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Vispring, formerly Vi Spring or Vi-Spring, is a luxury bed founded in 1901 and operating in London, England. It offers luxury materials and a line of hybrids and innerspring mattresses with all natural ingredients such as horsetail, wool, alpaca, cashmere, and silk. Sold across Europe and North America, Vispring gets mixed feedback from customers despite their high end materials, which is due to some customers experiencing durability issues and some expecting more comfort for the money.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.6/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

No Back Pain: 8.4/10

Price: £575-£10050

Trial Period: No Trial

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Vispring's Specifics

Vispring has a variety of pocket sprung mattresses that come with luxury and natural comfort layers. These mattresses get good initial feedback from customers on comfort, but there were some that had problems with the durability of these mattresses. Some others expected to be more excited for the price.

If long term comfort and price value are priorities, consider taking a look at our top rated UK mattresses. Specifically, the Sapira mattress by Leesa is a competitive pocket sprung mattress that is well-rated by customers for a much friendlier pricepoint.

Craftsmanship & Quality

Vispring mattresses are higher end and feature luxury materials like cashmere, Shetland wool, horsehair, and cotton. These natural fillings are incorporated in the top layers of their mattresses for extra pillowy comfort.

However, with this way of crafting mattresses, durability and even support is a concern over time. Some customers have experienced having to replace these mattresses more often than expected.

We'll go through each of their mattress types so that you can get additional details of each before buying:

Here are the details about their Traditional Pocket Sprung Mattresses:

Their entry mattress line includes models like the Vispring Elite, Shetland, Devonshire, and Kingsbridge. These mattresses feature natural fillings with either one or two layers of pocket springs. Fillings include Platinum Certified British fleece wool, cotton, and/or horsehair depending on the model. Overall, customers experience a comfortable initial impression. However, there were some durability complaints for these mattresses.

The Pros: Natural fillings and traditional pocket sprung craftsmanship.

The Cons: Durability is a concern for these mattresses.

Here are the details of the Superb Pocket Sprung Mattresses:

The Superb line is Vispring's next level up in terms of comfort materials and design. These mattresses include the Sublime Superb, Tiara Superb, Regal Superb, Herald Superb, Baronet Superb, and more. They come with more volume of comfort materials, like horsehair, cotton, Shetland wool, and fleece wool. With thicker profiles, they are initially quite comfortable. However, there are some complaints about dipping over a shorter period than average.

The Pros: More comfort materials and thicker mattresses.

The Cons: Higher prices and some lingering durability complaints.

Lastly, we'll discuss Vispring's Luxury Mattresses:

Vispring's luxury mattresses are the highest end options and feature the addition of luxury fillings like mohair and cashmere in addition to the natural fillings already mentioned. These mattresses include the Magnificence and Signatory mattresses. Overall, they are very high priced but initially comfortable with pillowy top layers. However, they also have issues with durability that means you will have to replace them more frequently.

The Pros: Luxury pocket sprung mattresses with cashmere and other luxury comfort materials.

The Cons: Durability and price value is a concern with these mattresses.

Overall Comfort

Vispring mattresses get good reception from sleepers when it comes to initial comfort. Their thick profile and hand-tufting creates a pillowy, luxury feel. However, longevity is an issue with these mattresses.


Vispring mattresses aim to be in the universal comfort range of medium-firmness. This is ideal for average sized sleepers who are used to back and side sleeping.

Back Pain Relief

Customers have good things to say about the initial feel and pressure relief of these mattresses. However, over time, there were some that mentioned degrading support or dipping that could spell trouble for spinal alignment.


Vispring does cooling exceptionally well. Due to the natural and airy fillings, these mattresses will sleep cool for most everyone.

Who Are Vispring Mattresses Right For?

Vispring mattresses are ideal for those looking for luxury, natural materials, but don't mind updating their mattress more frequently.

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Fine so far

Not quite such a good quality as the one it replaced but still fine

Sheep shed bed!

