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Leesa Mattress Reviews

Leesa is no longer operating in the UK or Europe as of April 2020. Leesa is an online mattress company that has developed one of the most popular all-foam mattresses. Their Leesa mattress is exclusively made of high quality foam layers, while their Leesa Luxury Hybrid mattress is a high-end hybrid with pocketed coils for extra support. With their own blend of proprietary technology, their mattresses sleep universally comfortable at a medium-firm profile. With a very affordable entry price, a powerful social impact campaign, and a UK-made stamp of approval, customers have great things to say about their Leesa mattresses.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.4/10

Price Value: 7.5/10

No Back Pain: 7.5/10

Price: £450-£1450

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Leesa's Specifics

Leesa is a well-known global mattress in a box brand that has won accolades in the US for their comfortable all-foam mattress. Their UK mattresses are made in the UK and boast high satisfaction scores from customers.

Looking for a mattress and based in the Republic of Ireland? Check out Leesa's Irish store.

Craftsmanship & Materials

Leesa brings a variety of proprietary foams to their mattress. One of their biggest innovations is their Avena® foam, which is more responsive than memory foam, but is pressure relieving for hips, shoulders, and aching muscles.

Here is what's inside their Leesa Mattress:

Layer 1: The top cover layer is a soft synthetic blend, which is soft to the touch and moisture whicking.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is cooling Avena® foam. It melts away pressure point pain and contours around the body without making you feel trapped.

Layer 3: The middle comfort layer is pressure relieving memory foam. Its slow response under pressure moulds to the contours of your body, allowing the body to completely relax.

Layer 4: The support layer is made of dense support foam. This 15cm layer cradles the spine and provides lasting durability to the mattress.

Next, we'll go through their newest addition, the Leesa Luxury Hybrid Mattress:

Layer 1: Their top cover layer is a refreshing moisture-whicking blend with their iconic four-stripe cover. Most find it to be soft and cosy.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is 4cm of breathable comfort foam, which is more responsive than memory foam for a supportive but gentle layer, while providing air flow for heat diffusion.

Layer 3: 4cm of memory foam further helps with pressure points, providing contour without sinking in too much.

Layer 4: The support layers of the mattress is made of 15'' of premium pocket springs that are nestled between two 2.5cm layers of stabilising foam. In conjunction with the foam layers, the pocket springs provide excellent support for a longer lasting medium-firm feel.

Overall Comfort

With Leesa's devotion to quality materials and universal comfort, most customers agree that Leesa's mattress provides an extremely comfortable, luxurious night's sleep. It is rare for there to be complaints, but those that are critical usually want more firmness options or more cooling. The Leesa Luxury Hybrid mattress provides a slightly firmer, but exceptionally durable mattress feel. Best for back or stomach sleepers, the Leesa Luxury Hybrid is a luxurious option that most love.


Leesa's mattress was developed for universal comfort with its fluffy, but supportive medium-firm attributes. Those that have larger bodies will experience this as softer, while those that are smaller will experience this as firmer. It is ideal for an average sized sleeper for both back and side sleeping. The Leesa Luxury Hybrid mattress is slightly firmer than the Leesa and has more firm support from the pocket springs within. Larger sleepers will do better with the Leesa Luxury Hybrid, while those that are smaller and side sleepers may find it slightly too firm for them.

Back Pain Relief

For the Leesa, the layers of Avena® and memory foam help relieve pressure and relax the back muscles for a restful night's sleep. The bottom layer provides even support, which is important for those that have lingering pain. The Leesa Luxury Hybrid does exceptionally well with spinal alignment and support, which may help relieve those that feel less supported in their current mattress.


The top layers of both mattresses should facilitate cooling for most. Those that live in very warm environments may still experience some heat retention in some circumstances.

Who Are Leesa Mattresses Right For?

Leesa mattresses are great options for most sleepers! Both those that want a traditional spring mattress and those that want to experience the benefits of memory foam will do well with Leesa's options.

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I love my mattress so comfortable and…

I love my mattress so comfortable and it was easy to order and set up payments. My only gripe is with the company they use to ship the mattress out. They don’t give you a timescale and they don’t phone with an eta!

