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Walmart Daybed Reviews

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Walmart has a wide variety of discount furniture offerings in-store and online. Their daybeds feature a wide array of manufacturers and design choices that come at a more affordable pricepoint than many competitors. Most customers like their Walmart daybeds, but some had some issues with perceived quality and assembly.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 8.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.8/10

Material Quality: 8.3/10

Design Options: 8.8/10

Ease of Assembly: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

Price: $75-$976

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Walmart Daybed Details

Walmart has a variety of discount products that they sell online and in-store. When it comes to their daybeds, they have multiple manufacturers with a variety of low-priced products to choose from. With a multitude of styles, most customers like Walmart's daybeds, but there were some that had issues with durability in some cases.

Quality of Materials

Walmart's daybed options range from very affordable to mid-priced luxury. In either case, most customers find that they can find what they are looking for, though there are others that wished for more durable and high-end selections. Below, we'll go through their available daybeds and discuss the ins and outs of their designs.

Here is what's inside the most popular DHP Daybeds:

The Walmart DHP Daybeds come in a variety of designs with the most popular having a decorative metal frame with three sides. In both twin and full-size, the DHP daybeds are lower priced. Some options also have storage areas beneath the daybed. Most customers like their Walmart daybeds, but there were some that had problems with the durability and assembly.

Next, here is what's inside their Dorel Living Daybeds:

The Dorel Living Daybeds offer two options -- the Kayden Twin Daybed and the Morgan Full Daybed. Both of these options, have wooden frames with low backs in multiple color options. Most customers describe them as doing a great job on comfort, but some had issues with perceived quality and durability.

Next, here is what's inside their Mainstays Daybeds:

Mainstays offers two low-price daybed options with a metal frame in multiple colors. One design offers the addition of a trundle, while the other focuses more on the daybed itself. Both are rated well by customers, but there were some with delivery problems.

Lastly, here is what's inside their Weston Home Daybeds:

Weston Home Daybeds are a little more expensive than other Walmart options, but offer sleeker, finished metal looks. The most popular Ryde Metal Daybed features two color finishes and a 42'' height for easy storage beneath. Most customers really appreciate this daybed, but some had issues with the perceived quality of the unit.

Who Are Walmart Daybeds Right For?

Walmart Daybeds are ideal for the shopper on a strict budget, but who still wants more style options. For those looking for more higher end options, see our List of Top Rated Daybeds for great alternatives.

Browse Walmart Daybed Customer Reviews

Good Full-sized Daybed for the price [DHP Daybed]

Arrived a little late (Site-to-Store) but I wasn't inconvenienced. Putting together was fairly straightforward (says my husband). There was some intricate detail and you have to read very carefully to make sure you put the right things together. It took him about 2hrs, but he is very detailed-oriented and never, ever skips anything. Work slowly, e.g., with the slats the holes need to be facing up vs down. Also, the plastic separators that hold the slats equidistant from each other are tedious to install but it's important that they be done absolutely correctly. After it was up and ready to go, it looked very nice indeed. The mattress-in-a-box that I selected fit this full-sized bed perfectly. There aren't very many full-sized daybeds out there and this is a very lovely one that is available in that format. It's kinda a bronzy-rusty color and it feels very solid to sleep on. The price certainly was right for someone trying a daybed for the first time. Now, to find full-sized daybed accessories...

Great [DHP Daybed]

My daughter Loves her new bed and said it is so comfortable...

Fabulous! [DHP Daybed]

Got 2 for both of my pre-teen daughters! Easy to put together and sturdy! My eldest put lights around the backboard and it's adorable. Great deal and great products!

Great quality and great price! [DHP Daybed]

This bed is very pretty, but most importantly it is WELL MADE. It took quite a bit of time to assemble, but the instructions were extremely clear and easy to follow. Once assembled, the bed is tight, stable, and makes no noise when moving around on the bed. Some metal frame (and inexpensive) beds can be very squeaky, shaky, and noisy but this one is sturdy and strong as well as pretty! Very satisfied customer!

