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Sleepeezee Mattress Reviews


+1.5x better comfort

+1.3x better support

+/- durability

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Spring 2024 Updates: Sleepeezee is sold at retailers across the UK like Dreams®. Recent customers mostly like their mattresses with some exceptions about heat, durability, and price value.

Sleepeezee is a pocket sprung mattress brand that features a variety of lines sold at popular retailers across the UK. Their mattresses offer a wide array of comfort layer options, such as natural fillings, proprietary fibres, and Staycool™ gel. With a multiplicity of firmness options, most customers have good things to say with some disagreements about feel and durability in some cases.


+1.5x better comfort
+1.3x better support
+/- durability

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.5/10

No Back Pain: 8.7/10

Price: £240-£2499

Trial Period: Varies By Retailer

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Sleepeezee's Specifics

Sleepeezee offers an array of pocket sprung mattresses. They offer models that feature modern innovations, such as memory foam and cooling material, and also those that offer more traditional designs with natural fillings for the comfort layers. With a legacy going back to 1924, their handcrafted mattresses have been honoured with a Royal Warrant for service to the Royal Family as well.

Craftsmanship & Quality

Sleepeezee's mattresses offer a selection for a range of budgets. They offer thick, high profile mattresses with the addition of good quality fibre and fillings with a multitude of firmness options that will fit the gamut of sleeping positions. With options that are crafted in the UK, most buyers have good things to say about the comfort of these mattresses.

While some retailers may have differing model names or previous mattresses still available, we'll go through Sleepeezee's current collections and the specifics of their designs.

Here are the details about the Jessica Mattress:

A high profile pocket sprung mattress, the Jessica offers a cooling and supportive feel with sumptious layers of StayCool™ Gel and pressure relieving fibre. Underneath, there is a micro-coil and pocket spring support layer, which provide seamless support to the spine while virtually eliminating partner disturbance. Sleepers have good things to say about the Jessica mattress overall, mentioning superb comfort and defence against restlessness. With a medium-firm feel, it works well for sleepers in multiple sleeping positions.

Here are the details of the G Memory Mattresses:

Sleepeezee's G Memory mattresses offer three different models with varying firmness profiles. The G2, G3, and G4 all offer the pressure relieving benefits of Graphite Memory Foam, which contours to the body's curves while regulating temperature due to the graphite addition. With both micro-coil and pocket spring support layers, customers report good experiences with this collection overall with happy sleepers mentioning comfy contouring. Some rare complaints mentioned heat issues.

Next, we'll discuss Sleepeezee's Perfectly British Collection:

The Perfectly British Collection offers luxury and natural comfort layers and features both medium firmness and firmer mattress options. The Mayfair 3200, Regent 2600, and Strand 1400 offer a combination of British wool, luxury materials, and pocket spring support systems. With a traditional mattress feel, most sleepers have good things to say about the comfort level and thickness of these mattresses. Rare negative feedback mostly mentioned disagreements with firmness, edge support, and feeling tufting.

Next, we'll discuss Sleepeezee's Cooler Collection:

Sleepeezee's Cooler mattresses include the Cooler Seasonal 1000, Cooler Supreme, and Cooler Ortho mattress. Each of these mattresses include generous layers of Staycool™ gel for extra cooling, which work together with the naturally temperature regulating attributes of British wool. Ranging from firm to medium in firmness, most customers have good things to say about these mattresses mentioning balanced support and superior pressure relief. Rare complaints mention warm sleepers that still experienced some feelings of heat retention.

Next, we'll discuss Sleepeezee's PocketGel Collection:

Sleepeezee's PocketGel collection is sold across online retailers, such as Mattress Online and Land of Beds. Their models include the Balance 1200, Immerse 2200, and Poise 3200, which each feature deep layers of Staycool™ Gel and multiple layers of fibre for comfort layers. Additionally, the popular Poise is ideal for side sleeping with two layers of pressure relieving gel that work with two responsive micro-coil layers. With three firmness options, sleepers have good things to say about these mattresses describing fast comfort upon delivery. Some complaints mention difficulty turning and some heat retention in some instances.

Next, we'll discuss Sleepeezee's Hybrid Collection:

Sleepeezee's Hybrid 2000 mattress offers two pocket spring layers, Staycool™ gel layer, and temperature regulating top layers. With a competitive entry price point, customers have good things to say about the initial comfort, describing a well balanced feel featuring both pressure relief and superior support for the back. Very rare complaints mentioned difficulty turning.

