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Vibe Mattress Reviews

The Vibe mattresses are popular, extremely affordable mattresses sold on Amazon. Their mattress in a box concept features two mattresses, a 12'' all foam design with gel infused foam on the surface layer for extra cooling, and also a 12'' pocket spring pillow top design for extra support. Their mattresses get good reception for initial comfort from most customers, but there are some complaints about durability, making it suited best for temporary or less used beds.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.7/10

Price Value: 8/10

No Back Pain: 7.3/10

Price: $244-$401

Trial Period: No Trial

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Vibe's Specifics

Vibe's mattresses are extremely affordable, with both a hybrid and all-foam version. In addition to their affordability, another differentiator is being sold on Amazon, which is a big win for those that need a mattress quickly.

Overall, customers mostly report happy experiences with initial comfort, but there are some complaints about firmness, mattress expansion, and faster sagging than expected.

Quality of Materials

Vibe's mattresses offer very affordable materials with the benefits of gel infused memory foam and spring systems. Customers report that these materials offer less durability than expected, with some describing issues with surface compression and sagging in the top layers.

We'll go through Vibe's mattresses below so you'll know what elements will work best for you.

Here are the details about the Vibe 12'' Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

Vibe's gel memory foam mattress includes four layers of foam, with gel infused foam on the surface layers for greater cooling. While most customers have good things to say initially, there are many reports about sagging and compression on the surface layers. Some describe it as being too soft in some cases. Here is what's inside:

Layer 1: The cover is made of a synthetic blend, which does well to wick away moisture from the sleepers above.

Layer 2: 2'' of cooling gel memory foam provides a cool surface and enhanced contour. Customers describe it as quite soft.

Layer 3: The next layer is 3'' of supportive gel-infused foam that is more responsive than memory foam, but also offers plenty of pressure point relief.

Layers 4-5: The last two foam layers are 3.5'' high density foam layers, which provide support to the back and spine.

Next, we'll go through their hybrid option, the Vibe 12'' Gel Memory Foam Hybrid:

Similar to the Vibe memory foam mattress, their hybrid starts with gel-infused memory foam on the surface layer. With pocketed coils, customers describe the Vibe Hybrid as performing well overall. However, there are some complaints about not expanding and degrading support over a shorter period. Here is what's inside:

Layer 1: Similar to Vibe's memory foam edition, the Vibe hybrid offers a synthetic blend cover, which keeps dry and soft.

Layer 2 & 4: These layers are open-cell foam, and provide a pillowy contour and plush softness for the pillow top and below comfort layers.

Layer 3: A memory foam layer provides added contour around the hips and shoulders and relaxes the body.

Layer 5: Individual pocketed coils independently respond to provide support to the spine. Some customers describe being able to feel these coils due to the softness of the comfort layers above.

Overall Comfort

Most customers report good experiences with initial comfort from Vibe's mattresses. Those that were happy described contouring and pressure relieving mattresses, best for side sleeping. However, there is a significant segment that describes issues with durability and sagging, which affects the comfort of both Vibe's mattresses.


Vibe's mattresses are medium and medium-plush, though many customers describe them having degrading firmness over time. These will be best suited for slender side sleepers that don't require significant support.

Back Pain Relief

These mattresses are on the softer side, which is ideal for those that are side sleepers. With the reports of sagging over a shorter than expected period, these mattresses may aggravate issues for some sleepers.


With both open-cell and gel-infused foams, these mattresses sleep cool for most sleepers. Those that live in warm environments may need something more specialized.

Who Are the Vibe Mattresses Best For?

Vibe mattresses are best for those that need a soft and very affordable mattress, and are looking for a quick temporary solution. Those that are hoping for long term value may want to take a look at our list of top mattresses for the money.

Browse Vibe Customer Reviews

Have had for about 18 months and still love it

I forget how lucky I am to have this mattress until I try to go and sleep somewhere else


The bed has no support. You just sink into it and its so hard to get up from it. I wake up with my back in pain for some reason.

Love it

I bought 3 of these mattresses for my teenagers and it’s even harder to get them up out of bed. Super comfy and reliable. They’ll have these for the next 10years

Convenient and comfortable

We purchased these to make sure our children’s guest room would have comfortable beds. So successful that our children purchased the same for their vacation home. Highly recommend. In both homes the delivery and set up were excellent.