Full size daybed [DHP Daybed]

I had been checking out day beds online and saw a review on Wayfair that this same bed was cheaper on This was a great price and free shipping. Bed looks great and is very sturdy. Took my husband and I an hour to put together, really need a 2nd pair of hands, would be tricky but not impossible on your own. I am really pleased with the bed and would recommend. I will use it as a guest bed but if it will be used all the time would purchase a deeper and higher quality mattress. Memory foam would not work well with this type of bed.

Very pleased [DHP Daybed]

Pros: Arrived on time. Very expensive looking. Built well Also was nice to find all the parts came in one box as well as clear instructions. Only needed a screw driver to assembly Con: For me was: It took a second pair of hands to assembly it.

Victoria daybed [DHP Daybed]

Took awhile to put together but I really like the look of the bed. Keep my full size mattress.

i love it [DHP Daybed]


Great purchase!! [DHP Daybed]

I love my daybed. Its perfect, i purchased it for my dinning room area for a more cozy chill area in my two bedroom apartment. Its so perfect i added a few throw pillows to set it off (two cute fur pillows). Affordable, easy & fun to put together. Highly recommended.

Sides don't match??? [DHP Daybed]

So I got this bed (days after the guaranteed 2 day delivery) and its beautiful, no doubt.... but the holes are not the same size or in the right spots. My dad rigged this bed up for me so it would come together because I was in desperate need and could not wait another stinking week for them to deliver me a new one nor was I keen on the whole idea of repackaging this bed. The one side I had no troubles putting the bars inside the designated holes but the other side we had to break which took FOREVER to widen up the hole and make it longer so the darn bed would come together. It was ridiculous.



Easy to put together! [DHP Daybed]

Beautiful Bed! The grey is true to pewter color. Easy to put together with a helper. No need for a box spring which saves money. Love the fact this is a full size bed. This bed has a 14 inch clearance to floor which is perfect for larger/taller totes to fit under bed which provides more storage for toys!!!!!

Gorgeous, But Takes a While [DHP Daybed]

This bed is pretty. It doesn't creak, squeak or rattle. It's a gorgeous color and is a great bang for your buck, especially when dealing with furnishing a small space. But it took me and 2 other people to build this, not to mention a few battle wounds! It's very tedious and a little confusing, but it only took A few hours a little help to get me a nice looking bed!

Daughter loves this Daybed [DHP Daybed]

Daybed arrived earlier than expected and no damage to box was noted. Although set-up is not difficult, there are quite a few pieces to put together, all in all took less than an hour. This daybed requires a full size mattress and is very roomy for a single person to sleep on. It is very sturdy if properly assembled and is attractive enough for my teen daughter's bedroom. She loves it!!!

Love this bed! [DHP Daybed]

This daybed is a beautiful, sturdy, FULL SIZE bed. The frame seems HUGE once you've put it together and definitely fits a full size mattress. The frame sits a nice way off the ground which is great for those who like higher beds. The metal frame is sturdy and heavy (as packaged). Decent directions and not difficult to put together (all tools are also included). The bars for mattress support become tedious, but I appreciate the extra support. I would recommend loosely attaching the pieces and then fully tightening everything at the end. I also wouldn't recommend a mattress thicker than 9" because it will probably be flush with the top of the side bars.

Great bed for the price [DHP Daybed]

This bed is very sturdy and easy to assemble. It will take some time, but it's not difficult and the reinforcements really help make this bed frame very solid. My 10" Full-size memory foam mattress fits nicely and from the top of it, to the floor is 27" high with no box spring. Perfect. The bronze color is darker than I hoped. Really it's just dark brown, but it's fine.

Excellent value and exceptional bed! [DHP Daybed]

Great purchase, great price. The bed is sturdy and I am pleased with the appearance. It took a while to put together (over 2 hours) but the end result was worth it!

Great quality [DHP Daybed]

I love this full bed ! Easy to assembly ! Bei enough for 2 sleep . The only concern i have is to find sheet and confort for this Daybed full size !

Seamless setup [DHP Daybed]

It was exactly what the picture looked like and was easy to assemble.

I love it! [DHP Daybed]

Great quality! Its bigger then i thought! my stepdaughter will love it! The Metal is rich

Daybed Full Size [Dorel Living Daybed]

My granddaughters husband put the Dorel full size daybed together it took him about two hours to get it together even with my supervision lol it is beautiful and if I had to purchase another one I would definitely recommend it. Our dogs love the daybed too. It wasn't as bad as some people thought and I would highly recommend this item. Thank you.

