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US Mattress Reviews

US Mattress (®) is a mattress retailer that sells name-brand and luxury mattresses through its online storefront and retail locations in the midwest. They are similar to other mattress retailers, but have an online twist with lots of advice and reviews. Overall, they get good feedback about customer services and have a wide selection including some highly rated mattresses, but there are some concerns about durability for some models.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.9/10

Price Value: 8.8/10

No Back Pain: 8.9/10

Price: $299-$250000+

Trial Period: 120 Day Exchange (Fee Required)

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US Mattress's Specifics

US Mattress sells many different mattress brands on their online store front and in their retail stores. From name-brands to more budget-friendly offerings, their at-the-ready customer service agents on live chat, phone, or in-store get good feedback from customers for being helpful and knowledgeable to help folks find a good mattress fit for them. As for their wide array of mattresses, there are some good initial feedback overall, but be aware that some brands have better longevity feedback from customers than others.

Quality of Materials

US Mattress sells a variety of name-brand mattresses like Stearns & Foster, Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and more. These mattresses have a variety of pros and cons with different firmness options to fit your unique body type.

We'll go through US Mattress's options below so you can get a sense of what might fit you before browsing their online store or walking into one of their locations. Here are the details:

Tempur-Pedic: Tempur-Pedic is one of the most revolutionary mattress brands -- sparking the memory foam innovations of the '90s. They have also developed more mattresses with pocketed coils and ones that don't sleep warm with cooling gel. They get good reviews from customers overall, but are very pricey versus online alternatives.

Restonic (Scott Collection): The Scott Collection by Restonic is an innerspring mattress brand that has pocketed coils and multiple firmness options. They get good marks from customers for initial comfort, but some had problems with comfort longevity.

Vi Spring: Vi Spring has some of the most expensive mattresses available -- with options even clearing the $100k mark. For a mattress, this is simply too much. These mattresses are hand made and get good feedback on initial comfort, but the value is suspect. Also, some have had issues with durability.

Beautyrest: Simmons Beautyrest is popular for their variety of pricepoints and firmness options. They also have pillow top options that excite some customers. Depending on the models, some have good things to say, but others had problems with long term durability.

Stearns & Foster: Another luxury brand, Stearns & Foster has been building mattresses for generations and come pricier than average. They have a variety of high profile (thickness) mattresses that get good feelings from sleepers for initial comfort. Some had problems with durability, however.

Sealy: Sealy has a wide variety of mattresses in budget conscious pricepoints. They are popular for their Posturepedic line that offers zoned support to keep your spine aligned. Overall, customers say they do a good job, but there are some complaints about durability.

Serta: Serta's iComfort line is the most popular with options in both memory foam and pocketed coil. Customers like the initial feel of the mattresses as long as they select the right firmness for them. Others had problems with the durability of the mattresses.

Spring Air: Spring Air is a mattress brand that offers a bunch of traditional innerspring mattress options in multiple firmness varieties. Their Hotel & Suites collection is the most popular and got good ratings overall for initial feel. That said, there were some complaints about durability.

Other Brands: US Mattress also sells other brands that may be more suitable, and easier in some cases on the budget. With options like Ameena, Ashley Sleep, Diamond, and Bedgear customers that are on a very tight budget can find something for them. While those that want high sitting hybrids with generous comfort layers, there are also Hästens and Chattam & Wells. Lastly, US Mattress sells their own specialty brands, US Mattress and Naturals. Naturals features non-foam designs with high profile comfort layers.

Overall Comfort

One of the best things about US Mattress is their customer support agents. They will help you find the right mattress by live chat, phone, or in-store. For most that use this, they find the right mattress firmness for them. Depending on the mattress model, most customers report good initial comfort experiences, though there are some name-brands that suffer from reported durability complaints in some cases.


US Mattress has a variety of mattress firmnesses available. The above graphic shows the range that you can expect to find. For reference, if you are lighter in body size and a side sleeper, you'll want something softer, and those that are heavier will prefer a firmer mattress for support and comfort.

