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Dunelm Mattress Reviews

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Dunelm is a British home furnishings retailer that has 150+ stores in the UK. When it comes to mattresses, they sell both budget friendly mattresses from brands like Silentnight and higher end mattresses from brands like Sleepeezee. Their mattresses and customer service get good scores from customers overall, but there were some concerns about value and durability.

Mattress Score

Overall Score 7.7/10
Customer Satisfaction: 7.6/10
Price Value: 7.6/10
Back Support: 7.8/10
Price: £89-£1299

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Longevity: 7.4/10
Body Conformability: 7.6/10
General Support: 7.8
Softness: 7.6
No Motion Transfer: 7.7
No Odor on Delivery: 7.9
Good for Hot Sleepers: 7.9
Sex / Bounce: 7.8
Good for Heavy Folks: 7.5
Silence: 7.7
Warranty: 7.5

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Dunelm Specifics

Dunelm's 150+ retail locations in Britain carry a range of mattress brands from budget friendly to mid-priced.

With their large retail footprint, they have developed a larger mattress selection than many local retailers with 7 brands to choose from. However, with this selection can come more headaches about finding the right match for you and your family.

Also, when it comes to these mattresses, there is another hidden truth:

There is often more £ value to be found buying direct from newer online mattress brands.

This is because Dunelm must mark-up the mattresses from each mattress brand to make a profit. Additionally, the mattress brands mark-up the materials and manufacturing from their suppliers. This means that Dunelm mattresses are oftentimes marked up over and over again before you buy them. When buying a mattress, this can be up to £1000 in extra costs.

So, what is Dunelm really selling?

You are buying a personal and convenient sales experience.

This may sound like a good deal to those who prefer to deal with traditional retailers, but many mattress buyers are turning to online UK mattress brands, who cut out the middlemen and pass on more value to the customer.

Read on to learn more about the Dunelm offering...or learn about our best rated UK mattress brands.

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Mattress Brands
Dunelm sells mattresses from 7 luxury and budget mattress brands including British brands like Silentnight and Relyon. We'll go through each brand in detail below so that you can get a better sense of what you are buying.

Here are the details...

#1 FogartyFogarty specialises in open coil and spring mattresses that feature natural fillings. These mattresses range from firmer varieties to those with softer pillow tops. Overall, customers have mixed things to say about these mattresses. Some sleep comfortably, while others complain about durability and quality on the top comfort layers.

The pros: Spring mattresses with a variety of firmness options and low prices.

The cons: Mixed reviews on initial comfort and durability.

Price Range: £75-£699

#2 DunelmDunelm produces their own brand of mattresses that feature open coil, pocket sprung, and memory foam mattresses. Their most popular is their memory foam mattress. Most found it comfortable, but it is best suited for temporary sleeping as some had issues with smell, durability, and heat retention.

The pros: Both all-foam and spring mattresses at a reasonable price.

The cons: Some problems with smell and durability.

Price Range: £75-£269

#3 DormaDorma's brand of mattresses feature pocket sprung varieties with firm or medium options. They come at a reasonable pricepoint considering the 24cm thickness and natural fillings. These mattresses get good initial reception, but there are some doubts about longevity. You may need to replace these mattresses more frequently.

The pros: Pocket sprung mattresses with multiple firmness options and luxury fillings.

The cons: Some concerns with durability.

Price Range: £149-£999

#4 SilentnightSilentnight is a popular budget mattress brand with 'Superbrand' status because of its household notoriety. These mattresses are cheap and come in both all-foam and pocket sprung options. They get some mixed reviews from customers when it comes to initial feel and some had problems with durability over a short duration. These are best served for temporary solutions.

The pros: Affordable mattresses in both memory foam and pocket sprung options.

The cons: Some durability concerns reported.

Price Range: £179-£979

#5 Rest AssuredRest Assured makes both pocket sprung mattresses with natural fillings and pocket sprung mattresses with foam as well. They get good reports from customers on initial feel, but there are some complaints about durability and dipping. Some customers reported rolling towards the middle of the mattress despite being of average weight.

The pros: Mid-priced pocket sprung mattresses with both memory foam and natural fillings.

The cons: Problems with dipping reported by some.

Price Range: £249-£669

#6 SleepeezeeSleepeezee is a luxury brand that also has mid-priced options. They focus on natural fillings and pocket sprung support systems with multiple firmness choices. With a Royal Warrant for service to the Royal Family, they have good initial reports for comfort. However, there was dipping reported by many after a short time. Due to the construction, these mattresses are best replaced more often than other options.

The pros: Pocket sprung mattresses with pillowy natural fillings.

The cons: Problems with sagging and dipping reported.