Great bed for any kind of bedroom [Dorel Living Daybed]

Completleydaybed. Perfect for any type of bedroom, kids, dorm, guest. Wood color is amazing. So easy to set up.

Can't beat it for the price! [Dorel Living Daybed]

Easy to assemble, arrived quickly with intact packaging and all the parts. Looks nice assembled and while a child could probably easily trash this bed, adults and responsible teens would be just fine with it. Considering the price, you can't really beat this bed. It looks nice and is what I expected.

Nice, but bring a friend when building [Dorel Living Daybed]

The bed is constructed fairly well for the price, but putting it together on your own will become frustrating as you try to align one bedpost with dowels, side frame slats, bottom rail and a side panel, and then attach to the opposite bedpost with everything staying aligned while unsecured. IF YOU MUST BUILD ON YOUR OWN, my advice is to completely construct and secure one side (I did the "left" side per the instructions - parts L & at least one side was stable) and then slide the whole thing into the opposite bed post (A & B). The very top board (part G, that attaches to the board below with slats, part H) will need to be "worked" from left to right, while you add the side frame slats one at a time until you get to the end, adding the last slat, and then secure it to the opposite bed post. Be prepared for the slats to fall out until you get the hang of it. I eventually sought a helper to align, attach and secure the front and back rails (part D). The back frame slats kept falling out when I tried to align and secure them on my own, so for sanity's sake, my daughter stepped in to save the day. After that, the bottom slats (that support the mattress) are a breeze to install. Good luck!

daybed [Dorel Living Daybed]

Took a little to put together, other then that very pretty solid and roomy enough for two people to sleep on. Very Happy

Good product but complicated to put together [Dorel Living Daybed]

This bed is nice looking, sturdy but very time consuming to put together with all the individual slats.

So Far, So Good [Dorel Living Daybed]

I'm really happy with this day bed! Although, it was somewhat a pain to put far that's my only complaint.

Not what I expected [Dorel Living Daybed]

It isn't as tall off the ground as it appeared, there is enough room for our trundle to fit underneath though so that is fine. The sides are not very tall, my daughter's mattress is a really thick one, about 15", so it doesn't look like a day bed really. You need two people to put this together, it is packed in a small box and in a lot of little pieces. My other complaint is that it didn't say a weight limit on the website, but I figured that since it's a full size day bed (which is extremely hard to find) it would hold a decent amount of weight. The instructions state it can hold 225 lbs, not much in my opinion. I bought two twin day beds for my younger sons at the same time and they hold 600 lbs. Good thing we don't need to use this one as a couch as well as a bed, because two adults couldn't sit on it. It is pretty and I'm keeping it, full size day beds are impossible to find and the trundle fits, so we are happy enough.

Weight Limit Issues [Dorel Living Daybed]

Weight limit is only 225lbs.

Not a good choice [Dorel Living Daybed]

Besides the bed being very difficult to put together. Most holes were not pre drilled, the wood had pieces missing from it and stained over. After we started putting it together we noticed a long white mark all the way down the very top of the daybed. It would not come off nor any way to hide it. Sending this back.

Exactly as pictured!! [Dorel Living Daybed]

This bed is being used for my two little ones until they can't share a bed serves a great purpose and matches their existing furniture perfectly! There is a great amount of storage space under this bed...but its visible because you can't put a bed skirt on this bed.

nice bed...hard work though [Dorel Living Daybed]

Hard to put together but sturdy and pretty. Hard to find a full size daybed. Good value for $208! Each piece must be assembled so be prepared.

Great full size daybed [Dorel Living Daybed]

Purchased this daybed for my bedroom and I think it is awesome. Other daybeds were around $500-$900! This daybed was only $211 but don't let that fool you it's worth way more than priced! Love the design, and color. I put it together myself and it was a little difficult since I didn't have someone else to hold the other side but I managed. Once together I was able to measure the slats and length of the INSIDE of the daybed and made my own bunkie board. It was 1/2 inch plywood 52 1/2 inches wide by 73 1/2 inches long. I bought fabric from a local fabric store (only 20 bucks) and covered the plywood with the fabric. I did this because though the slats are heavy duty I just didn't feel comfortable with my memory foam mattress sinking through the spaces in the slats. Memory foam does much better on a flat surface and my home-made bunkie board did just that and saved me about $70 bucks!!. All in all this is a beautiful bed that I feel will last me years and years. Love it!!

