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Dunlopillo vs. Simba

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Dunlopillo makes a variety of pocket sprung and latex mattresses for customers in the UK and Europe. With a focus on eco-friendly, sustainable latex and latex foam mattresses, they offer moderately priced divans and mattresses. In terms of customer experiences and feedback, most found their mattresses comfortable initially, but there were some reports mentioning issues about firmness and longevity.


Simba is a popular mattress company that has its roots in the thread business. Overtime, they developed mattresses based on data from over 10 million sleepers with 180 million data points. This wealth of sleeper data helped them create an extensive collection of mattresses: the Simba Hybrid®, Simba Hybrid Pro®, Simba Hybrid Luxe®, Simba Hybrid® Essential, Simbatex® Foam, Simbatex® Essential Foam, Simba GO - Green Organic, and the Simba Hybrid® Ultra mattress. Customers report loving the Hybrid Pro the most for its balanced pressure relief and support. See our Sleep Country guide for North American offerings.

Based on our aggregated reviews and our scoring method, we recommend Simba in this match up!

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Mattress Score

Overall Score:
Dunlopillo: 7.8/10
Simba: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction:
Dunlopillo: 7.8/10
Simba: 9.4/10

Price Value:
Dunlopillo: 7.8/10
Simba: 9.2/10

No Back Pain:
Dunlopillo: 7.8/10
Simba: 8.9/10

Dunlopillo: £1389-£4218
Simba: £399-£4499

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Dunlopillo's Owner Satisfaction

Getting a firm understanding of sleeper reviews can be a relief. Unfortunately, sleepers don't always feel great about these mattresses. Some have immediate comfort, but othere have complaints. If you are pondering buying one, take a look below for more specifics.

Dunlopillo's Supportiveness

Support isn't exactly the same as firmness. Good support means that it lines up your back and spine -- leading to a healthier night sleep. Sadly, these mattresses have some mixed reviews when it comes to support. Most find that they provide a good amount of support at the beginning, but some customers didn't feel supported well over time.

Edge Support
For folks that sit or lay on the edge of their mattress, edge support is essential. Overall, these mattresses do a good job at first with support at the edge, but some had complaints that edge support wasn't all it could be long term.

Dunlopillo's Durability

Durability is one of the most important attributes to finding a mattress. We all wish our mattress will last a decade or more and still provide us with cozy comfort. However, sadly these mattresses are not rated very well by sleepers on longevity and some have experienced issues after only a short time. If you are thinking about buying and using full time, read over the specs and policies to make sure it will work for you.

Simba's Owner Satisfaction

Having great customer reviews is an important check mark for shoppers. Customers give these mattresses higher marks than most competitors, which should give you confidence in learning more about them. Read on to discover if one of these will work for you!

Simba's Supportiveness

Solid support throughout a mattress is essential to its feel and whether it does a good job with the back and spine. Customers report that these mattresses help support the body overall. So, you can rest easy that these mattresses will support your back while you sleep.

Edge Support
Reviewers describe these mattresses as having good edge support. This means that you'll feel the same amount of support on the sides of the bed as the center and the mattress will prop most sleepers up rather than sinking.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests
Some folks love seeing bowling ball and density tests as a way of measuring support. Customers report that these mattresses offer a good consistent surface, which is ideal for those that are concerned about making the right choice.

Simba's Durability

It's a hard prospect finding products that last decades. Brands, by and large, go after profits first rather than building something that lasts forever. However, there are still good brands out there. These mattresses, specifically, provide a good element of durability to most sleepers. Most sleepers will experience them lasting between 7 - 12 years, though some that are heavier may find them break down a little bit faster.

Browse Dunlopillo Customer Reviews

Supremely comfortable
After a ton of research I was torn between buying one of these new online memory foam 'mattress in a box' mattresses or a latex mattress. As the memory foam was cheaper and companies offer a 100 day return policy, we gave one a try. Have since returned due to being too hot and replaced with a Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign mattress (king).

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16p a night!
Our last version of this lasted 25 years worth of us sleeping in it, our sons bouncing on it as children and all those years of the kind of activity that made them.

