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Dreams Mattress Reviews

Dreams is one of the largest mattress retailers in the UK. They have over 200 stores and offer mattresses from both UK name-brands and global mattress makers. When it comes to customer experiences, they get good ratings for their selection, but there are some complaints about quality and durability of some mattresses. Read on to learn more about their selection.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.1/10

Price Value: 7.7/10

No Back Pain: 8.2/10

Price: £59-£1599+

Trial Period: Depends on Mattress

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Dreams's Specifics

Dreams is a household name for those looking for a mattress in the UK. Not only do they sell mattresses, but a wide range of bedding and bedroom furniture.

With this focus and a wide array of stores to choose from, they have a much wider mattress selection than many local retailers with over 10 brands to choose from. However, with more selection can come more confusion about finding the right match for you and your family.

Also, with their selection comes a hidden truth:

The per £ value is often much lower than buying from online mattress brands.

This is because Dreams must mark-up the mattresses from the brand to make a profit. Additionally, the mattress brands mark-up the materials and manufacturing from their suppliers. This means that Dreams mattresses are oftentimes marked up over and over again before you buy them.

So, what is Dreams really selling you?

You are buying personal and informed sales and customer service.

This sounds like a good deal to some who prefer to deal with traditional retailers, but many mattress buyers are turning to online UK mattress brands, who cut out the middlemen and pass on more value to the customer.

Read on to learn more about the Dreams offering...or learn about our best rated UK mattress brands.

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Mattress Brands

Dreams sells mattresses from over 10 mattress brands including British brands like Silentnight and Hypnos and global brands like Tempur and Sealy. We'll go through each brand in detail below so that you can get a better sense of what you are buying.

Here are the details...

#1 Silentnight

Silentnight is one of the most popular budget brands in the UK. As a super-brand, they boast a large selection of mattress models for an affordable price. Their mattresses get good initial scores from customers, but some models have received disappointment about quality and durability.

The pros: Pocket sprung and all-foam mattresses for an affordable price.

The cons: Some quality and durability issues reported.

Price Range: £179-£959

#2 Hypnos

Hypnos is a luxury mattress maker that has a Royal Warrant for HM Queen Elizabeth II. Their mattresses feature traditional materials and natural, luxury comfort layers. For those that desire luxury, expect to change your mattress often because these mattresses are aimed for initial comfort, but are less durable than other brands. This is a big negative for some aspirational shoppers.

The pros: High end traditional mattresses with luxurious initial feel.

The cons: Sagging is a widespread concern after a short period of time.

Price Range: £549-£849

#3 Sleepeezee

Sleepeezee is another British mattress maker that holds a Royal Warrant. They are popular for their pocket sprung mattresses and traditional quilted styles. Their mattresses get strong reception from customers initially, but also require replacement more often than other newer brands that focus on durability.

The pros: Traditional luxury mattresses with both soft and medium firmness options.

The cons: Sagging is a concern for these mattresses.

Price Range: £799-£1999

#4 Sealy

Sealy is a global brand that is known well for their pocket sprung mattresses that focus on posture and ergonomics. They have zoned support systems that enable pressure relief for the hips and shoulders while focusing support where it's needed in the middle spine. These mattresses get good initial ratings from customers, but there are some problems with durability.

The pros: Pocket sprung mattresses with a good variety of prices and zoned support systems.

The cons: Problems with sagging reported by some customers.

Price Range: £199-£1849

#5 Tempur®

Tempur® brand mattresses is known for their higher end Tempur material®, which gave rise to the memory foam revolution that transformed the industry. Their mattresses come in both pocket sprung and all-foam varieties and feature a range of firmness options. Because of this range, they get good reviews from customers on initial comfort. Though, there are some complaints about heat retention and their high prices versus newer competitors.

The pros: High end foam focused mattresses with a large range of options.

The cons: Problems for heat reported. Higher prices for the materials.

Price Range: £1075-£2675

#6 Therapur

Therapur is a Dreams specific mattress brand that is priced high for the materials used. They feature advanced materials like ActiGel® and pocket sprung mattresses. They get mixed reviews from customers when it comes to comfort and dipping issues over a short period.

The pros: Pocket sprung mattresses with advanced sleep technology.

The cons: Mixed reports from customers on comfort and longevity.

Price Range: £549-£1399

#7 Flaxby Collection

The Flaxby Collection is the Dreams luxury mattress brand. These mattresses are high profile and offer similar traditional crafstmanship of other highly reputable brands. These mattresses are high priced, and have many reports about dipping from buyers.

The pros: Luxury mattresses with a high profile--some with pillow tops.

The cons: Dipping and sloping is a common complaint from customers.

Price Range: £699-£2999

#8 Insignia

The Insignia mattress is created by Dreams for the firm sleeper with luxury ambitions. These mattresses are pocket sprung with a luxury look for an affordable pricepoint. They feature Belgian damask fabrics and premium comfort fillings. They have good initial reception from sleepers, but some sagging reported despite firm attributes.

The pros: Luxury firm mattress designs for an affordable price.

The cons: Sagging reported by some customers after short duration.

