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Urban Mattress Reviews

Urban Mattress is both a retailer and a brand of mattress. They were founded in Boulder, CO in 2008 with only one store and have grown to 14 stores in over 12 cities across the US. Their retail operation carries other mattress brands such as Vispring (the luxury British bedding brand) and Tempur-pedic, along with their own brand Urban Mattress and Urban Naturals. They are also active in social responsibility, donating to local charities in each of their locations. They have a budget line of Urban Mattress bedding focusing on both memory foam and hybrid bedding with a mid-price point to fit any budget.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.8/10

Price Value: 8.8/10

No Back Pain: 8.9/10

Price: $299-$4299

Trial Period: 100 Night Exchange

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Urban's Owner Satisfaction

Online reviews and customer sentiment are great ways to figure out if you want to spend more time researching a specific product. Sleepers have positive things to say about these mattresses and their comfort, but there are some that had a negative experience. Review the mattress specifics below for information on if this mattress will work for you.

Urban's Supportiveness

These mattresses are well rated for support versus many other competitors. The materials they use offer resilience in aligning the spine and most folks feel comfortable due to this. These mattresses offer even support throughout the surface layers and don't report many issues with sagging over a short horizon.

Edge Support
Edge support is important when you are sitting or lying close to the side and desire even support throughout. These mattresses offer good support on the sides and edges.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests
The bowling ball test helps measure the firmness and even support of a mattress. Customers report that these mattresses are evenly supportive throughout.

Urban's Durability

Mattresses with high longevity are some of the most looked for by customers. But with companies focusing less on building quality products and more on shipping product, it can be difficult to find the right mattress that lasts. However, even with this, thhese mattresses specifically do well when it comes to durability. Most sleepers will see them last up to a decade. If you are larger in frame, you may find your mattress slightly less durable.

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Bought it in Aurora, CO

Liked what I felt in the store, but it feels a little less magical at home. However, I can't complain much because it still really beats my old crappy Serta.

Not pushy and ended up with a great bed

Unlike many mattress stores that I have been in, this experience was far from pushy -- and I had a lower budget, but experienced great service and a good overall experience. In the end, selected one of their urban mattresses and am very pleased with the feel of the bed. Good stuff!

Great experience, great mattress

Just bought from the Berkeley branch and it was such a great experience. Todd was amazingly helpful, but not pushy at all. He just wanted to direct me in the right direction and in the end, I got an Urban Mattress that I just love. Couldn't be happier.

Good customer service -- bed okay

I had a great customer service experience when I went into Urban Mattress -- not pushy at all and I felt like I got the right bed when I left. Unfortunately, the bed isn't as comfortable as I first thought it was. It is a bit hard in the cold weather and I sometimes wake up with back pain. Still going to see if it gets better, but waiting to see.

Solid People. Solid Mattress

Just bought an Urban Naturals mattress. I was really excited about the idea of it being all natural after some of things I read online about VOCs. Overall, it feels like a great mattress and I really don't mind that I paid more than a Casper for it being natural and not hurting my baby and me.

Love it

Great experience in the store and great experience when I got the mattress. The delivery folks were really friendly and the mattress ended up being the perfect thing for my back pain. I couldn't be happier.

Not the best delivery experience

Had a good experience in the store, but afterwards didn't get my mattress for over 3 weeks. There was a lot of back and forth, and I finally got it, but there wasn't good communication during that process and the company should try to get better at this piece of their customer experience. Overall, bed is okay.

Happy with my new urban naturals mattress except for one thing

I feel like I might have overpaid a little bit. I didn't do a lot of research because my friends told me about Urban Mattress. After I bought the Urban Naturals model, I looked online at similar mattresses and think that it may have been a little bit on the expensive side. Not a complainer, but should have looked at what was out there before I shopped.

Love the experience

Got my mattress from the Berkeley store and it was a great experience. Todd was amazing, not pushy, but helped me find what I needed. After that, I feel like I am actually sleeping better and living better as a consequence. Great stuff!

Bought Dunlopillo Harbor Lux Queen...

Bought Dunlopillo Harbor Lux Queen in June. By August, both sides sloped outward and there was a ridge down the middle. For $1,200, you would think it would have been a good quality mattress. It wasn't.

Won't be shopping here ever again.

Update: Amazing customer service! Got a message from Nathaniel, the owner. He said it sounded like a warranty issue. He offered to exchange my mattress, including exchanging it for a more expensive mattress, at NO ADDITIONAL EXPENSE. I picked another mattress I liked, and it will be exchanged next week. I was not even charged for delivery. Will be sending my daughter here to buy a mattress next week.

