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Walmart Loft Bed Reviews

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Walmart is known for its discount offerings across a wide array of products and departments. When it comes to loft beds, they focus on competitively priced options with a wide variety of designs. That said, not all of these items received wonderful sentiment from sleepers -- most customers enjoyed the metal loft beds more than wooden counterparts. Though most were able to get their beds set up, some products had issues with assembly.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 8.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.6/10

Material Quality: 8.5/10

Design Options: 8.8/10

Ease of Assembly: 8.6/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

Price: $75-$490

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Walmart Loft Bed Details

Walmart has a wide variety of loft bed designs available from a large selection of manufacturers that they work with. The benefit of this selection is that customers can find a large number of designs and pricepoints available.

Quality of Materials

Most of Walmart's offerings focus on budget-friendly loft bed designs, which incorporate materials like steel or solid wood designs. Though some offerings have higher max weight thresholds, most Walmart options are designed for children and teens. Below, we'll go through their most popular loft beds available and discuss the ins and outs of their designs.

Here is what's inside the most popular Walker Edison Loft Beds:

The Walker Edison Loft Bed features a steel design with three different color options -- silver, white, and black. The bed is 71'' tall and has a max weight of 250lbs. Ladders on both sides make it easy to get in and out of bed. Customers mostly like this option, but there were some that had issues with sturdiness, wobbles, and squeaks in some cases.

Next, here is what's inside their Your Zone Loft Beds:

Your Zone has a variety of loft beds available at Walmart, featuring both wood and metal designs. Their most popular metal design supports 225 lbs max weight and is 72'' tall. Most customers find it easy to set up, but some had issues with the durability. The wood version is less supportive, only holding 175lbs of weight and is less tall at 56''. Most customers like this bed, but some had issues with the durability of the wood pieces.

Next, here is what's inside their Dorel Loft Beds:

The Dorel loft beds come in multiple metal designs. Their most popular features shelving and a desk below the bed for an affordable pricepoint. It also is 74'' tall and has a weight limit of 200lbs. Most customers like their Dorel loft beds, but some had issues with wobbles and stability.

Lastly, here is what's inside their Better Homes & Gardens Loft Beds:

The Better Home & Gardens Loft Beds feature mostly metal designs for a competitive pricepoint. The most popular Kelsey twin metal loft bed comes with a 68'' height, 200lbs weight limit, and accomodates a regular size twin mattress. Customers like their Better Homes & Gardens loft beds, but others had issues with the assembly instructions.

Who Are Walmart Loft Beds Right For?

Walmart loft beds are best for children and others with smaller bodies. The best reviewed loft beds for Walmart are in the metal designs. See our List of Top Rated Loft Beds for great alternatives.

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Perfect size [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Perfect size. My child can sit up on the mattress without touching the ceiling and they can stand underneath it (8 yo) although their heads almost touch the mattress frame . Very happy with this purchase. The ladder does hurt your feet however, I love the railing height all around the bed. Would definitely recommend. The instructions were easy to follow, I was able to do it alone although it does take some time.

Great bed [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Great bed, easy to assemble. Daughter loves it. Great price.!

My daughter and I have to share a room [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

My daughter and I have to share a room for now and this is perfect. It gives her her own space and I no longer have to share a bed with her. It's a win win all around.

Overall very pleased with purchase [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Overall very pleased with purchase. It arrived when expected. The assembly was not difficult. The bed is for my 13 year old and she helped me put it together. Just follow the instructions and tighten as you go. The end result is what we were looking for. She is very happy with her new bed.

Had to put three girls in a small room [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Had to put three girls in a small room. Bought this frame and cut the legs off of the wooden bunk beds. Put bunk beds under this to form an L shape and tada...3 girls in one corner.

This bed is great [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

This bed is great. My 14 year old daughter has limited space in her room and this is great for that!! Easy to set up, took 40 min by myself to set up. We love it!

Product was delivered quickly [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Product was delivered quickly. All parts and pieces were easily identifiable and in good shape, product was easy enough to assemble, still took some time though. It seems a little wobbly when getting into it and the ladder rings hurt your feet when climbing in. It is really tall as well. Overall a good product though.

Fairly easy to assemble [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Fairly easy to assemble. Somewhat hard to get into and out of due to rails cover ladder openings. Works great in adding more floor space to a smaller bedroom.