I have bought 2 Leesa mattresses for my…

I have bought 2 Leesa mattresses for my children but had to return one due to my error on size. The company were perfect in their after sales service and true to their word replaced my mattress for free and donated the unwanted one to charity. You cannot fault this company, it's ethics are impeccable! I am so impressed with their product I will be purchasing another one for my room soon!

Massively improved my sleep quality

Massively improved my sleep quality! Very recommended.

I wasn't sure what mattress to go for…

I wasn't sure what mattress to go for as there seem to be so many on the market. However, the Leesa was on special offer so I decided to go for it. I am really happy with this mattress. It is unbelievably comfortable and has made any aches and pains I might have had virtually disappear. My only issue is that, because it is foam and not spring, it does make bedroom sports more energetic. My last mattress had springs and made the whole thrusting a lot easier as I could just push down and the mattress would do a lot of the work. I now have to do all the work myself, though this has the benefit of giving my stomach muscles a good workout and the mattress is really comfortable on the knees.

My husband and I find we do not wake up…

My husband and I find we do not wake up as often during the night

Its ok

Its ok. I still wake up through night with aches. Better than old mattress but still not ideal or fab. Husband likes it but I still wake with sore back.

The best mattress I've ever…

The best mattress I've ever experienced. Would buy 10000 times over.

We love the Leesa is…A joy to sleep on.

We love the Leesa is extremely comfortable. We had a good quality one before but it was impossible to sleep on my front and turning over was a major effort...not now....the foam ensures that the whole body is catered for. We were worried that as it has no handles it would be hard to turn...actually it is a piece of cake and we have a King size. I am a problem sleeper I believe the highest praise I can give the Leesa Mattress is that....I sleep considerably better and would recommend to anyone.

Recommend Leesa to anyone thinking of a new mattress

Mattress is great although there was a little confusion (which was sorted out) regarding delivery. Recommend Leesa to anyone thinking of a new mattress

2 EU single mattresses - too soft, little support

Order 2 single EU mattresses for super kingsize bed. The mattress is quality wise really good. I am just giving 3 stars because she did not help me specifically as I have arthritis in my lower back and would have needed more support. The mattress is far too soft and I only weigh 55kg, still it bends far too much and hence my husband with 90kg did not sleep on it confortably either. I wanted to try it because reviews said it was hard, but is not.


It is comfortable for a front sleeper.

Comfy mattress - bad service

Great mattress. Although ordered a UK king and it's a bit on the short side in length for our king bed and yes we did pre measure so that's disappointing as our pillows end up down the back of the bed through the gap. Leesa use UPS. Worst delivery company ever. Had so many problems getting the mattress and I lost precious holiday trying to receive this and when finally delivered they wouldn't bring upstairs. I'm a woman and managed to get it up the stairs and the poor UPS man refused point blank to even help. He was so rude when delivering to me. It's really not needed when I'm the customer and had very poor service from them. Supposed to be getting £25 extra off my agreement but I haven't heard anything else about this so it's clearly been forgotten about. To summarise the Mattress is comfy but hassle to buy and slightly short.

Amazing that it fits in that tiny box…

Amazing that it fits in that tiny box eh? Slept great on it. Thanks very much.

My experience was perfect in everyway

My experience was perfect in everyway. Wont buy a mattress from a shop again. Thank you.

Efficient service but strong chemical smell

Efficient service and comfy mattress but such a strong chemical smell that is still there a few months later (although it is slowly getting better). Who wants to smell that in bed?

Wow! Recommend!

Wow! What a great product! I sleep so comfortably on it. I do recommend!

A really great product

A really great product, very comfortable and a lot cooler than my previous mattress.

Really amazing mattress

Really amazing mattress, highly recommend!

I am finding the bed very comfortable…

I am finding the bed very comfortable and I found the bed easy to assembly.

Best Buy Ever

Best purchase involving buying a mattress I have ever made comfort and quality expectations surpassed with flying colours.

A better nights sleep

It's simple, a good quality mattress gives a good quality sleep. I was recommended the product by my son who never goes shopping. I told him you must try a mattress before buying one and said he was crazy buying it on line -- I was wrong !!


Honestly, the most comfortable mattress I have ever had!

Their customer service is exceptional…

Their customer service is exceptional and should be a benchmark for everyone else.

