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Silentnight Mattress Reviews

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Spring 2024 Updates: Silentnight brand mattresses offer in-room delivery within 14 days. Just Sleep mattresses are available within 48 hours. Recent customers mention mostly good experiences with some exceptions about durability issues.

Silentnight is one of Britain's most popular budget mattress brands. It has 'Superbrand' status as a nationally recognised name. In terms of mattresses, they focus on pocket sprung and all-foam mattress varieties in a selection of firmnesses, and offer eco-friendly options too. Their most popular mattresses are often slimmer pocket sprung choices, with their newest Just Sleep brand delivering high-value to customers within 48 hours.

Mattress Score

Overall Score 8.7/10
Customer Satisfaction: 8.6/10
Price Value: 8.9/10
Back Support: 8.7/10
Price: £179-£1469

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Longevity: 8.6/10
Body Conformability: 8.6/10
General Support: 8.7
Softness: 8.9
No Motion Transfer: 8.8
No Odor on Delivery: 8.7
Good for Hot Sleepers: 8.8
Sex / Bounce: 8.8
Good for Heavy Folks: 8.8
Silence: 8.8
Warranty: 8.6

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Silentnight Specifics

Silentnight is popular for their budget and discount mattresses, but they also have some higher profile options too. Most of their mattresses come in pocket sprung varieties with layers of memory foam, latex, or latex-like Geltex. With a high value proposition, including free delivery, their online store front is one of the best ways to buy a new Silentnight mattress.

Craftsmanship & Quality
Silentnight focuses on budget friendly mattresses mostly and has solid initial comfort scores from customers. Their mattresses also come in a variety of firmness choices for sleepers. While most customers are pleased with their purchases, there are some disagreements about longevity with lesser priced options.

We'll go through each of their mattress types so that you can get additional details before buying:

First, here are the details about their Just Sleep Collection:Replacing their Mattress-Now and Studio collections comes the Just Sleep collection, promising deliveries to customers within 48 hours for most postcodes and a 1 year sleep trial with free exchange. Silentnight describes Just Sleep as "The easier way to better sleep. They’ll roll up with your mattress in 48 hours." With six mattress types, the Just Indulge, Just Bliss, Just Snug, Just Breathe, Just Unwind, and Just Relax, shoppers have a range of options from most expensive to most budget-friendly. The more affordable Just Relax and Just Unwind come with fibre comfort layers and zoned Miratex® support layers. The other options offer Miracoil® and Mirapocket® zoned pocket spring support systems with a variety of comfort layer options. The highest end Just Indulge comes with premium GelTex®, while the Just Breathe offers Eco Comfort Fibre for sustainable cosiness. With quick shipping, these are the most convenient of Silentnight's offerings.

The Pros: Competitively priced mattress-in-a-box offerings with a range of high value designs.

The Cons: These are newer offerings so not much customer feedback yet.

Secondly, here are the details of the Silentnight Eco Comfort Mattresses:Silentnight's Eco Comfort collection offers fully recyclable mattress designs that offer a variety of firmness and material options ranging from Miracoil to eco-friendly fibre comfort lyers. The higher priced Eco Comfort Breathe mattresses feature EcoBreathe fibre that helps prevent overheating. Customers have good things to say about the comfort of these beds, with complaints mentioning degrading comfort layers over time in some cases.

The Pros: Eco-friendly mattress designs at competitive prices.

The Cons: Some disagreements about durability and firmness in some cases.

Up next, we'll take a look at the Silentnight Latex Mattresses:Silentnight's Latex collection includes three different pocket spring mattresses that feature a layer of natural latex. Available firmness options range from medium-soft, medium, to medium-firm for these latex hybrid mattresses, though some sleepers may find the latex a touch firmer than memory foam. Most customers enjoy these mattresses and find them to be comfortable, although some brought up disagreements about firmness.

The Pros: Well-priced hybrid mattresses featuring natural latex.

The Cons: Some have mentioned disagreements with firmness.

Also, here are the details of the Miracoil Mattresses:The Silentnight Miracoil mattresses are traditional innerspring mattresses with springs that are situated together in a connected array. These provide firmer support options for stomach sleepers and bigger body types. They also feature layers of foam above the innerspring support systems. Customers are less excited about these mattresses than others offered by Silentnight. Those that wanted traditional mattresses found them initially comfortable, but some had problems with durability.

The Pros: Traditional mattress designs with firmer options.

