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Mattressman Mattress Reviews

Mattressman is an English mattress retailer that sells name-brand and budget mattresses online and in-store. They are known for their deep discounts and sales. Most customers have good things to say, but there are some negative reviews around initial comfort, customer service and delivery reported in some cases. Read on to learn about their full offering.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.4/10

Price Value: 7.8/10

No Back Pain: 7.5/10

Price: £89-£1459

Trial Period: No Trial

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Mattressman's Specifics

Mattressman is one of the largest retailers in the UK. They have multiple retail locations across England and also ship direct to customers through their online store.

They have a wider selection than many other local retailers with 10 brands to choose from. However, with more selection can come more headaches at finding the right match.

Additionally, with more selection comes a hidden truth:

Value per £ for the materials is often much lower than online mattress brands.

This is because Mattressman's retailer model means they must mark-up the mattresses from the brand make a profit. Additionally, the mattress brands also have to make a profit above the materials and manufacturer costs. This means that Mattressman selection are oftentimes marked up over and over again before you buy them.

So what is Mattressman really selling?

You are buying a more convenient and personal customer service experience.

Some prefer to deal with traditional retailers for peace of mind. However, many mattress buyers are turning to online UK mattress brands, who cut out the middlemen, for their sleep comfort.

Read on to learn more about Mattressman's selection...or learn about our best rated UK mattress brands.

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Mattress Brands

Mattressman sells mattresses from 10 mattress brands including British brands like Silentnight, Hypnos and British Bed Company and global brands like Sealy. We'll go through each in detail below so that you can get a better sense of what you are buying.

Here are the details...

#1 Silentnight

Silentnight is a budget brand that is sold in various retailers across the UK. They are a household name and regonised Superbrand. Their low-priced mattresses feel good to customers, along with their variety of innerspring and pocket sprung mattresses. They get good initial scores from customers on comfort. However, some argue that initial quality and durability could be improved.

The pros: Well priced mattresses with pocket sprung and traditional innerspring options.

The cons: Some complaints about quality and longevity.

Price Range: £109-£419

#2 Snuggle Beds

Snuggle Beds are popular for their low profile, thin mattresses. These are more affordable than thicker, more luxurious options and are ideal for younger sleepers. Those that are older or suffer from back pain may find them to be too jolting on the pressure points.

The pros: Cheap, thin mattress options ideal for children.

The cons: Some complaints about the initial feel and comfort.

Price Range: £69-£407

#3 British Bed Company

The British Bed Company makes a selection of furniture such as divans, ottomans, and mattresses. They make a variety of pocket sprung and open coil mattresses. Rather than use foam for their comfort layers, they use cotton and synthetic polyester filling. Although they get good initial comfort scores, there are some that had problems with lasting comfort, especially for the lower priced models.

The pros: A wide variety of pricepoints for pocket sprung mattresses. Some good initial comfort scores.

The cons: Some questions on durability and initial comfort for some models.

Price Range: £139-£1035

#4 Restopaedic

Restopaedic is a discount brand that keeps things exciting by bringing new advances in sleep technology to customers for an affordable price. They have pocket sprung mattresses in a variety of firmness options while using different options of comfort layer fillings, such as memory foam and polyster fibre. They get good initial reviews on comfort, but there were some concerns about durability noted.

The pros: Multiple firmness options and new sleep technology.

The cons: Some comfort and durability concerns.

Price Range: £179-£599

#5 Relyon

Relyon is a versatile mattress brand that comes with pocket sprung mattress options with either natural fillings or foam layers. Their mattresses come at both budget pricepoints and high priced luxury. Customers give Relyon good marks for initial comfort overall, but there were some complaints about sagging on some of the mattresses (especially pillow top).

The pros: Good reviews from customers overall. Good variety of comfort layers.

The cons: Some problems with initial comfort for some customers.

Price Range: £149-£3149

#6 UNO

UNO makes pocket sprung and all-foam mattresses with reflex and memory foam comfort layers. They are moderately priced and low profile. Customers have good things to say about UNO, but there were some complaints about quality and price value.

The pros: Both pocket sprung and all-foam mattresses with mostly positive comfort scores.

The cons: Some problems with quality reported.

