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Hyde And Sleep

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Hyde and Sleep is a subsidiary of Dreams Ltd, the well-known mattress retailer. The Hyde and Sleep mattress is the Dreams answer to the mattress in a box revolution. Rather than providing one 'universally comfortable mattress,' Hyde and Sleep has three mattress firmnesses to choose from. With layers of foam and extra support from springs, Hyde and Sleep gets good initial reception from customers.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 8.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.9/10

Price Value: 8.6/10

No Back Pain: 8.7/10

Price: £499-£799

Trial Period: 40 Night Exchange

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Hyde And Sleep's Specifics

Hyde and Sleep is a hybrid mattress in the box that comes in variety of firmness options, which is a big win versus other online mattress options. Most customers find that these mattresses are initially comfortable. However, there were some cusotmers that had problems with dipping over a very short duration, which caused some frustration. If you are a larger sleeper, you may need something that is more durable.

Craftsmanship & Materials

Hyde and Sleep mattresses are mostly made from a variety of foams that are CPC free, and are made in Britain in the Dreams Ltd. factory.

Here is what's inside their Hyde and Sleep Mattresses:

Layer 1: The top cover layer is breathable and soft, which is ideal for those that worry about cooling.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is 'Next-Gen memory foam', which uses technology to protect against dust mites and bacteria while relieving pressure points and contouring to the body.

Layer 3: The next layer is 2,000 micro HD springs that react to your body seamlessly, providing greater support without aggravating pressure spots.

Layer 4: The transition comfort layer is another layer of responsive foam that supports while it cushions.

Layer 5: The last layer is the support base that features ventilation channels to keep you cool and comfortable, while cradling the spine properly.

Overall Comfort

The Hyde and Sleep mattress gets good initial comfort scores from most sleepers. However, there were some customers that experienced dipping problems over a very short duration.


Hyde and Sleep has three firmness options, ranging from medium to very firm. The very firm mattress is somewhat more durable than the other options and ideal for stomach sleepers. The other options are best for side and back sleepers.

Back Pain Relief

Most customers agree that they feel a comfortable night sleep. That said, if durability problems arise, back pain relief may not be a guarantee.


These mattresses do a great job cooling for a foam-focused construction. From the top layer to breathable base, most customers will find a cool night sleep.

Who Are Hyde and Sleep Mattresses Right For?

As there are some reports of dipping, these mattresses are best for those that are smaller in body size and want something outside of the standard firmness options.

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Great and extremely happy

The hybrid mattress is great as are the duvet and pillows that were part of the offer, trunt up without issues, very happy with everthing

Easy process to order

Easy process to order, delivery and comfortable mattress

Very comfortable mattress

Very comfortable mattress, hassle free ordering and delivery. Helpful and informative sales staff and given a good discount as we didn’t want to take up there offer of free pillows, duvet and sheets.

Great out of the box but after 8 months…

Great out of the box but after 8 months it’s lost its shape and there are 2 Long grooves where we sleep permantly, even after being out of the bed all day. It’s now become like lying in a ditch. Very poor and I will be looking for a replacement although by looking at other comments it’s doubtful

You can't put a price on a good night's sleep! !

Excellent. ..prompt delivery. Fantastic product. Like sleeping on a cloud....I should have had one years ago.....you can't put a price on a good night's sleep!

Great nights sleep

It took a few days to adjust to our new mattress but now it's hard to get up in the morning's, love it.

Indifferent at the moment

I don't feel like the mattress is good nor bad at the moment waiting to see

Great Mattress

Arrived promptly, the mattress is well packaged - it also bounced back very quickly to its shape and size. And more importantly, I had a very good night sleep, it is very comfortable, not too soft - just right body hugging. The mattress was meant for the spare room, no need to say I exchanged mattresses the following day.

New Mattress

Got rid of a 3000 spring 16-month-old mattress for this mattress, so glad I did. Old mattress gave me hip and shoulder pains and really had to go. Received our new mattress from Hyde 2 days after talking and ordering from them. Now had this mattress for 5 weeks and from night one I have had no aches and pains whatsoever, that in itself is a miracle. It is a joy to sleep on and gives me a good night’s sleep. All contact with Hyde and Sleep were 1st class and phones were answered very quickly by knowledgably people who knew what they were talking about. Thank you Hyde and Sleep and keep up the good work. Alec

Excellent customer services

I had a couple of issues with the mattress I had ordered , purely my mistake but the customer service team dealt with the matter efficiently and resolved the problem for me

Would have been perfect but

Would have been perfect but had to get someone else to help get it upstairs!

