friday night (3/4/16) it completely fell apart. I emailed West Elm again. They said in two separate emails that I would be CALLED on Wednesday 3/9/16 and Thursday 3/10/16. I don't even know when somebody will actually come to look at the bed, fix it and/or replace it. Meanwhile I have a broken bed occupying more than half of my room with a mattress on the side. I called West Elm today Saturday 3/5/16. They said I would be called back in 15 minutes. No call. My beds from Ikea have been more solid than West Elm, not to mention terrible Customer Service and absolutely no follow up. This is my last purchase with West Elm and I hope potential customers will read this before throwing their money away.


DO NOT PURCHASE FROM WEST ELM! My overall experience with West Elm has been terrible. Poor delivery expectations, poor customer service & shoddy materials 1. The delivery of my bed and couch were not on the same day as original stated 2. The couch delivery was over 3 weeks late. Since we got rid of our old furniture the day before the originally scheduled delivery, this meant we sat on the floor this entire time 3. The person that delivered the bed was rude and aggressive towards my wife 4. Their customer service gave us the run around. We asked for the order to be expedited and they offered us credit after the couch was delivered (which was also NEVER credited) 5. We have had our couch (Drake Mid-Century Flip Sectional) for only 6 months and the fabric on all cushions are pilling horribly. Very cheap materials! 6. The bed we purchased (Grid Tufted Headboard + Tapered Leg) is horribly constructed. We have to screw the legs back in at least once a week to stop them from constantly squeaking Run away from this place! You're overpaying for crappy furniture and even crappier customer service

I am writing about my experience

I am writing about my experience with the South Lake Union store. I have enjoyed friendly, helpful service there. I recently returned a rug that I bought online. Due to a glitch in their sales system, I got a gift card instead of a refund but they were helpful in correcting the problem. I then purchased a different rug made of wool that is beautifully woven. I was pleased to find that the rug was fair trade certified. No other chain store that I know of actually does that. They also carry organic bedding which a lot of chain stores don't have. I used to work in that industry and I can say that their pricing is competitive with other mid to high-end bedding stores (unless you're comparing to Target or Ikea). West Elm often has sales so you can count on discounts if you're willing to wait.

Are you looking for a place

Are you looking for a place with endless waiting and no/HORRIBLE customer service? Welcome to West Elm!!! Ordered a bed 3 months ago, already pass the delivery window, no one helps me figure out where my bed is and it has been unable to be tracked for 2 weeks. I just hope I read all the reviews on yelp and Instagram before being a customer. btw I'm going to unfollow you - west elm on Instagram! :(

Lovely staff

Lovely staff at the SLU store, terrible customer service and support company wide. We ordered a bed and a dresser with an order totaling over $2,200 and our (already delayed) delivery completely missed the window from 3:30-5:30pm. We got a call that the truck was running late and it would be here around 6:15. 6:15 came and went, so did 7:15, so did 8:15. West elm contracts delivery service locally to different delivery companies so they have no control over it, I tried calling customer service and it redirected me back to the delivery company. I tried calling our SLU store and although lovely and nice, their hands were tied. I tried calling the delivery company with 2 different numbers and straight to voicemail. The delivery company office closes at 4:00. No help at all anywhere. I'm pissed because we've been waiting around all day and we paid $280 in shipping and delivery for this "white glove service" and nothing. No call saying they weren't going to make it, no call saying that we'll reschedule tomorrow, just us with our mattress in the living room waiting around for our bed! We got rid of our bed frame in preparation for delivery so for who knows how long we'll be sleeping on the floor. So upset. Any reputable company shouldn't rely on an outside contractor for customer satisfaction. Don't buy anything from West Elm other than decorative pillows or throw blankets. I know I'm not shopping here ever again.

Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service. Ordered a bed in Sept. 2 of 3 pieces arrived in Oct. Called CS and they couldn't tell us ETA for 3rd piece. Went to Seattle store and their rep said they couldn't help with an online order. We left a note with the supervisor and never got a call back. We finally processed a return/refund and returned the 2 pieces ourselves to the Seattle store. Fast forward to November, the 3rd piece arrived at our door. We called West Elm CS to have them pick this piece up as we've already processed the refund. UPS came and left a label since they didn't tell us when they were coming and we were at work. We put the label on and have left the box out on our front porch. Called CS to have them request UPS to come pick it up again. It's been 7 days and still nothing. CS keeps telling us they've sent a request to UPS. Last night, our camera caught a burglar approaching the box to check it out. So now we have security concerns all because West Elm CS can't figure out how to complete a return.

