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Walmart Trundle Bed Reviews

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Walmart focuses on affordable home decor, clothing, and other products. When it comes to their trundle beds, they have a wide array of options. Most of their designs are daybeds with trundle combinations, though they do offer some other varieties as well. Most of their options are below $500 in price, which is price competitive. Most customers like their Walmart trundle beds, though some had issues with durability and assembly.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 8.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.7/10

Material Quality: 8.6/10

Design Options: 9.2/10

Ease of Assembly: 8.6/10

Price Value: 8.9/10

Price: $70-$589

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Walmart Trundle Bed Details

Walmart is known for its discount approach to products across a wide array of types, from home decor to fashion. When it comes to their trundle beds, they have a variety of discount types in a wide range of styles. With this selection, most customers are able to find what they are looking for, but there were some issues with assembly for some.

Quality of Materials

Walmart has a large selection of trundle beds available, with most of them being hidden beds within wooden bed frames. Most of their selection uses solid wood or metal construction and get solid ratings from customers overall when it comes to price value. That said, some had issues with assembly. Below, we'll go through their most popular trundle beds available and discuss the ins and outs of their designs.

Here is what's inside the most popular DHP Trundle Beds:

DHP makes a large selection of discount furniture, with their daybeds with trundle being a popular option for those that need an extra bed without compromising space. These beds are affordable and get good reviews from customers overall, but some had issues with the durability and longevity.

Next, here is what's inside their Better Homes & Gardens Trundle Beds:

The Better Home & Garden trundle beds feature daybed designs in metal and wood with pull-out trundle beds beneath. These are price competitive options and come in twin size. They get good ratings overall from customers, but some had issues with perceived quality.

Next, here is what's inside their Walker Edison Trundle Beds:

The Walker Edison Trundle beds offer a variety of designs. Their Black Metal Roll-Out Trundle is a good addition to a bunk bed as it is low profile and can be slid beneath the primary bed. Most customers like their Walker Edison beds, but some had issues with the design.

Lastly, here is what's inside their Novogratz Trundle Beds:

The Novogratz trundles feature daybed designs with pull-out beds beneath. Their popular pop metal daybed provides a trendy, contemporary look and gets good ratings from customers, but there were some that had issues with longevity for some models.

Who Are Walmart Trundle Beds Right For?

These are ideal for those that want a wealth of designs for cheap. For those that want durable options that will last, see our List of Top Rated Trundle Beds for great alternatives.

Browse Walmart Trundle Bed Customer Reviews

Very simple to assemble [DHP Storage Bed]

Very simple to assemble. Bought it for my 8yr old and 4yr old. Only problem im having is keepeing the trundle from sliding around..we have all wood floors so im thinking i may need to buy a small area rug to use under it. Over all i am very satisfied

Went together quick [DHP Storage Bed]

Went together quick. only for small humans though! looks cute in my spare room

I found the bed easy to assemble [DHP Storage Bed]

I found the bed easy to assemble. My fingers hurt from popping in plastic pieces, but it was not a big deal. The bed and trundle are really nice considering the price. I am female, 5'4" and 165lbs. I bought a 6" memory foam mattress and found the bed to be extremely sturdy and I could not feel the slats through the mattress. (I slept on it for a night to try it out.) Itxs perfect for my guest room and I am very glad I bought it. I would purchase again.

Will be using [DHP Storage Bed]

Will be using for extra guests. Great bed easy to assemble, very sturdy.

This trundle bed frame [DHP Storage Bed]

This trundle bed frame is outstanding for the price I paid! It was very easy to assemble and all of the parts were there! I would definitely recommend this!

This product is beautiful [DHP Storage Bed]

This product is beautiful, great item for small bedroom, it's built well and seems sturdy. I would highly recommend this item! Hayneedle, thank you for the exceptional service in processing my order! I would purchase from you again.

It was very easy [DHP Storage Bed]

It was very easy to put together. Love it!

It's great price for super comfy bed [DHP Storage Bed]

It's great price for super comfy bed. it's great for extra sleeping bed rather than sleeping on floor or air bed. beautiful design for guest room. its more than year now since we have this bed. we just love it. bed came right on time, my dad n husband assembly this bed which was easy. im giving 4stars bcoz the Trundle includes 4 casters; 2 locking and 2 non-locking which is not working. whenever pull out bed, it doesnt stick to one place. we have to pull it closer to wall for wall support.

Sturdy, nice looking [DHP Storage Bed]

Sturdy, nice looking, easy to assemble (2 person job), great $ value. Only problem is, it came short of a slat which we discovered upon completion of assembly. Seller is sending one over, hope to receive it within this week.

The trundle bed is beautiful [DHP Storage Bed]

The trundle bed is beautiful. My husband put it together and didn't have too much trouble but then he's very mechanically inclined! But the finished product is great! We received it several days early and that was appreciated. We were impressed with the quality and looks!

