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Ikea Mattress Reviews

IKEA is one of the most well-known affordable furniture brands with their multiple showrooms throughout the UK. Their mattresses offer very low prices with both sprung and foam designs. While most customers report happy initial comfort, there are significant complaints about sagging, firmness, and long term comfort about certain mattresses offered.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.7/10

Price Value: 7.7/10

No Back Pain: 7.5/10

Price: £40-£699

Trial Period: No Trial

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Ikea's Specifics

IKEA produces affordable memory foam mattresses, latex foam blend and spring mattresses. With no-frill, affordable mattresses, most customers have good things to say about initial comfort. However, there are a few caveats, such as customer reports on longevity issues as well as disagreements between firmness and support vs. customer expectations.

If you're interested in a durable mattress that feels good, read what sleepers have to say about our top rated mattresses in the UK. Read on to find out more about IKEA’s mattresses offerings...

Mattress Types

IKEA divides its product range into memory foam / latex and spring mattresses. We’ll review each of these products below so you can see the differences between each mattress and which mattress is best for you.

Let’s start with memory foam and latex mattresses:


Morgedal is a synthetic latex and polyurethane foam mattress with a poly-blend cover that repels moisture. The foam mix is adaptable while providing some contour. While most customers appreciate the initial comfort, there are disagreements over the robustness and price of the materials.

The pros: It is one of the most popular IKEA bed options.

The cons: There are price and sensitivity disputes for some customers.

Price Range: £129-£250

Final Score: 7.5 / 10


Malfors is a thinner and cheaper mattress made from a single piece of polyurethane foam, polyester fibres, and a poly-blend cover. The mattress is 12 cm thick. Customers have good things to say about the initial feel for the price, but there have been complaints about durability after consistent use.

The pros: A thin mattress at a competitive price.

The cons: Some disagreement about longevity.

Price Range: £85-£110

Final Score: 8.0 / 10


Moshult is a thin latex-foam mattress that is only 10 cm thick. It is made with firm polyurethane and has a poly-blend cover. While some found it convenient, others reported issues with its sturdiness, thickness, and odour.

The pros: A very affordable thin mattress.

The cons: Mixed reviews on comfort and odour.

Price Range: £70-£75

Final Score: 7.7 / 10

Next, we will examine the IKEA spring mattress collection:


Hafslo is a rigid sprung mattress with polyester padding as the primary comfort material. Most appreciate the value for money, but there are a few comfort complaints regarding insufficient fillings.

The pros: An inexpensive sprung mattress.

The cons: Mixed reviews about comfort.

Price Range: £75-£99

Final Score: 8.3 / 10


Hamarvik is a sprung option with a thin layer of polyurethane foam for a comfort layer. This is a medium-firm mattress and most customers describe as good value for money. However, some customers have identified longevity issues.

The pros: Initial comfort and good value-for-money experiences.

The cons: Complaints about sagging for some sleepers.

Price Range: £99-£150

Final Score: 8.8 / 10


The Hövåg offers a more robust profile with a pocket spring design. The pocket springs have a medium-firm polyurethane foam layer. Customers often have good things to say about this bed, but there are some complaints about the durability, smell, and some comfort differences vs. expectations.

The pros: An affordable pocket coil mattress designed for balanced comfort.

The cons: Sagging and odour issues.

Price Range: £129-£279

Final Score: 8.2 / 10


The Hyllestand is designed as a more pressure-reducing spring mattress with a medium-firm pocket coil design. This mattress has layers of polyurethane and latex foam on top of the inner spring matrix, which provides additional padding. While there are good reviews for initial comfort, there are some complaints about the feel vs. showroom expectations.

The pros: A more balanced design for side sleeping.

The cons: Complaints that mattresses feel different than expected.

Price Range: £215-£350

Final Score: 7.9 / 10


The Vatneström mattress is available in either a firm or extra firm profile. It is 26cm thick, filled with latex foam and PLA fiber. With a more expensive price tag than most other IKEA options, most customers have good things to say about initial comfort in general.

The pros: Two options of firmness that are generally well-rated.

The cons: The price value may not be as competitive compared to online brands.

Price Range: £499-£650

Final Score: 8.3 / 10


Hokkåsen is another pocket spring mattress with a firm or extra-firm profile. It has a padded upper comfort layer reinforced with micro-springs and polyurethane foam. At 31 cm, this is one of the thickest options available at IKEA. Customers are generally happy with this but over time there are disagreements over sagging and support.

The pros: A thick mattress for its price with micro-spring technology with two firmness options.

