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Voila Mattress Reviews

Voila is no longer taking new orders as of December 2019. Voila is aiming to disrupt the mattress-in-a-box market with its luxurious hybrid mattress that puts an emphasis in lots of comfort layers to melt away pressure points and also superior pocket coils. Overall, they have 11 layers to their bed, which is way different than most others in the mattress-in-a-box space. Do all those layers translate to better comfort? Take a look at the details to learn if this mattress is right for you!

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.1/10

Price Value: 7.1/10

No Back Pain: 7/10

Price: $499-$1299

Trial Period: 100 Days

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Voila's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Voila's mattress is a hybrid with memory foam, Talalay latex, and pocket coils. They have three different firmness (soft, medium, and firm) that you can select. Here are the layers in detail for a medium options mattress: Their layers are a blend of gel memory foam (2.5'' in a medium option), edge support foam that wrappes around the bedding, and latex foam ('.75 in a medium option) on top. Here are the details:

Layer 1: There is an exterior cover (soft and thin) and a silica fire sock that will smother flames in case of a fire.

Layer 2: Two layers of gel memory foam 2.5'' in total keep things cool and provide pressure point relief and a subtle bounce.

Layer 3: .75'' latex foam provides additional response to the mattress and is durable to the pocket springs below.

Layer 4: Support foam acting as a transition for the pocket coils give additional support.

Layer 5: 6.25'' pocket coils provide support and response. These are wrapped in two layers of insulator padding above and below to keep them secure.

Layer 6: 1.5'' of support foams that give the mattress a base foundation and lasting durability.

Exterior Layer: a total 8.5'' of edge support foams wrap the mattress so that the feel is continuous through the mattress.

Overall Comfort

Most experts and reviewers report that this is a comfortable mattress with a nice bounce and spinal alignment. The challenge is often picking the right softness as some customers feel regret that they chose the wrong firmness option.


Voila provides three different firmness options, which is a great variety and most sleepers find what they are looking for.

Back Pain Relief

Based on the variety, some of these beds will definitely alleviate back pain based on your sleeping position and body-size. However, beds that are too soft or too firm can exacerbate back pain in some cases.


Because of the gel memory foam and aeration in the latex layer, this mattress should not retain heat. If you are an extremely warm sleeper, you may still experience some warmth.

Who Is It Good For?

This mattress is great for someone who wants the comfort of a hybrid mattress but for a lower price than the big mattress retailers and is looking for the option of a firm or soft mattress.

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A great mattress- especially for bad backs and pets!!!

I was in the process of moving and my old mattress was over ten years old and giving me and my older dog all kinds of problems. I had a car accident injury that would act up a lot and the mattress was too soft to be of any help. My dog was almost 11 at the time and had arthritis and the mattress was so soft he couldn't get in and out of bed; I had to carry him. I was drawn to this mattress when I read the description because I wanted something very firm but still comfortable. My concern was that the mattress be comfortable for myself and my dog since he sleeps on it too. The mattress arrived in a box very quickly with consistent updates (when it was being processed, shipped, etc). We had it shipped to our new apartment so that there would be plenty of room to unbox it and let it settle (it's recommended you give it 48 hours to fully form). We unboxed it in an empty room (make sure you have lots of space) and it was like unrolling a giant tube of cinnamon rolls! As soon as we cut the plastic, it started settling very quickly. I'm pretty sure my dog did not give it the full 48 hours before he insisted on testing it. Our first night with the new mattress was great- it doesn't dip or leave an indent when you've slept in it for a while. My dog can move really easily on the mattress and sleeps very comfortably through the night. My back pain has gradually started to go away as well. The mattress also doesn't seem to collect a ton of body heat which is especially helpful in the summer! I've had this mattress for over three months now and I am SO happy with it. I fall asleep much quicker than I did before and wake up much more comfortably. My dog prefers to spend as much of his day as possible on the bed- it is even preferable to his favorite spot on the couch he's had for years. I've been telling all my friends who need new beds to check out The Voila Box because a good mattress makes SUCH a huge difference in your quality of life. Good sleep helps everything!! *I received this mattress complimentary; however, all opinions are entirely my own*