Price Range: £139-£609

#7 Healthopaedic

Healthopaedic makes affordable pocket sprung or open coil mattresses with memory foam or polyester fillings. These mattresses get good scores for children's mattresses, but there were quality concerns from some shoppers.

The pros: Affordable mattresses with low profiles and pocket sprung designs.

The cons: Some problems with quality and durability reported.

Price Range: £149-£349

#8 Shire Beds

Shire Beds makes moderately price mattresses with both lower profile mattresses and thick plush styles. They use latex, memory foam, and natural fillings. However, they have mixed reviews from customers. Some have had good things to say, while others had issues with the quality and lasting durability.

The pros: Both high priced and low priced options. Good variety of mattress types offered.

The cons: Some problems with durability and quality reported.

Price Range: £129-£1125

#9 Sealy

Sealy is a global brand that has spent generations focusing on ergonomic designs in their mattresses collections. These mattresses are well-received by customers initially, but there are some issues with durability reported.

The pros: Ergonomic focused designs with zoned support pocket spring systems.

The cons: Some sagging issues reported for some customers.

Price Range: £195-£1035

#10 Hypnos

Hypnos is a high end luxury mattress brand that features a Royal Warrant for HM Queen Elizabeth II. Their mattresses are high end and traditional with pocket sprung mattresses and natural fillings. Their beds are widely regarded as comfortable. However, where price is no object and bedrooms upgraded often, durability is not a priority. These mattresses may sag faster than other brands.

The pros: Luxury mattresses that are high profile and comfortable initially.

The cons: Customers report problems with durability.

Price Range: £399-£1245

Mattressman Alternatives

A suprising fact: right now is one of the best times ever to buy a new mattress.

There are many new online brands in the UK that have launched to sell direct to customers over the past few years. What this means:

Lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Since these brands are well-funded, eager to please customers, and have more competitive business models, buying direct from the brand is one of the best ways to get high quality for less. If you briefly learn about the best mattresses for you, it can save you upwards of £1000 in mattress costs and frustrations.

To get started, read what customers are saying about our Top Rated UK Mattresses.

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Browse Mattressman Customer Reviews

Friendly, attentive and knowledgeable staff...

Friendly, attentive and knowledgeable staff, excellent knowledge of stock and delivery slots. This is important - if you select the 'free delivery' option, your item will be delivered to your door and no further, and no assembly work will be carried out. I recommend spending the additional £15: this provides text messages informing of two hour time slot for delivery; the item is brought into the house, into the correct room; the unit is assembled. Overall, I have found my last two purchases to be very pleasant affairs, and I highly recommend this organization.

Brilliant delivery...

Brilliant delivery no problems guys so polite couldn't do enough for us would recommend

The Baron is a really excellent quality mattress...

The Baron is a really excellent quality mattress for the price amazing! We spent £2,600 on a mattress thinking it would give us a good nights sleep! It is now relegated to spare room as OK for occasional night only! We are now about to order our 3rd Baron! However l think that the life of this mattress with normal use by average size people would be 3/4 years. We also turn it fortnightly.

1. Extremely poor delivery service...

1. Extremely poor delivery service - you will not get what you are promised e.g. correct dates/times. 2. Will not get a prior call as promised. 3. Will not assemble the bed as promise not even take the bed up the stairs as promised. 4. Rude delivery men 5. NEVER AGAIN NOT WORTH TRYING TO SAVE MONEY. NOT WORTH THE STRESS.

everything as promised

everything as promised. second time we have used this company excellent

Free fast delivery with great prices

Free fast delivery with great prices. Have purchased several beds and mattresses from here, always a brilliant service.

Good mattress relax thank you

Good mattress relax thank you

My superking link mattress was short of the normal...

My superking link mattress was short of the normal length of 2m and particularly unsightly on the corners which were very rounded. Mattressman claim that there is an industry standard of 2 inch tolerance and that our mattress did not exceed this. No-one disclosed this "tolerance" at point of sale and having bought beds over a period of 50 years I have never experienced such a thing before. Also at point of sale Mattressman particularly praised The British Bed Company, the manufacturers of the mattress, without disclosing that it is under the same ownership. I would never deal with this company again.

Well. I ordered a new bedframe and mattress on Saturday...

