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eve is one of the most popular online mattress offerings in the UK. Their mattresses are designed and manufactured in the UK. With testing over 70,000 prototypes before arriving at their designs, they have three different mattresses to choose from. They include a pocket sprung mattress and two all-foam varieties, and they also have an affordable bundle starting at £649. They get good reviews from customers and have an affordable pricepoint for the materials used.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 9.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.4/10

No Back Pain: 9.3/10

Price: £249-£849

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Eve's Specifics

Eve has high quality materials in its mattresses that it has sourced from manufacturers across the UK and beyond. They are made with CertiPUR® foams so they won't offgas nasty toxins. Also, their materials are sourced from stringent National Bed Federation members, which means you can trust the cleanliness and quality of the materials in their mattresses.

Craftsmanship & Materials

Eve produces three different mattress designs that are crafted in the UK. We'll go through each of their options in depth to discuss how each layer will affect the mattress feel.

Here is what's inside their most popular Eve Original Mattress:

Layer 1: The top layer is their cover made with a blend of polyester and dorlastan. It regulates temperature and is naturally anti-allergenic.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is their evecomfort® layer that is more responsive than memory foam and 30 times as breathable for extra cooling and pressure relief.

Layer 3: The following layer is a memory foam layer that conforms to your body without sinking in. It also provides deep support and further relief for pressure spots.

Layer 4: The base layer is specially zoned for ergonomic spine support while enabling heat to travel out of the mattress.

Their second option is their less expensive, but more supportive The Hybrid Mattress:

Layer 1: The top layer is their cover made with a blend of polyester and dorlastan. It regulates temperature and is naturally anti-allergenic.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is the evecomfort® layer that is more responsive than memory foam and 30 times as breathable for extra cooling and pressure relief.

Layer 3: The following a robust foam encasing around the pocket springs. These foam layers provide extra edge support and durability.

Layer 4: The last layer is 713 pocket springs that move independently to react to your body and so as not to disturb your partner.

Here is what's inside their higher-end Eve Premium Mattress:

Layer 1: The top layer features a luxurious-feeling quilted top that has silver strands stitched in for anti-microbial benefits.

Layer 2: The following layer is a floatfoam® layer that provides a good amount of softness and pressure point relief while not diminishing support.

Layer 3: The next layer is a classic memory foam layer that is infused with graphite to diffuse heat away from the body.

Layer 4: The next layer is a firmer, more supportive layer that cradles the spine while still working with the layers above to relieve pressure.

Layer 5: The last layer is the base layer, which has tiny zones to relieve pressure in the shoulders and hips while providing adequate support to the spine.

Their second premium mattress is their most expensive, The Premium Hybrid:

Layer 1: The top layer is their quilted and washable cover. It has silver strands stitched in for anti-microbial benefits.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is made of floatfoam®, which relieves pressure without diminishing support.

Layer 3: The following layer provides cooling memory foam that is infused with graphite to remove heat while it relieves pressure.

Layer 4: The next layer is a transitional foam layer that provides added support for an evenness in cradling the spine.

Layer 5: The spring layer is encased in two foam layers that boosts edge support and allows the coils to do their work.

Layer 6: The last layer is made up of the springs themselves, which has around 1500 springs that offer zoned support for extra support to the middle spine, and more pressure relief for hips / shoulders.

Here is what's inside their all-foam, budget friendly The Light Mattress:

Layer 1: The top layer is their temperature regulating blended fabric cover that is machine washable.

Layer 2: The second layer is made of a reactive foam that is more responsive than memory foam, while still helping relieve any pressure pain spots.

Layer 3: The supportive base layer is zoned for more pressure point relieve for the hips and shoulders while giving lasting support to the middle spine.


Each of these mattresses are geared to be medium-firm, which is ideal for medium sized back and side sleepers.

Back Pain Relief

Due to the ergonomic designs of these mattresses, most customers that have had issues with sagging mattresses will feel relief after a short adjustment period. Those that are larger in body size may find this mattress too soft for them and need something more supportive.


Many customers reported no issues with cooling, but there were some outliers that had complaints about heat retention. If you tend to sleep very warm, you may experience some heat retention.

Who Are The Eve Mattresses Right For?

Eve mattress will do well for most customers that are back and side sleepers and their home trial means you can rest assured after purchase.