Won't be shopping for a mattress any place but URBAN MATTRESS.

I have only had one other...

I have only had one other mattress shopping experience, and it was DREADFUL (MattressLand, Springfield VA), so I don't have a very large basis for comparison. But, I DID end up buying a mattress here, so I am giving it a thumbs up. The staff was nice and not pushy at all. Answered our questions and provided a little guidance, and helped us find a great mattress. They provide free delivery to my house, free removal of the old mattress, and/or will help you to move the old mattress to a guest bedroom (or wherever).

Bonus: Urban Mattress donates 2% of the purchase price to a charity of your choosing (you can select one of four). I thought that was a really nice touch.

What a great experience!

What a great experience! Our first day of shopping for our teen son's new bed set. We are not impulse buyers and very rarely make a purchase at our first stop. Josh made this an easy and painless process! Prices were comparable to other places and included a warranty and trial period. Thank you Urban Mattress!

Best experience

Best experience I've ever had buying a mattress! Ethan at the Denver location was incredibly helpful for my husband and I when we decided to upgrade to a king bed. They encourage you to really lay on the mattresses and even turn on relaxing music for a full experience. They don't push certain beds on you and do not seem to be working on commission. Additionally, Ethan honored a sale price that we talked about even after the sale was over. Overall an incredible experience in terms of customer service, and the bed we're getting is the most comfortable I've ever slept on!

A Company with Heart

A Company with Heart I learned a lot about Urban Mattress Denver on a recent visit. The people at this company are doing some really great things outside of the sales floor. For instance, they support a program that helps convicted felons find work. This reduces recidivism and adds to the overall health of the economy. Plus, it's just a good thing to do for folks who may be looking for a second chance in life. There are some really wonderful mattresses at Urban Mattress Denver. I was really impressed with the upscale ones made by Vispring. Ethan, the owner, told me that The "VI" in Vispring stands for the Roman numeral 6. It represents the six turns to each coil. That makes a difference, believe me. You should try one out. This is a really great store with even better people. Sleep well!

The guys took time

The guys took time to ensure we picked the right mattress and they also have some pretty awesome financing options. Highly recommended for anyone that is in the market for a new mattress or Tempur-Pedic Thanks again!

Great experience!

Great experience! I was a little wary about buying a mattress - it had been a while and you hear stories about mattress salesman, but Urban Mattress totally went above and beyond expectations! We walked in, were greeted by two friendly, easy going salesmen, offered a beer(!) and then Ethan, the owner, listened to us. He guided us to a mattress that, immediately, felt right, but showed us a handful of others just to compare. He knew exactly what we were looking for and made the whole process smooth and easy. The price was competitive with what we had been looking at online at another place, and he threw in a mattress protector for free (a win-win for them since they have a 90 day return policy). They stock locally made mattresses with 15 year warranties. They also support local schools and non-profits and all-around nice people. Highly recommend!

This was my first ever dealing

This was my first ever dealing with a mattress store, but this will not be the last. Any future business that I have will be done with Urban Mattress. My situation was slightly odd but Ethan made everything a breeze. He was extremely knowledgeable about the type of mattress that I needed, and even set it up to be delivered to my new apartment. The delivery itself went so smoothly and the movers were courteous and quick! Overall this has definitely been a 5-star experience and I can't recommend these guys/gals enough! Thank you Ethan and thank you Urban mattress!

Don't know where to start

Don't know where to start, but I simply can't say enough good things about my experience shopping at Urban Mattress...I just moved from Chicago, and making a long drive plus moving heavy things left my body completely shot. With my other shopping options, I was going to have to be without a bed for a few more WEEKS. I'd gotten a quote from UM a few weeks before I got here, so I decided to follow up with them- Ethan, specifically- and he not only honored the original price he gave me, but made sure I had my bed within 48 hours. He was an absolute delight, and this bed is a dream (see what i did there?!). Don't bother with other options- this is the way to go. THANK YOU for a wonderful experience!