Very unhappy with this mattress
We thought we would treat ourselves to one of these mattresses, but were very disappointed. We found after a short while in bed it was like sleeping on a concrete block, and on top of that, although it is supposed to be the latest technology and therefor cool , we woke up drenched in sweat, even with a 4 tog duvet and cotton mattress cover. Not what we expected, would not recommend to anyone.

Bouncy Like A Rock
We tried sleeping on this for 2-3 nights. Lovely for the first 15 minutes then it was 'most unpleasant'. It was like a rock, no give; yet somehow it was still bouncy. It was the most peculiar thing. I can't understand why I've read good reviews of it. We returned it ASAP. If you are considering buying this, I'd suggest you spend a long time on it in the shop.

A good nights sleep
The first good nights sleep in a long time. This mattress is very comfortable and regulates personal body heat. It did take a week or two to get used to, but now I would highly recommend it to anyone. The only product design fault is that there is no handles on the mattress to help manoeuvre it when you need to rotate the mattress as recommended by the manufacturer on a seasonal basis.

Slightly disappointed
I had a royal sovereign dunlopillo mattress for many years and needed a new one I ordered the same mattress because I wanted the same firmness but I'm sorry to say it doesn't seem to be the same firmness at all it seems a lot softer and the topping that is used has all dimples over it and as I don't like mattress toppers it felt very odd under my fitted sheet. I know Dunlopillo need to hopefully make improvements but I was slightly disappointed as I was expecting it at least to be the same firmness & for me the outer topper should be smooth. In hindsight if Dunlopillo are making their mattresses slightly softer I would have gone for the more firmer one. I was given a delivery day and a three hour time slot the delivery guys were great they unpacked it and put it onto the bed frame took all the packaging away which was brilliant because it did come very well packed in a cardboard box and plastic wrapping.

Warning don't buy a large size in Dunlopillo
Beware of buying the Super King size, it's just two singles stuck together with glue. NASTY and the worst buy I have ever had the misfortune of making. The manufacturer just shrugged off my complaints with "that's how they are made"

Bought a millennium and have had no end of trouble...
Bought a millennium and have had no end of trouble. Paid nearly £3000+ for a super king. It is MUCH firmer than shown. After 3 months it did not spring back, causing even firmer compression points that means the only way to get a comfortable position is to mould back in to the indents!! Called dreams and had an independent assessment done. The result was that the 'indents' were not sufficient to claim a faulty mattress. We were told to rotate the matress every few weeks. BE WARNED...this is a VERY HEAVY mattress and virtually impossible to rotate. We have now given up rotating as frequently as it is VERY DANGEROUS to health and we risk damaging our backs even fact I am now considering calling in the Health and Safety Executive to perform a RISK ASSESSMENT. All in all a TERRIBLE mattress, with warranty promises that are NOT upheld . We had a Dunopilo mattress 16 years ago, and it was amazing, hence we bought another; but be warned, the new so called 'contoured' support is rubbish, AND if you do manage to rotate this mattress the zones change and it is even more uncomfortable. We are seemingly stuck with ours, but I would not want anyone to spend this much money and be saddled with a white elephant like we are.

Contacted them
Contacted them for a replacement pillow cover as the zip was broken and were of no help whatsoever. Really bad customer service!

Dunlopillo use a percentage
Dunlopillo use a percentage (Undisclosed) of synthetic Latex in their products. The products are NOT 100% Natural Latex. Synthetic Latex is a petroleum based product and could not be more different from Natural Latex. Dunlopillo obscure this by stating they use 100% "Pure" Latex.

I had a Dunlopillo as a baby
I had a Dunlopillo as a baby, I used it until I left home, my mum used it to sit on after hip and knee replacement surgery ! I have a new one

Pain in shoulder and hip
I had a Dunlopillo Debonair for 15 years and loved it as it was so comfortable. I bought a Dunlopillo Mellenium bed 4 weeks ago and I have pain in whichever shoulder and hip I’m lying on. I have trouble getting to sleep and when I do I’m woken up by pain. I’m at a loss at what to do next. It was over £2000. The bottom sheet wrinkles badly too.