The cons: Sustainability of feel and ongoing support issues are reported.

Price Range: £379-£499

Final Score: 7.8 / 10


Vadsö is a thin mattress that is very firm. It has a very thin polyurethane foam and polyester fibre layer with a spring system. According to its specifications, it is best suited for a daybed, trundle, or child’s mattress.

The pros: An extremely affordable mattress with a lot of firm support.

The cons: It may be uncomfortable for some due to the lack of pressure relieving comfort layers.

Price Range: £50-£69

Final Score: 8.2 / 10


Husvika is a spring mattress with a solid profile. With its 12 cm thickness, it is preferred for a daybed, trundle, or child’s mattress. Customers say they appreciate the price, but there are disputes the firmness and size for some customers.

The pros: It is a very affordable bed with a thin profile, ideal for daybeds and trundles.

The cons: There are some disagreements about comfort.

Price Range: £115

Final Score: 7.9 / 10


See the range above. As you can see, IKEA’s main focus is on more firm and medium-firm mattresses, with less softer varieties. While medium-firm mattresses are the most common for universal comfort, some customers have reported that certain models are firmer than expectations so make sure to read the reviews on the specific mattress.

Who Are IKEA Mattresses Best For?

IKEA beds are extremely affordable, which is a nice differentiator in the expensive mattress industry, but there are some complaints about longevity and firmness. Check out our top rated mattresses in the UK for competitive alternatives, some of which are surprisingly affordable.

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Very Comfortable mattress [HYLLESTAD]

Very comfortable, excellent value for money would definitely recommend

Guest bed mattress [HAMARVIK]

Great price, guests say very comfortable. Added airmax mattress topper and padded mattress protector for extra comfort.

Too short for bed frame! [HAFSLO]

I bought this mattress to go with the Slakt bed frame. It was recommended to go with that frame and the price was very reasonable. I understand that a rolled mattress may take a while to settle but thus mattress is 11cm too short for the frame, leaving a big gap at the bottom of the bed. There’s a whole slat that isn’t covered by mattress!! This doesn’t seem right considering IKEA recommend this mattress to go with the Slakt bed. I feel we will have to return it for a better fit.

Comfortable [HAMARVIK]

Nice mattress and very comfortable

Does what a mattress should [HAMARVIK]

Does what a mattress should do.

Hafslo comfy mattress but ridges after 2 months [HAFSLO]

I bought this mattress for my daughter who is a mere 66kg. She does love the springyness of however, after only 2 months it is no longer flat and has developed creases/ridges which she says makes it less comfy. Disappointed.

Very comfortable [HAMARVIK]

An excellent mattress at a reasonable price, great

Looks amazing [HAMARVIK]

My teenage daughter absolutely loves this bed. We ordered online & click & collect down in Nottingham was the only place with it available.... 4hr round trip BUT so pleased with it.

Fantastic [HYLLESTAD]

I makes me want to stay in bed all day long :) It really good , farm and strong and comfortable

Bought for our daughter, says [HYLLESTAD]

Bought for our daughter, says mattress is comfy and sleeps well

Very comfortable [MORGEDAL]

Soft and firm at the same time.

So comfy! [HOKKÅSEN]

We spent some time in store testing out all the different mattresses, and it was definitely worth it - we’ve had this one for a few months now and it is so comfortable! We had many a good nights sleep!

Most comfortable mattress ever [HOKKÅSEN]

We bought the medium firm mattress and are really pleased with how comfortable it is. We coupled this with the Leirsund slats and this seems to also help with the comfort of the mattress. We couldn’t have made a better choice.

Good night sleep! [MOSHULT]

Ikea never fail in their design for comfort with their mattresses, I cannot fault them. You will get a good night sleep.


My mother at 82, a recent cancer survivor and currently living with vascular dementia, so her dreamy comfort whilst she sleeps is paramount. This recent item, goes some way to add the additional comfort required to our existing bed.

Life changing quality [MORGEDAL]

Perfect nights sleep every night

Excellent value for money [HYLLESTAD]

Really comfortable and affordable. Deciding was difficult but only because of range available. Ifind it very comfortable

Super comfy, like sleeping in [HAMARVIK]

Super comfy, like sleeping in the clouds but not too soft.

Really good comfort & value [HAFSLO]

Wasn’t expecting that much but it really is comfortable

Really comfortable mattress [MALFORS]

Mattress, good value and comfortable

Very comfy the edging colour [HAMARVIK]

Very comfy the edging colour isn’t appealing but covered with a fitted sheet anyway

Comfortable bed great price [HUSVIKA]

Worth spending more than the foam versions for the hemnes day bed

Comfortable [MALFORS]

Great value for money and great for the spare bed. I liked it so much that I bought bigger size for my bed. Comfortable and really good feature of being able to wash the outside cover.