I bought this daybed with trundle [DHP Storage Bed]

I bought this daybed with trundle for my 12 year old daughter. We ordered it online and when we received it and went to set it up, it was missing a part. So I had to call in and send over my receipts and labels off the box and wait. We received to part and put the bed together. My daughter loved the bed. Until, just a month past the year warranty the front of the bedframe caved in. My daughter is around 120lbs, this bed has a 400lb weight limit. I called the company and they won't replace any parts because its past the year warranty. They said I must purchase them. I did not buy the cheapest bed, therefore I was not expecting it to be garbage a year after I bought it. Don't waste your money. This is a piece of crap, it won't last and the company won't make it right. It should not even be a product being sold, for the way it caved in on the front rail is insane. The only thing the bed was used for is sleeping, there was no jumping around. I'm very disappointed that I wasted my money and the fact that I would have to pay to fix the bed, which it would probably break again. So I don't recommend this bed to anyone, especially anyone over 100lbs. You are taking a risk.

We received our daybed [Better Homes & Gardens Storage Bed]

We received our daybed and like it with the exception that it is off-white/cream colored rather than the bright white we were expecting. I considered returning it but decided it was too much trouble so we're going to live with it.

A beautiful bed [Better Homes & Gardens Storage Bed]

A beautiful bed and was very easy to put together!! Everyone who has seen it loves it ...especially my granddaughters!!

The parts did not line up [Better Homes & Gardens Storage Bed]

The parts did not line up properly and portions of the back side of the bed were rusted. Once put together, repainted in some places to hide rust, and in some cases "forced" together because of bent parts - It's a nice bed. The design is nice. Just make be prepared to put in a bit of elbow grease.

Love the modern design [Better Homes & Gardens Storage Bed]

Love the modern design and quality of how the bed is made. Heavy metal easy to install. It works amazingly great . It's worth every $$$

Beautiful [Better Homes & Gardens Storage Bed]

Beautiful bed and high quality. Ideal for my small apartment studio.!!!!

Arrived with chips [Better Homes & Gardens Storage Bed]

Arrived with chips in the paint on the top rail and the box looked like it was dropped off a building. Sending it back would result in waiting and probably the next one would have something wrong as well. It was easy to assemble - I did it myself in 2 hours. Looks good (with a throw over the chips) and feels sturdy. Trundle glides easily. Used 5" mattresses top and bottom.

My son liked the look [Better Homes & Gardens Storage Bed]

My son liked the look and the size of it. Perfect for his room.

Based on the reviews [Better Homes & Gardens Storage Bed]

Based on the reviews, I expected this to be pretty decent. But I guess you get what you pay for. The metal felt cheap and looked poorly made. The plastic spacers for the support rods were so brittle and thin - there’s no way they’d hold up to years of use. But the kicker for me was that one of (only two!) screw holes on the side of the bed was too large for the screw. I might’ve accepted a replacement part for one of the little bits of the bed but not one of the three largest partsand major structural support of the whole thing. Buyer beware

the daybed is really well made [Better Homes & Gardens Storage Bed]

the daybed is really well made. it was not hard to put took about 2hours for just me to make it and the instuctions were easy to understand.

We had an old heavy wooden one [Better Homes & Gardens Storage Bed]

We had an old heavy wooden one that I thought wasn't safe for my granddaughter. The new one is lighter and slightly smaller so the mattress is a snug fit and safer. It was easy to assemble and very attractive.

I love this daybed [Better Homes & Gardens Storage Bed]

I love this daybed the style is like no other I've seen.

Well make [Better Homes & Gardens Storage Bed]

Well make, easy to assemble - Grandma and 11 year old granddaughter built it. Sturdy. Box spring not mandatory has 22 locked in supports on bed, and 20 on trundle. I have a bunkie board.

love the look of the bed [Better Homes & Gardens Storage Bed]

love the look of the bed!!! we are decorating our guest bedroom like black and white old hollywood style and it fits in perfectly

Basic and easy [Walker Edison Storage Bed]

Basic and easy, exactly what you see is what you get

I thought I was purchasing the whole bed [Walker Edison Storage Bed]

I thought I was purchasing the whole bed . Was wondering why ups was dropping off one box. I called Walmart customer services and the lady let me know then it was just the bottom part.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE [Walker Edison Storage Bed]


I was in dire need [Walker Edison Storage Bed]

I was in dire need of a frame to hold a mattress under our old daybed. This one was the right size to easily clear the daybed legs and the description said it would fit any twin mattress. Although it arrived a day later than originally expected (which is why I downgraded it), it fit the bill perfectly. We were wondering if there would be enough slats to support the mattress comfortably, and indeed they were plentiful. My spouse put it together quickly while I was out, and it is ready for the next onslaught of summer guests.

Easy [Walker Edison Storage Bed]

Easy assembly.