gesture of good will from Voila

We bought 2 twin extra-firm XL's around Xmas 2017 when we were in FL and had them delivered to the condo we bought in MA. We slept on them a few days, went back to FL, and then moved back to MA. June 7, 2018, so I have actually been sleeping on it for about 7 weeks. The extra firm mattress was too firm for my hips, neck, and shoulder (side-sleeper) but it was 100-day comfort guarantee, and I was well over the 100-day comfort guarantee. When I emailed Voila about this they offered to send me a 2" Performance enhancing gel-infused memory foam topper designed to complement their Voila Hybrid mattress. I appreciate this gesture of goodwill from Voila and must add my wife loves her extra firm mattress, as she did not like the "valley" that formed over time with mattresses we had in FL.

Light Sleeping No More!

Purchased a medium queen sized Voila for my parents and they have loved the bed from day 1. My father is a light sleeper and will wake up randomly through the night for whatever reason and not fall asleep. With the Voila bed, he has been sleeping through the night and is less grouchy overall. When I need to replace my own bed, I will be buying a Voila for myself. Worth every penny.

Finally Relief

We received our mattress yesterday. It was two days early! Being an older couple, we hired our grandson and friend to carry it upstairs. It was easy to unpack and the plastic removed without problem. There was no smell. We let it rest for 4 hours. Then I made it up with our queen sheets. They fit better on this bed than on anyone bed we have had. Six hours later we tried it briefly with my husband saying it might be too hard. I ordered the plush for him. Well we had a fantastic first night sleep! I hesitated to order a bed online but so far we are completely happy.

Firm Mattress Review - Five Stars

I had a 100% memory foam mattress for the past three years and decided to get a new one after I herniated a disc in my back about a year ago and my doctor suggested upgrading to a firmer mattress to help support my back while sleeping. I ended up settling on the firm Voila and it has been a substantial upgrade to my memory foam mattress. I find it much more supportive than the "firm" memory foam mattress I had, and since purchasing it about 4 months ago I haven't noticed any degradation in the shape of the bed. Recently I've been able to start doing athletic activity again, and I think part of that is due to upgrading my bed to a firmer, better mattress. I sleep really well, and feel great getting out of bed in the morning. I'm extremely satisfied with the bed and would definitely recommend their firm mattress to someone searching more back support. The one thing to note that I didn't expect is that, coming to Voila from a 100% memory foam mattress, this bed is HEAVY. Makes sense when you think about the implications of the construction, but it shocked me when I was moving the bed from the box to my bedframe, especially considering I have a bad back! But that isn't a reason not to buy it. Just be careful the first time you try to pick it up!

Awesome mattress !

After 46 years married to my best friend (Judy) and many different types of mattresses over those years, we found the "Voila mattress" has given us the best nights sleep we have ever had. Thank you,-Jerry and Judy

Cured my back pain

Absolutely love this mattress! My back hasn't felt this good in years. I have waited 100 days, so I can give the best review. After much reading, including reviews on Consumer reports, I decided on the medium firmness to help with back pain. I had increasingly worse back pain on my old innerspring mattress that had gotten too soft and was sagging. Finally decided it could be the mattress and I was correct. It definitely felt too firm the first month, but my back was already feeling better, so decided it must be the right firmness. Currently it feels so comfortable to me. I sleep in all positions, back, side, and stomach. Even after a day of yard work resulting in soreness, my back feels back to normal the next day. Can't recommend it enough!

Sleepless in Indiana

After many years of a traditional mattress, we were looking for an upgrade to the sleeping experience. After trying another well known foam mattress, we were left with a less than satisfying solution. The mattress had minimal edge support and was softer than we returned it and searched for an alternative. We found Voila and frankly were slightly skeptical. Full disclosure - we had a back-up plan to buy a traditional mattress if this one did not work out. It has been a few weeks now, and we are happy to say the Voila has delivered on all of our sleeping expectations. Great edge support! Great comfort! Awesome breathability! This is a keeper! The only thing keeping us from awarding a full 5-stars is that the company does not offer a delivery/set-up option. The OTR carrier simply wanted to leave the mattress in our driveway - not good for a king-size delivery! Besides that point we are 100% satisfied and recommend this mattress. Best regards, The Hanshews

Amazing matteress

I got this mattress quickly and it has been extremely comfortable. No complaints so far with it.

