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Wellsville Mattress Reviews

Wellsville is a high-price mattress maker that is sold online and in-store. While their prices are more competitive with other name-brands, like Tempur-Pedic, they are usually much higher than online-first mattress options that may pass on more value. Most customers like their Wellsville mattresses overall, but there were some complaints about long term comfort.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.6/10

Price Value: 7.9/10

No Back Pain: 8.3/10

Price: $1050-$3500

Trial Period: No Trial

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Wellsville's Specifics

Wellsville offers a variety of foam and latex focused mattresses with and without coils. Customers can buy these mattresses through local retailers and online through major vendors, like Amazon. These mattresses get good ratings from customers when it comes to initial comfort overall, but there were some complaints when it came to returns, high prices, and long term comfort.

If you are looking for a quality mattress, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses. Online mattresses offer good deals, generous trial and refund policies, warranties, and solid customer reviews.

Quality of Materials

We'll go through the details of Wellsville mattresses below so that you know the ins and outs of their designs:

Memory Foam: Wellsville's all-foam designs include an 8'', 11'', and 14'' all-foam mattress. The slimmer option is more firm while the other options get progressively softer. Each of them feature ultra-firm supportive base foam. While most customers like their memory foam Wellsville mattresses, there were some that found them pricey versus comparable online options.

Memory Foam Hybrid: Wellsville offers two different memory foam focused hybrids, an 11'' and a 14'' thick mattress. Both of these options use pocketed coil support systems to align the spine. The 14'' is more plush with an ultra-plush and plush layer of memory foam at the surface. The 11'' has a medium firmness feel with a layer of plush and firmer foam at the top layers. Most customers like these mattresses and compare them to Tempur-Pedic products, but there were some that had problems with long term comfort.

Latex Hybrid: Wellsville makes two versions of their latex hybrid mattresses -- an 11'' and a 14'' thickness. Both of these options are firmer than the plusher memory foam options, with the 11'' option being somewhat firmer. The 14'' has an additional layer of plush latex above the coil system. These mattresses get good feedback from customers when it comes to comfort, but have high prices versus some online options with similar builds.

CarbonCool®: Their CarbonCool mattress is their most expensive and only comes at a 14'' profile. It is designed to be medium-firm with a thick layer of foam with Omniphase® material providing extra cooling on the surface layer followed by all-foam transitional and support layers. These mattresses get good feedback from customers overall, but some may have issues with the price value of this mattress.

Overall Comfort

Wellsville mattresses are well-rated overall when it comes to comfort, but there are some caveats. Some had issues with the firmness of these mattresses. Some others had problems with returns and price value versus online competitors.


See the scale above. Wellsville had a variety of firmness varieties that should fit most people's needs. Some have had disagreements on feel for some firmness options.

Back Pain Relief

Wellsville crafts mattresses that should do a good job supporting the spine and relieving back discomfort. There are some that may experience some issues with degrading comfort that leads to further discomfort problems.


The CarbonCool® mattress will do the best in terms of cooling. Other mattresses, especially the all-foam options, may have issues with heat retention for some sleepers.

Who Are Wellsville Mattresses Right For?

Wellsville Mattress is ideal for those that want a non-standard firmness option and don't mind the high prices for the materials. However, if you are looking for something similar that is higher rated by customers and has a better trial and warranty, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses for strong alternatives.

Browse Wellsville Customer Reviews

I LOVE this mattress!

Bought one of these via a school fundraiser mattress sale. I was slightly disappointed when I found it came in box and said needed 24-48 hours to inflate. In hindsight, I need not have been worried. It was pretty much fully inflated in 5 hours and OH MY GOD, it feels great to lay on! I like a firm mattress and this has exceeded my expectations. Very supportive, comfortable and the heat dissipation is great too (I'm very hot natured). I've gotten better sleep on this mattress than anything I've slept on in years! Highly recommend.