Back Pain Relief

Some of these mattresses will do a good job alleviating back pain and aligning the spine. Specifically, as long as you choose the right firmness for your body, Tempur-Pedic, Restonic, and Beautyrest will do the best job. Just beware, that if the mattress starts to sag, it can undo the relief you feel.


Some of the mattresses sold by US Mattress will do a good job cooling. Look for materials like gel-infused foam and airy top layers to ensure that the mattress will sleep cool.

Who Are US Mattresses Right For?

US Mattress is a good option for those that want a wide mattress selection and want a personal touch in their customer service experiences.

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I had an issue with a Sterns and Foster mattress...

I had an issue with a Sterns and Foster mattress purchased from US Mattress, I was very dissatisfied with trying to resolve the issue. However, Rebecca in the customer service department of US Mattress got involved and was very understanding and willing to resolve the issue. As a matter of fact since Rebecca got involved my wife and I visited the Plymouth store and purchased another mattress for my Mother-in-law. When Rebecca got involved it renewed my confidence in US Mattress standing behind their product. With this said Rebecca needs to be reconnized by the management of US Mattress and you can be assured US Mattress will stand behind their name.

I just hung up with my second-ever US-Mattress agent...

I just hung up with my second-ever US-Mattress agent. "Kevin" was so kind as to even ANSWER his phone in the first place (in the Order Department), when he did not have to because it was a Saturday (4/14/18). He answered every question that I had in an extremely kind, patient, and professional way! I was formerly an airline agent in a call center and I "know" how very difficult it is to work phones in every way I possibly could in a professional, patient, helpful, and kind way when so many callers could care less how they speak to and treat agents. So bottom line, I was taught the best customer service skills there and still use them to this day. However, since I do still use them, I expect good service in return...

There are so many unprofessional and ugly agents out there; I do my best to report to Supervisors their agents' excellent customer service and bad customer service, as well. I've spent a whole lot of time doing it so that I know I've done all I could to praise or constructively criticize bad or inappropriate behavior. Kevin, in all ways, was a superior professional and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to dialogue with him today.

This was my second call to US-Mattress and I highly recommend this online company in every way (thus far). I am extremely impressed and will tell others about this great company! Thank you KEVIN!!

Delivered a damaged mattress...

Delivered a damaged mattress, broke our home.

The bottom part of my mattress is damaged, with a very noticeable hole in the bottom cover. The delivery workers first didn't want to admit the mattress was damaged, but after I pointed out, they admitted it. The delivery folks were very unprofessional and they broke my curtain rod when they were bringing the mattress upstairs, they also almost broke my stair handrail when moving upstairs. The curtain rod fell off and it hit my head. I will have to spend time and extra money on fixing the curtain rod as well as my stair handrail, including materials and labor cost.

***Just wanted to recognize Chad...

***Just wanted to recognize Chad, he was the US Mattress rep who was so helpful, patient, and kind.

Kevin Giles is the salesperson at the US-Mattress...

Kevin Giles is the salesperson at the US-Mattress and I am extremely happy with his knowledge and performance. I started calling him the Mattress Doctor because he knows so much when it comes to mattress. Kevin helped me to chose the mattress I was interested in and after using it for 3 months, my wife was not so happy with it. Again, Kevin helped me to chose another one and did the exchange at no charge to me. I was so impressed with Kevin Giles that I called his superior, David Orlando to let him know how great Kevin is. The customer service, Melanie and Sandy have been great and very helpful as well. Please feel free to call me at 323-640-7000 for any questions or comments.

I recently ordered a mattress from US-Mattress...

I recently ordered a mattress from US-Mattress. It's scheduled to be delivered today, 29 Jun, from Pilot Freight Services. Originally, I requested to have the mattress delivered on a Saturday because my husband and I both work full-time (Mon-Fri). I was told I had to get this authorized from the company. I called and spoke with a customer service representative who said I would have to pay a fee to have the mattress delivered on a Saturday because this particular delivery company doesn't deliver on weekends. The woman went on to say that this may or may not be the case depending on the shipping company. I guess it's luck of the draw. So, I was contemplating cancelling the order when the woman said I couldn't because the mattress had been delivered. It hasn't been delivered to me, only to the delivery company. My only option was to have the mattress delivered on a weekday unless I wanted to pay a delivery fee. If this is their policy, so be it. The reason I'm miffed is because of their unwillingness to accommodate me as a returning customer (this is my third time ordering a mattress from them). So what if it cost them $50-100 to have the mattress delivered on a Saturday. I've given them ~$2500 worth of business. That's the least they could've done for me! I will not be a returning customer after this incident.