Perfect comfy mattress. [HAFSLO]

Was not expecting much for the price of the mattress but it’s the best we have bought. So comfy and stayed like new. Bargain!

Exactly as expected [MALFORS]

Not used get owing to lock down but I have laid on it and it seems fine.

2 singles = 1 superking! [MALFORS]

I bought a secondhand bed from Gumtree and needed a mattress. I only realised when I assembled it that it was a superking and the mattresses for super kings are really expensive. However I found out that 2 singles = 1 superking. It worked really well once all the bedding was on!


Gives you a good nights sleep

Good price [MOSHULT]

Cheap price for what needed it form worked well

Mattress [MOSHULT]

Excellent quality and very comfortable

Double mattress [HYLLESTAD]

Very comfortable,very good quality. Is not flat packed, hard to transport.

Dipping Mattress! [HOKKÅSEN]

We have had the Mattress for 5 years and a little while ago we noticed that it started to sag on all the edges! We kept our Receipts as it came with a guarantee so someone was sent out to assess, we were told that our bed frame is not supportive enough! I have never had a mattress do this before we do not sit nor lie on the edges of our beds and our bed frame is perfectly acceptable so i will not be being an Ikea mattress again!

Not a good quality [MORGEDAL]

We had purchased 2 mattresses. After few months, started back pain due to it’s quality as it’s shrunk down completely. And same experience with other family member as found same issue as she is now suffering due to back pain. Not recommended product to be honest.

Very comfortable. [HÖVÅG]

Delivery was wise as it was 25kg but you could easily collect it in a car with help. Unrolled it takes a few days to restore itself. Initially it felt hard but it is perfect now.

Fantastic price for a great [HÖVÅG]

Fantastic price for a great mattress

Beger sleeping on the floor [MORGEDAL]

The worst mattress on the plant! I know it not super expensive but it’s so hard like a rock, I tried this in store before I bought it and it was so nice, got deliver and I thought I might give it a time to get used to it, but it’s so bad I bought it less then 2 years ago and my back hurts so only 22 and I should not have back problems at this age, my husband which is 28 is also starting get really bad back pains I’m so sad they can’t do an exchange.

Would not advise to buy [MALFORS]

Would not advise to buy a foam mattress considering to exchange for a spring when we can get back to the store

Spend the extra pennies [HUSVIKA]

These sprung mattresses are very comfy, people that have used them always compliment how comfortable they are. I would say worth spending the extra for a bit of comfort.

Very Poor [MORGEDAL]

avoid this item as the quality is very poor. it did not even reach one year from the date of our purchase and it already started sagging. the mattress has already become very uncomfortable to sleep on and my body is already sinking into it.

Morgedal foam mattress [MORGEDAL]

So comfortable used with white wooden Hemnes bed. Fab.

Mattress [HAFSLO]

Does want it says on the tin - no issue so far!

Good value but quite hard [MORGEDAL]

This is a good value memory foam mattress. It is well made but I would point out that it is quite hard compared to other memory foam mattresses I have bought.

I have always had sprung [MORGEDAL]

I have always had sprung mattresses in the past. However, this one has made sleeping better as I have arthritis. The quality is great and it is really comfortable. I would definitely recommend this mattress.

Good value and comfortable [MORGEDAL]

bought for teenage daughter as son already has a single and finds it very comfortable.

Brilliant quality mattress at a great price [HOKKÅSEN]

We needed to replace out King Size mattress and I have spinal problems so the hunt was on for a comfortable, supportive mattress that would suit us both and not break the bank. I had heard good things about IKEA mattresses from family members and we spent an afternoon trying them out in store. We have been nothing but delighted with the mattress. I am a naturally cool person whilst my husband is always warm, but this suits us both. We have both found it very comfortable and supportive, and looking back at what we spent on our previous mattress I would buy from IKEA again. Def recommend. It's quite a deep mattress, great for me with my bad back as it adds a bit more height to the bed.


Very uncomfortable again same as other we purchased gives you a really bad back next morning

Good budget mattress [VADSÖ]

Good mattress for those in a budget

Mattress [HAMARVIK]

Very good quality mattress nice and comfortable. Added bonus is the cover comes off to wash


Mattress is ok and well made just very thin which means its not very comfortable on bunkbeds maybe ok on a divan style base.