Price Range: £499-£1599

#9 Budget Brands

Dreams also features a variety of budget brands. These range from pocket sprung and all-foam options for a price that most can afford. Most customers have good initial reports about these mattresses, but there are some complaints about durability and initial comfort with some brands. Additionally, some popular brands are sold direct to customers online for less money or more perks so beware not to spend more.

The pros: Both pocket sprung and all-foam budget brands offered.

The cons: Some mixed reports on quality and durability.

Price Range: £47-£699

Dreams Mattress Alternatives

A suprising fact: this is one of the best times ever to buy a new mattress.

Over the past couple of years, there have been many new online brands in the UK that have come to market to sell direct to customers. What this means:

Lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Since these brands are well-funded and eager to please customers, buying direct from the brand is one of the best ways to get high quality for less. By taking a few minutes to learn about the best mattress for your body, you can save upwards of £1000 in mattress costs and frustrations.

To get started, read what customers are saying about our Top Rated UK Mattresses.

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Excellent service

Excellent service, checked online that they had stock of the mattress I wanted and collected the same day. Perfect

Good advice

Good advice and easy to use website

Great experience in store

Fabulous service and excellent product knowledge from the colleagues. Would highly recommend.

Gemma met me in store today

Gemma met me in store today, and helped me make a decision on which bed and mattress was most suited to me. She was very helpful. I will definitely be returning when I need to purchase another bed or mattress.

Staff couldn't have been nicer

Staff couldn't have been nicer, very informative & very apologetic for slight delay.

A difficult decision made easy

A very good service and excellent products

We felt that we were given excellent…

We felt that we were given excellent service because we told them what we needed from our bed and they showed us a range of beds that would cover our needs and gave us time to try them out, and time to change our minds if we needed to.

The mattress and divan was delivered…

The mattress and divan was delivered and left in our hall. We were told it would need to be assembled. I wasn't aware we were buying a kit of parts. We then discovered the divan arrived in a faulty condition. We were told a replacement was available in November. Quality condition is non existent here. This is what £700 gets you.

Highly Recommended

The second time I have purchased a bed and mattress from Dreams, and both times this has been very easy. The shop has a good selection of beds and mattresses to suit all budgets. The staff are helpful but not pushy. Delivery times are very good and I had a good choice of possible dates. I also took advantage of their old bed and mattress disposal service and my new bed will be put together for me on delivery. On top of this, on both occasions I have been given a good quality mattress protector free of charge! I would definitely recommend Dreams.


It was a pleasure to shop in a store where the assistants know their products they are selling

The service I received was excellent…

The service I received was excellent thanks

Nuneaton Dreams Store is a Dream!!

Nuneaton Dreams Store is a Dream!! Went in to the Nuneaton Store and was looking for a new bed, I have had previous excellent customer service by a particular member of the staff there on 2 separate occasions and have recommended them to family and friends. Within around 20 mins of being in the store this time Jon recognised me from previous purchases and asked how he could help, he helped me pick a new bed and mattress and 2 extra mattresses for other beds we had. He made me and my mum feel very welcome as always and he made us a drink whilst helping us to sort out the paperwork with ease and efficiency. He told me about all of the products and services on offer and gave me a free mattress protector with my purchase. Would definitely recommend Nuneaton Dreams store to anyone, ask for Jon Beddows when in store as he is very friendly and welcoming and always happy to help, he is very knowledgable and knows the different products. He even makes a great cup of Tea :-) Thank you Jon and the Nuneaton store!!

Well this is dreams outcome...

Well this is dreams outcome of our mattress tests..our first test that was done measured that the bed had sunk 30mm and bed was deemed not faulty,, weeks later bed got worse so had another inspection done... this time the measurement of the bed had only sunk 10mm mmm miraculously this bed has has risen in size... plus all the information on the test was wrong... saying the mattress was 13 months old but was only 7 .... the string test to test your beds do not work and the card always protects the retailer (DREAMS) (UK'S LEADING BED SPECIALISTS ) what a joke

I ordered my new bed...

I ordered my new bed and they kept me fully up to date with the progress of my order. It arrived exactly when they said it would and is a fab bed - very comfy.

Friendly and honest service...

Friendly and honest service with good value.

excellent salesman...

excellent salesman, friendly and efficient service

Great staff and knowledge...

Great staff and knowledge Find the right budget for my beds Amazing

NOT a happy customer...

NOT a happy customer When my wife went in to your store to pay a balance on an ordered item. My wife went to pay cash ( which was saved for this item) Your member of staff ask could she pay on a card as they do not like going to the bank. My wife was shocked and said she would like to pay the cash, but was made to feel wrong by paying in cash so ended up using her card. Making us short in the bank for bills being taken over the next few days. I think this is so wrong you dictating to your customers how they pay for goods. If you do not want cash or want to dictate the way your customers pay Then please place this on your site or shop door. This will be the last time my family uses your stores/website and I will pass this around to anyone I know. AS SAID NOT HAPPY

Really happy with everything...