My husband and I have ordered three mattresses...

My husband and I have ordered three mattresses through US mattress over the last six months and their customer service is the worst of the worst. The orders for the first two products went relatively well, however the third was a disaster. They didn't deliver on the date committed, in fact they delayed for weeks without contacting us.

Afterwards, when I submitted for a simple referral check (promised for US mattress for referring customers to their company), a check did not get issued and it took over 12 calls to their customer service group. Over half the calls were too Melanie and she did nothing to help and kept making excuses. Even when it was escalated to supervisors, Toma and Shirley, nothing happened for weeks. We are sorely disappointed and would not recommend this company based on our experience.

I Would recommend shopping here FIRST!

I Would recommend shopping here FIRST!

We stopped in due to the convenient location. US Mattress started as an online company and now has a few retail locations. They do not advertise--which keeps their prices low.

They sell all brands... and are knowledgeable about construction and material.

AND...they allow you to exchange a purchase for a different mattress (one time) if you aren't happy.

You have 100 days to decide.

We also are very happy with their delivery. On time and professional.

Go here first. You will not be sorry. Oh... and we had to exchange or mattress. They were friendly and professional.

This is the place to shop.

Horrible customer service...

Horrible customer service. Noone on same page. Office is very RUDE. Will not shop there again.

I am so pleased with the ease of using US Matress...

I am so pleased with the ease of using US Matress. Delivery was 6 days. The mattress is made in the USA and was actually made per order (see tag) and the delivery men were professional and quick. Havent slept on the Beautyrest yet but I wanted you to know how well I was treated by US mattress.

Jake was extremely helpful and did not try to oversell us...

Jake was extremely helpful and did not try to oversell us. I felt very comfortable shopping for our mattress here. And he seemed very trustworthy.

Unbelievable service!!

Unbelievable service!! Cody was great on the chat. Kevin was over the top with details, ideas, expertise and more details. I have never had a sales rep take so much time and give me such great advice. I planned on just purchasing a mattress and bought a whole lot more. Not because I was upsold in any way, rather that I WANTED to give this company my money. Incredible work, Kevin. Thank you!!!

So my husband and I purchased mattresses...

So my husband and I purchased mattresses and box springs 5 years ago from u.s. mattress we were really happy with the sales associate who accompanied us but we definitely loved the product we went in yesterday to purchase a bed I knew exactly what I wanted when we walked in there and of course he showed me the most expensive mattress and box springs that there were but I told him that I did not want that I wanted the normal 11 12 in mattresses because part of it was I didn't want to spend the extra money for the deep pocket Sheetz he immediately got into a small bit of a disagreement with me and asked out of the mattresses that we were looking at and went to trying to show me how much Sheets Were at Walmart... I immediately stopped him right there and said look we are not here to look at at how much sheets are we are here to buy a bed... it made me quite angry that he wanted to prove me wrong and how much the Sheets cost on it was very poor service I do recommend the beds that they sell there but I do not recommend going there to find them... it appears to me that it is a company that is in it for the money and not for what the customer wants to me a Salesman who goes to to look for prices of sheets instead of trying to show you the bad that you're actually looking for is very poor quality service I do not recommend anyone to go there to purchase a bed

Great place to purchase a mattress...

Great place to purchase a mattress. Jon is very helpful and has done his research. I would highly recommend US-Mattress for your next mattress purchase!

After paying for a mattress...

After paying for a mattress and scheduling delivery 2 weeks in advance, they did not deliver the mattress even an hour after the 5 hour delivery window. I had to reschedule for delivery the next morning and they were still late then. Requested discount and waiting to see if they will provide it.