I went to this place

I went to this place because of the great reviews and quickly learned that this place was nothing like others described except for the ones that show they got lack of service as well I walked in to buy a mattress the owner actually came up to help me I was there maybe six minutes trying out a couple beds with another customer walked in and he walked away after helping her he did some work on his computer I was confused as to why he stepped away maybe was because I had too many questions concerning the way the beds were made and the quality of the material. I thought those are common questions and fair to ask especially learning that buying a bed is no easy task. During that time I also noticed a shift in his attitude which was sort of alarming being that he bragged about the beds he has that he designed and created except for the ones that are over $10,000 when I walked over that section and at that time he decided to come back over and talk to me (I tried this on purpose to see what he would do) It was clear as soon as I did this what kind of person he was. He doesn't really have patience for someone buying his lower end beds which makes no sense to me he should just open up an all high-end bed store. I went elsewhere and bought a great bed and a much better deal than what I think much better quality from all of my research and visiting various other stores

This was an enjoyable experience

This was an enjoyable experience. Large selection, fair prices, nice people to deal with. They lived up to their word and delivered as promised. My wife loves the mattress. We feel good to recommend.

Looking reviews

Looking reviews, this place looks like quite the mixed bag. And while I cannot speak to the full shopping experience, I can speak my visit to their Colorado Blvd store. While I feel we were steered towards the extremely expensive mattresses, I can not think of a sales experience that didn't start by showing me the top of the line so I could "compare" property. That is sales, and I have learned to accept it. After learning why a mattress can cost more than my car, we spoke with a gentleman named Ethan who I believe is one of the owners. He was very knowledgeable, and also told us about what they are doing for charity in the Denver area. They specifically contract with a group that works with recently released convicts so that these who are entering the workforce with a large black mark on their CV an get work and d all for both themselves and an employer. Also a portion (I believe we were told 2%) of the sale is donated to local charities. And if you of not are for the charities they normally donate towards, you can request they donate it to the local charity of your choice. That is pretty awesome! Anyway, the only reason I would not purchase a mattress from Urban Mattress is that I have a family member in the industry and I know that Thanksgiving would be horribly awkward for the remainder of my years if I were to by a mattress from else. Granted if Ethan could get me g killer deal, I might be willing to live with some extra awkward with my stuffing.

I have had the mattress for 2 years

I have had the mattress for 2 years and it is still just as comfy now as the day I got it. Got a bed stand for it a couple weeks ago for it. Easy set up. Great customer service, good prices.

Who knew trying mattresses could be so enjoyable

Who knew trying mattresses could be so enjoyable? My fiancée and I went to three different mattress stores to try mattresses, and not only was the experience here so much better, but the beds were too. Johnny and Ethan helped us out with our purchase, and they did a great job. They tried to keep us in our price range, and left us alone to try things out, while at the same time answering all our questions. Also, stellar drinks.

We just had an amazing team

We just had an amazing team deliver a HEAVY king mattress up our very old staircase. Urban Mattress has been an awesome team to work with, from the service in the store to the quick and professional delivery.

My husband and I were both waking up

My husband and I were both waking up with back pain so we went in "just to look" but were so blown away by the quality and price we left with a brand new adjustable king bed. The bed was delivered the next morning and the crew even moved the existing bed into our guest room for us. The shopping experience was not just easy but enjoyable! Thanks UM!

Great customer service

Great customer service and a great mattress is what you get at Urban Mattress Boulder. I worked with Ken and got a knowledgeable sales associate. I initially got a mattress that was too firm and Eric was terrific about exchanging it for a different model. No extra cost to deliver to Nederland (twice!) and the guys were on time, quick and professional. I ran the mattress store gantlet doing research before buying, visiting 9-10 places. I found UMB was the most customer friendly of the group. After having back pain for a year, I finally bit the bullet and invested in my sleep quality with new mattress. Their product is more expensive but of much better quality and ultimately the 15 year no sag warranty sold me. After a month sleeping on it, I am extremely happy with this purchase and my buying experience. I will be buying from them again for our guest room. I highly recommend Ken and Eric over at Urban Mattress Boulder.

If you are looking for a mattress that is something out of the ordinary

If you are looking for a mattress that is something out of the ordinary or have very special requirements, this is the place. It's family owned and run and the family member I worked with was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. No high pressure but was happy to spend time with me and write up a proposal even though I was not ready to buy immediately. These are high cost mattresses but worth it, given that they include a lot of natural components, not just the mass produced trend of the year. They even called me in advance of a special sale recently to let me know the savings on my choice. It's wonderful that they don't upsell by package pricing like a lot of the chains. You can actually get "just" a mattress if that's what you want and need. We had recently already changed our base and want to assess that before changing another aspect. I will be back when I am ready to make the purchase of this model or the more expensive one I am still considering as there are pro and cons of each and a higher end product I have had in the past.