Price Range: £314-£749

#7 RelyonRelyon is a traditional mattress maker that has been designing mattresses since the late 1800s. They have kept up with the times though, and have rolled memory foam and open coil mattresses to choose from, along with their high priced divan beds. Their mattresses get mixed reviews when it comes to initial comfort. Some have felt comfortable, but there are some that had issues with heat retention and firmness in some lower priced models.

The pros: Range of mattress types and pricepoints. Rolled mattresses most popular.

The cons: Some disagreements on initial comfort.

Price Range: £94-£749

Dunelm Mattress AlternativesA suprising fact: right now is one of the best times to buy a new mattress.

Over the past couple of years, there have been many new online brands in the UK that have come to market to sell direct to customers. What this means:

Lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Since these brands are well-funded and eager to please customers, buying direct from the brand is one of the best ways to get high quality for less. By taking a few minutes to learn about the best mattress for your body, you can save more than £1000 in mattress costs and frustrations.

To get started, read what customers are saying about our Top Rated UK Mattresses.

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Good quality

I bought this mattress recently for my young son. It looks good. Feels good quality for the price and he is sleeping fantastically in it. For the price what more do you need.

Good quality and firm

Great mattress. Firm with good support. I hope long lasting. No plans to change it for some years

Very poor instructions and complicated to assemble

We boughy thos as an extra bed. Firstly the height of the bed has been misrepresented. It is. It is not 40 cms height as it has been advertised. It is barely 30 cms and very low. Assembling was a nightmare as the instructions were very poor. Quality of mattress is good amd that is all is positive about this bed. Would not recommend.

Best mattress ever

I bought this and I am really impressed. I would certainly recommend this fabulous mattress to everyone. It gives you the most comfortable night’s sleep.

Comfortable and very good quality memory foam matt

I bought the mattress two weeks ago and haven’t changed my opinion the best mattress what I would have very comfortable and reasonable price.

bad quality

i bought this two weeks ago. today i realised it has indent where we sleep (very near where pillows are). when we bought it we let it sit for over 48hrs (as recommended) and the corners didnt lift up till the end (still hasnt) will be taking it back. not happy with the product quality at all.

Not impressed

I have been shopping in Dunelm ever since it opened in Bournemouth. I have always been happy with quality of products. This memory foam mattress is the worst product I have purchased it is suppose to raise 18cm it didn't reach 15cm I took a picture with tape measure and went to the shop only to be told take it out of the cover which now raised to 16 cm and I need to squash it to get it back. Also by opening the zip I can see how badly it has been glued and some places it's coming apart and no one sleep on in yet. If I now force it back to the cover and zip breaks it will be my fault. No worth the money I paid for kingsize mattress.

Very comfortable

I got this a few weeks ago. I did click and collect and the service was brilliant. Mattress is very comfortable!! Would definitely recommend!!

Lovely mattress

Easy to transport and very comfortable. Really pleased with it

Very comfortable

I purchased this item along with a day bed.Both items very satisfactory


Bought this mattress about 3 weeks a go for my son and he absolutely loves it

Really comfortable!

bought this mattress a couple of weeks daughter loves it!! The memory foam smell is taking a while to go though.

Superb value

Good value mattress with good support. Is firmer than I thought, I’d recommend trying in store before purchase to make sure it’s for you.

Good night's sleep

I am very happy with my new mattress. Loved how it came vacuum packed. The driver explained how it works. Thank you. A great night's sleep at last! Would recommend

So comfy!

Very comfortable mattress! Impressed with it for the price! I didn't notice any strong smell that other people have mentioned in reviews. Would definitely recommend.


We've had this for a few weeks now & are happy with our purchase. The mattress & it's cover appear to be quite good quality for the price. You do need plenty of room to be able to put the mattress somewhere flat to allow it to expand & It does smell strongly, although the smell disappeared within a few days.

Excellent Mattress

This is my second memory foam mattress I have purchased from Dunelm the service delivery and quality is excellent lovely nights sleep.

Better for occasional use

Replacement of previous memory foam mattress which was good for 5 years. I fear this won't be used so long. It's flimsy and after a few months quite uncomfortable sleep for both of us I'm looking for a long term mattress

Great mattress

I bought this about a month ago and im so so happy with it. Its super comfy. I have arthritis and used to ache when i got up on a morn. Not any more with my new mattress

I brought this item recently great value

I’m so happy with my memory foam mattress excellent never restless at bedtime now I’m having a better sleep

Really comfy mattress

I bought this two weeks ago and it’s the best mattress I’ve had , it’s so comfy.


Brought this mattress for my son but ended up keeping for myself. its has no springs at all. Very comfortable and medium hardness. it moulds into your body shape. I’m so happy with this mattress and the prices it’s just brilliant and affordable. Why waste lots of money buying expensive mattress over £500 when this mattress does the same thing only half the price cheaper.

V comfy

Bought for my little boy who loves the memory foam.

Great mattress, very comfortable

I bought this mattress for my little boy and he loves it

Good priced mattress

Bought this son says very comfortable. Great to get home as rolled up in box

Great value.

