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Dunlopillo vs. Relyon

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Dunlopillo makes a variety of pocket sprung and latex mattresses for customers in the UK and Europe. With a focus on eco-friendly, sustainable latex and latex foam mattresses, they offer moderately priced divans and mattresses. In terms of customer experiences and feedback, most found their mattresses comfortable initially, but there were some reports mentioning issues about firmness and longevity.


Founded in 1858 by a family of wool merchants, Relyon manufactures both luxury and budget mattresses that are sold online and across retailers in the UK and Europe. Relyon creates pocket sprung and all foam mattresses that feature both synthetic and natural fillings such as wool, silk, and cashmere. In some cases, customers have positive feedback when it comes to initial comfort, but there were some who also brought up durability concerns.

Based on our aggregated reviews and our scoring method, we recommend Relyon in this match up!

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Mattress Score

Overall Score:
Dunlopillo: 7.8/10
Relyon: 8.6/10

Customer Satisfaction:
Dunlopillo: 7.8/10
Relyon: 8.7/10

Price Value:
Dunlopillo: 7.8/10
Relyon: 8.2/10

No Back Pain:
Dunlopillo: 7.8/10
Relyon: 8.6/10

Dunlopillo: £1389-£4218
Relyon: £299-£3669+

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Dunlopillo's Owner Satisfaction

Some customers felt very comfortable with their new mattress, but others couldn't get comfy. Despite those that are cozy, this means that these mattresses have lower than average customer satisfaction. Research on below for more specifics on whether this mattress will work for you.

Dunlopillo's Supportiveness

Some customers have been satisfied with the supportiveness of these mattresses, but some have had issues with support over the long term. For those that are sensitive to support because of health reasons, make sure to read the reviews to make sure the mattress works for you.

Edge Support
These mattresses have mixed reviews when it comes to edge support. Some folks have reported good amounts of comfort throughout the mattress, but others had problems with dipping along the sides.

Dunlopillo's Durability

Sadly, these mattresses don't always get love from customers on durability. While some customers felt comfortable with their mattress, others had comfort issues faster than average. If you are considering, make sure to read more reviews and go over the return policies before you buy.

Relyon's Owner Satisfaction

Getting input from customers is a great way to shorten your list of potential mattresses to look at. These mattresses are rated very well by customers, but there were a few who didn't feel as happy. The below has more information about the feel of the mattress and a selection of customer reviews -- learn on!

Relyon's Supportiveness

Having mattress support means having a healthy spine and comfort for the long term. These mattresses will provide good support for most sleepers, but some may have complaints if they are heavy or have wide shoulders or hips.

Edge Support
Edge support is a very important factor for those looking for a great mattress and for those that like spending time on the side or bottom of their mattress. These mattresses are competitive when it comes to edge support, but some heavier folks may experience more contouring along the sides.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests
A bowling ball test is a great way to measure mattress firmness and support. These mattresses provide good support overall, but there are some that mention issues with even support long term.

Relyon's Durability

Getting a durable mattress is essential to shoppers, but some companies are not as focused on the longevity of mattresses as they should be. That said, these mattresses are better than average when it comes to durability. Most will sleep comfortably for 5 to 7 years, but some folks that weigh more than average may discover it degrades faster.

Browse Dunlopillo Customer Reviews

Supremely comfortable
After a ton of research I was torn between buying one of these new online memory foam 'mattress in a box' mattresses or a latex mattress. As the memory foam was cheaper and companies offer a 100 day return policy, we gave one a try. Have since returned due to being too hot and replaced with a Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign mattress (king).

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16p a night!
Our last version of this lasted 25 years worth of us sleeping in it, our sons bouncing on it as children and all those years of the kind of activity that made them.

Very unhappy with this mattress
We thought we would treat ourselves to one of these mattresses, but were very disappointed. We found after a short while in bed it was like sleeping on a concrete block, and on top of that, although it is supposed to be the latest technology and therefor cool , we woke up drenched in sweat, even with a 4 tog duvet and cotton mattress cover. Not what we expected, would not recommend to anyone.