Next, we'll discuss Sleepeezee's Royal Backcare Collection:

Sleepeezee's Royal Backcare collection features four mattresses, the Backcare 1000, Backcare 1400, Backcare 1600, and Backcare 2000. The Backcare mattresses each feature ultra-supportive pocket springs that work independently to support the spine. Also, deep fibre and copper fibre infusion provide a subtle cushion on the top layer. These mattresses offer a firmer feel, which is ideal for back and stomach sleepers. For those looking for firm comfort, customers have good things to say about the firm feel.

Next, we'll discuss Sleepeezee's Pure Collection:

Sleepeezee's Pure Collection features three different mattress options, the Imperial 2000, Grand Luxe 3000, and Emperor 4000. These traditional luxury style mattresses range from medium firm to medium soft and are ideal for those that are looking for a 'chemical free' mattress with natural comfort fillings such as silk and British wool. Customers report enjoying the luxurious feel of these mattresses, but for with a high price tag, some may disagree with the value.

Last, we'll discuss Sleepeezee's Campaign For Wool Collection:

Sleepeezee's Campaign For Wool collection includes three mattresses, the Wool Deluxe 1200, Wool Supreme 2400, and the Wool Superb 2800. These mattresses feature natural fillings for comfort layers including British wool and cotton. Additionally, the Supreme and Superb offer micro-coil layers for better adaptation to the body's curves and to minimise partner disturbance. Also, each mattress includes a pocket spring system that works independently to support the back. Overall, customers have good things to say about the initial comfort with rare complaints mentioning firmness disagreements.

Overall Comfort

Sleepeezee crafts mattresses that have desirable initial comfort scores from customers and offer a wide range of firmness options. Those that expressed differing opinions mentioned long term comfort in some cases.


Sleepeezee mattresses come in a variety of firmness options, from firm to soft. The firmer mattresses are best for stomach sleepers and those that need more back support. Smaller body sizes and side sleepers will do best with medium or soft varieties.

Back Pain Relief

Mostly, Sleepeezee mattresses should do well with initial back support as long as the proper firmness is selected with most sleepers mentioning good experiences.


An area that Sleepeezee does very well is in the area of cooling. With options featuring natural fillings, proprietary Staycool™ gel, and high profile pocket springs, their mattresses offer temperature regulated, cosy choices.

Who Are Sleepeezee Mattresses Right For?

With a legacy of handcrafted comfort and wide ranging firmness options, Sleepeezee is a great choice for those looking for the tailored feel of a time-tested brand.

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Excellent mattress

I have recently purchased this mattress and it is amazingly comfortable. Its like sleeping on a cloud. Soft but also supportive. I have suffered hip pain for 3 years, especially at night and ended up on strong pain medication. However first night on this mattress and no hip pain at all. I sleep right through the night now. Expensive mattress but well worth it.

Best nigth’s Sleep in ages.

The combination between a firm mattress and a soft top is perfect. Support and the comfort of a sumptuous topper is a tonic to my aching joints. Not sure why a reviewer said this combination doesn’t work and didn’t find it comfortable, it’s like sleeping on a cloud. We both woke refreshed and I could even sleep on my favourite side, which I haven’t done for a while because of arthritis. Very expensive, but if we sleep like this every night, then it’s worth every penny.

A great mattress

An excellent mattress that is firm, comfortable and warm, needing only a 4 tog duvet in winter.

Mattress makes you feel like a princess

This is a lovely mattress, very comfy. I hadn't realised when trying in store that it was so tall. I feel like a princess climbing into a super tall mattress. Will need to get a new valance though as the old one is 8 inches to shallow now. Time will tell as how it wears, but all is good.

Super comfy if ok with memory foam

Bought this mattress (king) 30 days ago. Very deep and quite firm although says medium. Have to say it is an extremely comfortable mattress. Excellent quality. However if you get hot on memory foam or even concerned you might, even though only 4cm of it, it does make you sweat!! As a point to note the 40 night trail wont refund the difference if you decide the mattress is not for you and you choose a cheaper one - which we weren't told. We wont be using it as we tried so many and this one really was the best - and the most expensive in shop we went to!! I do think was overpriced though. I need to find a thin cool feel topper as love the mattress. As there is only a yes or no to recommending I would add here that 100% recommend only if memory foam doesnt make you feel hot in bed!!

