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John Lewis Mattress Reviews

John Lewis & Partners is a high end department store chain that is based in the UK. In terms of mattresses, they sell mostly high priced and high end name-brands, but also have some budget-friendly options available. Many of the mattresses sold have concerns about durability and value for the money. Read on to learn more about their full offering and which mattresses may work for you.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.3/10

Price Value: 7.7/10

No Back Pain: 8.4/10

Price: £59-£12800+

Trial Period: No Trial

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John Lewis's Specifics

John Lewis one of the highest end department stores in Britain. Though they focus on selling luxury and high end goods, they also have a selection of budget-friendly products as well.

With a wide array of stores to choose from, they have developed a larger mattress selection than many local retailers with 7 brands to choose from. However, with this selection can come more confusion about finding the right match for you and your family.

Also, when it comes to mattresses, there is another hidden truth:

The monetary value is often much less than buying from a competitive online mattress brand.

This is because John Lewis must mark-up the mattresses from each mattress brand to make a profit. Additionally, the mattress brands mark-up the materials and manufacturing from their suppliers. This means that John Lewis mattresses are oftentimes marked up over and over again before you buy them. When buying a high end mattress, this can be £1000s in extra cost.

So, what is John Lewis really selling you?

You are buying a personal and convenient sales experience.

This may sound like a good deal to those who prefer to deal with traditional retailers, but many mattress buyers are turning to online UK mattress brands, who cut out the middlemen and pass on more value to the customer.

Read on to learn more about the John Lewis offering...or learn about our best rated UK mattress brands.

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Mattress Brands

John Lewis sells mattresses from 7 luxury and budget mattress brands including British brands like Hypnos and Silentnight and global brands like Tempur and Sealy. We'll go through each brand in detail below so that you can get a better sense of what you are buying.

Here are the details...

#1 John Lewis & Partners

The John Lewis & Partners Collection of mattresses is their exclusive line of mattresses sold in their stores and online. They offer pocket sprung mattresses at both ends of the price spectrum. Their lower priced mattresses are slim and include multiple firmness options, while their higher priced mattresses offer thick layers of traditional luxury styles with pocket springs and natural fillings. These mattresses get mixed sentiment from customers. The lower priced options suffer from some negative reviews on sleeper comfort, while the higher end options have some price value and longevity issues.

The pros: Pocket sprung options in a wide variety of pricepoints. Some customer success stories.

The cons: Some durability and comfort issues reported.

Price Range: £49-£18000

#2 Tempur®

Tempur has been popularised by the memory foam revolution in the mattress industry that they helped start. In recent years, they have added pocket sprung mattress options and focused on an array of firmness options for their foam beds. Customers have good things to say about them overall, but there are some problems reported about heat retention and value versus newer online mattress options.

The pros: High quality foam focused mattresses with pocket sprung and firmness options.

The cons: Some heat retention reported. Others had issues stomaching the high price versus other competitive options.

Price Range: £929-£2550

#3 Vispring

Vispring is widely regarded as a luxury mattress maker and is noted for pioneering the first pocket sprung mattress in 1901. Their mattresses keep with that tradition, are hand-crafted, and come in medium-firm options with natural fillings like fleece wool and cotton. They get good initial comfort scores from customers, but their longevity has been called into question. Some sleepers report having to replace their mattress more often.

The pros: Traditional and well regarded pocket sprung mattresses.

The cons: Some problems with dipping reported.

Price Range: £599-£8525

#4 Silentnight

Silentnight is a budget-friendly British brand that boasts 'superbrand' status. Their mattresses are well known and range from all-foam to slim pocket sprung varieties. These mattresses are best suited for children or temporary options because there are some comfort and quality concerns for some sleepers.

The pros: Low cost mattresses in both all-foam and pocket sprung options.

The cons: Problems with durability and initial comfort reported.

Price Range: £149-£999

#5 Hypnos

Hypnos is a luxury mattress retailer that boasts a Royal Warrant for service to HM Queen Elizabeth II. Their mattresses are pocket sprung and are filled with natural fillings. These mattresses focus on initial comfort and a pillowy feel instead of longterm durability. Customers report comfort concerns after a shorter than average duration.

The pros: High end pocket sprung mattresses with a variety of firmness options.

The cons: Durability issues are a common complaint from customers.

Price Range: £799-£2599

#6 Sealy

Sealy is a global mattress brand that offers pocket sprung mattresses with zoned support. These ergonomic options focus more support on the middle spine while relieving pressure on the hips and shoulders. They get good initial reviews from customers, but there are some complaints about durability after a shorter than average duration.