Bought for my 9year old granddaughter [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Bought for my 9year old granddaughter, she loves it!! Very nice. Easy to assemble. We did put pool noodles on the ladder. Very happy with the bed.

Very strong, delivered in great shape [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Very strong, delivered in great shape, no flaws. Weighs 80 lbs so keep that in mind. Heavy for one person. Fits in an SUV. Happy with the purchase. Great price.

Very sturdy and was easy [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Very sturdy and was easy enough to put together that my 15

It is very sturdy [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

It is very sturdy and does not make much noise. It fits a standard 8 ft clearance as stated and plenty of room to sit. I was able to fit a full size bed under vertically without problems. The guard rails are a bit tall but maneuverable for a child or petite adult to get in and out. It was a bit of a challenge to assemble and definitely need at least three people to do a decent job. I agree with other reviews about the steps being hard and painful. I used a pool noodle as recommended by others and definitely helps. I would recimmend it if you are on a budget and want it for a child or petite adult.

Not very stable [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Not very stable. Do not ourchase.

Currently moving into a smaller rental [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Currently moving into a smaller rental, and I bought this loft bed for my son since his room is only 8x7 feet.. my son has not tried it out yet so I can not comment on that. HOWEVER, after a long day of moving and assembling this bed yesterday, it went together pretty well up until the very last screw that assembles the rail onto the loft.... the last screw hole is burred and stripped so the screw will not thread in. Too much hassle to take off of the packaging out of the recycling bin and wrap it up to return it. And to also possibly pay return S&H. So keeping it even though of the flaw.

Its a pretty bed [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Its a pretty bed, easy to assemble and saves a lot of floor space.

I bought of these beds for my daughters' room [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

I bought of these beds for my daughters' room. They are 6 and 10 and share a room. I wanted to maximize their space and these work perfectly! We were originally going to get bunk beds, but I decided on these loft beds. Great idea when BOTH your children wanted to sleep on the top bunk. Lol. We have had them now for almost a month with no issues. Assembly was overwhelming at first (especially since I had 2), but the instructions were very straight forward and easy to follow. I believe the first bed took about an hour to assemble and the second naturally took less. All the pieces were in the box and in excellent condition. No scratches or blemishes.

My 7 year old [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

My 7 year old love this bed

Very sturdy and looks Nice [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Very sturdy and looks Nice! Great buy for the price!

Bought this for my 13 yr old for his birthday [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Bought this for my 13 yr old for his birthday. He has a small bedroom and it was perfect solution to free up space. He put 95% of it together by himself with minimal help from me. Really liked the way instuctions ,parts and hardware were labeled. He actually enjoyed putting it together.

My son loves his bed! [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

My son loves his bed! I put it together by myself four months pregnant and it took less then an 1 1\2 hours. Super easy! He loves the extra room and the feeling of comfort!

This was a purchase [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

This was a purchase made for my 14 y.o. son. The size and height worked out fine and helped add more floor space his room. I am a little disappointed at how much it wobbles when he moves around on the bed. He says he feels secure up there. There are no grips on the metal ladder so he feels like he is going to slip going down sometimes. I think we got what we paid for and will know better next time. An okay buy for the time being.

We are very happy with this purchase [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

We are very happy with this purchase, very difficult to put together, but the result was as expected!!

Relatively simple assembly [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Relatively simple assembly. Rather new, but good so far. Kids love it!

I got the loft bed for my grandson [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

I got the loft bed for my grandson so when he is ready to move to his own bed he will have something to go to...he loves

You have to have the patience of a saint [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

You have to have the patience of a saint in order to put this bed together. My first attempt to assemble this bed was met with great aggravation - as I got to step 3 and 4 in the instructions, the pieces did not line up with the pre-drilled holes. After struggling for quite some time, I gave up and contacted Wal-Mart customer service in the hopes of replacing ONLY the pieces that did not fit. This was not possible - they had to send a whole new bed - which, let me tell you, is very very heavy when boxed up. I am a single mother and very petite, this was difficult for me to do on my own. Not only was I frustrated with the bed, and the fact that they had to send me an entirely new shipment, I was frustrated with the rude customer service I received from the Wal-Mart associate. I asked to speak to her supervisor, instead I was hung up on. Fast forward a week .... I receive the new bed and take out only the parts I need .... AND THOSE PARTS DON'T FIT EITHER! At this point I asked my brother to come over to help because I just couldn't force the screws in the holes. Eventually, we got the bed together and it looks decent enough - it doesn't feel very sturdy at all, though. There are also so many unnecessary holes in the pieces and the instructions are not very clear as to which way certain pieces should face. I do not recommend this bed whatsoever and I'm highly dissatisfied with the way Wal-Mart handled my issue.