Good customer service. Had a

Good customer service. Had a delivery blip which was sorted out very quickly. Only negative is that I didn't feel that I was kept informed as well as I expected. Would recommend however.

Very comfortable mattress

Very comfortable mattress. God communication re delivery.

lovely mattress

Really good mattress comfortable and came in a very transportable box and fluffed up to a good size. We went for the best product and although it is quite expensive, you do get what you pay for.

Great nights sleep

Delivery team excellent, phoned to confirm delivery time ,then brought mattress pillows and protector ,and carried them up to our bedroom.Explained unpacking procedure which was very straightforward. Slightly underwhelmed on unpacking the mattress ,seemed very thin,however after leaving for a few hours it had doubled in thickness.Lovely firm mattress but so so comfortable.Jury still out on pillows but getting used to one firmer pillow rather than two soft ones

Best front sleeping pillow

Well in fact, as a predominantly front sleeper this is the perfect pillow. However, it functions perfectly when I use it sleeping on my back or side. Had it a month and have only used the memory foam side.... I l'll never change it, its so comfortable. My sleep is deeper, my neck and shoulder pain is non existent in bed. It's the perfect pillow, everything that you advertised it to be. Thank you. This is the pillow for me.

Great service apart from the refund

Great service apart from the refund. I'm still awaiting a refund after 3 weeks wait!

best mattress ever

best nights sleep i have had in years


Lack of communication. Paid services delivered not all yet delivered More customer care services required.

not got the mattress yet

not so happy if you could advise me what has happened to my delivery. Ups tracking system is not very helpful at all it is now 7.51 in the evening and it is still saying it is on time for delivery what this late. very poor not sure if i am even going to receive my delivery. if you could advise me so that i can speak to Barclays tomorrow morning. not so happy at all.

New experience

Early n ights for me to give a proper review as yet.

Excellent product

Excellent product, I have recommended the hybrid mattress to everyone I know and I will continue to do so. Our new bedlinen is luxurious and devine.

Happy Customer

Great service , great nights sleep in fact the most comfortable sleep I have ever had. Would recommend anyone to get a new matters like this in the future. Thank you


I hardly ever leave reviews, but this is worthy. The key thing is how early I am waking up because I am getting such a good quality sleep in a shorter period of time. Life changer.

Quick and easy

Was an excellent experience easy website and could pick the day I wanted delivered which you don't always get. As far as the mattress it's very comfortable and exactly what we were looking for Next time I'm in the market will be ordering again.

Pocket Sprung Hybrid Plus

Bought a pocket sprung hybrid plus over a month ago. Service was good although did not receive my confirmation of purchase immediately and had to request it. Arrived on time and unpacked as per instructions. Mattress itself suited well to needs although seemed a bit too soft having slept on a Futon for many years. Reason for changing was continuous back problems and on my fourth herniated disc. The change seems to have helped my back problems although a month is too soon to tell really, fingers crossed.

Very comfortable and a very

Very comfortable and a very good sleep on it.It is early to say much but until now happy with the purchase!

Great to deal with

Buying could not be easier and fast delivery all I could ask for now looking forward to a good nights sleep.

Great value for money mattress

It took a few hours for the mattress to plump-up from being vacuum packed and boxed up, but once it did I had a great nights sleep. It is just as good, if not better, than my last mattress which was a Tempur one.

Fantastic mattresses

Ordered 2 hybrid mattresses from you 14 days ago .They were delivered 3 days later as promised and we slept on them 48 hours after as suggested. I can't believe how comfortable the mattress is or how my quality of sleep has improved in just 10 nights . Every thing you say in your advert is 100% true, don't remember ever sleeping on a more comfortable mattress. Great customer service and delivery, will recommend your mattress to anybody not completely satisfied with their current mattress.


feeling really well looked after by this company. There first were some transport issues that got solved immediately. Hyde and sleep apologised with two of their awesome pillows. regarding the matress: I have never lay horizontally THIS comfortable. You can feel the foam springs shaping arround your body and supporting it perfectly no matter if you sleep on your side, your back or your tummy. It is almost like you sink a liittle into the top layer and then get the comfortable support from below. hope this matress will be with me for a long while. only con: the matress protector is really not worth £50 other then that I'd go hyde&sleep everytime again!

Good mattress but delivery issues

Mattress is good and came quickly but I also ordered a mattress protector and 2 fitted sheets which I am still waiting for 1 week later

Such a simple process - making the bed is harder

The whole online experience was so smooth that changing the bed clothes once the mattress was ready was harder.