The pros: Pocket sprung mattresses with ergonomic zoned support systems.

The cons: Some problems reported about longevity.

Price Range: £899-£1499

#7 Dunlopillo

Dunlopillo offers mid-priced mattresses in all-foam, pocket sprung, and open coil options. These mattresses are somewhat more expensive than budget brands, but they are offer multiple firmness options. Customers give these mattresses mixed reviews about initial comfort and heat retention.

The pros: Mid-priced mattress options in a variety of designs and firmness options.

The cons: Some disappointment reported about initial comfort and heat retention on some models.

Price Range: £899-£1499

John Lewis Mattress Alternatives

A suprising fact: this is one of the best times to buy a new mattress.

Over the past few years, there have been many new online brands in the UK that have come to market to sell direct to customers. What this means:

Lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Since these brands are well-funded and eager to please customers, buying direct from the brand is one of the best ways to get high quality for less. By taking a few minutes to learn about the best mattress for your body, you can save more than £1000 in mattress costs and frustrations.

To get started, read what customers are saying about our Top Rated UK Mattresses.

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Very comfortable mattress and ease to turn with good sized strong handles

Extremely comfortable

Bought this mattress after recommendation from a friend and after reading the comments from other customers and I must say that I was not disappointed at all. Really good quality mattress and extremely comfortable to sleep on.


The most expensive mattress I have ever purchased but considering the number of hours I spend on it worth the price. It is by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned.


Having slept very comfortably on a mattress with a topper at a friends in Canada, we decided to invest in a new mattress with a topper. However, after a few months of use, we now have a bulge in the center which can't be altered by turning the mattress from top to toe as advised to do regularly, which is rather annoying.

Excellent mattress

My wife and I have never slept so well since we took delivery of this mattress - we are very happy with this purchase.

Very Comfortable after a few weeks.

Found it firmer than it felt in store & was starting to have doubts, but glad to report its now nice & comfy. As always with a mattress, you must try before buying. Now very happy with purchase.

Very Firm indeed

I am finding it very ‘hard’ to get used to my expensive new Hypnos mattress. Having slept on it now for about two weeks, I have come to the conclusion the firm spring tension is more suited to someone much heavier than my 9 stone weight. I did go back to John Lewis to look again at the store model to see if it differed from mine, to see how I could have chosen this over all the others. Speaking of my concern with a saleswoman, she offered some thin reassurance believing the mattress should get a bit softer with use but I am not convinced. I feel I gave more attention to the pillow top luxury look of this mattress than the actual mattress underneath which is really the place to test for suitability. For something that should have been a destresser, this is a problem I didn’t need.

Great night sleep

Really comfortable mattress and great quality. Extra topping makes a real difference.

Best mattress ever!

After a disastrous purchase only four years ago, we just had to replace our mattress. My son and daughter in law had discovered the true comfort of the Hypnos superb pillow top and couldn’t have recommended it more. We went on their advice and now I feel the need to tell them how pleased we are with ours at every opportunity!!! We are now working on the rest of the family!

A wonderful mattress

This is supremely comfortable and supportive, with a soft top layer to take the edge off the firmness. I have lower back pain, and this mattress really does help - it adjusts nicely to the shape of one's body and is very accommodating when (as with us) two people of significantly different sizes and weights sleep on the same surface. Despite the intake of breath when I saw the price, it is definitely worth it - no need to spend even more: this is truly excellent.

Very firm, and well made.

It’s ckearly a quality product - but I probably wouldn’t choose it again. But firm for me at only 10 stone. The top quilt but also makes me too hot

Instantly comfortable!

This is an amazing mattress that was instantly comfortable! Although it is technically a firm mattress, it does not feel firm because it is so cushioned.

Good night's sleep!

Was suffering from back and neck pain so decided it was time for a new mattress and this has been perfect!

The rest is up to you

Excellent mattress and base with (optional) 4-drawer storage. We’ve never slept so well! Polite delivery guys set the whole thing up and took away the old bed. Service as it should be. I haven’t regretted making this purchase for a second.

Utterly disappointed

I bought the mattress, that cost a lot of money, having been assured that I would and could be assured of a good nights sleep, especially given that I had back problems. The pillow topping I was assured was the ultimate in comfort on top of the firm mattress. What a mistake, the 'buttons' used to secure the topping to the mattress are right on a line with your hip and lower back, so no matter whether you lay on your right or left side or on your back, these 'buttons' intrude and press on that part of your body, meaning you have constant pressure from the item and giving you/me discomfort. Because I had to be away from home for a while I have now missed the 'return' date.