I got this for my tall 11 year old [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

I got this for my tall 11 year old, and she just loves it. The white color blends in perfectly with her room interior and creates the sense of larger space, while actual space underneath it is very spacious and can still be used effectively unlike with some other brands that are too low to fit under even for a child. The structure is sturdy and minimalistic, instructions were straight forward enough for one mom to put together. My husband also likes how it turned out. Now believe it or not, we can comfortably sleep 4 people in a small room if we need to.

This is a fantastic bed! [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

This is a fantastic bed! My son just turned 10 and he wanted a desk in his room. This gives him the room to still have space to play, but also have a desk, and a cozy nook! It took about an hour to assemble, was pretty straightforward, the directions were pretty clear. The quality is better than I expected for the price as well. It's very sturdy - it shakes a little bit when he climbs into it, but nothing scary by any stretch. I'll probably re-tighted the bolts in another week or so just to be sure things are holding tight.

Bought this for my granddaughter [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Bought this for my granddaughter so she could have more room in her bedroom. She loves it. It gives her an area to sit and read or stream videoes.

Very nice bed [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Very nice bed ladder is uncomfortable but beautiful

The only thing I would suggest... [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

The only thing I would suggest is changing the carrier contracted in our area. The box came severely damaged and was wet. Fortunately the product was not damaged and all the parts were there. So this is no fault to hayneedle. The assembly was amazing and very easy. I will be a repeat customer

A lil to high for top bunk [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

A lil to high for top bunk but allot more clearance under the loft not bad item the full size same price tho

This bed is good for being a space saver [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

This bed is good for being a space saver. Within first couple days a screw on the ladder broke and now the ladder not completely attached. My daughter is very small so it wasn't her weight. It is a pain in the butt to put together so no we were not going to return it for another. It is pretty squeaky but its doable.

Lot of pieces to put together [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Lot of pieces to put together but not terrible to piece together. Pretty sturdy.....son loves it and it gives him more space in his room.

Sturdy and fairly easy [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Sturdy and fairly easy to assemble.

I painted & started redecorating my 6yr old [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

I painted & started redecorating my 6yr old daughters room. I wasn't looking for a new bed to replace her white day bed, but I kept looking on Pinterest for inspiration & kept seeing loft beds for smaller rooms. They looked so neat, but most of them were extremely expensive & I just can't afford that. I checked Walmart, Target & Amazon. This bed had such great reviews & for the price, I took a chance on it. I'm so glad I did! It arrived on time & looks great. Instructions were fairly easy to understand, but I'm not real good w/things like that. It took my boyfriend 2 1/2 hours to put up, w/my help. It really looks great & has made so much more space in her room! She loves it! I went ahead & ordered the purple saucer chair from Walmart as well & it's great for a fun, comfortable chair for her. I can sit in it comfortably too, so I know it should last her awhile. She has so much space now & a little nook to read, play on her tablet, play w/toys, whatever. I still need to put a lamp underneath & add decor, but we just got it up. I cut & added the pool noodle to the steps like I have seen on Pinterest so the steps would be easier on her feet, works perfectly! I'd recommend this bed to anyone w/a child over the age of 6 & especially those on a budget like me. It's very sturdy & will definitely grow w/her & allow her to have more space in her room. We have 8' ceilings. Right now she's 4'1" (very tall for her age) & can stand up underneath w/plenty of room above to sit up on her bed. I can sit comfortably on the bed too, I'm 5'4". As she grows, she can put her desk underneath if she wants, still giving her plenty of room on top. This is a great purchase for anyone wanting to make more space or just give their child a fun bed & space of their own. She thinks her room is so cool now! I do too!

My kid loves it [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

My kid loves it, looks great in the baby room since it's a small room. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Did take a long time for 1 person to put together [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

Did take a long time for 1 person to put together, but is perfect for my 9 year old. Gives him great space for his giant bean bag to go underneath with room to spare. He loves the height and isnt scared to sleep on top.

