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West Elm Bed Frame Reviews

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West Elm is a popular furniture retailer that offers moderately priced products, including fashionable bed frames and platform beds. Their bed frames predominantly feature wooden options that focus on modern styles. While customers have good things to say mostly, there are some that describe issues with delivery and some durability issues.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 8.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Material Quality: 8.6/10

Design Options: 8.7/10

Ease of Assembly: 8.5/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

Price: $39-$7497

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West Elm Bed Frame Details

West Elm has a wide array of both platform beds and bed frames. Most of their platform beds and bed frames feature wooden designs and involve a bit of assembly unless you upgrade your delivery preferences. Most customers like what they receive from West Elm, but there were some that had issues, especially concerning assembly, delivery, and durability.

For those that are looking for something stylish and long term, see our list of beds and bed frames for competitive options. Below we'll go through both West Elm's bed frame and platform bed options and discuss which get the best ratings from customers.

West Elm's Bed Frames

When it comes to West Elm's bed frames, they have three different types, traditional wooden frames, metal bed frames, and a modular bed frame. We'll go through each below in detail.

First, we'll go through The Modular Floyd Bed:

The Floyd Bed is one of the most interesting bed frames available, and it is available direct and not just through West Elm Retailers. It is made of fully modular, solid birch, which allows the bed to grow with you or your family. Overall, customers really like the Floyd Bed. However, it may be a better deal to buy direct, especially given some of West Elm's delivery complaints.

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If modularity isn't your thing, West Elm also offers an affordable Simple Bed Frame:

The Simple Bed Frame by West Elm comes in a variety of colors, including Acorn, White, and wide variety of upholstered colors. These bed frames feature slats but no headboard. Overall, most customers should like these bed frames, but there were some issues described by customers around delivery wear and tear, and durability issues.

West Elm's last bed frame offering is the Box Bed Frame:

The Box Bed Frame comes in a metal design, including antique brass which will add a stylish, classic look to bedroom designs. This design features engineered wood slats that are supported by a middle beam, but no headboard. Customers like these designs, but there were issues with delivery and durability for some.

West Elm's Platform Beds

West Elm's Platform Beds offer more designs with headboards. These include mainly upholstered versions and wooden designs. We'll go through the options below to discuss what features you can expect.

First, West Elm has a variety of Mid-Century Beds:

Mid-Century modern designs have become very fashionable over the last few years. With this style's resurgence, many brands have begun revitalized these designs -- including West Elm. Their styles include the Walnut Mid-Century Platform Bed and Mid-Century Bed. While the platform bed comes in walnut, the Mid-Century bed comes in either natural or painted wood. Other options of theirs, including upholstered beds, may have some mid-century modern touches, like tapered legs. Overall, customers like these offerings in style, but some have had issues with delivery and durability.

Secondly, for those that have been interested in more modern styles, West Elm offers Modern Platform Beds:

West Elm's Modern Bed includes wooden options with tapered legs and linen weave headboards -- in either a natural or indigo fabric color. Customers who like wooden styles but a more modern feel than the mid-century beds will do well with these. Customers feel good about the look, but as with the other beds, there may be some issues around delivery and durability for some shoppers.

Third, for another similar feel, but with an angled headboard, West Elm offers Wright Beds:

The Wright beds offer either an upholstered or an all-wood design. The upholstered version features a headboard with a light gray, natural linen color. Most customers like the look of these beds, but there were some that reported issues with delivery.

Next, for customers that like something both modern and industrial, take a look at the Dylan Industrial Beds:

The Dylan Industrial beds offer metal accented wooden platform beds. These modern and industrial beds will pair nicely with ultra-modern styles. Overall, customers like the designs, but there are some who had issues with delivery and durability.

Lastly, for the customers that are interested in something else entirely, West Elm also offers a variety of Other Platform Beds:

West Elm also offers a variety of other platform beds to choose from. These include upholstered versions in multiple fabric colors. Also, there are others that include textured wood options. Some of these may involve some amount of assembly unless white glove delivery is selected. While most customers describe that they like their platform beds, there are some issues reported when it comes to durability and delivery for some customers.

Who Are West Elm Bed Frames Right For?

West Elm Bed Frames are ideal for those who like the wealth of options they provide, but there are some issues when it comes to delivery and durability that may inspire some shoppers to seek other options. For those looking for more options and a longer outlook for durability, see our List of Top Rated Beds for great alternatives.

Browse West Elm Bed Frame Customer Reviews

I love everything in this store

I love everything in this store, I could live here! Super clean, modern designs. Some things are a bit pricey, but it is really good quality. I have bought everything from a desk, bed frames, to blankets, and even to pick up good gifts! Very fun novelty items. Super cute graphic plates with owls and birds on them; birds are a big theme here. Also, cool twist up mechanical moving creatures! I am having a hard time deciding what to buy. After spending a certain amount I applied for a West Elm card and received a $100 gift card! Although when I bought my bed frame they gave me the wrong color, pretty terrible mistake because I had to come back to return it. A bed frame is not a small item to transport! Gladly they more than compensated me for my trouble-I ended up getting a $400 bed frame for $150 because they sold me a frame they were sold out of and that's all they have available in the store! Btw, many of their full size bed frames have been sold out for months, few available in store (for full size only). It's just cause they are THAT good. You should really stop by this store anytime you see it! :)

I had such a terrible experience

I had such a terrible experience with West Elm. The experience ordering a bedroom set was a huge time sink and stress. After 4 months I finally received my completed order. The order was delayed due to internal issues (bed frame came damaged upon delivery, it was returned improperly, 2 deliveries canceled, and over 4 hours spent on various customer service calls). I took time off work to get this bed delivered. At this point I don't even want the furniture but fear the process off removing it will be a nightmare. I had read all the comments about other who had a terrible delivery experience and I wish I would have headed. Potential customers, please proceed with caution.

Very nice products

West Elm deserves a great review

On September 1st I purchased a sofa, headboard and bed frame

I love my bed

i drove to this west elm location

Ugh. I am regretting buying our new headboard

I'm an interior designer


5 stars for design. 1 star for quality.

Buyer beware!!!

The salespeople at this location are super nice

Do not buy wedding presents, furniture or large items here

West Elm is great

I order online a bed frame

This review is for Aaron

Absolutely THE worst

Great clean looking decor

I don't always review stores

Horrible service so far

Oh West Elm, what an up and down relationship we have.

My friend purchased a bed for me 2 years ago

I'm a sucker for pretty things


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