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Emma vs. Hyde And Sleep

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Emma is a popular British mattress in a box company. They offer 4 different mattresses: the Emma Original Mattress, Emma Hybrid Mattress, Emma Premium Mattress, and their newest Emma Luxe Cooling Mattress. Their mattresses are made with quality foam (and pocket springs in the Premium, Hybrid, and Luxe Cooling mattresses). With high marks from many happy customers, these mattresses are ideal for those looking for well-balanced comfort.

Hyde And Sleep

Hyde and Sleep is a subsidiary of Dreams Ltd, the well-known mattress retailer. The Hyde and Sleep mattress is the Dreams answer to the mattress in a box revolution. Rather than providing one 'universally comfortable mattress,' Hyde and Sleep has three mattress firmnesses to choose from. With layers of foam and extra support from springs, Hyde and Sleep gets good initial reception from customers.

Based on our aggregated reviews and our scoring method, we recommend Emma in this match up!

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Mattress Score

Overall Score:
Emma: 9.3/10
Hyde And Sleep: 8.5/10

Customer Satisfaction:
Emma: 9.3/10
Hyde And Sleep: 8.4/10

Price Value:
Emma: 9.2/10
Hyde And Sleep: 8.4/10

No Back Pain:
Emma: 9.2/10
Hyde And Sleep: 8.5/10

Emma: £311-£2398
Hyde And Sleep: £599-£1299

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Hyde And Sleep:
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Emma's Owner Satisfaction

These mattresses are given great ratings by customers versus others, which means when we did a statistical analysis of the review data from customers across the net, we found this brand was reviewed very well. This is a great place to start in figuring out if one of these mattresses will fit your needs -- read on for more specifics.

Emma's Supportiveness

These mattresses offer good support. These mattresses are good at supporting the back and keeping things well aligned for the hips and shoulders.

Edge Support
These mattresses also have good edge support, which is how good a mattress is supportive along the sides. For people that like to sit or lay close to the edge of the mattress, these mattresses will do a good job being supportive to your body.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests
The bowling ball test is a great indicator of firmness, and it is also helpful in how the dip it creates changes throughout the mattress. In this way, it can show if there is an even or uneven surface. Based on this, these mattresses are offer good and even support for the backs of sleepers.

Emma's Durability

Every mattress shopper is looking for a mattress that will last. However, with durability not always being the highest priority for companies, this can be more and more difficult to find. Luckily, these mattresses have high ratings for durability. They should last over 7 years for the average sleeper. Those that are bigger or use their mattress more than 8 hours every night may find that their mattress is slightly less durable.

Hyde And Sleep's Owner Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction isn't all that simple to figure out for the average shopper, especially with brands managing their online reputation closely. That said, these mattresses are reviewed well by customers overall. But, there were some sleepers that disagreed with the feel. so take a look at the research below to make sure one of these mattresses will work for you!

Hyde And Sleep's Supportiveness

Most find these mattresses to be supportive, which means the support layers of the mattress work with your body to align the spine for most. That said, there are a few issues reported by a few customers, so be sure that your pick aligns with your sleeping position and body type.

Edge Support
Most sleepers describe these mattresses as having good edge support, which means most don't feel like they will fall off the mattress when rolling close to the edge of the mattress.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests
In bowling ball tests where the firmness is measured across the mattress, the support across the surface is solid and even. That said, some have had issues with support over the long term, so make sure your selection works for you before buying.

Hyde And Sleep's Durability

Longevity of comfort is one of the most important factors in selecting a new mattress. Though there might be some factors, like our bodies, that would mean that we would still want to a new mattress after 15 years, we would all be happier if we knew our mattress would really last. Customers are pretty content with these mattresses when it comes to their durability. Most sleepers should feel confident that their mattresses should last over 7 years -- with only a few folks complaining about feel. If you are a larger person, make sure to do some extra research to make sure that these mattresses will work for your body.