Comfy and firm - like being on a mattress in a great hotel

We'd expected that the mattress would need time to settle, but from the very first night it was very comfy and supportive without being hard or lumpy. The comfort topper is just enough to relax in to. It's heavy to turn, but that isn't surprising.Have never (as yet after 5 months) woken up with a sore back, which is unheard of for me. Great quality at a reasonable price.


When I was being advised by the salesman I had told him that I suffered with my back and he recommended that I have a medium and sold me this mattress but infact when I got it found out that it was a firm one. It took around 6 weeks for my mattress and myself to agree with each other. I found it was too hard at first and suffered with hip and back pain. Now it has become more supple and really like it and find the topper really cosy. Happy nights.


Mattress-firm, ultra supportive mattress. Pillow top gives a soft feel but may limit longevity however ten year guarantee gives peace of mind. Side stitching means no sagging at the ends. Quality product.

Outstanding Mattress and Service

I am delighted with my new kingsize HYPNOS Pillow mattress purchased from my local store in Milton Keynes. It is more comfortable than the bed I tested in the store providing a little more firm support due perhaps to my choice of a firm edge divan which I would recommend. I would also like to thank the delivery men, Andrew and Janos, who were brilliant at unpacking and assembly of the bed, exceeding my expectations. I would definitely recommend purchasing from JL as the service in all aspects is excellent!

Great Nights Sleep

Looked around for a while for a new mattress, tried this one in the shop I knew it was the right one for us. I thought it was expensive but when you think how long you have it for it seems reasonable. Sleep really well on it, very comfortable.

Great sleep

After much research and consideration we opted for this mattress as it is similar to those found in Premier Inns which we have found to be very comfortable. We were not disappointed it has been exactly what we required firm but not hard and very supportive. Our previous mattress was memory foam so a bit apprehensive changing over but no regrets. Have had it six months now and found it great in all aspects. Only comment is that being a quality item it is quite heavy when turning and tucking the sheet under.

Amazing mattress!

I purchased 2 of these for 2 new bedrooms. What an amazing mattress! The mattress is the best i have ever slept on and would recommend anyone to purchase one.

Wow, best night's sleep for years

Only just received this mattress, delivery guys from Norwich were great they took it up our difficult stairs and straight into bedroom taking great care. First night's sleep was amazing, haven't been sleeping great the last 6 months on an old mattress, but slept like a log. Only problem, slept so well was apparently snoring so much my wife had to sleep in spare room as she couldn't wake me as I was out for the count!

I love this mattress.

I love this mattress.........and having made several wasted purchases over the past ten years or so, I am very relieved to say so. It is on the firm side of medium and it took a few weeks to get used to, but I no longer have the aches and pains on getting up in the morning that were becoming a daily issue (crumbs, I'm only in my sixties!).

Restful bed.

Very pleased with our new bed. Very comfortable and gives us a restful nights sleep.


This is the best mattress I have slept on and great for someone like me who suffers with a bad back

Very comfortable!

I wanted to replace my old version of this mattress (which had been the best mattress I'd ever slept on) and was concerned that the added pillow top would make it too soft. I needn't have worried. This mattress remains firm and very supportive, with the added pillow top giving some softness that makes the mattress more comfortable and warm. It's even better than before! This mattress is not cheap but is worth every penny for the reliably comfortable night's sleep I get.

Great night's sleep

Excellent comfort from a superb company. Firm but with a softer top gives great support. Much better than the orthapaedic versions recommended for my back condition.

Not very comfortable

Overall the mattress is good to sleep on, but my wife finds that the buttons are very uncomfortable as they are hard and she feels them as she is lying down The middle of the mattress topper rises up between us as we lay in bed and doesn't go away even if we thump it down. We had looked online for Hypnos reviews and they had seen satisfactory people had raved over the mattress so thought that the John Lewis mattress would be good


From the firs5 night with this new mattress I have slept so well. I feel like the princess and the pea!

Best all-rounder

The mattress was delivered yesterday, with a divan base. I immediately noticed that it was significantly firmer than the one I tried in the shop, but I understand that mattresses soften over time. In the store I tried it with a divan base too.


Cannot wait to go to bed every night! Really comfortable having a pillow top means you only have to turn mattress on the flat, no heaving over.

Excellent purchase

We wanted a new bed and mattress. We had no idea what mattress to choose but we were given good advice in store. Very difficult to decide on which mattress is best for us, but we decided in the end to go for the Hypnos mattress because it had a pillow top. We have not been disappointed. Really comfortable and we do not feel movement when one of us gets up. Really good choice and extremely satisfied with our purchase.


