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Harrison Spinks Mattress Reviews

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Harrison Spinks is a fifth-generation family business creating high-end and bespoke mattresses available throughout the UK and internationally. They specialise in luxury pocket spring mattresses with high-quality natural fillings that are all finished by hand. With their own Yorkshire farm providing some of the natural fillings that go into their mattresses, Harrison Spinks has a commitment towards sustainability and the environment. If you're looking for a luxurious and higher-end experience, Harrison Spinks might be a brand to consider. Still, it's worth noting that there have been issues raised by some customers when it comes to durability over time.

Mattress Score

Overall Score 8.4/10
Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10
Price Value: 7.9/10
Back Support: 8.3/10
Price: £899-£16699

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Longevity: 8.3/10
Body Conformability: 8.4/10
General Support: 8.3
Softness: 8.4
No Motion Transfer: 8.5
No Odor on Delivery: 8.6
Good for Hot Sleepers: 8.6
Sex / Bounce: 8.4
Good for Heavy Folks: 8.4
Silence: 8.3
Warranty: 7.1

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Harrison Spinks Specifics

Harrison Spinks is a luxury British mattress brand that's made in the UK and sold at top retailers and boutique shops alike. They specialise in pocket sprung mattresses with all-natural fillings and a tradition of made-to-order craftsmanship. When it comes to craftsmanship, Harrison Spinks manages a 300 acre farm to produce hemp, flax, and wool for their mattresses, and all of their mattresses are finished by hand in their Yorkshire factory. Customers are impressed by the thoughtful construction of these mattresses, but there have been complaints in regards to durability.

If you are concerned about long term comfort, take a look at our top rated mattresses in the UK, specifically the Dreamcloud mattress is a competitive pocket sprung mattress that has good sentiment from customers and is competitively priced.

Mattress Types
Harrison Spinks has quite a few different mattress models, including some exclusive collaborations with some UK retailers such as John Lewis and Feather & Black. Some of the mattress collections sold at retailers may have different names, but what's inside and the natural fillings used will be similar. Below, we'll go through some of the most popular options to help you decide if a new Harrison Spinks mattress is right for you.

The Harrison Spinks CollectionThe Harrison Spinks Collection features made-to-order hybrid mattresses with spring counts ranging from 4,250 to 28,750 individual springs and micro springs. These mattresses feature natural materials such as cotton, wool, and hemp, and even some higher end materials like cashemre wool, silk, and alpaca in the more expensive models. The Harrison Spinks Collection features over 30 different mattresses available in both turn free and seasonal turn models (that do best if you rotate the mattress every few months), and also range from single sided, dual-sided, and pillow-top. While there is certainly a large selection of mattresses to choose from, there are some customers who brought up issues with support and longevity of their mattress.

The Somnus CollectionThe Somnus Collection by Harrison Spinks includes the Lifestyle, Legacy, and Supremacy mattresses. The Supremacy mattresses are dual sided and feature natural materials such as cotton, hemptex, wool, and alpaca. The Legacy mattresses are single sided, with some models having an added pillow top. The Lifestyle Sleep Systems are Harrions Spinks's adjustable bed options which pairs their hybrid mattresses with an adjustable base. Overall, the Somnus Collection includes some of the most luxurious mattresses made by Harrison Spinks, with some models containing up to 40,000 springs. Still, the price price range can be quite higher than other comparable online mattresses, and there have been reports from customers who mention issues with durability and support.

Adam Henson CollectionEnglish farmer Adam Henson worked with Harrison Spinks to create a high-end collection of mattresses featuring a rare breed of Cotswold wool. The Adam Henson collection includes made to order mattresses that are dual sided or have a pillow top, and contain anywhere from 20,300 to 37,300 springs and micro springs. These hybrid mattresses also include layers of natural materials such as cotton, mohair, flax, cashmere, and horse hair. While the Adam Henson collection contains very luxurious mattresses, their prices can be quite high.

Synergy CollectionThe Synergy Collection is Harrison Spinks's line of hybrid mattresses that are 100% recyclable. The Synergy mattresses are made to order, single sided, and range from 4,000 to 10,000 springs per mattress. With both natural and synthetic fillings, these mattresses are among the more competitively priced models manufactured by Harrison Spinks. Still, there are some who have brought up issues with firmness and durability over time.

SupportHarrison Spinks mattresses come in a variety of tension options, with some seasonal mattresses that are even designed to be rotated with 2 tension options in a single mattress. Still, with durability concerns noted by customers, some of the support may decline a bit sooner than expected.

Who Are Harrison Spinks Mattresses Best For?
For those whom price is no object, who can afford to replace their mattresses often and prefer luxury, high-end materials with hand-made craftsmanship made in the UK will enjoy their Harrison Spinks mattresses. For customers that prefer longer lasting comfort, please see our list of the best mattresses in the UK for more details.

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Sigford 16200 6"0 Super King Mattress

We purchased the Harrison Spinks Sigford 16200 6"0 Super King Mattress from Fairway Furniture at the beginning of 2020. Blown away by how good this mattress is! Very expensive, but value for money as awesome sleep. Winter and summer sides which make a massive difference in complimenting the seasons. Quality of mattress seems to be 1st class so far, we turn regularly. Got to be honest and say one of our best purchases, always look forward to bed knowing the level of comfort awaiting. No back issues, average sizes, couple in late 30's, went medium all over.

Great quality best mattress in the world

Superb customer relations and after care. 5 Star quality mattress at excellent price

The worst mattress I have ever had

Worse mattress I have ever had! A complete waste of £1500! Can feel a big ridge in the middle of the mattress indentations at either side of the ridge and big ridges at the outer sides of the mattress so you are constantly thrown into the trench and trying to crawl out all night! Throws your body out of alignment. We bought from dreams have had an inspection from Harrison Spinks and no fault was found we were told that this is what the pillow top is designed to do , well if that is true it certainly wasn’t like this on display in dreams and nor did the sales rep tell us this, we will be contacting the furniture ombudsman and taking further court action if necessary!

That sinking feeling...

That sinking feeling... Our mattress started life well. It was comfortable, got some good nights sleep on it. Over the months it started to sink where we sleep, neither of us being heavy. We turned as per the instructions despite the thing weighing rather a significant amount. A year down the line and there are two deep wells where we sleep. This mattress was £1800. My old one, which was 13 years old was £700 from F&B and is still as comfortable and even as the day it first arrived. The only reason why we bought a new one was to upsize to superking and F&B were going bump... I reported this to Harrison Spinks and they have taken no interest. Apparently the sinking is the mattress "getting to know me". Did my old mattress not care or something? Not worth the money. The adverts are a con. Avoid.


Avoid FURNITURE VILLAGE Harrisons Spinks mattresses at all cost!!! We bought a mattress and Divan from Fairway Furniture Tavistock a luxury we were looking forward to. Tried in store and was basically left to lay on the beds and decide on which mattress to buy, no advice offered from salesman (nothing). Bed arrived and it is the most uncomfortable bed I have ever had to sleep on. We went onto Harrison Spinks website and found out why!!! It states as follows 1. IF u are under 70kg - buy a SOFT mattress. I WEIGH 50KG 2. If you are a SIDE sleeper buy a SOFT mattress. I AM A SIDE SLEEPER. We were sold a MEDIUM mattress and to make matters worse a hard Divan base which after further research makes mattresses even firmer. It is basically firm and absolutely awful. We were definitely mis-sold this item at a very heavy cost and loss to us. We have a Harrisons Spinks rep coming out soon to check it. I am praying he will help us as we do not have the funds to purchase a new mattress. Harrisons Spinks really needs to check that the rules on their website also apply in stores that sell their mattresses. I have no doubt if we had been sold a SOFT mattress we would be giving a raving positive review as the mattress appears very well made this adds insult to injury. Harrisons Spinks please help us we are left with an uncomfortable bed and no alternative as we can't afford another mattress. I believe had we have bought direct we would of been sold the correct item.