Browse Emma Customer Reviews

Sleeping well !!
I have been very impressed with the Emma mattress!! Delivery was much quicker than I expected and arrived within 2 days of ordering. The rolled up vacuum pack was one of the reasons I ordered the Emma mattress as we have a cottage with a narrow staircase, it went upstairs with no problems. Such a relief. The comfort has been wonderful, my wife and I no longer wake up with aches and pains. I also used to have disturbed sleep most nights, now I sleep much better and rarely wake through the night. I had no idea my old mattress was the cause of my bad sleep pattern. I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone considering a purchase, don't put it off, I wish I had ordered one a long time ago.

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Great Product & Service
Came a day earlier than expected. Great packaging with handy tool to open the packaging. We left it in another room to air overnight. No smell like others have mentioned :-/. We both love the new mattress. We also got the mattress protector. I have had online chat with someone to ask about delivery and collection of my old mattress, and very helpful and prompt. Great service, Great product and price. Happy Customer looking forward to my ZZZZzzzzzzz :-)

fantastic service
The service from Emma Mattress was first class. The information was good the mattress arrived when they said.Unfortunately the mattress did not suit me and I had to return it but even then the service was excellent. They arranged collection and refunded me whithin a week. I would recommend this company.

Top Marks. Absolutely amazing mattress
This is the first quality mattress that we have purchased, and both my wife and I are absolutely shocked at the difference this mattress makes. Neither or us are waking up in the morning with that old familiar pain in our joints. I quite simply cannot recommend this mattress highly enough. We are now enjoying the super king sized mattress allowing us so much room and comfort.

Refreshingly comfortable - 5 stars!
We bought this mattress after some deliberation. Our old traditional mattress had become uncomfortable and we wanted a mattress which was both comfortable and yet supportive. The Emma mattress was the perfect answer. Easy to set up and the initial, expected off-gassing odour was light and went away very quickly. We are really pleased with the purchase and have now just ordered one for our daughter.

At first we were unsure it was a different sleeping scenario to the old sprung mattress, l suffer with spondylosis of the spine along with osteo arthritis wide spread in my joints. After about 4 nights I realised that l wasn't waking up every half an hour or so like before not only was l sleeping longer but wasn't having to turn so often. We purchased the covers for the mattresses as we have purchased 2 single for our lift and tilt bed when I first saw them I thought oh no sweat all night with these as to me they looked rubbery, But infact to the contrary they don't make you sweat at all infact l would recommend them. To us a 5 star purchase give it a try but give it a few nights before you decide for certain don't give up the 1st night as it really is a different sleeping experience for certain.


Fit for a princess!
Really impressed with this mattress. I’ve spent a fortune on mattresses in the last 15 years; I have fibromyalgia, and the slightest discomfort makes my body hurt. It’s the princess & the pea syndrome. My husband has a bad back, and is also a very light sleeper (and I fidget a lot). We ended up in separate beds for a while, because I was disturbing him so much, and also we couldn’t agree on a mattress type. But my last mattress (an expensive one from a leading brand name) only lasted a couple of years before it dipped in the middle; despite regular turning, and the fact I’m a skinny woman!!! So after a bit of research, we decided to try this matttess. The clincher was the 100 day trial, because let’s face it, you don’t know until you sleep on a mattress, by which time it’s usually too late. Two nights were enough to be sure that this baby is a keeper. I’m waking up painfree (and less tired), and my husband reports that my fidgets aren’t disturbing him - the mattress is absorbing the motion. Couldn’t be happier. Delivery was fast and painless, too.

So very comfortable!
We have had our mattress for about 3 months now and not once have I even thought of using the 100 day free return option. Having recently returned from a weekend away sleeping on a normal sprung mattress I realised just how good the Emma Mattress is. On the Emma I can sleep in one position all night without waking up needing to move. This has also helped reduce my snoring by keeping me on my side. The mattress seemed a little soft when we first lay on it, but that is just the top layer and the lower layers provide plenty of firmness and support. We've had no issues with overheating that some people have said that they've had with other memory foam mattresses. Overall very pleased with the purchase and will be buying another when we need to replace the mattress on the bed in the spare room.