So glad we decided on this mattress (we were tempted by the Simba mattress.. until we tested them both). This mattress is so lovely you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning!!

Good value product

I brought this mattress for our holiday home, very comfortable. I am used to regularly turning mattresses, so hopefully this will wear well without this. You get a good nights sleep.

Wonderful .........

I have Ankylosing Spondylitis- arthritis in the hips and lower spine !! We were very nervous about choosing the right mattress as for me as it is so important !! The assistant spent a lot of time listening and took us straight to this mattress we tried it and loved it !! We then tried others to compare .We were advised to have a cup of tea and then come back again to make sure we were happy !! Perfect for us and a wonderful nights sleep from the very first night and my back and hips are much improved by the good support and soft pillow top . Thankyou John Lewis for excellent service

Excellent product

Very comfortable mattress. My sleep patterns have improved tremendously since purchasing this product..

The comfiest of mattresses

Great mattress. Extremely comfortable. Delivery was great, taken straight to the room of choice. Would recommend to anyone.


Extremely well made and after trying several mattresses only to end up with backache it was worth paying that bit extra for a good nights sleep. No rolling into the middle or off the sides it just feels luxurious getting into bed now.

Amazing Comfort

Bought to replace a 6 year old mattress, it has been the best thing we have bought for a long time. comfortable and supportive and the pillow top adds a touch of luxury! Quality of sleep had definitely improved.

So comfortable

Bought this mattress on recommendation from friends and so glad we did, it's so comfortable, wish we had bought it earlier, would definately recommend it

Way too hard for us!

Really surprised and disappointed to have to give this review. Tried this a few times in the JL store at Ashford and was persuaded it must be good because of all the glowing reviews. Then ordered online which was easy and the delivery went well with the removal men installing the item and removing all the plastic as they went. It is well made. However as soon as we laid on this it felt very hard and uncomfortable - not like the one in the shop. It is on a Sealy sprung Divan base which is still in good order.. We woke up the next day with back pain and stiffness. So much so I contacted JL and Hypnos to see if there had been a mix up in the delivery and that we had received the wrong Spring tension. There is no tension listed on the label so it was impossible to tell. Don't know if JL will take it back as obviously we cannot return it in the original packaging and it has been used, albeit very lightly. There are 2 other people who have commented similarly about this product - have we been unfortunate and got rogue ones? The mattress is no turn, but must be rotated head to toe, once a week for the first 3 months and then 3-monthly thereafer. It's quite a weight to do this,


A good replacement even if a bit on the pricy side.

Great Night's Sleep

A great product, which means that we both get a really good night's sleep. Very similar to a famous hotel chain mattress, which we use regularly because of the mattress and their beds.

Comfortable bed

Great mattress bought to replace a memory foam. Happy with the purchase. Only downside is needed help to rotate weekly as per the instructions.

By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen

The only problem with this mattress is that it's so comfortable, it makes it so much harder to get out of bed in the morning. It's recommended that you rotate the mattress regularly, and I found this easy to accomplish even on my own. Tried it out in the shop and then ordered online. Delivery was quick and easy and it comes complete with a 10 year guarantee. This mattress is made in England by master craftspeople who clearly know what they are doing. A highly recommended mattress.

Made In Britain Quality

We bought this bed after having slept on a Hypnos bed in a luxury hotel. The price reflects the fact that it is a quality product, made in Britain. The recommendation is for a pure cotton mattress protector, which costs about £35. It is a very comfortable mattress, though it quickly forms small hollows where you lie, which we hadn't expected. Also you need to regularly turn it round - not easy as you get older!

Very pleased

Perfect balance of comfort and firmness. Only downside is that's it's too comfortable to get off and go to work in the morning!

Sublime Comfort

I hadn't planned to spend £899 on a mattress. I went to the JL store and after testing various mattresses in the store and speaking with the very helpful sales assistant I knew I had to think differently. I went home, mulled it over and ordered on line. I am pleased to say it was the best decision. I sleep far better than I did on my old mattress, I don't ache through the night, it's extremely comfortable and feels great. I would definitely recommend this mattress.

Terrible mattress!

This mattress has such terrible effects on my back: cracking pain right across from one hip to the other, searing sharp pain when bending, pain upper back. Constant pain. Padding gives support 1st month, but does not recover while rotated. Pain from flattened padding on rigid spring system begins month 2; worse still beginning 3rd month. I do not usually have back trouble. Also 1 of drawers was coming out when base taken off van, protrudes at one end, does not close properly on runners. JL took old bed away. I have nothing else to sleep on.