Purchased The Yorkshire 4000, medium. Extremely comfortable and cooler to lie on than some others we tried. An added bonus was the sale price, plus a 2nd reduction in store. Perfect! Well worth investing in a Harrison Spinks bed. Just try them out and pick the perfect one for you! Highly recommended.

Like sleeping on a cloud

Like sleeping on a cloud. You get what you pay for. I had always paid mid range for mattress for years. Took the plunge and paid good money for a well made mattress. I invested my time reading about the make and testing the mattress out at the store before I bought it. It is like sleeping on a cloud, and I got firm. The Mattress are hand made. Very heavy and mine needs to be turned and flipped.

Harrison Spinks

Harrison Spinks, mattresses are really the best in my opinion they are made with the upmost finest materials. You can immediately appreciate exceptional quality when laying upon them. My mattress gives me the finest night's sleep I could wish for. I have osteoarthritis and I greatly appreciate the pain free sleep I get . Thank you so much Harrison Spinks

Dreadful advice, customer service and follow up.

We bought a Harrison spinks bed from Sound asleep in newtownards. From day one we had issues in that the bed felt nothing like the one tried in store. To be fair to the store, they collected the bed, and let us try it against the one in store, to find that our bed did feel different but that was because the bed base style had been changed and we got the new style, not the one we tried. At this stage we found out that they didn’t do a free trial in the bed so we were stuck with it. When buying the bed we asked for a zip and link bed as that is what we already had and for medical reasons wanted one again. The sales adviser talked us out of this saying due to new technology movement in the bed didn’t transfer as it used to so you can’t feel the other person move. We bought a king size, but it wasn’t pointed out to us that the bed we tried was super king, therefore we can feel every slight movement in the bed, resulting in a bed we’ve had for 10 months which I’ve slept in a hand full of times. This bed cost just under £2000. Can I add that prior to this, our zip and link bed was also a Harrison spinks and again due to poor retailer advice at another store, we were sold the wrong tension, so in all we have so far spent nearly £5000 on beds we cannot use. The store now don’t want to know, and I was given a contact in Harrison spinks called Vicky who assured me she would help. My second call to her she then tried to back track on this comment. And in fact she now won’t answer the phone to me or return calls. I feel the issue is poor education of the retailers by Harrison spinks therefore they need to take some responsibility, but won’t. My advice is go to a bed type where you will get a free trial as our experience has been financially detrimental to us.

Bought harris and spinx mattress before…

Bought harris and spinx mattress before Christmas 3 delivery dates later still no mattress even got messages saying one stop away still no mattress seriously not happy. !!! Not happy about leaving one star

Surprisingly uncomfortable mistake from a reputable brand

Bought a Super King, (as two zipped-together 10250 spring medium tension single mattresses) for over £2,000. At the time I was pleased to support UK craftsmen working for a reputable brand. It seems well made and of good quality but it provides poor support and I believe it has become softer over time. It is without doubt the least comfortable bed I have ever owned, and one of the worst I have ever slept in. I travel and sleep in hotels frequently, where despite sleeping on a variety of different mattresses I always sleep better than on this mattress at home. Initially, I was told it may take time to get used to it, but I never did. I placed the mattress on a firm board rather than the sprung slats of our bed base, but that didn't help. When I raised my concerns, Harrison took things seriously and sent someone to inspect it - but he said the mattress was performing as expected. In conclusion the mattress is soft and lacks support, and this has proved to be a very expensive and uncomfortable mistake. It's a shame there was no trial period as we see with the "bed in a box" online retailers these days.

Very comfortable and and fantastic workmanship

Top quality and very comfortable

Friendly, knowledgeable service

Purchased through The Bed Post, Surbiton. Excellent, friendly service

The best nights sleep

Really speedy service and love knowing my mattress was hand stitched. I used to look forward to going away for a night and trying out other mattresses but now none of them are as good as mine so I always look forward to coming home! It still feels just as comfy 3 years later

Sumptuous mattress.

We researched on their website before going to the local retailer to try out for comfort. The mattress is pure luxury. Love it !

Harrison Wisley

One of the best Mattresses i have ever purchased. This company is not for those used to the typical BIG BRAND models sold everywhere. Almost everything is natural, layer after layer, so don't expect your mattress to stay looking perfect, it WILL dip - you are laying on it, so what else are you expecting it to do? They have a cool side/warm side which in all honesty i can not feel the difference, but hey ho, it may well be working without me even realising it. Do not purchase this with a waterproof mattress protector, as these have a plastic backing which does not allow the mattress to breath. Buy a nice thick, cotton mattress protector and stay with the 'natural' story that you are buying in to. We are now in our 2nd year of owning this mattress, and it is incredible. Never a sleepless night, and we awaken feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep. Bottom line, if you don't want a natural filled bed, which WILL naturally dip (slightly) in the places you lay on, then buy yourself a bed that has a polyester filled top/memory foam top/latex top, anything but a deep sumptuous natural filled bed.

The ultimate in comfort

After trying out lots of different brands of beds in a number of different shops we thought we would try out a Harrison Spinks that was on display. Although it was over double our intended budget we thought we'd try it just out of curiosity. The difference was immediately clear and our minds was made up there and then. We've only had the bed four nights and I can honestly say that I have never felt so refreshed upon waking in the morning, no aches or stiffness, it genuinely has transformed our sleep and I would not hesitate to recommend a Harrison Spinks bed to anyone looking for a better nights sleep.

Guaranteed supreme comfort, made in England quality

Bought a Harrison Spinks bed a couple of years ago - best decision ever made, so comfortable, work away from home and always so pleased to get back to the supreme comfort of my bed, guaranteed to wake up feeling refreshed. Would highly recommend this British made bed.


First class retailer with excellent customer service. Nothing is too much trouble.

Purchased a super king size Harrison…

Purchased a super king size Harrison Spinks matress from cousins furniture. The seller highly promoted and rated this brand. We paid nearly £2000 for it and waited weeks for it to arrive. We had it made as half fi and half medium. We are both average height and weight, I am a size 12 and ,5'4" and my husband is 11.5stone and 5' 9". We are so disappointed and having read these reviews on trustpilot realise that we are not going to get the support from the manufacturer or from the retailer. We purchased it over a year ago. It has a dip where we sleep. It is really poor and I can't believe how different the mattress we tried in the shop and the one that has arrived is. Awful. We will never buy this brand again. I will try to dispute it with the ombudsman or through the statutory rights / trading standards. I am not sure if I will have any success. What a waste of money.

The mattress started off…

The mattress started off as a dream mattress but just 5 years in its losing its support and you can feel the smaller springs through the comfort layers on the top. I actually struggle to sleep on it so often end up going to the spare room after an hour of tossing and turning. Sadly it hasn't worked out as good value for money for us as we'll probably have to replace it 3 years before we had budgeted for.

We bought a mattress under 6 months ago…

We bought a mattress under 6 months ago at well over a thousand pounds and to be quite honest I have not had a good nights sleep since, the mattress is too hard and does not feel like the one we saw in the shop in Harrogate , me and my partner are both getting stiff necks, backs and most of all shoulders as the the mattress is too hard, we liked the idea of all natural and local sourced materials which Harrison mattresses are but not at the cost of our health

Not happy with Harrison Spinks bed

I purchased my bed but when it came it wasn't the same quality build as in the shop. I complained to the company that sense round a man who tested it with a piece of string and two little weights on each side. After being here for 10 minutes and saying he works for Harrison spinks so don't expect any luck he went on his way. I explained to him I was quite happy to upgrade and put a large amount of money to get the right bed . The bed was only one week old and fully protected. Surely they would do this but no I mean company. The bed crumples on the edges like there's no support. The bed hasn't got much padding compared to the one in the shop. It was a mistake to buy Harrison spinks. After paying £1400 I have had to go out and buy a new bed I gave this bed to charity . I didn't want to make the same mistake again. But it's really difficult when you buy in a shop and the bed is nothing like the one you have tried out. My new bed is a Millbrook Albion it has 5000 Springs firm rating. It is important to make sure that your bed is correct for your body size buying a medium when you are extra large doesn't work. It's important to buy the correct rating as soft and medium wouldn't be good for large people. This is why I took my time when buying my Harrison Spinks bed . Sadly it was a mistake as customer services just showed me two fingers. I was so sad I wanted to help other to see the truth if I even put a video on YouTube . It shows the bed crumbling down on the edges and the the little amount of padding before you feel the springing . I just wish I could have taken a video of the support that Harrison spinks did not give to me . Like I said I was happy to upgrade as this bed was such a poor quality. But at least I'm now happy with a Millbrook Albion bed it cost me the same amount of money but much higher quality and doesn't crush down on the edges. Hope this helps you buy the right bed .

