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Wayfair Loft Bed Reviews

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Wayfair has taken the Internet by storm, with its wide selection of home decor and furniture for competitive prices. When it comes to their loft beds, they have a wide range of offerings in designs that fit most rooms. Also, they offer adult sizes that can work for those that are looking for a newer style while saving space. Most customers like their Wayfair loft beds and their experience in general.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 9.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.4/10

Material Quality: 9.1/10

Design Options: 9.3/10

Ease of Assembly: 9.2/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

Price: $128-$2599

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Wayfair Loft Bed Details

Alike to other furniture product lines, Wayfair's loft beds span a wide array of designs and manufacturers, which provides customers with more selection. Additionally, the average price of these items is usually very price competitive versus other department stores or other online retailers, making Wayfair's selection a good value.

Quality of Materials

When it comes to material quality, Wayfair works with a large number of manufacturers. Their loft beds range from steel to wooden options and from lower priced, high value options, to more high end craftsmanship. Below, we'll go through their most popular loft beds available and discuss the ins and outs of their designs.

Here is what's inside the most popular Mack & Milo Loft Beds:

The Mack & Milo Loft Beds come with durable steel designs and high weight thresholds. The most popular 'Pinery' loft bed has a weight capacity of 250lbs and a height of 72''. Other options have weight capacities of 300lbs, making them safe for some adults. These come in multiple color options, with most customers describing them as high quality and sturdy.

Next, here is what's inside their Viv + Rae Loft Beds:

The Viv + Rae loft beds come in multiple designs, including a higher steel version that comes in black, white, or silver. They also have shorter metal loft beds that are ideal for younger children. Their higher loft beds are 72'' high, while their smaller childrens loft beds are less so. Additionally, they have innovative designs like forts and treehouse beds. These loft beds get good reviews overall from customers with less issues around assembly.

Next, here is what's inside their Harriet Bee Loft Beds:

Harriet Bee makes a variety of loft beds for children, with both shorter and higher options. Most of them are made of wood, with their most popular option being a shorter 'junior loft bed' that allows for storage or play space below. These loft beds get good reviews from customers with some mentioning issues with assembly.

Lastly, here is what's inside their Birth Lane™ Heritage Loft Bed:

Most Birch Lane Heritage loft beds come with extra storage within the lofted area beneath the mattress with drawers and hamper space. These are generally made of wood, though they also have some steel options as well. These get good reviews overall, but some had issues with the durability for some models.

Who Are Wayfair Loft Beds Right For?

For those that don't know where to start, Wayfair is a great option with lots of designs and pricepoints available. With mostly good reviews and transparent star ratings, Wayfair makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

Browse Wayfair Loft Bed Customer Reviews

My daughter loves it... [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

My daughter loves it. Super cute and the perfect sizes for her. Very sturdy and easy to put together.

I would say overall quality... [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

I would say overall quality of the product in assembly is very nice and simple my children loves it

Wasn’t as tall... [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

Wasn’t as tall as I seen in pictures.. but everything else was good.

Very cute... [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

Very cute. Extremely sturdy.

This bed is adorable... [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

This bed is adorable, sturdy and so much fun! We purchased for a very spunky, agile 2 year old and she does very well getting in and out. The original bed was delivered with an incorrect piece and -as usual- Wayfair's customer service was amazing at getting it replaced in a timely manner. We paired this with the 6" lucid memory foam mattress and it is perfect. I will always search wayfair first for purchases because their customer service is stellar. Would recommend!

My daughter truly loves this bed... [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

My daughter truly loves this bed. Its high enough off the floor and more than enough room to store more than your usual shoes under. ❤ than you wayfair. Awesome prices that didnt break my pockets

didn’t have any trouble [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

didn’t have any trouble assembling it. it’s very sturdy.

Cute bed [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

Cute bed but not so sturdy, keeps Loosening up

I am in love with this product [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

I am in love with this product! all reviews were accurate. The bed is sturdy and promising. My daughter is in love with her bed. You definitely have to have a handy person to assemble this product but once its build and placed you will have no regrets.

Strong and sturdy [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

Strong and sturdy, just perfect!

Looks good and sturdy so far [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

Looks good and sturdy so far. It will 100% take two people to set up. Also needs something placed between the mattress and slats. something flat.

Great product [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

Great product. Sturdy and durable. Easy to assemble.

Perfect height [Harriet Bee Loft Bed]

Perfect height for a young child

Not [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

Not sturdy

Daughter loves it [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

Daughter loves it very much and is very pleased with it

It is a great space saver [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

It is a great space saver for my daughters room! It went together easily and looks nice!

The product is very sturdy [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

The product is very sturdy, well made, and affordable.

I got this for my 9 year old son [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

I got this for my 9 year old son and he loves it. I put it together by myself without any help so it took me a little longer than expected. Instructions were pretty clear and love that it came with extra parts (my two old got a hold of one of the screws & lost it). The desk & shelves are nice & sturdy. Overall, we're really happy with this bed!

Easy to but together [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

Easy to but together and very sturdy! Plus my daughter loves it!