Attractive, good quality, requires 2 to assemble [Dorel Living Daybed]

I love my new daybed! It is spacious yet has clean lines, so doesn't overpower my small living room. The espresso colour is a little redder than I would've liked as my other furniture is teak, but it's not a deal-breaker. My guest reports that it is very comfortable with the 6" mattress and 1" memory foam pad I purchased. I'm a little concerned about using this for seating as the weight limit is 250 pounds. Not sure how that will work. The item description says it requires minimal assembly - maybe so if you have two people, but I did this alone and it took me a good 4-5 hours. It's really tricky inserting the slats into the bottom rails of the back and sides without them falling out as you secure the top rails, and you risk cracking the wood if you don't support the far end of each large piece as you secure the first end. Ask a friend to help you to reduce risk of damage and probably cut assembly time in half. Also note that the downside of it coming in one box is that it weighs 70 pounds. UPS left mine in the ground floor lobby and I couldn't haul it up to my second floor apartment in the box - had to bring it up in pieces. It's very hard to find daybed covers in this size - wish Walmart would offer them. In the end I found one from another seller that complements it perfectly. All that said, great value for money and I love it - am recommending it to friends who are shopping for daybeds.

Where's the mattress? [Dorel Living Daybed]

When I searched for daybed with mattress, this item appeared. I thought it would have some kind of inflatable mattress with it but it didn't. Also, once I got it assembled, I noticed that the maximum expected weight is less than 225 pounds. That means I shouldn't risk letting visitors use the bed without asking how much they weigh.

Great Bed- Great value [Dorel Living Daybed]

LOVE the bed!!! Looks awesome. Despite other reviews, I did not have problems assembling the bed. Easily labeled, did take 2 people though. Excellent packaging. We had no problem putting a twin mattress under the bed for guests. I am very happy with the quality, it's super sturdy and looks great! If I HAD to have a negative comment, it would be that putting the wood spokes in the bed was tedious, and took too much time.

Fresh, clean looking daybed [Dorel Living Daybed]

My 14 year old wanted a daybed and found this one. She just got hardwood floors, and thought this bed would look great on her floor. She was right. Very elegant looking, fresh and clean. She and her brother put it together in less than an hour. Very good purchase, and price was right.

Wonderful Choice [Dorel Living Daybed]

Lots of pieces. Took me, alone, 2hrs. I love it. Sturdy, well made. I would recommend, especially for the price.

Very beautiful [Dorel Living Daybed]

The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because the assembly was a pain....but this daybed is seriously's hugeeee too.

great full daybed [Dorel Living Daybed]

A bit tough to put together, needed a helper, but once done; about 2 1/2 hrs; It was a very sturdy and pretty daybed. All pieces labeled well.

Easy Setup and looks great. [Mainstays Daybed]

I purchased this for my daughter who loves to have cousins and friends spend the night. It is very easy to setup, took less than an hour. Came with all the hardware and tools you needed to set it up. There are bars under the mattress so you do not need a box spring which made it better and easier for my daughter to get in and out. The trundle was just as easy to setup. The wheels were nice and low to the ground, so when the trundle is under the bed, it has plenty of room to fit a normal to thick twin mattress. Trundle slides in and out very easy, even on carpet. I selected the dark brown color and it looks great. All steel (except the clips that connect the rods together under the mattress) which made it even sturdy enough for me to lay on it if I needed. Doesn't sway if you were to move a lot during the night, and have not noticed any issues with it so far. Picture is of my daughter's bed, don't mind the sheet. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a day bed.

Great bed for our son [Mainstays Daybed]

We've had this bed for a while now and our son loves it. He loves having his cousins sleepover and they have a bed they can sleep on instead of sleeping on his bed. It was fairly easy to assemble but it may require two adults for some sections. Over four months later and this bed is is still sturdy. I've had to tighten up the screws once since we got it but that's because our kid is rough. I'm very pleased with this bed frame. Also, it's great that a box spring isn't needed so that makes this bed frame even more awesome.

