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Happy Beds Mattress Reviews

Happy Beds is an online, discount mattress store that features its own proprietary line of mattresses, beds and bedroom furniture. Their mattresses and divans are all made in Britain. Happy Beds mattresses are competitively priced and lower profile than luxury models found elsewhere. Overall, they get good ratings for children's and part-time options, but some have complained about longevity.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.3/10

Price Value: 7.6/10

No Back Pain: 7.5/10

Price: £69-£705

Trial Period: No Trial

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Happy Beds's Specifics

Happy Beds focus on discount mattresses. Their mattresses are mostly pocket sprung varieties with a few all-foam exceptions. In terms of customer feedback, most customers describe decent experiences, but there were some reports of longevity concerns and issues with delivery in some circumstances.

Craftsmanship & Quality

Happy Beds mattresses focus on providing comfortable mattresses at a low price. With models sporting slimmer profiles, many customers are happy with the feel of the affordable materials and craftsmanship. However, there were complaints about durability for some.

We'll go through each of their mattress types so that you can get a sense of their offerings:

Here are the details about the Pocket Sprung Mattresses:

Happy Beds pocket sprung mattresses include also their orthopaedic varieties. They feature pocket springs for support and natural fillings or foam comfort layers. These mattresses are the most popular Happy Beds mattresses and get better than average initial comfort ratings. Some sleepers had issues with durability and perceived value.

The Pros: Pocket sprung mattresses with orthopaedic mattress options for a low price.

The Cons: Some complaints about comfort and long term feel.

Here are the details of Happy Beds Open Coil Mattresses:

Happy Beds Open Coil Mattresses feature interconnected matrices of coils that work together to provide support for the spine. The pressure from these supports are diffused by natural fillings or foam comfort layers. With orthopaedic options, these get decent ratings from customers. However, some mention desiring added comfort.

The Pros: Open coil mattresses that feature natural fillings or foam.

The Cons: Some disagreement on comfort and durability.

Lastly, we'll discuss Happy Beds All Foam Mattresses:

Happy Beds has all-foam mattresses including gel memory and reflex foam mattresses. These mattresses use dense foam core to support the spine and softer foam on the surface layers for contouring and pressure relief. These mattresses get some positive sentiment, but sometimes have issues with durability.

The Pros: All foam mattress options for an affordable price.

The Cons: Some issues reported about durability.

Overall Comfort

There are many reports of sleepers feeling comfortable initially with these mattresses. However, lasting comfort was a complaint for some that reported dipping and quality issues.


One thing that Happy Beds does very well is having firmness options for most sleepers. Sleepers who are larger in body size and stomach sleepers may prefer firmer mattresses while those that are smaller and side sleepers may enjoy medium and softer choices.

Back Pain Relief

The best rated mattresses for back pain relief are Happy Beds orthopaedic and the pocket sprung mattresses. However, with some complaining of degrading comfort, relief may be shorter lived than alternatives.


Happy Beds mattresses should do well overall when it comes to cooling. Those that do best feature natural fillings versus foam that tends to trap more heat.

Who Are Happy Beds Mattresses Good For?

Happy Beds mattresses are best for those looking for a part-time mattress at a competitive price. See our list of the top UK mattresses for helpful alternatives.

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Needed a firm bed...

Needed a firm bed for my back problems so read reviews on this and decided to give it a go. So glad I did, it’s perfect for my back and finally getting a good nights sleep. The mattress is very well made and would recommend anyone to buy this mattress if they have back issues.

Way too expensive for what you actually get

First things first, £££. You definitely don't get what you pay for. We paid £670.00 for a bed & mattress which, looking at them now, we feel bit ripped off. Its general appearance it of a cheap (say medium) quality. The fitting wasn't too bad, until we had to put the mattress on and close the lid (it's an ottoman bed). The gas struts holding the lid up are soooo strong, it will keep the lid slightly lifted up even it's got the mattress on top. I had to cancel the struts so we could keep it closed. Canceling the struts was a massive challenge as the instructions, which are very poor, mentioned something like "with a screwdriver, lift the safety and pull the strut out the socket" - nope, it's not that easy. As a matter of fact is hard as hell. All in one, this was a bit of a bitter taste experience; we did get a bed, a decent one, but not what we actually expected, in terms of quality.