Never buy a mattress with tufts! No help given from Harrison Spinks

I have been unable to speak to Harrison Spinks directly. I have had several problems with the mattress I have bought and have needed advice although Dreams have tried to be helpful I will never be buying a Harrison Spinks bed again and feel disappointed that I am lumped with a bed I cannot sleep on and unable to change

Purchased from John Lewis and is the…

Purchased from John Lewis and is the 7.500 spring natural collection. I have had the mattress for 7 months now and I’m really pleased with it. Possibly on the soft side but it adapts to my every position and I feel cradled and supported. It has actually eased my back problems. It is made from natural products too which is a bonus.

Purchased from Carpet Barn, Ferndown Harrison Emerald EU double

Purchased from Carpet Barn, Ferndown,Dorset, an Emerald ‘Temperate’ Medium firmness EU double mattress. Our mattress was a special order due to the unusual size. We were informed it would take 6 weeks to make at the factory as it was bespoke. Despite Covid, the mattress arrived on time. Excellent service from Craig, Matt and Fiona at Carpet Barn who were hugely knowledgeable and helpful without being at all pushy. So far, (2 months in) the mattress seems excellent. I’m somewhat regretting not getting the firmer option on my side (I’m 95k and 6’3”) as it’s a wee bit soft for me, but I sleep very well with no aches and can feel that I’m very well supported all over. I can’t understand these reviews on here. My experience has, (thus far) been very positive. The mattress is an excellent product and made of superb quality. I like the handles at the ends and sides. Very useful to help flip and rotate as it’s really quite heavy, (but I can manage on my own) I’m not sure I can really feel much difference between the Winter and Summer sides yet, but I’ll take their word that the construction is different to suit. I thought it important to add my perspective to these reviews. I’m more than happy with my purchase......

Spent alot of time looking for a new…

Spent alot of time looking for a new mattress. I loved this mattress in the Dreams store and fell for it immediately so bought it in a medium. Really happy with it, very comfortable, most ive spent on a mattress and its more than what I was looking to spend on a but its worth the money. Not too soft, not too firm, just perfect. Also love the way it keeps you warm in winter but not too warm, perfect temperature. Ive looked after it and rotated weekly. Thanks to Harrisons Spinks and thanks to Dreams. Awesome mattress and service.

Over the last 10 yrs I have bought two…

Over the last 10 yrs I have bought two Harrison beds. The first one a double size from cousin’s furniture store. The quality and workmanship of this bed was excellent. After re decorating the bed room. We decided on a new bed so went for a king size med mattress.yet again a beautiful comfortable mattress. The other one was handed down to my daughter as it was as good as the day we bought it. I must say I would never buy another brand. The man Gareth who sold me both beds new his stuff about how these beds are made and the history of the place so his advice of the right mattress to suit us was invaluable. It’s really sad people only write on here when it’s a complaint. I can’t fault my beds from Harrison spinks.

Super Mattress, Super Company.

We previously had a Silentnight mattress and always struggled to get a consistently good night of sleep. After some research we opted for a King-Size Somnus mattress with 12,000 springs.. Firm one side and medium the other. We love this mattress. Feels very luxurious and now sleeping much more consistently. Well done Harrison Spinks, a quality product.

Sweet dreams with Harrison Spinks

We have now had our mattress 11months. We bought it from Furniture Village in Tunbridge Wells and received great service and advice from the salesperson. He even put the mattress on the floor as that would replicate our wooden slat bed base better than the divan bases in store. (John Lewis on the same retail park was hopeless.) Our mattress is rated 'firm' and I wouldn't have wanted anything softer. We both agree it is the most comfortable mattress we have ever had. Just as well we are retired as it is that much harder to get out of bed in the mornings! Also, good to know we are supporting Yorkshire jobs, and sheep, and that environmental impact is minimal.

Wisley Mattress

Purchased Mattress from eyres in Worksop, excellent customer service, mattress was more than my budget but well worth spending that extra money it’s so comfortable I would highly recommend to friends & family

Harrison's Sovereign 10700

Sovereign 10700 - FIRM double arrived yesterday. Still in bed - may never get up. This is the most comfortable thing I've ever slept on- am in heaven. Even better - it is made half an hour away in Leeds.

Pure luxurious sleep

We bought a bespoke size Mattress and it is a dream. Absolutely no problems with it at all, now a year old. Pure luxury just like a first class hotel bed. It’s the best and most comfortable mattress ever.

The perfect mattress for the person who likes to spend their nights alone.....

My partner had preferred a Hypnos and me a Vi-Spring in John Lewis in Oxford Street London, but my partner and I are very different weights and needed different tensions in a mattress. Feather & Black's Harrison Spinks mattresses were the only ones available in different tensions in a standard double size (we can't fit a king size in our bedroom). We also liked the all-natural materials used by H&S. The 'Harrogate Silk Mattress' by H&S at F&B was the only mattress we both found comfortable enough *IN STORE* to compromise on. We chose a split half firm and half medium tension in a standard double bed size, as advised by the retailer. We spent a very long time laying on the firm / medium mattresses in-store (Tottenham Court Road in London) to check we made the right decision and asked how long each mattress had been on the shop floor and how much it had softened, etc. We also explained we had a slatted bed base at home, not the divan bed base being used in the store, but were assured the mattress might therefore feel only a little more firm. We therefore spent the eye-watering amount of £2.3K (sale price - full price £3K) as an investment to transform my crippling pain levels caused by our old Tempur memory foam mattress (which had become too soft over the years). We only paid this amount in view of the serious musculoskeletal health problems from which I suffer, whilst my partner also experiences similar joint pain. We are on a low income and this was a major investment for us. Needless to say, when the mattress arrived, the tensions felt nothing like those in-store, being MUCH HARDER. We queried this with the retailer, but were essentially fobbed off and told it would soften over time and to walk on it. We did this, but it made no difference. By the time we realised the mattress wasn't softening, we were out of time on the retailer's promise to exchange the mattress if unsuitable. Result: my partner generally sleeps on the sofa rather than endure the granite-like hardness of the firm tension. Occasionally he endures a gruelling and painful night in bed to keep me company. I have developed severe hip pain on the side on which I lie, which impedes my ability to move my leg and walk properly unless I manage to sleep on my back (I am a natural side sleeper). So we are both in pain, whilst sleeping in different rooms because of a seriously uncomfortable mattress isn't conducive to a great sex life....15 months in the mattress started to develop large dips, despite all the turnings and rotations of a prima ballerina doing a quicker-than-the-eye-can-see pas de deux....Next door’s cat used to sneak in occasionally, but he died and so I can’t blame the dips on him. This mattress was supposed to last 10 years. I'm not allowed to swear on Trustpilot, so will leave you to work out what we both think of what we paid for and will have to endure for years to come because we can't afford to replace it.

We love our new mattress 😊Recommended

We love it

Disappointing and certainly not the mattress I tried in the shop.

Very disappointing. I ordered a firm mattress and received a soft one that is giving me backache.

Velocity 8750

We recently purchased one of the new velocity mattresses and we are extremely pleased with the comfort of the product , after a small issue with the mattress we contacted Harrison Spinks through our local retailer and I have to say that they could not have tried harder to resolve the matter and replaced the mattress without question , although this took a little while to achieve ( mainly due to the company used for delivery ) we cannot praise Rauiri and Vicky enough for their efforts in this matter , very very comfortable product , highly recommend Velocity 8750 medium firm

What has happened to Harrison spinks somnus mattresses?