Bad Purchase poor quality

I bought this mattress in June as I thought it was good value for money and would be a quality product from John Lewis. I always sleep on a firm mattress. After using it now for a month I have started to have back pain the mattress has a very lumpy feel to it due to the open springs and there not being proper padding between the springs and the top cover of the mattress. I had bought the Silent night Ortho firm Mattress last year from John Lewis and this is a much better mattress. Unfortunately it wasn't available when I purchased this John Lewis one. I would not recommend this mattress at all very poor quality I am sorry John Lewis. And yes I did check before I bought the mattress in store and it wasn't available either.... TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED.

Wobbly and uncomfortably hard

Really hard rather than firm. Wobbles from side to side (I got small singles, perhaps larger mattresses are more stable). Slides around on the matching divan. Much better mattresses around for half the price. Not what i expect from John Lewis. Avoid.

small bedroom

My cottage spare bedroom isn't big enough for standard beds. I needed 2 . Because of nooks and crannies , I found Z beds where ideal in size , but not suitable in stability . 2 Z beds + 2 solid small mattresses , the combination seems to be just fine . Also no trouble taking them up the very narrow stairs

Like sleeping on a cloud

I had previously had a mattress that was like sleeping on a bag of maltesers!!! Due to finances I couldn't afford a good mattress, however I was lucky and got some extra money and decided to buy a new mattress. Looked online and came into store to try this one out. Decided to. It it and I have never looked back. It is fanTASTIC. The best sleep everrrrr. No more sore back or neck. Long deep sleeps each night. Best money I've ever invested in on a household object. Superb.

Best mattress ever!

We tried out mattresses from various shops and this was the one we chose. It feels like sinking into a firm fluffy cloud. My husband and I no longer have back problems since sleeping on it. Excellent quick and courteous delivery by the John Lewis delivery men too. Note that the description online says it is of 'medium' firmness level but this Hypnos mattress is'firm'. This was clarified to me by the shop assistant in store.

After a lot of research

The very old mattress needed replacing, and this was the one we finally decided on. At first it seemed a bit firm, but now after a few weeks it is very comfortable. Because of the four handles, it is easy to turn. There is no need to turn over, just around. No complaints, very happy.

Firmish mattress

I think we were seduced by the appearance of the mattress, it does look lovely with the pillow top and good quality. Initially didn't like it at all, thought it was way too hard, we had previously had a memory foam which we liked but fancied trying a cooler mattress.I have to say it does feel better now 6 months later , or whether we have just got used to it , but I do think it is more a medium to firm and maybe the pillow top could have been deeper/ softer, carnt really feel the benefit of it !

Really pleased with this product

We were undecided what type of bed to buy and are pleased with the purchase we made. It's so comfortable and easy for us to manouver the mattress from top to bottom. We were looking for a bed with a mattress that didn't need turning over. So happy with our purchase and wish we had bought it sooner.

Excellent Mattress

We were nervous about spending 4 figures on a new mattress - especially as you can't really test them fully before you buy. This mattress felt hard when we receive it BUT this was due to our >10 year old being rather broken. Our first night of sleep was fantastic - no aches, bad back - even my wife, who has neck and back problems slept and woke without incident. Obviously this may not suit everyone but I just wanted to inform would be purchasers not to be put off if they think the product is firm - it may feel that way but it works really well...

So comfortable

You can never be sure what a mattress will be like once its home but we definitely have made the right choice. No more back ache and a good nights sleep, what more can you ask for

4 year search is over!

It's taken four years and three different mattresses to get there, but this is the one. It started with a 'bargain' Zen memory foam mattress that I got for around £200 with a Groupon deal, after friends sang the praises of a Tempur memory foam mattress. The Zen felt surprisingly hard and uncomfortable after 20 years on Ikea futons. I thought upgrading to the Eve with rave reviews would be a sure thing—after all, they only make one style. Then I developed lower back and hip pain to go with my already chronic neck tension that I've had treated for years. On holiday for two weeks in 'normal' beds, I noticed all my aches and pains subside. The morning I woke up on my Eve again, my lower back 'went' with shooting pains. After some relatively short internet research, I discovered forums about how memory foam can be bad for people with lower back pain, and even create problems for people who don't have it. This time I went to John Lewis and spent half an hour trying out beds and was taken by the Hypnos—it felt firm yet soft at the same time. You may be sceptical about this, but the moment I lay down on it my back literally unravelled—I could not only feel but hear my back relaxing. It's been about two months, and my back and hip pain have gone, and my neck is better than ever (I also indulged in some better Hungarian goose down pillows). I have proper sleep now and even remember my dreams, which I rarely used to due to my restless nights. Sometimes I even just book myself in for an afternoon or early night, it's that good. I think there's a quote somewhere about your day starting the night before, and I am a believer now—I actually wake up rested, not stressed.