We needed a mattress four our son

We needed a mattress four our son who just moved to town. Urban Mattress was the perfect choice! Eric was super friendly and helpful, guiding us to the perfect mattress. Delivery was free- and we had the mattress the next day. This is definitely the place to go for a quality product and excellent customer service!

Great experience

Great experience for a great quality mattress. Confident sales team. No nonsense. In and out in 20 minutes. Mattress delivered 3 hrs later. Easy. Thank you!!

Best mattress store

Best mattress store and customer service! Billy, Eric, Alexa and Ken were all so helpful and experts at helping us find the right mattress. We thought we found the perfect mattress and it turns out it was too firm for us. They exchanged it for the true perfect mattress after lots of visits and conversation about what we wanted in a mattress. We love it! We truly apprciated how friendly, caring and knowledgable they all were.

Superb service

Superb service. Have never slept better, and don't want to get out of bed in the morning!! They were even willing to give me a temporary brand new mattress until the swell fancier one I bought was custom made. Everyone I came in contact with were wonderful and helpful. Delivery guys were clean cut, thoughtful, on time, reliable, nice, well trained, and as a bonus, delightfully funny.. overall shopping at Urban Mattress was dynamite experience. Highest recommendations,, I will never shop any other mattress company in Boulder..

I spent 6 months gearing up

I spent 6 months gearing up to buy a mattress because it's a major investment! I couldn't be happier to have gone with Urban Mattress. I originally purchased a firm mattress that ended up not being the right fit for my husband and I. The guys at Urban Mattress made the exchange easy, guilt-free, and super convenient. They GENUINELY care about getting you the perfect fit. Not to mention, the quality of their products is unparalleled. Without question, I will be telling everyone to go here to find their next mattress.

Excellent service

Excellent service, excellent knowledge, and we feel like we made an excellent purchase! Really very happy with our experience today and will be back for our next mattresses!

I highly recommend

I highly recommend this mattress store. Very knowledgeable staff - the owner has been working with mattresses for almost 40 years. They have incredible quality mattresses at a very reasonable price, and are not a chain store. 10 year warranty. I found the owner extremely trustworthy, I think the whole transaction took 15 minutes because I told him exactly what I wanted and the price range, and he took me to the exact bed that I needed. That kind of service requires a certain kind of knowledge, intuition, and artistry that can't be found in sales people that have been in the industry for five months and work on commission. Plus the mattress will end up in my house for free within 24 hours. Honestly how could you ask for more.

Needed a mattress

Needed a mattress for my son's new big boy bed. These guys were awesome! I really appreciated that the sales guy was not pushy and he made delivery arrangements so quick and easy. I made a mistake to order the wrong size mattress and he took care of it without any problems. Great service, awesome mattress! The transition from crib to bed was so easy! I think the super comfy mattress helped. Thank you!

Very nice mattress store with high end choices

Very nice mattress store with high end choices. They have mattresses that cost 20 K plus made of horse hair and fine stuff.. :) really seriously. I just had to pick up a metal frame for my very plain but comfortable king size bed and found out a lot about many amazing mattresses. The gent was very nice who I talked too but I can never see spending 20 k on a mattress. Seems silly.

In the middle of a mattress emergency

In the middle of a mattress emergency purchase they were calm, didn't take advantage of the "had to have" situation, the mattress was on time with tons of very helpful options and communication prior too. We were on the 4th floor, no elevator and not a single "look" or complaint, just wonderful! Oh, and the mattress is probably the best we have EVER had!!

We bought a queen sized mattress

We bought a queen sized mattress here today and had a very good experience. All salespeople were friendly and helpful. They weren't pushy, they gave us a few options and then left us to decide. We chose a mattress that was comparable to others we had seen in town and about $100 less than what other places were offering. The ambience was also nice--there's a water feature, fresh coffee, and nice lighting. It made me feel like taking a nap, which might be the point! I would definitely buy from them again! Oh, and free delivery is a nice touch!


FANTASTIC! Don't buy a mattress anywhere else. Service is great and the mattress is amazingly comfortable. The salesperson was extremely patient as we tried out a TON of mattresses and then referred us to the owner for a recommendation when we were couldn't make up our minds. Once we explained our dilemma (differences in softness requirements) he actually recommended a much less expensive option than we were originally considering - and we're both very happy with it. Slight delay in delivery (hour or so) due to confusion with the address but they called immediately upon realizing the number had been written down incorrectly and followed up with me twice. I'll never go elsewhere for a mattress!

Very positive experience

Very positive experience from the moment we walked through the door until mattress and accessories were delivered.

