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Wayfair Daybed Reviews

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Wayfair is known for its wide variety of furniture and home decor. They have countless manufacturers that provide products from discount options to higher end styles. Their daybeds are no exception, with hundreds of products to choose from. Most customers like Wayfair's selection and can find what they are looking for, with the rare negative review mentioning assembly difficulties.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 9.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.4/10

Material Quality: 9.2/10

Design Options: 9.6/10

Ease of Assembly: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.4/10

Price: $65-$1399

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Wayfair Daybed Details

Wayfair has a wide range of furniture items -- from lower priced goods to higher priced, luxury options. When it comes to their daybeds, they have a wide range of designs for the contemporary home with the best options being moderately priced and highly reviewed.

Quality of Materials

Wayfair has a large range of material quality and manufacturers. However, with transparent ratings, it can take the hassle out of finding the pieces of furniture that have the best designs and features. Below, we'll go through some of their best rated daybeds and discuss the ins and outs of their designs.

Here is what's inside one of their nicest brands, One Allium Way Daybeds:

One Allium Ways makes high end daybeds and furniture items in general. Their daybeds come in both upholstered and wooden options in a wide array of designs. Their highly rated Halton Daybed is made of solid wood with a distressed whitewashed look, with antique-style details. Customers really like the One Allium Way options, but they are pricier than other options.

Next, here is what's inside their Three Posts Daybeds:

The Three Posts Daybeds offer mostly moderately priced upholstered daybed options that have a high-end look, but won't break the budget. With options with and without a trundle addition, these daybeds are well-loved by customers for their styles and quality for the price.

Next, here is what's inside their Langley Street Daybeds:

Langley Street only has a few designs to choose from, but with their most popular version being a sleek, modern upholstered version for a very competitive pricepoint, it isn't hard to see what customers love. Their most popular Ahmad Mid Century Daybed offers three color options with three low sides. Customers report easy set up and high value for the price.

Lastly, here is what's inside their Ebern Designs Daybeds:

Ebern Designs has a wide array of options, from those that feature distressed wood stylings to metal frames. With competitive prices, these are great options for budget-conscious shpppers who want wider design options. Their Kingsdown Contemporary Daybed features a metal design that comes in multiple color choices for a very low price. Most customers like their Ebern Designs daybeds.

Who Are Wayfair Daybeds Right For?

Wayfair has a wide variety of high quality daybeds that range from affordable to luxury -- the above options are among the best in a range of pricepoints.

Browse Wayfair Daybed Customer Reviews

It’s sturdy [One Allium Way]

It’s sturdy and simple for a nice room.

I love this bed [One Allium Way]

I love this bed. It was easy to build and these past few months I've moved it around a bit and it's very light.

The style [One Allium Way]

The room looks a French garden.

We have a small extra room [One Allium Way]

We have a small extra room which also doubles as our office. This trundle bed is perfect for us. It functions as a daybed as well as two double bed when we have extra guests. Quality could be a bit better and the price is right.

The bed is beautiful and sturdy [One Allium Way]

The bed is beautiful and sturdy. However, the paint job is poor. There were several spots where it appeared too much paint was applied and so the paint dried causing a drip effect. There were other spots that the paint was too thin. When we dressed it up with the bedding, however, we could not see the defects. So overall I am pleased with the bed.

I wanted a pretty sturdy daybed [One Allium Way]

I wanted a pretty sturdy daybed without being "heavy looking". It does seem like it is really sturdy. It was easy to assemble by myself. For the price, I was a bit disappointed that the bolts and washers, that hold the bed together, did not have some kind of cover or at least be white like the bed. There are a few that are visible (that don't show on the picture on the website). I will figure something out (either paint or "cover" of some kind). Other than the visible bolts/washers, it is very true to picture on website. Is going to be perfect for the room I am using it for.

Never got it yet [One Allium Way]

Never got it yet still waiting. Please let us know when it will arrive so we can make arrangements to be home.

It's a very nice bed [One Allium Way]

It's a very nice bed but it arrived with what looks like rust stains all over it. I called customer service immediately and sent pictures but haven't received any word back yet. I thought they would be much more prompt with their response. Still waiting.

It's a little hard [One Allium Way]

It's a little hard to pull together but it's beautiful as a finished project.

Very nice quality [One Allium Way]

Very nice quality. Not difficult to assemble! Happy overall with quality.