Really disappointed

I swapped a John Lewis Simba mattress for this one as I could not get on with the Simba. Despite turning it every week it remains uncomfortable. I wake up with very bad backache every morning having slept badly. I would not recommend this mattress.

A really nice comfortable bed

The bed is really well made and well worth the money paid. The mattress is very heavy and firm and doesn't need turning over. I have slept so much better since I purchased the bed as the mattress is so firm you don't sink into it like I did in my old bed. A very happy customer..

Best nights sleep

A long overdue purchase, this has made such a difference. Both of us sleeping much more soundly and no bad backs in the morning!

Great Matress- great sleep

Our old mattress was about 15 years old and sagging. We went to JL West Quay and the partner in the showroom was very knowledgeable and experienced. He guided us through the various choices. We tried about six mattresses in the store and narrowed it down to a couple before making our final choice. Price, quality were important but above all it felt the most comfortable It was delivered 10 days later and they took away the old mattress. We have been sleeping well. The mattress is moderately firm and very comfortable.

Good comfortable new mattress

The mattress is exactly what was wanted, is very comfortable and is very reasonably priced.

Very comfortable

For a reasonable price you get a great nights sleep and a comfortable restful snooze.

Waste of money

We have had this mattress for over a year now and it is the most uncomfortable mattress I have ever had, it really sags under your back, where you need it most and we wake up with back ache everyday, not sure it is an orthopedic mattress ! We turn it every month but it doesn't make a difference. I would not recommend.

Blissful sleep

extremely comfortable mattress we hardly feel each other turning over. It is a deep mattress and sits quite high on the bed but you get used to it. Be aware this mattress is very heavy and depending where the bedroom is you may need extra help to get it in place.


Excellent product and much better sleep. So pleased we bought it.


Looks great, very comfortable, gives a good nights sleep.

Great nights sleep!

Really comfortable mattress. Good choice. We tried in store first and ordered on line when we wanted to purchase. Delivery time good as in evening. Overall pleased.

Back to sleep!

The best night's sleep for ages; supportive but not hard, a perfect compromise.

Extremely comfortable bed

I was nervous buying a bed - such a big part of your life! But this bed is fabulous and extremely comfortable. Highly recommended

No more back problems

This mattress was purchased on the recommendation of a physio for my husband's ongoing back problem to replace a Tempur foam mattress.. It has made a significant difference to his quality of sleep. Would thoroughly recommend.

Excellent buy

I am delighted with my new mattress. Sleeping better and this is a real blessing.

fine matress

A fine matress, ceryainly not as hot and as hard as a memory foam one.

Excellent, best nights sleep had in years

Excellent mattress, very expensive but worth for me as had problems sleeping due to painful pressure points on hips and shoulders. First night slept for 10 hours - had not done that since a teenager!


Very comfortable mattress. Lovely and deep with no noticable roll together. I can recommend this product. Would always recommend that it is tried in store.

Love my new mattress!

Such a comfortable mattress after years 'sleeping' on my last mattress which was my husband' s choice, it was orthopaedic but so hard.This is supportive and cushions the whole back, and I love the cushioned topping. Very well made and store delivery guys unpacked it ready to be made up with sheets. It is also compatible with an electric blanket, a necessity in the winter in the north of Scotland!!


We find this very uncomfortable. The "pillow top" very quickly flattens to nothing, despite turning the mattress once a week as recommended. Very much regret buying it. Its only good point is that it's cooler than memory foam.

Not the same feel as in the store.

This bed was advertised as MEDIUM in the store and appeared comfortable. when delivered I found it to be one of the firmest uncomfortable beds I have ever slept on. On line it states FIRM!! It certainly is. Also very difficult to turn it as it is so heavy.

Never known pain like it

Day 16, not had a decent nights sleep since I have had this. Every night, all night the mattress is digging into every bone in my body that comes in contact with this mattress. I can feel every vertebrae in my spine being pressed and all other bones. I am exhausted, in a lot of pain and seizing up. Told by Hypnos and John Lewis I have to give it more than a month and it will sort itself out, surely it shouldn't be this bad?!

Excellent bed

Excellent product and service. I can now sleep like a log

It really is, The Best Mattress in the World!