So I bought this loft to make some room... [Walker Edison Loft Bed]

So I bought this loft to make some room for my family and that my room would have more for my new family I will be having live with me soon: a wife, who would sleep with me on the full bed, and a young son, who would sleep on the twin bed. I already owned a bed with a metal frame, so I was looking for a supplement loft for it. I had read some of the reviews here and few said you can fit the full bed LENGTH wise, or long-wise. I had measured my bed also and got the measurement of 79”, so a twin bed is usually 79” also. I would think that the final would have a little leaway, but there is none. A full metal bed frame will NOT fit on this assembly. If you use a soft frame or a metal frame that does NOT extend to the 79” mark, then your mattress will fit very snug to the bottom of the loft bed. Hope this helps. I am disassembling and going to return to the store. I'm sad, but the bed is easy to assemble.

It's a good bed [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

It's a good bed, very tall. To build it is kindof hard in the way that you'd do better with a second person. I personally love this bed.

Really cute bed [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Really cute bed, however part of the frame was chipped. Didn't realize it until bed was completely put together.

Easy to assemble [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Easy to assemble although takes a bit. Went together easily. Solid material. Looks awesome!

We love this bed [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

We love this bed so much we purchased a second, one for each kid! Takes a while to build, but it is very solid and sturdy.

This bed is amazing! [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

This bed is amazing! We bought two for our daughters and absolutely love them. They are labor intensive to put together and you're definitely going to want 2-3 people working on it. And pay attention to the instructions! There are so many pilot holes and such that matter! But overall, we are so pleased. They're sturdy, look beautiful, and the storage is a great feature. I love that the shelves have little edges on front and back so bins and such can't just be pushed off. The first one took us about 2.5 hours to put together, but the second was much faster once we knew what we were doing.

Excellent quality [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Excellent quality and easy to put together! We purchased the white and my child loves it. We are considering buying one for our other child too!

Had it delivered to my house [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Had it delivered to my house, got here fast but it was so heavy it was left on the lawn in the rain. luckily just the box got wet. I would recommend store pick up take another personand a truck. Assembled it on my own no problem. My daughter loves it, she put a bean bag and star stringlights down there and calls it her reading nook. only reason it's missing a star is because the ladder cannot be moved to the other side and makes it awkward depending on the room configuration. I currently have the "nook" up against the wall, which she loves but still kinda awkward.

It's okay considering the price [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

It's okay considering the price. One of the ladder supports had the holes drilled on the wrong side so when you put it together the unfinished bottom was on the top. I contacted customer service but have not received a response as of yet.

I waited for weeks to order [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

I waited for weeks to order this because they had ran out. Ours did not come with any instructions and it was missing pieces. I will not be ordering nor referring anyone to order furniture. It just seems apparent now that I paid full price for a returned item. I thought these things were inspected and advertised as other than new. Shame on me, but it's a would have been so nice.

I had the bed shipped to the store [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

I had the bed shipped to the store, and it arrived there in a few days. My husband put it together. It took about two hours, but he said it wasn’t difficult. My 14 year old daughter loves it. The bed seems to be very sturdy. My 18 year old son liked my daughter’s bed so much that he wants one too

Only giving it 3 stars [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Only giving it 3 stars because it came missing a board and paint chip on one of the “posts”. The bed itself is very good quality

Just what my 10 year old daughter needed! [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Just what my 10 year old daughter needed! We bought some fabric boxes to go on the shelves for storage and she turned the space underneath into an American Girl doll apartment. Very sturdy!

It was easy to put together [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

It was easy to put together. We have so much space with my daughters toys. Her room looks so much more organized. I love this bed!! Its not too tall its size is perfect!!!!

I really like the bed [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

I really like the bed but there were no instructions on how to assemble therefore I had to do it myself. Not happy about that otherwise I would give a 5 star.

Very easy to put together [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Very easy to put together. Very nice construction. My son loves it. I love it as well. It saves room in his room and gives him shelves to put all his toys on too.

very sturdy and great height [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

very sturdy and great height for our 3 year old! the extra storage underneath is great for his smaller room. put up curtains to cover the storage area and he loves this fort that hides the mess!! the slates are kind of far apart so we added a bunkie board since the mattress we have is only 5" foam.

The bed is great for the price [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

The bed is great for the price. It seems very sturdy and provides the extra floor space that was needed in the bedroom. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because there is a crack on one of the boards attached to the shelf. It does not affect the structural integrity of the bed, but it's still a crack that was not caused by us.