Well. I ordered a new bedframe and mattress on Saturday. All in stock according to the salesman. I explained we needed these by next week as have just been through a major refit. No problem he said both delivered on Wednesday. Now mattress not in stock but he was quite happy to take 500 pounds off me for the mattress. Will see what happens tomorrow. Keep you updated. Michael

Haven't actually set the bed up yet as…

Haven't actually set the bed up yet as I am on the first floor and I can't get help until this weekend. However, the delivery man was lovely; telephoned to let me know he was on his way and helped me get the parts and mattress into my storage cupboard on the ground floor even though it was not part of his remit. If the bed is half as good as the delivery service then I am onto a winner!

great fast service

great fast service, ordered sunday night at 11pm and on the beds by noon on tuesday

Lovely item thank you fast delivery

Lovely item thank you fast delivery. Will recommend and use again

mattressman delivery guys

the young men where clean polite did everything for me as am disable young lady

Really good service

Really good service, would definitely recommend this company, made buying a bed and mattress so easy & stress free

Extra firm matress

All good, no probs would recommend.Good delivery service. Happy with my choice

Never again

Never again. Ordered a mattress and within 6 weeks it has completely sunk down one side and there is now a large crease/groove in the mattress. Mattressman seeming couldn't give a sh*t and despite numerous calls and emails we have got nowhere. There aftersales is worse than non existent.

Ordered and paid for a bed base...

Ordered and paid for a bed base in August, item delivered in 10th September, but was incorrect. Called store who ordered a replacement. On 24th called to check progress, it hadn’t been ordered, but stated they would order it to be delivered in 3 weeks. Friday 31st they called regarding bed. Today 1st October they called to inform me bed still hasn’t been ordered but they would order it, but will take 28 days.

I bought a top of the range British Bed...

I bought a top of the range British Bed Co bed mattress and headboard c £1450 And after less than 6 months both sleeping sides have dropped 45mm... which they tell me is in tolerance. Advice is to turn mattress weekly.. have been doing so but problem remains.

Very happy to recommend Mattressman

Easy to use website. Easy to order. Love the next day delivery. 2 hour delivery slot. Courtesy phone call when en route. Delivered on time. Very happy with my Hypnos mattress

Great service

We ordered a metal bed frame for our 3 year old. Online ordering was v quick and easy. I was notified several times with our delivery date and time frame and the bed was delivered when it should have been. My only small issue was a smaller time frame would have been helpful instead of an all day slot.

Really painless

Really painless. The gentleman in the show room was really helpful and knowledgeable. He happily let us try loads of different beds, even ones we may buy in the future. The delivery men were on time, friendly, very careful and gave helpful advice too. Very happy with the service and the mattress.

Great service

Great service

Very quick and efficient service

Very quick and efficient service, we will definitely use this company in the future

Bought mattress in January after 2 weeks...

Bought mattress in January after 2 weeks went lumpy. After a lot of arguing Fira inspected it and deemed it faulty. They finally exchanged it in April. Second mattress has done same thing in exactly the same place. Once again sent someone to inspect it but say this one is not faulty. Therefore, they are going to do nothing. Nearly £600 wasted. NEVER again Mattressman. Your after sales care stinks.

Excellent service

Excellent service, will definitely use again.

We ordered 2 bunk beds

We ordered 2 bunk beds, they where delivered hassle free. We had 2 companies cancel as they wouldn't deliver to northern Ireland but this company did for £12 fantastic


great, helpful service

Fast delivery

Fast delivery. Bought 2 ottoman beds, no missing parts, all very good quality in general and overall excellent value for money

Delivered on time.lovely mattress

Delivered on time.lovely mattress Very happy with it Thank you

Purchased a mattress from the Manchester...

Purchased a mattress from the Manchester store the staff were very friendly I purchased a British beds viscount mattress but unfortunately due to my medical conditions the mattress is causing me excruciating pains so I phone customer service number but I was put through to sales they got customer service to phone back next day and the lady explained that I could not return or exchange the mattress because I had done a face to face deal I told the lady about the excruciating pains that I am in because of the mattress and asked for her to reconsider but still the answer was no so now I am left with brand new mattress which I cannot sleep on and out of pocket for nearly £600 because i did not purchase online which gives a 14 day money back guarantee I will be buy a new mattress from another bed company but this company does offer a 30 day guarantee which does apply when I buy in store so mattressman it is possible to show compassion in exceptional circumstances to someone who is crippled with pain Thank god for companies that are willing to treat people as people and not just an other financial deal.