Browse Eve Customer Reviews

I’m in love !

I suffer from a bad back , I was in so much pain I had to sleep on my back and found it really hard to do . I bought the eve and it’s the best ! Don’t get me wrong I stil have some back pain but I have a full nights sleep on my back , I sleep so well now my kids want to sleep ... in my bed .

Now I can sleep!,

I was having so much pain in my back &a legs that I decided to try a new mattress. Now, I can sleep! Not every night or all night but I no longer dread the thought of going to bed as I know I will be able to relax there. Thank you Eve.

Great mattress!

Super comfortable...I used to wake up a little sore on the side I had been sleeping on, but no more! Firm, but not too firm

Mattress Eve001 single

Have recently received the mattress, all without complication, delivery driver being great with coming back again as we had just missed him. Mattress is just what was needed, comfy and with enough cushioning for a good nights sleep. Good product.

Great mattress

I bought this for someone else because I already have an Eve mattress and it’s the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever had. The person I bought it for is already reporting better quality sleep.

Lovely mattress

I bought this mattress after seeing it advertised at first wasn’t sure what it would be like and I then saw it had 100 night free trial so I bought it It came very quick from ordering and was able to carry it up stairs with no issues and got it out and it selfinflated in about ... 30 minutes when I first got on I could tell it was not what I was use to but the first morning of having used it I had best nights sleep ever. Would strongly recommend

Sleep easy with eve

A fantastic nights sleep. It's just a shame it took me years to find it.

Fantastic service

Eve can't do enough for you as a customer. Brilliant company and service, the product is brilliant too. Glad I found eve!!!

Can't wake up...

The mattress is so comfy that we are struggling to get out of bed anymore. The mattress is thick with just the right support.


Absolutely love it best thing we ever bought. Can't fault it.

Lovely and comfortable pillow

It's a pleasure to sleep on

Excellent Eve

Sleep like an Angel on a fluffy yet supported cloud. Awake like an Angel spreading it's wings. EVETASTIC!!!

Too warm

Too warm

Love my Eve mattress!

I'd been having poor sleeps and waking up with a sore back for about a year with my sprung mattress. I persuaded my husband that we needed a new one and I started a search online. I'd seen Eve on adverts and the bright yellow band around the edge had always caught my attention. ... It looked pretty cool. The idea of not being able to try it worried me a bit but the 100 night money back guarantee seemed to be a good way to give it a try and after I watched a few reviews on You Tube we decided to order a double mattress. When it arrived I was super excited and the whole unboxing process was really fun. Watching the thin squashed mattress grow over 5 hours was amazing! It only took me one night to fall in love with it! It's firm and supportive but you don't get sore spots from lying on it on one side for long periods. When I roll over the other side doesnt move so my husband doesn't get disturbed, and vice versa. That's quite different from our old creaky sprung mattress! We're not at 100 nights yet but so far our Eve mattress has been dreamy and I'm really glad we took the chance and bought it!

Sleeping better

Only had the new mattress for a few weeks, but have noticed We sleep for longer periods and a are refreshed. Fingers crossed it stays like that!

At last a good nights sleep...

Loving our new mattress..about 4 weeks in and its really helping with my joint issues, just wish I could say the same about my husbands snoring!!!…..I would highly recommend this product.

Great nights sleep

It lives up to its name

Amazing experience

I ordered two single Eve mattresses online. A very easy website, good value, great delivery process, loved the 100 day return offer and the best nights sleep too. I have recently had major back surgery and the difference with our new mattresses has been outstanding. Thank you.

Bought for teenager son

Best nights sleep he's had in a long time the first night he didn't want to get out of bed in the morning it was so comfortable

Joints work. on awakening

When using my old mattress getting up meant waiting for. my legs to function properly. After about a week with Eve,, I find that I can again immediately manage the stairs again without stiffness. This may sound a bit of commercial blurb but it is true.

Eve Mattress

We got our first Even mattress about one month ago. Excellent mattress and really above-average customer service!

confortable but..

The stiching on the left of the matrice is not exactly on the edge, and we encountered many issues with the delivery and customer support.

Eve bed & mattress

Very very bad experience shopping with eve. Never again.