Not good over time [HAFSLO]

At first it was very comfortable. A year later it is horrendous. I use this all the time and should have opted for the pocket springs which I have now ordered.

Good mattress for a child [MALFORS]

The firm mattress is like sleeping on a patio and the medium firm you can feel the slats underneath. The mattress is perfectly fine for my two year old but sometimes I end up sleeping in with her and the mattress are very uncomfortable. We were advised to get one of each but ended up buying another medium firm and binning the firm one due to not being able to sleep on it.

Absolutely terrible product [MORGEDAL]

The mattress began to sag within twelve months of use, and six months after complaining, IKEA's customer service has yet to resolve it. Avoid at all costs

Not suitable for sleeping on! [MOSHULT]

We bought a bed with 2 MUSHOLT mattresses. I have always slept on firm mattresses but these are the most uncomfortable mattresses ever. I tried sleeping on them for two nights, but after a couple of hours had to give up and go and sleep on a sofa because they are unyielding and rock hard. And this is with the two mattresses on top of each other. When the bed is in double layout and the slats are covered with only one depth of mattress, you will be able to feel every slat because of the gap between slats, and because the mattress is so thin and has no substance to bridge the gaps. Just not acceptable quality.

Lovely comfy mattress [HAFSLO]

This represents excellent value for money for a quality product.

Bought to go on Slattum [HÖVÅG]

Bought to go on Slattum bed frame. Does the job well. Very useful that it comes rolled up rather than 'flat' as had to get up to a third floor room with small 'circular staircase and no lift.

Lovely item [HOKKÅSEN]

Great item. Would really recommend.

Comfy mattress [HAMARVIK]

Good value and very comfortable.

Hyllestad Pocket Sprung Mattress [HYLLESTAD]

It took a few days to get rid of the smell which was mentioned in earlier reviews. It’s was harder than I remember and took our backs a while to get used to the new sleeping position. Now we love it. Best mattress ever

Mattress for bed [MORGEDAL]

My wife and I wanted to build a captains or cabin / crew bed .. A normal bed that has regular sized chest of draws underneath built in.. My wife and I first chose this matress as we both prefer a firm one. When I say firm I mean cushioned but won't let you sink or feel like your laying on custard. We had beds in the past that were soft, like you roll to adjust yourself and in your dream you've just become the chick in cliffhanger, before the sudden fall from your life line leaving you falling hopelessly to your bedroom floor. Waking in a confused state rocking back on forth reliving the nightmare. There's only one thing to do! Bin that old soft nightmare inducing rectangle and buy a firm one. Also I have a spinal injury and would sometimes sleep on the floor to avoid the crippling pain. We bought our mattress in 2015 built our bed and have been exstreamly happy with it since. When we stay with family we pine or our firm mattress. Our next bed will be bigger and we're buying the same mattress just bigger. Plus 10 year guarantee.. gotta say 5 years on and it's still the best nights sleep.

I bought it fir my [VADSÖ]

I bought it fir my granddaughter when she stays geart value she loves her bed

Doesn’t fit my bed [MORGEDAL]

Not happy with the product.

Hyllestad mattress [HYLLESTAD]

Firm mattress but comfortable from the off. Clearly a premium product.

sags badly in the middle after just 6 months [MALFORS]

Have repeatedly re-written this review as it was flagged for language. Wonder if it was because it was a very negative review. Within six months this mattress had developed a significant dip which has got worse and worse over the months trying to find the receipt. It is also very warm to lie on. Keep the receipt to hand!

comfortable but too short [HUSVIKA]

Too short for the bed it was bought for, there is about a 10cm gap. This is the correct mattress for this bed as the advisor wrote down the full list of items I needed to complete the set. Mattress itself is very comfortable but just very disappointed with the fit.

Brilliant quality item [VADSÖ]

Brilliant quality item

Zero stars [MOSHULT]

Product is terrible. 3 year old will not sleep in his own bed as it’s so uncomfortable he can feel the slats underneath. Having to buy another mattress. MONEY WASTED

Excellent mattress for the price [MALFORS]

Bought this mattress for spare bed and have slept on it several times. I was very surprised how comfortable it was. I am very happy with the good quality and price.

Super comfortable but odd size! [MORGEDAL]

The mattress is super comfortable. I ordered a king size mattress... it is several cm smaller than my king size bed frame!!!

I tried out this mattress [MALFORS]

I tried out this mattress before buying and I am completely happy with my purchase. It's so comfortable and I'm getting a good night's sleep.

Support [MORGEDAL]

Support has failed ,less than a year old. I would choose another mattress over this.