We purchased a Demetrius Headboard...

We purchased a Demetrius Headboard, along with 2 beds and another headboard in the last year. A total cost of about£2000. The metal headboard came without a piece and we had to wait for the missing piece. This was accepted as a genuine mistake. The Demetrius headboard looked and felt lovely. We were really pleased until my son leaned on in with damp hair after a shower. This left the most awful water mark which we are unable to remove. Apparently if it gets a little bit of water on it, it cannot be cleaned as the fabric has no waterproofing. I can not write a review of it on their website as they do not accept review anymore!! The response from mattressman was that it is not a manuafacturing fault so there is nothing they can do apart from offer us a 15% discount on another one!

order cancelled but they still delivered...

order cancelled but they still delivered the mattress asked for collection and they are unable to tell me when it will be collected asked for refund and they don't refund as I have the item which was delivered by their mistake totally unreliable

Great service

Great service, easy to order.Would recomend.

Failed to deliver

Poor customer service and communication. Order a bed frame on 16th July and still waiting in middle of October. Frame went out of stock, which is fair enough, but after initial call to inform me of this, I was the one left chasing them. Finally came back in stock and so took day off from work to wait for delivery and a no show. Tried calling them all day but could not get through due to the high frequency of calls they were receiving. Not surprised! Finally offered me a different ‘equivalent’ frame but for 50% more money! MM1244084 Update: thanks for the response but not sure why you say the issue has been resolved - first I’ve heard of it! I emailed customer service again two days ago and still awaiting a response! Update 2: Still no response so sent another chaser today. Seem to monitor Trust Pilot reviews more than customer service inbox! I have simply asked for an equivalent replacement but they want me to overpay for that! For example the Birlea Berlin Grey Double Frame which is delivered from for £139 they are asking for £179. Anyhow, even that is now Out of stock at mattressman and so I am seemingly doomed to never receive a frame!!

Awful experience - do not use

Awful experience. I ordered early September for delivery early October. It eventually came to light that they could not fulfill my original order on 21 September and this was only because I contacted the company by chance! A substitute was chosen to be delivered 3 October. I waited in all day on 3 October between 7am and 6pm. No delivery. Called customer services Thursday morning and arranged re-delivery for Saturday morning. Arrived home from work Thursday evening and a £900 super-king mattress was propped up outside my back door! I paid for 2 man delivery (where is my £20 refund Mattressman??!! Fortunately it hadn't rained and hadn't been stolen. I will never use this company again. Shocking service! Mattressman Order nosMM125536 and MM1260247

Brilliant online shopping experience

Brilliant online shopping experience

Just got on with our order

Just got on with our order, and delivered on time. What more can you want!

Brilliant service

Brilliant service and delivery and brilliant bed ! Very pleased.

All-round good service.

They delivered the goods on the day they promised and a little earlier than the time frame they provided. The men removed and recycled the old mattress. They then unwrapped and put the new mattress in the correct room. They took all the packaging materials away too. All-in-all I was very pleased with the service which was very efficiient.

I don't know where to begin

I don't know where to begin. Fabulous service, best price for Hypnos mattress. The delivery was brilliant, the mattress was triple wrapped and in perfect condition. The driver was so helpful and pleasant. It's a pleasure to deal with this company and I will recommend them as first place to go.

Good prices and service

Good service, delivery and prices. Delivery was on time with 2 hour window slot. Mattress only order which just getting used to. Price was substantially less than the previous mattress for the same quality. Recommended

Competitive Price & Good Service

Competitive price, delivered on the day they promised. No problem with this company

Hassle free tried a mattress out in a…

Hassle free tried a mattress out in a store picked virtually the same from Mattress Man and saved £75.

Very pleased with our mattress

Very pleased with our mattress. Very comfortable. The service was brilliant I would definitely recommend mattress man.

Good service

Bed exactly as we wanted at a good price. Ordered online on Sunday and delivered to Scotland on Wednesday (free delivery) Delivery man couldn’t have been more helpful. Only reason not 5 stars was trying to order online wasn’t straightforward.

Horror show - avoid.

Mattress was delivered quickly, so no issue there. However, there is a fault with the mattress and Mattressman are just not interested, getting through to there aftersales is near impossible and when you do, they slippery as anything and have now reverted to just completely ignoring us, not sure what to do or where to turn with this faceless company. We will never use Mattressman again and I would suggest others don't take the chance.

very pleased!