Firm, firm

I purchased this mattress two and a half months ago. I saw that people were saying the medium mattress was really firm, but didn't want one that would be too soft. My husband loves the firmness. I am not so sure. At 102 lbs., I hardly put a dent in it. However, I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea, so I hope things will improve. I'm giving it a 4 until further notice.

Hybrid mattress

We had a pillow top mattress for about 8 years and even put a gel mattress topper on it but I would wake up with back aches and as a side sleeper-numb arms! So I decided it was time for a new Cal. King mattress so the research started! There are SO many mattress stores everywhere and stopping in can be an education in itself but a very expensive one!! So I went to Consumer Report and read the reviews and recommendations on foam, traditional coil mattresses and then hybrid mattresses which combines the two; that was what we wanted! Now to order a “bed in a box” or go to a store?!? Decided to order-no huge commission for sales person- but then which one because are about 10 different beds here too. Most all have some return policies so that relieved my husband fears IF we didn’t like it. Viola has 90 days but they want you sleep on it 30 days before you decide so you can adjust to mattress. We have slept on the mattress 16 days and I can say I don’t wake up with back aches! The numb arm comes and goes so will have to see on it. My husband greatest fear was it would be too hard we ordered medium firmness and he says it is fine. There is many layers but I just wonder if there could be a little bit more woven jel on top so there is a little more softness for the initial touch? All in all we are pleased; there are cheaper “ordered” mattresses and a few more expensive but $1400 was what we paid.

Sleep Number vs Voila

I have been sleeping on a Sleep Number mattress for 20+ years (two different mattresses). I find the Voila mattress to be just, if not more comfortable. If you've been shopping for mattresses you know that Viola is about 1/3 of the price as Sleep Number. Enough said.

Wonderful firm mattress

We recently purchased the Voila king mattress for our second home based on the Consumer Reports and other reviews we read. I must say I was skeptical buying a mattress in a box and not checking it out first. We love it!! It is extremely comfortable and my lower back pain is no longer an issue in the morning. Our youngest daughter is moving out on her own and we bought her a smaller size in the same mattress.

Almost perfect

Amazing how the bed fits into a box. Cal king size. Great price. Ordered firm and it’s very firm I’m sure it will soften as time goes on. Only real problem was the delivery R+LCarriers gave the 5 hour window at the end of the 6th hour the driver called as we were about to go to dinner and said he wouldn’t deliver because he didn’t know the streets in our area (wasn’t the normal driver) and didn’t want to take the truck up the hill. My wife and I had to met the driver and deliver the mattress to the back of our car. Not great service.


I bought 2 twin sized mattresses for teenage daughters - they are blown away with the difference between their old mattress and the Voila mattress. Delivery was prompt, unpackaging was easy, and overall no fuss. I highly recommend.

Not what I expected

I ordered the Plush XL Twin. I am a side sleeper and I woke up several times at night because either my arm on that side was asleep or my entire side hurt. It really did not feel "plush" to me. Perhaps this mattress is more ideal for back sleepers.


Medium hard/soft. Very good mattress, excellent for the price. Very comfortable. just a note: getting it up to the 2nd floor is a two person job, I recommend removing the box, but not cutting the inner plastic wrap, the plastic slides better on stairs.