Sagging Customer Service

Hyde & Sleep's Super King mattress is priced at £799, though i was offered a discount when i bought mine. The same got delivered today and i am relating my delivery experience and the customer service experience thereon. Delivery: UPS knocked on the door, dropped the big box on the ground as soon as wife opened the door, legged it saying that he is behind schedule and has got to go. Did not even drop the box on this side of the door (so that the box is away from the rain and inside the house). Wife is caring for a sick baby and the box is too heavy for her to pick up and get inside on her own. I think such shoddy delivery experience is just uncalled for in this day and age. Customer service: When i found out, i used the chat service on the Hyde & Sleep's website to express my concern and to ask for their help. Customer Service Rep at H&S said that, this is all UPS does and i could have booked some "dreams" service. I have looked at their website and nowhere does it say in the booking journey when buying the mattress that this dreams service does anything different to UPS. Hyde & Sleep condones shoddy service from their delivery partner and then makes up excuses for their bad website design and buying process. I was told that i should have seen their FAQ pages etc. When buying a premium product, this is how customers get treated? I can only imagine how bad it will be if someone has to return a mattress! Take my advice, go with a traditional firm as i should have done.


I have been very happy with the Hyde and sleep mattress, paid for the best one, had the pillows, duvet, sheets and duvet set. All very good. I don’t like that when this review arrived the 5star was already ‘checked’ for me. That’s making too much of an assumption so for that reason you get fewer stars.


Life changing!

Just Hyde with No Sleep

We would love to receive our order! I have had requests for reviews but still waiting on a mattress to review.

Can it not smell for first 2-3 days..other than that great

I was taken aback by the strong smell in the first 2-3 days. The smell is gone eventually. Very comfortable so far - good combination of soft on top and firm inside

The whole order and delivery

The whole order and delivery process was very smooth and the mattresses I purchased are better than the literature describes. Go on you deserve it.

Really pleased

Han for a couple of weeks great product


Very comfortable. Hate getting out of bed in the morning!

Found Hyde & Sleep by accident and…

Found Hyde & Sleep by accident and really glad we did, no complaints here, all good.

Mo mattress to review yet, still waiting for it to arrive.

Too long delivery time!

Pillows like marshmallows

I do love a soft pillow and my new Hyde and sleep pillows are just perfect they are soft but just give the right amount of support .I got the mattress first then decide I should get the pillows never had such good sleep . Thanks Hyde and sleep zzzz

Hybrid Mattress

Very happy with all aspects of the purchase. Good price , easy process, quick delivery, and very comfortable mattress. What more can you ask for! Would recommend them. Alan North London

hyde and sleep mattress. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Had our mattress for 8 sleeps. I searched and compared reviews on foam mattresses. I ended up opting for the next generation memory foam mattress, king size. Feeling a little hesitant and sceptical, I had the best sleep. I woke up the next morning NOT stiff. It's so good I don't want to get out. It just cuddles you. I'm naturally a front and side sleeper, but I am actually comfy on my back with this mattress. Bonus is I don't feel my husband moving about or his leg twitching. Its not too hot, its not too hard or too soft, its just right. Just hope it stays like that.There are many report about sitting on the side of the mattress and it sinking. I was concerned about this as we have a wooden frame and didn't want the to be sat on the wooden frame. This certainly wasn't a problem, yes it sinks but not excessively. I bought the mattress protector, although expensive, I didn't want to buy one over the counter cos they never fit properly. The only disappointing thing is they now have free pillows on offer with the mattress. I want free pillows. (Maybe giving a great review, I might be rewarded) 100 day free trial is a bonus too, although it's not actually free because you pay for the mattress when you order it.

Not sure yet!

Our mattress arrived on time and we slept ok the first couple of days, but since then i have been suffering from pain in my hip ( I have never suffered with this before). I emailed customer service about whether they had a mattress that was less firm or if they could suggest a mattress topper but have not yet had a reply. I have purchased an expensive topper which has made it much better. However I am not convinced it is the mattress for me.

Super comfy

Mattress is absolutely amazing. Delivery service could have been better as they wouldn’t give a time or call an hour when they were away like most deliveries nowadays. Apart from that definatly recommend this mattress!!

Pocket Sprung Hybrid Double Mattress

AMAZING!!! I have suffered for months with back problems and my partner has suffered with lack of sleep, we both now sleep amazingly well, I am pain free and for the first time in 18 months and I cant get him out of bed in the mornings as he's so comfortable. This was worth every penny and the free duvet and pillows are also perfect, we both feel very rested after a night in our new bed and the customer service and prompt delivery was also excellent.