Very Practical [Mainstays Daybed]

We selected this model because we felt attracted of the feature of having an extra bed that can be hidden when not in use. Our rooms are not big enough to accommodate two beds in the same room. So when we have someone staying with us we have to do miracles to accommodate the kids in one single room. So selecting this bed was the best and practical decision to make. The quality of it is great. You just need two comfy mattress and you are set!

Great bed [Mainstays Daybed]

I was able to choose this bed as my free product for being a Walmart Spark Reviewer! We love the fact that the day bed also has a trundle with it, which gives us extra space for company to sleep over! It was fairly easy for me to assemble, with a little help from my husband! The frame is very sturdy and really good quality. I definitely recommend this product for anyone who is looking for a bed that will accommodate multiple people but not take up too much room. **receiving this item for free has had NO impact on my personal opinion of this bed**

it would be a great buy [Mainstays Daybed]

this mainstays daybed and trundle is a great buy I requested this bed for my two kids and it hasn't disappointed me yet it's very sturdy I received a black one I have a 6 years old and a 3 year old and this works for us instead of a bunk bed this is the most safe and space saver out there in my opinion and you dont need a box spring this bed for kids is great I don't think it's strong enough for a heavy person 220 lb being the max in my opinion but i do recommend this bed

Excellent, but not for the mechanically inept [Mainstays Daybed]

My son and I took about an hour to assemble this bed. The instructions were excellent, with one omission, and the assembly was tedious. I would not recommend trying to assemble it by yourself. The box (before picture) contained hundreds of parts, all clearly labeled and well organized. The only omission was that there are about 40 parts (Y) that were not to be found in the instructions. These parts snap in above the cross bar mattress supports to hold them in place. Without them, the bed would not be very strong. Don't leave them out. The finished product (after picture) is a well-designed and very strong daybed with a trundle. It is attractive and strong, with a rated weight load of 400 lbs. Add a couple of twin mattresses, and you are in business.

Nice bed for price point [Mainstays Daybed]

This daybed and trundle isn't anything flashy. It has a simple design and can fit in with a lot of different decor. I put this bed together by myself and it took me about 1 1/2 - 2 hours just taking my time. The main parts are screwed together and the support bars for the mattress slide into groves then are "locked" in with plastic pieces. The plastic hooks for the center of the support bars were the most tedious to put together and require some strength to complete. Be careful too, I pinched myself a couple of times while hooking the pieces together! This bed frame didn't come with spare parts, so do not lose any screws or pieces! It rolls easily on my carpeted floor. When putting together the trundle, make sure you put the wheels with the locks on them on the outside. Seems to be very sturdy.

Good Affordable Bed For Kids [Mainstays Daybed]

Good Affordable Bed. I Needed A New Bed After My Sons Toddler Bed Broke And I Wanted To Upgrade His Bed And Not Break The Bank. The Only Issue I Really Have With The Bed Is How The FrameIs Conneted With These Snap In Pieces.

Daybed/trundle [Mainstays Daybed]

This bed came in a long box and all the parts were inside. I Love that it has the instructions in it along with pictures for easy set up. I was able to put it together just like it says to but there was one issue I ran into which was the bars that hold the mattress on the bed. It dis not seem to want to fit correctly but I figured it out and the bed is great. The trundle slides easily out from under the bed and back for easy storage. Even our cat loves the bed. My teen daughter absolutely loves it.

great little bed [Mainstays Daybed]

A very simplistic little day bed with trundle. I didn't realize the trundle wasn't attached, which is actually pretty nifty as you can move it more freely. Definitely wouldn't recommend for everyday use of an adult, but for small children it is a cute little bed.

Love the bed [Mainstays Daybed]

This bed is a wonderful addition to my home. It has been great in allowing guest to stay over where as it want possible before. It was an easy put up, about 30 minutes, and fits well into our guest bedroom. The trundle with the mattress does not cause any discomforts or pain. It seems pretty sturdy as my children have tested its strength by jumping on both parts and jumping off of them. They're not bulky or ackward to move. I have really enjoyed having this bed to have sleep over for my kids or just a place for the kids to lay in their playroom. This would be a great addition for a spare room or even a every day use bed.