Another multi-Voila customer

We were sleeping on a Saatva for just under two years when we decided to downsize the bed for more floor space in our bedroom. I was just about to pull the trigger on another Saatva when I saw Consumer Reports ratings of the Voila. Figured what the heck, they pay shipping both ways so I'll give Voila a try. THE BEST decision I've ever made concerning a bed purchase. I'm a side sleeper, but on the Voila I sleep side, back, stomach, and am so comfortable and rested in the morning. Love this bed so much I ordered another to replace the mattress in our guestroom. I cannot recommend this mattress enough. I bought the medium and it is perfect. Seriously, if you're thinking about a new mattress look no farther.

good mattress

The mattress is fine. No complaints at all. In fact, it's quite comfortable. My only small peeve was the shipping. They used FedEx and required a signature. It was stressful since the FedEx truck usually comes during work hours and it's tough to take time off work to wait at home to sign for the mattress. Once the mattress was shipped, the folks at Voila weren't able to change the signature requirement. Still, it all worked out and now I have a fine mattress. Just be careful when you order and do everything you can to avoid the signature requirement.

Love our Voila...

We were searching for a new and firmer mattress than we currently were using. After doing an enormous amount of online and Consumer Reports research, we decided on the Voila. To be perfectly honest, we had never heard of Voila, but we certainly are glad we found it. It is amazing to watch this king size mattress, in a relatively small box, unfold into a great mattress. So far it has met all our expectations with quality and comfort. If it remains as it is, we have become Voila customers forever!

We like the "firm"

Our 9 year old Temperpedic has permanent divits on each side. They have been getting progressively worse over the past few months, which was very disappointing with such a "high priced" mattress. So I ordered a Voila King in firm which has gel top layers, not Visco foam which can and does break down over time. We then put a 3/4" memory foam mattress pad on it and when you first lay on it, your brain says, "Whoa, that's pretty firm".....then you wake up the next morning feeling great. The Voila scored a 77 out of 100 in Consumer Reports with the highest score of all mattresses tested at an 84. We went with the Voila because in the same test it's durability rating was listed as "excellent" and the price is reasonable. CR does some pretty serious accelerated wear and weight testing & I recommend reading their report. The packaging of the mattress is brilliant(the box was about 1' square and 6+' long), but remember, a King weighs in at 160lbs, so having help moving the box in recommended. Unlike the Temperpedic reviews, neither one of us noticed any strong smells from the Voila when unwrapped. Anyway, so far we are extremely pleased with the Voila, and are curious to see how it holds up over the years.

Delivery frustration

FedEx shipping required a signature for delivery. Few of us are readily available at home during the day to accept delivery. This required me to change the delivery address to a Fed Ex store, which then required me to load it into the car to bring home. So much for front door service. The packages weighs 100+ pounds, which would prevent most would-be thieves from taking it. Leaving it on the doorstep seems reasonable to me.

Immediately comfortable

I had to return my first mattress from another manufacturer and now love this one. Have had it for 3 weeks

A company that truly stands by their product!!

We purchased our Voila medium queen mattress last fall. Last week we discovered a bulge in the side 🙁 Not knowing much about the company, I was really concerned that there was going to be red tape, loop holes, and/or frustration trying to utilize the warranty. It ended up being one of the most pleasant customer service experiences I've had with any company. My initial email and every subsequent was responded to in a couple hours or less. All of of my questions and concerns were answered in a clear and professional manner. Those that responded came off as just being really nice. I was offered a replacement or a refund. We definitely took the replacement (we LOVE our mattress). And we already have the replacement in our apartment. Kudos to the Voila family for truly standing by your product and for treating your customers (us) so well. I will continue to recommend you to anyone and everyone. 🙂

Showroom Quality Mattress But Shipped to My House

I wanted a traditional mattress without the price and with the ability to return it after sleeping on it at home for a few weeks. I also wanted a thicker mattress and to try a boxed one with innersprings. However I didn't want to go to a traditional mattress store like RC Willey and feel...well...boxed in while trying to make a decision. The edge support on this mattress is amazing. I've slept on a few foam type mattresses that seem smaller because the edge collapses and you feel like you need to stay far away from the edge so you don't roll off. Also, the springs give Voila an advantage over a lot of the mattresses that you order online. Since it has heavy metal, ha ha you can expect this mattress to be heavy. You'll need some help getting it from the porch to the bed and in our case, up the stairs. That was definitely a workout! This is going in our guest bedroom - our old mattress upstairs has developed body impressions and that's when you know it's time for a new one.