We ordered our mattress on December 29, 2017...

We ordered our mattress on December 29, 2017. It is February 11 and we are still without said mattress. Every time we've called to find out the status of our mattress, we've been told a different day. We will call again tomorrow, but last week were told wed, then on wed were told Thursday and on Thursday were told Monday. Our initial estimated delivery was January 16-21, 2018. We were called to schedule delivery and given the date of February 1, 2018. I took time off of work to be here only to be told that the mattress was damaged. Clearly we are very displeased. The price was great and we've bought here before, but clearly they don't care about customer service as no effort has been made to get the mattress to us.

Delivery was done by nice and courteous guys...

Delivery was done by nice and courteous guys, but the mattress was wrong. I bought 3 mattresses with US mattress before here in Michigan and this time I though I was getting the same Beautyrest Recharche Kenosha Place ll luxury firm, like I order 2 times previously. But, this time got it with pillow top which is too soft and is killing my back, I slept on this awful bending mattress two night and i am in terrible pain. I am a good client that ordered the same mattress before and I was sure that I was getting the same exact one. I am very upset now because exchanging the mattress means paying an extra $139 which I think is just too expensive and awful from their part. Shame on them I will never buy a mattress at again. Should have gone to Sleepy's which I used in NYC in the past and they are not perfect but when it comes to exchanges they don't charge you.

Brad helped us exchange a mattress...

Brad helped us exchange a mattress with the very flexible 100 day guarantee. He listened to our needs and honed in on our specific body issues to find a replacement that suited us the best. Mattress purchasing was very daunting for my wife and I in the beginning. Brad made things smooth and easy!


Don't waste your money on an expensive mattress...

Don't waste your money on an expensive mattress. I should have listened to all the articles that said the same.

I initially chose to buy from US-Mattress because of their 100-day trial period on a mattress but, unfortunately, I chose poorly both times.

Patrick led me to a Vi-Spring mattress - organic, no fire-retardant or other chemicals to out-gas - which is what I wanted (as I'm chemically-sensitive). He ordered the wrong mattress, initially, ordering what another couple was lying on, but got that corrected a few days later when I looked more closely at the invoice. Brad corrected that. However, Vi-Spring's "soft" was still too firm for me and hadn't had a good night's sleep since I got it although it, initially, felt great in the store. My last mattress had no support left so anything would have felt better, I guess.

In explaining to Brad what I liked about my old mattress (a plush pillow-top), he led me to one which, also, didn't work out - a Simmons Beautyrest Black. After a year, I gave it away; too hard, as well. At only 125#, I don't sink into a memory-foam mattress. I'm happier with my $800 Serta from Art Van than I was with either of the other ridiculously-expensive mattresses from US Mattress. (Read later that memory foam mattresses aren't as good for you as they're cracked up to be.)

It was nice working with Brad, however, but less so with Donna who wasn't as good about returning phone calls. In addition, both sets of delivery guys were great, especially handling a difficult situation - second floor over two railings and sand-plaster walls - but not a scratch!

We called ahead of time...

We called ahead of time to see if they had a particular mattress that we were interested in looking at, and they did. We were impressed the moment we walked in, as the store was very organized and clean looking. Mr. Brad Perry was extremely helpful and professional. He answered all of our questions and was exceptionally knowledgable regarding the mattresses and accessories that we inquired about. He never put any kind of pressure on us, which was unusual for us based on past experiences at other mattress stores over the years. Everyone treated us in a kind, professional manner, which is rare these days. Based on this experience, we will be loyal customers to this store and recommend them to anyone in the market for a new mattress or mattress accessories. Thank you!

My experience with US Mattress has been outstanding...

My experience with US Mattress has been outstanding. I purchased a Tempur-Pedic, hoping it would be the right mattress for my painful arthritis. Unfortunately, it was quite the opposite. Brad, Donna, and Patrick were very understanding as I went through the process of choosing another mattress. They never pressured me to make a decision, even though I was going beyond the return period. Their motto is they want to have a customer for life. I gladly recommend this business. Their customer service is excellent.

I have mixed feelings...