As others stated, it is of high quality [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

As others stated, it is of high quality materials bearing in mind price. Also it does not contain instructions to reverse ladder as others stated as well. That being said I did mirror image build i had to use a few pieces as jigs and drill oposing holes but it was relatively simple only added about 45 minutes to build time and now i have one on each wall of my girls room abd they absolutely love them!!

Very pretty and sturdy [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Very pretty and sturdy, love room space and toy storage underneath, my husband gets in to put child to sleep and no problem with weight

Made with real wood [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Made with real wood and easy to follow directions. Although the wood isn't MDF, it isn't as sturdy as it looks. For a toddler it will be okay, but I have a feeling I would need to get something sturdier when they get older.

Loved it shorter than your typical loft bed [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Loved it shorter than your typical loft bed but not as short as a junior loft bed , easy to put together did by myself

Excellent bed! [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Excellent bed! We bought the white for my daughter and we'll definitely be ordering my son one. Fairly easy to put together super cute!

The instructions could have been a bit better [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

The instructions could have been a bit better, and I do believe that some of the parts were manufactured incorrectly. We followed the instructions very closely, and even took pieces apart to be sure and pieces weren't attaching accordingly. We managed to get the bed up but we had to rig it due to screw holes missing on the structures. So far the bed is standing and it appears to be sturdy enough for our child. Also I ordered a silver bed frame, but somehow ended up with a black one. We would have returned it, but it was a Christmas gift.

I love the appearance [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

I love the appearance of this loft bed for it to be a metal one. I bought this for my daughters that share a room to have as a hangout area and reading nook. (It's pictured in the playroom until their room is finished). I bought the white one and painted it yellow to go with a rainbow theme and it came our great. I also assembled this by myself so it wasn't too difficult but definitely follow the directions carefully piece by piece to get it right the first time. It seems sturdy enough to be safe but I do wish it was a bit more sturdy when moving around on the top bunk to give this momma absolute peace of mind. When I move it to their room I'm going to secure it to the wall it's going against so that'll be fine. Overall for the price, it's a really great loft bed and happy I picked this one.

This is perfect ! [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

This is perfect !!! Something to be enjoyed for a long time! Single child can use the bottom space for a desk and anything else. We didn't need the bottom bunk bed.

Easy to assemble! [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Easy to assemble! Great for my 4 yr old and enough room to store her play kitchen n toy box under it! Love it!

Sturdy and great space saver [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Sturdy and great space saver. Assembly took about 1 hr. Easy to follow i instructions. I appriciate the mattress bar supports and ladder stabilizer bar i weigh 150lbs and can confidently climb up and lay on loft bed with my 3year old. These style beds have come along way since i was a child. Would recommend this product. Great value for price.

Decent bed for good price [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Decent bed for good price. I like the height. I was worried the normal 72" may be a too tall for her room. The ladder isnt very comfortable to walk up and down on. The assembly was decent enough. I dont like the ladder only being in one location.

Bought this bed in white [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Bought this bed in white for my Granddaughter and she loves it! Not fun to assemble but beautiful once finished!

Some of the holes did not align [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Some of the holes did not align, other than that the bed is nice and my 7yrs old daughter loves it.

We are really pleased with this loft bed [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

We are really pleased with this loft bed. It was purchased for my teenager's bedroom. It is sturdy enough for her. Roomy enough underneath for a desk and chair. Excellent space-saver! My daughter and I assembled it. I knocked off a star because of the difficulty in assembling.

No hardware in the box to assemble to bed! [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

No hardware in the box to assemble to bed!! I called the 800 number on the instructions. The lady on the phone said they will mail the hardware on Monday. Entirely upset and will not order anything from this manufacturer again. I don't understand how the most essential piece of a product could not make it in the box. I included pictures of the “hardware box/small parts-to show there was no hardware included.

I researched several loft beds [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

I researched several loft beds before choosing this one. What I liked about it was that it wasn't to tall or to short like others I have seen. Its tall enough so that my sons crib fits under but not to tall that you can bump your head on the ceiling. It was also the only loft bed I found with vertical rails instead of horizontal ones that all the others ones have. It gives a crib or day bed appearance. The only downside I would say is that it does squeak and wobble a bit more then I would like but not enough that I would feel it wasn't safe.