Having moved house and deciding to treat ourselves to a super king mattress we were only going to buy a somnus one. We purchased a somnus excelsior king size back in 2011 and it is still as good today as when new (£850). So on that basis we went back to oldrids/downtown in boston and purchased the supet king diplomat in Aug 17 in a firm style. The sales aasistant said the mattresses were now made in a new way.not the old fashioned wool and horsehair but just as good! Within a year the mattress had become much softer than anticipated. I went back to oldrids and they contacted Harrison spinks who sent an engineer out. He confirmed the mattress had sagged and offered to replace it. We replaced it with a somnus royal britannia and paid the extra as this one cost £2049. This was also a firm. Rather unbelieveabley this too has now gone soft! I have a bad back with 2 slipped discs and am having to revert back to my 9 year old mattress to relieve the pain! Whatever Harrison spinks have done to the manufacturing process,if that is the case, it has failed spectacularly! !!! How can a 9 yr old £850 mattress still be better than a £2049 recent one? One thing to note is the old one is much heavier. No doubt all the wool and horsehair that seems to be lacking from the new one. Very dissapointed and hoping someone from Harrison spinks can be bothered to send another engineer out.

Prompt efficient service and good quality product

Product was delivered promptly and in excellent condition. It was the best price on line and it was good to find it available to buy without a battery which would be an unnecessary duplicate as we had that already on another Bosch can interchange it. It was bought as a present so I have not commented on it's performance until the present was opened and used. Present recipient was a very happy chappie, used immediately and was pleased with quality and performance.


Its the best matters that we have ever bought. Its made for comfort plus the ability to turn it over for summer / winter at the moment its on the winter side. We are both very impressed. If you are in the market for a bed / matters buy now you will not be disappointed.

Lots of options

We were given plenty of time and information to make our decision, we saw other ranges of beds and pricing points which was helpful.

I tried many different mattresses and…

I tried many different mattresses and have had a Hypnos before, well after a huge debate I bought a medium tension Somnus legend 20,000 springs around £3000. I used a non spring wooden base. WOW what a comfortable bed pure luxury very happy. I am writing this review because I can see many people are unhappy with H&S but I can honestly say this is the best bed I have ever slept in ! Tip for anyone buying a mattress! The base or divan you use for the mattress you buy is crucial for your overall feel. Trying the bed in the showroom with a different base/divan to your own ie a wooden base can make a big difference! I opted for a medium mattress because it was going on a solid wooden base with thick slats this gave me a medium to firm feel. The divan that H&S sell with this bed has 2000 springs therefore if I had included this in my purchase I am sure the firm mattress would have been more suitable for me probably giving me a medium to firm feel. As said this is a very high quality mattress built to perfection! Unlike other mattresses the tiny pocket spring design stands out in the market place giving you a completely different experience and feel zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Moy Funiture and Harrison Spinks Review

Bought from Moy funiture excellent service and delivery very helpful and pleasant sales agent. Knew everything in helping me choose my new mattress. Also contacted Harrison Spinks after care from information details on mattress tags. They have been very helpful sending me after care instructions and remembering to turn mattress all in this space off time Would highly recommend

Awful mattress

We bought our mattress from JL Oxford street. I am bitterly disappointed with it. We got the top of the range one as it was super comfortable and there was no movement when we tested getting in and out of it. I’m a light sleeper and every time my husband turns over this mattress bounces so much I wake up. I haven’t had a single full night’s sleep since it arrived 3 months ago. I went back to John Lewis and tested the mattress in store again to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. The two are totally different. John Lewis aren’t interested as it’s not faulty. Don’t buy a mattress without a 100 night trial period. Wish I’d gone for the less expensive Vi Sprung now.

Quality bed but not entirely happy

It’s a quality item but I’m not entirely happy with my choice

Mattresses has dipped and formed a…

Mattresses has dipped and formed a ridge in the middle , £2300 of uncomfortable sleepless crap that we are having to throw away after I have developed lower back problems and my wife has suffered a trapped nerve and constant back pain , like sleeping in a hammock , Do not waste your money on this company

Disappointed, in pain, out of pocket

I purchased a King size, Worcester 21600 divan mattress in November 2019 at the cost of over £1000. It became apparent during the 1st couple of weeks that the mattress didn’t feel supportive and we both had the feeling of sleeping in a ‘channel’ and regularly waking after rolling into an uncomfortable sleeping position during the night. The mattress was turned as recommended. We both wake with lower back pain since sleeping on this mattress. After contacting the retailer a technician was sent out on behalf of Harrison Spinks to assess for fault - no fault was found. The retailer then agreed to send an independent technician to inspect - again, no fault found. The independent report states that there is a spine forming down the centre which is considered normal. Despite no fault being found we are still very uncomfortable and feel unsupported by this mattress. Harrison Spinks state in their guidance and advice section that there are 5 signs that you may need a new mattress and our situation ticks every one of them. There seems to be a high number of reviews from purchasers with the same issues so surely this highlights a flaw? We are now in the position of having a mattress that is of no use to us, was a total waste of money and are currently looking for a new mattress. I’d like to add that this is our 2nd Harrison Spinks mattress. The 1st one was fantastic and would have received a 5 star review. We chose medium tension again as this was fully supportive in our previous mattress. I have left out the name of the retailer as they have been very helpful and I don’t want their name to be tainted by this review.

Purchased a Hemp 2500 Comfort F135…

Purchased a Hemp 2500 Comfort F135 mattress from John Lewis online at a special price of £479 (cheap in comparison to some of the items featured in these reviews) to replace a Sealy Posturepaedic over 20 years old. It was delivered 11th November 2019. Despite following JL instructions, re rotating, to the letter, after 3 months it was a disaster! It was fitted on a rigid base but soon began sagging in the middle and causing great discomfort. JL contacted 31st March 2020 sending photos and eventually, due to Covid delay, arranged for a FIRA technician to examine it on the 8th July 2020. He was unable to divulge the result of his investigation, JL forbid this! After three weeks of chasing and eventually speaking to Harrison Spinks was told the report was forwarded to JL on 13th July by email, Duplicate then sent to them 27th July. I subsequently received a call followed by an Email from JL telling me my claim was rejected since I had not tried the mattress in store! Correct me if I am wrong but I do not see how a couple of minutes lying on a mattress in a showroom will give a satisfactory illustration of its performance over a longer period. The mattress was firm as described but was clearly not satisfactory in terms of longer use. Living alone and at an age of over 70 I have resorted to dragging it off the bed and substituting it with an older mattress off my spare bed in order to get a decent nights sleep. A complete waste of money, I am disgusted with the treatment of both the manufacturer and JL. I have now referred to matter to the Furniture Ombudsman.

Harrison Spinks John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection Wensleydale Wool 13400, Double,Medium Tension Pocket Spring Mattress for £1,699.00 has SAGGED AFTER FEW DAYS USING IT

We purchased a mattress from John Lewis on the 4th March which was delivered on the 9th. It is a double mattress for our daughter's room. It is the John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection Wensleydale Wool 13400, Double,Medium Tension Pocket Spring Mattress for £1,699.00 made by Harrison Spinks. She lives away from home and with Covid19 was not able to come to visit much so we did not noticed the fault until May. The mattress was used with a mattress protector. It was only used few times and we are not overweight, however from day one it was visible that there was a problem with it. It has sagged in quite a few areas and despite of moving it around it has never recovered its shape. It is uncomfortable and visually ugly to look at, with all those sagged areas. We contacted J Lewis in June but with the lockdown it was not desirable to get somebody to look into it in our home, and we were nervous for somebody to come inside the house so we postponed the visit of the technician they wanted to send. By the 14th July we asked them to come as we wanted it resolved. We had to wait till 3rd August for the technician sent by Harrison Spinks to come! Few days ago we heard from J Lewis and they say the mattress has no fault. They have not sent us the copy of the report done by the FIRA technician Simon Banks. We are really disappointed and annoyed, and I believe the technician is bias. They have to keep happy the hand that gives them work so they wrote a report in their favor, it claims that the sagging is due to settlement and age. I did not think a 3 month old mattress only used 4 times is old . It is ridiculous. The sagged areas feel as it they have no wool/cotton filler and never raised back to the original state. The mattress has not recovered the shape after using it few times. It is an uncomfortable, ugly mattress that sagged after using few times. We feel cheated and robbed.