Not what it seems

Tried this mattress out in store and fell in love with it. Was the most amazing mattress we tried and we tried a lot. Sadly this comfort did not translate when we got home. The combination of a firm mattress and a soft top just doesn't work. My husband and I have both had back ache from it. Unfortunately being one of the most expensive mattresses in store we will lose money if we exchange it. Still debating what to do.

Our New Mattress

We bought this mattress just over a month ago and have been really pleased with it as we sleep much better than on our old mattress.


A medium firm mattress with 1800 pocket springs (king) and a layer of body moulding memory foam that is bestowed by the prince of wales royal warrant ... designed with luxurious and comfort in mind ...

So comfy!

Nice firm mattress, just what I was looking for. Nice quality.

Great quality mattress!

Bought this a month ago in your pre Christmas sale for our new double bed. It's well made & extremely comfortable.

Extremely comfortable

Recent purchase bought on Black Friday great offer and extremely happy with the mattress it’s so comfortable

No metal coils

I sleep so well and am late for work every day - it its worth it

Great bed

My son is very happy with this bed, mattress comfy and the available storage space is great.

So comfy

I bought this mattress in the Black Friday sale as I was moving house and the reviews were really good but was worried as they didn’t have one in a local store, but took the risk and it paid off love it and slept like absolute dream

Great mattress

We got this mattress as an exchange for the TheraPur ActiGel Plus 3000 Mattress - Medium Soft, which was firm and not good value for money, but the clevedon is great! It's much more comfortable, and we now look forward to a great night's sleep each night.

great comfort

i brought this mattress two weeks ago it was the best spent money ever,it the most comfortable mattress ever,i brought it as i have bad back,i have had the most best sleep ever since i brought it.

Big improvement

I bought this mattress to replace one that id had for years and felt like sleeping on rocks. Since recieving this one though, its worlds apart, should have bought one sooner!

Value and great quality

I found the whole experience from purchase to delivery and my first good nights kip the real deal..Thank you all at Dreams. Sweet Dreams everyone.

New mattress

I have had this new mattress for a few weeks. It is very comfortable and is just what I wanted. The two gentlemen that delivered it were very good and a credit to your company.

Fantastic. Night's sleep

This mattress is so comfortable it was delivered dead on time the price and value can't be beaten

Sweet dreams indeed!

I bought my mattress a week ago after getting a bargain bank holiday deal. I had been having awful sleep issues previously mainly because I have to have a hip replacement operation next month and the pain has been excruciating particularly at nights. I realized by old mattress was not providing adequate support and comfort - the new Dreams mattress is excellent and so much more comfortable that night times have gone from being a nightmare to blissful and much more sleeping for me which is a true blessing. A decent mattress for people with health issues may be a hugely valuable investment just as it has been for me so THANK YOU!


Not had this long but already it is doing a perfect job. I love the cushion pie crust top, the surface has a lovely enticing shape to it, the whole mattress screams of quality. Outstanding value for money.

Lovely pocket sprung mattress with a sumptuous top

Wonderfully comfortable pocket sprung mattress, with the addition of a sumptuous pillow top feature making this unbelievable value for money.

Great delivery!

The mattress has a good depth and seems firm, yet a cushioned top. Seems very well made. The delivery was on time and the deliverers were courteous and efficient.

Great mattress, poor service

I’ve had this mattress for a few weeks now and it’s great - super comfortable and feels high quality. I was worried about going for a medium when I’m used to a firm but I’m really pleased. The mattress itself feels firm and supportive but the cushioned tip provides added comfort. The only downside is the poor service received from Dreams on delivery (didn’t arrive when it should and was told they’d be in touch to rearrange, which they weren’t and I had to chase them up to find out where my mattress was, despite them already taking payment for it). However that has all now been resolved and I’m sleeping much better on my new mattress!

not right for us

We bought this mattress after trying it in a local store. It felt great in the shop but unfortunately the one we received just did not feel the same. It felt much firmer than we were expecting and we experienced back ache and hip pain. However under the 40 night comfort guarantee, which is a great service by the way and easy to do, we are now awaiting a new mattress after several more visits and testing. I am sure this mattress is right for some but not us unfortunately. Great service by dreams over the exchange though,, no fuss and easy to get done..

nice deep mattress

Had our Hypnos mattress for ages and was going to go for a similar one. Tried lots and lots in the showroom - this one was a great all rounder - got springs and memory foam, so the best of both worlds. You will need the extra deep fitted sheets - just a word of advice. Only had for 2 weeks now - but am really pleased.

A very comfortable medium...

A very comfortable medium to firm mattress. Quality of manufacturing looks excellent

Cant feel my partner move...