Looks great [Three Posts]

Looks great in our finished basement as a sofa/daybed.

Awesome [Three Posts]

Awesome fabric and great quality

This trundle bed [Three Posts]

This trundle bed was ordered during the holidays for my grandbabies visiting. It gave us ample space for two little people. It is gorgeous. Easy to put together. Color is a bit lighter but I was very happy it matched better

Comfort [Three Posts]


Assembly took about an hour [Three Posts]

Assembly took about an hour for just one person but it is a beautiful piece. The trundle rolls great on carpet.

Beautiful [Three Posts]

Beautiful, classy piece! It's large, so measure carefully, but ensures an excellent night's sleep for my guests!

Love the fabric [Three Posts]

Love the fabric and sleek look of daybed.

Great [Three Posts]

Great, sturdy bed for my girls’ bedroom. They love it and easy to assemble.

this is such a nice bed [Three Posts]

this is such a nice bed for our grandchildren. the trundle works well

Very sturdy bed [Three Posts]

Very sturdy bed. My boys love it! I ordered another one for my oldest teen a couple days later! Would highly recommend if you are looking for a trundle option!!

This gorgeous bed [Three Posts]

This gorgeous bed makes a great addition to our home. The beds are super comfortable and it was easy to assemble.

Love the color of the upholstery [Three Posts]

Love the color of the upholstery. it's such a cute little day bed with the trundle, it allows us to hae sleeping space for two in a small guestroom/office.

What can I say [Langley Street]

What can I say... I love this sofadaybed... from the moment I saw it I knew it would look perfect in my studioloft. Ive already had my son and some friends stay over. Its sturdy, stylish and affordable... a dream!!

Easy to assemble [Langley Street]

Easy to assemble shipped quickly

Looks good [Langley Street]

Looks good. Fits my space perfectly.

I LOVE this daybed [Langley Street]

I LOVE this daybed!!! As a woman I put it together by myself in about 45mins. Definitely follow the instructions (don’t tighten everything till the end). The instructions are very easy to follow and everything was nicely labeled. The bed is very heavy so when it was delivered I had a hard time pushing it inside, but amazing quality!! I LOVE it!! I have a 10 inch mattress and I wouldn’t go any bigger! I am so happy I got this bed for the price!!!!

This bed [Langley Street]

This bed has worked out great for my 10 year old son.

I was very pleased [Langley Street]

I was very pleased with this purchase. It fits next to a set of bunk beds and it makes a great impression plus it’s comfortable as it holds a twin mattress. I am very happy with this look.

It’s really sturdy [Langley Street]

It’s really sturdy, exactly what I was looking for!

Great bed [Langley Street]

Great bed frame but assembly was difficult and time consuming!

We wanted a daybed [Langley Street]

We wanted a daybed for our den that would keep the room looking up to date and tidy. This one is great for hanging out and reading during the day or a great bed for last minute guests. We combined it with the mattress Wayfair recommended and it’s very comfortable. The instructions are excellent, all the parts were there and in perfect condition and it was quick to set up.

He likes [Langley Street]

He likes the style.

love [Langley Street]


Not very [Ebern Designs]

Not very sturdy.

My grandkids [Ebern Designs]

My grandkids love it!

Its ok [Ebern Designs]

Its ok. Ive had it roughly 5 months and it seems to be a little wobbly now. I do like all the extra space under the bed tho which is great for storage. I bought 4 storage bins for my daughters toys that fit under there perfectly.

Exactly what I was looking for [Ebern Designs]

Exactly what I was looking for. Perfect and easy to put together.

Nice [Ebern Designs]

Nice but cheap craftsmanship

Exactly [Ebern Designs]

Exactly what we wanted and as pictureddescribed

Perfect [Ebern Designs]

Perfect size. Loving it

Love [Ebern Designs]

Love its perfect thank you very much

High enough [Ebern Designs]

High enough to store things under. Sleek and stylish.

Good [Ebern Designs]

Good day bed.

Was ridiculously difficult [Ebern Designs]

Was ridiculously difficult to put together and you definitely need two people to build this bed. It was also way higher than expected. The arms of the daybed are a lot thicker than the rest of the frame. Wish I dissembled the thing and returned it when I first got it.

This is lightweight [Ebern Designs]

This is lightweight and easy to put together. We use it as an extra guest bed with a trundle underneath and it works great for us

perfect [Ebern Designs]

It is perfect would recommend it to everyone


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