Works great [Walker Edison Storage Bed]

Works great for extra bed under my daughter so twin bed.

We bought this as a space saving bed [Walker Edison Storage Bed]

We bought this as a space saving bed for our grandson's visit. It was easy to assemble and he slept just fine on it. I'm not sure I'd like to sleep on it myself as it is too low to the ground.

This is an ok [Walker Edison Storage Bed]

This is an ok item

I ordered this thinking [Walker Edison Storage Bed]

I ordered this thinking it was the entire bunk bed pictured, when the tiny box came I was like...where is the rest of it!? Not sure why I would think I actually found a brand new bunk bed for $90. Anyway, after recovering from my brain glitch and ordering an actual bunk bed, I set out to put together the trundle. It was easy and I had no problems until the plastic push in tabs tried to break my thumbs. Trundle is now rolling smoothly and easily from under the bunk bed. My 6 year old has no problems getting it in and out at bedtime.

Very nice, sturdy [Novogratz Storage Bed]

Very nice, sturdy, easy to assemble. Took about an hour or a little more with 2 people. Would have been difficult for one person, the beginning, anyway. I have a 10" mattress on top and an 8" on the bottom. Fits like a glove. I wouldn't get anything taller for the bottom. If I didn't already have the 10", I would have gone with an 8" for both. It's a tad high with the 10".

Word of warning [Novogratz Storage Bed]

Word of warning: as other reviewers have mentioned, the turquoise is BLUE. It's a very, very bold color. Which my 8 year old is thrilled with. But had I known, I would have gone with white. Other than that, assembly took a while but was very clear and easy to do. The tools included did the job just fine. The bed is solid. I almost purchased one for 3 times as much, and am SO HAPPY I found this on Haylneedle!

Beautiful [Novogratz Storage Bed]

Beautiful. Arrived faster than quoted. Used for my daughters BIG GIRL bed. She is very happy and proud of it. Just as described. I would say color is not paper white. More of a cream white. Which I expected based off of there reviews and wanted

I bought this for my daughter's 16th birthday [Novogratz Storage Bed]

I bought this for my daughter's 16th birthday very cute bed but very weak. she weighs 140 pounds and when she would sit on the side of it the bed would bow in the middle. last night she sat on it and it gave and completely broke not just bent. ordered bed Oct 18 and it is now broken on Nov 4th.

What a great buy [Novogratz Storage Bed]

What a great buy. Such a great price. Easy to put together.

I bought this daybed [Novogratz Storage Bed]

I bought this daybed because it does not look like all the other metal daybeds; it also is an unusual color (Turquoise) and very sturdy. The instructions for assembling were clear and easy to follow. While it would have been nice to have a trundle option that could pop up to be level with the top mattress, I am perfectly happy with the purchase.

Bought this daybed [Novogratz Storage Bed]

Bought this daybed in turquoise for a guest room. When it arrived I was surprised at the quality for the price paid. Went together easily and is a wonderful "pop" of color for a coastal feel or beach house. I agree with another review that the daybed is not a true turquoise but rather a bright water blue but if you are decorating with a beach theme it will blend well.

Good for small rooms [Novogratz Storage Bed]

Good for small rooms. 400 lb. capacity was one of the considerations for choosing this model. Extra parts were a considerate and welcome inclusion.

Love the daybed [Novogratz Storage Bed]

Love the daybed style and color. Only sorry I didn't get one with a popup trundle. I thought the bed was so pretty I didn't think not having a popup trundle would matter. Never thinking of how inconvenient this on my older guests. Maybe someday I will find the trundle seperate i can buy. I will have to wait awhile before I can do that. The bed is soooooo pretty.

Overall, the construction is solid [Novogratz Storage Bed]

Overall, the construction is solid. While it is not the same as a real iron bed, it achieves the look. The price is totally fair for what you get. The reason I gave it four stars is I was kinda bummed that a comfy 10-inch mattress was too deep for the upper part of the bed (it looks fine but not great). Anything thicker would not look right. If you want to have the traditional "couch-like" look of a daybed, go with an 8-inch mattress or thinner. I purchased an 8-inch foam mattress for the trundle and that tucks in nicely. Overall, I'm happy with the purchase and would recommend to someone else as long as they knew the above specs regarding what mattress to purchase.

Quick delivery [Novogratz Storage Bed]

Quick delivery. Very easy assembly and it looks great in my room!

Bought this for my teen daughters [Novogratz Storage Bed]

Bought this for my teen daughters room and she loves it! It was easily put together by she and I in about an hour. We've had it for about a month and no problems. It seems sturdy and I don't hear it squeak. She's 5'7 and 140 lbs. Her friends love the trundle for when they spend the night and it rolls easily in and out from under the bed. I bought the 8" memory foam cool gel mattress for the top and it fits perfectly! Would buy again!


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