Super fast delivery & so comfy!
Really impressive how quickly it was delivered - two days!! Comes in the box like it says it does, only took two hours to be ready to sleep on and now I'm sleeping so much better than I have in years THANK YOU EMMA

transformed my sleep
i was sleeping badly and a friend suggested that maybe it was my mattres that was causing the problems. I did some research, decided to try out the Emma mattress and I'm never looking back! No more waking up exhausted and achy and my partner doesn't get woken up by me rolling over any more!

Easy and good quality
I was looking through the internet for what feels like ages, comparing different mattresses and finally I decided to buy the Emma mattress. Placing an order was so easy and delivery so fast now I can enjoy my new comfortable Emma mattress and I don’t regret it at all as I have not slept this well on any mattress before.

Love sleeping on it
Have had the Emma mattress now for almost 7 months and I am so happy with it. I also recommended it to a friend and he ordered it with the ‘friends refer friends’ offer. With this we both received an additional discount! A true win-win. Love sleeping on it and it’s great quality.

Perfect for me and my partner
I was looking for a mattress suitable for any weight and one that reduces impact of weight imbalance on the mattress. My partner and I differ considerably in our body weight. We came across the Emma mattress and it seemed good for our needs so we ordered it. Just after the first night of trial, we were very impressed. We did not notice the movements of other through the night and this led to an undisruptive sleep. We are very happy with our decision.

trial is an excellent idea
great idea for trial, i myself loved it but the wife couldnt get on with it. we gave it 85 days to be sure before arranging the return. emma fully understood our situation and agreed to arrange everything true to their word. customer services were 5 star + would highly recommend the experience without the risk. hopefully you will enjoy your mattress. thanks emma.

Great choice
I was really confused about which mattress to buy that would help me with my back pain. Heard about the Emma mattress through a friend. After just a week, I could see my back pain reducing gradually every morning. Now, I have trouble waking up every morning! would definitely recommend.

Perfect Mattress & Perfect Service
Ordered online and received within 4 days with regular updates re order and delivery. Very well packaged. Now to the matttress itself, bliss, heaven and relaxing are the first words that come to mind. This mattress is just so comfortable it hugs me to sleep and it is really well made and made in the UK . Normally it would take a week or two to get used to a new mattress but fell asleep in minutes the first night. Would I recommend it, yes 100% without a doubt.

"We love Emma"
we are now getting use to our Emma sleeping better already after just 4 weeks. we would recommend this product to anyone its superb. what is good as well is the service very impressive they send you the mattress it comes in a box, our mattress is a king size and you think wow how the hell does it fit in there. it's vacuum packed, you put it on your bed cut open the vacuum packed mattress with the tool provided and it opens out onto the bed like a dingy. you leave it for a little while to expand and presto done, very impressive. excellent service. thank you very much EMMA.

Love the mattress
I have been sleeping on the Emma mattress for about a month now and I am very happy with the product. My partner and I both drastically improved our quality of sleep and wake up less tired!

Very Comfortable
Ive been sleeping on the mattress for 5 days now and Ive been getting the best sleep Ive had in years! Definately recommend!

A pleasure to deal with the 'on-line' staff
A pleasure to deal with the 'on-line' staff. Very helpful as regards each query raised by me. (Still awaiting outcome of my application to have the advertised discount applied). I imagine that will be dealt with in similar outstanding fashion. Well Done Regards.

Easy to purchase and get it delivered
Package brought into my hallway, delivery guy friendly and polite. I somehow managed to drag the box up to my bedroom and unpack Emma and placed Emma where she now belongs, on my bed base.