100% happy

I had never heard of hydeandsleep before so I was abit wary of purchasing from them but the 100 night return policy sounded good to me so I went for and I was not disappointed! I ordered a mattress and a mattress topper I also got a fitted sheet two pillows and a duvet and duvet set for free! What a great deal I am so happy with everything I sleep so much better now so does my missus! I would recommend Hydeandsleep to everyone! I have recommended to family members who are just as happy as I am!

Great product

Great product


Amazing wonderful comfortable.. back ache gone . Best sleep for years


I was kept informed throughout the shipping and delivery process and the mattress was delivered upstairs which was helpful. It was delivered on the agreed day at the correct time but it would have been more impressive if I had not had to pay £25 to get a specific delivery day.

Wrong Mattress supplied

Order Superking all paperwork advises Superking took afternoon off but recd a King and then had to chase & chase collection of wrong mattress


I am happy with mattress. I love it is snug I don’t want to get out of bed because of how comfortable it really is

Definitely the best mattress I've…

Definitely the best mattress I've bought I suffer from bad back and hip problems and this mattress gives me all the support with great comfort

Mattress fine. Delivery Appalling.

I arranged a day off work to receive delivery of a mattress only for it not to arrive. After much back and forth, UPS called me to say that the label had been damaged and the earliest they could get it to me would be Monday. I refused this offer and asked for it to be delivered in a specified time slot on Saturday. They said they could not facilitate this request. I said I would take it up with Hyde and Sleep. I then received another call from UPS saying they would deliver between 9-11AM on Saturday. I waited for the delivery on Saturday morning. It didn’t arrive. By chance my partner was in when the driver called on Monday to receive the package. The delivery service is very inflexible. I would urge Hyde and Sleep to seriously reconsider their delivery partner. UPS are doing nothing but harming the H&S brand and the overall customer experience of the product.

Mrs McGill

Excellent service ordered the mattress on the Sunday received it on the Tuesday love the mattress would definitely recommend

Not sure just yet

Softer than I was expecting

Memory foam mattress

I was going to buy a tempur mattress, I’m so glad I didn’t, found this matress on several reviews with high ratings and we went for a superkingsize me and the wife both say it’s the best item we have ever bought, I struggled to sleep before as I work nights but not anymore, I highly recommend this matress

1st mattress defective

Our mattress (hybrid plus) never inflated properly when unwrapped. After being told to wait another couple of days and sending 2 sets of photographs we are getting a new one in a week’s time. Customer service is friendly and apologetic but nothing happens very quickly.

Great service & product

The mattress is SO comfy I love it. Delivery guys (Kyle & Marton) were so friendly and helpful - nicest delivery guys I’ve ever met! Thanks for the tips re: mattress care. Highly recommended.

next Gen Memory Foam mattress

very promptly delivered by Fed Ex and happily brought upstairs to room required and used foot covers to protect flooring. Great service. The double mattress came boxed and did recommend 48hrs lying flat without use so just as well we had not got rid of old mattress first in anticipation of its arrival!. No hitches if you follow directions and the mattress itself is thick, very comfortable for us, firm with a soft give to it, but this is always very subjective. One think I am really pleased about as it is the first time that we have tried memory foam, is that you do not overheat, thought I might with a man made fibre base and was prepared to send back if this was the case. Great 100 day policy to try out using mattress protector, did not need this long as have found it supremely comfortable from day 1.

Our new mattress

Like sleeping on a marshmallow ! We love it

Great service

Easy to shop and order online, selected a delivery slot for when I would be in and it arrived right in time! Excellent service

Well worth a try

Ordering and delivery seamless, everything went as planned ,kept up todate with emails etc regarding delivery . We had a king size mattress and they are a little heavier than you think , but the delivery man carried it to the bedroom so all was fine. The mattress itself has been vey comfortable so far ( very different than our old mattress) but in a good way. We also bought the lux pillows which are excellent. All in all I would say we are please with our purchase.


We love our new mattress. It’s so comfortable. We have only had it for a week. I was worried about buying it as we didn’t try it first. I would definitely buy anyone. Just hope it will last at less 8 years.