I have mixed feelings about US-Mattress.Com. Ultimately, I am giving them four out of five stars because I received a comfortable mattress, paid a reasonable price, and had professional delivery. They lose a star because the order was placed at the end of April and I finally got the correct mattress delivered on June 11.

From what I can determine, takes phone/internet orders and then has the mattress drop shipped from the manufacturer. They use an independent vendor(s) for the delivery. So, if problems exist with the product or delivery, it's not really their fault. As such, my review is based solely on their customer service.

As with many companies, US Mattress has some great employees, but they also have their share of ones that seem to do the minimum required to keep their job. To keep it positive, I will only comment on the two shining stars Jessica J. and Valerie P. as they both really went up and above to help me and provide superior customer service. They carefully listened while I explained the problems, understood what I was saying, and took the required action to resolve the issues.

I ordered a Full-XL mattress. The first one was mislabeled by Sealy; it was actually a standard full and 5" shorter than what I had ordered. I refused delivery, wrote the reason on the delivery receipt, spoke with the delivery service as well as Unfortunately, US-Mattress would not re-order the mattress immediately so that I could get the correct mattress more quickly. They had to file a warranty claim with Sealy. That involved waiting for the delivery service to take and forward photos of the law tag and the actual mattress dimensions. Then, they had to wait for Sealy to approve the claim. When the re-order was finally entered into their system, I realized that the warranty rep only ordered a new mattress and not the matching foundation (boxspring). It was clearly a misunderstanding, but an astute employee would have realized or asked questions. When I called to get this straightened out, Valerie was patient and empathetic. She understood my frustration. She got her supervisor involved to get the order corrected and processed. As a result of her actions, my stress level and anxiety went back to normal and I could actually sleep through the night.

Jessica was also nice and competent. She investigated, followed up timely, and offered solutions. She resolved an issue with the mattress protector being shipped to an address where I was not yet living. In the overall scheme of things, this was a minor issue, but she was determined to take the action that provided the best customer service.

I am thankful to both Jessica and Valerie for their professionalism and helpfulness.

I was shopping around for a new mattress...

I was shopping around for a new mattress and ended up here. I had found one at another store that I loved, but was way out of my price range, so I was happy to see the broad range of options, with both prices and brands, at this store. The salesman, Brad, was helpful, patient, and not at all pushy. I do wish they had more mattresses to try in store (they have a TON of mattresses in their online store). But, I ended up finding a mattress I liked which was within my budget. It was delivered within the week,

Great service and price

Great service and price. Brad Perry was super helpful and knowledgable and not at all pushy. And $100 is donated to the Michigan Humane Society for each mattress sold. Love that!

So i was in the market for a new mattress

So i was in the market for a new mattress. I've pretty much destroyed 2 beds in the past 5 years. I'm 6'4 350lbs I figured it was time to spend some money on a good mattress. In the past i had a POS memory foam mattress from Sleepy's and I bought a cheaper inner spring from a local place. I found a very nice mattress in a Sears showroom, a Beauty Rest Hybrid. I tried it out and it felt pretty good. You really can't tell how a mattress will feel until you actually sleep on it. I did some research to find the best price and stumbled upon US Mattress. They had a really good price, pretty much they beat Sears sale price. I ordered my mattress and a bed frame, 2 box springs and some pillows. In about 2 weeks my mattress was done and they were shipping it out. The pillows came in only a few days from when i ordered it. US mattress uses an outside vendor to deliver to my area, Philadelphia. When the guys started to put the frame together they told me is was for a Queen and not a king. I asked them what do I need to to do, so they told me to call US Mattress. I called spoke to a nice woman by the name of Lynette. She gave me my options, since i didn't want to miss another day or work, she offered to ship the frame UPS. She also helped me out since I would have to put it together myself. So far the mattress is pretty nice, it's firm and I mean really firm. So far my experience has been awesome. It's nice to know there are still good people that work for good companies. I wouldn't hesitate to order another bed or piece of furniture from there. They also offer a 100 night guarantee, which I may have to take them up on. Maybe I will get used to firmness of the bed. Also, thanks to Sheri who sold me the mattress and answer a bunch of questions i had.