The Cons: Some challenges with support with some models.

Next, we'll discuss Silentnight's Geltex Mattresses:Silentnight's Geltex mattresses offer a more responsive foam feel versus memory foam, which is ideal for those that are worried about too much contouring or moulding to the body. These have a subtle bounce and still help with pressure points while providing a somewhat firmer sleeping surface versus memory foam. Most customers find that they are happy with these mattresses at first, but there are some reports of durability concerns.

The Pros: Geltex offers latex like response without the high price.

The Cons: Some feel disagreements reported.

Up next, we'll take a look at Silentnight's Memory Collection Mattresses:The Memory Collection features hybrid mattresses that provide a contouring feeling with a comfort layer of memory foam. Their memory mattresses feature a quilted sleep surface, a layer of memory foam, and a support system of either zoned miracoils or a mirapocket encased support system. Customers appreciate the medium to firm options available, however, there have been some complaints with regard to support over time and heat retention.

The Pros: Contouring mattresses available in medium to firm options.

The Cons: Some mentioned issues with support over time and heat retention.

Lastly, we'll discuss Silentnight's Other Pocket Sprung Mattresses:Silentnight's other pocket sprung mattresses include sprung mattresses in their Essentials and Rest Assured collections. These mattresses come with arrays of encapsulated pocket springs that move independently to diffuse pressure and react seamlessly to the body. Their comfort layers feature memory foam, Geltex (latex-like faster response foam), or natural fillings to provide cushioning to sensitive areas like hips and shoulders. The Rest Assured collection also offers a multitude of firmness options and layers of British wool in some designs. Most customers report finding these mattresses initially comfortable and can find the right firmness for their purchase, but there are some reported concerns about durability for some sleepers.

The Pros: Pocket sprung mattresses with a variety of comfort layer options.

The Cons: Some problems with durability reported in some models.

Overall Comfort
Most customers report that they feel comfortable with Silentnight mattresses. However, there were some that complained about quality with the slimmer, more affordable models.

FirmnessSilentnight provides a range of mattress firmness options, from medium-soft to firm. These will fit the wants of most sleepers. Firmer mattresses are best equipped for stomach sleepers, while those that are medium and medium-soft are better for side sleeping.

Back Pain Relief
With a multitude of firmness choices, there are reports of comfortable night sleep. With durability concerns for some models, there may be some disagreements about lasting back comfort in rare cases.

Most of the pocket sprung varieties have good scores when it comes to keeping cool.

Who Are Silentnight Mattresses Right For?
These mattresses are ideal for budget conscious shoppers and the Just Sleep collection is ideal for selective shoppers. Those that are looking for a children's mattress will also appreciate their discount choices.

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Great mattress, superb price

I'm delighted with single mattress for my recently purchased bedframe. The mattress is good quality at a superb price. Delivery was free and I was kept up to date on delivery time, and the delivery guys were very professional and helpful.

Very uncomfortable

I tried this mattress in store and it felt right. But after one full night's sleep on it, I completely regret purchasing this. It's too hard, you can feel all the springs and it feels quite lumpy as well. Would not recommend.

Excellent single mattress

I bought this a few weeks ago and was surprised by its value and quality. It arrived promptly, firm and really good for my back.

Terrible Noisy Lumpy Mattress

Bought this for my 14 year old small daughter and have another Miracoil Mattress for my 16 year old son which I bought just over a year ago. At first they seemed ok but my son has been complaining about it for several months. As first I took no notice (whinging teenager) but after several months I went to see what he was fussing about and couldn't believe it. His mattress makes a LOUD CRUNCHING NOISE every time you move. The springs feel like big lumps. So I went to check my daughters mattress which is only a few months old and low and behold, it's is going exactly the same way!

good value

I bought 2 of the single mattresses for a twin B&B room & am very satisfied with them. Decent mattresses for a reasonable price. Delivery was very efficient too.

Super comfortable mattress

Bought for 13 year old and 11 year old boys. Really comfortable with very soft fabric covering the mattress. Firm but with a bit of bounce! Perfect.

good nights sleep

bought for our son, no complaints, he has slept very well on it .


Bought for 4 1/2 year old. Very comfortable for him. Also comfortable for an adult.

Really comfortable

Really comfortable mattress, not too soft and with much more springs than alternatives priced around the same. We bought this for daughters first big girl bed and she has slept really well on this, so thumbs up all round!