It's a firm mattress...

I was ready to upgrade my 25+ year old mattress and springs and I was very indecisive about which memory foam I wanted. Even after researching all kinds and price ranges it was still kind of a 'pick one' decision. My wife likes firm, I like something softer to conform and reduce pressure points like the plush/pillow top variety. I grabbed this because it was affordable. Was fun to open and watch it plump My wife laid on it and protested it was too soft, tho her snores later that night i think proved it was ok. It's not the cloud soft I was hoping for, but it adapts and I don't get pain points when I'm trying to get comfortable. I think it was a good value overall and Im happy with it. I gave it 3 stars for comfort cuz it's comfortable but not COMFORTABLEEEEEE!

Great mattress!

Ordered for my daughter. She loves it!

Firm bed

I was looking for a mattress to replace a “firm” feel traditional mattress. Took a chance on this one. It is very firm and not very forgiving on hips and shoulders if you’re a side sleeper. Honestly it’s really difficult to buy a mattress online. Reviews are all over the place. I didn’t expect much for the price so I’m not upset. But if you are looking for a medium support, this is not it.

Huge bed, Expands if directions are followed

King Size: We researched a couple different beds and always bought the zinus brand before. This one is comparable to that brand. You don't move much once you get situated the bed, it holds you with in it's memory foam. If you sit on the side it sinks in but recovers it's thickness quickly. It's a nice bed so far. I hope it holds up. One advice buy a bedframe for a heavier bed.

Very happy with the value of quality of sleep

I bought this mattress because it was a combination of foams that cool, and it had an excellent price. I slept in it over the summer and never felt overly hot, and I've been perfectly comfortable. I'm extremely happy with this mattress.

Great buy

My teenage son loves his new bed. Great price!

Fibers everywhere, itching and irritated

This mattress made an Incredible and possibly dangerous mess. Fibers can poke thru the mattress into your body and irritate you. They should be sued.

Perfect for price!

Let me start with the fact that struggle is real and a good place to sleep is too expensive but I can say that I will never spend thousands on a mattress again. This mattress honestly is amazing. From shipping: it took only a short couple days for it to ship as you can expect it's a little heavy it's not going to ship like something smaller you can't expect next day shipping. Arrival: I didn't take a picture as I wanted to get it inside and get it opened cuz I was excited lol. But they had it nicely stood up next to my door for me. The package was not damaged in anyway. Upon opening: it's a vaccine sealed mattress. Be careful not to cut the mattress when opening it. Also make sure you have it the right side up so you don't have to flip it once it's fully expanded. It tooka couple hours to expand to full size and all of it expanded even the corners came up to be a rounded square shape Sleep quality: I have a lot of back pain from bending at work and crouching and this mattress does wonders. I wake up in the morning actually ready to get the day started instead of getting up in pain. Medium firm mattress no plush top 12 inch awesomeness

One Year in and still Great!

I bought this mattress a year ago and it is my everyday use mattress. It is still very comfortable with no depressions or breakdown in materials. I have a mattress cover and a topper to add a little luxury. I would definitely purchase this again if I needed to ( hopefully in 4 or more years), or if I decide to add a guest bed. Good quality, good price for product, shipment was quick and easy. Also easy to unbox. If I remember correctly I opened in the morning & slept on it that same night....

Worth it

I bought 3 full size for the kids 2 years ago and getting ready to buy the king for us. They all inflated fine, they're holding shape fine, they didn't stink, they didn't have bugs. Fantastic comfort and support. Since I had 3 that were all fine and still say so 2 years later, my guess is some other reviewers did something wrong and/or are impossible to please. Warning: the dog finds them so comfortable she sneaks on them while we're gone. Never did with the old ones.

Sleeps really hot

I went from a serta super pillow top cooling gel memory hybrid mattress to this block of foam. It was slept too hot, always tossed and turned and back pain got worse. I let my ex keep it in the divorce.

Hope it would have been better

Didn’t inflate to full 14 inches cooling top could have been better and not as thick as averting stated

Kids love the mattress

Kids wanted a new mattress but didn't wanted to spend crazy money. So i got them this they loved it. I even slept on it once it felt better then my named brand big $$ mattress! Update ended up buying another one for the guest room

Great product

This was gift for daughter. She loves it. Never slept better!!