Bouncy Like A Rock
We tried sleeping on this for 2-3 nights. Lovely for the first 15 minutes then it was 'most unpleasant'. It was like a rock, no give; yet somehow it was still bouncy. It was the most peculiar thing. I can't understand why I've read good reviews of it. We returned it ASAP. If you are considering buying this, I'd suggest you spend a long time on it in the shop.

A good nights sleep
The first good nights sleep in a long time. This mattress is very comfortable and regulates personal body heat. It did take a week or two to get used to, but now I would highly recommend it to anyone. The only product design fault is that there is no handles on the mattress to help manoeuvre it when you need to rotate the mattress as recommended by the manufacturer on a seasonal basis.

Slightly disappointed
I had a royal sovereign dunlopillo mattress for many years and needed a new one I ordered the same mattress because I wanted the same firmness but I'm sorry to say it doesn't seem to be the same firmness at all it seems a lot softer and the topping that is used has all dimples over it and as I don't like mattress toppers it felt very odd under my fitted sheet. I know Dunlopillo need to hopefully make improvements but I was slightly disappointed as I was expecting it at least to be the same firmness & for me the outer topper should be smooth. In hindsight if Dunlopillo are making their mattresses slightly softer I would have gone for the more firmer one. I was given a delivery day and a three hour time slot the delivery guys were great they unpacked it and put it onto the bed frame took all the packaging away which was brilliant because it did come very well packed in a cardboard box and plastic wrapping.

Warning don't buy a large size in Dunlopillo
Beware of buying the Super King size, it's just two singles stuck together with glue. NASTY and the worst buy I have ever had the misfortune of making. The manufacturer just shrugged off my complaints with "that's how they are made"

Bought a millennium and have had no end of trouble...
Bought a millennium and have had no end of trouble. Paid nearly £3000+ for a super king. It is MUCH firmer than shown. After 3 months it did not spring back, causing even firmer compression points that means the only way to get a comfortable position is to mould back in to the indents!! Called dreams and had an independent assessment done. The result was that the 'indents' were not sufficient to claim a faulty mattress. We were told to rotate the matress every few weeks. BE WARNED...this is a VERY HEAVY mattress and virtually impossible to rotate. We have now given up rotating as frequently as it is VERY DANGEROUS to health and we risk damaging our backs even fact I am now considering calling in the Health and Safety Executive to perform a RISK ASSESSMENT. All in all a TERRIBLE mattress, with warranty promises that are NOT upheld . We had a Dunopilo mattress 16 years ago, and it was amazing, hence we bought another; but be warned, the new so called 'contoured' support is rubbish, AND if you do manage to rotate this mattress the zones change and it is even more uncomfortable. We are seemingly stuck with ours, but I would not want anyone to spend this much money and be saddled with a white elephant like we are.

Contacted them
Contacted them for a replacement pillow cover as the zip was broken and were of no help whatsoever. Really bad customer service!

Dunlopillo use a percentage
Dunlopillo use a percentage (Undisclosed) of synthetic Latex in their products. The products are NOT 100% Natural Latex. Synthetic Latex is a petroleum based product and could not be more different from Natural Latex. Dunlopillo obscure this by stating they use 100% "Pure" Latex.

I had a Dunlopillo as a baby
I had a Dunlopillo as a baby, I used it until I left home, my mum used it to sit on after hip and knee replacement surgery ! I have a new one

Pain in shoulder and hip
I had a Dunlopillo Debonair for 15 years and loved it as it was so comfortable. I bought a Dunlopillo Mellenium bed 4 weeks ago and I have pain in whichever shoulder and hip I’m lying on. I have trouble getting to sleep and when I do I’m woken up by pain. I’m at a loss at what to do next. It was over £2000. The bottom sheet wrinkles badly too.

Very disappointing
WE bought 2 single Royal Sovereign Mattresses 2 years ago and we really regret it. After 6 months the mattress started to change shape and did sink were most op the pressure is. At that time we complained where we purchased the mattress and they informed us that this can be normal. Reading the small print afterwards, it indeed mentioned that the shape of the mattress can change. This is not acceptable for a so called top quality mattress!!! I am a physiotherapist and will never recommend this product.