New mattress

Very good service, very good mattress


My wife complained about back pain with our previous mattress so I wanted to surprise her. I read the rewiews and decided on the Eve king size. Got delivered earlier than expected and Ups courier was professional and helpful. The box is heavy and recommend 2 people especially up stairs. ... Loved the unusual self “inflating� process. Had it now for about 50days and still very pleased. Solid and extremely comfortable. No back pain anymore from both of us. The memory foam pillows are too stiff and large for us and we ended up with neck pain in the middle of the night. They are beautiful “plump� decorative pillows though. Still very happy.

Fantastic, loving our sleep

We had heard mixed reviews but very happy with our package. The mattress is great and from Day 1 our sleep was amazing. Highly recommend this product to anyone thinking about buying a new mattress.

Lives up to the hype

Amazing mattress. tno understatement!) Comfortable from the word go. Fantastically quick and straightforward ordering & delivery. Would highly recommend.

Eve is Simply The Best Mattress 5*****

The Eve Mattress is simply the best mattress we have ever owned. The foam moulds to your shape, no dipping in the middle of mattress between myself and husband, no springs to dig into ribs. It doesn't matter if you lie on your back, stomach or side, you still have the same ... comfort. I would highly recommend this mattress *****


Great delivery and communications

Eve mattress

Love the mattress really comfortable

No back pain for the first time in years

I have had problems with my back and am always sore in the morning. From the first night my Eve mattress eliminated like 85% of the pain. Should have gotten one sooner!

The best snooze

Quite simply brilliant customer service and the products are excellent, really words can not describe how much better quality are sleep is. Thank you Eve

Most consistent good sleep in 35 years.

Although it's still early days yet, I have not woken up with back pain since I started sleeping on my Eve mattress. Very happy so far.

Best nights sleep I have had in a long time

I recently moved house and purchased a £200 mattress. When it arrived and was unrolled, it was barely 4 inches thick and for a month I put up with being able to feel the slats of the bed frame through the mattress. Eventually I bit the bullet and bought a more expensive, far ... superior quality mattress. It's wonderfully comfortable, the pillows are amazing, I haven't slept so well in such a long time. A good mattress is an investment piece and you need it to be comfortable. This exceeded all expectations I had! Brilliant product

Excellent value and comfort

Really happy with our Eve mattress.. great value and so so comfortable


When I first bought the eve mattress, I was a little apprehensive of mattresses coming in a box. But living in a third floor flat, I didn't really have the option of buying a standard mattress in a store. So I researched all mattresses in a box (Simba and the like) and found ... that not only did eve have the best deal, but their mattresses also seemed really really good. After living in rented houses the past couple of years, I finally had to buy my own furniture for this new flat and I've never had a better nights sleep! When I tell people how much I spent on this mattress and pillows(£450), they gasp at the price. But I can definitely say that it's the best investment I've made so far, with a 10 year guarantee. I couldn't be happier with my eve mattress. I finally sleep through the night - not something I used to be able to do! The only down side? It's so hard getting up in the morning because I'm so comfortable - i could easily stay in bed all day! 5 stars! Thanks guys x

Good Service

We had some issues with our order but these were resolved quickly.

Great customer service and a

Great customer service and a great mattress

Divinely comfortable

From the first moment this mattress had me smiling - it's supportive yet luxurious. Highly recommended


Compactly packaged, says what it does when opened and surprisingly delivers a good sleep. Had no issues despite a sufferer of chronic backaches.

Best mattresses we've ever had... our dogs love it too!

Easy to choose and order online, quick and convenient delivery, good packaging, super comfortable- we love it!

It just seems to get better

Pulling the mattress out of the box I thought, what on earth is this? It's definitely a two person job getting the Super King Size onto the bed, and then sitting/lying on it for the first time was quite strange. But now, just a couple of weeks in I wouldn't swap it, it has ... 'eased' a bit if that's the right way to put it and now I just wish I'd bought it ages ago. Best night's sleep ever

I've had my mattress just

I've had my mattress just over a month, and it's lovely, I'm very happy with it, thank you

Eve Mattress

The Eve mattress is a great buy. I have tried numerous mattresses but I think I finally found the one that gives my back support. I had back pains previously so this mattress makes sure the support is there.