Thank you Emma!
I purchased one of your mattresses a couple of weeks ago for our spare room purely because you had £100 off in the black Friday deals. Personally, for want of a better word I am a mattress sceptic! because of my disability I find it almost impossible to sleep on any other mattress. When I go away on holiday, I am progressively more miserable as the days go by due to lack of sleep. I'm sure thousands of other back sufferers will relate. I have degenerative disc disease, arthritis, bulging discs, trapped nerves which amounts to continuous chronic pain. Last night I thought I'd check out the new mattress all the while not having high hopes........WELL HELLOOOO MORNING!!, I cannot tell you how comfortable I slept, i was waiting for the uncomfortable pain to kick in......nothing! i felt completely supported throughout my body I even tried sleeping on my side which is normally very painful because of nerve pain down my pain! I had the best nights sleep and it was pure heaven! I really can't thank you enough. Ill be saving to get a kingsize one for our bed

Helpful staff
Although small hiccup on delivery I was kept informed by polite and helpful staff

So far so good
Slept on it for the 1st time last night. So far so good

The company is convinient to deal with
Nobody was in to accept the item yesterday so it was successfully delivered today without any issues. We haven't tried it yet but it looks great

Brilliant service
brilliant service, Can't fault it so far so good. Can't wait to sleep on my new emma mattress, just sitting on its brilliant

Easy to order
Easy to order. Prompt delivery. Excellent product. It took a while for me to get used to it but I now wouldn't part with it

Great mattress
A great mattress. Really pleased with it.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.
Hold up on delivery due to heavy demand but communication was excellent so I always knew what was going on, I also had a rapid reply to a query. The mattress is extremely comfortable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Would highly recommend
Easy ordering. Excellent service. Fantastic mattress would highly recommend

Thank you for a better sleep
For the last 5 years my partner and I have been sleeping on two single mattresses as I’m a restless sleeper and my partner was annoyed by me. After purchasing the Emma mattress my partner can sleep calmer and same goes for me.

Like it a lot
I would have liked an estimated delivery time when I made my purchase. But in the event it took just 6 days before I was sleeping on my comfy mattress. Like it a lot

Good product
Easy to use web site. Kept well informed of progress. Mattress feels lovely to sleep on (only one night so far). Grandson loves the box to play in

Best mattress we have slept on
My husband and I bought the Emma mattress during the black Friday sale and have been sleeping great since. I think we are never going back to any other mattress.

Would benefit from an eject button as partner can't get out of bed in the morning. She is now often late for work!

Totally amazed at the quality of this mattress. I fall asleep instantly and I wake fully rested after a good eight hours. I never used to need an alarm clock because I was always awake due to the lumpy springs in my old mattress. We cannot thank Emma enough for changing our sleep quality.

Best nights sleep I've had in years
We bought an Emma mattress just over a month ago and it's the best money I've ever spent! I could hardly walk in the mornings and my torso was so sore when I first got out of bed. I didn't realise until we bought the Emma mattress, just how much our old mattress played a role in my achy and sore back. It may sound silly but now I love climbing in to bed and sleeping like a baby every night! It is so comfortable! It's not too soft and it contours to your body but without the sinking feeling of memory foam, it is the best nights sleep I've had in years. Thank you Emma! X

Best mattress ever
Had to write a review so that other people can learn just how good the Emma mattress is, for a good night’s sleep. It is the best sleep we have had for a long time. It does not feel like foam, and is cool when laying on it. Support is perfect. Try it for the 100 days - we decided in 5 days...... The removable cover sold it to us - great idea. Only the box let it down - battered when we received it, but the mattress was fine. Perhaps a stronger transit box is a future improvement for the company? But the mattress itself is fantastic. Wish we had bought it years ago. We will have to see if the foam is long lasting, but with the 10 year guarantee, we feel re-assured. Thank you Emma, you have transformed out nights.

Didnt think it would be this good
Great mattress. Came from having a waterbed for the past 25 years. Emma is just as comfortable and a lot less hassle!

Browse Hyde And Sleep Customer Reviews

Great and extremely happy
The hybrid mattress is great as are the duvet and pillows that were part of the offer, trunt up without issues, very happy with everthing

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Easy process to order
Easy process to order, delivery and comfortable mattress

Very comfortable mattress
Very comfortable mattress, hassle free ordering and delivery. Helpful and informative sales staff and given a good discount as we didn’t want to take up there offer of free pillows, duvet and sheets.