Excellent, careful service.

Excellent service. Bed arrived earlier than expected. Delivery men very careful when moving the mattress upto the bedroom.

We bought A Flaxby bed

We bought A Flaxby, Nature’s Finest 8,500 which is simply the best bed we’ve ever slept in. I cannot speak highly enough of these exquisitely made beds. And better still they are made in Great Britain. We have had it 18 months and have felt no deterioration whatsoever. We love it so much we have just ordered one for our guest room.

Good all round service.

The delivery date was on or about the anticipated guide date given to us by Brittians St Neots. The mattress was delivered well protected.

Had a king size mattress delivered in…

Had a king size mattress delivered in October 2019 from glasswells Ipswich two weeks on we noticed Black spots on the buttons on the mattress thought nothing of it until we turned the mattress around saw lots of Black spots on and around the edge of the mattress that night we were bitten all around are body's found out that they were bed bugs complained to glasswell s all they offed was bed protector's which were a waste of time I rang glasswell again they sent someone from there store who did not have a clue I have complained five times now and they sent a technician again still did not have a clue what it was so they pass the buck saying that they did not bring the bugs into my house from the mattress when glasswells delivered it the driver was in a hurry bought the mattress up in one bag and not taking there boots off pulled the mattress out of plastic bag thro it. On the bed and said do you want us to take my old mattress away I said no thanks as who knows how many old mattress they have stored in there truck we have now had to get a self survey from a pest control company whats worse is that my partner has had cancer and getting over radiotherapy and can not afford to get skin infections this is worrying now been reported trading standards

Totally Unhappy Purchase

Mattress has already failed after 20 months. Having to return as the entire side have collapsed and twisted. Very unhappy after the cost of this mattress. Poor sleep and now back and neck pain!

Didn't get the right mattress

We ordered a firm Harrison Spinks mattress from Dreams which was delivered in December. Sadly the mattress is *not* firm and is not the same as the firm mattress on display in Dreams. Which anyone who sits on our mattress and sits on the mattress in the Dreams shop would be able to tell. Dreams contacted Harrison Spinks and they sent out a representative who came to see the mattress but said he couldn't comment on whether it was firm or not. So what was the point of him? We are now left with a mattress that we haven't ordered and the Dreams rep has said 'sorry' that's that. As the mattress was £1000 it wasn't inexpensive to say the least. I wouldn't trust that you get the correct mattress when ordering a Harrison Spinks mattress. Will be putting my review on social media.

We have just bought a Harrison Sphinx…

We have just bought a Harrison Sphinx mattress after buying both our daughters reported their HS Sapphire mattresses were so comfortable. We replaced a top of the range Vi spring mattress but have to say this mattress is above and beyond confirm wise, it is sublime. It is like sleeping on a cloud of cashmere ( the only way to describe it). The medium mattress felt firm to begin with but two days in we realised the support it offered was exceptional and the comfort heavenly My elderly father with Rheumatoid Arthritis has since bought a HS bed and as pleased.

This is a marmite mattress

This is a marmite mattress, and although my husband loves marmite, we do not love this one. It has consistently failed to flatten despite regular turning. It has to be seen to be believed. Like many others, we had to have a replacement initially as we were sold one that was too soft. The replacement was better in that is was not as soft BUT it quickly developed a hill in the centre and we gave up. There is no way of telling if the mattress bought and paid for is the same one. Who can count the springs after all. As I am ill with COVID at the moment, getting good sleep is important and this just does not deliver. Sorry.

Never buy a mattress from John Lewis or Harrison Spinks

As I write this review, I regret not checking here before buying our mattress. Numerous customers appear to have had the exact same problem that we have had. There is clearly a pattern. Here is the upshot of our story. In late 2019/early 2020, after several visits to John Lewis over several weeks to test the Harrison Spinks beds in the Cheadle showroom, we eventually bought THREE Harrison Spinks mattresses. All three were the Egyptian cotton model (special buy edition); one was medium tension, and two were firm. We chose this model for its natural cotton fibres and for the luxurious and super comfortable feel. Compared to the other HS models, this model was much softer and more luxurious, which was what we wanted. The medium and one of the firm mattresses were as expected - slightly firmer than the showroom beds and very comfortable. The third firm mattress, a king size, was COMPLETELY different - basically rock solid, like an orthopaedic mattress. We called John Lewis's furniture aftercare department, who told us their 'process' was to send an inspector to check out the mattress after 12 weeks' settling in period. Eight months later, after the covid lockdown, an inspector arrived. He had a little lie down on the mattress, told us that's what a firm mattress should feel like, and left. He appeared to have no idea what this particular model should feel like. A few days later we were notified that there was nothing wrong with the mattress and it was just a 'comfort' issue, and perhaps we'd like to buy a topper? Basically John Lewis and Harrison Spinks have washed their hands of the matter. They are not in the slightest bit interested in our perspective as customers, and are gaslighting us - focusing on whether there is a 'fault' with the mattress whereas what we are saying is that it bears no resemblance to the one in the showroom nor to the other firm one we bought (the inspector couldn't compare because the other one is in a different house). They don't seem to understand that we wouldn't put ourselves through the pain of this complaints process just for fun! We might as well have bought this mattress online without trying it for all the good testing in the showroom did. I haven't slept properly for months, and we are now faced with the prospect of throwing a way a nearly new mattress (and £900) to buy a new one. This experience has made me very nervous about that prospect. I have learned two lessons: 1) Never buy a bed from a retailer that doesn't provide a no quibble returns policy if you are not happy - so no more beds from John Lewis. Their service on this occasion has not matched all our other experiences with them - we have been buying pretty well all our household goods from them for years. On this occasion they have taken no responsibility, acting just as a messenger between us and the manufacturer, behaving as if they have no power to do anything. We bought the mattress from JL, not from HS, and expect them to put this situation right by returning the mattress and giving us a refund. 2) Never buy a Harrison Spinks mattress. Despite all the fine branding they clearly have quality control problems so buying a mattress from them is a lottery. I tweeted about my experience, in the hope of catching their attention, and they did DM me to say someone will be in touch. I'm still waiting. UPDATE: this matter was eventually resolved to my satisfaction

Buyer beware!

Does anybody else think that many of the 5* reviews on Feefo are coincidentally similar in length, tone and grammar? For us, a good mattress is an investment. After much promotion from Barrow Clark: we were impressed with the workmanship and quality of local materials used by Harrison Spinks. We purchased a king size, firm, Somnus Marquis in December 2016 for £1795. On delivery we were surprised how hard it was. Having always previously had firm mattresses we know that they soften in time. After six months this hadn’t softened. We returned to retailer who said that Somnus advise waiting another six months. We returned to store after 12 months still disappointed at how much harder our mattress is in comparison to the model in store. Somnus sent an independent representative who took many photos, used weighted string and left. I told him that we did not think that our mattress was faulty, simply much harder than the model in store. He didn’t even lie on the mattress. Somnus reported that there was no fault with our mattress and recommended buying their mattress topper. In desperation and swayed by the offer of a 'special deal' we agreed. We were shocked to find later that our ‘special price’ was an extra £829 but were desperate to resolve the situation and we were assured that it would. Over the next two years I have developed severe shoulder pain and my husband hip pain; both problems not previously experienced and we both suffer from insomnia. I slept in another bed and was shocked to realise that my shoulders felt better. We moved into the spare room onto twin low cost mattresses and our physical conditions and quality of sleep improved massively. We went back into the store and were shocked to realise that it was much softer and we would still choose to buy it. We have now tried the same mattress in two further showrooms and would buy any of them. Our mattress has no bounce at all and is extremely hard. Our complaint has always been that our mattress is totally different to the one in store. The only comparison in the range is an orthopaedic mattress. Somnus informed us that they would send an independent inspector. Our request to have both mattresses in the same place to allow a direct comparison was declined. We were disappointed to find that the inspector was not independent, as promised, but employed by Harrison Spinks. He was, however, a very likable man and very thorough. He confirmed at his visit that given size and weight (6’6” 19 stone), my husband should definitely have nothing softer than a firm mattress and I was borderline and could choose either. He was surprised that we had been recommended to buy a mattress topper as if the springs aren’t correct for you it won’t improve the situation. During the inspection he asked where the fire label was on the mattress. I knew nothing of it nor did my husband. On closer inspection you can see that the label has been cut off. Apparently this label would have contained all the manufacturing information for individual components. It is also a legal requirement. Somnus say that it definitely would have been there. Our retailer has said that they would never remove it. I question whether the label was removed as the product was substandard, to prevent it being sold and somehow it slipped through the chain. The retailer called to say that Somnus have stated that our mattress meets firmness guidelines: the store mattress meets firm and regular guidelines and they are therefore not prepared to correspond with us any further. The report did not answer our complaint by comparing the mattresses. Harrison Spinks have refused to comment on whether they have changed manufacturing processes since the showroom model was made and, according to the retailer, have refused to disclose the report. We're stuck with £2600 worth of mattress which is nothing like what we thought we were buying.

