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Wayfair Storage Bed Reviews

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Wayfair sells a wide variety of furniture and home decor products online. When it comes to their major furniture, like their storage beds, they have multiple pricepoints and high value offerings to select. Their selection of storage beds is quite extensive with hundreds of options available. Their customers note that their products offer quality for the price.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Material Quality: 9.5/10

Design Options: 9.6/10

Ease of Assembly: 9.2/10

Price Value: 9.4/10

Price: $68-$4593

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Wayfair Storage Bed Details

Wayfair is known for its wide variety of furniture and home decor. With price ranges that focus mostly on budget-friendly brands, Wayfair also has something for those that are looking for pricier options. Overall, when it comes to storage beds, their wide selection and high customer satisfaction scores provide big wins for customers that don't know where to start in their bed and bed frame search.

Quality of Materials

When it comes to material quality, Wayfair works with a large number of manufacturers. Their storage beds come in a large range of colors, designs, and craftsmanship levels. Below, we'll go through their most popular storage beds available and discuss the ins and outs of their designs.

Here is what's inside the most popular Greyleigh Storage Beds:

The Greyleigh storage beds offer both upholstered and wooden designs with drawers along the footboard and side of the bed. With a variety of designs offered at Wayfair, these are some of the best rated and highest priced (though we found some on sale for high dollar amounts off). If you are looking for high quality beds, this brand has a variety of designs that utilize quality materials like hard woods and padded upholstering.

Next, here is what's inside their Winston Porter Storage Beds:

The Winston Porter Storage beds are lower priced than the Greyleigh versions at very competitive pricepoints. Their upholstered platform storage bed offers a contemporary chic look with hidden storage drawers along the side of the bed. These are convenient for fitting clothes or bedding. Most customers like their Winston Porter beds with the rare negative review mentioning issues with assembly.

Next, here is what's inside their Brayden Studio Storage Beds:

The Brayden Studio Storage beds come in multiple platform bed options with drawers along the foodboard or side of the bed. For competitive prices, they have a wide variety of color palette options in upholstered versions or wood veneer. These beds get good ratings from customers on quality for the price.

Lastly, here is what's inside their Everly Quinn Storage Beds:

The Everly Quinn storage beds gets high marks when it comes to their designs and quality for the price. Their most popular Ruthann Upholstered storage bed comes with a high, stunning headboard with storage in the foot of the bed. Other options come in wooden looks and have drawers along the side or the foot of the bed. Customers described these designs as stunning and are very happy with what they receive in total.

Who Are Wayfair Storage Beds Right For?

Wayfair has a wide variety of high quality storage beds that range from affordable to luxury -- the above are some of the best of the best and have more designs in themselves than many other department stores. With Wayfair's transparent star ratings, shoppers can easily find what they are looking for and rest assured they are getting a quality product.

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The Bed is very nice [Greleigh Storage Bed]

The Bed is very nice comforting it’s exactly like its pictures

Love the bed [Greleigh Storage Bed]

Love the bed! Drawer is a little sticky though (

The bed is nice [Greleigh Storage Bed]

The bed is nice once put together. The instructions are flawed. If we had not followed another customers instructions online we would never have gotten it put together correctly. I read many reviews and they said the same thing. Wondering why the company has not fixed the instructions by now.

Love [Greleigh Storage Bed]

Love it!

IN LOVE WITH THIS BED [Greleigh Storage Bed]

IN LOVE WITH THIS BED!!!!!! However, it took my father and fiancé 4 hours to put it together - very confusing directions and numerous mislabeled pieces made it a challenge. Glad I read the reviews because doing the drawers first was the trick!! It also came in about 10 different boxes. It was worth the purchase, just be prepared for the work to put it together.

The bed is nicely made [Greleigh Storage Bed]

The bed is nicely made and very sturdy. It was a pain to put together and one of the drawers at the foot of the bed wasn’t able to be installed without being a bit crooked but not a huge deal if you can look past it. We had to put additional support under our mattress since we couldn’t use our box spring.

Awesome [Greleigh Storage Bed]

Awesome look & storage options are perfect for a small space.

We couldn’t be happier [Greleigh Storage Bed]

We couldn’t be happier with our purchase! The bed looks so regal and well made. Plus, I love the storage drawers. Highly recommend. Shipping was so fast too!