Comfiest mattress I've ever had

Comfiest mattress I've ever had. So much so that I've had to buy a better alarm clock.

Don't want to sleep anywhere but home…

Don't want to sleep anywhere but home after buying my Leesa mattress

I love my mattress but the delivery was…

I love my mattress but the delivery was a nightmare. They are not flexible around working hours and expected me to drive for an hour to collect. Ups was not helpful at all.


A very good mattress that has been helping me with pain that I've had in my lower back.

Although the mattress is much better…

Although the mattress is much better than I thought, I would prefer a slightly firmer support. Other than that so far we are quite happy with the leesa sleeping technology.

Best bed for a better price.

Best bed for a better price.

Without a doubt this is the best…

Without a doubt this is the best mattress I have ever slept on. I suffer with a bad back and other aches and pains. In the past on other mattresses I would wake up in the morning and could hardly move on climbing out of bed. With my Leesa mattress this is not the case. In fact, I believe it's having a positive impact on my various complaints, as I am now sleeping so much better and waking up with little in the way of aching muscles. Highly recommend this product.

Great company.

As a company, Leesa performed incredibly well in regards to my customer experience. My mattress arrived in packaging that had been destroyed by the courier and Leesa refunded a portion of the cost for the trouble. Unfortunately their product wasn't for me in the end, but I had no hastle receiving my refund and having the mattress collected.

Great firm mattress

Great firm mattress, very comfortable

Absolutely fantastic mattress,my wife…

Absolutely fantastic mattress,my wife loves this mattress,I struggled with the firmness of the mattress at first,but now I'm used to it,i don't want to get out of bed in the morning ,highly recommend this mattress,best purchase I've made in years!!

One of my best purchases

One of the best purchases I've ever made. It stays cool even in the hot summer and finally my back stopped hurting. It provides good support even for people who sleep on their sides.

Great mattress great service we are all…

Great mattress great service we are all sleeping better!

I'm giving the mattress 5stars even…

I'm giving the mattress 5stars even though I returned it .I loved the mattress but I found it a bit too firm on my shoulder/arm as I am a side sleeper .lying on my back it was superb and would highly recommend. The customer service couldn't have been better, this is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with.

Loving my mattress.

Loving my mattress.

This is the second Leesa mattress that…

This is the second Leesa mattress that i Have purchased. Now have them on both of our beds. Excellent mattresses and i would not now purchase anything else

Super king the only way to go..

Super king the only way to go... go big or go home... daddy sleep’s like a baby even with me missus and 2yr and 2 month old still enough room to get a good kip in.. greatest thing I ever did was buy this mattress.


I like it l, hubby doesn’t! The mattress is defo firmer than what I had thought - and probably hoped tbh. I find it comfortable but hubby finds he wakes up sore (he suffers from a shoulder and hip complaint). Both of us find that especially in this glorious weather it is very warm and the mattress appears to hold the heat! One very positive is that I’m not disturbed when partner leaves or gets in the bed which is a plus given hubby starts work very early in the morning.

Can happily recommend this mattress as a good choice.

We have found this to be a very comfortable mattress. It manages to maintain an even temperature throughout the night and maintains an appropriate balance between the soft and firm. We are very pleased with our choice, very satisfied with the quality, delivery and finish of the mattress. The only negative we have found, but are quickly becoming more accepting of, is the lack of a differentiation at the mattress edge which we have been more used to in the past.

Buying a Leesa mattress is a great…

Buying a Leesa mattress is a great experience. From the moment you order it is on its way. And when it arrives a couple of days later it is very easy to open and set up ready for an excellent nights sleep. A very comfortable mattress indeed. Firm but not hard. I have bought two now, a king size for myself and a single for the spare bed for the grandchildren.

Going on holiday for a long weekend was…

Going on holiday for a long weekend was amazing except for the fact that I missed my Leesa mattress!! It really has sorted out back problems that I thought were due to old age and are actually just due to bad matresses. Spend the money - it's worth it!

Having been a restless sleeper for most…

Having been a restless sleeper for most of my life I can honestly say that my sleep is much better and I am now waking up minus back pain The matrass supports me well even with sleeping on my stomach and in this current heatwave I do not get too hot.Will recommend it to my daughter

Firm supportive mattress

Firm supportive mattress. Excellent customer service

love my mattress.

love my mattress. two small issues 1. no handles to help to turn it around. ( our old mattress had 4 handles at the sides) 2. shorter than our old mattress by about 4 cm. leaving a gap at the end in our 4 poster. otherwise very happy

Superb company to do business with.