Very disappointing
WE bought 2 single Royal Sovereign Mattresses 2 years ago and we really regret it. After 6 months the mattress started to change shape and did sink were most op the pressure is. At that time we complained where we purchased the mattress and they informed us that this can be normal. Reading the small print afterwards, it indeed mentioned that the shape of the mattress can change. This is not acceptable for a so called top quality mattress!!! I am a physiotherapist and will never recommend this product.

Cool Cover
We bought the Millenium mattress with a cool cover free upgrade - wish we hadn't! The sheets/mattress protector slip continually leaving wrinkles/bumps and most uncomfortable. Have tried 3 different mattress protectors and a new 100% cotton sheet to no avail. The shop where we bought is trying to arrange a replacement standard cover. Hopefully this will solve the problem - have yet to receive it.

Concrete block - Worst mattress for side sleepers and fibromyalgia suffers
It's like sleeping on a concrete block. If you are fan of firm mattresses then this is for you, but be prepared to take pain meds for the rest of your life. Not worth the cost.

Simply the Best
Now we know what our mattress should feel like . It was really time we had a new one.We have replaced it with the same one we have had for 10 years .So it had really done us proud .No doubt (we hope) this good make will last just the same .

Expensive Mistake
Having had and enjoyed two previous Dunlopillo mattresses we confidently ordered another. The royal Sovereign however ,despite being an upgrade for us, is far too firm and uncomfortable. We are yet to enjoy a pleasant nights sleep on it. I feel this may have been an expensive mistake.

Great Sleep
A different style of mattress to what we have previously been used to but so glad we made the change. It's very comfortable and supportive without being restrictive.

Poor After Sales Customer Service
Whilst Dunlopillo beds have a reputation as trusted quality brand I had a been appalled with there after purchase customer service. I had problems with a few broken plastic supports for the base slates and had to have multipal emails with pictures and gained little help in buying the replacement parts. They do not stand by their products for after care service. VERY disappointing.

Dunlopillo Millennium
Dunlopillo mattresses have been my favorite for 35 years. They’ve changed a bit over that time in terms of materials used, but I still prefer them to other types

Love my new mattress, tried several Dunlopillo mattresses in shops and like the gentle support of this one. For me it offers the support with out being too hard. Tries a few orthopaedic mattresses and just found them uncomfortable.It's a bit more than I planned to spend but have no regrets. Decided to buy online as it was in stock so received next day and they took my old one away which was a God send.

The mattress...
The mattress is covered in synthetic material and causes excess sweating .very disappointed.

Very sweaty
Very sweaty and got compared to a traditional mattress

Heat retention
Brand new bed would not recommend stuck with for now

Disastrous purchase
I am envious of others that give 5 star ratings for these beds because for us this bed has been a disaster. 6 years down the line and I cannot spend more than a few hours in this bed before I am in agony. For such an expensive bed, we've been bitterly disappointed by how uncomfortable it is. The top layer of foam no longer provides any softness. It is nothing like what the marketing promises, I can't imagine anyone would enjoy sleeping in what we have got!!

Browse Simba Customer Reviews

Great mattress
Best mattress I’ve had. Really comfy, I always sleep well and it came so quickly. company really helpful also. I got the bundle which is well worth it

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Service was fantastic, our mattress arrived on the chosen date and we were given several notifications as to when it would arrive. Friendly and helpful staff delivered our mattress. The mattress itself is excellent. It is incredibly comfortable, it feel wonderfully soft yet at the same time it is supportive. We highly recommend!

Superb mattress
No words to explain this is the best mattress I ever had. I wish if I could have this before will definitely recommend it. It’s worth the price u pay.

A worthwhile investment
Chose the Simba bed & mattress to replace my daughter's old childhood bed with the intention of it lasting her through her teens. Turned out to be a great choice although I'm worrying i've made my job of getting a teenager out of bed even harder !! She says it's the comfiest bed ever. She used to jump out of bed at 6.30, now she's definitely not in such a hurry to get up! I'm still surprised at how much support the mattress gives when it's so light. Fantastic product & worth the investment.