Love this bed [Greleigh Storage Bed]

Love this bed but 1/2 the directions are incorrect or misleading.

This bed looks great [Greleigh Storage Bed]

This bed looks great. It is a bit of a challenge to assemble though, and I am quite handy. Very time consuming. But end result is worth it!

Nice sturdy bed [Greleigh Storage Bed]

Nice sturdy bed, happy with purchase. Hard to set up, but worth it. Drawers don’t close as plush as I’d like, but not the biggest deal. Would buy again

This was difficult [Greleigh Storage Bed]

This was difficult to put together. Pieces were numbered wrong. Poor guy from handy was here for 8 hours! We ordered dinner for him and gave him a tip, but it shouldn’t have taken that long..

Easy [Winston Porter Storage Bed]

Easy to put together. Looks great!

This is a great bed [Winston Porter Storage Bed]

This is a great bed so far! Assembly was really easy, but it is a bit time consuming. The slats seem really sturdy as is, but I already had a bunkie board that I put on top of the slats. The head board is sturdy and does not bang on the wall when moving on the bed. Additionally, it is not too high up, so getting in and out of bed is easy enough. The only thing that I will say is that the headboard is a bit short for my setup (bunkie board and 15.5" deep mattress).

Great bed [Winston Porter Storage Bed]

Great bed,sturdy metal frame,tons of slats,no screeching noise well built and a ton of storage with drawers that lock in place,so no waking up with your foot in your linen! Great bed good value

Sleek [Winston Porter Storage Bed]


This was way easy [Winston Porter Storage Bed]

This was way easy to put together. Took me about 2 hours and I did it myself. My only complaint is that the edge of the drawers serve as part of the bed so closing them is a bit of a pain.

Looks exactly like the picture [Winston Porter Storage Bed]

Looks exactly like the picture and I love it! It looks great! The quality seems to be pretty good. Time will tell for sure, but I am optimistic. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I thought the drawer space was sealed off.... as in my cats can't get in. I haven't figured out HOW they are getting in there but I am pretty sure they think the drawers are their person beds now lol

Great [Winston Porter Storage Bed]

Great little bed.

Drawers are big [Winston Porter Storage Bed]

Drawers are big and on wheels but only 4 stars because the drawers are plastic. Other than the plastic drawers, it is very nice.

It’s exactly as described [Winston Porter Storage Bed]

It’s exactly as described and the drawers are amazing. Super modern and sleek looking. Changed our entire room

This literally took 2 days [Winston Porter Storage Bed]

This literally took 2 days to put toger and had to get replacement screws because the ones included in the package kept stripping. The storage draws are flimsy and cannot hold more than a few pounds. There were also no. Installation options for this product, which would be helpful since there were hundreds of pieces. Also the box was dropped at the front door and the package was torn apart

Well, made bed for the price. [Winston Porter Storage Bed]

Well, made bed for the price. Directions were clear and pictures were helpful. My 8 year old son who is a lego master was able to mostly figure it out on his own. Drawers are nice and roomy. Very happy with my purchase!

Very comfortable and beautiful [Winston Porter Storage Bed]

Very comfortable and beautiful! Only downside it was missing the instructions for assembly. We had to google search them

Game changer [Brayden Studio Storage Bed]

Game changer! We love this bed and all the hidden storage. It was pretty labor intensive for us to put together ( a couple engineer architects! ) The resistance to lift up the bed up and down is a little difficult, but we are still pleased with it.

Very nice [Brayden Studio Storage Bed]

Very nice and practical with storage.

Works well [Brayden Studio Storage Bed]

Works well and it looks great in my space! But when it was delivered it came with two different sets of instructions for the same bed. Some of the parts corresponded to one of the instruction books and some corresponded to the other. It took some creativity to put it together and now I have a leftover piece.

Beautiful bed [Brayden Studio Storage Bed]

Beautiful bed. Exactly what we were looking for.

It is really hard [Brayden Studio Storage Bed]

It is really hard to put together but it’s perfect.

exactly what I wanted [Brayden Studio Storage Bed]

exactly what I wanted. A little darker than in the pic, and takes a lot of pressure to bring the frame down. But so far so good!