This bed is awesome [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

This bed is awesome cuz it leaves so much floor room. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is that the first day I noticed a dent in one of the main polls that is getting worse and I will need to find a way to brace it further

The bed is easy to assemble [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

The bed is easy to assemble and had all pieces . Looks good

My son loves it [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

My son loves it

Instructions were easy to follow [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Instructions were easy to follow, and assembly was was fairly quick and easy. The bed looks really nice, seems to be sturdy and my kid absolutely loves it.

Dent in two of the legs [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Dent in two of the legs. Went together easily. Rails for ladder too thin and are uncomfortable to step on, even with padding added. Might be better if they were not round. Seems solid. Perfect for my 6yo. Plenty of space underneath to put a kids desk and other stuff.

Great value [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Great value. Steps are a little ouchy on feet but we have pads ordersd. Easy to put together

Arrived early [Better Home & Gardens Loft Bed]

Arrived early good quality

We have ordered this bed twice... [Your Zone Loft Bed]

We have ordered this bed twice amd both times pieces were broken. Very disappointed.

This is a very nice loft bed... [Your Zone Loft Bed]

This is a very nice loft bed. My daughter is so pleased with the product. It is a little hard to get together by yourself especially when attaching the two large side pieces. Once you get the two sides attached you can finished it up quickly! We do have taller ceilings so I didn't notice some of the issues that were mentioned in other reviews. I'm so thankful for the other reviews. It really helped us determine if the product would be a good fit and it indeed is!!

Beautiful finish, sturdy bed... [Your Zone Loft Bed]

Beautiful finish, sturdy bed, easy to put together. My son absolutely loves it! The slats are close enough together it supports the mattress well. Looks like it will last a while! We are very happy with it.

Came with only 7 slats... [Your Zone Loft Bed]

Came with only 7 slats which are 8 inches apart! Should be at least 13 slats to support the mattress. Bed was not too difficult to assemble.

Really nice looking... [Your Zone Loft Bed]

Really nice looking and surprisingly solid and sturdy at this great proce point. Totally opened up the floor space for my teen daughter’s room. Really happy with how the room is progressing so far.

This item is fantastic! [Your Zone Loft Bed]

This item is fantastic! It was just as described, sturdy and easy to put together. This is a great deal for the price and really maximizes space in a small room.

I ordered two beds [Your Zone Loft Bed]

I ordered two beds and the first set that arrived had defects. One had holes drilled on the wrong side and the other had a cracked headboard. The packaging for both showed signs of damage. Walmart set up and return and replace. The replacement items arrived sooner than expected with noticeably better packaging. The second set went up easily with no significant defects observed. Based on the second set, I would say overall nice quality for the price, but examine all the parts before starting assembly.

This bed is very sturdy [Your Zone Loft Bed]

This bed is very sturdy, great deal! Bought for my 10 yr old daughter to transition her room into a tween room and she LOVES! Assembly directions are good and took about 2 hours. Ordered Wednesday evening received Friday morning. Definitely would recommend.

I got this for my 9 year old daughter [Your Zone Loft Bed]

I got this for my 9 year old daughter for Christmas and she loved it!It took 1 to 2 hours to get it together.❤️

A little difficult to put together [Your Zone Loft Bed]

A little difficult to put together. Defiantly a two person job, but finished product is beautiful.

Love it! [Your Zone Loft Bed]

Love it! Got one each for my 6 and 12year daughters it��s a total success!

They are amazing [Your Zone Loft Bed]

They are amazing. My daughters love them. It took my husband and I about 4hrs to put together 2 of them. This style is a great space saver for the girls small bedroom.

Super fast shipping! [Your Zone Loft Bed]

Super fast shipping! The box was super heavy! Great quality and comes with nice fasteners to assemble the bed all around great purchase I would definitely recommend

It arrived damaged. [Your Zone Loft Bed]

It arrived damaged. Some pieces did not have the holes drilled properly and it had several cracks. Assembly instructions were not very detailed.

Cheap [Your Zone Loft Bed]

Cheap. Bolts get loose on it very easily. Only lasted my daughter a year. When it came time to disassemble, my husband took one piece off and the bed pretty much fell apart. Its worth it for a short term thing.