Horrible Experience...

I ordered my mattress 8/16 and when US Mattress received it from the manufacturer it was defective so they ordered me another, I was sent an email explaining the situation, so I called them and wanted to cancel, but was persuaded not to, and was fed the salesman malarkey.. I was told US Mattress would have it Monday 8/29 and they would ship it Tuesday 8/30, guess what? NOT. When I called customer service I was told the person was out that was handling my order and they would reach out to me when they return.

So my experience with this company and their care less attitude, about my order I cannot and will not recommend US Mattress...

I had a great experience at US Mattress...

I had a great experience at US Mattress. The salesman, Jim, was friendly and helpful. He was there if we needed him but not pushy and overbearing like some salespeople can be. We went in on a Saturday and our bed was delivered on a Tuesday. The delivery guys were also very friendly and had the bed set up super-quick. I like that they offer a "trial period" where you can test the mattress for a few months and if it's not to your liking you can exchange it once. All in all, I'm very happy with how everything went.

My husband and I had slightly different mattress preferences...

My husband and I had slightly different mattress preferences and Manoli of US Mattress was very knowledgeable and informative, as we decided which mattress to get. We used the time frame allowed to try the mattress at home and actually had to exchange it for something different. This company gave us no problems on the exchange - it was very prompt. We love our mattress!!!

After another screw up...

After another screw up on their part regarding the shipping of my bedding set... I will flat out say that the super low price for what we got reflects the type of service you should expect. So far, I've experience very poor to very good customer service, depending on who you talk to.

They shipped my bedding to the wrong address then failed to notify me, after I had taken the time to call them to double check on the correct address prior to delivery. So I had to call them again to find out why my bedding hadn't been delivered and it was basically sitting in the warehouse. I could tell they scrambled for excuse after excuse, and the best they could do is reprocess the delivery, which would take ANOTHER estimated 4-6 weeks, after there had already been a 2 month initial wait. That was the best they could do.

I also found out during conversation regarding 10% being credited back to my account for this shenanigans, that I paid around $200 for the bedding set but it was actually worth $99. They may be dishonest or extremely unorganized but they are not consistent with pricing whatsoever. Basically, pick the best deal and run with it.

I know the bedding is not manufactured by them specifically so this is somewhat irrelevant but the seams started coming apart on the bedding set a week into use.

All in all it's still a hard call. Besides the seams falling apart, we ABSOLUTELY love the bed and set. Several months later, we still talk about how much we love our bed and am very happy for the savings. But I wouldn't do it again if I had the choice, I'd just buy it at a higher price with hopefully better service.

Horrible customer service...

Horrible customer service. Bought a bed here and was given a delivery date and told the truck would be there between 8-12 or something like that. I waited for the truck, and at 11:30 they called to let me know the mattress never made the truck that morning.

I was given a new date and time slot. Once again I waited, and waited. After waiting an hour after my time slot, I called to find out what was going on. Customer Service informed me that they discovered that morning that my mattress was damaged. When I asked why they couldn't have called at 8am to let me know, she gave me attitude that I should be grateful that I didn't get a defective mattress.

I was told my bed would be delivered the next afternoon. I was close to going ballistic. I got a call several hours early to let me know the truck was close by and could they deliver. Heck yes!

Very poor communication, attitude and lots of wasted time. I would never, ever buy another mattress from them.

I purchased a new mattress set...

I purchased a new mattress set on 6/23/12 from US Mattress and my experience with them was awesome all around. My salesman took a lot of time to help me pick out the perfect one, and gave me a great deal on it to boot. I've honestly never met anyone so knowledgeable on the subject. The store was clean with a great selection and there was no riff-raff; no trying to sell me extras or things I didn't need. I had just been to Art Van in the morning looking at beds, and was amazed at how much lower the prices were at US Mattress, nor were they trying to sell me a $70 pillow or $70 mattress cover like Art Van was. The delivery men brought the bed a week later as promised, and that also went perfectly. If you enjoy shopping at local businesses and want to save hundreds of dollars, I would recommend coming here.