Very happy with the purchase- delivery was as arranged and customer service was really good- great experience all in all! Bed looks sturdy and exactly as I expected!

They only deliver to certain areas...

They only deliver to certain areas. Elsewhere means delivery is via courier who are not insured to enter your house. So you may pay the extra £20 for delivery to a bedroom with no guarantee it will happen. Also they will not dispose of your old mattress via courior delivery, which is not a lot of use. Beware they do not make this clear.

Customer service after care is non existent.

Customer service after care is non existent. I was sent a mattress with a dip in the middle worst most uncomfortable thing i have ever slept on. As i hadnt had it for 3 months(THANK GOD) I was as a "gesture of good will" charged £45 to have it collected and refused a refund then forced to pick something else or lose my money!. When mattress was returned I was then told it wouldn't be looked at to see if its faulty as after they had only collected it as a Gesture in the first place! This company seems to have confused the word "gesture" with "appalling customer service"! Very Very Poor!

Very fast a reliable services will buy…

Very fast a reliable services will buy again from here when I need new mattress the staff and very friendly and polite and are very patient when the kids are running about

Great and quick service!

Great and quick service!

Our new bedstead arrived on the day and time given

Our new bedstead was delivered on time with all the required parts. It looks very nice although we have not had time to put it together but I am sure we will be very pleased with the finished result. Will use Mattressman again.

This is the 3rd time I have used…

This is the 3rd time I have used matressman and I have received great service at all times.

Delivered on time and lovely…

Delivered on time and lovely comfortable bed.

DO NOT USE Mattressman

I was instructed by one of your colleagues 'Andy' that a director would be contacting me on Monday. He also said the director forwarded on his sincerest of apologies and would be calling me personally to apologise. Clearly this is not true if you are now dealing with it. I have lost all faith in your customer service team and if you actually read your teams emails and the history you would see that I have forwarded on the images of the damaged pieces on Friday evening to Gail Guy. They are both the same parts and are the end of the bed frame. This is so embarrassing how this has been dealt with and the fact that no one is contactable in your department over the weekend clearly shows that operationally your team is incapable. I had to sleep on a sofa on Friday evening and buy a new mattress with money I do not have on Saturday. A number of points I want addressed: When I made the order the address and date was incorrect and sent via email. I spoke to Mel who then proceeded to still put the incorrect information in. Why did I have to call and email every time to get any information. Not once have your team called me first to advise on any issues. When I did call to say the discount code didn't work, Mel told me it did and then later on realised I was still missing £9.95 off so had to issue a refund. I asked numerous times for the delivery to be on the 26th April and had to ask to confirm this 3 times. I also sent numerous emails asking to confirm the address and delivery date. I have an email from Wendy confirming the address (wrong postcode) and date to be delivered. This was after Mel told me she would call me the next day but failed to say she was on leave. Friday comes and I still have not been sent a tracking number for my orders. I get a phone call from the delivery driver at DX delivery and he states that the address is to go to my billing address and should never have been used. Luckily for Mattressman DX delivery drivers used their brains and switched at a local point to bring me the beds. Downside both the foot of the bedframes have cracks in them. While this is going on I am trying to get hold of Wendy who then turns to Gail Guy. I get another phone call from DX Delivery driver who is in Croydon and then says hes taking it back to the depot. Kayleigh at DX delivery calls me and says they cannot deliver today. (Friday) Saturday comes and I try to contact DX Delivery but office is closed, try to contact Mattressman and offfice is closed. Only until I put a review on Trust pilot that Kayleigh at DX calls me and says they have lost my order. Ian at DX Delivery Depot calls and reiterates this. I speak with Andy at Mattressman and he confirms that the Director at Mattressman will be contacting me on Monday as he was out with his children but to pass on his sincerest apologies. No Phone call ???? Your company have failed in every way possible to assist me and I am so disappointed in the service. I work in delivering large commercial planes to airlines and the fact that this company can not even deliver a mattress to a customer on time is beyond embarrassing. On top of that you have told me numerous lies that a director will contact me to keep me quiet so I do not go onto social media and ruin your reputation. This is extremely sad and to stoop this low is really quite terrible. I do not want to deal with Customer service and I expect this to be investigated fully and a full report sent to me. Furthermore, I want the Mattress refunded immediately and I want the beds to be considered as a refund also. This has been a terrible experience and what supposed to be an exciting weekend of me moving into a new flat has been completely ruined by your company and its staff! I look forward to your Directors response! This was written on Monday, still no response!