Excellent product. My son had a thin mattress before and wasn’t very good. but this will be perfect till he grows up and wants a bigger bed

Good basic mattress

Pretty good value for the price. No carrying handles.

Best value mattress

Ordered for our spare bed, very comfy, good support. This was the cheapest and best value online after checking a few retailers websites. Great buy.

Good product

Really pleased. This mattress is good value for money and most comfortable.

Really comfortable!

Great mattress, nice and comfortable. Perfect for a child’s bed.

Nice mattress

I bought this for my 3 year old daughter and she has slept very well on it

Excellent value and comfort

We purchased this item having already bought a double and king size in the same style.The mattress is extremely comfortable and well made you can see from the way the stitching and cover has been finished. It is firm but comfortably so and our 12 year old grandson sleeps on this on a weekly basis without complaint. Recommended

Good product

I bought two of these for my sons rooms. The quality is good and the service was perfect.

great value

easy to order, delivered on time great product, great service

Silentnight Sleep Soundly Miracoil Comfort Mattress, Firm, Single

An excellent product, gives a good support to the back. Excellent delivery as scheduled. Love the old mattress removal service.

Excellent mattress, very comfortable & good value

Really delighted with mum purchase. We bought 2 & not disappointed. They are fairly firm and very comfortable.

Would order again!

Even though it’s firm it is actually very comfortable and I usually wake up with a back ache with my expensive medium mattress but had no back ache when slept on this one!

Very comfortable

It's a mattress. It's comfortable. Who could ask for more really?

Great sleep

Very pleased with new mattress which was delivered on time and carried up to the bedroom. As always great service from Jonh. Lewis

A good night's sleep

A very comfortable mattress. It is firm enough to give support without being too hard

Excellent product

Bought two of these for the grandchildren's beds and were very pleased with the comfort and support the provide.


all very excellent according to my 14 year old son who sleeps on it

Bad mattress

There a water bed effect once you lie down, you keep moving for seconds....did not realise that this would happen. Very unhappy

Great mattress

Replacement for my teenage daughters bed. Nice and firm and no complaints so far. Sleeping,well like a teenager does, well into the afternoon.So enjoying the product.

Good quality mattress

Very happy with the mattress. Very comfy so hopefully worth paying more for it

Pricy but worth it

Bought for my son who preferred sleeping on the floor to sleeping in bed! Since buying it he has happily slept in bed and is now not waking up at night and being grumpy all day!

First big bed for our toddler

Our little one transitioned from his cot to a standard bed. He has always slept incredibly well on this mattress. I would recommend letting it air well before first use and regularly rotating!

Very good quality

I brought this for my granddaughters bed. she loves it and has the best sleeps ever.

Comfortable mattress

I got this for my daughters first big girls bed. She finds it very comfortable and I do too. It has good support and I'm pleased we didn't go for a cheaper one on the market. I know she's getting the support she needs while she is growing and sleeping.

Comfortable mattress

Bougth this mattress for my son's first big bed. Mattress very comfortable. It could do with handles on the side to help with changing etc but apart from that...great!

Brilliant and comfortable

A brilliant, comfortable and thick mattrest for my 9 year old. A fraction of the price that other bed specialists were charging not to mention their foam ones were ridden with a chemical smell, which I had to return.

Great mattress

Really great mattress for child's bed very comfortable and great support for a growing child

Quality product

Very high quality, firm mattress, which my 2.5yr old daughter finds very comfortable. The mattress is quite high, but will be a long-lasting buy throughout her growing childhood years.

So so comfy

This is the best mattress I have slept on. Maybe our previous matresss was awful, but this is absolute heaven. As soon as you get into the bed you settle down straight away. I have woken up in same position in the mornings, that’s how comfy this bed is! As a result of the foam there can be a tendency for bed to get too warm, this is great on cold winter nights, but you just need to adapt fir the summer months I reckon. To be honest we have only had it since Xmas so really experienced winter months and the odd warm evening recently. Would definitely recommend and I have!!!

Too firm

I tried this mattress in store and thought it was fine, it didn't feel like a firm mattress at all even though it is labelled as such, however the mattress I actually received was significantly firmer and as a result I find it very uncomfortable and am not sleeping. I think the mattresses they have in store are old and have had a lot of use, perhaps they should replace them so that people are not being misled.