Cant feel my partner move at night now which is bliss

The mattress has a good medium support...

The mattress has a good medium support and it allows for a refreshing, dry and restful sleep. Good ventilation on hot humid nights and is certainly to be recommended as a worthy competitive mattress. The mattress is heavy and may be difficult for an elderly person to turn round.

I’m a side sleeper for reference...

I’m a side sleeper for reference. Firm and provides great support while you don’t feel pressure on your hip and shoulder.

Very good support with a medium comfort...

Very good support with a medium comfort, has just the right amount of give to be comfortable. Soon realise just how bad my old mattress was.

Wonderful mattress...

Wonderful mattress, we have been sleeping on it for about a month now and it feels luxurious and really comfortable. My husband says he's not fussy but secretly I know he loves it. For me it's helping me to stay cool and feel i'm sleeping much better. Definitely worth the money.

It is a medium mattress...

It is a medium mattress and comfy--It makes you get so hot!

The people who delivered...

The people who delivered the mattress would not listen when I told them they needed to take the old mattress out first and ended up knocking a shelf off the wall and breaking an ornament.

Fast delivery...

Fast delivery Quality

Good Sleep every night...

Good Sleep every night. I wake up in the morning with no aches and pains. Brilliant.

Very well packed...

Very well packed without possibility of damaging during transport--May be packaged product with some straps to aid lifting and carrying.


Excellent support and comfort

We love this mattress...

We love this mattress. Bought to replace our previous Sleepeeze mattress which we also loved. Trialled another brand for the same price, with big promises, but it didnt come close. Returned that within the 100 day period and bought this. Thank goodness we did. Its medium/firm, excellent quality. My advice it to go for the best Sleepeeze mattress that your budget will allow as you wont be disappointed. If we could have afforded the next level up we would have.--Possibly a firm but deeper memory foam/ gel topping but they were more expensive.

The mattress is is firm but comfortable...

The mattress is is firm but comfortable, we put a mattress topper on it, and it's so much better. Because it's pocket sprung there's no rolling and you don't feel it if your partner is a figity sleeper. Would definitely recommend.--The mattress is very heavy making it hard to turn it around as recommended.

Very good mattress

Very good mattress we had a similar one last time. And kept to the same make etc this time.--Would have liked one that kept me cool.

Really comfy

Really comfy, sleeping much better. Would recommend if you are looking for a medium 3 mattress--Not encapsulated

Off gassing...

Comfortable--Mattress is off gassing chemicals this is causing breathing problems keeping me awake. Had this problem with bedroom furniture. Seems you cannot buy anything without these chemicals. Wish we could go back to days where things were made with care and no chemical offgassing

Well made, good price...

Well made, good price.--Memory foam could do with being a bit thicker, say 40mm

I had to replace this mattress...

I had to replace this mattress after three weeks as was starting to sag in the middle,I sleep alone and I only weigh 13 stone.very poor quality.

I love my new mattress...

I love my new mattress it’s soft but still firm. I’m sleeping loads better. I would highly recommend this mattress.

Love this mattress...

Love this mattress! So comfy.

Quality product...

Quality product, very comfortable, not too firm

It's lovely and deep...

It's lovely and deep so you "sink" into it.

Good natural mattress...

Good natural mattress--I have a wool topper on mine, as you can slightly feel the buttons on mattress

Enables a good nights sleep...

Enables a good nights sleep--To much packaging

I’ve bought a couple of these mattresses...

I’ve bought a couple of these mattresses for a holiday cottage, and everyone always comments on what a good nights sleep they’ve had. Firm enough with just enough give.


Best mattress ever--Heavy but can't complain



Not too deep...

Not too deep so looks ok with modern beds.--Very soft on edges so can’t sit on the end.The medium is soft, not medium support.


Pleasure to go to bed and wake up without aches


Very comfortable.


Very comfortable--Having to turn regularly

Good Quality

The mattress is v. comfortable and of good quality.--No Bad points

The most comfortable mattress...

The most comfortable mattress I have every bought, would certainly recommend.--Slightly deep mattress but that wouldn't put me off buying it again.

Very comfortable...

Very comfortable, excellent quality mattress; good value for money.

Love the cooling top layer...

Love the cooling top layer. It's very comfortable--It's all good

Great quality...

Great quality. Swift delivery.--none

My sheets dont want to stay put to the mattress...

My sheets dont want to stay put to the mattress, the more expensive sheets are needed so good excuse to buy more

Super comfortable...