Great customer service and company

Great customer service and company. Kept fully updated with delivery and dispatch. I had read previous bad reviews and was slightly concerned but thought I’d go for it anyway. Delivery was confirmed and the date didn’t change from when I placed my order. Delivery company took the bed up to the required room and were friendly and polite

Great product, great price, great experience

The order process was very easy and the bed came right on time with a fairly short lead time and good communication all the way. The bed was delivered in good packaging and good condition with care and once assembled it was a great bed and great mattress too. I will be using them again when i want another bed and im happy to recommend this company and the products i bought

Very attractive sturdy beds

No problems, so no contact with happy beds as ordered online. Arrived on date arranged and driver phoned with an estimated delivery time that was accurate. Ordered bunk beds. The beds look very nice made, first bed took about 2 hours but second was quicker as we knew what we was doing. The finish on the beds could have been better, as the set I brought was also available in John Lewis this is a manufacturing issue not a complaint against the quality of beds should by happy beds

Great mattress

Great mattress, great price, great delivery. Very happy shopper.

Ordered beds for my daughters to arrive…

Ordered beds for my daughters to arrive in 2 weeks, had room all painted and carpeted and had a delivery slot emailed to me therefore I arranged someone to be in the house that morning to build the beds. The day of the delivery I was called to not only cancel the delivery however they told me that the beds we ordered are actually not available and wont be coming at all. kids are now sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags as old beds and mattresses were binned the night before to make space for new ones. Absolute shambles of a so-called business.

Very attractive sturdy beds

No problems so no contact with happy beds as ordered online. Arrived on date arranged and driver phoned with an estimated delivery time that was accurate. Ordered bunk beds. The beds look very nice made, first bed took about 2 hours but second was quicker as we knew what we was doing. The finish on the beds could have been better, as the set I brought was also available in John Lewis this is a manufacturing issue not a complaint against the quality of beds should by happy beds

Best possible choice I could have ever…

Best possible choice I could ever found! Not only I got a free delivery but the price itself was incomperable to high street stores!! I looked and visited every shop in area, tried and tested all mattresses but in the end I trusted the Happy Beds and I got the best price and the best mattress without overpaying! I’m very happy and recommend Happy Beds to everyone because they also have the return policy and you can’t be disappointed!!!

I wish I could leave zero stars

I wish I could leave zero stars. I waited in at home twice for deliveries which never arrived, despite being promised by management that the 2nd delivery would categorically arrive. I then asked for a refund nearly 2 weeks ago. It still hasn't been refunded. Their customer service is appalling, if they say they'll call you back you might as well whistle, they never do. I can't comment on the quality of their beds as I've never actually seen one. I ordered from another bed company who delivered a fabulous bed the next day. Avoid at all costs.

Great product...

Great product, needs to be settled for at least a night and then it's so comfy! I am plus size so the firmness is different for me than friends who said it was firmer. Use the weight checker to see which mattress is best for you, but for me this is perfect!!

Get what you pay for

Pretty good.I think you get what you pay for really.Pretty good value but pretty basic. Delivery was on time but they don't take anything in the house for you. Not ideal woman living alone in a 3 storey having to carry a bed upstairs.

Really disappointed in this company

Really disappointed in this company. We ordered our mattress on the 12th Oct and arrival time was meant to be from the 18th - 21st. Our move in date to our new home was the 21st and when calling the courier happy beds use they said it will not be with us until the 31st Oct. We have now had to go and buy a temporary mattress until this arrives and when calling happy beds they said there's nothing they can do. We are receiving no compensation, no shipping fee back and no mattress 19 days later. Terrible company and terrible courier

Excellent bed

Excellent bed, great communication from the company, prompt delivery from friendly & helpful team.

Great product, great service!

I checked out the Happy Beds website and found it so simple to use, and really got the product I wanted (a mattress) within 15mins. I placed the order and paid (secure page), and waited for it to arrive. It arrived on time delivered by a professional delivery team. I am very happy with the whole Happy Beds experience and would have no problem in recommending them!

Good beds but covered in dents and scratches

Our Toronto trundle bed was delivered in good time. The main bed went together fine and we had no problems with that save for a couple of minor scratches. The trundle bed was another matter, the first one arrived covered in dents and scratches and one of the screws wouldn’t go in because it hadn’t been drilled properly. Customer services were quite quick to get another one out to us but when that arrived it was also dented and scratched, and the dents were worse than the first one. But at least this one went together so we just accepted it will have to live with the dents and scratches. So overall good customer service but they need to have better quality to control to ensure products don’t arrive to the customer looking like they have been that badly handled in the warehouse. There were no rips or dents in the box so it must have happened before the products were boxed.

excellent service

Ordered two items from happy beds, a superb double bed and a chest of drawers. Both items excellent quality and excellent value for money, the delivery firm used are excellent too, always rang to say on way, arrived on time and were very courteous. Would recommend Happy beds

Wish I had seen the reviews here before…

Wish I had seen the reviews here before I ordered. Happy beds customer service is absolutely shocking beds arrived without mattresses and one bed faulty no apologies I had to pay to have the faulty bed put right as I was unable to contact them regarding the fault. Their response your fault for not letting us know (they were closed for a holiday) and by the way your warranty is now void. Avoid like the plague!!