Mattress [MALFORS]

Bought the mattress for my daughter and is finding very comfortable.

Mattress [MOSHULT]

My children love their new mattresses they said they are really comfortable

Great Mattress [HOKKÅSEN]

Recommend by my daughter, so comfortable I love it !!

Mattress Sunk !!! Back problems intiated [HYLLESTAD]

We had this mattress for 3 years. Initially this Mattress was good had a Firm/Medium support not giving me and partner any problems. We would sleep well rested and woke up refreshed with out any Back problems or fatigue. After 2 years of use, the mattress started to lose the memory of retaining back to its original position after sleeping and now you can clearly see the two sunken marks where we sleep in our Super King size bed. I know i had options with mattress manufacturing companies with a far better price and 10 years Guarantee of the mattress life instead i went for IKEA because i had loved & bought new wardrobes and furniture (5k GBP) for my New house from IKEA and i thought the experience would be similar but i am afraid it was NOT.


It’s ok not sure how long it will last as it not that think

Childs Mattress [MALFORS]

Bought this for our grandson. It's great and really comfortable. Could have been a couple of centimetres longer as there is a gap around the mattress. Bought to go with the Kura bed.

Love it [HAMARVIK]

So comfy, lovely nights sleep

Beautiful looking and very sturdy [VADSÖ]

Beautiful looking and very sturdy

Comfy [HAFSLO]

Decent comfortable mattress, bit small for the SLAKT bed - gap at both ends

Buyer beware [HYLLESTAD]

We have had this mattress around 3 years and it has sunken where we lie. I can now feel the mattress springs digging into me, we roll into one another and I wake up with a bad back.

Ignore bad reviews [HAFSLO]

For the price it was I was a little concerned, but when it arrived and rolled out I couldn’t be happier. The firmness is perfect and so comfortable. Doesn’t seem cheap at all. There were reviews about a smell about it as well but honestly it smells new and fresh which you can never complain about. Very happy with my paired KOPARDAL bed frame as well

Very comfortable [HOKKÅSEN]

Excellent...very comfortable...good bye back aches.

Nicely packaged, looks good, I find it hard [HÖVÅG]

It looks good, nicely made and great packaging. It does say it is medium firm but I would describe it as firm. I would prefer something softer or at least a soft topper. I think I will have to get a memory foam topper

Great mattress [MORGEDAL]

Partner thinks it’s a bit hard, but I’ve had no issues with it at all and found it comfortable and sleep well on it.

Very uncomfortable [HAFSLO]

Very uncomfortable it says it's a firm mattress but it isn't more like soft, wake up daily with a back and neck pain.

Single mattress for my kids [HAFSLO]

Fantastic mattress and great price

Excellent mattress [HYLLESTAD]

Excellent mattress

Great mattress [MOSHULT]

We bought these for our daughters bunk beds. They are comfortable which is surprising as they are thin.

Excellent! [MOSHULT]

Would recommend to anyone at uni, most handy item in my room and its my version of princess and the pea xx


This mattress is the best thing we have ever boughtWhy oh why did I not buy it 30 year ago. Love it but we nearly had to send it back at our expense as it was too big to turn the corner on our stairs delivery men were not obliging prob not their job. Luckily a load of friends managed it but a little rip on base now! Still the best thing I have ever bought rip or no tip

Terrible thin mattress [MORGEDAL]

Had this mattress delivered a while back as our old mattress (also Ikea) was sinking after 8 years, this was bad quite early in but gave it a chance with the view to returning it if not right at the end of the returns window. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances we were unable to return it. Now had it a year and its completely uncomfortable. Massive dips where we sleep thin as a pancake. Attempting a warranty claim.

Spare mattress [HAMARVIK]

Ordering and delivery very good. Seems good quality but not slept on

Sturdier than the foam [HUSVIKA]

I got this to replace the foam mattress which had sunk. I think the foam mattresses aren't meant to be a permanently slept on mattress but were fairly comfortable. When I first used the sprung mattress they were incredibly hard but gave me the firmness I needed for a sore back. I'm sure they've softened though or I've got used to them. For me it's a temporary bed which I've ended up using on a semi permanent basis.

Extremely disappointing [HOKKÅSEN]

We are extremely disappointed with this mattress and wouldn't recommend it. We have bought it in firm option because of my bad back, unfortunately it has sagged on both sides, and isn't firm at all. Smaller person falls into the larger person. Not worth the price.

Nice, very good! [HAFSLO]

Nice, very good!

Very disappointing [MALFORS]

After less than a year its condition started deteriorating.