Sleepover saver! [Mainstays Daybed]

I can't say enough about this trundle/day bed. My husband and I put it together in under an hour. Honestly once you complete the first section, the second section is a breeze. You DO however need to pay attention to the direction in which you are putting the parts together to make sure you're not installing them upside down. I personally laid on both the top and the bottom bed when finished and they were completely sturdy. Please keep in mind I am a mom of three, I am 5'5 and 190 pounds. Our son absolutely loves this bed! We happen to have two mattresses already so it worked out for us just fine. I love that the railing on the back and the sides of the bed keep all his stuffed animals actually on top of the bed instead of in between the wall and the bed which is what we had a problem with before. I also love the design, it's definitely unisex. Our son has a ton of friends which means a ton of sleepovers so having a second mattress makes our lives a bit easier in general. Oh and just so you know, the mattress underneath is not attached to the bed. You simply roll it out individually. Not only does the frame look nice but the accessibility of the second roll out bed is awesome! There are many nights when our daughter wants to have a sleepover and it's so simple and easy with the new bed our son has. This is way better than the bunk bed cause it takes up less space yet it still does the job!

Clean simple daybed w/ trundle [Mainstays Daybed]

The Mainstay black metal daybed w/trundle has a very easy to assemble kit that took my husband and I about 30 minutes to get together. Once assembled it was very easy to roll out the trundle with the casters included and the entire bed was extremely sturdy. Some daybeds are very flimsy but not the Mainstay bed. Excellent piece of furniture for any room or decor with simple clean lines to decorate any way you wish.

Beautiful and sturdy and great price! [Weston Home Daybed]

Bought this to go in our office/guest room and it just makes the room. It was easy to put together, a great price and very beautiful and sturdy, absolutely love it.

Love this daybed [Weston Home Daybed]

Recently purchased this daybed for our Florida room. Has a very quality look and was very easy to assemble. Everything aligned perfectly! Came well packaged and what exactly as described.

Great bed for great price [Weston Home Daybed]

We bought this a month ago for my mother in law and she absolutely loves it and a much better price than any furniture store around

Great daybed!!! [Weston Home Daybed]

I was so pleased w/ the packing& the product!!!

nice and sturdy and pretty [Weston Home Daybed]

This came in 2 boxes that were labeled on the outside of the boxes what pieces were inside. It was packed well and easy to get out. Simple to put together and directions were clear. Didn't need any tools but the ones they included with the pieces. By far the clearest easy directions and assembly ever. Was so thankful for that. The frame is pretty and sturdy and the price was incredible I thought. Yes I would recommend it and yes I would buy it again.

Day Bed frame [Weston Home Daybed]

I saw this daybed in a Sam's email (yes, it's worth the trouble opening them) and knew it would be perfect for our office/spare bedroom. It complements our dark bronze door handles and is sturdy and stylish. I love the look of this. Some daybeds look cheap and flimsy and this is the opposite. We use it to sit on to watch TV in this room as well have an extra bed for guests. Love it!

Day Bed [Weston Home Daybed]

Loved my new day bed. Excellent arrival with correct shipping time and the cost beat any local store on the East Coast.. Mattress not included but my twin mattress fit perfectly and sleeps like a dream.

Great find [Weston Home Daybed]

This bed is beautiful and sturdy. I would recommend to anyone looking for a functional yet attractive daybed.

Poor finish quality [Weston Home Daybed]

After looking at daybeds in person at a couple of my local furniture stores, I opted to order this daybed from Sam's Club instead because I liked the style and it was antique bronze which is the color I wanted. Unfortunately, after opening the box, I noticed that the finish on the top piece of the back rail was flaking off, even though it appeared to be well packaged and the box it was packaged in showed no signs of damage. I decided it was too heavy and too much of a hassle to return it, so I scraped off some of the flakes that were still somewhat attached and touched it up with spray paint. That's a bad thing to have to do to a new, just received bed!! This was definitely not of the quality I expected and if I had it to do over, I would not have ordered this bed. I love the style, but am greatly disappointed it was shipped with the subpar finish.


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