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Relyon makes a variety of luxury and budget mattresses that are sold online and across retailers in the UK and Europe. They have mostly pocket sprung mattresses to choose from with both synthetic and all natural fillings, like cashmere. Their mattresses get high marks from customers for initial comfort, but there were some durability concerns.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 8.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.7/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

No Back Pain: 8.6/10

Price: £299-£3669+

Trial Period: No Trial

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Relyon's Specifics

Relyon is one of the oldest mattress and bed makers in the UK. They have been crafting mattresses since 1858. Since then, they have added pocket springs to many of their mattresses and invested in new technologies like memory foam. Their mattresses get good initial comfort scores from most sleepers, but there were some complaints about durability in some models.

Craftsmanship & Quality

Relyon has a wide range of mattress options, from budget-friendly pricepoints to high end luxury divan mattresses. With that, there is a wider range of quality than other brands that focus on a single price range. Some of Relyon's lower priced models have some quality considerations, while those at the higher end may need to be replaced more often.

We'll go through each of their mattress types so that you can get additional details of each before buying:

Here are the details about their Memory Foam Mattresses:

Relyon's memory foam mattresses include popular models sold at retailers like Mattressman and Dunelm among others. These mattresses feature generous layers of foam and come rolled up for easy set up. Most customers find these mattresses comfortable initially, but there were some complaints about heat retention and firmness.

The Pros: Range of affordable all-foam mattresses.

The Cons: Some heat retention and initial comfort complaints.

Here are the details of the Pocket Sprung Mattresses:

Relyon's pocket sprung mattress line features foam or fibre fillings over matrices of pocket springs. These mattresses come in a variety of firmness options for sleepers. Most customers slept soundly on these mattresses, but there were some that had durability concerns.

The Pros: Variety of firmness options and budget friendly mattresses.

The Cons: Some initial comfort and durability concerns.

Lastly, we'll discuss Relyon's Divan Mattresses:

Relyon's luxury divan mattresses are more expensive than their other options, but come with thicker pocket sprung mattresses that feature horse hair, wool, and cotton comfort layers with hand tufting. These mattresses are mostly aimed at medium, universal firmness. Most sleepers like their first nights on their Relyon divan mattresses, but there were some concerns about durability.

The Pros: Luxury pocket sprung mattresses with horse hair and other natural comfort layers.

The Cons: Some durability concerns and high prices versus alternatives.

Overall Comfort

For the range of products that Relyon makes, their mattresses are well-rated by customers for initial comfort. There are some lingering complaints around heat retention in their memory foam mattresses and durability concerns on their pocket sprung mattresses.


Relyon provides a variety of medium and firm mattresses. The firmer varieties are best for stomach and back sleepers, while their medium versions are best for side sleeping.

Back Pain Relief

Reviewers describe Relyon mattresses as providing good levels of support to sleepers, which should help with common sleeping discomfort. If dipping occurs, it may undo spinal alignment.


Relyon's pocket sprung mattresses do well when it comes to cooling. However, there are some reports that their memory foam mattresses sleep warm for some sleepers.

Who Are Relyon Mattresses Right For?

Relyon mattresses do well for those that are looking for a wide range of pricepoints and mattress materials, but aren't afraid of having to replace their mattresses more frequently.

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Bit on the heavy side

Bit on the heavy side, but a good solid/supportive feeling and no "real" complaints though towards the edge of the mattress the support doesn`t exist and it`s a slippery slope off!


Comfortable, memory foam topped, mattress with pocket springs. Makes a real difference to our sleep comfort compared to our 9 years old memory foam mattress. Not too firm but firm enough (for us) although noticeably less firm right at the edge of the mattress (which is where I like to sleep). I`ve learned to sleep a bit further towards the middle as a result of this - no real issue though. The wife suffers with a bad back and although this hasn`t cured it she says that she wakes up more refr

Well so much...

Well so much for the Which magazine `best buy`. If this is the best then I`ll forget the rest. The wife keeps rolling off the edge and it has made her back worse she said. You will need deeper sheets too so all my others have to be thrown out. The mattress before this I just took to the tip after it was replaced once due to faulty springs, it was still under guarantee but I couldn`t be bothered. Think I will try a Hypnos one next time as they seem quite comfy in Premier Inn! Service and delivery

Mattress replaced a 10 year old Tempur...

Mattress replaced a 10 year old Tempur mattress. So far we certainly seem to be getting better quality sleep on the new mattress. Good service from Mattressman for both pricing and delivery.


comfortable, supportive mattress, not ordered mattress online before, but after doing a bit of homework decided to order this mattress, very pleased at price, service. Would recommend, thanks mattressman.

Plain and simple...

Plain and simple they provided the requested product and delivered quickly - team called and checked I was in. Quality product, good price, quick delivery- that`s what` it`s all about , great company and service well done mattress!

I love my new mattress

I love my new mattress, it’s so comfortable and I’ve been having the best nights sleep since it arrived. I would definitely recommend to family and friends.

The mattress is extremely comfortable

The mattress is extremely comfortable, we have only had it for a few weeks so must reserve judgement on its lifespan. The sales staff were very helpful with no "pushiness", there was a very comprehensive choice in the store and the mattress was delivered exactly when promised. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mattressman.

Very comfortable mattress...

Very comfortable mattress with excellent price and service from Mattressman in Lowestoft. Cannot fault product or store.