I've had my mattress since February, I wanted to really use it before I wrote my review. At first, I was a little worried because it was Medium as I have always bought Firm mattresses, but It really is the best thing I have ever bought. It is so comfortable and supportive all in one. I have recommended this mattress to everyone I know and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another. My only problem now is actually getting out of bed :)

Mattress failed after 10 months

To begin with, this mattress seemed like good value and was comfortable for me to sleep on. Even with proper care, the mattress has become increasingly uncomfortable and I now find it too noisy to sleep on. Even the slightest movement generates noise from the springs - clicking and ringing inside the mattress. Rolling over in my sleep is loud enough to wake me up. I am a light person, under 8.5 stone, so would not expect this sort of decline in the springs. I wouldn't recommend this mattress, especially since other reviewers have also found it poor value for money.

Really Comfortable Mattress

I am very pleased with the mattress as it is very comfortable and the topper is a lovely and soft on top of a firm mattress but it is incredibly heavy and impossible to lift and turn.

Lovely matress

Very comfortable and highly recommended for a good restful night

Massive dip in the mattress appeared in a matter of months.

I would not recommend this mattress. In a matter of months a big dip, half the length of the mattress has appeared, as if the structure in the mattress has completely collapsed.

Good quality mattress

This is our second ortho 1000 mattress. We have had a king sized for about 5 years and it is still very comfortable with no signs of wear. This single is just as good - firm but not rock hard. A good nights sleep plus excellent value. Thanks JL.

Our new bed

Both the new frame and new mattresses are just what we wanted and expected

Unsure of mattress

I would like to take this mattress back as it does not suit my back ; I have had five months but I am still not sleeping properly

Avoid at all costs very poor quality

I purchased an ortho 1 with same spring 1200 count and had it for ten years from John Lewis and it was amazing so I ordered this one to replace it. It sags when it is meant to be a firm ortho mattress, the sides squish down to within my hand span, both my partner and I are going to osteopath now due to this mattress. The inspector who makes the mattress came to visit said it was fine but even he could see it was sagging. Very disappointed customer and John Lewis not taking responsibility saying it is my fault for the purchase.

Sore Back Sleep

I agree with the previous review - this is the most expensive mattress that we have every brought we did try it in store but I am waking up every morning with a sore back - I wish that I had not chosen this mattress.

Sore back sleep

OMG bought the most expensive mattress we have ever bought. Our previous JL mattress served us well for years so we were so looking forward to a really comfortable sleep as advised in the 6 reviews listed. Unfortunately both of us are having to get up at 4am as we are so sore. My back is still hurting as I write this. I wish I hadn't chosen this mattress.

Lisa’s bed

Lovely quality, nice deep mattress super nights sleep can’t wait to get to bed at night.

Pocket Ortho 1200

Having bought and returned 3 mattresses from another big bed store - we were delighted to find this John Lewis mattress - which is so comfortable and such good value. I advise anyone to go and get your mattress from John Lewis.

Very comfortable

This mattress is very comfortable and provides a great night sleep. Quick and easy delivery

Very comfortable mattress

An excellent,comfortable mattress.It seems to be well made and so far has given relaxing sleep.It is not too heavy so can be turned as required.

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress after visiting my local store and trying out several options. I bought it when it was on offer, so it was a really good price. I didn't check out the reviews before I bought it, so I was a little concerned after reading one of the reviews later that evening. I have only had the mattress for about 2 months, but so far it has proven to be very comfortable and a big improvement on my old one.

“Try before you buy”

Amazing night sleep, really enjoy the comfort of my new mattress from the first night. Have found after much research it’s very much a personal choice, so try before you buy.

Worst decision we ever made.

We originally had a John Lewis Natural Collection King Size Mattress, but we decided to buy a super king bed frame so obviously needed a new mattress. Worst decision we could have ever made, we haven't had a good nights sleep since. My partner has sweated every night since and we have the lowest tog duvet you can get and I've had a bad back ever since. Wish we could go back to our original mattress!

Lovely bed

Just as expected this is a lovely mattress, had it for a couple of months and no more back ache!

Excellent Mattress

This was our first king size mattress and were slightly put off by the pillow top and concerned whether this would be comfortable at night. However, we could not have been further wrong, and luckily we chose this Hypnos above others. Several months in, the mattress is by far and away the best mattress we have ever purchased providing complete support and extra warmth from the pillow top. It was a very good choice and would purchase again.