Ordered my wonderful new mattress online, chose a convenient delivery date, the driver rang me the day before and gave me a 2 hour delivery window, my mattress arrived in perfect condition. I’ve been sleeping like a log since

Poor Delievry

I ordered a mattress, which has taken over 10 days to get to me from the arranged delivery date. UPS are possibly the worst courier company ever!!!!! Although Hyde & Sleep were doing their best to help (Zachery), I am still without a mattress for my bed. My review does not relate to the product as I haven't received it yet.

Really pleased!

Prompt smooth service from choosing, to ordering, delivery and of course the all important comfort of sleeping on a new mattress. Would recommend Hyde and Sleep for anyone looking for a new mattress.

Next generation memory foam matrress


Hybrid mattress

Great product , very supportive A+

Memory foam mattress

Great mattress finally getting some sleep

Too firm

The quality of the mattress seemed fine but unfortunately it was way too firm for both myself and my husband so we're returning it. The service so far has been great.

Hyde and Sleep Mattress

Am sleeping on new mattress and having a comfortable night's sleep. So far so good but as a back pain sufferer must wait a little longer to be certain. However I am optimistic. MB

The mattress is very comfortable

The mattress is very comfortable - I am delighted with it!

New mattress

Not as soft as I had hoped for but nevertheless last two nights slept on my new mattress and for first time in years slept through night. Very comfortable, but need a lighter duvet as very warm.


I'm finding the new mattress comfortable, I'm having to get used to the two pillows I used before on the old Mattress as the new Mattress is a little firmer but it seems to be ok.

excellent mattress and delivery

excellent mattress and delivery

Arrived within the time span

Arrived within the time span allocated, quickly delivered and the delivery team even took their shoes off!!!!

All as it stated on

All as it stated on the web, only thing we didn't realise is that the mattress would be delivered in a box and you have to leave it 48 hours to reform


We researched memory foam beds for a few months, read all of your reviews and dived for in! We are delighted with our amazing comfortable mattress. Our bed linen, pillows and duvet are also wonderful, crisp and smell so fresh! I have recommended this to everyone I know and I’ll continue to do so! Thank you for a fab nights sleep!

Really pleased with the purchase of our…

Really pleased with the purchase of our new mattress, easy to order, quick delivery and a comfortable mattress. What more could you ask for!

Hybrid plus soft mattress

Excellent mattress, comfortable and meets expectations. This is our first memory foam mattress. Delivery period was long (6 weeks) with no update as delivery approached. But we needn’t have worried as it arrived as scheduled.

Too soft

Delivery etc were great but unfortunately it’s too soft. I am a side sleeper and it’s ok (but still a bit soft). My partner is a back sleeper and loves hard beds , ‘it feels like putty’ was her quote. Shame as they try hard and I’m sure it would be great for people who like soft beds

Great service!

Easy to order; quick delivery with updates on delivery times and professional and polite delivery personnel. Great mattress to sleep on too! I sleep like a baby.

Great decision

Always brought traditional pocket sprung mattresses, and after reading other reviews so glad we purchased this. My back pain has disappeared and getting a great nights sleep now.

Very soft

Very soft doesn't feel like it has any springs in it at all which is a bit disappointing I suffer from multiple sclerosis and require a harder mattress so maybe sending this back

My new buddy mattress

So far love my mattress..the pillows and the free duvet. Hate waking up in the mornings for work. I actually ignore my alarm. Will buy again

First week's impressions

I found it awkward in the box to lift so I unpacked the mattress roll downstairs. Don't panic they have tapped it into a giant sausage roll and it does not come undone. I would recommend two people to get it upstairs though. So I had removed my old spring mattress and left behind a sprung base to which I unpacked the new mattress onto. It makes a great sucking noise when you first pierce the packaging and starts to suck air back into its self. I will say at this point you will have to leave the mattress for 48 hours to re inflate, yes 2 days so make sure you have a bed for the next couple of nights. I thought it would be fun watching it inflate but no paint drying is quicker. Open some windows in the room and ignore it. My mattress had a faint wiff of chemicals to it but not over whelming. It reminded me of that new car smell. I was excited for the first night's sleep in my new bed. I did not sleep very well. My old mattress was very firm and the new one's memory foam top is very soft and combined with the old spring base turned the entire experience into lying on a blamonge. So I'm thinking it's it the mattress at fault or spring else? We had bought the same mattress before for the spare room and it's firm yet soft and wonderful to sleep in. Looking underneath I can see it's on a slated wood spring base, think Ikea. I happened to have a sheet of plywood kicking about and I slid that in between the new mattress and the old spring bed base. Bingo. Now it's the same as the spare room bed. Happy days. It has all taken me a few days to get used to the new mattress as when you first lie down you sink a small amount into the top layer of foam, I'm about 13 stone and 6ft. But I love it. It supports me very well either on my side or back. Would I recommend buying one. Give it time to get used to it and a very firm base then yes definitely buy.