Don't often write reviews but

Don't often write reviews but I love love love this mattress! I was suffering from night sweats with me old memory foam mattress but not any more. The temperature control is a winner and it's super comfy! Never slept better - good pillows too as a free gift! 👍

New superking mattress

The service we have had from Eve has been exceptional. The mattress is a dream. Thanks Eve team

No comfier mattress

Honestly, I cannot wait to get into bed of an evening as this mattress is so comfy! I kid you not. We originally purchased it when I was pregnant and it was super supportive for my bump, we've recently purchased the crib version for our baby as we love it so much.

Great value

If you want a firm mattress at a good price this is for you. Looks great too :)

Eve Mattress has changed my life

Since i spent a significant time of my life sleeping on poor quality product i decided to commit to a top quality brand and found eve. Why did i wait so long? I should have had this years ago but now, thanks to eve, i am eating healthily, running for the bus and training for a marathon ... and it is all thanks to you, eve. Michael from Glasgow


The most comfortable mattress I have ever had, wonderful.

Better Sleep

Helps me to sleep more comfortably. Does not result in overheating. Quick delivery after placing the order.

Nice topper and fast delivery but hasn't worked for me

I was hoping that it would relive pressure point pain from my rib cage. Although it has improved it a little - I still have it.

Like it

Big step up from our old pocket sprung mattress,quite firm but in a good way.

best sleep ever

this mattress may be a little more pricey than i normaly pay but recently ive had a realy bad back something to do with age ? and my job this has made things so much better and i can look forward to a painless night sleep and feeling great in the morning worth every penny

New mattress

OMG it's amazing my husband has been suffering from a bad back for quite some time within a few nights his backache had gone. Best nights sleep EVEr

Really comfortable and good support

It took a few days to get used to but we are really happy with our Eve Mattress - it managed to be both soft and hard at the same time and provides plenty of support. If you are on the fence then try it - cannot recommend it enough.

Eve hybrid

I bought an orthopaedic mattress 2 years ago hoping it would help my back pain. Swapped it for the Eve hybrid and I love it.

Snooze time

The mattress is great, noticeable difference in the amount of aches and pains in the morning.

Happiest customer ever

I LOVE my eve hybrid. Before eve I was having continual bad nights sleep, waking up feeling not rested and still tired. Since my eve has arrived I wake up feeling refreshed, my back and neck pain have gone entirely. Eve is up there as the best purchase I’ve made in my life!!!!

Great mattress and service

Bought this after reading great reviews and really like it. Only thing is to check depth. With hindsight I would have got thicker one.

Happy customer

This is the second try at one of these web mattress purchases and unlike the first we will be keeping it! We were looking for a hybrid type and were pleased with this product.

Great mattress for people with a serious illness

The Eve mattress was bought for my stepfather who suffers from Alzheimer's Disease and was very ill earlier in the year. He remembers so very little of what has gone on before but what he does remember is what a great nights sleep he has had when awakening each and every morning. ... Thank you, Eve, for making his life so much easier especially now that his bed sores are disappearing.

Excellent product; excellent service

The mattress arrived promptly. Unfortunately I had ordered the wrong size, but it couldn't have been easier to exchange. Love the product and the customer service is fantastic.

nearly perfect

We love our EVE hybrid mattress. It has helped me with my back pain. I was waking up every morning in chronic pain to my lower back, and this was on an orthopedic mattress from a well known maker, bought less than a year ago. I am now waking refreshed and nearly painless every day. ... The mattress conforms to our bodies very well, with no roll together. The only thing that I could criticize, is that it could do with being a couple of inches thicker, for no other reason than to fit our standard bed sheets. There is a little too much slack with the bedding. But apart from this minor gripe, we are extremely happy and would recommend an EVE mattress to anyone.


Absolutely love the hybrid mattress. So comfy!! I just wish that the delivery people would help to carry it up to the apartment - that was a bit of a nightmare

Love this mattress

We tried another mattress under the 100 day trial which lasted a week before we bought our Eve hybrid mattress. I had spoken to someone on the Eve website and told them I was looking for a softer feel, the one we had tried was very hard. She recommended the hybrid so I ordered it ... that day, and it arrived a couple of days later. It is so comfortable and my mood improved after one night! Shows how bad the other one was. Me and my husband both sleep really well on our Eve mattress. We are so pleased with it.