Loved our Voila Mattress, so we ordered Voila for the entire family!

If you are completely overwhelmed with the mattress buying process, as I completely was with so many companies, here is my review to hopefully help you out if you're looking at Voila. Research, Research, Research! I’m so happy I researched a dozen mattress companies in detail before purchasing. These companies included the likes of Casper, T&N, Purple, Alexander, Sapira, Leesa, Serta, Sealy, Beauty Rest, etc. I was overwhelmed by all the options and felt so many of them were simply telling the same story with fancy marketing videos. I had a friend tell me about an awesome new mattress company he said was breaking the mold of the typical bed-in-box company that was focused on a luxury mattress experience with an affordable price. It was Voila. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to add another company to the mix of all my research and I’m sure happy I did. Here is a quick summary of the reasons why I purchased Voila over all the other companies without going into too much detail or sharing my massive excel spreadsheet. The main things is for all the components/layers that Voila has to offer, it was extremely cheaper than all other comparable products. Coiled Springs: When I looked at every mattress over $3,000, almost all of them had zoned pocketed coiled springs and realized this is critical piece to actually get the support on all the high pressure points of the body. My lower back was in desperate need of something to provide adequate support. Quality: Voila wasn’t just 2-3 pieces of memory foam put together and compressed in a box. It had 12 layers of materials that all worked together to provide a pleasant sleeping experience. This included high quality latex, gel-infused memory foam, 5 zone pocketed coiled springs, triple edge support around the mattress (makes your mattress feel 2x the size), and breathable airflow materials to offer a cool sleep at night. Comfort Choice: I loved that there were 3 firmness options (Plush, Medium, Firm). So many of the other companies had a one size fits all firmness, but I knew we wanted something a little firmer for my wife and I, and something a little softer for my kids. Price: No, it wasn’t low-cost mattress. But Voila was easily the biggest bang for your buck company in terms of quality, layers, support, comfort level, etc. when comparing to other companies offering the same product, layers, and quality. It was actually 1/3 to 1/4 the price of comparable mattresses made with the same quality and same components. After sleeping on the mattress for a 3 months now, I can say with confidence I’ve never slept better. We had a Sleep Number before and absolutely hated it. I felt like I was always a little sore in the morning and the my butt/hips area never had support. I’ve also noticed a HUGE difference in the coolness of sleeping at night. I’m comfortably on top of the mattress and don’t feel like I’m getting smothered into the mattress. We ended up ordering twin and full size mattresses for all of our kids as well since they were on the old floral looking mattresses that were probably 20 years old. We feel it’s been a great investment. Negatives/Cons: Box came pretty dirty from the shipping company and looked a little beat up. I would recommend removing the box in your garage or outside and then carrying the plastic rolled-up mattress to your bedroom to make sure you don’t stain your carpet or floors. There was about 12-24 hours of a very light off-gasing smell. I assume this is completely normal with any compressed mattress, but couldn’t smell anything after the first day.

Premium Mattress

Voila has really created a premium style mattress that's well worth the price. Instead of going to a local store to find a mattress with coils and memory foam we found Voila. We selected the plush style and are very happy with the softness and durability of the bed. We will be looking at Voila again when we need to replace another bed at our home.

Soft but firm, cool but cozy, Voila! Our new favorite mattress!

My wife and I have couldn't be happier with our Voila mattress purchase! Delivery was timely and easy to track. The mattress was a lot of fun to open, we couldn't get the six year old to stop giggling at the insta-inflate! The mattress has a great look, with the patterned top and the wavy sides. But most importantly, it's super comfortable! We are both on the larger side, and the medium is perfect. I also love that it has great edge support for sitting, unlike many other box brand mattresses. Soft but firm, cool but cozy, Voila! Our new favorite mattress!

Love this mattress!

This mattress offers both firm support and the perfect amount of cushioning on top. We got the plush mattress and we love it. I was worried that it might not be firm enough but it offers great support! I love having a little extra memory foam on top, it makes it easier on aching joints. The mattress is also really pretty with a quilted white top. We are super happy with out Voila mattress!