We love our Happy Beds!

I was so pleased with my first mattress form Happy Beds I have recently bought another one. They are great value for a high quality and very comfortable mattress. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and plan to buy another one for my son when he moves to a new flat as he loves his comfortable Happy Bed at home!

Comfy, affordable...

Comfy, affordable and has a luxury feel and pattern. Everyone has been surprised by the price!

So disappointed no customer service

So disappointed, my bed arrived but 3 out of the 6 boxes where damaged. Several emails later after sending pictures of damaged wood, then the damaged boxes, then photos of the stickers that had the number of the wood on. Then arguing that it was up to them to replace the broken parts and not the supplier as they just kept telling me to wait til they hear from supplier. I finally got replacements two weeks later- which two of the pieces where damaged too but after the very stressful fight to get the first replacements and luckily the damaged bits wouldn't be seen I decided to just make do for my own sanity! I still however have three large boxes of damaged parts that they need to collected that take up my entire kitchen but I can't leave outside as they won't take wet. There courier won't give me advance notice Happy Beds sent me an email at 9.50am saying they were coming to collect that day! Obliviously the collection was missed as I was at work and won't take another day off which they think is me being unreasonable. No compensation for all this stress and delay. I explained was recovering from cancer treatment and having to sleep in my son's bunk bed while he slept on the mattress on my floor but they didn't care and as a customer they don't offer compensation (probably as they would be out of business!) They finally offered a goodwill gesture of 4 pillows that have never arrived and I don't think ever will! I have requested several times for this to be escalated to the director but apparently he's away and no one knows when he'll be back?! The customer service manager, Jade has supposedly been calling me back for three days now to discuss this but again I'm being ignored. The bed itself is nice, it is just cheap wood so not convinced it will last but compared to other companies it was a fraction of the cost for a super king size and I'm happy with it to be honest it's all the other stuff that has left a bad taste in my mouth. There have been over 35 emails and calls made and this still isn't resolved. I haven't been rude or screaming and shouting and have in my opinion been more then reasonable and patient. It's such a shame that a simple problem has been so poorly dealt with its now resulting in a unhappy customer and a poor review. I will write to the director however I did think it will end up in the bin pile and ignored like my emails but as these boxes are so big I can't just take them to tip in my car and I'm not happy having to pay to get them removed. I wouldn't recommend them and next time I would actually pay more to ensure I receive better service. I won't be using again and will go out of my way to warn others as it's not fair what they are doing.

great bed great service great price…

great bed great service great price would buy from happy beds again lisa slack

Great Quality Products At Great Prices..

So, first and foremost; If you're after quality at a great price, Happy Beds are the only choice. I ordered a high sleeper Pegasus bed. Great price for the quality and sound structure once assembled. Very sturdy and practical with lots of storage space available. Assembling the bed took a bit of time considering there's a lot of fixings and panels,. With the Instructions being clear and helpful, it was easy to follow. Regarding delivery; that was an easy process as I was notified via telephone a week before of the delivery date, and then the driver telephoned me shortly before he was at my house. Sometimes with flatpack deliveries, panels can get damaged in transit, this was the case as I had a couple damaged. I telephoned Happy Beds who advised I email part numbers and attach pictures of damaged parts. An easy process in rectifying the problem by dispatching replacement panels and taking delivery within 7 days. I highly recommend using Happy Beds for quality, great pricing and helpful fast customer support.

Great mattress but no markings...

Great mattress but no markings to show you which way is up. Not normally a problem but as this mattress is topped with reflex foam it would be good to know which side that is on!

Amazing quality and customer care

I would like to say thank you for the great customer service. Having phoned and explained we had an emergency and needed the bed earlier than arranged, you did not hesitate and confirmed you could deliver by the date we needed it. I would definitely order from you again plus recommend your company to my friends. Very happy with the service and the bed.


DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY..... Happy Beds were very obliging and responsive at point of our order, however we cancelled our order only 12 hours after placing the order (the bed wasn't due for several weeks). unfortunately they only credited my Visa for the mattress and overlooked the credit for the bed. When my Visa bill arrived my wife queried this with Happy Beds who assured this would be done which we assumed it would, however this didn't happen again, after several calls and emails they eventually paid the monies back into our account however our Visa company hasn't received the credit and we are now left with the charges for not paying to which Happy Beds are accepting no responsibility for. No idea of customer service at all nor any idea of accepting any responsibility for the problems they cause........

To be honest it’s a pretty stiff mattress...

To be honest it’s a pretty stiff mattress. I thought I might feel the foam a bit more. But give it a few months and it might have loosened up.

Super confortable mattress...

Super confortable mattress! Exactly what I needed! I like the fact that it's firm...for me that's the best!

Did not disappoint...

Did not disappoint, delivery on time

Don't use HAPPY BEDS!!!

Honestly don't trust this company if anything goes wrong. They are one of the worst companies I have dealt with online and at every turn lie and lie to avoid processing a refund for faulty goods. PLEASE PLEASE try someone else for your bed, NOT HAPPYBEDS!

The matress was slightly longer...

The matress was slightly longer and wider than expected. It also seemed to be a bit harder than a normal medium.

Ordered a small double bed on 9th…

Ordered a small double bed on 9th August then towards the end of the month realised I ordered the wrong size so called them to change it. They said I had to pay £60 as they’ve already sent it to the courier so I paid. They’ve delivered it now (14th September) two weeks later and they’ve delivered me a small double bed. I live by myself, and work full time and requested for weekend delivery and they said they can’t do that. So now I’ve been delivered a small double bed which I don’t want. So I will be requesting for a refund as it’s their error and will be ordering from another company. P.s I’ve been without a bed for over a month.

After taking my first review into…

After taking my first review into consideration, I have amended my first review. I do feel the communication skills and courier issue could be better. Overall, the bed is of very good quality and I am pleased with my purchase.

I purchased a Memory Foam 2000 Pocket…

I purchased a Memory Foam 2000 Pocket Sprung mattress from them on Amazon for approx £330. I am not satisfied with the quality of the mattress and with the customer service. After 2 months of usage, the mattress started to unstitch in 3 areas. I claim for a new and, possibly, better/firmer one (I was happy to pay to upgrade to a better one). They didn't listen and send me a replacement (same model) despite my request to upgrade. I changed it for a better one from another make and suppliers.

Terrible service

A week to get the right pieces delivered and refused to take the wrong pieces away. I was so excited about getting me new bed. I cleared the room and threw out the old bed and when it arrived the items were wrong. They said they’d redeliver the right pieces (2 it of 5 parcels) the next day. It didn’t arrive. So far 2 days without a bed. Next was the weekend and their delivery company don’t work weekends so they said it would be Monday. Monday arrived still no packages. I was promised it would be delivered Tuesday and the wrong items picked up. Eventually on Tuesday the delivery for the right pieces happened but they refused to take the wrong pieces back. After many emails and phone calls they told me I could dispose of the pieces myself. At extra cost to me I had the king size headboard and foodboard removed. I had to take 5 extra days off work and they wouldn’t give me an compensation for the lost days of work or inconvenience of it all. The bed itself is nice but The drama of it all and not having a bed for a week was not fun. It also took me a week to get the pieces picked up so my hallway was filled with parcels you had to climb over.

We have been delighted with our Bed & Mattress

We have been delighted with our experience with Happy Beds, from ease of use on the website to the amazing customer service! The bed and mattress themselves are also outstanding value for money and we are thrilled with them both!

Amazing price amazing product amazing…

Amazing price amazing product amazing service

Bed of poor build quality for the…

Bed of poor build quality for the amount we paid! Drawer broke after 2 month! Customer service department have no skills and are not pleasant do not recommend

Bit firmer than I thought...

Bit firmer than I thought it would be but a very good quality mattress.

The mattress is good quality...

The mattress is good quality but far too firm for my daughter, we’ve bought a mattress topper and it’s mych comfier now.

Highly recommended

Highly recommended, great quality and no more back ache. Thank you!

Bed is very comfortable...

Bed is very comfortable and appears well made. Excellent value for money.

5 stars

5 stars: Excellent - no reservations. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Ordering was easy...

Ordering was easy. Delivery was as stated. Good quality mattress ,half the price of the high street.with a 5 year guarantee. This is the second one I've purchased due to being so impressed with the first.

Very dissapointed...