This is the most comfortable mattress...

This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned, getting into bed every night is an absolute pleasure.

My nights are now full of dreams...

My nights are now full of dreams... Thanks to my amazing mattress. Excellent service thankyou mattress man.

Lovely mattress...

Lovely mattress, especially for the price. Good for my sons bad back. A good nights sleep

The only problem is the smell

The only problem is the smell, it has taken longer to go than expected


very firm

Very good mattress

Very good mattress

It is very comfortable

It is very comfortable I m very happy with this mattress

very comfortable

very comfortable and nagging back ache is going.



First saw this mattress online

First saw this mattress online and visited the Rotherham branch to view it. It’s been over 6 months, the mattress has been lovely. Definitely firmer than any other mattress we have seen. Comfortable to sleep on. Can be turned and rotated. Mattressman delivered it upstairs and unpacked it. Removed old mattress for £20.

Outstanding super firm mattress

Outstanding super firm mattress, exactly as described, don`t forget to get the extra deep fitted sheets and it`s really heavy. Oh so comfortable.

Provides very good support

Provides very good support for problem backs like mine.

Really fantastic

Really fantastic mattress!

Very firm!

Very firm! Just like I like it!

This mattress is beautiful

This mattress is beautiful, very luxurious but very very firm. It weighs a tonne and is made of sturdy stuff. Sadly mine was delivered with some dirty marks on it so ask your product to be double wrapped and delivered by a van driver who doesn`t roll items off the van! Seriously.

This is the best mattress

This is the best mattress I`ve ever had. Most of the time when I ordered an extra firm mattress, they were always too soft for extra firm. Not this one, this is really firm and so comfortable to sleep on. If you like it very firm, I would recommend this mattress.

Comfortable, firm mattress

Comfortable, firm mattress. Good price and speedy efficient delivery. Appreciated regular text updates from the driver.

If you are thinking

If you are thinking is it worth the money to buy a good mattress.... the answer is YES. I absolutely love this it is really comfortable and suitable for heavier people too. We also purchased a divan bed which I think suits it well although it can be used on slatted bases too.


Excellent comfort

This mattress is lovely and firm

This mattress is lovely and firm. Since sleeping on it I have had no issues with my back which my old mattress was starting to aggravate. Would highly recommend it.

Fantastic mattress

Fantastic mattress, we looked around for a super firm mattress and this one is superb. Our back issues have subdued and it`s hard work making the effort to leave bed in the morning now!!

Best mattress I`ve had

Best mattress I`ve had. Both firm and supportive. Great night`s sleep. BTW I weigh 18 stone so smaller people might want a less firm version.

Fantastic mattress

Fantastic mattress, very firm but supportive as well. Well worth buying

Initially great

Initially great, but does need to be flipped often if you sleep on the edge of the mattress or just in one particular spot

Very very firm

Very very firm and good quality mattress. Unfornutity, this mattress was too high for my small bedroom, had to return it. And the costumer service was good and quick money back. Thanks a lot

Really pleased

Really pleased with this mattress - extra firm and supportive


Excellent, speedy service. Helpful, peasant delivery men who arrived at the expected time. Sleeping well on a very comfortable mattress.!


Excellent bed delivered when they said it would

Excellent mattress

Excellent mattress and excellent service from Mattressman, we will be buying another one.

This is a top quality mattress

This is a top quality mattress which is very firm and heavy. (So remember this if your moving this upstairs alone.) The online ordering was easy and simple. Ordered on Friday night delivered at 10am on the Monday. Highly recommended!!

Superb mattress

Superb mattress, very firm as expected, has certainly helped my bad back

Excellent product

Excellent product and service, from store, on-line ordering through to delivery.

rubbish warranty

Hi bought Relyon mattress couple of years ago, with the peace of mind that a five year warranty was standard. The mattress seriously flattened leaving a big hill in the middle of our bed. Not good for our backs. I took my concerns to retailer that i purchased the mattress from. A few weeks later they stated after being in touch with relyon that the warranty was invalid as the mattress was marked and we should have used a mattress topper. The mattress was not cheap and would have thought the quality of the mattress would have been suitable for purpose without the additional cost of a topper, i was seriously mistaken.

Reylon natural supreme 2200

Reylon natural supreme 2200 mattress originally ordered Myers 1800 natural mattress About 2 months ago which was not apparently available so advised this was similar. This is the most uncomfortable mattress and has starting sagging and a complete waste of a £1000 pounds. Would certainly not recommend

Best bed Ever

Had a Relyon bed 30 yrs ago. 15 years ago we bought an Adjustomatic flippy floppy bed and put the Relyon in the spare bedroom. Adjustomatic ok and lasted 15yrs before we decided to get new mattresses. We tried what is supposed to be the best, the yellow one with 100 days free trial. It lasted two weeks, very hard and uncomfortable. So we exchanged for another one,100 day free trial. Lasted one week , too hard. Contacted Adjustomatic for replacement mattresses. Rep came ,he broke our bed during demonstration and disappeared. We now have a brand new Relyon Royal Osborne super king size. It does what it says, Best bed ever. That comfy it’s difficult to get up before 9am. So forget all the TV hipe as to the best beds every and 90 or 100 day trial guarantee, just buy a Relyon. As for our original Relyon bed, two years ago our son and his wife stayed for the weekend and slept in that bed, they loved it so much they took it back home with them and it’s still going strong.

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