Great out of the box but after 8 months…
Great out of the box but after 8 months it’s lost its shape and there are 2 Long grooves where we sleep permantly, even after being out of the bed all day. It’s now become like lying in a ditch. Very poor and I will be looking for a replacement although by looking at other comments it’s doubtful

You can't put a price on a good night's sleep! !
Excellent. ..prompt delivery. Fantastic product. Like sleeping on a cloud....I should have had one years can't put a price on a good night's sleep!

Great nights sleep
It took a few days to adjust to our new mattress but now it's hard to get up in the morning's, love it.

Indifferent at the moment
I don't feel like the mattress is good nor bad at the moment waiting to see

Great Mattress
Arrived promptly, the mattress is well packaged - it also bounced back very quickly to its shape and size. And more importantly, I had a very good night sleep, it is very comfortable, not too soft - just right body hugging. The mattress was meant for the spare room, no need to say I exchanged mattresses the following day.

New Mattress
Got rid of a 3000 spring 16-month-old mattress for this mattress, so glad I did. Old mattress gave me hip and shoulder pains and really had to go. Received our new mattress from Hyde 2 days after talking and ordering from them. Now had this mattress for 5 weeks and from night one I have had no aches and pains whatsoever, that in itself is a miracle. It is a joy to sleep on and gives me a good night’s sleep. All contact with Hyde and Sleep were 1st class and phones were answered very quickly by knowledgably people who knew what they were talking about. Thank you Hyde and Sleep and keep up the good work. Alec

Excellent customer services
I had a couple of issues with the mattress I had ordered , purely my mistake but the customer service team dealt with the matter efficiently and resolved the problem for me

Would have been perfect but
Would have been perfect but had to get someone else to help get it upstairs!

Good customer service. Had a
Good customer service. Had a delivery blip which was sorted out very quickly. Only negative is that I didn't feel that I was kept informed as well as I expected. Would recommend however.

Very comfortable mattress
Very comfortable mattress. God communication re delivery.

lovely mattress
Really good mattress comfortable and came in a very transportable box and fluffed up to a good size. We went for the best product and although it is quite expensive, you do get what you pay for.

Great nights sleep
Delivery team excellent, phoned to confirm delivery time ,then brought mattress pillows and protector ,and carried them up to our bedroom.Explained unpacking procedure which was very straightforward. Slightly underwhelmed on unpacking the mattress ,seemed very thin,however after leaving for a few hours it had doubled in thickness.Lovely firm mattress but so so comfortable.Jury still out on pillows but getting used to one firmer pillow rather than two soft ones

Best front sleeping pillow
Well in fact, as a predominantly front sleeper this is the perfect pillow. However, it functions perfectly when I use it sleeping on my back or side. Had it a month and have only used the memory foam side.... I l'll never change it, its so comfortable. My sleep is deeper, my neck and shoulder pain is non existent in bed. It's the perfect pillow, everything that you advertised it to be. Thank you. This is the pillow for me.

Great service apart from the refund
Great service apart from the refund. I'm still awaiting a refund after 3 weeks wait!

best mattress ever
best nights sleep i have had in years

Lack of communication. Paid services delivered not all yet delivered More customer care services required.

not got the mattress yet
not so happy if you could advise me what has happened to my delivery. Ups tracking system is not very helpful at all it is now 7.51 in the evening and it is still saying it is on time for delivery what this late. very poor not sure if i am even going to receive my delivery. if you could advise me so that i can speak to Barclays tomorrow morning. not so happy at all.

New experience
Early n ights for me to give a proper review as yet.

Excellent product
Excellent product, I have recommended the hybrid mattress to everyone I know and I will continue to do so. Our new bedlinen is luxurious and devine.

Happy Customer
Great service , great nights sleep in fact the most comfortable sleep I have ever had. Would recommend anyone to get a new matters like this in the future. Thank you

I hardly ever leave reviews, but this is worthy. The key thing is how early I am waking up because I am getting such a good quality sleep in a shorter period of time. Life changer.

Quick and easy
Was an excellent experience easy website and could pick the day I wanted delivered which you don't always get. As far as the mattress it's very comfortable and exactly what we were looking for Next time I'm in the market will be ordering again.