I bought a bed at west elm

I bought a bed at west elm about 5 years ago. The center support beam of the bed frame broke. I went into west elm and they told me I had to call support to get any help. Over the next 6 weeks, I called support 3x, waited ~2weeks to get the "replacement piece" in, only for it to be wrong.. twice. The third time I called, I was put on hold for an hour and when they got back on the phone, they told me they'd call me back. 5 days later.. still no call. So I went back into the store AGAIN and was put in touch with Brian (stock room manager). Brian immediately found me the piece and put me out of my bed frame woes. While this review should realistically be a 1 star because of how horrible west elm's support center is, Brian's customer service deserves a 5. I asked to speak to his manager to tell him/her how wonderful Brian is, but they were not in the store that day. To Brian's boss - he deserves a raise! Thanks again, Brian!

Purchased a bed

Purchased a bed, dresser and bench on line several weeks ago.Bed and dresser have been waiting in a local warehouse for over two weeks while I've talked with incompetent service reps (different rep in a different city each time) trying to arrange a "partial delivery" (since the bench will not be ready for several more weeks). Ordered in PLENTY of time to have this for guest who are staying with us. Turns out our guest will be sleeping on the floor because of West Elm's TERRIBLE customer service. I'm still waiting for my requested refund. Never again!!! Shop elsewhere!!

I went in there the other day

I went in there the other day on my lunch hour and I was greeted by a very friendly woman. They have such amazing stuff at a totally reasonably price. I was very impressed with their succulents section and their spring collection is very cute, lots of of amazing shades of blue glass and striped bedding, my favorite! :)

I guess

I guess I "HAVE TO" give at least one star in order to post a review. This place deserves NOTHING. NO STAR. Their customer service people are incompetent and untrained. DO NOT LISTEN TO them. Do your research. I wanted to order a storage bed. It turned out it was very challenging to find a petite queen bed that came with storage/drawers. Due to my limited options, I decided to order their Nash Storage Bed. Now, this bed comes with two options -- dark oak or light teak. You can check them out online yourself, but you will see one is VERY dark and the other is VERY light almost like maple or oak. Because everything else I own in my new condo are made of walnut. Dark wood, but not as dark as their oak. So, I was a bit torn and wanted to see the color differences myself. #1: I ended up talking to a manager. This man repeatedly showed a "WALNUT" finish wood swatch and pointed at dark furniture pieces on the floor. I questioned him if he had a "teak" swatch, but according to him, it was about the "final finish.". And he continued and explained this particular Teak bed's color was more like walnut. I thought it was strange and tried to confirm the color one more time by showing him their own website photos. He said, "oh no, how does that even look light to you? It looks dark to me. That's totally walnut color." So, I ordered the teak bed. But after spending 2K online, I got this really annoying feeling that this man who helped the night before was not accurate. It was backordered. The thought of having to wait 3 months and then getting a wrong colored bed was horrifying. #2: I went back. This time, another lady helped me. She could not show the teak bed on the floor, but she said she was able to show me the end table that was part of the Nash Bedroom furniture set. When I saw the color, I was livid. It was not walnut. It was very yellow. It looked even more yellow and bright than the picture shown on their website. #3 I went back again. Two people gave me the opposite (day and night) information, and I had to check with another person just to make sure. Apparently, the second lady was correct. The first person was wrong. I brought my own laptop because I could not trust these people. I was ready to cancel my order and re-order the correct one. It turned out if I waited one more week, I could get a 25% discount - Memorial Day special. So, I decided to wait. When I told the girl that I would wait until next week, she said, it was backordered and I would have to wait until late July or August. HAHAHAHAHAHA, THANK GOD I brought my own laptop. Because I was about to order the dark bed, I could see the delivery date. It said it would be shipped out in 1-3 weeks. When I pointed it out, she blamed another person. Basically she was told wrong information. Furniture colors? Delivery Dates? These are basic stuff. They are so incompetent that they cannot even give you the very basic information correctly. Do not shop there. Please don't. And, if you do, please do your own research and be sure to triple-check before ordering anything. EDIT: Basically update --- I decided to buy a storage bed from Restoration Hardware and ordered one yesterday. Their staff were so much more helpful. And, their bed was made of SOLID wood. Not veneered.