Very dissapointed with the service I received with happy beds. After a friend recommended the company to me I was keen to order a mattress, however after staying in on the arranged day of delivery I got a call to say the mattress had been damaged in transit. They arranged to send another one and said they would put a note for the courier to be careful. I waited a few more days and arranged another day of delivery, however after changing my plans to stay in and wait all day for the mattress I got the same call saying the mattress had been damaged during delivery. They were not helpful on the phone asking what they should do. Seeing as I don't run the company, it shouldn't be my decision. They said it would keep happening with that courier or I could wait a few more weeks and it be sent with a different more reliable courier, shouldn't this have been the way in the first place? Maybe the mattress was never in stock, however I had to cancel my order and go with a different company. Very annoying after waiting weeks for nothing.

Pocket springs at a good price...

Pocket springs at a good price, with exceptional customer service.

Awful company

Awful company! I waited in all day for the mattress to arrive, from 8 am to 6 pm as they do not give a 2 hour delivery slot only to find that the mattress never arrived. There was no phone call to let me know what was going on, no apology - nothing! When I called Happy Beds that evening I was fobbed off by someone who clearly didn't care, who offered no apology and just said he'd get someone to call me back - they never did. The next morning I was phoned to be told the mattress was going to be delivered that day instead - again no apology for this at all. When I explained that I was already at work I was asked if they could leave it outside in the street. I've emailed them asking for a manager to get back to me and apologise for the inconvenience of all of this but so far there has been nothing. The mattress hasn't even arrived but I'm so fed with the lack of customer service I wish we'd shopped elsewhere. Life is too short to be strung along by a company that doesn't care.

Excellent mattress

Excellent mattress, brilliant value and service - thank you!

Great service & Great Product

Great service & Great Product. We ordered the bed and mattress for 6 year old boy. He loves his new bed! Delivery was very easy and fast. It took a couple of hours to built up and you definitely require 2 people. Very good was the fact that all screws and parts have been numbered. This makes it very easy to assemble! Would definitely order with Happy Beds again!

very good service delivered on time

very good service delivered on time , product as described, good quality, having the best sleep for a long time well pleased

absolutely fantastic

absolutely fantastic, I slept like a baby. it as like falling onto clouds, I don't know how they make such brilliant bed frames.

Used the 'build your own bed' service…

Used the 'build your own bed' service they provide and we are very happy with the results. It allowed us to choose our own shape, colour, pattern and drawers, making it easy to buy a bed base i would love. The delivery was great, kept me up to date and the guys who delivered it where friendly and helpful (bringing it up 3 small flights of stairs with tight corners). Very happy with their service and price!

I now look forward to going to bed .

I bought a BM-ORTHOSUPR-MATTRESS single . It arrived on time and the driver carried it up to my flat without a problem . I now get a proper nights sleep and wake refreshed ..........absolute joy ! Probably the best £100 I have ever spent . Thanks Happy Beds .

Unreliable product and service, STAY AWAY

I came across this company online and place an order for mattress (Order No: 319554) and received the product after two weeks. The mattress was not covered completely so got dirty at few places and on top of that the delivery men refused to put the mattress upstairs as they said staircase height was not sufficient which was not the case. At the time I felt should return it back but the following day guests were coming over so couldnt do it and I and my friend took it to the upstairs. When I complained then they offered me 10% discount. Anyway things went ok for next few months afterwards the stitching started coming off all around the mattress. I again mailed happybeds with evidences and again they took more than a week to response below " the stitching forms part of the general wear and tear which does not fall under the manufacturing warranty." I do not understand what they cover in their 5 years Manufacturer's Guarantee then.I do believe stiching is the element that keeps the mattress in shape and in a usable condition. Day by day stitching is coming off more and internal part is getting exposed and the area near edges is getting soft and thin which is uncomfortable to sleep on. I am really very disappointed and wish could have bought from other company as happybeds doesn't look reliable at all. So I decided to put a review at least it can save people from purchasing such I came across this company online and place an order for mattress (Order No: 319554) and received the product after two weeks. The mattress was not covered completely so got dirty at few places and on top of that the delivery men refused to put the mattress upstairs as they said staircase height was not sufficient which was not the case. At the time I felt should return it back but the following day guests were coming over so couldnt do it and I and my friend took it to the upstairs. When I complained then they offered me 10% discount. Anyway things went ok for next few months afterwards the stitching started coming off all around the mattress. I again mailed happybeds with evidences and again they took more than a week to response below " the stitching forms part of the general wear and tear which does not fall under the manufacturing warranty." I do not understand what they cover in their 5 years Manufacturer's Guarantee then.I do believe stiching is the element that keeps the mattress in shape and in a usable condition. Day by day stitching is coming off more and internal part is getting exposed and the area near edges is getting soft and thin which is uncomfortable to sleep on. I am really very disappointed and wish could have bought from other company as happybeds doesn't look reliable at all. So I decided to put a review at least it can save people from purchasing such unreliable products..