The worst sleep I’ve had in my life I…

The worst sleep I’ve had in my life I don’t not recommend this company at all,completely useless my wife is 27 stone and 5ft2 and we just can’t snuggle on it. The stains of our body fluids and Indian source would not come out!!!!!! This site ought to be shut down .!.!.!

These are super beds

Our bed is fabulous. We always have had hard mattresses, we suffer with bad backs, but as we get older we needed one which was more forgiving that molded a bit more to our bodies. We have found the perfect bed from Harrison Spinks, we wanted something made with natural fibres and would not make us hot at night. When we tried this in our local Chesterfield stockist we were sold. A year on and I still can't describe how good it is we turn the mattress regularly, its is heavy, and shortly will put on the winter side as we've had on the summer side which is indicated on the mattress. I would highly recommend this bed and we are supporting a local supplier.

The most uncomfortable mattress I have ever slept on

A year ago I bought a Harrison Spinks Emerald double mattress. I chose medium tension, which according to the manufacturer’s web site is ideal for me, as I am 5’ 10” tall and under 12 stone. It seemed fine in the shop. Unfortunately it is the most uncomfortable mattress I have ever slept on. It provided minimal support, and allowed my stomach and hips to sink down too far, bending my spine in an unnatural manner. The problem is the design. The tension rating is determined by the pocket springs alone. It ignores the layers of micro springs and layers of fibre each side. The micro springs provide minimal resistance, and collapse beneath the hips and chest. The layers of fibre are also soft, and envelop the occupant/victim. The net effect of the micro springs and layers of fibre is to produce a mattress which is far softer than the stated tension. IMO this is a soft mattress. I complained to the retailer and they contacted Harrison Spinks who sent someone around. He checked the bed, and it passed numerous tests. He tried one last test, and it failed. Basically it did not bounce back enough when compressed. They agreed to replace it. I asked for a firm tension, which they agreed to. When the replacement arrived, it was a medium tension. I sat on it, and it compressed right down exactly like the original. I didn’t even bother to unwrap i as it was obviously completely unsuitable. I put it on ebay and sold it at a £250 loss after ebay fees. There are two other issues with this mattress, apart from its softness. Firstly it needs regular turning, and unfortunately it is so heavy that I struggled to turn it. I succeeded, but it isn’t a pleasant task. If you have a slight build, don’t even think about buying this mattress. Secondly it has a warm side, and a cool side. I found that one side was too warm for me. So every other time I turned it, I ended up with an uncomfortably warm mattress. As an aside, I went into Furniture Village and tried numerous Harrison Spinks mattresses. The more expensive the mattress, the greater the micro spring count, and the softer the mattress for a given tension rating. The most expensive model on display was incredibly soft. It was marked firm! These micro springs are a marketing wheeze. People often think that the more springs, the better. The truth is the opposite. On the plus side, it looks beautiful, appears well made, and is made from high quality materials. Oh and it’s made in Yorkshire.

We brought a Harrison spinks 16,500…

We brought a Harrison spinks 16,500 dnair mattress at a cost of £1950 from Dreams in Mansfield Nottingham. Upon trying the mattress instore we had asked how long the mattress been in the shop they told us over 18 months and it felt great still even though it was the soft mattress we spent nearly two hours in the store making sure we got the right mattress after making our decision we were very happy. The mattress got delivered feb 2019 and we were really happy until 10 months later my partners side of the mattress got a big dip in the middle like it had collapsed. We went back to Dreams who said no problem its within the year ring customer services and they will get someone to come out and look at it. That has happened and the gentleman that came says it's a invalid claim the mattress is aloud to dip 3.5cm ours is currently 3cm it's getting worse its causing serious back pain and sleepless nights so we are waiting on a 2nd opinion this week if its the same then someone from Harrison and Spinks will come out and look we did exactly what the care package told us to do turn regularly as you would spending nearly 2k on a mattress.. our mattress is unfit for purpose and you can clearly see that there is a big hole when my partner lays on it I wouldn't currently recommend buying this mattress, We cannot afford another mattress after spending what we did on this one and would of definitely expected it to last a lot longer than 11 months.. We are incredibly dissatisfied if we do not get a compromise then we will most certainly be involving trading standards. We would never purchase from Dreams ever again.

Comfy mattress

Really comfortable and very comfortable. A great night's sleep


Great quality and so comfortable

We purchased our mattress from John Lewis...

We purchased our mattress from John Lewis 6 months ago. We replaced our old mattress Because I was getting backache. The new one was a back care mattress and felt really supportive in the shop. It is getting softer by the week. Wrote to John Lewis and have had no reply. These aren’t cheap mattresses and we are so disappointed. What a complete con. Wish I’d read the reviews now.


I wasn’t happy with my bed on its arrival. Most disappointing!! It was nothing like the one in the shop, I was so upset having saved so hard to buy it. The mattress was dirty, it had a stain on it. I believe it was done in the factory or they sent me a showroom one! It was well covered with polythene so could not have been the delivery guys. I haven’t slept on it as waiting for the retailer to come and inspect it so can’t comment.


We bought our Harrison Mattress with the hope it would alleviate the back pain my partner gets from Spinal Stenosis and compressed discs. We were wrong, very wrong. After nights of waking in agony we contacted the store, they arranged for a Harrison’s tester to come out and check the mattress. It failed every single test. Mattress was replaced after a 2.5 month wait. We’ve allowed this mattress to settle and flipped and rotated as advised. This mattress in terms of comfort and support is just as bad as the previous one. Avoid this mattress! It has no support you can feel and hear the springs inside and if I’m quite honest you would get a better nights sleep on the floor! Only gave 1 star because it didn’t have an option to leave 0!

John Lewis Natural Collection mattress

Bought a John Lewis branded Harrison Spinks manufactured mattress. JL Natural Collection which cost almost £1800. 4 years on it feels like the springs in part of the centre section have collapsed...we roll together and it is so very uncomfortable. We are both normal weight. Contacted John Lewis as the mattress was sold with an 8 year warranty. They sent out their assessor who told me there was noise in the mattress which there is not supposed to be..and he acknowledged there was a dent in the middle of the mattress. However, in his report to John Lewis he said no major fault found but was unable to explain why we had the problems. John Lewis are not prepared to honour their warranty to any degree. After some research, it seems retailers will change the specification of a product to suit their price point so although you may feel you are buying a certain manufacturer product, it is by no means certain. Hugely disappointed with John Lewis and having read other reviews I am beginning to suspect they have tried to leverage the Harrison Spinks brand name whilst reducing the build quality to meet their price point which is misleading to say the least. So a huge thumbs down to both John Lewis and Harrison Spinks.

At long last - the mattress I've been searching for...

Wonderful Bed and Accessories. All my life I have had great difficulty finding a mattress that suited me and how I wish I had come across Harrison Spinks before. This Retirement Treat has made the world of difference to my sleeping patterns, and therefore my health. Thank you.