My first nights sleep was amazing
I had the most amazing first night sleep on my Simba mattress I have tried various mattresses due to me having arthritis in my spine and the rest of my body I always used to wake up in pain after sleeping on Simba mattress it was the first time in a long time I actually slept without any pain couldn't believe this mattress is my life saver

Have been due an upgrade for a couple of years and wasn’t sure whether to go for a mattress in this price range. I had a number of recommendations from friends and colleague and decided to go for it. The mattress is most definitely value for money, it is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned, is a perfect temperature and is so lovely and comfortable! Would recommend to anybody in a heartbeat and I will definitely be a customer for life!

best night sleep for 20 years been wasting money on inferior beds

Fantastic mattress and fantastic service!
My partner and I were moving into our new flat and we really wanted to invest in a decent mattress, he has often in the past complained of back pain from years of sleeping on terrible unsupportive mattresses so we felt a Simba mattress would be just what we needed. It arrived on time with the mattress protector we ordered. I loved taking it out the box, so satisfying to watch it unfold. For the past 2 weeks I have slept like a baby, passing out each night, it is difficult to write a review because I'm always asleep when I'm using it, this can only be a good sign. It's warm and squishy to lay on and my partner no longer has problems with his back! I love it :D

Simba king size mattress
Only had mattress for few weeks. So far no issues & very comfortable, very pleased with it so far.

Simba double mattress
I was sceptical of the promise of the best nights sleep, but since I bought a Simba matress I am amazed at just how much quality sleep I am getting, night in night out. I wouldn't dream (pun intended) of sending it back even with the 100 night refund guarantee! It's even been helping with my back pain meaning Im ready for the day ahead. Absolute satisfaction!! Cannot recommend highly enough Mike

Good sleep
Service is second to none. Had my. Mattress for just over 2 weeks now. Sleeping better and no aches n pains when I get up. Still find myself rolling over quite a lot but suspect it's a bit hot at night and that's why. No dents left where you sleep. Would recommend this mattress.

Brilliant mattress

Wish I'd bout this year's ago
After a lot of research we opted for a Simba mattress, along with pillows, mattress protector and duvet. So glad we did! After only one night's sleep I awoke without my usual niggling pain in my lower back. As the weeks passed, the sensation of lying down at night with a 'ahhhh thats comfy" have not lessened. The only struggle now is forcing myself out of bed each morning. Thoroughly recommend Simba if you value a good night's sleep.

Life changing
Since buying the Simba only 2 weeks ago my husband's back has not given him any problems. He is a labourer and says that it's the best nights sleep he has ever had. I have arthritis and find the support on my knees has been soft and firm all at once...a contradiction I know but you must try it!

A good nights sleeping
I had not changed my mattress for about 8 years! I decided on a Simba after extensive reasearch and I am 100% happy. I was suffering with back problems from my last memory foam mattress and after a week sleeping on the Simba it’s now just a distant memory! I can’t rexomend them enough.

Just what I needed
Been looking for a mattress for a while but couldn't decide, so i jumped in with both feet and im so glad i did. Only had it 3 weeks but I've had some amazing sleep since we got it. I'm tall and heavy so I need a good quality mattress and thats what i got. My old mattress was expensive more than double what I paid for this and that was 12 years ago. Well done Simba i hope it lasts and wears well.

Best Mattress Ever!
So happy with this mattress. Great that it comes in a box, therefore much easier to get up the stairs. Used to suffer from backache in the morning but this has completely disappeared. Incredibly comfortable and would recommend.

Great nights sleep!
I was skeptical about how amazing everyone says this mattress is, but I can honestly say it has given me and my partner brilliant nights sleep since we got it a few weeks ago. Took a few nights to get used to, but after the initial settling in I have had such nice dreamy sleeps so much so that when the alarm goes off it can be a struggle to will myself out of the comfort!

I bought the mattress and me the wife love it great product and really comfortable.

Great nights sleep!
I was skeptical about how amazing everyone says this mattress is, but I can honestly say it has given me and my partner brilliant nights sleep since we got it a few weeks ago. Took a few nights to get used to, but after the initial settling in I have had such nice dreamy sleeps so much so that when the alarm goes off it can be a struggle to will myself out of the comfort!

I bought the mattress and me the wife love it great product and really comfortable.