Terrible. Don't part with your hard earned cash

No bed. No mattress and no money back.. if you want your children sleeping on the floor give your hard earned cash to crappy bed company. £590 down and no refund.

Mattress review

Excellent service from start to finish. Great quality mattress for a great price. Highly recommended


Do not waste your money here!!!! After 2 days lost off work due to the delivery men x2, being lazy and refusing to carry our mattress up stairs communal stair way to our front door, x2 men willing to see me with a pre fractured back and my mrs struggle to carry the matress up the stairs. After paying £80 to swap a matress. Been left with no matress now for 3 days and they have yet cancelled deliver yet again being twice now. I would never ever waste another penny with this 2 bit company that doesnt even offer compensation for my time off work self employed lost, due to being incompetent. Go to a real company and pay the extra for a better service. I suggest dreams we for sure wish we stuck with them. After trying to get a redund on a un opened mattress being told I will lose nearly £100 of my well earnt money, for them not being able to provide a good service. This company stinks. Any repetable company would offer full refund of money paid due to the rubbish service I have received. Not even a sorry... Re name un-happy beds


The company is terrible to deal with. The customer service is atrocious. I have never deal with such a bad company. Only 1 staff member is /was good.

£100 out of pocket thanks to Happy Beds

Happy Beds charged us £100 for a mattress that we bought which was immediately returned in full packaging unused as it would not fit up our stairs. Avoid Avoid Avoid. Happy Beds provide a great service - IF you have ordered the correct product and there are no issues. However, I would urge anyone to exercise extreme caution in using this company. We moved into a rental accommodation and needed to buy mattresses. We bought a mattress; the processing was very smooth and the delivery very prompt. Up to this point, we had no complaints. Unfortunately the mattress would not fit up the stairs and the couriers took it immediately away again, advising that their management would call us within 30 minutes to verify the reason that they weren't able to deliver, and that we had to contact Happy Beds ourselves to arrange a refund. This all happened, and Happy Beds notified us that there would be a charge of £100 for the return of a mattress (that cost £239.99) that was returned to them immediately. We disputed this charge with them as being unreasonable but they would not budge as they said this charge was incurred by needing to use the couriers to return and store the mattress. When we pointed out that other courier costs would be around £55 (having googled), they offered to charge us £25 to have it sent back so that we could arrange to send it back to them via a cheaper courier!! It has cost us £100 for a genuine mistake. We shall not use them again and would urge caution if considering using this company.

Incompetent staff, faulty products and a business with no integrity.

Whatever you do, do not use this company. I was delivered a bed which was manufactured incorrectly. The headboard was actually missing the bracket to attach the sides to. I only found this out after I had carried a solid wood Superking bed up a flight of stairs. After letting Happy Beds know about this, they then took a week to come back to me with an answer (refusing to talk to me over the phone). They said there was nothing they could do apart from get someone to turn up and take the bed away. I tried to get them to send me a new bracket, and I would fit it myself, but no. Incapable of even doing that. I ended up going on Amazon myself, paid £10 for a bracket, paid £50 for a handyman, and sorted the job myself. Despite all of these issues I have been through I asked Happy Beds to provide some kind of compensation for this and they said they wouldn't even do that. There's no wonder they have so many bad reviews - they treat their customers terribly and should just change their name to "We don't give a.... beds"

Great purchase and easily assembled

Great delivery and customer service, very comfortable bed and arrived in good condition

Great mattress

Mattress came quickly and nicely packaged. It’s a great mattress and has really helped with my back. Great price and amazing variety!

Perfect bed and service

Easy, fast and reliable

poor service

Poor service I wouldn’t recommend but the beds great

This bed is perfect for my kids bedroom also great quality.

Great service 5star*****

Great purchase

Prompt delivery of the product. Good communication & regular updates from the company regarding the purchase. The delivery company were excellent and their communication was great; updating via email and calling at the times they'd specified. Would by from Happy Beds again.

Quick delivery

Super fast delivery. Lovely guy who delivered the mattress

Well made and good quality

Delivery was due in early December but was a couple of weeks delayed. Probably due to the covid situation but nevertheless they were delayed. Very well made, quite big and roomy for bunks, would easily sleep an adult if left as singles. Quite easy to put together and the mattresses are of good quality. Would recommend.