Horrible customer service.

Salesperson lied to me the mattress is not the one I asked for. They are a bunch of con artist. They should be investigated.

Be Careful of Corresponding Mattress Models

Before ordering a mattress from US Mattress, I asked the US Mattress rep for the corresponding model of a name-brand mattress that I was familiar with. She provided me with the US Mattress model version, but she mistakenly gave me the wrong corresponding model. We went through 30 days of hell, sleeping on a completely different mattress, before we were able to return it to US Mattress (120 day guarantee, but you have to keep the mattress for 30 days minimum). 4-5 years ago, online retailers were a ton cheaper than bricks and mortar, but after shopping around for this most recent purchase, we found that equivalent models could be had at our local Mattress Firm for around $200 more (if you shop on one of their sale weekends-Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day). For us, a $200 price difference is worth it, to be able to lay on the actual mattress in the store, as opposed to relying on an online sales rep to get your request right. We are avoiding online mattress companies in the future.

Disaster experience

I bought a king-sized mattress from them and they sent a wrong sized mattress for us. The size of the mattress is almost three inches off in both length and width. On calling the customer service they asked for pictures but they didn't say what pictures are needed in there mail. Upon sending the requested pictures once again, now they are asking for pictures till the center of the mattress. I sent pictures showing the measure of the entire length and width of the mattress, but they are not satisfied with it they are asking for the third time to show the pictures till the center. These guys are mathematical idiots who can't divide the total length by 2 to get the length from the center. They need more pics and keep on hustling the customer until they give up and forget the money they spent on the mattress.

False Promises and poor service.

This company's slogan should be False Promises and poor service. Recently the company offered a 200 gift card part of the mattress purchase. They promised that the gift card would be mailed within a week of purchase. Sadly three weeks later there is no gift card and the company claims they are "out of stock with no restock date in site" This company will bait you and switch you false promises. Take your business elsewhere as soon as possible.


They will only give you excuses that they have run out of gift cards and still waiting for it to be replenish. Do not expect that gift card. 6 weeks after the mattress was deliver already.

Stay Away From This Company

I would give them a 0 if I could. I ordered a mattress less than a year ago and it is defectivee...spent over $1000. They are not helping me but instead of sending me to the manufacturer. VERY UNHAPPY WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN.

Great mattress Great price Disappointing policy of removal of old mattress

Great Mattress.. Great price? fast delivery.. was nice to find something in stock .. was a little disappointed with the removal of old mattress though .. I didn?t not require a box spring with my new bed frame so I did not purchase one.. therefore when my mattress was delivered they would only take away the old mattress only.. one piece delivered .. one piece taken away .. so heads up to those who require removal of their old mattress and box springs !

Bed okay

Back hurts when I get out of bed.

it is comfortable...

it is comfortable for both of my daughter and I.

A little firmer than expected.

Yes much better sleep than previous matress. A little firmer than expected

Great mattress for someone who wants a firmer mattress but with some give to it.

Love this mattress. It's supportive but not hard. I've only had it for a week but I'm not waking up all achy anymore. What I like best is that the sides don't make me feel like I'm going to slip off the bed.

Best bang for the buck!

Awesome quality and comfort for the price

pretty good

Pretty good mattress.

Great mattress. Slow shipping!

Mattress was fine but shipping to forever!



do not do business with this company

its been two years since i purchased a mattress from this company. The service is absolutely beyond the worst you could ever get. When you call them your put on hold for long periods of time. They use a delivery service called Ryder who you can't even get through by phone. I'm not kidding you are put on hold for hours before someone picks up. I tried to return my mattress for another firmer mattress and I never got it. I called several times and they keep saying they have to research it and someone would call me back and no one ever calls back. seriously don't buy mattresses from these people they will not let you return a mattress you can only exchange one time. An then good luck cuz you'll never get it.

Frequently Asked Questions About US Mattress

Is US Mattress a good company?

Most customers report good experiences with US Mattress and appreciate the deals vs. brick and mortar mattress retailers. Complaints mostly mention issues with mattress durability.

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