A great all round mattress. I brought for my 3 children & it’s perfect.

The cause of my back pain.

I bought this matress back in 2012. Have suffered with back pain for the past 18 months.... Coincidence? We changed our mattress to an orthopaedic one recently and it makes the world of difference. This is an awful cheap piece of rubbish and I would advise anyone to avoid it like the plague. It isn't even actual memory foam, we unzipped the cover off when we got rid of it and it is just regular foam by the looks of it. Avoid avoid avoid. Don't cheap put on a mattress, you only get one spine and one back - look after them!!!

very disappointed

I bought this mattress two weeks ago and am very disappointed with the comfort it gives. I had heard such good reports about the Memory Foam mattress; how comfortable it was especially for those with aching limbs but I have not found this so. It compresses to solid and doesn't allow you to turn over as there is no give in the matress.

Comfortable Mattress.

Happy with the quality of the mattress. Comfortable and good for back pain.

Very uncomfortable

Bought this mattress but unfortunately I must say its the most uncomfortable mattress I have ever slept on. Will have to change it soon.


Great mattress for the price no more back ache and rolling into the middle wish I had bought one sooner. Remember to leave for 48 hours before using as it takes that long to plump up I didn’t and it was not a great first night

Beautiful and Comfy!

I bought a memory foam mattress this month and the only complaint I have is I hate getting out of bed.

quality product

bought mattress in sale at discount price, therefore very good price for quality product.

Too hot

Difficult to unpack. Strong chemical smell takes much longer than 48 hours dispel. Also within a week of my purchase online it was on special offer at £30 less than I paid!

Great confort

We bought this mattress about 4 months ago, I would highly recommend this

Not as expected

Disappointed with this mattress, as it's not as described. It doesn't go to the full 18cm depth as claimed, but only 15cm. Even the display mattress in the shop was only 15cm deep. Feels harder than expected too for a memory foam, not as expected either. It seems good quality otherwise, so only given it an average rating.

Very comfortable!

Needed a decent mattress at a good price and this seemed to fit the bill. It was a gamble as i've never slept on a memory foam mattress before. Absolutely fantastic! So comfortable and I now sleep like a log!

Memory foam mattress

Very comfortable and relaxing for a good night's sleep

so comfortable

I bought this 2 weeks ago on my Daughters recommendation and boy not disapointed

Pretty Thin

Comes packaged well and a good price but you get what you pay for.... is quite thin. I dont imagine it will last more than a couple of years.


Bought this a couple of weeks ago, really comfy and great price, can't complain

Sooooo comfy!!

I bought this mattress when we got our new bed and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived in a timely fashion and then even happier when I tried it out. Such good value for money - this is the comfiest mattress ever!

Memory foam mattress

Lovely comfortable mattress , light to handle. I ordered med to firm and it’s perfect


I bought this mattress slept on it twice. Horrendous every spring creaked , poor quality.

Very comfy.

I've had this a couple of weeks, it's a really comfortable mattress. Good delivery service too.

So comfy

I always wanted to try a memory foam mattress and so I eventually managed to buy from dunelm because of the reasonable price for double mattresses they sell. The mattress is soooo comfortable to sleep on.i don't know why I waited so long to get one!!! Very comfortable and cosy. I bought the pillow too which I strongly recommend.

Amazing Mattress

I purchased my Memory foam mattress from dunelm and got to say over the moon with it. It's so comfy and very thick. I reserved online and within half an hour received a text to say it's ready to collect at my local store. When I picked it up it was ready waiting behind the till. Well done dunelm well impressed with product and your service. I have been let down of late by online shopping but you have changed my mind.

Love my mattress, hate the delivery service!

Great mattress for the spare room, comfy and cheaply priced. However save yourselves the bother and go buy in store, the delivery service is an absolute shambles!

Comfy Mattress

I bought this mattress for our spare rok and our guests have commented on how comfortable it is.

Best mattress

My husband bought this as iv suffered with a slipped disc , it took a bit of getting used to but so glad i persevered with it , sleeping much better now xxx


Brilliant mattress! Very well packaged! The box even had wheels on it! My son loves it! Needs airing before use!

Value for money

Good buy, value for money, easy to transport home in manageable sized box comfortable mattress all in all highly recommended

Do Not Buy A Fogarty Hybrid Mattress

Purchased A Fogarty Pocket / Memory Foam Hybrid 1000 From Dunelm (who have actually aquired the Brand) It's Only 3 Months Old and Very Noticably Indented On Both Left & Right Sides With A Hump Running Down The Centre. The Matress Is Supposed To Have A 5 Year Guarantee But Dunelm Refuse To Do Anything About It, Since Their Technician Has Stated 'No Faults Found' Blatant Lier - PEOPLE DO NOT BUY.

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