I already had a memory foam mattress, but was getting increasing pains from sleeping. I gambled on the Leesa as a way of potentially helping. Unfortunately, it didn't. But it was just as comfortable as anything else - it was a problem with me, not the mattress. The thing making it outstanding was that, after a month's trial, I got back in touch with Leesa and, with no heavy sales talk about moving on to a different one, they arranged to have my mattress picked up by a local charity for them to sell it for themselves and gave me a full refund. And that's pretty exceptional. Very pleased with the company.

Decent mattress

Decent mattress, but not as firm as suggested.

Only slightly more comfortable than our…

Only slightly more comfortable than our 16 year old mattress, however the main issue is over heating, the mattress makes us too hot!,

Excellent experience

Excellent customer service. Swift delivery. Really comfortable mattress.

To soft and warm for me

To soft and warm for me. I returned mine but that was a really smooth process (waiting on payment) and it was collected by the British Heart Foundation.

Very efficient and helpful company

Very efficient and helpful company. We cannot fault the service which was excellent. We had to return the mattress after 30 days of the trial because unfortunately it didn't suit our needs. The money was refunded the same day the mattress was collected by British Heart Foundation.

I found the mattress too firm and so…

I found the mattress too firm and so returned it but that's just personal preference, it was a great company to deal with and returning was no problem with a full refund.

Far too hard

This mattress is described as a medium firm, a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. It's definitely more like a 9, it's really really hard, if you're a side sleeper and don't weigh very much then avoid this mattress, thank god it can be sent back.

It's like getting into a new bed every night

Prompt delivery and an excellent product - it's like getting into a new bed every night!

Not recommended

I did not find the mattress at all comfortable. It was hard and I could feel my partner move every time. In addition, the mattress was VERY hot. It was almost like it was radiating heat. Even when I would get up, I could come back several minutes later and feel the heat still radiating. I have never had that issue before and thought this was odd. We ultimately returned the mattress and I do not recommend it.

I really love this mattress

I really love this mattress - Everything everyone says about it is 100% factual. I have been sleeping on mine now for a month and a half and sleep like a baby. A very good buy. Can’t believe I put off investing in a good mattress for so long!

We were unsure as the brand was not one…

We were unsure as the brand was not one we’d heard of but decided to give it a trial after reading other reviews. We are so glad we did. From the first night we have been so comfortable on it. We’ve always had different thoughts on the firmness of a mattress and I didn’t think that a ‘one size fits all’ would work.... but it does. Highly recommend this mattress to everyone. Go on, give it a go!

The Leesa mattress is amazing

The Leesa mattress is amazing, the best i’ ever slept on. Great price, quick delivery and easy to fit. Would definitely buy again and recommend

Really quick delivery and very comfy…

Really quick delivery and very comfy mattress. I did a fair amount of research on mattresses before I purchached Leesa and now that I’ve had a while to settle into the feeling of a new bed, I’m really happy with my choice. It’s the right amount of soft for me and I no longer wake up stiff and aching because of an uncomfortable mattress.

Better nights sleep

I was able to have 2 different mattresses to try at once . The leesa gave me a much better sleep , not even having to turn off once . It was softer and I got / felt more comfortable.

We are very satisfied with the product

We are very satisfied with the product

Excellent Customer Services

This mattress was not right for us, and had to be returned. However the return process was very straight forward and easy. Therefore excellent customer services deserves 5*.

I love our new super king Leesa…

I love our new super king Leesa mattress. It’s the perfect mix - firm support but with a softness that moulds around your lumps and bumps. I’m usually a restless sleeper and my partner could feel every movement on our old spring mattress but with the Leesa she doesn’t even notice me getting out of bed.

No issues with the mattress but…

No issues with the mattress but personally I would prefer it to be a bit firmer. Can't fault order/delivery process.

mattress fine, but warranty is worthless

bought in the UK and despite the promised long warranty, uk operation has closed - contacted US office and warranty confirmed to be worthless for us - AVOID

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