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Verlo Mattress Reviews

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Verlo is a midwestern mattress company with big nationwide plans. With their Verlo-to-Go mattresses in a box and wide selection of online mattress options, they are quickly becoming a popular choice. They are known for their innerspring mattresses in a wide variety of pricepoints and qualities. Their midgrade options are perfectly suited for most sleepers, but some of the top and low-grade lines may leave something wanting for your money.

Mattress Score

Overall Score 8.7/10
Customer Satisfaction: 8.8/10
Price Value: 8.4/10
Back Support: 8.8/10
Price: $79-$4,229

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Longevity: 8.8/10
Body Conformability: 8.4/10
General Support: 8.8
Softness: 8.4
No Motion Transfer: 8.6
No Odor on Delivery: 8.4
Good for Hot Sleepers: 8.8
Sex / Bounce: 8.7
Good for Heavy Folks: 8.8
Silence: 8.7
Warranty: 8.8

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Verlo Specifics

Quality of Materials
Verlo mattresses are made in American factories, predominantly in the midwest and are attached to showrooms there. There are a variety of pricepoints for the Verlo mattresses. Most customers are comfortable with their Verlo mattresses in the mid to high price range, but quality may be lacking in the low priced options. Also, the higher end options are more expensive than other top-tier online-only options.

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Mattress Types
Verlo has a variety of mattress lines, focused mostly on innerspring and hybrid varieties, though they also have select foam and latex options as well. We'll go through each of their product lines in detail and outline the options as well as the pros and cons.


The Verlo Intro line is the lowest priced line, and is made with two innerspring firmness options - firm and pillow top in the standard sizes with offerings below $100. These mattresses will likely not last very long because of their quality of materials.

The pros of this mattress line is a competitive price point.

The cons are low quality materials compared with other options.

Price Range: $79-$249

Final Score: 7.2 / 10


The v1 from Verlo is still quite low priced for an innerspring mattress, and offers pillow-top, firm, gel foam, and plush options. Overall, these mattresses may not be as durable because of the low quality materials per the pricepoint.

The pros: Multiple options for innerspring mattresses with a low pricepoint.

The cons: Durability and quality issues may appear with these mattresses.

Price Range: $599-$779

Final Score: 7.5 / 10


The v3 from Verlo has the same options as the v1, but with upgraded materials and durability. There are additional options for a wrapped coil or traditional wire tied innerspring, which is a nice touch.

The pros: Competitively priced innerspring mattresses with a wide variety of options in most budgets. Positively reviewed.

The cons: The v3 uses heavier and denser foam, so these may be heavier mattresses than expected. Foams may offgas and it does not sleep as cool as others.

Price Range: $529-$1409

Final Score: 8.7 / 10


The v5 from Verlo has the same options as the v3, but with upgraded materials. The v5 comes at an entry-luxury price, and offers greater motion separation than the v3.

The pros: Wide array of innerspring options.

The cons: The pricepoint may be higher than other comparable online-only mattresses of similar build.

Price Range: $889-$2089

Final Score: 8.7 / 10


The v7 from Verlo has the same options as the v5, but with upgraded materials for added comfort. The v7 comes with another layer of cooling and moisture whicking technology on the top for those that need to sleep cool.

The pros: Wide array of innerspring options with cooling added.

The cons: The pricepoint is much higher than online options that claim the same comfort levels.

Price Range: $889-$2089

Final Score: 9.0 / 10


The v9 from Verlo has the same options as the v7, but with upgraded materials for added comfort. The v9 comes with a layer of cooling and moisture whicking technology and a Tencel® cover.

The pros: Durable mattresses with added comfort layers to help with pressure points.

The cons: The pricepoint is quite high for the additional comfort. Some that are heavier may experience uneven comfort.

Price Range: $1539-$3549

Final Score: 8.6 / 10


The v11 from Verlo has the same options as the v9, but with added luxury materials, such as cashmere. These are for those that desire going all in on their mattress in spite of value propositions.

The pros: High end mattresses with expenses not spared.

The cons: Some of the additions may not add to comfort in a noticeable way versus lower priced options.