This mattress is actually pretty comfy, would order again.

Review after 10 months of regular use

Unboxing this mattress back in January was not impressive. I don’t think it ever actually expanded to 12 in. MAYBE it got to 10 inches. Maybe. Unfortunately, the mattress has also already begun to dip where we sleep. It’s hard to be mad at it, after all it was $300. Just a little disappointed it didn’t last a year before showing wear and tear on top of not reaching the promised thickness.

Pretty soft…almost too soft.

My wife thinks this is too soft. Our 10 year old daughter likes it though.

Very comfy!

Needed a mattress in a pinch, this worked perfectly!

It was cut to small for a twin bed frame.

More firm than soft

Ease of inflation, feels firm with comfortable give. Been sleeping okay only because I’m used to a softer mattress. But I feel like this will last a good long time.

It was cut...

It was cut to small for a twin bed frame.

Full of fiberglass

Never buy this mattress. It is full of fiberglass and it gets everywhere, impossible to clean.

Good product

Good product, came in a vacuum seal, raised up to 12 inches as promised within 3 minutes, clean, no odors. If you like it soft-it is not for you. Pretty firm, but that is exactly what I was looking for. Very satisfied!

Wow! Better than expected.

I had a gel foam mattress years ago and it had a cooling layer. This does not but it's not a problem. It's very comfortable and light weight enough to be easy to make. I really like it. It took a day or so to expand fully so expect to leave it to expand before you sleep on it.

bed in a box

Great comfort and value.

Great Mattress. Glad I purchased it.

I’m really glad I purchased this mattress. It had me out within a few minutes the first night I slept on it. It’s incredibly tall and super foamy. I’d definitely purchase it again and recommend it to others.

Excellent Mattress For The Price!!!

Very nice mattress forthe price. No complaints at all.

Great Mattress

Way better than what I expected.

Heat retainer

Heats up in no time and takes forever to cool down

Was just not for me but I have had 2 back surgery's

Was not ferm and made me hurt

Best sleep yet!

Easily to set up and position.

Worst mistake


World of difference

I’ve been sleeping on a 10 yr old super soft bob o pedic. Woke up every morning with back pain, the mattress memorized my body so where ever you would lay it would bring you to my hole. Overall we knew We it was time for a new mattress. This mattress is pretty stiff but not hard. The first night sleeping on it I can immediately feel relief on my back. I was even able to comfortably sleep on my stomach. Tho this mattress is a month old it’s been a game charger. Highly recommend.


We came from a Tempur-pedic mattress that we tried to exchange, but they wouldn't honor the warranty. This mattress is everything. I wish I would have had this mattress throughout all my pregnancies. For the 1st time in 7 years, I sleep through the whole night consistently. It is LIFE CHANGING.

Quality feel

This was delivered on time and inflated properly within hours. I ordered a king size which is HEAVY so make sure someone is around to help you lift the box and unpackage it in the correct area! Compared to other brands of memory foam mattresses I have used in the past, this sleeps on the firmer side, but has a plush top layer. I believe the plush layer is only 1-2 inches deep whereas in my previous mattress brands it was 3-4 inches. That said, the motion transfer is minimal which makes for fewer interruptions during the night. Two adults and a golden retriever have plenty of space to spread out! We do not have a ‘sunken valley’ when we gravitate toward the center sitting or sleeping. Recommend deep pocket sheets and a mattress cover to keep it clean- I don’t like to remove the layer it comes in because that’s a pain with such a heavy piece. I love that this brand did not have any reviews mentioning mold! I need a full-size mattress for a guest bed but can’t find one in the 8-10 inches range that doesn’t have scary comments about molding. Wish this brand would make one!

Very nice bed for the $

Only reason didnt give it 5 stars is it hasnt been long enough to now how it works out long term. We have a casper, and T/N in our house as well. This one feels in-between those on a comfort level. A+


Definitely worth the money! It’s so hard to figure out which mattress to get over a screen but I’m so glad I went with the this one!

Poor quality for longevity.

Works as a bed fine in general. Definitely beats no bed! The issue is it loses its for rapidly.

Easy resting

This mattress is wonderful. I’ve tried a few different mattresses and this one is perfect. It’s firm and soft and the same time which seems unicorn like.