The worst customer service

The worst customer service i have experience over the phone. If you make a mistake on order and try to cancel the order, their hidden process fee which is 10% of the order will not be refundable. This is me putting in the order last night and i called the next day. It is sad to see this company will go this far to make money. I will never shop at west elm again and please let this be a warning to all future smart customer. Update: After speaking to people in store, they said West Elm online is actually a different store. They advise you do the ordering in store instead of online. The 10% shipping and process on top of the $100 white glove is STILL NOT refundable. I basically paid $250 for 2 companies to ship a bed to my house for a bed I dont even want. What a SCAM West Elm

Never order anything from WE

Never order anything from WE... worst customer experience. After 10 weeks of waiting for an upholstered bed (standard fabric, back-ordered but predicted to deliver in 6-8 weeks), they still can't give an estimated delivery time, as of today, because they have no idea where 1 of 3 boxes for the order is located. Over 10 weeks to get 3 boxes from Dallas to Seattle...? Calling in to customer service is a nightmare. Be prepared to be bounced, transferred, and disconnected. I cancelled my WE order and will never furniture shop there again. I had to crow bar a cancellation email from the umpteenth cust service rep I was passed to because they "don't do those" for when an order is cancelled and refund should be processed... Meanwhile, Room & Board was amazingly helpful and will have a similar bed delivered in 6 days. I should have started there 10 weeks ago...

Horrible customer service

Horrible customer service. It's either nonexistent or apathetic at best, or will give you the wrong information at worst. Came in to but a bed that was on sale. We asked if it was just the full or was the queen on sale. No one ever came to us to ask if we needed help so we had to hunt someone down who wasn't socializing in the back room where there was lots of chatter. First employee looked it up for about 10 minutes. Then asked a colleague to confirm. Second colleague struggled to crane his neck up to help. Didn't look at anything - just affirmed the conclusion first associate came up with. Confused, we looked it up online (all of 10 seconds) and asked a third associate to confirm what we were seeing - that the queen bed was indeed on sale. She responds with "if it's not out there then we don't have it. That just must be it out there." Um, okay. No options? No "let me confirm." No "we can order it for you and have it delivered or you can pick up." End of story. She was done with us or her brain hurt. I'm giving one star because I can't give a zero. And to add insult to injury, we had to pay $5 for parking. Three quarters of our time spent there was spent waiting for someone - anyone - to put us out of our misery. I'm never one to wish someone lose their livelihood... But my god please shut this store down and dilute this sad concentration of apathetic, self-important, entitled customer service people into the wild where they can maybe learn from real professionals.

West Elm's offerings are stylish

West Elm's offerings are stylish and affordable, and the home accessories or decor you can buy in-store are often good finds. However, avoid ordering any furniture from this brand. We've had awful experiences, including leather and wood items arriving with scratches, gashes, and other quality flaws, and five- or six-week additional delays on back-ordered items. Today's delivery reached a new low. We'd ordered a bed set (the leather grid-tufted headboard and matching leather frame), and it arrived scratched, but even worse, so defective it couldn't be assembled. I called West Elm to discuss a replacement and was told that the item is now on back order, so we'd have to wait an additional six weeks minimum. The unnecessary stress and frustration this has caused us, not to mention the time we wasted waiting for and scheduling around the delivery, has settled the issue: We will not order anything from West Elm again, no matter how tempting the price or style. This brand has long-standing issues with quality control and organization, and there is no accountability for the delays, flawed merchandise, and other problems.

I have shopped at West elm for years

I have shopped at West elm for years off and on. I love most of the styles and find inspiration walking through the different showroom layouts. I would love to use their free design services but since they are free it's back ordered by 2-3 weeks generally. I have ordered many pieces and have found items to be hit or miss for my needs. Helpful info & what I've found out: Most things on the showroom are not able to be taken home day of and take 6-8 weeks to ship without shipping and delivery fees to ship from a warehouse. I purchase online and pay the fees to get it sooner usually (unless something is so popular its back ordered). I can return anything within 30 days no matter where I purchased it to the store, with or without boxes. After 30 days is hit or miss depending on the situation. Non receipted is store credit only. The showroom does not have everything from online; they do have free fabric samples for most pieces; rug samples you can buy, then return within 30 days. There is not warranty on furniture outside of the 30 day return policy or manufacturer warranty (damaged goods). A lot of their pieces are hand made (loomed) so they cost $$$. The worst time to come shop seems to be Saturday 1-6. Weekdays especially 11-4 are pretty slow. Always check the sale sections for huge mark downs. The also have a flee market section- those are final sale. Sometimes they have extra 15% off sale items otherwise you can never stack discounts. The plants I've bought there never live long (vs the local nurseries). With only an item # I've been as to find no longer available online items, such as bedding, in stores all over that can be shipped. If you can't order something online like a piece of a couch sectional- it might be so back ordered they stopped letting people order pieces. It's not discontinued. When you sign up for they're credit card you get lots of free $ to spend there- rewards for $ you spend, as well as birthday gifts and coupons.