Super comfortable

Sleeping better...

Sleeping better Getting into bed ...


Comfy and supportive--None

Such fast delivery

Such fast delivery and very helpful. Good mattress

Bought to replace old mattress...

Bought to replace old mattress on my son's bed, he's now enjoying a much better night's sleep

Very disappointing...

Very disappointing...Bought it for its coolness, but lasted about an hour before I wasted my money, and the mattress lies unused after just an hour.

Super comfy...

Super comfy and the cooling layer is really good--Nothing at all

Comfortable mattress...

Comfortable mattress.--If you purchase this mattress to keep you cool you will be disappointed. When you feel the mattress it feels very cool but once you have a mattress protector and a sheet on top it is just like any other mattress. Heavy to move.

Very happy...

Very happy with my mattress, comfortable and sleeping much better.

Perfect mattress...

Perfect mattress, supportive and luxurious, the gel foam is much better than my old memory mattress, not getting hot and sleep is getting better all the time. I can highly recommend.


Good quality--Too firm

Very comfortable and well made...

Very comfortable and well made. I don't wake up with any aches or pains any more.--Gel layer isn't keeping me cooler which is a shame, as that was the main reason for my purchase of this particular mattress

It feels comfy...

It feels comfy.--It was on the dearer side.


Comfy and sturdy--None

Great nights sleep

Great nights sleep

Top end mattress...

Top end mattress, well made and very very comfortable, you won't be disappointed. My best buy this year so far!

Really comfortable...

Really comfortable, great support, as good as a quality hotel mattress.

I would have given it 10...

I would have given it 10 if there had been another couple of hand grips, due to weight and size of bed it was a bit of a struggle to handle it single handed, and I'm well into my 80s.

Great nights sleep...

Great nights sleep, good sturdy mattress

This is a great mattress...

This is a great mattress, it is so comfortable, having the best sleep I’ve ever had. Would recommend Land of Beds, service was great, delivery guys were polite and helpful.

Probably the best bed...

Probably the best bed I've ever slept on, I was confident that it'd be good quality, but this is better than I had expected. First few nights have been wonderful and I couldn’t recommend more.

The Hybrid 2000 mattress...

The Hybrid 2000 mattress is truly magic, it is like sleeping on a cloud. I will never use another mattress company ever again and it is also a WHICH! best buy approved, whats better than that!

So amazingly comfortable...

So amazingly comfortable! My wife ordered this and I wasn’t sure we needed a new mattress. But I’m a total convert, it is so comfortable!

Mattress in good quality

Mattress in good quality, getting used to the chosen firmness.


Firm but very comfortable

Nice and firm...

Nice and firm. Has definitely helped my back and neck.

Very supportive quality mattress...

Very supportive quality mattress with wool and cashmere filling. Back pain has improved already.

Great mattress...

Great mattress firm option, back aches gone, my wife is happy to. We are sleeping like a babys


Excellent if youre looking for firm mattress for back support.

We was worried...

We was worried about getting another mattress but this product is so comfortable. Very pleased over all.

Excellent Product

It is an excellent product.

Very comfortable bed

Very comfortable bed. Have been able to sleep both on my side and back.

Exactly what I needed...

Exactly what I needed. Took 2 days to adapt to it as it happens with any new mattress but now I wake up without pain in my back and I feel rested in the morning

Heavy Duty

A robust heavy duty mattress.

Right price next day delivery...

Right price next day delivery brought into room of your choice mattress in perfect condition

Good value...

Good value, the most competitive prices online. Very comfortable mattress and great communication. Delivery was next day whereas all other sites offered 2 to 3 weeks

Comfortable Mattress

This is a a very substantial and comfortable mattress.

For the first couple of days...

For the first couple of days, I thought that the purchase of this particular mattress was a mistake, as we had used memory form topping on a very good mattress previously. But I have been proved wrong, in that I now get a good night sleep and wake up in the morning without an aching back.... Which was why we bought the mattress in the first place. so, yes, highly recommended.

Have had the dreams branded version...

Have had the dreams branded version of this mattress for last 7/8 years and have been looking for a replacement for some time. Found out recently that this is the same mattress as the dreams cairo and didn't hesitate in buying. I like quite a firm mattress and this, coupled with a mattress topper is simply fantastic. I honestly can't say i've slept in a more comfortable bed.

Took a couple of nights...

Took a couple of nights to get used to sleeping on the mattress rather than in the case of my old one sleeping in the mattress

Lovely firm and comfortable...