My partner and I purchased

My partner and I purchased a bed set from Andrew this past weekend. Everyone was so helpful and easy to work with. Great customer service as well as a speedy delivery. Out mattress had 1 cosmetic defect on it and they refunded my credit card immediately. We checked out Denver Mattress, Mattress Firm, and various department stores. Urban Mattress had the best options and customer service by far!

Really disappointed in this business

Really disappointed in this business and its management. We bought an expensive queen bed four years ago that developed big indents fairly rapidly within the first two years. Since my wife and I are underweight and we are otherwise take great care, this pointed to poor construction of the product for us. We have now brought it to the attention of both owners separately and in person. We also spoke with Mark in sales in addition. Despite many repeated efforts to submit a claim on our behalf with the manufacturer across the last three months especially, they have pledged help and support but have provided absolutely none and now don't return any calls at all despite repeated phone messages. I can't recall when I last had this bad of an experience with any business - utterly senselessly in my view, very different from the great service we typically receive when we come from out of town to Fort Collins. All this is made worse by the claim of "service" after the sale. Well, important lesson learned, I won't be making the same mistake twice.

I was surprised

I was surprised at how awesome this store is. I'm not a big "shopper" but Nikki was absurdly helpful and helped me find exactly what I was looking for (organic pillow!). I told her I never imagined having such a good time at a mattress store haha. I'm considering buying an organic mattress in the future. Gotta save $ but I'm hoping to soon! Thanks Urban Mattesss. My sister loves her pillow!!!


DO NOT BUY A BED FROM HERE!!!! Yes there sales pitch was inviting but turns out Miles in particular who conveniently no longer works there found a way to not send correct info to loan company & seems to have lost my down payment in the process. Therefore by the time I realized I was not getting statements sent to me it had already ruined my credit score & am behind on payments!!! Urban Mattress said too bad so sad:(( BUYERS BEWARE!!!!! Also he allowed me to purchase the mattress that wasn't even in stock & not telling me this which pushed my delivery date back as well. There are better places to find good sleep!

Highly Recommend

Highly Recommend Urban Mattress, both Kelly and Miles were great. Sales - My wife and I visited multiple times to try different products. Two time Kelly was there to help, and once Miles helped us. They presented options across a broad price range and really let us make the decision on the bed. (I did not feel the pressure I feel elsewhere.) Product - We chose the Tempurpedic Cloud - with fancy base. My back is happy for the first time in many months!! (we switched from a Sleep Number bed that we had loved and used for 13 years) Delivery - Delivery was great, the install crew were helpful and professional. On time. (That bed was heavy and had to go upstairs.) It was a great bonus that they take the old bed to be reused/recycled.

My wife and I visited Urban Mattress

My wife and I visited Urban Mattress twice over the past year -- first as "tire kickers" and the second time (a year later) to finally buy a new mattress. The experience on both occasions was stress-free (as it should be) and included none of the high-pressure sales tactics that I had previously come to expect with this kind of purchase. We tried several high quality mattresses of various types and price points. Along the way Kelly was very helpful and let us take our time until we found the right one. In the end the experience was enjoyable, the price was more than fair, and the purchase and delivery were easy and straightforward -- everything we could ask for. One thing we really appreciated was their support for several local non-profits -- their support for one of which being the reason we came in initially. We are very happy with our purchase and are sleeping much better -- thank you, Kelly & Urban Mattress!

Short story

Short story: Go here first when looking to replace a mattress and/or pillow. Long story: We are new arrivals in Fort Collins. We need a mattress. Considered all outlets and retail stores. Decided that since we live in a smallish city we should support local businesses. Hear that Urban Mattress is locally owned. Off we go. As usual we lay on every mattress in the place and are guided by helpful staff. There are brands here that are out of the ordinary such as Lumina (by Sherwood in AZ) and Dunlopillo. Picked the Lumina and it was delivered on the day promised by patient and careful strong men. Great mattress, but it turns out it wasn't for us. Urban Mattress honors it's policy and delivers one better suited, courteously and promptly. Great service and nice place to do business. Check it out.

We purchased a new mattres

We purchased a new mattress from this store, received two premium pillows for free, and couldn't be happier! The customer service was outstanding. They are very easy going, listen to what YOU are looking for, respect your budget, and help you in every way possible. Tonight we returned for a Christmas present and had a different person help us. Yet again, AWESOME customer service and great deals! Love this store and will always go here for future purchases!