This bed does not look like the ad. It has not expanded properly. No one has slept on this bed.

No one has slept on the bed. It is in my guest room. And, the bed did not expand properly and the fabric all around the bed is loose. I have waited several weeks for it to expand and it hasn't. It is of poor quality.


I bought this for my son. He loves it! He said it is very comfortable.

So comfortable

I bought this mattress for a Murphy bed. It was the perfect choice, so comfortable.

Great mattress

Love this mattress!

Wasn't firm enough

It's not firm enough

It didn't meet our expectations..

We were very disappointed in the didn't meet our expectations in comfort, pain relief & quality sleep.

Corners not flat and middle not smooth

I purchased this hybrid after buying a non hybrid from the same manufacturer that I was happy with. Not sure if my experience is unique but mattress does not square corners and dips and the middle of the mattress is not smooth. Very disappointed.

Terrible Purchase for a sore body

The Matress foam seems to stay pressed into whatever pressed position for too long to be comfortable. I sleep on my sides for medical reasons and the matress feels lumpy and hurts my Hips when I switch sides during the night. By morning I am so sore that I am often forced to soak in a HOT tub before I can go to work. This AM , I had to delay my work crew by an hour so that I could recover from the matress by soaking. I will have to go out and purchase another matress now to replace this thing. Very dis-satisfied!!!


This mattress seems to have a permanent "set" now after removing from the vacuum bag. There are some major "wrinkles" in the middle of the bed that are very uncomfortable. Not sure if this comes from the process of vacuum packing / rolling process to get it to fit into the rectangular box, or from the imbedded springs, or combination of both these factors? Also, the corners of the mattress are deformed as well, like the foam is permanently crushed and will never inflate. The bed was allowed to set for several days before use, as instructed. However these defects did not go away. Last year I purchased the 12" solid foam bed (no springs) from Vibe and that product did not have these issues. Overall a disappointment. I want my money back.

Im awake because the mattress is too painful

I have a bad back and this is advertised as a plush but its more of a firm

Nice mattress for the price

Ordered 2 of these. They expanded without any issue and are cushy and comfortable. Would order again.


This is my second mattress in a box and this one is better than the first. Sleeps so much better

Great at first.

We got this about a year ago. For the first 9 months it was amazing. Felt great, we rotated it every sheet change. Past 3 months we now have divots from where we lay and my back has been killing me. Do not buy for long term

You get a comfortable sleep

You get a comfortable slerp

Veryyyyyy comfy, slept forever

10/10 would recommend

Won't fully decompress after 2 days

The mattress won't fully decompress and it's been 48 hrs since I opened it. I know I can't return it because I have no way to box it up. Which sucks bc it's so expensive. I'm not happy, avoid this at all costs

You can here and feel the coils from day 1

This mattress in not cooling and you hear the coils when you turn over and some areas you feel the coils. I would not recomend this mattress. Already looking to buy a different brand.

Thing opens like a can of biscuits

I bought this because my sister did and it was super cozy. Got mine in and set up after building my bed. Thing popped open like a can of biscuits and scared the dickens outta me. But very cozy. My back is super sensitive and easily in pain and this bed helps so much with it. I finally don’t wake up in intense pain. Love it. 10/10

Very Comfortable

I’d been needing a new mattress but did not want to spend a whole lot of money and after many searches and reading reviews, I decided on this one. I suffer from neck and back pain and was so hoping that this mattress would give me some relief. Well, I am happy to report that this mattress is fantastic! I let it air out for 2 days before using it. It is the height specified, no odors and it is firm but has a softness to it. I am very happy with my purchase.


I laid down on this mattress for the first time last night and instantly went to sleep. After I woke up from the best night of sleep that I had in years I realized just how bad my old mattress was. Don't deny yourself. Go ahead and buy this mattress now. Your back, shoulders and neck will thank you in the morning.


Still hasn’t got to full size it should be. Not all that comfortable wake up stiff and does not help with pain. Wouldn’t get this brand again.



Oh boy

So you get what you pay for…



great sleep

very comfortable

Love it

Love it

Great bed

This Is a great comfortable bed I'm 6'3 230 this is the best hybrid I found 300 bucks can't beat it


Only downside is the edges...especially the corners...dip down...little support.