I bought a Harrison Spinks mattress…

I bought a Harrison Spinks mattress (and bed) from John Lewis. Trying the one on display it was just perfect, but the mattress that was delivered is absolutely different. Supposedly ‘ medium‘ it feels really firm and after just six hours the first night I could hardly walk the next day. Immediately, complained to John Lewis as I felt I had been mis-sold this mattress, they had a man from FIFA assess the mattress, which he said was made according to the correct specification. What he didn’t do was assess the John Lewis demonstrator model, from which I chose this mattress, which is much softer. Despite many email and pleas to John Lewis - this mattress cost pence less than £2,000.00 - they remain determined not to listen or help me and refer to the small print in the website. I am completely disgusted with John Lewis, they have no sympathy for one of their products that has been sold incorrectly to me, and my back, (which I explained to the sales partner has had surgery and I therefore required a soft comforting mattress) Which I have not received. On such an expensive item I find it amazing there is no comeback. I remain now in constant pain. So ‘buyers beware’ shop elsewhere for a mattress which allows you trial time!


I’ve had my mattress for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it. It is so comfortable and so much better than the mattress I had before! Delivery service was excellent - I would highly recommend Harrison Spinks to anyone looking for a new, great quality mattress!

Nightmare mattress!

We bought our dream, forever mattress from Dreams. The sleep exercise in store was very impressive and we were confident that we were ordering a quality product tailor made to our different sleeping styles. From day one we found the mattress soft and wobbly. But we thought it just needed time to configure and we kept following the instructions to turn it clockwise every 2 weeks. I sent an email to Dreams and they scheduled a home inspection. The guy that was here said that he couldn't see a difference in the mattress (one side softer than the other). The feedback came back from them stating that nothing was wrong and should we want to pursue the matter, they would charge us for another inspection. So, we still have a very expensive, floppy mattress that causes sore hips and backs. It would have been better, cheaper and quicker to get a take-away mattress that is ready and puffed out in a couple of hours. Do your body a huge favour and don't buy Harrison Spunks at all!!

I bought a Harrison bed from gardeners…

I bought a Harrison bed from gardeners Bristol where the staff were great. As I did not use the bed at least two months after delivery because I was decorating.after sleeping init for a couple of weeks I had a terrible back. So I complained to gardeners they contacted Harrison’s .then I had a man come independently I said you can see the bed has sunk about three inches on my mattress as it is split mattress ds.Harrison’s have said this is okay. I will never recommend these beds. And I will go to the ombudsman to see if they will help me. Peter britol

A mixed review...true edge divan

A mixed review... I have a Harrison Spinks mattress and true edge divan and I’ve been happy with them. After 3 years the divan developed a slight squeak on the edge. Communicated to Harrison Spinks and the retailer about this. A Spinks technician inspected the divan, agreed there was a fault and new divan ordered. Could not repair due to Covid restrictions, would have been in house too long, he said Spinks wouldn’t allow it. So far so good. New divan is delivered, now not so good. It is so squeaky and creaky, I can’t emphasise this enough. I rejected the exchange and the delivery drivers reinstated my old divan. This is preferable to the new one, by a mile. I have noticed that there have been some modifications to the new style divan, mainly the feet from what I can see. The build quality isn’t what it was. The new divan did not seem as strong and sturdy. It’s quite shocking that this passed quality control. How I wish I could upload the video to let you hear the noise from the new one. I don’t know what will happen now with regards to a repair or replacement. I do know that I won’t be parting with my hard earned cash on an expensive Harrison Spinks divan in the future. At least I got to hoover behind and under bed in preparation for new divan....!

Worst buy ever

Worst buy ever. Less than a month old and can feel every spring. Advertised as firm but it sags and when you sit on the edge it feels like its collapsing. Spent £1300 and its 3am and I'm just off amazon buying a topper to try and save the situation. DO NOT buy a mattress online I thought with this brand I was getting a big last a lifetime mattress and was shocked when it arrived in a vacum bag. Absolutely awful.

Sleeping again..... Yay

Purchased our Burford back in February, and haven't looked back. Sleeping so well and no backaches anymore, so comfortable. Definitely the future for me, if you purchase one it will be one of the best descions you make... Trust me

Don't buy a gentle tensioned mattress!

I purchased a Harrison Spinks Kew 13200 king-size bed from a local furniture store. I chose to shop there so that I could benefit from their advice about what sort of mattress would suit me. This is what Harrison Spinks advise on their website. I opted for the gentle tensioned version of the mattress, as opposed to medium or firm, as I weigh only 50kg and find many mattresses too hard for my slight build. The staff advised that the mattress was suitable for my weight and also for those significantly heavier. It would comfortably support my partner who weighs 70kg. It's now a year since my purchase and the mattress has had plenty of time to settle in. Alas it is still as excruciatingly uncomfortable as it was on the first night that I slept on it. It simply does not provide enough support to keep my spine aligned, resulting in back ache and severe neck pain. I contacted the shop but they refused to help, stating that it was a question of "comfort". (All they offered was to sell me a mattress topper. I fail to see how that would correct the lack of support.) Harrison Spinks responded in the same manner. I strongly disagree: the mattress is not fit for purpose. Although it is made of good materials and is very solid - it's so heavy that we are unable to turn it and struggle even to rotate it - it doesn't support even my slight physique. I'm appalled at the response. I spent a lot of money on the bed, confident that I was being advised to buy a quality product. I could have got the same effect from buying the very cheapest of cheap mattresses. I can't afford to buy a replacement and dread going to bed. On no account buy a gentle tensioned mattress from this brand.

Hopeless sagging, groaning noisy mattress!

Recently purchased a Harrison Spinks Natural Collection Hemp 2500, medium tension, king size mattress via John Lewis. The mattress from the first night creaked and groaned when sat on and whilst turning over trying to get to sleep. Two sagging channels formed on either side of the bed, with a noticeable raised area down the middle. We had the mattress inspected and it was considered defective. All this happened within two weeks from delivery. It was returned to John Lewis and we received a refund. I don’t recommend this mattress to anyone.

Deceptive Customer Service, £700 Mattress Sank After 18 Months

In June 2018, I bought a Harrison Spinks mattress, which was branded by John Lewis as their 'Natural Collection Hemp 2500, King Size, Medium Tension Pocket Spring Mattress.' The mattress started to sink around the middle of one length 18 months in. This corresponds to the lower back and hip region when I or my partner lies on it. We endured it for another 10 months, suffering lower back pain as a result, before the pain became so severe that I decided to ask John Lewis to investigate. Steve from FIRA, a third party consultant/inspection company, came to our home on the 17th of November 2020 to perform standard tests on the mattress including what the industry calls a 'lie test.' He said -- verbatim -- 'now, off the record, I can actually feel a big dip in the mattress on that side.' A manager at FIRA, Pauline, with whom I've been in contact, assures me that Steve's report was forwarded to Harrison Spinks on the 21st of November 2020. Harrison Spinks took 17 days to submit *their* report John Lewis (8 December 2020). Harrison Spinks answer and solution? 'No fault with the mattress, sinking is natural.' I find it highly suspicious that Harrison Spinks took 11 business days to review and send over a simple report from the third-party inspector, FIRA. Harrison Spinks's insistence that a significant dip in my mattress after only one year of use is 'natural' constitutes a blatant evasion of responsibility. My partner and I are, respectively, 67kg and 56kg -- much too light for a medium firmness mattress to sink under our weight, especially within the noted time frame. We rotate the mattress monthly as instructed. Either Harrison Spinks is refusing to replace a defunct mattress or their mattresses are incredibly low in quality, therefore not meriting the 700 pound price tag. I had hoped this investment in a mattress would help my partner and I feel refreshed, but I have slept of less expensive, more durable mattresses from IKEA, which has fair and transparent customer service protocols.