By far the best customer service

By far the best customer service compared to any of the other mattress stores in town. They were patient with us as we debated and mulled over our decision. They kept an eye on our 1-yr-old as she walked around the store so we could focus on trying mattresses. We went to several other stores knowing we planned on going back here. I also liked that part of their revenue goes to local charities. Delivery was okay (minus 1 star): it should have been very simple -bring in king mattress, set on bed, leave. First they brought in two box springs (which we did not order), then the wrong mattress, and then finally the right one. Because they went in and out of the house several times and there was 3 of them, they tracked in water and I had to mop up after they left. Still, they were polite and apologetic and it wouldn't detour me from buying from them again or recommending them! We were offered a discount on a sheet set in exchange for our honest review.

Excellent mattress, and even better service

Ask for Josh at the Colorado Blvd store. He was knowledgeable, no pressure, and was there even three months after the sale to see that we were totally satisfied with our two mattresses. Highly recommended.

Best Mattress I have Ever Slept On

Top-quality queen mattress! Best mattress store hands down! Everything Amazing! We bought a mattress from this place about a month ago, and it is hands down the comfiest mattress I have ever slept on. They got a lifelong customer and recommender here! Do yourself a favor and buy a mattress from Urban Mattress!


We purchased an Urban Mattress branded king 2 years ago. When it was delivered, I noticed that it was too short for our bed frame - there was a 3"-4" gap between the mattress and the headboard. When my wife contacted Urban Mattress we were told that it would expand over time. I was skeptical but gave them the benefit of the doubt. 2 years later, the mattress is still the same size. A king mattress should measure 76" x 80". I have measured ours at 74" by 77". I have spent 2 years going to bed with my pillows falling behind my mattress, and every night I feel a little bit ripped off. Now 2 springs are broken and poking out of the side. This was the last straw and I contacted UM. I wanted to give them a chance to make this right, as it may have been an honest mistake (though I don't see how you accidentally leave out 3 inches of a mattress). My initial contact was several weeks ago. I was told to take pictures of a measurement of the mattress and the bed frame - DONE. I was told to provide the manufacturer of the bed frame - DONE. I was told to provide a picture of the "law tag" on the mattress - DONE. After several weeks of inconsistent response from the store management, I was told to email the warranty department as "this appears to be a warranty issue". DONE. This was sent a week and a half ago. I have received NO RESPONSE from the warranty department, not even a courtesy "Hey we got your email and we'll get back to you" message. I've given this company more than enough chances to fix this without me having to leave this review. The quality of the mattress: ONE STAR. The quality of the customer service: ONE STAR. I am beyond fed up with this situation. If you shop here, buy one of the reputable branded mattresses. Don't buy their "store brand" unless you want to be RIPPED OFF.

GO ELSEWHERE ~ Bad integrity with warrranty!

I purchased a VERY expensive wool-spring mattress from Urban Mattress with a 20 year NON-prorated warranty. $3,095 + tax. The mattress is failing and there are sunken areas in which my body now sinks in around 25% (I mostly sleep on my back)! I weigh slightly over 100lbs. I'm not a heavy person putting undo stress on the mattress. Based on some comments from Urban Mattress, I've discovered this mattress is failing for many people, not just me. The customer service lady first offered to replace with a USED display mattress! That's not what the promise of the warranty is! They are refusing to replace it with the same despite the NON-PRORATED warranty, unless I pay an additional $900. They want me to participate in their replacement cost! I even offered to let them substitute with a different but similar brand of wool mattress that costs less. They said no. They said they'd replace (for free) with a latex mattress. I did not purchase a latex mattress! I purchased a very expensive wool one because I'm allergic to latex and also chemical sensitive. Wool mattresses have no toxins, no latex, do not off gas, and have no toxic fire retardants. The customer service person (not sure, but I think she's the daughter of the owner) said her mother and sister have latex allergies and were OK with their latex and asked me to try one of their organic latex pillows. I agreed in hopes of compromise and getting this resolved, even though it's not a wool mattress. I tried the organic latex pillow and broke out in hives. Of all the crazy off the wall things, after breaking out in hives from the latex pillow test, they offered to give me a free box spring instead of a new mattress to replace my failed mattress. I have a platform type bed that I bought from them when I purchased the mattress. It is 100% complaint with the mattress warranty and in very good condition! My 20 year non-prorated warranty is for the mattress! It's not for a box spring, not a latex mattress... it's for a wool\spring mattress. Shop elsewhere! They don't stand behind the warranty's for their mattresses.

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