Excellent mattress!

I ordered my Voila mattress on a Saturday evening and it arrived on Wednesday morning! The mattress arrived early on the 3rd business day just as promised. Fast! The online order process was really simple and the website is easy to navigate. I originally thought about ordering the medium firm mattress, but my husband talked me into the plush. We are very pleased with it! The mattress is still very firm and sturdy, but with just the right amount of cushioning on top. (Great for my stiff joints). When we put the mattress on our bed I was pleased with how pretty is it! The top has a white quilted pattern that looks really nice.We are super happy with our Voila mattress! Lisa L Utah

I tried a few boxed mattresses, this is the one I kept.

I tried Casper, and another brand that also got high marks in a review. Voila is the one I kept (medium firmness) because it was the really comfortable. I purchased about 6 months ago, and still genuinely happy with it. It's soft on the top layer, and really gets rid of pressure points. On the Casper my arms were falling asleep and getting numb. The other one I tried, was way too soft and misaligned my spine. Even thought it was so "soft", I still had pressure points on it somehow. I felt sunk into a poor posture as I slept, and rolled into the center - it was horrible. The Voila, while soft and pressure relieving on the top layer, has great support. It's really a perfect balance. When I purchased, Voila was kind new to the game. I don't know if they've got more recognition since then, but I'm writing this for some reason at 2am because I just really like this mattress lol. The only down side, I really wish there was a way to change to covers on it. I have a mattress protector, but I'd still like to change the cover once a year. Maybe my impression, but it just looks yellowish compared to bright white sheets. But, perhaps not that white to begin with I can't remember. Overall pretty minor issue. And yea, it's heavy. I solo carried it up 2 flights of stairs. You probably would like 2-3 people for the job though. And yea, it is so comfortable. Part of the reason I'm writing this, is so Voila stays alive and if I ever need replacing or adding another mattress I know where to go.

Sleep Number NO MORE!

We've had this bed a few weeks and so far it has been great. We set it up in our living room so we could be sure it was going to be the right fit and left our Sleep Number bed in place. One night we switched back to the Sleep Number bed and my husband said "NO MORE!!" We both woke up hurting. My only complaint is the company who delivered it. They would not bring it up my drive way and my husband had to go and pick it up in his truck. The man would not even come help him get it in the house! So much for good customer service from R and L Carriers in Birmingham, AL!

best I've ever slept on

My Voila Mattress is the BEST purchase my husband and I have ever made. Not only is their customer service incredible- they made sure our mattress arrived at the house that we were moving to (across the country) the exact same day we moved in- but also the mattress is the best I've ever slept on. The Voila mattress is not just a chunk of foam like all other bed-in-a-box mattresses out there. The Voila mattress has springs that give support, while still offering you a choice in firmness (plush, medium, or firm). Honestly, I will never sleep on another mattress ever again. It is really that amazing!

Voila mattress proved me wrong

For a while now, I have been having trouble getting comfortable in my bed--lots of tossing and turning, leg aches, back soreness, waking up frequently during the night, etc. A neighbor of mine recently purchased a Voila mattress and suggested that I take a look at the Voila products. My husband and I did some research on beds and decided to purchase the Plush Voila mattress. We slept on our new mattress last night, and it was really comfortable for both of us. The difference was amazing. I had thought, "Oh, my old mattress isn't that bad," but our new Voila mattress proved me wrong. We are so happy we purchased our Voila bed, and we highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a new mattress.

Love everything about Voila

Love everything about Voila!! The mattress, the delivery/packaging, their customer service, the company, the people, the price point, firmness options…!

Quality Mattress on a Budget

I bought this mattress after seeing a Sleepopolis review on it. I was originally looking at getting a Tempur-Flex Supreme, which they claimed this was very similar to. Well, it wasn't; this mattress is firmer than the Tempur, but I'm hoping the foam softens some over time. I will say that even though it's firmer than I originally wanted, it only took 2 weeks to get used to the change. The new foam smell went away after 2 days. Before I would wake up 2-4 times in the middle of the night and wake up with a sore back in the morning. Now I sleep like a rock. My girlfriend and I don't wake each other up anymore when either of us moves. I've been recommending it to all my friends because you can get the mattress and a decent platform bed frame all for under $1000. Shipping was fast; I ordered Monday and received it Thursday. I would recommend that you put on a sheet before setting anything else on it because the cover likes to grab fabric.