Comfortable yet firm [MOSHULT]

Mattress got for my baby (Montessori bedroom). We needed a firm and not too high mattress. This mattress is perfect even for adults. Good quality also and I would recommend.

Dips in mattress [MORGEDAL]

We bought this mattress because of its firmness which we needed for back support. Unfortunately, after some time, we found that dips developed in certain areas. This has caused further back problems.

Comfy but too warm & high [VATNESTRÖM]

Comfortable to lie on but mattress heats up too quickly. The description says cool but alas, not so. The kingsize is super heavy and needs 2 people to move it. Handles look as if they will rip so be careful. The mattress is very high and I didn’t realise. I feel too high in my bedroom so be prepared for that.

Thin as a piece of toast [MOSHULT]

Really disappointed someone would sell a mattress this thin. To see the depth you can click on the product size page, but why this cant be put on the main page i cant see why, the length and width is, its literally just two more digits. Have now paid £30 delivery, will have to store this, then drive to take it back when its safe to do so. After waiting a month for the delivery my son still won’t be able to have his bed set up for ages because I will not have him sleeping in this unfit for purpose mattress.

Poor support over time [HOKKÅSEN]

I agree with all the reviews posted - good and bad. I bought a firm king size Hokkasen 4 years ago and though it was wonderful initially, it now provides insufficient support in the middle of your body and is impossible to lie on your front. I had an Ikea inspection under the 25 year warranty but apparently it is still within manufacturing tolerances. My last IKEA mattress lasted > 10 years but this one is much poorer quality. What's more disappointing is that IKEA didn't care :(

Not bad actually is really [MORGEDAL]

Not bad actually is really soft and comfortable

Great nights sleep. [VATNESTRÖM]

I love the look of this mattress and the quality of the fabric. It was thicker and firmer than I thought it was going to be but it is soooo good to sleep on- it was fine.

Perfect mattress [HYLLESTAD]

Very pleased with this mattress and definitely recommend for a good nights sleep

Firm & Comfortable [MALFORS]

The medium/firm was too soft for my liking, the firm one is very comfortable and great for my poor aching back!

Really comfortable! I bought one [HAMARVIK]

Really comfortable! I bought one for my son after having had mine for a couple of years and keeping its firmness and still very comfortable! Highly recommend!

Bad back ache [MORGEDAL]

Bought by my husband as recommended as the best for his bad back, was terribly hard to sleep had to return I really wouldn't recommend this.

Difficult to get out of bed now. [HOKKÅSEN]

Partnered with a new IKEA duvet, it's the best sleeps I have had for ages. I'm reluctant to get out now in the mornings.

Good value for money, hard [MALFORS]

Good value for money, hard enough for support but not uncomfortable

The mattress doesn"t expand [MALFORS]

I bought this mattress 2 weeks ago. It is supposed to be 90cm×200cm, but it is still in the 74cm and I definitely don't see it reaching the 90cm... Will be returning since it's leaving a big gap in my daughters Kura bed. Really disappointed.

Perfect [HOKKÅSEN]

The bed has great storage and the mattress is very comfy. My son put it together in 5 hours!

*Spine transplant pending* [HÖVÅG]

Slept on this mattress for 2 months so far & for balance I'll start with the pros: Easy the transport home in a car. You won't feel your partner move about next to you as it doesn't dip. Great height and sits nicely on the Hemnes bed frame for which it was bought. Handles on the side for easy 180 turning. Cons: HARD AS NAILS!!!! Advertised as medium/firm but for a side sleeper it feels like sleeping on the pavement, in fact sleeping on the pavement might be more comfortable. From the first night I've had either a sore stiff neck or shoulder pain so bad I've had to take painkillers to get through the day and then dreading going to sleep only to repeat the cycle. Horrendous. I'm aware that a new mattress may need some time to soften/adjust to your body but at this point I'm ready to return. As side sleepers, my partner and myself, find ourselves flat on our backs just trying to get comfortable to no avail. Really unfortunate this mattress is just not comfortable for a side sleeper who may need something softer because the shoulder and neck pain just isn't worth the bargin price. At this point I'm ready to raid the rubbish tip for my old mattress back. ITS HOT!!! HOT HOT HOT... woke up a few times so drenched in sweat that I've had to change night clothes as I was soaking. We do have a mattress protector, which my contribute to the heat, but this was ridiculous because we've used the same protector on our old bed and it was fine.