Love this bed [Brayden Studio Storage Bed]

Love this bed! Love this hidden storage! Friends have commented on it as well. 5 stars

Nice [Brayden Studio Storage Bed]

Nice storage

Good [Brayden Studio Storage Bed]


I absolutely love [Brayden Studio Storage Bed]

I absolutely love and adore my Morris platform bed best sleep I’ve had in years so glad and happy I found it.

Great product [Brayden Studio Storage Bed]

Great product!! not too bad to assemble and looks fantastic when put together. lifts and lowers relatively easily and super convenient for storage!

Nice bed with plenty of storage [Brayden Studio Storage Bed]

Nice bed with plenty of storage. It’s a bit hard for me to lift the bed up to get to the storage but I’ve been able to do it when I really needed to (I’m 5’1”, 105lbs).

I had this bed delivered [Brayden Studio Storage Bed]

I had this bed delivered a few months ago and finally got it put together and I love it. I had a girlfriend come over to help me put it together and it did take us about 6 hrs but we did it! Everything is labelled very clearly and it comes with the wrench and allen key needed as well as two copies of the instructions. It helped to have a second allen key so we could both work on it at the same time and we needed a screwdriver for a couple of items. We started off really well but then did a few mistakes because we were getting tired and misread the instructions. In Step 13 there's holes on both sides of the part "G" and we didn't line them up properly (as it says to do) and in Step 18 we misread how the slat curve should go. This was a huge mistake-we'd attached all the slats and realized they were going the incorrect way and then it was impossible to correct without breaking most of the plastic parts that were holding them in. We were able to fix it and I'm using it with no problem but I called the manufacturer and they sent me new parts which was amazing - we just have to fix that at some point. Without those mistakes the time to put it together would've been much less. Also definitely do step 17 AFTER the very last step - you need the weight of the mattress on there in order to push down the hydraulic lifts. It was super awkward to get the mattress on but once we did it was great. I bought a pillow top mattress and it's sooooo comfortable. The mattress made it higher and I have pillows propped up so it does cover the headboard a fair bit but it still looks great. The bed is silent there's no squeaking etc. The storage space underneath is fantastic. It's what sold me on the bed and I love it so much.

Beautiful and comfortable [Everly Quinn Storage Bed]

Beautiful and comfortable bed! SOOOO soft. Color is a perfect shade! The headboard is a bit tall but other than that, we LOVE it!

Feels good [Everly Quinn Storage Bed]

Feels good to have a bed frame again. Easy set up with two people

Omg [Everly Quinn Storage Bed]

Omg i love it

Everything I expected [Everly Quinn Storage Bed]

Everything I expected & more. Love the storage space

Absolutely [Everly Quinn Storage Bed]

Absolutely gorgeous !

LOVE this bed [Everly Quinn Storage Bed]

LOVE this bed. We have had multiple members of our family and friends comment on how much they love this piece and mention that they will also be ordering it. We also had this piece assembled for us by the Wayfair team. Again, they went above and beyond!

we love the look [Everly Quinn Storage Bed]

we love the look and functionality of this bed but be warned it will NOT work with all adjustable bed frames, created quite an issue when it came to assembly

Beautiful [Everly Quinn Storage Bed]

Beautiful!!!!!! Color is more of a light blueish grey it may be my lighting white bulbs but still very pretty

everything [Everly Quinn Storage Bed]


This is just sick [Everly Quinn Storage Bed]

This is just sick...... it’s above highly recommended

Great [Everly Quinn Storage Bed]

Great bed!! Even better than that photo!!!

Everything [Everly Quinn Storage Bed]


I just love [Everly Quinn Storage Bed]

I just love the look

I love this bed [Everly Quinn Storage Bed]

I love this bed ! So beautiful in person ! Fits my room perfectly ! Delivery was great

Worst bed I ever bought!

At first, we thought this bed was great. It was a brute to put together - took my hubby hours and he's very handy. The drawers are made of flimsy plastic, so don't plan to put anything heavy in them. But we thought it was worth it. Looked nice, elegant. Just over a year in, we realized the support bars were all bent and one metal bar broke. There is no centre support structure. Our daughter is about half the prescribed weight on the specs (and no, she wasn't jumping on it). Wayfair sent replacement parts. We've added some wood support and hope that holds. But this bed will not last and will end up in the landfill far sooner than it should for a $700 bed! Very disappointed. Especially when other reviews have been good.


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