Lovely firm and comfortable. Have had the best sleep in ages.

It's so comfortable...

It's so comfortable I sleep better now than I can remember

Very comfortable mattress...

Very comfortable mattress moulds to your body but doesn’t affect support.

It's more comfortable...

It's more comfortable.--Having to turn it once a week for 3 months. Very heavy for a couple of OAP's!

Deep as that’s what we needed...

Deep as that’s what we needed. Comfortable, was worried as it had been described as medium/soft but I’d say perfect medium.--Is very heavy to manoeuvre but it is deep so if that’s what you want accept it’s heavy !


Comfortable, reinforced edges.--Other mattresses have a better cooling layer.

Comfort and good value...

Comfort and good value--Be mindful it’s thick in height, especially with the topper. Our dog struggles to jump up now! Lol Handles could be tougher stitched as needs turning weekly and am hearing pulls from stitching when rotating.

The mattress has been great...

The mattress has been great, comfortable straight away I have medium firmness. It did not take long for the odour to disappear when unwrapped and aired. The cost was very good in comparison to similar products I tried in leading stores so I knew roughly what I was looking for when I ordered this online without trying as was a bit worried about doing so but I glad I did now. Really pleased with it so far.--It is very heavy but does have handles thankfully to rotate it doesn't need turning though. My last mattress was equally very heavy non turn but had no handles so I knew to buy one with them this time!

Most comfortable mattress

Most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on.--Trying to get sheets to fit it

The pillow top is nice and deep

The pillow top is nice and deep, giving good comfort. The mattress seems well made and has good depth, so no hitting the springs when you lie down.--The pillow top does increase the feel of movement rather than a normal mattress but that is made up for with the level of comfort it provides.

Lovely mattress but...

Lovely mattress but too hard for me

Comfortable and supportive...

Comfortable and supportive--Gets warm quickly once in bed, may be a problem in the warmer weather but okay in winter time.

Comforts every part...

Comforts every part of your body.

Superb product...

Superb product very competitively priced

Perfect for both my wife and I...

Perfect for both my wife and I, I like to sleep on my front (at least to go to sleep) and my wife prefers to sleep on her side, the mattresses is fine for both. We both are sleeping better, which is all you can want from a new mattress.

Super comfortable...

Super comfortable and luxurious mattress. Feeling rested and supported. Mattress as described.

Very pleased with mattress...

Very pleased with mattress a little firmer than a medium as one other review stated but ok.

Very comfortable mattress!

Very comfortable mattress! Had it over a week now and have got used to the slightly firm feel. This is a medium, but the pocket springs support your whole body (old mattress wasn't doing this anymore) and this is why I think it feels slightly firm. Nice soft top layer though! Would recommend this a really good mid range mattress. The edge support (sitting on the edge of bed) is a bit weak and for me this stops it being a top end mattress, but the price reflects this.


Very pleased

Im very happy with my new mattress

Im very happy with my new mattress. Great product and a good price

More firm...

More firm than we expected a 'medium' to be but undeniably comfortable.

Good product...

Good product, chose after looking at various reviews and comments about best mattress on offer. I didn't want memory foam and was looking for pocket sprung mattress with high quality interior not to firm and not soft, as I suffer from a bad back.

You certainly get you moneys worth...

You certainly get you moneys worth, also a good nights sleep, at least I do.

Waited 6 weeks for a bed which we paid…

Waited 6 weeks for a bed which we paid over a thousand pound for the delivery guys to come in, put it up the stairs and build it then to be annoyed by this company for the bed to be damaged and missing parts. This bed was seemingly made to order which sorry your design team seriously need to look at there designs and furnishings properly. For this to be sent out is absolutely shocking. Then my partner phoned to to be told email the sales team to get a refund . Sorry but that should have been done on the telephone straight away. A total disgrace from sleepeeze.

Highly Recommend

After 10 years, I decided it was time to convince my Mum to buy a new mattress for herself. She suffers with arthritis so needs a firm mattress to help her & this is exactly what she got! The sales person was very helpful & extremely knowledgeable. He listened to what her needs were & picked the absolute right one for her. I am not a fan of firmer mattresses but even I found it very comfortable when I tried it. She also is more than a loud snorer & the first night I barely heard a sound from her room which made lockdown slightly easier! The delivery guys were great & arrived in a beautifully branded van. There was a slight mix up as we had paid for them to collect her old mattress but they quickly rectified this & took it away. They were super friendly & very polite. Overall the whole experience was excellent & I have one very happy Mother!