Soft is too Firm for me

I ordered the 'soft' mattress and it is VERY firm. After extensive research and foam density comparisons I bought this mattress because it had a better warranty than the in store mattress that we liked with nearly the same specs. However, upon arrival this mattress is MUCH firmer than both the site and the reviews had led me to believe. I weigh 180 lbs and only get 1/4-1/2" compression when lying down which doesn't even fully conform to the small of my back. The mattress firmness is about a 6-7/10 compared to everything else I have tried, not the '3' that the mattress reviews tell you. The quality of the mattress seems nice and there have been no hassles with the ordering process which is why I gave it 3 stars, but after the required 30 day trial I will have to return mine.

best mattress I have EVER slept on

No joke Voila is the best mattress I have EVER slept on!!! I had another competitor's boxed mattress before my Voila and there is no comparison. I travel a lot for work too and I can't wait to get back home to slumber upon my own personal cloud! Thank you Voila!!!!!

I love that it is a hybrid

This has been the easiest mattress buying experience ever. No pushy salesman or going into a store to lie on a bunch of different mattresses. It arrived at the door one day, then we unrolled it, opened it up and done. I love that it is a hybrid of memory foam, latex, and pocket coils. We replaced my daughter's old saggy memory foam only mattress and she has loved it.

Smooth delivery, easy set up

I have researched extensively on the kind of mattress we were ready to purchase. My decision was a hybrid . Glad I waited for this newer innovative option-because its the best of both worlds. Business on the bottom-Party on the top!. I consulted customer service because I wasn't sure the "soft " option would be supportive enough for my large husband, but it has proven to be great. Smooth delivery, easy set up, and a very well made product that is affordable for a high quality mattress. So happy to have a fantastic choice for a good night sleep for both of us! (P.S. The soft is on the firm side) We really got a winner!!

Go buy one now!

Purchasing a new mattress is one that I take seriously. I mean, you spend about half of your life -- a quarter for overachievers --- in your bed. After researching and getting referrals from friends we settled on Voila. Wow!! We made the right decision. First of all, we didn't have to borrow a truck to get the thing to our house. It showed up in a box at our doorstep. We quickly carried it upstairs and popped open the bag. We were laying on our mattress within a short time. The best part is that we have slept like babies ever since we got it. Go buy one now!

Mattress is one of a kind

Voila is an awesome brand with a great message. The mattress is one of a kind and you will feel the different the second you lay down on it. They are unlike any other hybrid mattress on the market and have been designed for many different levels of comfort. Look no further than Voila for you next mattress purchase!

I love these things

We built a new home last year and one of the last things we thought about were mattresses. After finally spending all that money on a nice new home I found myself disgusted at what I now had to spend for nice mattresses. Not sure where along the way in life mattresses started costing your first born child, but they did! I was fortunate enough to hear about Voila Mattress from a friend and I was very skeptical about the quality when I was told they would come in a box, that the price was 2-3 times LESS than the quality mattresses I was looking at, and frankly I just did not believe it. I am so glad I took the gamble though. We got 3 of them and we love them. These mattresses are awesome. My kids can jump all over them, they can sleep like babies (they are not babies now) and I have nothing but positive things to say about them. I am not a sleep scientist so I cannot get into all the nitty gritty details about that, but can simply tell you I love these things.

I wish I found them sooner

Buying a mattress that comes to your door in a box is the way to go! Voila’s quality rivals the top-end store brands, the customer experience is awesome and they stand behind their product. I wish I found them sooner, but glad I did! So long, sleep number.

best in the mattress biz

Hands down the best in the mattress biz.. I'd rate the mattress we purchased 6 stars out of 5 if it were possible. Also, the people at Voila don't come any better, love this place.

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