Best mattress I have ever slept on!

Frankly I was scared……been burned by false claims too often but this is truly best purchase I have ever made! I love soft and this is beyond that. So comfortable you barely move around. Good looking quality wish I had found this 3 mattresses ago.

Stiffer than expected

Even though it is stiff than expected it is very comfortable. It is exactly what my sore back needed.

Wondrous comfort

A wonderfully comfortable mattress! I just wish I'd purchased it sooner!

it sinks

It's a very comfortable bed, I've had it for a week now, and I noticed the side I sleep on most has sunk. So the left side is lower than the right; I guess I have to alternate sides.

decent, but false advertisement

1. mattress never did fully inflate. It's only 10 inches in the middle, and 9 inches on the edges and corners. The corners and edges sag down a bit, looks a little funny. 2. it's not a full king size. My bed has at least 2 inches at the foot that are uncovered by the mattress, and 1 inch on the side. Definitely not true to size. 3. it's not firm at all. It's very springy, especially around the edges. If I sit down on the edge to put socks on, it nearly squishes all the way down. 4. it's fairly comfy in the middle though. I slept in the middle of the bed and it seemed comfortable and I had a good night's sleep. Overall, it's not the mattress that appears to be advertised and it's not what I expected, but it'll work for now. I don't foresee it lasting very long though based on the squishiness and it's undersized.

Mattress is great!

This mattress is affordable and very comfortable. My best purchase of a mattress in a very long time.

Waited 5 day's & it never completely finished expanding

I'll add the pictures later. But yeah waited 5 day's & even heated up the room but seen very little difference. But after 5 nights of sleeping on the couch I figured try it before freaking out on costumer service especially when you have to go through 3 of them to get what you paid for these days. But if it lasts I'll add a star

Mattress is great Amazon store not so much

I went on to check to see when my order was coming because it seemed to be taking a while to ship. As I was checking an option popped up to change the shipping date at no cost and receive my mattress in 2 days. I thought wow awesome now I get it sooner. When I did it it made my shipping vdate 2 weeks later. We needed it right away. I called Amazon customer service and they said yes unfortunately when you choose that option the order date resets and you get it later! WHAT??? OH and if though it is an Amazon product they can't put it back or undue it! What a scam! They could have fixed it.I feel like they put that there to trick people so they wouldn't have to ship the product. Amazon is a bunch of liers! I am super pissed. The mattress itself is really great. We have a queen and love it. We were ordering a twin for the spare room.

Great mattress

Great mattress for the money. Not a soft as we hoped for but still very comfortable

This not a mattress 12" in height. It is only 10"

A Co worker talked me into purchasing this mattress. I truly was sold on the vibe 12" memory foam mattress. So buyer be aware! Just do your homework before purchasing. It started to warp on one side but to make a long story short. I ended up getting a refund on the mattress. However it sleeps and feels good.

Super plush!

I initially bought this mattress for my 4 year old who is transitioning from his toddler bed and he absolutely loves it. I must admit I've found myself falling asleep right beside him after story time lol. The mattress is so nice and plush it conforms to your body effortless! Will definitely considering purchasing one for my room in the future :)

All the ZzZzZz's

The only bad thing I have to say about this purchase is more because of shipping, the. Orders on one side are permanently crushed...other than that great mattress!

Both soft and supportive!

I've only had this mattress a few days and I've slept on it twice so far, but it's so comfortable. I'm glad that I went with a 12 inch instead of a 14 inch because I think a 14 inch would've been too soft for me. I weigh over 300 lbs and the 12 inch is a perfect balance of softness and support. It has the plushness of a memory foam mattress with the springiness of an innerspring and honestly, I just love it. I'm hoping it holds up well and I'll report back with any findings after I've had it a while.

Super comfy

Bought this for my camper, it was reasonably priced and very comfortable. Would highly recommend

Good at first. Terrible after time

When we first got this bed it was amazing. After having it for a while it started to sag immensely and my boyfriend and I now wake up with aches every single day. It sags in the middle so bad if there's 2 people in it and just having 1 in it makes it sag and it's not supportive at all. Terrible for back problems. Wouldn't recommend for long term. Could be okay if it's just 1 person but still not good on the body after a while.

No support

This mattress is very bouncy. There is little to no support. I would not recommend this.

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