I suffer a lot of muscle pain GREAT BED

I suffer with a lot of muscle pain and I am So glad we got this base and mattress the delivery was spot on great communication and social distancing the bed is great I cannot fault it at all every night I get in it I’m like Mmmmm so comfortable . it has the months on it so you know when and which way to turn it I’ve had mine for 3 months now and would definitely recommend it

Not even 2years old and this mattress…

Not even 2years old and this mattress is sagging and squeaking. Because of covid the usual shop not open sadly feel very let down.

Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware, lots of known faults Buyer Beware, Most reviews i have read are based on Fast delivery and not the Mattress or Bed after sleeping on them, My Mattress had a massive fault and sank by a few inches on both sides, so i roll to the middle of the bed, after 20 emails and social media posts i have got no-where with Customer Service team, You'll be told they need to ask suppliers for money back as it's not their problem, then someone might get sent to you to view problem, this will take forever, and contact between you is rubbish, i have since found many upset customers from this company, having to pay for transport to return a mattress is expensive, you will have many things put in your way to stop you being paid back or another mattress being sent out, i only asked for a swap 2 months on nothing, i think i will buy local just to solve my back issue, as i have no hope with Mattress Online to resolve it for me

Pungent smell + Hair/Fibre shedding

Dear Sleepeezee We bought our new Sleepeezee Regent 2600 mattress from an independent supplier in late October 2019. Cost £695. The mattress was delivered by an independent courier in December arranged by the supplier. The mattress was well wrapped but as soon as we took the covering off we were overwhelmed with a pungent smell. In our view it smelt like and old barn or stable. We immediately informed our supplier and they arranged for an independent company to come out. We had to wait until January for his visit. On the day of his visit we had very little contact with the inspector. He arrived late without notice, by this time we had assumed he was not going to turn up and cooked our evening meal. When he walked into the bedroom he said he could smell something. His report found no fault and the smell of cooking masked the smell. We were extremely disappointed and tried to live with the mattress. We could still smell it every time we walked into our bedroom and whilst we were sleeping. Early May we were horrified to find shedding of black hairs through the fabric of the mattress. Once again I reported this to the supplier with photographic evidence. They responded but could not act due to lock down. We are still waiting. The hair shedding has subsided a little but the smell is still there. The smell varies in different temperatures! When the heating is on it seems to lift the smell other times it can be subtle and in the back ground. When the smell radiates it consistently reminds us of an old barn. We have deodorised constantly, we have bowls of baking soda and vinegar around the room to try and absorb the smell. I am sure you will understand our concerns! for a smell to last this long can not be normal. We have had concerns about toxicity or indeed what might be inside the mattress to create such a long lasting smell. We have considered throwing the mattress out but it was not cheap. We have never lodged a complaint before about any piece of household equipment. This is our first and the experience has been very negative. We look forward to hearing your comments on this issue.

Truly excellent quality mattresses

Truly excellent quality mattresses and much better value for money than I paid last time for the same spec (different brand). Even the cat is happier!

Poor construction - bad buy

Poor construction - sags and needs turning frequently. Waste of money and will get rid.

We purchased a Gel Touch 4000 mattress…

We purchased a Gel Touch 4000 mattress on November 2020 from Furniture Village. We were told by the sales person that we could return the mattress if we purchased a mattress protector, which we did as buying such as important and expensive item we had that fail safe. Unfortunately the mattress is so uncomfortable and I wake up every morning with bad pains in my shoulder and back that I never had prior to the new mattress. We are also finding it very hot, which is unusual as we are mid winter and the nights are cold. I have contacted the supplier and was abruptly told that they cannot exchange. I also emailed and was told the same. I had concerns that we hadn't received the correct mattress to the one we wanted as it arrived very quickly i.e. within two weeks and we were told it would take 12 weeks to arrive. When we unwrapped it the mattress label fell off which is very unusual and this is the guarantee as well.

I have just perched a sleep easy 4000…

I have just perched a sleep easy 4000 mattress from furniture village after waiting a very long time I can not believe how hot it is it’s like sleeping on fire I haven’t had a good nights sleep in this bed. I did all my homework and was recommended that a jell top would not give me the heat of a memory foam mattress but all the support. I will be doing what ever it take to have this refunded or replaced. I have spent a fortune on changing the sheets and mattes protect in hopes it would help. Not one bit!! If you like no sleep and the feeling of being on fire get this mattress.