Wouldn't accept return

My wife and I were looking for a bed to replace our present one because we both have bad backs, and my wife also has MS. We were looking for a bed that would be therapeutic, and provide a restful and refreshing nights sleep for our bodies. Because their store was not open at the time they told us to come back in a few weeks. That brings us to July 2nd. We liked the bed frame and the mattress they showed us. We got to lay on it for a few minutes and we played with the remote lifting head and legs to positions that were comfortable for both of us. The price of this bed and mattress was $2700.00 dollars. Because we are senior citizens on a fixed budget we didn't feel we could outlay that kind of money without a guarantee that the bed was beneficial to us. They verbally said there was a 90 days guarantee. So we purchased the bed frame and mattress for the agreed upon price. They were delivered to us on July 19, 2018. On August 14, 2018, after 27 days of a very poor sleep my wife contacted them. They originally agreed to pick up the mattress and we assumed give us another one that was of a different firmness. However, On August 15th, they called me and said that Wellsville, the manufacturer of the mattress, does not accept the mattress back.


Slept on this bed while staying with some friends. Liked it so much I ordered one for my wife and me. Bed is very plush. Good soft top that is forgiving for my aches and pains. Allows me to sleep on my back and side with no discomfort –a first. It was pretty big investment for us, but at this point in our lives, when you find something that gives you better sleep, it is worth it. And so far, it has been worth it.

Amazing product for the price!

Incredible product for the price compared to an overpriced Temperpedic. Hybrid mattress with gel memory foam. So good. I have never slept so good in my life.

Great quality from a not so well known name

Great mattress! With so many well names out there it was difficult for me to initially make this purchase. Searching for reviews is near impossible. I managed to find one at a local high school fundraiser and omg is this thing comfortable. Compared to a king Casper matress you are getting 4 extra inches of foam. It hugs all the right spots if you tend to sleep on your side but also offers support for the places that need it. I cant wait to have it delivered.

I love this mattress

I love this mattress. With my old mattress I would wake up a couple times a night in pain and uncomfortable. With my new mattress I sleep great and get the support I need to wake up pain free. It is soft enough to form to my body but firm enough to give me the support I need. Love it!

Tempur Owner - This bed feels the same but fraction of the cost!

This mattress feels nearly the exact same as tempur mattress! I know as I have slept on a tempur for the past 10 years! Also, some other benefits is this comes in a box and is anywhere from 1/2 to 1/3 the price of a tempur mattress. It comes with a 10 year warranty, adjustable friendly and an all around solid bed for this price.

Great Mattress for the price!!

What an awesome mattress at this pricepoint! Feels just like a temperpedic for half the price!

Comparable to tempur pedic, only 1/3 the $$$

Many happy days on this bed! Super comfy with the adjustable frame.

Amazing bed! Better than Purple!

This bed is Amazing! Super comfortable!

Beautifuly Refreshing!

This mattress has exceeded my expectations. I am a long distance runner and my husband is a marine who trains hard in the gym so it was important to both of us to have a mattress that improved our posture as well as our quality of sleep. Honestly, I was hesitant about ordering a mattress online without the opportunity to test it out first, but I am surprisingly satisfied with the decision to order this bed! I ordered the WELLSVILLE 11 inch Hybrid mattress because my husband likes a softer feel while I like a little bit firmer option so this seemed to be our middle ground, once again was hesitant about a mattress with spring because of our previous mattress causing back problems, you would have no clue there is springs inside. It’s really a good combination of latex foam and spring because there isn’t a sinking feeling that’s hard to get up (and with an infant who wakes us frequently I had no problems). As far as the set up and odor, I needed assistance getting the bed upstairs because it was a little heavier than I would have assumed but that was the hardest part of the set up! I left the mattress out for 24 hours to “ de-fumigate” and could have slept on the mattress hours after taking it out of the box! I have migraines with a scent trigger and I was very surprised with the low to no odor!! This mattress has exceeded my expectation and after a week of sleeping on it I feel more rested and refreshed and I love how much cooler we stay!