First class service from ordering to delivery Memory mattress is good Would definitely recommend them

Excellent delivery (communications and staff),

Excellent delivery (communications and staff), didnt realise we needed to leave the mattress for 48hours before use which was a small problem, great nights sleep just not as great as if hoped.


Not as comfortable as I had hoped. May consider returning it but doubt if I can re box it. I am 93. Your thought, please. Ken Waugh

Excellent service and very comfortable

Excellent service and very comfortable matress

Good night's sleep guaranteed

Fantastic mattress and ordering and delivery process. Took a couple of nights to get used to but now go to bed and actually sleep!

Mattress protector

Good quality mattress protector and nice and deep to adequately cover mattress.

Easy to order online mattress very…

Easy to order online mattress very comfortable would highly recommend Hyde and sleep

Hibrid mattress

Having the best nights sleep ever, and no bad back pain whatsoever. It's money well spent.

Delivery of mattress

Never turned up on day stated Advised us at 10pm would be delivered tomorrow at some time Deliver driver arrived at 4pm Very slight built yong lady who struggled to lift mattress When we contacted Ups she was told to get householder to help (mattress advisertised good for bad backs) We managed to get it to front door till my husband came home We have not received any feedback from ups to date



issue with product not solved

Is about a month sense I bought the mattrace and I didn't received any answer on the issue with my product, I'm very disappointed.

After shelling out a considerable…

After shelling out a considerable amount of money the mattress arrived damaged. I took photos and sent them to costumer service. Rather than apologising and offering a replacement, they told me I needed to find the batch number so they could investigate. Eventually they agreed the mattress was faulty and offered a replacement or refund. I am still waiting for the replacement and it's been over 2 weeks! They have offered no compensation, no discount and I've just spent the morning waiting for a mattress that never came. There are plenty of other mattresses out there.


I bought 2 pillows with the hi bred deluxe mattress, having had pain in my neck for quite a while. I I love them; they cradle my head being soft but supportive, and no more pain

Sleeping well

As well as comfort the main criteria was the mattress depth because my bed frame is already high. This was perfect, looks good and feels good.

So good we don’t want to get out of bed!!

My boyfriend has suffered from a bad back for years so this mattress was the perfect solution- no more aches, pains or niggles and now we just never want to get out bed! Just buy the mattress- it will change your life!

Pocket sprung hybrid mattress

I found the mattress very comfortable - and the Company provided excellent customer service. Disappointed however to find a 30% discount on all products just a few weeks after my purchase.

Excellent customer service, aftercare, finance options outstanding!!!

We got King size hybrid top of the range mattress,£699.,12 mths interest free, 2 memory foam pillows,plus King size duvet( value£188.00), the pillows & duvet were FOC, plus free delivery, my brother is very interested in double mattress, & I have highly recommended your company to him. 109 percent full satisfaction, Thank you so much, keep up the great work team!!!! Linda M Brown

Utterly disgraceful - buy if you have money to throw away

Purchased the pocket sprung Hybrid Plus and took delivery in October 2017. Initially it was very comfortable but after a few months the bed developed furrows on either side where me and my partner sleep with a central ridge down the middle despite us turning the mattress around every week. Contacted Hyde & Sleep in October this year before the 12 month manufacturer warranty elapsed and they sent out someone from home serve to examine it. The result was that ours dipped by 2" either side of centre which is within the 3" tolerance allowed so therefore in Hyde & Sleeps eyes is not faulty. I contacted them again as it's getting worse only to be told that we have to wait another three months for another inspection. We bought the bed as we both needed a mattress with firm back support. Now our back issues are back as a result of this sagging and Hyde & Sleep (Now under dreams beds) don't give a rats despite the so called 10 year warranty. Had a memory foam mattress before at a fraction of the price from a well known high street store with absolutely no issues with sagging and only changed as my partner wanted something a bit firmer. £600 pounds down the drain and a warranty not worth the paper its written on. Do yourselves a favour and avoid as all the negative reviews tell their own story.

Poor support on slatted bed

As the title says it has a poor support on a slatted bed. I initially complained and they replaced after 40 days. I have lived with the Orange mattress since 10 2017 but it will have to go now as really sags. I am 98KG but at 198cm the weight is hardly all in the middle. The matress just did not last £600 for 2.3 years of poor sleep. I will try another brand

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