Amazing sleeping experience
You don’t really know what’s a good quality sleep till you try a Simba. I used to wake up every morning with such a sore back and that’s gone since I am sleeping in my new Simba. 100% recomendable

Very satisfying
Very satisfying

Comfy at last!
I am a Wounded In Service Military Veteran and due to service related injuries I have just endured major operations on my main joints with a prosthetic knee implant being most recent. The agony and pain was uncontrolled. Add no sleep and discomfort and I was barely coping. My husband took a small loan and purchased me a new bed and a Simba hybrid mattress and space pillow. My neck and shoulders are completely pain free and comfy. My sleep is improved and the only slight pain I get is from normal surgery recovery. The mattress takes you a small adjustment but this is because you've had a previous bad one and developed bad posture. I am very impressed and it is a delight to sleep in.

Super comfy
Great buy. Bought to help support during sleeping. Keeps us cool and is super comfy. Great mattress I will be keeping mine.

Best mattress I've ever had
They delivered up to the room of my choice. Very easy to get it set up and I let it breathe for a few hours and then I was sleeping on it the same night. Great firmness, expensive but definitely worth it!

The Simba mattress was very late coming following 3 days off booked, there were issues with the mattress coming on two of those occasions. However, the mattress feels amazing, like you are given having a big hug every night. Perfect, you just need to sort out the delivery company and everything will be perfect! Hence 4 out of 5. Mattress is definitely a 5+ 😍 best nights sleep in I don’t know how many years.

Stunningly Simba!!
Amazingly comfy mattress and super customer service. Will be back for more!

Cozy and comfy
Been looking at all the hybrid mattress that are on sale at the mo and gkad i choose simba couldnt ask for better! Also customer survice has to be the best ive dealt with!

Highly recommended
I have always been a fidgety sleeper due to osteoarthritis in my hip and my husband has MS, since having purchased the Simba mattress we have both felt the benefit of a good night's sleep. I wake up without hip pain and my husband says his joints feel so much better. I wish we hadn't left it so long to get this mattress. It's perfect for our needs and takes the pressure off your body when sleeping.

Cozy and comfy
Been looking at all the hybrid mattress that are on sale at the mo and gkad i choose simba couldnt ask for better! Also customer survice has to be the best ive dealt with!

Great Purchase!
After visiting a department store to purchase a new mattress I happened to try Simba and was really impressed by how comfortable it was. Good price compared with other brands and delivery was really quick and since it arrives in a box it was easy to get upstairs. Since it arrived I’ve not been disappointed.

Snug as a bug in a rug
We looked at 3 or 4 mattresses in shops which were more expensive. We are so pleased we have this a go as neither of us have slept this well for ago. Highly recommended!

Everyday I would dread waking! I couldn’t get up in the morning for pain. Me and my partner felt exactly the same! Not anymore! Since Simba came into our life, we both feel completely renewed full of energy in the morning and I even if we only manage to get a couple of hours I feel like I’ve slept for years. Best purchase we’ve ever made! I would highly recommend! I really Can’t recommend this mattress enough!

Brilliant brilliant brilliant
Me and my partner have both suffered with sleepless nights but since getting the Simba mattress they are a thing of a past. Can't recommend it enough. Thank you Simba!

I’m really happy with my new Simba mattress. Since getting it I’m having some of the best nights sleep I’ve ever had. My wife also says she is able to sleep a lot better. So good results all round. We have also had great customer service from your team aswell. Well done simba

New mattress
Top quality product. Absolutely love it!!!!!!

Very comfy!
I’ve been late for work twice as it’s almost too comfy. Great bed!

Bought Simba for my daughter who has longstanding back pain from 2 fractured lumbar vertebrae 2 years ago. Now I am not suggesting that this will cure her pain but she is now sleeping much more comfortably which is improving her quality of sleep. Less pain in the morning too! Wish we’d bought this 2 years ago. Worth every single penny, in fact would pay more!!!

Simba mattress
Had my sim a mattress for a few weeks now and have not looked back . So comfortable slept through every night without a stir. Find it hard to drag myself out of bed in the morning , so comfy . Have recommended it to all my friends.