Really disappointed with this mattress and the level of customer care received. We initially noted a strong 'sheepy' odour coming from our newly acquired Vi Spring mattress which permeated our bedroom. We complained to JL who told us to air it. We stripped the mattress and aired the sheets each day for nearly a month but no difference to the smell was made. JL then replaced the mattress but the replacement is only marginally better than the original. Again, we aired it every day for the best part of a month, but the smell still persists. Vi Spring then sent an assessor out to look at the mattress, which is apparently not faulty. We have complained to JL again and are now awaiting another assessor. I get the distinct impression we are just being fobbed off and have ultimately made a very expensive and rather smelly mistake. :(

Expensive does not always mean best.

After visiting the store first I thought I had picked the ideal mattress for us. I couldn't see it on line but thought I was choosing a better one. It is comfortable and we sleep well on it but are concerned it's not firm round the edges. When you sit on the bed the rim collapses right down and does not feel like something a quality bed should do.

Vispring Dartmoor Superb mattress, single

I am delighted with this mattress, quite delighted – easily the most comfortable bed I've ever owned. I have an old solid-base bed, not a divan, and I wanted a mattress that wasn't as deep as most typical, cheaper High St mattresses (this is only 21cm); I also prefer the well-ventilated, pocket sprung types as they are much cooler than memory foam mattresses, even the best. This fits the bill perfectly...and the bed! It's probably even better with a divan base.

Everything about this product spells quality and I think it's worth paying the higher price. I'm getting on in years a bit now with a tendency to backache – especially if I lie on my back – but the first night with this Vispring, I slept most of the night on my back without even a twinge the next day.

I've not had this long enough to comment on its long-term durability but the Lifetime Guarantee speaks volumes. Very highly recommended.

Best mattress

This mattress is utterly gorgeous. Have never slept so well. Highly recommended.


I bought this because it's Vispring and they have such an excellent reputation. I took a huge chance, and a plunge, buying it online without even trying it. But I had been doing a lot of prior research into mattresses. It is as the name says a Superb Mattress. More expensive than others but it's so comfortable and beautiful quality. You really do get what you pay for!

Comfy Mattress

We just moved house and I bought this mattress for my two year old son's bed. It is extremely comfortable even when an adult has slept on it. My husband kind of wishes we bought this model for ourselves too.

Smells of barnyard !!

This is the second VI Spring mattress I've had this problem with. I've had it over 6 weeks and if anything the smell is getting worse. I was told to air it , which I've tried to do (but I also need to sleep on it) , and don't think it's acceptable to deliver it to my home to do the airing., it should be fit for use when delivered. There is horsehair in the filling , and that's what it smells like , farmyard of some sort. It smells the whole room.

Just what we wanted

We were replacing a previous Vi-Spring, after 10 years or so. It was good to have an informative, but not pushy, salesman to guide us through what was available, and to have time to try out several. No criticisms.

Nicely made, overall pretty comfortable

We bought this mattress because of the quality craftsmanship Vispring offers, and the feel of it in store was quite comfortable and less springy than some other models. However, when we first slept on it, we wondered if they had given us the firm tension instead of the medium on accident. We checked the tag on the mattress and it was in fact medium. I have given four stars as we are happy with the mattress overall, and it is much much better quality than our old one. I suppose maybe it needs some breaking in before it feels like the one in store. However we will be purchasing a mattress topper anyways as we prefer a softer 'cloud' feel.

Well worth the money

Spent some time researching mattresses and had some questions which Vi Spring were happy to answer - they were transparent about their product. The mattress has a different feel to our old one - not such a 'springy' feel, but we have slept really well since we purchased it. We are very happy with the product.

Very comfortable mattress

We are delighted with the comfort offered by this mattress. It gives plenty of support to the back and ensures a good night's sleep.

A revolution!

This mattress has revolutionised our sleep patterns and is well worth the expense


I have a vispring shetland (pruchased in ny). I must say my gf and I are both very unimpressed. its heavy. it needs to be flipped/rotated - and its wombly structure and insane weight makes it impossible to do so. its awesomely marketed, but its not a good product. when I first get in bed, it feels like the best mattress. but by morning I'm tight and exhausted feeling. its time to dump this white elephant and get something that works.