Cool Cover
We bought the Millenium mattress with a cool cover free upgrade - wish we hadn't! The sheets/mattress protector slip continually leaving wrinkles/bumps and most uncomfortable. Have tried 3 different mattress protectors and a new 100% cotton sheet to no avail. The shop where we bought is trying to arrange a replacement standard cover. Hopefully this will solve the problem - have yet to receive it.

Concrete block - Worst mattress for side sleepers and fibromyalgia suffers
It's like sleeping on a concrete block. If you are fan of firm mattresses then this is for you, but be prepared to take pain meds for the rest of your life. Not worth the cost.

Simply the Best
Now we know what our mattress should feel like . It was really time we had a new one.We have replaced it with the same one we have had for 10 years .So it had really done us proud .No doubt (we hope) this good make will last just the same .

Expensive Mistake
Having had and enjoyed two previous Dunlopillo mattresses we confidently ordered another. The royal Sovereign however ,despite being an upgrade for us, is far too firm and uncomfortable. We are yet to enjoy a pleasant nights sleep on it. I feel this may have been an expensive mistake.

Great Sleep
A different style of mattress to what we have previously been used to but so glad we made the change. It's very comfortable and supportive without being restrictive.

Poor After Sales Customer Service
Whilst Dunlopillo beds have a reputation as trusted quality brand I had a been appalled with there after purchase customer service. I had problems with a few broken plastic supports for the base slates and had to have multipal emails with pictures and gained little help in buying the replacement parts. They do not stand by their products for after care service. VERY disappointing.

Dunlopillo Millennium
Dunlopillo mattresses have been my favorite for 35 years. They’ve changed a bit over that time in terms of materials used, but I still prefer them to other types

Love my new mattress, tried several Dunlopillo mattresses in shops and like the gentle support of this one. For me it offers the support with out being too hard. Tries a few orthopaedic mattresses and just found them uncomfortable.It's a bit more than I planned to spend but have no regrets. Decided to buy online as it was in stock so received next day and they took my old one away which was a God send.

The mattress...
The mattress is covered in synthetic material and causes excess sweating .very disappointed.

Very sweaty
Very sweaty and got compared to a traditional mattress

Heat retention
Brand new bed would not recommend stuck with for now

Disastrous purchase
I am envious of others that give 5 star ratings for these beds because for us this bed has been a disaster. 6 years down the line and I cannot spend more than a few hours in this bed before I am in agony. For such an expensive bed, we've been bitterly disappointed by how uncomfortable it is. The top layer of foam no longer provides any softness. It is nothing like what the marketing promises, I can't imagine anyone would enjoy sleeping in what we have got!!

Browse Relyon Customer Reviews

Bit on the heavy side
Bit on the heavy side, but a good solid/supportive feeling and no "real" complaints though towards the edge of the mattress the support doesn`t exist and it`s a slippery slope off!

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Comfortable, memory foam topped, mattress with pocket springs. Makes a real difference to our sleep comfort compared to our 9 years old memory foam mattress. Not too firm but firm enough (for us) although noticeably less firm right at the edge of the mattress (which is where I like to sleep). I`ve learned to sleep a bit further towards the middle as a result of this - no real issue though. The wife suffers with a bad back and although this hasn`t cured it she says that she wakes up more refr

Well so much...
Well so much for the Which magazine `best buy`. If this is the best then I`ll forget the rest. The wife keeps rolling off the edge and it has made her back worse she said. You will need deeper sheets too so all my others have to be thrown out. The mattress before this I just took to the tip after it was replaced once due to faulty springs, it was still under guarantee but I couldn`t be bothered. Think I will try a Hypnos one next time as they seem quite comfy in Premier Inn! Service and delivery

Mattress replaced a 10 year old Tempur...
Mattress replaced a 10 year old Tempur mattress. So far we certainly seem to be getting better quality sleep on the new mattress. Good service from Mattressman for both pricing and delivery.

comfortable, supportive mattress, not ordered mattress online before, but after doing a bit of homework decided to order this mattress, very pleased at price, service. Would recommend, thanks mattressman.

Plain and simple...
Plain and simple they provided the requested product and delivered quickly - team called and checked I was in. Quality product, good price, quick delivery- that`s what` it`s all about , great company and service well done mattress!