I am extremely disappointed

I am extremely disappointed in west elm 's delivery company. Ever since college I have purchased items from west elm, everything. When I was in New York 8 years ago they were great maybe service have gone down since then. When i got married and move to Seattle with my husband in a new house I automatically went for west elm. Their product is good there is no doubt , it is not a comparison to ikea. We spend in total 22k at west elm lately and even got a credit card. Most of the things I ordered were in stock. This was beginning of jan and my patio coach is not nor is my sofa. I was told patio will come in may and sofa last piece in June . I ordered bunch of other stuff three things that the sales associate helped me buy were keep delaying and on jan 23 I got a email saying it was sold out wtf seriously wtf ???!!! They keep delaying my patio delivery date to unavailable estimation. For 6k almost you would think service would be better ? If you can't not carry out of west elm don't buy it. The store guy who helped was extremely nice and they gave me a guy 's number to install curtains . This is the only reason they are getting even a two star. You would think the nightmare would end no. Almost three weeks later no one called me to schedule to delivery even though website stated it was okay. I had to call their bad service delivery company to do it. Eventually they delivered my first order and the bed frame was damage and cracked. The guy asked me if I wanted to take it back I am like no. West elm will Make me sleep on the floor for another month lol... this is a new house so everything was bought from west elm. The nightmare begins with my rest of my order my coach . All the pieces came by jan 30th again no one called. I had to call their delivery service btw I left two voice mail they never return. So I called and called finally they book me for feb 7th and 8th originally the lady said they were waiting for wharehouse on the 2nd to release the info so I can have all on the 7th but ofc that didn't go that way. It came back to being on the 8th where they split my orders. Seattle had a snow storm on the 6th and then no one called me. So I decided to double confirm the warehouse said they are not coming anymore so there goes my vacation day I took off from work. Then they told me they will group everything for me on 8th. Okay fine whatever they told me that one of my order was put on hold and not schedule... wtf I called twice to make sure all orders are on there. I got mad this time after waiting hours and hours , how is it possible that someone could be so " smart" and can't input date. She promised me solved it and made it possible. Then the next day 7th I called to make sure they are still coming on 8th , ware house Dosent even bother to pick up. I called the amazing delivery service center this time a rude lady pick up and told me my order delivery show no delivery date tomorrow . It showed that the delivery date is 12th and 14th. My blood was boiling at this point , I told her that is not possible. The last phone call less than 24 hours ( when there is no longer a snow storm, garage truck canes and road is clear) that someone at the warehouse did tel me that I would get it tomorrow. I also asked her when did I pick 14? Because it is impossible since I have to fix my car that day . She didn't reply me. I asked to speak to her manager because I didn't want to talk to her anymore. I even asked her if you spend 8k on coach and that order would you like To be treated that way? Would you? Do you think it is right ? She couldn't answer me but will not accept my request to speak to a manager. Finally she did and she made a comment t " shit this is going to the manger" to her coworker even though I can still hear her. Unprofessional. The manager Travis after a long hold told me the exact same thing generic thing could not explain to me why no one bother to call me. I told him you are also a consumer would you like to take two vacation date just to find out no one is coming. He originally said there is no date this week and then said I was put on Friday the 10th already. He told me to go after ware house manager Today the 8th ware house closed for no reasons " weather" ... I called them four times they put me on voice mail the call center . No one bother to call back, I don't even know when my coach will come. I am so mad and so disappointed at west elm. Dude to this horrified customer service on the delivery end I will cancel my remaining items. I should not have to police a delivery company who goes agains their words every time . I asked the manager , so I need to start recording phone calls with your guys? Since you are always changing my date ? Horrible !! And their system is not always updated with their own warehouse system horrible ! I was told to chase down warehouse wtf? Why because you guys can't do that for the customer?

Hi i had the best experience this past weekend

Hi i had the best experience this past weekend when visiting West Elm. I was struggling to find a great bed for my new place and I was greeted and helped by Ann; general manager. She was so kind and helpful by helping me make this decision. Not to mention she did her all to help me get my perfect bed for the best cost. Thank you Ann for excellent customer service!!

I've officially written off West Elm

I've officially written off West Elm. My wife and I ordered a dining table, king size bed and headboard, and a bench/chest. I won't go into the excruciating details, but the entire delivery took five months and involved numerous screwed up deliveries, a defective dining table (key support beam had split) and headboard (had a mysterious stain), and a delivery team that didn't know how to assemble the bed properly. To add insult to injury we used the certificates we earned to get a set of dining tables, and after personally battling them for an evening in assembly hell, one turned out to be defective as well and required return and exchange. The furniture is attractive and the prices, although high, aren't ridiculous. But I find the quality of their merchandise suspect and they need to seriously reevaluate who they hire to do their outsourced deliveries and installations. I originally wanted to make this a one-star review but I've had some time to distance myself from them and am not quite as pissed any longer, but I'll still never go back...


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