Price Range: $1789-$4229

Final Score: 8.6 / 10


The vLatex is a high end latex mattress option that comes in a medium firm feel. It is on the higher end of latex pricepoints, and does not have many reviews online. From its specifications, it looks like a midgrade latex mattress.

The pros: Mid-grade latex option in a medium firm feel.

The cons: Pricepoint may be steep versus other online latex options.

Price Range: $2049-$3329

Final Score: 8.5 / 10


The Verlo-To-Go is an all-foam in a box mattress for a similar pricepoint to other foam mattresses in a box. They come in two options: VTG 1 and VTG 5 The VTG 1 is priced similar to other online foam brands, but offers no trial for this brand and only a 5 year warranty. This makes this mattress less competitive vs others. The VTG 5 offers a 10 year warranty and more comfort options but at a much higher pricepoint and no trial it makes it a difficult choice. It does have a 10 year warranty and ability to get the comfort adjusted on it if it is unsuitable.

The pros: Competitively priced foam options in a medium feel with two different price tier options.

The cons: No trial and steep price increase for 10 year warranty and cooling is a tough prospect.

Price Range: $349-$1549

Final Score: 8.5 / 10

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[v1 Plush Top Queen] A good mattress makes a difference

Didn't realize how big a difference a decent mattress can make to get as good night's rest. I think it's great that you let customers know how to take care of their mattress to get the best out of it.

[v1 Pillow Top Queen] Heavy To Flip

Weight. Really heavy to flip

[v1 Pillow Top Queen] Support is wonderful

The support is wonderful. Both my husband and I have bad backs, so good support is very important. Thank you

[v1 Gel Top Queen] Wouldn't Change A Thing

I wouldn't change anything.

[v3 Firm Queen] Bought for our son-- he now has the best bed in the house!

We bought this mattress for our son and now we say he has the best bed in the house

[v3 Gel Foam Queen] Thank you for the best nights sleep

Just thanks for the best night sleep I have had in years, should have changed sooner.

[v3 Gel Foam Queen] Mattress matches my body

Mattress matches my body. Make Handles on sides to help rotate, move.

[v3 Pillow Top Queen] Can the Pillow Top be more Squishy?

WIsh the pillow top was a little more 'squishy' like the Sterns and Foster we used to have.

[v3 Pillow Top Queen] Right amount of firmness

Right amount of firmness. The box spring didn't fit down my stairs. Maybe ask customers about where the mattress is going so a split box spring can be recommended

[v3 Pillow Top Queen] Right amount of firmness

Right amount of firmness. The box spring didn't fit down my stairs. Maybe ask customers about where the mattress is going so a split box spring can be recommended

[v3 Plush Queen] Falling asleep is a now a dream!

Easier falling asleep and staying asleep

[v3 Plush Queen] Insomnia is getting better

My insomnia started to get better. It is generally super comfortable to sleep on. I still am a habitual stomach sleeper, but it is easier to sleep on my side now. Good night!

[v5 Firm Queen] No more rolling in to my hubby!

Perfect firmness. Not rolling into hubby (I mean, I love him, but...)! Pretty heavy (kinda hard to put on the fitted sheet). Great customer service!

[v5 Firm Queen] Thanks for making a great product

good things happen to good people, thanks again for making a great product

[v5 Gel Foam Queen] Best Mattress I've ever owned.

I purchased this mattress over 2 years ago now and it is still as comfortable as the day I bought it. I really love my Verlo! I looked at the competition and didn't feel comfortable spending the money on something I didn't know. I have only had Verlo mattresses in my lifetime and refuse to get anything besides. I am currently looking to see if the V7 or the V9 would be the next upgrade for me, since I am thinking about using my current for my spare room.

[v5 Gel Foam Queen] Worth the money

The mattress was worth the money. We fall asleep quicker and I am waking up pain free. I'd go as far as saying it's therapeutic. We purchased a memory/gel foam mattress and I'm a little concerned it might be too warm in summer.

[v5 Pillow Top Queen] Mattress is too Firm

Feel mattress is too hard for my back. Make it softer for my back

[v5 Pillow Top Queen] Most comfortable

This is the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on!!