Great mattress

After reading many articles about what makes a good mattress and trying different mattresses in different shops, I decided to purchase Vispring Wembury. I wanted a mattress made as much as possible from natural fibers, suitable for slated bed and turnable so it will last longer. My previous mattress was firm tension but as I'm around 10 stones, this time I bought medium tension. This mattress is made using horsehair and British wool so at the beginning it did smell a bit of sheep. The smell went away nearly completely after few days. Reading various reviews, lots of people complain about foam mattresses smell too. Wembury mattress requires frequent turning - it weighs 44KG and one person can just about manage to do it. I'm turning and rotating my mattress every week at the moment to prevent dips and sagging. This mattress is very warm - it is perfect for older, colder houses. No need for hot water bottle anymore. Wool in the mattress makes it warm and very comfortable.

Excellent mattress

Excellent mattress. Purchased during sale so received significant discount. Mattress is medium spring and is on the soft side so if you need a firmer mattress it would be advisable to request. However I am more than pleased with the quality of product. Have slept well since it arrived!


Absolutely lovely mattress. Took about 10 weeks to bed in but worth the wait! This mattress can be turned over as well so it is very good value. It was worth investing in this mattress and I highly recommend it. Love John Lewis and will use them for as much as I can.

Wembury special mattress by V1 spring

At first it was a little hard(supposed to be medium tension) and took some getting used to. It was married with a John Lewis wooden slatted bed and it felt as if the mattress was sloping when slept on. On advise from the John Lewis staff, we purchased a Vi spring over- cover to cover the slats Now pleased with the bed and the mattress. Thank you John Lewis.

Supreme Comfort, made in the U.K.

Bought in the sale with matching divan base for our guest room. It is just as comfortable as all the other ViSpring beds we have bought and we would not buy anything else now. Guests have gone out and bought their own after testing it out on overnight stays with us. Need to research what you want from the range before you buy and make an informed choice. JL staff very knowledgeable and helpful and ,of course, test the beds out in store ! We also have a Vispring soft mattress and divan set in a small spare room which is just lovely but only if you like soft mattreses. I found it was much easier to lie on, after major surgery, for my painful scars ! One of our regular guests chose the set herself so she is very happy when she visits. Not sure you'd get the full benefit of the Vispring range if the mattress was on another type of divan though.

Exquisite Night Sleep

A fantastic mattress that offers superb comfort. Great support and a good finish. Highly recommended!

Mattress sags

I bought a firm mattress but after less than four months I noticed it had sagged in certain areas. Not only is the mattress unconfomfortable, it has also caused me significant back and neck issues - it took me a while to work out these issues were related to the mattress. I would hate for someone else to make the same mistake as I did so please do think very carefully before buying this mattress.

Would never buy another vispring

Bought this in king size. After 2 years complained about sagging. Vi spring sent out a tester. Th result came back - normal wear & tear. A year down the line the sagging is much worse. We wake up with back ache every morning. it has been turned regularly. What a waste of money. Guarantee is useless.

30 year guarantee of back pain!

Bought this in King size about 3 and a half years ago. Have had back pain pretty much ever since. Mattress has slumped despite regular turning (care instructions say not to turn it but after 10 days it is unbearable unless turned). I wish we had ignored the advice of the salesperson and bought a firm mattress or gone elsewhere. Money wasted.

vi spring mattress made for JL

No warning when ordering but mattress made exclusively for JL by Vi spring bore no resemblance upon delivery to the mattress tested instore - really unsuitable comfort wise. JL after 2/3 days not accepting responsibility re return - now tells us it takes 6 weeks to break in!!!! Always bought lots from JL and cannot believe this - do hope they accept responsibility quickly as really unhappy and want to choose a different product that does not need 6 weeks of discomfort and insomnia. Hardly any reviews since this is JL exclusive wish had bought a mattress with lots of available comparable reviews. Will update when JL have reconsidered..........