Inexpensive comfort [HAMARVIK]

Bought for a spare room bed. Surprised at the comfort for an inexpensive mattress. Really recommend this mattress for a spare room bed. Quality is excellent and can be transported in a car (if rear seats fold down) as it comes rolled up.

Brought for my son, the [MOSHULT]

Brought for my son, the mattress is good but wished I’d spent a little more as don’t think it will last him into adult hood.

Great from first night [HUSVIKA]

The mattress seemed fairly firm at first, but actually sleeping on it was just great right from the start. My daughter also loves hers (we both got new ones).

Comfort with bad smell [HOKKÅSEN]

The idea of the mattress is very good and it is a nice comfortable mattress. Two layers of springs is like a luxury design. Unfortunatelly springs are not used in all area and edges are too soft. But the weakeast point is the top latex foam. The latex foam has very strong smell. After three months its not very strong any more even if you airing and vacuuming the mattress a lot. After six months its has only weak smell and after one year you hardly notice it. It is luxury mattress design with cheap materials.

Nice mattress better then other [MALFORS]

Nice mattress better then other one we bought but would benefit from being abit thicker but daughter finds it comfortable.

Nice, comfortable bargain. [HAFSLO]

Brought this on the spare of the moment as a quick, cheap replacement for my previous mattress which had become unbearably uncomfortable, was only going to be a short term investment but I am actually very surprised as to how ttress is! I don't think I would be impressed with how cheap this was but it's very comfortable and because of how cheap it is, I probably would buy again once this one has had it's life.

Brilliant as seating! [HUSVIKA]

A pair of these mattresses makes a great seat on a daybed frame. Incredibly comfortable and great fit naps. Individually they provide a good bed!

Lovely mattress, great how it’s [HÖVÅG]

Lovely mattress, great how it’s so compact so it’s easy to transport home. My car is very small but managed to fit in this double mattress with no fuss. Overall very comfortable.

Finished off the day bed [MOSHULT]

Used with a Hemmes day bed as old mattress was too big and used to cause an over lap that daughter and her friends used to complain about on sleep overs.

Mattress, wardrobe [HYLLESTAD]

Easy all the way ..from looking to delivery..

This is a good mattress [HAFSLO]

This is a good mattress cheap and cheerful

Comfy, bit on warm side [HÖVÅG]

I read the Which reviews and after a few weeks this is still comfy. Very good value but I’m finding the foam top layer warm in February , but my husband isn’t! Instructions recommend you use a mattress protector and just a thin quilted protector has evened it out so you don’t sink in when you roll over. Was difficult to buy a mattress in lockdown so this good value mattress seemed a safe bet for the price. My husband had backache with our old mattress but not with the new one.


IKEA Product is getting old and weak be used for a limited time after purchase

Mattress [HYLLESTAD]

I wanted a firm mattress and this is perfect. The top layers give softness.


Suits us very well. Good value and comfortable.

Mattress [HYLLESTAD]

The mattress was firmer than expected but now used to it so ok. We did find it too short for the bed frame.

Good mattress not too firm or soft [HOKKÅSEN]

My husband and I had been looking for a mattress that suited both of our needs. I needed support for my lower back, my husband for his aching legs. This mattress helps with both of these issues. A mattress cover was recommended which we bought and have used. This will help to keep the mattress clean and last longer. Overall very pleased with our purchase.

Very comfortable [HÖVÅG]

This is the second mattress I have purchased, this time to replace the spare room mattress.

Very comfortable [HUSVIKA]

Bought 2 of these for day bed...very comfortable

Very disappointed when we opened [HÖVÅG]

Very disappointed when we opened out mattress had a very strange stain about the size of an apple!!! Would appreciate a response to this! Overall mattress comfortable

Great Product, Awful Customer Service [HÖVÅG]

Loved the product, a great mattress and really comfortable too. My only grip was that the mattress packaging had been ripped, there was a scuff and very visible scuff/snag in the fabric and an oily black substance around it. After trying to raise my concerns to the non existent customer service team, I had to take to Twitter with pictures of the damage and still never got a response to this day (a good eight weeks later) So over all a greta product. but expect much better from Ikeas customer service team... especially after paying £40 for the delivery!

This is the three mattress [HAMARVIK]

This is the three mattress of this type we have brought. Excellent value and very comfortable

Mattress collapsed [HYLLESTAD]

We’ve had the mattress for a year. The mattress was wonderful at first, now it has collapsed where me and my partner both sleep, so it is really really uncomfortable, and we’re both starting to get bad backs and shoulders. Have been trying to contact Ikea since March but have had no luck, so we’re stuck with this mattress. Really frustrated and disappointed.