[v5 Pillow Top Queen] Mattress is perfect

The mattress is perfect. We've gone from restless sleeping to hours of deep, peaceful sleep- and no more aches! Thanks! For the first time in ten years we don't want to get out of bed in the morning!

[v5 Pillow Top Queen] First night a bit rough, but I love my bed!

The first night was a little rough because it was so new but I love my bed! I think I would have spent more on a higher V series but I am satisfied with what I have. Thanks for a great nights sleep!

[v5 Pillow Top Queen] No more sore backs.

Both of our back's are not sore anymore like they were on our old mattress. I notice I'm less tired in the mornings due to not tossing and turning all night which is great! Very satisfied with our purchase and would return for all of our mattress needs :)

[v7 Gel Foam Queen] Great Mattress

It's a great mattress and we love it

[v7 Gel Foam Queen] Foam Offgassing?

It is taking quite a long time for the new smell it dissipate

[v7 Pillow Top Queen] No more tossing and turning

I don't toss & turn anymore and my back & neck don't hurt anymore! It's hard to find quality affordable sheets that fit well.

[v7 Pillow Top Queen] Don't wake up achy.

Don't wake up achy. Keep up the great work. You definitely have a wonderful product!

[v7 Pillow Top Queen] LOVE, LOVE our new bed!

LOVE, LOVE our new bed!! Restful sleep! No more waking up with a sore back or shoulder anymore! Thank you!!!!

[v7 Pillow Top Queen] Thank you for a good nights sleep

Thank you for a good nights sleep

[v7 Pillow Top Queen] Less back pain, more energy

Less back pain on the morning and more energy. Soften up the over all mattress....more 'cloud like'.

[v7 Plush Queen] I sleep so much better

I sleep so much better on my Verlo mattress than I did on my old mattress. I get deep, relaxing sleep that has been very beneficial to me. I am worried about the handles sewn in to the sides of the mattress. The mattress is fairly heavy, so moving it puts a lot of force on the handles. I try not to put too much force on them because I am afraid of ripping them.

[v7 Plush Queen] My back no longer hurts!

My Back does not hurt any more. I'd like it to be self-rotating. Let me know when you figure out how to do that. :)

[v7 Plush Queen] Worst part is getting off of it in the morning!

The worst part of this mattress is getting off of it in the morning simply because I do not want to! It's amazing. The edge support is not outstanding.

[v7 Plush Queen] Should have bought one sooner!!!!

Should have bought one sooner!!!!

[v7 Plush Queen] No more shoulder pain

No more shoulder pain. It must have been a pressure point on the old mattress.

[v7 Plush Queen] Pillow top is too soft

The pillow top is just a little soft for me.

[v7 Pillow Top King] Great Combo - Soft and Comfry

Great combination of being firm but soft and comfy.

[v7 Pillow Top King] Worth the money

Would like it for less than $1,000, but it is worth it.

[v7 Pillow Top King] So comfortable!

So comfortable! Very satisfied

[v7 Pillow Top King] I love it

Nothing, I love it...never slept better

[v7 Plush King] Help our bed is too firm!

Bed is too firm. We will need to make it softer (more plush)

[v7 Plush King] Made a world of difference

The new Verlo bed has made a world of difference. Both are sleeping much better.

[v7 Plush King] Wonderful bed!

wonderful bed! It does take a while to get used to the height of the bed but I feel like a princess climbing into my bed. the height is an issue for my husband since he is short. Other than that, wonderful sleeping

[v7 Plush King] Fantastic customer service!

Well after the comfort adjustment now the mattress feels just right. You guys have a fantastic customer service dept.

[v9 Hybrid Queen] I love our new mattress

I love our new mattress. It's so luxurious and perfect. The downside is, I can't sleep at all now when I'm traveling, haha. It is huge. It's bulky, it's hard to move, especially considering that you're supposed to rotate these things every few months.

[v9 Pillow Top Queen] Sides not as firm as I want

the sides are not as firm as I thought they would be when sitting on the edge.