Soft and firm in the right places

This replaced and old futon mattress, so we wanted no "sag" but a softer surface and that is what we got. We are both just short of average height and fairly chubby, but had no special requirements. The mattress is very comfortable and the only drawback for us is that it is much deeper than what we had before so it is quite a bit higher above the floor. Oh yes, we also had to get deeper fitted lower sheets.

Back breaking bed...

We are more than disappointed with our new bed. We awake with severe hip and back pain. We bought this bed under the impression from the sales person that this bed was soft, with quality of sleep, not so, more hard than anything! Wish we had not bought this bed and stuck with Hypnos. Future buyers beware if you are need of comfortable softer bed.

Not a soft touch

I settled on this mattress having read a number of reviews for this and other products and spent an hour and a half trying out in store. The Shop Assistant was very helpful (and patient). I was considering the Simba mattress, great reviews and comfy but some of the older reviews suggested potential sagging after a year, so I decided against it.

Pillow top mattress

The mattress arrived on time and the delivery men unwrapped it and placed it on the bed frame. The mattress was extremely comfortable and my back pain has improved since using it. However, we are rather disappointed to find that the pillow topper has already begun to show signs of sinking. After such a short time we would have expected it to have been more robust. Not sure how a years wear will affect it.

Silent night mirapocket 2800

Very disappointed with this mattress it said it was soft in my opinion it is medium to firm I have had it a couple of months and not had one good night sleep to aching hips and knees would not recommend this to anyone with joint problems A VERY EXPENSIVE MISTAKE could not read reviews as I was first to buy it

Fairly dissappointed

We purchased this mattress to replace an old, hard mattress. Unfortunately, this Silentnight mattress was described as 'soft', but it is not. I would describe it as firm. So, we are having to put up with it and I'm quite disappointed that our expensive replacement has not given us what we wanted; a relaxing good night sleep.

Mis-sold product

This mattress claims to minimise partner disturbance but it does far from that. I bought the mattress without trying it in the shop because I trusted them to advertise their product correctly. After problems with the delivery, it finally arrived and was unpacked on site. If one person moves, it echoes through the springs to the other person - definitely not what I expected from the claims made in the item description. Without the packaging it cannot be returned and I am now stuck with a Super King mattress that two people cannot sleep on at the same time!

Good quality

A good product with efficient and courteous service

Sound purchase

Originally undecided between latex and geltex but tested and offer too good to miss. Deeper than previous mattress and first couple of nights felt a little awkward (personal dips and hollows of old mattress obviously missed by my old body) but now sleep like a baby, biggest issue now is the nightly argument with the cat over prime spot. Only small quibble would be the perimeter which lacks same support as main sleeping zone. Overall a wise purchase.

Sagging mattress in just 19 days!

After several emails Silentnight agreed to replace the 20-month-old sagging mattress with an upgraded replacement mattress & we only had to pay the £48-00 delivery charge. Great an upgrade, we hoped this meant of higher quality and not just a higher price. It arrived on the 10/09/2019 after being slept on for only 19 nights by the 02/10/19 it's also sagging. First response from silent was to, keep rotating it try doing this for a few weeks and it should resolve the problem. We told them this was unacceptable, Silentnight then came back with 1st impressions as though the mattress has been sat on extensively. ....A spring unit is designed to support the sleeping area, not for sitting on for any great length of time. No one has been sitting on it for 24 hours a day. If you’re thinking of buying a new mattress and might end up having to spend time in bed due to illness it’s good to know Silentnight would not be suitable . I would at this stage have liked a refund, but we did not buy the mattress direct from Silentnight. They did eventually offer another upgraded replacement or a refund of the £48-00 delivery charge. This time I checked out reviews, some say this one had sagged really quickly too, I suppose no matter how many days, that might be a great length of time according to Silentnight . So not wanting to risk having to go through this all again and never having had any problems with other brands of mattress we will look for an alternative.

Worst Ordering Experience

Ordered 3 silent night mattresses, and these were the Which? best buy... however, it has been very disappointing in terms of the ordering experience. Ordered through their online shop,, paid a lot for 3 matresses... confirmed delivery date.. on the day, their courier service messages to say "silent night has not dispatached items to them". Great.. so expecting an email or call from silent night to explain, hear nothing! I call them directly to understand what is going on.. I get told "we have production issues" and we are doing our best and we will be in touch.. a week later, still no word from them.. and then call again, I get told "don't know why it has not been delivered, and we can look at it". In the end, I canceled the order and requested a refund for all 3 mattresses. The customer service, notification and updating the customer has been shocking.. really disappointed, so will not be buying silent night mattress, plenty other brands that as good.