Sturdy [Your Zone Loft Bed]

Sturdy. I love this bed… It’s not too big not too small. I am a single mother and I could only afford a one bedroom in the area that I want to live in so I decided to turn my dining room into my daughters area. We Eat on barstools at the counter. So I didn’t need a table. This has fit perfectly and I love it so much! I would definitely recommend it! Also, it didn’t take too long to build maybe one and a half hour to two hours.

It is heavy as a single mom I needed help getting it to my son's room [Your Zone Loft Bed]

It is heavy as a single mom I needed help getting it to my son's room but after that it was easy to assemble and being heavy makes it durable. My son is so happy with it and so am I

wood was so cheap [Your Zone Loft Bed]

wood was so cheap the screws would split the wood upon construction. There are too few slats to support the mattress. The mattress often sags or over hangs between and at the both ends of the slats.

Very simple to put together [Your Zone Loft Bed]

Very simple to put together. I am an 81 year old woman, and it took less than 4 hours to assemble.

My 13 yr old daughter wanted this for her new room [Your Zone Loft Bed]

My 13 yr old daughter wanted this for her new room. We just got it put up and are mostly happy with it. BEWARE it does have slats for mattress support, but thats all. There is no other support. We bought a 6” memory foam mattress so over time if we don’t put an extra layer of support under the mattress, it will start sagging between the slats. We are going to try luan board or somthing along those lines. It is sturdy and pretty.

Great purchase [Dorel DHP Studio Loft Bed]

Bed is great my girls 10 and 11 love them. I used pool noodles for the ladder because the steps hurt there feet... Creates alot of room in there rooms;-)

I would buy this product again. [Dorel DHP Studio Loft Bed]

This bed is great. My daughter loves it except for the ladder rungs which hurt her feet; I think steps/slabs would be better than rods. The bed went together fairly easily. It took 2 people 2 1/2 hours to put it together.

I would definitely buy this product again. [Dorel DHP Studio Loft Bed]

Easy install. Durable product. Didn't take long to put it together. My nephew has slept both nights in it and utilized the desk area today to do his homework. It's definteky going to be worth the purchase.

Great saving space [Dorel DHP Studio Loft Bed]

Great my kid loved it, but I read other reviews about the ladder and it thought it was exaggeration, but not it really hurts to go up but the loft bed is good.

Not bad for the price [Dorel DHP Studio Loft Bed]

Very timely delivery. A couple of the shelves were slightly damaged though. Assembly was a breeze with help of a friend. I'm going to have to modify a little though as it's very squeaky as my son moves around and it's bugging him. But, as a whole, it seems like a decent product for the price.

I would buy again, but would read the reviews more thoroughl [Dorel DHP Studio Loft Bed]

The bed was actually easy to put together although it did take two people in about an hour and a half longer than I estimated. This was due to the high number of individual parts and screws that make up the bed. With two people, assembly goes much more quickly. That's because they're over 70 screws and unless you've got a hex driver of some type it's pretty time consuming. Having said that, the bed is very solid when completely assembled. It added about 10 ft.² of additional floor space for my daughters room. The only recommendation that I have is that the steps for the ladder are very small and can be somewhat uncomfortable to walk up. I would also request that you make additional connection options on one side of the bed and the other and at each end.

good for space management, easy installation [Dorel DHP Studio Loft Bed]

very sturdy and helped make a room sufficient for my twin boys. the only problem was height, my nine year old boys are over 4 feet tall already, I don't think they will use it for a year before their head starts to hit the ceiling, also ceiling fan had to go. I only took one star off because of the height.

Paiful to climb up and very shaky. [Dorel DHP Studio Loft Bed]

The bed looked great when we put it together, but it was very shaky. Our son tested it out. It wobbled and squeaked loudly as he tried to adjusted himself in the bed. It was also very painful to walk up or down the ladder. It ladder steps are too thin. It is very painful. Also, you have to climb over a railing to get in and out of the bed. This is difficult, plus factoring in the pain from the thin-metal ladder steps -- well, it makes for a very unpleasant experience. Trust me - spend a little more and get a better quality bed. In the end, we had to return it. Taking it apart and shipping it back was a major pain-in-the-butt. But hey, outside of that, I loved it.

Good for space saving but wiggles a lot. [Dorel DHP Studio Loft Bed]

All together and tightened and it still moves a lot when my daughter is on the top. Makes her nervous.

Love it [Dorel DHP Studio Loft Bed]

Instructions were easy to follow. Frame is sturdy. Kids (8,9) love their new beds!


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