[v9 Pillow Top Queen] Support is excellent

The support is excellent, I don't wake up when my husband comes to bed, it's wonderful. I was leery about spending so much money (I got the V9), but after staying at a hotel while out of town for a few days, I realized how worth it my new bed was.

[v9 Plush Queen] Sleeping better on my side and back

Sleeping better on my side and back. At times I miss the firmness of old mattress and being able to sit at edge of bed without sinking in or feeling like the mattress collapses somewhat

[v9 Plush Queen] Absolutely Love It!

Fabulous! Absolutely love it

[v9 Plush Queen] I feel like a new person

I sleep so much better and I feel like a new person! I will never get anything less than a Verlo here on out

[v9 Plush Queen] We love it!

very comfortable and supportive, we love it!

[v11 Pillow Top Queen] Love this mattress

This mattress was for our young son who wants us to stay in his room till he falls asleep and when I would fall asleep too prior to this mattress, I always woke up in a few hours with a backache. With this new mattress I sometimes don't wake up at all to go into my own verlo bed!


Worst experience in our lives as far as buying a bed and shortly after having major issues with the bed.Took it in for an adjustment and they keep the bed so your left with nothing to sleep on until the process is completed. I had to see a chiropractor after sleeping on there bed. He told me it was the bed. My husband and I took his advise and purchased a sleep number bed. No more chiropractor. I contact Verlo to attempt to get a partial refund for the mattress we did not even have 8 months and they refused. I contacted the BBB and they still would not make things right. Recommendation STAY FAR AWAY FROM VERLO. Never again would we even step foot in there store. The worst bed business we have ever been involved with!!!

Never buy a Verlo Mattress--they don't stand behind the warranty

We have purchased 3 Verlo mattresses and never will buy another one. Six years ago, we bought an expensive 2 sided mattress. The mattress has basically hollowed out, no springs in the middle. When you sit in the middle of the mattress, it forms a "V" that is more than 6" high on each side of you. Back pain extreme if you sleep on it. There is so little support that to even out the bed at night, you need to put a pillow in the middle to compensate for the lack of springs. When contacted, Verlo took 2 weeks to come out. They did not measure the mattress implosion with a person on it, even though the guys they sent out to measure said "Whoa!!!" when they saw it. They measured it only by sight with no weight on it, and reported it was fine, this was just a "comfort" issue. Then they refused service due to some mild staining on the mattress cover. The staining is normal wear and tear. This is despite purchasing their extremely expensive mattress cover. So we are replacing it with a mattress that costs 30% the price and in our experience wears much better. So, don't buy a Verlo unless you don't care about the comfort guarantee.

I was cheated by Verlo

My family and I bought many mattresses in the past and was happy with the comfort. However, I paid $1,300 for the last mattress, and it was a dud. I called headquarter and they sent someone over who can see that the mattress had a few inches of indentation where my head was, the middle part of the mattress sank in and one side of the mattress was a few inches than the other. After sending someone to look at the mattress, a representative named Mary P., agreed to sent me a replacement mattress. However, the person who was supposed to sent it, Jamal, kept forgetting about it. I must have called him numerous times with him saying he needed to check with Mary because he forgot which one to send. In time, Covid happened and a new person who took over was really snarly. First she said she might consider sending a replacement mattress but I would have to pay an estimate $1,000 for shipping. Why would I pay $1,000 for shipping another mattress that may be a dud? She needs to prove to me that they don't produce bad mattresses anymore. Then she called me back and said I had 48 hours, take it or leave it, to get a mattress topper. She was very rude. I decided to take it because I realized that their warranty don't amount to anything. After many years of buying mattresses from them, they can't stand behind their words. We will never buy another mattress from them again.

Evaluating Pillows that led to a Purchase

Today (7/15) my wife and I went pillow shopping. Verlo was first on the list, followed by another furniture store down the road, as well as some big box retailers. When we walked into the Delafield WI store, the manager on duty (Nick) was polite, friendly and quick to answer our questions about the available pillow options. After reviewing the six-ish options on display, we decided to buy one each of two different versions. We were happy to receive a 20% discount on the total. I endorse both the Verlo brand and Nick as the Verlo representative for the Delafield WI area.

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