Great mattress [HÖVÅG]

Good supportive mattress at a reasonable price. Two firmness levels.

Comfortable mattress [HÖVÅG]

Really comfortable mattress at a great price

DB Mattress [HÖVÅG]

Very comfy quality mattress.


Not a very comfortable mattress very firm and expensive I would look else where for the mattress next time

So comfortable Brill [HAMARVIK]

So comfortable Brill

Excellent Product !! [HOKKÅSEN]

I chose the firm mattress as oppose to the medium firm and find whilst it is comfortable, it is very firm, which suits me. It is an excellent mattress and I have not encountered any issues.

Good mattress [HUSVIKA]

It’s good but could be a bit more firm

Not comfy. Rubbish quality [MOSHULT]

So thin! Very uncomftable. Bought for a ikea bunk bed and it doesn't even fit snug there's a gap either side of the top and tail. Forgot to use a mattress protector so tried taking the top off to wash (something that swayed me into buying this one) however the zip is tightly shut and has nothing on to pull it so can't even take it off like described. Wouldn't reccomend

Great price [HÖVÅG]

Very good, supportive mattress for a good price.

Basic mattress [HÖVÅG]

Basic mattress for a spare bed. Liked the way it was packaged in a roll for easy transportation.

So comfortable [HAFSLO]

Purchased a Double and a Single mattress. Very satisfied, very comfortable and the prices are very affordable.

Very good matres [HAFSLO]

A quality mattress and a good price.

Matress [HÖVÅG]

Love the mattress, comfortable and soft

Very pleasantly surprised [HYLLESTAD]

We have always avoided mattresses with any memory foam component but this was the most comfortable one we tried in-store and decided to take a departure from our usual choice of pocket sprung (we move around a lot and but mattresses more frequently than is perhaps typical). It is firm enough for our preference and whilst it does retain a bit of heat, the addition of a cooling mattress pad makes it super comfortable during these warmer months and we are very pleased with our choice.

Great mattress [HÖVÅG]

I bought with confidence as I knew we could change it within 90 days if the mattress wasn’t suitable, which is a fantastic added guarantee, haven’t needed it so far, comfy and just the right firmness

Would like to upgrade [HAMARVIK]

I bought the medium-firm version and for me personally - it’s way too soft and springy. I want to change it as it’s within the 90 days, however it’s been impossible to get in contact with customer services which is frustrating. Really disappointing experience.

Brilliant mattress [HAMARVIK]

This is the second HAMARVIK mattress we have bought. We were so happy with the first one, we bought another for our caravan. So comfortable.

Super comfortable mattress [HOKKÅSEN]

After spending two days trying all the mattresses in Ikea showroom I chose the Hokkasen pocket sprung mattress because it was firm without being hard. I am more than happy with my choice and have a comfortable sleep every night.

Good Mattress [MOSHULT]

The matress good for the cost

Comfortable [HÖVÅG]

The most comfortable mattress I've owned, fantastic value for money

Mattress [HYLLESTAD]

Normally you would expect a couple of weeks to settle into a new mattress but this one was amazing from the first night .

Best night sleep in ages [HÖVÅG]

Son really recommends this mattress , left it for 3 days as per the instructions and it’s perfect

Brilliant [VADSÖ]

Bought 2 of these for my young boys and they are super comfy. Will be buying again for my teenager.

Extremely comfortable [HYLLESTAD]

Really pleased with our choice of mattress, extremely comfortable and doesn't squash when laid on so supportive.

Only had the mattress for [HYLLESTAD]

Only had the mattress for 2 weeks. Seem very good.

Mattress [VADSÖ]

Good product and value for money

Too thick this mattress [HAMARVIK]

Poorly marked product. I wanted a thin mattress, didn't know it was thick :(

Excellent! [MALFORS]

Excellent mattress for a great price. My 3 year old loves it and sleeps really well.

Double mattress [HÖVÅG]

Very good quality and value for money. Comes with a 25 year guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions About Ikea

What is the best IKEA mattress in the UK?

The most popular IKEA mattress for adults is the Hövåg sprung mattress, which is also the best rated. The most popular children's mattress is the Malfors foam mattress. While these mattresses offer low prices, there are some mixed reviews when it comes to durability.

Are IKEA mattresses in the UK toxic?

Some IKEA mattresses sold in the UK use polyurethane foam for comfort layers and also they may use other synthetic materials in the fabrics and craftsmanship. While many sources of polyurethane certify that their foam is free from harmful chemicals, those that are very sensitive to chemicals may require additional certification.

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