Exactly as pictured [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

Exactly as pictured. This was the easiest piece of furniture I have ever put together. My son absolutely loves it and says he likes doing homework now because of the desk.

My son just turned 7 [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

My son just turned 7 and loves this bed!

As pictured [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

As pictured, sturdy, pretty easy to assemble.

Works perfect [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

Works perfect in my son’s room. Just as described.

It went together pretty good [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

It went together pretty good. There was a little manipulating the metal to get the holes to line up but we did it. When I say "we", I mean 2 Grandma's! haha! The instructions weren't half bad. Just don't read into it too much. I do recommend not putting the bars that hold the mattress up until the end. You need the space to put the desk and shelves in before those or you will bonk your melon non-stop! I only have 8ft ceilings and I feel it's a little tight. However, I did use a bunky board under the there's a couple inches and my mattress is 8 inches, plus I have a 2 inch memory foam piece on top of the mattress. I really can't complain though. My grandson is 7 and fits just fine. Plenty of room for him to sit up and move around. I love how big it is underneath! Lots of room for more furniture and a good size chair.

Easy assembly [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

Easy assembly, really like the shelves and desk area for homework. Love the extra space it gives for play area in small bedroom. Great for kids.

Sturdy [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

Sturdy for the price

Happy with the quality [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

Happy with the quality. Assembly wasn't too bad with two people. The bottom part of the mattress is about 4'10" off the floor.

Love this bed [Mack & Milo Loft Bed]

Love this bed. Bought it for my 10 year old daughter. Have her tons of space and a desk in her room that wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for this bed.

Love it [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

Love it Got it to start making my sons big boy room and is everything he wants

This is exactly what I was needing [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

This is exactly what I was needing to give my son more space he loves it and it was pretty easy to put together very happy with this purchase!!

Looks good [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

Looks good and easy to assemble!

Easy to assemble and sturdy [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

Easy to assemble and sturdy. Fits my son’s room perfectly! Great purchase!

this was a great investment [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

this was a great investment the kids and I love it!

nice [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

nice. easy to put together. could be more sturdy. wouldn't recommend for over 100lbs

Good quality [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

Good quality, easy to make

Materials are quality [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

Materials are quality which makes for a very sturdy bed. Purchased for my 9 year old son and, so far, he loves it. Was straight forward to put together with him helping to steady pieces as our came together. As other reviews mentioned, the ladder rungs are not ideal, but easily rectified with a pool noodle and some fabric tape to make it look better (I knew this going in but couldn't beat the price).

Perfect for kids bedroom [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

Perfect for kids bedroom. Took a long time to put together and although it is stable I think it will only be suitable for our 9 year old for a couple of years.

Great loft bed [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

Great loft only issue is the latter, it hurts when climbing up and down

Daughter loves this bed! [Viv + Rae Loft Bed]

Daughter loves this bed! She got moved into a smaller room and this gives her the freedom to have the room in her room to do what she wants with it. She calls it her club house.

Great price and great color

Great price and great color. Only issue were putting the desk together, it does not seem to line up right. However, buying from wayfair is always an awesome experience. It works for what we need....


Wonderful bed! Perfect price for a bed for my 8 year old son!

Instructions to assemble aren’t great

Instructions to assemble aren’t great but now that it’s assembled, great for price. Looks great too!

Great bed

Great bed for my son’s room.


Love it


Good bed. Very sturdy (even on carpet).

Assembly was basically straight forward

Assembly was basically straight forward and the kids love it! This was just what we needed!


Great Space Saver

I bought 2 of these as Christmas gifts

I bought 2 of these as Christmas gifts for my 10 year old twin granddaughters and they absolutely love them and I Love that they will last them for years!!

It was a Christmas gift

It was a Christmas gift for my 12 year old grandson. He loves it

My daughter loves this bed

My daughter loves this bed. My only issue is that it doesn’t seem as stable as I would like. It’s not going to fall apart or fall over by any means, just moves more than I’d like when she is climbing in and out.

It is a little unsteady

It is a little unsteady and wobbles while climbing which is nerve-racking. But it works ok although I should have paid closer attention to the measurements. Once I put a mattress in, there is no way for my daughter to sit up straight and not hit the ceiling....Read More



My grandson loves it!

My grandson loves it! I of course thought it came with the fold out bed, and was afraid that he might hit his head on the ceiling but he hasn't and he loves it and that's what matters so thank you

Best storage [Maxtrix Kids Loft Bed]

Best storage bed ever

not too bad to assemble [Maxtrix Kids Loft Bed]

not too bad to assemble. the stair, and chests were complete when we got them. just the rails and posts to do. fits the space not enough color choices

This bed is not worth 2500 [Maxtrix Kids Loft Bed]

This bed is not worth 2500. The pieces do not fit together well and there was hardware missing. The dressers dont fit flush underneath the bed, we had to push the in behind the legs of the bed. This makes opening the drawers difficult. The wood looks cheap and the stain is more red than it is brown. Since sending the bed back would have been too difficult, we are forced to keep it. But we are not happy with this product at all.


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