Great on my bad back!

We got this mattress after our old one started making my back hurt. I was a little unsure at first since I've never owned a foam mattress before. I could not be happier with this new bed. My back is feeling great and it is so comfortable. Plus it is a few inches taller than my old mattress which I like. I would recommend this to anyone and I am very happy with my purchase.

Best mattress we have found!

This has been my favorite mattress! I went through one pregnancy on an old mattress and woke up every day trying to roll myself out of bed because my body hurt so bad. My second pregnancy sleeping on the wellsville mattress, my body never hurt not a single day! It’s supportive, strong, and hasn’t broke down in the 2 years we have owned it. We love it so so much.

Most comfortable and supportive mattress ever! We love our Wellsville Hybrid!

This is the best mattress I have ever slept on. My wife and I love it. We used to have a Tempur mattress and we find this one to be much more comfortable. The hybrid provides the support my back needs with the pocket coils and the Cool Gel Memory Foam helps my bad shoulder not bother be when I sleep. It sleeps cool, it works on an adjustable base, and I don’t wake up sore on this bed.

Exceeded my expectations!!

I am 65 years old and have recently been experiencing lower back pain, so I thought that a new mattress might help. Since I never had a foam mattress before, I was a bit reluctant to purchase one. I was told that a foam mattress provided better total body support and also was better at dampening the motions when my partner tossed and turned. However, I also heard that foam mattresses were hotter to sleep on, and that they often had a chemical odor for several days or weeks after opening the mattress. I decided on the CarbonCool mattress from Wellsville because I tend to get overheated when sleeping and wanted the coolest foam mattress option. The queen mattress arrived in five days in a 2x2x4 foot box. Setup was very straight-forward, although the foam mattress was much heavier than the standard spring mattress that I was replacing. When the plastic packaging was removed, the mattress expanded to full size within a few minutes (not the 24-48 hours advertised). I was also pleased that there was no chemical odor from the new mattress. Best of all, I'm sleeping better. The CarbonCool feature appears to dissipate body heat so that I don't get too warm, and I can barely feel my partner's movements when they turn over during the night. Although in the past I have opted for a firmer mattress, this plush Wellsville mattress supports my entire body very well, and has provided me with much improved sleep over my prior mattresses.

Wellsville Malouf Queen Split Head Mattress Nightmare

I'm having a repairmen come today for the 3rd time in less than 2 months after purchasing this mattress. BIG MISTAKE. The first 2 times they had to rewire the connections for the remote control to work. Now the foot massage has a big issue with just 2 months of use. Stay away from this manufacturer and mattress. You will be better off taking your $2,500 and going to the back yard and setting it on fire.

Not comfortable

I purchased this mattress 14" Wellness Hybrid on 11.1.2022 for my spare bedroom. It has only been slept on 5x's by me. The 1st time is was too hard. So I added a pillow top mattress protected. The 2nd time is was too hard still so I added a memory foam topped under the pillow top mattress protector. The 3rd time I slept on the bed, I still found it to be too hard. I then added so I changed things again. I added another pillow top mattress protector. So here how it is now Mattress, Pillow Top Mattress Protector, memory foam about 3" and another Pillow Top Mattress Protector. I have slept on the bed 2 more times and still wake up with a back ache in the middle of the night. I'm not sure what to do now.

don't waste your money

I bought the mattress at a school fundraiser. I should have given them money and bought a mattress at a store. I needed a new mattress to replace an old one that was worn-out and no longer firm. I have spinal issues and need a firm mattress. I had the mattress about 4 months when it started to sink and my back started hurting again I switched the mattress around but a few months later, that side was sinking too. My back suffered again. We have moved around and can't find the receipt. The reviews sound like Wellsvell won't honor the guarantee anyway. My point is: Don't waste your money, but a different mattress.

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