Excellent quick delivery. Used before. Second time using


I placed an order with Happy Beds on 22nd January with an expected delivery window of 2nd to 7th February, on 2nd I contacted them to find out when the delivery would arrive (as I'd heard nothing since placing the order), they came back to me on 3rd to tell me it would be 11th February for the delivery. I immediately cancelled the order. But they refused to acknowledge my cancellation ( I emailed and called several times). They then called and left a message to say it would be delivered on 8th. I said I'd cancelled the order, but they still refused to acknowledge this. Then came back and said they would charge me a £100 refund fee. I've just received a notification to say that a courier will be delivering my order today. I'm furious. This has to be the worst customer service ever, and frankly tantamount to bullying.

TV Bed - delayed delivery & inability to issue a refund at

Ordered a TV bed on January 11th, expected delivery delays due to the nature of the item along with Covid-delays. However I was then emails to say I wouldn't receive shipping confirmation (not even the actual delivery) my item until 7 days from April 1st. Asked for a refund which was acknowledged (expected 5-7 working days from receipt of the email). This time passed & when I followed up again I was told the refund had been "stuck in an automated payment system" & it would now be another 5-7 days. Terrible service not only in taking an order they knew they couldn't fulfil in any respectable amount of time, but then not to issue the refund allowing me to find a suitable replacement. Wouldn't recommend this company at all.


They don't have stock for most of their beds and delivery is impossible. Avoid and don't be left waiting like me.

One of the worse company when I have seen

One of the worse company when I have seen. I bought a bed at 11/03/2021 and they took the money immediately to deliver the bed at 11/06/2021. After two months they sent an email and said the delivery time changed since 03/07/2021 so I I protested and said that I made the purchase, according to the said date, but they said insignificantly, if you want, we will return your money.They took my money for two months and I waited for two months, so I had to wait again. Surprisingly, a month later, they emailed again and delayed the delivery date to 17.8. Have you seen anything more nonsensical than this company?

If we could choose 0 we would have

If we could choose 0 we would have. We ordered 2 beds and 2 mattresses from Happy Beds on August 13th. Paid £40 for 2 men delivery on Aug 25th. Not only nothing was delivered, but there was no communication from Happy Beds nor delivery company about it and when we checked - one of the beds was not even in their system. We spoke to their customer service on August 26, they apologized and guaranteed delivery on Sep 1. We explained that we're moving in on Sep 3rd and therefore cannot accept further delays. This time only the mattresses were delivered - we were informed by the delivery company 30 MINUTES before the delivery that they don't have our beds. Other than a lukewarm apology, Happy Beds insisted on delivering on Sept 3rd. We explained that if not delivered by 9am we will not be able to accept the items. The delivery company came at 11.30am. We are appalled by the lack of professionalism of Happy Beds and would strongly advise you to look elsewhere for your beds/mattresses. The minuscule price different is not worth the stress of having to deal with them.

Absolutely appalling customer service

Absolutely APPALLING Customer Service If I could leave ZERO stars I would. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. Ordered 2 mattresses, the courier email/time arrived early morning on the Monday before I was due into work, I work in a school so cannot just arrive late or take time off. As I always do with all couriers, I left a signed note on the door asking them to leave the mattresses unattended in the back garden. So started the beginning of a nightmare correspondance with this company. The courier (Panther) would not rearrange delivery without Happy Beds say so, but when I contacted Happy Beds to ask them to rearrange delivery and confirm with Panther that they could leave the mattresses unattended, Happy Beds refused to do so unless I pay a £40 redelivery charge. It was either this or pay £100 cancellation charge, which they would automatically take from my order total and refund the rest. Happy Beds said unless I pay the redelivery charge WITHIN 48 HOURS they would automatically take the £100 from me. They claimed that I had received 24 hours notice of delivery time but I HAD NOT. I pointed out that as a customer under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 I had 14 days to change my mind and was entitled to a full refund, but they REFUSED to do this. They insisted I had had 24 hours notice of delivery and should have known to let them know prior to delivery that they could leave them unattended, even though a) this did not happen and b) they did NOT state that I had to tell them this or there would be a redelivery charge. Happy Beds REFUSED to let me speak to a manager or supervisor, instead Caroline just kept refusing to allow me. Caroline (on phone) and Kyi (by email) consistently refused to abide by my consumer rights, instead insisting that the £40 delivery charge or the £100 cancellation charge were my ONLY options. I contacted Panther the courier company who confirmed that they DO NOT charge for redelivery. I phoned Happy Beds and told them this, to be told that I should not be asking the courier company this. Eventually Happy Beds agreed that they would waive the delivery charge IF I could get it in writing from Panther that they do not charge. I received notice from Panther that they would indeed tell Happy Beds they do not charge and could email them this, but when I told Happy Beds THEY HUNG UP ON ME. From here they refused to engage with me on this issue, even though they had said they would waive the charge. Happy Beds are obviously charging this ludicrous, hugely inflated redelivery charge to line their own pockets. In the end I had no choice but to pay the delivery charge to avoid losing £100 - therefore I felt held to ransom over my mattresses, with no option to further the complaint process by speaking to anyone senior, and a blatant refusal to refund me in its entirety. After paying the £40, Happy Beds told me Panther would redeliver on the Monday. HOWEVER, THEY DID NOT TURN UP, even though my daughter had taken a day off from Sixth Form to ensure the whole thing did not happen again. So not only did they take my money, they DID NOT EVEN PHONE PANTHER TO REBOOK IT. Panther confirmed this to me after I phoned them. Happy Beds eventually redelivered to me, after a hell of a lot of stress and anxiety over this, but they STILL refused to refund me the delivery charge even though they completely messed up by not even booking the redelivery, AND they lied that it was done when they hadn't even phoned Panther. I would NEVER EVER use this company again, and I will be telling everyone I know about my awful experience to ensure they don't use them either. I have attempted to contact the Financial Ombudsman, manager of Happy Beds and CEO of Happy Beds and await to hear back from them...