Mattress became unusable after 2 months of purchase. No refund as "no fault" found

We purchased a Mirapocket mattress last year, hoping it would be an investment of over £500 that would last us for years to come. However within the first 2 months of light use it developed a huge dip in one side. The retailer sent someone to look at it, yes, just look. He speculated that it was due to a "spring implosion" caused by excessive wear. Basically we were being accused of jumping on it or something? Although they've never actually given me an explanation - I guess he used his xray vision to see what was wrong with it? So since they paid someone to create a report saying there's no manufacturers defect, we've had to write off the mattress and look for a cheaper, more reliable brand. Have contacted Silent night who assure me there is nothing they can do as it's the retailers responsability - so I have no regrets sharing my experience of their poor quality products.

Absolute waste of money

I bought the Chesham microcoil. Been sleeping on it 2 months. I am 8 stone and as I turn over in bed I am now starting to hear the springs make a 'boing' sound. This makes me feel like I'm sleeping on an old & cheap mattress. The mattress cost me 319 - not exactly cheap. It is also supposed to be firm. The only way I can describe it is that it's 'bouncy', so as I move the whole mattress feels like it moves with me. I thought that I was buying a good quality brand. I'm really quite annoyed about it because I'm going to have to replace it. My spine is getting sore from lying on it as I need a genuinly firm mattress.

Memory foam medium

Please don't buy this mattress, don't do my same mistake! For the first 2 months it stinks incredibly and after a night on him you stink too! It's not stable at all, after a couple of hours lying down it warm up and progressively your body is incorporated in it deeper and deeper, so you will end up waking up sweating as never in you life (and I grown up in Sicily with 45 degree so I am use to be warm, but this is a nightmare!). As plus I bought it because I have problems with my back and after 5 hours I just need to leave the bed because your body doesn't have any support and in each position you take you end up in a C. We just bought it 3 months ago and we are already looking for changing it! Total waste of money!!!! They should not sell it, it unbelievable!

Maya geltex mattress

Unfortunately I cannot recommend this product. After 2 years, it is still not comfortable; we both wake early each morning with stiff and sore middle backs. Silent night did test the mattress for faults, finding none but did not offer any solutions except a mattress topper, which , at one time we had 3 toppers on! Considering neither of us are heavy and we don't have joint problems, I am resigned to either continue to 'suffer' or buy something else. Sadly I am disappointed with this product and Silentnight.

silentnight miracoil mattress review

Wow!!!! Well we Had the Silentnight miracoil mattress for one week, yes, only one weeks worth of sleeplessness; bad backs and rattyness with everyone =) We had to, had to return as this is the most uncomfortable mattress, we have ever had the misfortune to attempt to sleep on. (Or try to get comfortable) Rock hard absolutely rock solid which claimed to be medium, absolutely no give whatsoever, there was no way we could put up with the mattress for another day let alone the recommended 4-6 weeks. There are no handles 9n the Silentnight miracoil mattress, I understand it is a cost cutting measure however people do need handles or rotate mattresses, it’s is extremely difficult to carry a large mattress upstairs without handles. There is a row of springs which run down the middle which protrude constantly. Perhaps just perhaps we had a faulty product. I will say the retailer was most accommodating in providing a full refund and return. That was the only positive part of the process, we had been offered a replacement but declined immediately.

Awful mattress

I bought a Studio medium bed a few years ago, partially on the basis of excellent Which? reviews. I also went into the Trafford Centre showroom. I can honestly it is awful; it sagged badly from the beginning and you cannot return mattresses to Silentnight. I would not buy another mattress from them again. The studio mattresses claim to have memory foam in them - well it is either inferior or there is very little of it.


Manufacturer faulty mattress been offered 20% refund not helpful

Wished I bought another brand

First of all we tried the Tranquil choice in firm, felt great instore but horrendously uncomfortable after 40 nights when we invoked the clause to change it, unsurprisingly our mattress in the medium was "unavailable" so we paid the surcharge AND extra to get a higher spring count mattress with a medium comfort rating and in our opinion got a much worse mattress, this new one is giving us ridiculous back pain issues and the sag in my spine in giving me pains in my feet because of poor circulation at night. I blame both Bensons for Beds for bad advice and Silentnight for making crap mattresses, we now wished we had done significantly more research, but you're supposed to trust the so called experts aren't you??

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