Supportive and comfortable

We purchased this mattress as a replacement for a 13 year old item, which was so heavy we could not turn it. Helpful staff at Southampton with a double points and free disposal offer, sealed the deal. Delivery was on time, and the two delivery men were polite and helpful. The mattress offers us a very comfortable and supportive sleep without feeling that we are lying on a board. As a bonus it is light enough to turn and equalise wear.

Had to send back after a few months.

Having tried this mattress out in store, it felt really good and just what we were looking for. However after only a relatively short time, we both noticed that it was quite obvious where we had been lying on the mattress as it wasn't returning to its normal shape. It felt like lying in a trench and sleeping on it became quite uncomfortable. Can't fault john Lewis customer service though. They sent someone out to inspect the mattress and it was agreed it shouldn't be doing that after such a short time. Going to swap it for a simba so fingers crossed. I'm. Not sure if this problem is isloted to the particular mattress I bought or the design/materials of the mattress in general. Disappointed as for the first week, it was really comfy.

Very comfortable but you have to give it a little time.

When the mattress first arrives it is definitely a hard mattress. However, it needs to be used for a while for the latex topper to soften up. After that the mattress is a lovely combination of softeness with support. You won’t sink into like a memory film mattress but if you want that..erm buy a memory foam mattress.

Too firm

Although this mattress is described as soft, I found it far too firm. I was just lying on top of it, there was no give at all. I exchanged it.


After doing a lot of research we decided that a good quality SOFT mattress was the right tension for us and had tried many Silent Night Mattresses in local retailers which led us to conclude this. Sadly circumstances meant we couldn't go to a store together to try it but we were confident that a SOFT Silent Night mattress with latex would be ideal. Devastatingly this mattress IS NOT SOFT! It is Medium/Firm at best. I really hope the description is changed to avoid anyone else making an expensive mistake as there is no option to sleep on it, unlike other retailers. It also feels like we are rolling into the middle which is not ideal either.

So comfortable!

I'm a side sleeper and I found that so many mattresses are too hard. I hadn't intended to spend this much money (I was originally looking in the £600-£650 range) but I decided the quality of this mattress justified the extra spend. Some soft mattresses feel too squishy but this one manages to strike a good balance between comfort (maybe it's the top cushioned layer?) and support. Definitely worth a try.


The mattress is suitable for children's bed I purchased it for my daughter s bed and she likes it

Profit before customs

John Lewis has in the past been a High End furniture store noted for good customer service.I have over time bought a mattress and bed drawer unit,dishwasher ,other furnishings, and a second king size mattress from the store.However, I was very disappointed with the last item.After only two weeks of use 2 body depressions and a central ridge 2.5cm in depth and height developed in the mattress. When I complained to John Lewis about the mattress, at first, it seemed that the store would refund the £999 paid for the mattress if I was unsatisfied.Two months later still no refund.I had been required to photograph the mattress ,upload the photos then wait twice for separate independent examinations by Hypnos( the manufacturer ),many emails to J.L's CEO and other senior members of staff,only to eventually be told by phone that no fault could be found .It was said that I bought the mattress and no refund was due.It seems to me that if this type of pillow top mattress does produce body impressions almost immediately (Hypnos confirms that this is the case in their booklet that comes on delivery of the mattress) then a well informed sales person should have told me before I purchased the mattress.I have since found that many people do not like the body impressions,after all most mattresses do not leave these impressions for many years.I was particularly dissatisfied with J.L attitude as after their revamp last year the CEO and other senior staff said '' profit should not come before customer satisfaction.It's not surprising that profits are falling.I could buy a good mattress online at 1/3 cost and not have to put up with J.L's poor customer relations.


Avoid!! No wonder jl are making losses and their so called partners are not receiving their bonuses - all for justifiable reasons - they have totally gone down hill. No customer service any more, just argumentative arrogant managers and telephone staff that won't put your calls through. They have just lost a £5,000+ order from me purely because of their attitude and inability to accept a simple order!! Pathetically atrocious!! Also, previously I had a mattress delivered and they wouldn't place it on the bed!! And would not put the wheels on the base!! I'm a senior citizen with cronic pain conditions and I cannot do this sort of thing while I'm paying the £5,000 to make a profit. So I sent them back. Their commons sense no longer exists!! And neither can they make profits any longer - so jl - do you see why? !! Attention chief executive who obviously shouldn't be doing his/her job - totally unfit - including all your staff who reflects this incapable and couldn't care less culture!!

John Lewis Anyday Mattress? - more like never in my lifetime.

Minimal padding, very firm so that you simply exist on top of the mattress. Woke up with aches in shoulders and back. Cheap, and you get what you pay for (I didn't but Sat Bains in Nottingham will not see my staying there again.)

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