I love my new mattress
I love my new mattress, it’s so comfortable and I’ve been having the best nights sleep since it arrived. I would definitely recommend to family and friends.

The mattress is extremely comfortable
The mattress is extremely comfortable, we have only had it for a few weeks so must reserve judgement on its lifespan. The sales staff were very helpful with no "pushiness", there was a very comprehensive choice in the store and the mattress was delivered exactly when promised. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mattressman.

Very comfortable mattress...
Very comfortable mattress with excellent price and service from Mattressman in Lowestoft. Cannot fault product or store.

This is the most comfortable mattress...
This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned, getting into bed every night is an absolute pleasure.

My nights are now full of dreams...
My nights are now full of dreams... Thanks to my amazing mattress. Excellent service thankyou mattress man.

Lovely mattress...
Lovely mattress, especially for the price. Good for my sons bad back. A good nights sleep

The only problem is the smell
The only problem is the smell, it has taken longer to go than expected

very firm

Very good mattress
Very good mattress

It is very comfortable
It is very comfortable I m very happy with this mattress

very comfortable
very comfortable and nagging back ache is going.


First saw this mattress online
First saw this mattress online and visited the Rotherham branch to view it. It’s been over 6 months, the mattress has been lovely. Definitely firmer than any other mattress we have seen. Comfortable to sleep on. Can be turned and rotated. Mattressman delivered it upstairs and unpacked it. Removed old mattress for £20.

Outstanding super firm mattress
Outstanding super firm mattress, exactly as described, don`t forget to get the extra deep fitted sheets and it`s really heavy. Oh so comfortable.

Provides very good support
Provides very good support for problem backs like mine.

Really fantastic
Really fantastic mattress!

Very firm!
Very firm! Just like I like it!

This mattress is beautiful
This mattress is beautiful, very luxurious but very very firm. It weighs a tonne and is made of sturdy stuff. Sadly mine was delivered with some dirty marks on it so ask your product to be double wrapped and delivered by a van driver who doesn`t roll items off the van! Seriously.

This is the best mattress
This is the best mattress I`ve ever had. Most of the time when I ordered an extra firm mattress, they were always too soft for extra firm. Not this one, this is really firm and so comfortable to sleep on. If you like it very firm, I would recommend this mattress.

Comfortable, firm mattress
Comfortable, firm mattress. Good price and speedy efficient delivery. Appreciated regular text updates from the driver.

If you are thinking
If you are thinking is it worth the money to buy a good mattress.... the answer is YES. I absolutely love this it is really comfortable and suitable for heavier people too. We also purchased a divan bed which I think suits it well although it can be used on slatted bases too.

Excellent comfort

This mattress is lovely and firm
This mattress is lovely and firm. Since sleeping on it I have had no issues with my back which my old mattress was starting to aggravate. Would highly recommend it.

Fantastic mattress
Fantastic mattress, we looked around for a super firm mattress and this one is superb. Our back issues have subdued and it`s hard work making the effort to leave bed in the morning now!!

Best mattress I`ve had
Best mattress I`ve had. Both firm and supportive. Great night`s sleep. BTW I weigh 18 stone so smaller people might want a less firm version.

Fantastic mattress
Fantastic mattress, very firm but supportive as well. Well worth buying

Initially great
Initially great, but does need to be flipped often if you sleep on the edge of the mattress or just in one particular spot

Very very firm
Very very firm and good quality mattress. Unfornutity, this mattress was too high for my small bedroom, had to return it. And the costumer service was good and quick money back. Thanks a lot

Really pleased
Really pleased with this mattress - extra firm and supportive

Excellent, speedy service. Helpful, peasant delivery men who arrived at the expected time. Sleeping well on a very comfortable mattress.!

Excellent bed delivered when they said it would

Excellent mattress
Excellent mattress and excellent service from Mattressman, we will be buying another one.

This is a top quality mattress
This is a top quality mattress which is very firm and heavy. (So remember this if your moving this upstairs alone.) The online ordering was easy and simple. Ordered on Friday night delivered at 10am on the Monday. Highly recommended!!

Superb mattress
Superb mattress, very firm as expected, has certainly helped my bad back