APPALLING customer service, not to mention the products.

APPALING customer service, don't waste your time. Don't waste your time ordering from Mattressman, We ordered our bed weeks ago, arrived with a damaged, cracked foot end board so obviously didn't assemble the bed, therefore having to sleep on a mattress on the floor. When we called to complain we were asked to email pictures of the faulty part which we did, then received no reply to the email or a curtesy phone call. My husband then called 3 days later (because they are closed on the weekends, even the customer services!!) and was told that as I had sent the email with the faulty pictures, they could only speak to me and not him. I then phoned and was told they would send out a new foot panel, and we would need to dispose of the old one our selves. A week later and we receive our new panel, the delivery driver gave it to me and left straight away, even though i ask him to stay just incase, as i already have 5 large boxes taking up space in my living room. Low and behold, the new panel was EVEN MORE damaged than the last and literally fell apart in my hand. I called mattressman several hundred times getting no answer, so selected the option to be put through to the operator, who just so happens to be in customer services at that very moment. I tell them about the panel and that we just want a refund and someone needs to come and pick all the items up as we are no longer interested in their product. I get put on hold for what seems like a year only to be told that the person they need to speak to from the supplier 'Isn't in today' We are asked to pack up the items in their original packaging, which against my better judgement we do, and that someone from the supplier will be in contact first thing Monday morning to arrange pick up and until the items are back with the supplier, they can't issue a full refund. After several phone calls and lots of 'I will look into this for you', my husband had to send a strongly worded email, just to get a reply. They finally booked a date with the "supplier" to come and pick up our faulty goods, which my husband had to take a day off work for, and of course, nobody shows up. After a few more phone calls to people that haven't got a clue what they are doing, we are given today as the date for another pick up, which I then have to take a day of work for. My husband is then forced to call again to see what time the collection will be here, being told they will be with me by 3pm. 5:30 comes and still no sign, so I called the DX customer services again to find out, being told, "our collections go up until 6pm, someone will be with you by then". My husband had also phoned at this time and got told that one delivery driver thought the other delivery driver was picking up and both had returned to the depot. We are now out of pocket by 2 days wages, have 6 big boxes of faulty products in our living room and still haven't been given our money back, an offer of compensation or even an apology. We have been bounced from person to person and can quite honestly say that we have never been treated so badly by a company, ever. Long story short, if you want crumby items, to make endless phone calls only to be put on hold for eternity, for no one to EVER call YOU back and to have to wait for your own money back (which we obviously still haven't got because no one has phoned us back yet) then Mattressman are the company for you, otherwise, don't waste your time with dreadful products and even worse customer service.

Absolutely brilliant company

Absolutely brilliant company. Communication was excellent, bed delivered on time, quality bed and an amazing price. Would definitely recommend

Good product

Good product, delivery was quick.

Brilliant service

Fast delivery, great price and excellent mattress and divan.

Good chap

Good chap, collected another parcel also for returns

Great service very good quality product…

Great service very good quality product and very reasonable price impressed with everything well done

Very good delivery service and the…

Very good delivery service and the mattress is very comfortable

Good quality, bad customer service.

Mattress and divan base is of good quality. Customer service is appalling. Still waiting for a call back 2 weeks later.

Never buy mattress from here!

Never buy mattress from here! 1

Terrible mattress non existent customer service

Terrible mattress its so uncomfortable…Non existent customer service Terrible mattress its so uncomfortable I can not understand all the positive reviews and then I realised!!! I have tried to contact mattressman to resolve this by live chat (the chat gets ended before it starts) by phone and email, customer service is non existent. The mattress purchased was a Healthopaedic Memory Pocket Deluxe 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress and I would only give it 0 star review if I could but it seems there is no where on their website to leave a review so I wonder how all these other 5 star reviews have been left !!!!! Should this review be removed, I will leave another as I have wasted £310 on a mattress which isn’t better than the old one. I can not get hold of mattressman to sort it out.

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