Couldn’t be happier

Best nights sleep I’ve ever had! I’ve always problems with my back and have always had trouble sleeping and now thanks to Sleepeezee I sleep like a baby

Very comfy

Very comfrey mattress

Disappointed, poor quality finishes to bed and regretting the purchase !

We waited 6 weeks for our bed to be made to order and when it arrived the base is damaged. Side screw in too tight damaging fabric and unable to secure the base together. Extremely disappointed and annoyed that the bed was not quality checked and allowed to leave the factory like this and be delivered to a customer in this state. As for the mattress we tried several different mattresses in the shop and settled on the sleepeezee comfortgel 2800. It feels like you are sleeping on a slab of concrete. We both wake in the morning sore and uncomfortable. The mattress we have feels nothing like the one we tried in Carpet Right. Far to firm and no comfort whatsoever. I’ve now had to email Carpet Right with photos of damage and await a response from the company. Even though the delivery team took photos and also confirmed the damage. How long will we have to wait now I wonder? Poor satisfaction and regretting our purchase. At present would not recommend others to buy this.

Ordered a Sleepeezee 2 drawer divan in…

Ordered a Sleepeezee 2 drawer divan in plus Ash in dreams bromborough on29/7/20 the divan was delivered on 7/10/20 it had stitching that had come apart on the side of one of the 2 pieces so it was reported and a replacement ordered the same day the replacement was delivered on 9/ 12/ 20 which is faulty also the 2 halves are not of equal height and a bracket on the right side has a bent screw / insert hard to tell which only the screw will not screw loose more than 3 or 4 turns terrible for a company I thought were dependable. Mrs K price. On the right side also the drawer came apart when removed from the divan.I have reported this to dreams in bromborough on the 10 of December who sent an email to head office with pictures

Too hot

Hi sleepeez can you please explain why the 4000 gel mattresses are so hot i spend over a thousand pounds a month ago i not had a good sleep since. My spare room mattress which only cost £500 is far better than yours. Not very good for your company going to take this to the media you cant take people's money for something that is not doing what its meant to do.

Very heavy

This expensive top of the range mattress is very heavy and has to be rotated [not turned over] regularly, but after 3 years it still looks like brand new, but one of the handles has come un-stitched , making it almost impossible for 2 people to move. We never had this happen to any other mattress and I have had a lot of heavy mattresses. It does tell you that the filling can move to the centre , but even though we did turn the mattress as instructed, and accept some movement, the filling which has moved into the centre and is like a brick wall and we had to put a topper on it after only a year . For such an expensive bed it is not worth the money and the warranty is not worth having.

Not how described

Purchased a Cool Gell 5000 mattress from Furniture village 3 weeks ago on the basis and recommendation of sales staff that it regulated body heat and had no foam in it. Within the first four days I found both my wife and I where getting exceptionally hot and sweaty, still no different after 3 weeks. Also you can start to see dips in pillow top even after such a short time. My feelings are that trying a bed in the shop for 5 / 10 mins is not the same as sleeping on it for 8 hrs. If I could change this mattress I would for a more natural filling one, or a Latex foam type with pocket springs. Beware of sales people giving incorrect information.

Sleepeezee Hotel Classic 1000 King. Was great... for about 3 months

As stated in title, this mattress was great for the 1st 3 months, then it became progressively more and more uncomfortable for both my wife and I to sleep on, despite following the manufacturers turning and flipping schedule, to the point both of us are suffering hip pain on the sides we sleep on. Almost £500 for a mattress we are replacing after 2 years. I would advise caution purchasing mid range mattresses to anyone considering it, save your money and buy a cheap one, or be prepared to spend £2-£3,000 on a decent bed with a 10 year gaurantee.

Not What They Say

We bought the Sleepeeze Geltouch 5000 because we assured it was a cool temperature matress, which my post menopausal wife assures me it is not. She becomes very warm during the night and the mattress retains this heat even after she gets up to cool down. You can’t turn the mattress because of the gel top surface which means you have a permanent hump in the middle. Very disappointed


We bought a Sleepeezee stay cool mattress last year, I'm now looking for a new one. Yes, we may be old and infirm but I defy anyone to get a decent night's sleep unless they can stay as stiff as a corpse. I've spent a small fortune on sheets which actually stop in place, even fitted sheets with a long border won't fit properly. Good lord, don't even sit on the edge of the bed for any reason, the mattress has a desire to throw you off, I've just about manage to stop on but my husband has ended up on the floor ......... only once mind you. Take my advice just buy a good old fashioned mattress.

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