Terrible purchase. Waste of money. Useless guarantee. AVOID

Decided to splash out as sleep is very important to us. Bought split tension after recommendation from store assistant. After 2 months it was terrible. Medium side fine. Soft side a huge dent and leans so feels like falling sideways all night. Bought partly because of guarantee which is worthless. Lumpy, devoid of support. Not slept more than 5 hours since I've had it. Awful experience. John Lewis customer service not helpful. Guarantee not worth the paper it's written on. AVOID.

At last a mattress for light sleepers

Only Vi Spring make a softer mattress for lighter people.


We have had this mattress since 2013 and it has 5cm depth on one side, and all john Lewis said there is nothing they can do to help resolve the issue. would not recommend this mattress.

Too much variability with the tensions

We ordered a Vispring Wembury kingsize mattress with a firm side and a medium side and we were very specific about which side was which. However, Vispring produced it the other way around, i.e. to have the tensions on the sides we specified, the mattress had to be turned 180 degrees.

"Superb" mattress

The name of this mattress couldn't be more appropriate! With both of us under 11 stone our previous firm vi-spring mattress was a mistake - this is as near perfect as it gets, and so very comfortable!

Useless Guarantee/Two inch depression

We purchased twin elite Vispring and they sagged/had a depression immediately. The store where we purchased the mattresses graciously replaced the two twins (we liked the sturdy handles for turning the mattresses and the quality zippers to zip together the twins) with the Vispring Sublime (an upgrade) and within a few months we had the same sagging. We are both under 200 lbs and feel that there should be no sagging with what is supposedly this quality of mattress and the price. An independent inspector came and measured the depression and it is 2 inches. Vispring will not stand behind their product which is just 2 years old. I highly recommend not buying a Vispring.


After three years of sleepness nights, agro and upset I advise everyone to not buy a Vispring divan or mattress. We bought ours three years ago from And So To Bed and spend a fortune on it. I could write pages and pages but basically, it was a disaster from day one with delivery of a mattress with two spring sticking out of the top. After a year of complaining (customer service is TERRIBLE) FIRA were sent out to inspect our mattress telling us that it was faulty but telling the company it was fine....paperwork must have got muddled! Another two years of moaning and we were given a new mattress.....weeks later spring started sticking out of the top....we realised the divan had sunk and, again, springs sticking out of it.....we complained again. No one believed us.....we are a hardworking couple and certainly would not waste time in complaining if we didnt need to, I assure you. After three long, tiring years we have got our money back and the bed has finally been taken away. No apologies, no compensation (apart from a cheap bottle of revolting looking red wind) AND we now have a Hypnos Bed which is wonderful. No wonder Vispring dont have the Royal Warrant.....I beg all who reads this, please do not buy from And So To Bed and Vispring if you want a good nights sleep.

uncomfortable mattress

V-Spring Mattress feels like we are falling out of bed, bad after sales service from Retailer Aldiss of Norwich


After only two years The springs have sagged on both sides. I weigh 10 stone, wife 8.5 stone. It is so extreme that I feel like I am falling out of bed and it is getting worse. There seems no end to it. I paid over £2000 for this garbage - life time guarantee Ha!


We had a Herald Supreme zip and link for 20 years which was wonderful. When we needed to change the bed we bought a Vi-Spring from a well known retailer. It was the most uncomfortable bed we had ever slept on. When I phoned Vi-Spring the customer services assistant explained that they made the bed according to the retailers specifications and we couldn't compare it to their standard range, even though it had 'Vi-Spring' woven into the mattress fabric. A complete waste of over £3000. So buy a Vi Spring that it advertised on their website but not one made for another store.

Very Expensive Mattress and Dishonest Customer Service

Both my wife and myself decided to buy the VI Spring Mattress attracted by the warranty and promised customer service. But sadly, when we contacted support to get our expensive mattress inspected, found that Customer Service Played us by sending a a consultant that after spending like two hours in our home checking every single detail of the mattress stated that he couldn't perform the inspection. What anincredible joke. The company washed their hands and didn't help us with our mattress despite all the time and energy spent on getting that inspection performed. What a terrible customer service.

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