Pocket Sprung Hybrid Plus
Bought a pocket sprung hybrid plus over a month ago. Service was good although did not receive my confirmation of purchase immediately and had to request it. Arrived on time and unpacked as per instructions. Mattress itself suited well to needs although seemed a bit too soft having slept on a Futon for many years. Reason for changing was continuous back problems and on my fourth herniated disc. The change seems to have helped my back problems although a month is too soon to tell really, fingers crossed.

Very comfortable and a very
Very comfortable and a very good sleep on it.It is early to say much but until now happy with the purchase!

Great to deal with
Buying could not be easier and fast delivery all I could ask for now looking forward to a good nights sleep.

Great value for money mattress
It took a few hours for the mattress to plump-up from being vacuum packed and boxed up, but once it did I had a great nights sleep. It is just as good, if not better, than my last mattress which was a Tempur one.

Fantastic mattresses
Ordered 2 hybrid mattresses from you 14 days ago .They were delivered 3 days later as promised and we slept on them 48 hours after as suggested. I can't believe how comfortable the mattress is or how my quality of sleep has improved in just 10 nights . Every thing you say in your advert is 100% true, don't remember ever sleeping on a more comfortable mattress. Great customer service and delivery, will recommend your mattress to anybody not completely satisfied with their current mattress.

feeling really well looked after by this company. There first were some transport issues that got solved immediately. Hyde and sleep apologised with two of their awesome pillows. regarding the matress: I have never lay horizontally THIS comfortable. You can feel the foam springs shaping arround your body and supporting it perfectly no matter if you sleep on your side, your back or your tummy. It is almost like you sink a liittle into the top layer and then get the comfortable support from below. hope this matress will be with me for a long while. only con: the matress protector is really not worth £50 other then that I'd go hyde&sleep everytime again!

Good mattress but delivery issues
Mattress is good and came quickly but I also ordered a mattress protector and 2 fitted sheets which I am still waiting for 1 week later

Such a simple process - making the bed is harder
The whole online experience was so smooth that changing the bed clothes once the mattress was ready was harder.

Sagging Customer Service
Hyde & Sleep's Super King mattress is priced at £799, though i was offered a discount when i bought mine. The same got delivered today and i am relating my delivery experience and the customer service experience thereon. Delivery: UPS knocked on the door, dropped the big box on the ground as soon as wife opened the door, legged it saying that he is behind schedule and has got to go. Did not even drop the box on this side of the door (so that the box is away from the rain and inside the house). Wife is caring for a sick baby and the box is too heavy for her to pick up and get inside on her own. I think such shoddy delivery experience is just uncalled for in this day and age. Customer service: When i found out, i used the chat service on the Hyde & Sleep's website to express my concern and to ask for their help. Customer Service Rep at H&S said that, this is all UPS does and i could have booked some "dreams" service. I have looked at their website and nowhere does it say in the booking journey when buying the mattress that this dreams service does anything different to UPS. Hyde & Sleep condones shoddy service from their delivery partner and then makes up excuses for their bad website design and buying process. I was told that i should have seen their FAQ pages etc. When buying a premium product, this is how customers get treated? I can only imagine how bad it will be if someone has to return a mattress! Take my advice, go with a traditional firm as i should have done.

I have been very happy with the Hyde and sleep mattress, paid for the best one, had the pillows, duvet, sheets and duvet set. All very good. I don’t like that when this review arrived the 5star was already ‘checked’ for me. That’s making too much of an assumption so for that reason you get fewer stars.

Life changing!

Just Hyde with No Sleep
We would love to receive our order! I have had requests for reviews but still waiting on a mattress to review.

Can it not smell for first 2-3 days..other than that great
I was taken aback by the strong smell in the first 2-3 days. The smell is gone eventually. Very comfortable so far - good combination of soft on top and firm inside

The whole order and delivery
The whole order and delivery process was very smooth and the mattresses I purchased are better than the literature describes. Go on you deserve it.

Really pleased
Han for a couple of weeks great product