Occasional twang...

Occasional twang from some springs but apart from that I’m really happy with this mattress and the comfort

Awful Experience

Shocking from start to finish... AVOID

Rude customer service

Poor customer care, tightly bound terms and conditions, no company accountability. Approach with caution.

Ordered a bed, arrived in soaking wet dirt covered box, rude customer services - Terrible company to deal with

Ordered a bed. Delivery arrived. Boxes were soaking wet, covered in dirt and mud. I refused delivery. Delivery driver (Panther transport) got aggressive. Told them to leave and take damaged good with them. the boxes were so wet and dirty they left water and mud on my hallway. Called Happy Beds and the customer service agents are so defensive and rude. Order is cancelled. DONT bother dealing with this unprofessional company. Customer service is non existence. If you have a problem they do not bother helping.

Nightmare Bed

Happy bed took no responsibility whatsoever for the issue I faced and for which they were responsible. Purchase received without instruction manual and with missing parts. Made to feel responsible for damaged bed despite them informing me and recognising the parts were missing. My advice to one and all, think twice before buying at the expense of your own happiness. No doubt they are happy with the money I spent. For me, Happy bed equals worst nightmare with an appalling customer service!

Cr(H)appy Beds

order #1000478903 I don't have anything bad per se to say about the actual company, but felt their website product description was misleading and we were very disapointed with the quality of the bed (Lincoln Connect King-Size). To say that a product is "simple to assemble" to then find 4 flat pack boxes delivered. Instructions state its a 2 man/1.5 hour process to assemble and in reality its 2 competent adults and over 2-hours! This IS misleading and we'd not purchased if known! The actual quality of the bed, once finally assembled is pretty poor for the price-point. Its incapable of being moved once in situ and the base consists of 4 bits of ply, which you need to jigsaw into place. Did raise my complaints with Happy Beds. They were responsive, but the discussion was circular, so I gave up in the end. Wouldn't recommend....

Very difficult to assemble

bought Yorkie bed and it was a nightmare to assemble, the base of the bed is formed of 2 boards, called board 5 and 6 and they are meant to be connected together, but there are no holes in the middle and they expect you to drill into the frame. give me a break, shocking quality ! it also took over a day to assemble due to various alignment issues and poor instructions.


We purchased a bed for our child from this company and arrived faulty. They blamed us for not assembling the bed properly and asked us to send all the videos and photos, which did and they said safety latch issue. They keep saying that but not telling where and how. We had invited a carpenter friend to look at the bed and manual and if there is any issues. He confirmed that everything was done properly and the bed was faulty. After chasing for a week, they refuse to accept the faulty bed back, refused to provide the parts, and refused to provide us a refund. They are not obliging to the 14 days distance selling regulations? We are now taking this further and going to The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations Authorities. Very poor customer service and very very BAD bed company.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY - their are a cheat

Awful company and mattress quality - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. I bought a king size mattress about 2 months ago, and it's already sunk in the middle. They are voiding my warranty because apparently i was supposed to flip the mattress every week for 6 weeks and every 6 weeks thereafter?! Have i bought a mattress or a pillow? Their so called Platinum mattress quality is actually rubbish. DO NOT USE THEM - their so called warranty is a lie.

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