Mattress... Tired

Ordered £1,400 mattress from Canterbury beds 3.12.20. Delivered 2 months later. Couldn’t sleep on it. After many calls rep came, sat on it and declared “That’s what you ordered, we can’t take it back and we won’t exchange it. Put plywood under it and a topper on it”! (Further nearly £200). Contacted Harrison Spinks who said “Your argument is with Canterbury beds but we suggest you sleep on it for THREE MONTHS to let it get to KNOW you”!! And I presume introduce it to our doctor along with our bad backs. Now reverted to the spare bed. Thought we’d treat ourselves....never do that again, at least the so called ‘cheap beds’ you can trial first.

Very disappointed

Ordered in April, delivered in June all good. Now in August there is already a significant dip where I lie in the bed, resulting in lower back pain. It is a frim mattress and I weigh 9 stone 11 pounds. My former bed, a Vi Spring showed no dips after 10 years. This is not what I expected. Roughly £2000 wasted. I have yet to tackle the company but reading other similar revues I have no confidence in any satisfactory outcome.

Well made bed but very uncomfortable

Treated myself to what I thought was going to be a dream bed. Bought from Dreams beds as I thought the choice would be the best. The mattress is Flaxby Nature's Accent by Harrison Slinks. The edges are curved so you are constantly trying to stop yourself rolling out of bed. It is so hard that myself and partner both wake with back ache. I am now sleeping in the spare room and he is sleeping in the middle of the king size bed with 2 mattress toppers to make it bearable. Luckily we have 30 comfort guarantee from Dreams. They will not entertain exchanging it before that. Very disappointed after spending £1200

Terrible sinking after a few months

I cannot recommend purchasing a mattress from this company. Although they are comfortable in the show room, they do not hold their shape for long after purchase. Now we have two severe dips where my wife and I lie and it is causing no end of back problems and aches in our shoulders. Be warned that when you try to claim on the guarantee, they will send out a third party company called HomeServe who will assess the mattress and tell you it is "natural settlement", despite it being like waves in the ocean. It's horrible. These are quite expensive mattresses and I expected much more from the company. £2,000 wasted.


I bought a Flaxby Mattress as I wanted a product that was recyclable. I am extremely disappointed in it and it is the worst mattress I have ever slept on. It is hard (should be medium support), lumpy and feels like it has mountains and valleys in it. I feels like I am going to fall off the bed every time I turn over. I am now grumpy as I am not getting any sleep. Good idea but needs more work on it.

Terrible Somnus mattress

Would never buy from HS again, had a 2.2K Somnus mattress, in less than 2yrs it dipped badly despite being turned and rotated all the time, they came out inspected and replaced, 2.5yrs on the replacement has done the same, massively unhappy with this as its very expensive and expected a much longer lifespan, both my wife and I suffering bad backs because of the mattress have now moved on to a Simba for a fraction of the cost and so far so good. The vendor tells you it has to be turned regularly which we did but they weigh a ton so not easy to do and the filling settles and shifts far too easily, poor design and longevity, over priced and not the premium product we thought it was.

Read the reviews before you think of buying and then think again before you waste a great deal of money!

I ordered a Harrison Spinks "Maldives" mattress from an Edinburgh store and it was delivered in February 2022. After a very few weeks the mattress dipped in the middle. I am the sole sleeper in the bed and normally sleep at one side or the other but definitely not in the middle. I persevered for a year to allow for all the things mentioned in the booklet that accompanied the mattress but all to no avail. I contacted the retailer who sent two employees to check out the mattress. They also rotated the mattress for me. They reported to the retailer who in turn reported the matter to Harrison Spinks who arranged for an independent inspector to examine the mattress. His findings were that there was "roll" in the middle of the mattress. However, Harrison Spinks decided that the fault was mine, the customer, due to the fact that I had not turned the mattress as detailed in the literature. It was an impossibility for me, a female aged 79, to move the mattress in any direction, let alone rotate it. The thing about rotating the mattress is that your body is virtually in the same place so there is always going to be a dip in the same place. I paid £1299.50 for this mattress but intend to replace it as soon as I can afford to do so and it certainly will not be with a Harrison Spinks mattress. I have a Millbrook mattress which is over 20 years old on another bed and it is as comfortable as the day it arrived. I may well revert to using it again for myself I only wish I had read the reviews before I purchased the mattress as I am horrified to see so many bad reviews about Harrison Spinks products. Strange thing really, the "Maldives" mattress is no longer advertised on Harrison Spinks website. I wonder why?

I have been conned.

I feel conned. I bought our £1300 mattress to help relieve lower back pain. We had a long discussion with John Lewis and the Harrison Spinks mattress was recommended. It was fine for a couple of years. We flipped it every 2 months. Then it gradually developed two sleeping hollows with a raised mound down the middle. I began waking up with back pain. This not what I expected and so different from when it was new. I measured the pit using a straight edge across the bed and there is a 44mm dip. This obviously gets worse when I put my body weight on it. We have had a technician out to assess the mattress. Apparently it is fine! No further action required. Well it is not. Stay clear. Harrison Spinks reputation is down the pan.

Don’t buy Harrison Spinks bed or mattress

Bought Topaz divan from Land of beds in December. The most uncomfortable bed it dipped within days, it’s uneven and a harder ridge down the centre. I contacted them and they sent a guy to do an inspection. He did comment on the dipping but his report came back from Land of beds that no fault was found and nothing further was going to be done. The bed was not in a cheaper range and I expected far mor support and comfort. I spend a lot of time in many hotels and this is by far unacceptable. My advice try the Simba beds much more comfort and support. Harrison Spinks has changed to micro springs and this may be the problem. Such a waste of money, don’t buy.

£2599 Flaxby Nature's Finest 11150 DNAir Mattress ? Dont waste your money!

Bought from a Dreams Store, this Mattress Flaxby Nature's Finest by Harrison Spinks as Harrison Spinks don't sell direct to the public or that was what I was told when I rang them up. A lot of money but as one spends about one third of one's life in bed I thought it would be worth the money! ....WRONG! This is the very same bed that Greg Wallace saw being made in the Harrison Spinks factory on the telly. First of all Dreams did not give us the opportunity to try out the special bed mattress checker to see what the best bed for our weight would be as the machine was not working. we were told however that after we purchase a mattress, any mattress we would be sent a questionnaire and one of the questions will be were you offered the chance to try the mattress checker in the store, just say yes to that question as we'll get into trouble if you say you were not given the chance to try it Anyway getting back to this £2599 mattress which was delivered, no complaints there. On to the first night in the bed and what a night I said to my wife this mattress is terrible, its meant to be soft, you sit on the edge of the bed and yes it's soft but when you get into bed and you are lying on the mattress it's hard, no give at all, anyway my wife said It is a bit hard but give it a chance........I'll be perfectly honest when I said about 15 minutes after getting into bed either this mattress goes or I go! It's the most uncomfortable mattress I have ever slept on. The next day my good lady phoned Dreams to complain and to see if we could change the mattress for another one and was told NO you have to wait 30 days before we can do anything. I put up with this mattress for 10 days and on the 11th Day we happened to be out and about in a different area and just by chance got a parking space outside a Dreams store. I said let's go in and just see how the staff are in this store, cut a long story short the staff were very nice and very helpful, I said let me tell you a story of our experience with another Dreams Store just a week or so ago. The member of Staff was shocked and said that the 30 day rule need not apply and that it would be possible for this store to call Dreams customer services and sort the problem out and if we wanted to change the mattress for another at no extra cost then that could be arranged. This was music to our ears so we had a look at some mattresses in the store and decided on another make rather than another Spinks mattress. The staff member made a phone call, placed the order for the new mattress we had chosen, sorted out a refund for the difference in price and said your new mattress will be delivered in 7 days Holy Moley! Thats 10 days before the 30 day period that the original shop said we would have to wait. Now thats what customer service should be like. Anyway thats the story and if you are thinking on spending your hard earned cash on a Harrison Spinks mattress Don't bother as they are not what they are made out to be. In short buy another make and save yourself ££££££'s

Dreadful dreadful

AvOID unless you like hiking over a ridge in the bed and sleeping in a furrow. Backache. High motion transfer...Avoid expensive mistake!

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