Intuitive website

I had wanted to order a mattress In a box due to ease of delivery as well as all the rave reviews through the grapevine. I went with Eve because they offered the hybrid (pocket springs & memory foam). The website was well displayed, all the information I needed easily found & ... I was over loaded with unnecessary detail. The buying journey was so simple which put me at ease and all comms with Eve (I had to change my delivery date) were dealt with efficiently & professionally. My only comment would be the poor online service of UPS so perhaps Eve should evaluate their relationship as other couriers have been much better.

Super comfortable

Really impressed with our eve hybrid mattress, it is really comfortable

eve hybrid mattress

I'm 5ft 5 female weighing 10st 6 who's struggled with Piriformis Syndrome for around 3 years> Having slept on the Eve mattress for around 4 weeks my pain has reduced by 90%. Wonderful! I can even run without the sharp pulling pain. I chose the Hybrid mattress as I felt ... it would still give me the slight support that I felt I needed but probably the full foam mattress would have been just as good. Would definitely recommend.

Comfy at Last

After buying high quality pocket sprung mattresses to no avail finally tried an Eve hybrid. So comfortable and supportive and so much easier to make the bed as its light and flexible.

Best nights sleep ever

So happy with my purchase of the eve hybrid, so comfy and supportive and get the best night's sleep. Thank you

Great nights sleep!

Had my eve hybrid mattress for nearly 4 weeks now, it's amazing, I'm sleeping so much better, my arthritis isn't stopping me sleeping because the support is there! And my cat loves it too!!!! :D

The best thing I've bought in a very long time.

I was worried about buying a mattress in a box, but the 100 day satisfaction guarantee persuaded me. This mattress gives me the best sleep I've had in a long time. It's firm but super comfy. There's no roll between me and my husband when we sleep and you don't ... sink in like a full memory foam mattress so it's easy to move around. I have not woken up in the morning with neck or back pain since we changed our mattress to the Eve Hybrid.We are both very satisfied indeed. Delivery is super fast and efficient.

Great Hybrid Mattress

I read a review online that recommended this mattress. I decided to purchase whilst there was a 25% discount direct from the site and I am very pleased I did. My previous mattress was somewhat more expensive but the Eve Hybrid is far better. Even during the current hot weather the ... Eve Hybrid has kept me far cooler than any other mattress I have had in the past. It is also nice and firm for me and probably the most comfortable mattress I have used so far. I highly recommend this for someone who needs a degree of firmness and for those who overheat with other mattresses.

Mostly good

Good product (hybrid mattress) let down by poor after-sales service. I reported by phone that the zip fastener used to remove the top cover had been manufactured inside out i.e. the tab on the fastener was inside the cover and inaccessible. The response I got was 'try using a ... pen to move the fastener... this issue arises sometimes during manufacture'.

Great mattress but delivery can be a nightmare

The product is great. We have ordered separately 2 single hybrid mattresses for our kids and they love them. I am going to try sleeping on them to see what I think before ordering for us, but the kids are really happy. Only glitch was our second delivery. Following the driver on ... the page was really annoying. It said due in 22 minutes when I picked the kids up from school so we rushed home , only to discover when we were almost home that we had been bumped to the 9th delivery. He even drove past our street to do these and when I called him he got mad at me saying I'd have to wait. Watching the site is frustrating. Would prefer an email to say it's arrivinv today , not just the despatch email and the. You are responsible for checking to see when it's arriving. An hour slot is also preferable

A really comfy matress

The hybrid is extremely comfortable and my early morning aches and pains are greatly diminished. The only reason I haven't given 5* is because it is a couple of inches shorter than my ViSpring divan base, which I believe is a standard size

Hybrid mattress

The whole experience was excellent. The mattress was delivered quickly it was well packaged and easy to transport or move around. Once on the bed, we find it very comfortable indeed and I would say the best mattress we've ever had. I would highly recommend the company and ... certainly the Hybrid mattress.

Love the mattress, but service was poor

Great mattress, perfect for my bad back. Customer service however was pretty bad. Had to chase 3 times to get the mattress dispatched due to a ‘system error’. Was told it would be delivered on a certain day, took time off work, didn’t turn up. Rang again to find the agent had booked it for the day after instead and didn’t tell me. Was promised a follow up call on delivery to discuss some sort of compensation and never heard anything.

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