Really happy with everything, customer service & delivery. I was worried they wouldn't find my house on the day of delivery but I was sent the drivers name & mobile number & he rang to know exactly where I lived. The bed itself is lovely so I would highly recommend buying from Dreams....

We never bought anything from Dreams...

We never bought anything from Dreams. We went to get a bed for my 81 year old Mother who suffers from arthritis and Rheumatism as well as other health issues. The saleswoman came over and seemed helpful. We told her what we were after and that no mattress could contain memory foam. The lady said to try out the different mattresses at the side of the store to see how they felt and she would come back and not pressure us. She went away for about 1 minute if that then stayed with us all the time, the trouble is that she didn't take into consideration my Mother's age or health issues. She had her walking stick, but the sales person had her back and forward across the sales floor that many times that she didn't know if she was coming or going. Every time she liked a mattress she was taken back to the "purple" mattress she liked first at the side of the store. For a fit younger person, not a problem, but for my mother, she felt like she had run a marathon in the 30 minutes or so we were in the store. She didn't know if she was coming or going. Sales people need to think about the elderly and their limitations, not just push and push to sell (I can only assume they are on commission). Then to top it all, the 2 mattresses that my Mother liked the best, another sales woman told her they contained memory foam! Out the door we went with a loss of a £2k sale. After a cup of coffee and a bite to eat, Sleepright at Carpetright were much better and the bed was purchased without any pressure at all.

Great price in a sale...

Great price in a sale on a firm king size mattress with free delivery. Was able to choose the day which the mattress was to be delivered.

I bought a TV bed 2 years ago...

I bought a TV bed 2 years ago. I also bought 10 years warranty with it. The bed frame and mattress is fine but the TV system broke 3 months ago. And I am still trying to get an answer from Dreams about when is it getting fixed. The engineer cam to to my house checked the system and told me that they will have to order the part. One month past and no further communication from them. I had to call on numerous occasions and finally they said the part was here and booked an appointment. On the day the engineer came without part ran the same diagnostics again and told me the same thing that I already knew. I have tried calling dreams, the company they use to insurance and the actually company that does the work. Every time I call them only answer I get is they know that I have escalated the case and they will get back to me by end of day with some details and nobody calls. I would have given 0 stars if possible.

Haven't received my order 3weeks later...

Haven't received my order 3weeks later i get told they are out of stock yet the delivery company sent me a message saying to go to the house,

I highly recommend Dreams...

I highly recommend Dreams in Hemel Hempstead. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly and even made us a cup of tea whilst we were there. We needed to get a bed in a hurry as we were having people over to stay. The staff at dreams found us exactly what we were looking for. We got the bed and mattress and they threw in some pillows for free. We ordered it on the Sunday and it was delivered Wednesday. Outstanding service.

Good in-store customer service...

Good in-store customer service without pushy sales talk. Lead times are a bit long, but other than that very satisfied with the customer service.

Terrible company to deal with when you need ongoing support...

Terrible company to deal with when you need ongoing support. We spent £1800 on a "quality" mattress called the resplendent following advice from the sale team in store. Both my husband and i suffer with chronic back pain, therefore a good quality matress is a must! We were advised to purchase this mattress as it apparently has good support, we also had a 10 year guarantee. After 2 years, the mattress sunk on both sides and was so uncomfortable... it made our backs even worse. I therefore called on the 10 year guarantee.. they sent an "independent" assessor to review the mattress and to give them their dues they replaced it (after alot of arguments and a further £50 payment!!). It has now been another 2 1/2 years and the mattress has sunk again.. even worse than before and we both cannot sleep... have even worse back and hip pain and now under Physiotherapy. At first they refused to accept that we had a guarantee... until we gave them proof of the additional payment we had made to cover the new mattress. Once they accepted this fact the rude lady on customer services agreed to send another "independent assessor" out. The responses from the assessor after asking more or less how big my husband was (not that this should matter and also none of their business) was laughable. Apparently this would be classed as an invalid claim as 1.the mattress has not sunken past dreams recommended 4 1/2 cm 2. Every mattress sinks no matter how much you pay 3. Physiotherapists will always blame the mattresses for bad backs as they need something to blame 4. The mattress was perfectly supportive to him (when he lay on it for 10 seconds) 5. The slats on our bed weren't at the dreams recommended distance apart....???? I do not believe these assessors are independent at all.. I believe they are paid by dreams to argue these claims. When my husband and I measured the sinkage of the mattress with a solid piece of wood placed on top from corner to corner..... the defecit measured in excess of 5cm!! Dreams have refused to accept this and will not even look at the pictures we have sent them. We are now stuck with a £1800 mattress that we cannot sleep on due to excessive pain... we cannot afford to purchase another one as yet. Dreams customer support leaves very little to be desired and the 10yr guarantee just a joke! I have since read other reviews regarding this mattress and it seems to be a common problem but dreams refuse to accept this and just state that other reviews shouldn't be taken with any serious weight!!! Unbelievably terrible company to deal with.

Great customer service...

Great customer service in shop with lots of help and updates on delivery. Great value for money with excellent products.

Extremely poor delivery service...

Extremely poor delivery service Ridiculous delivery system. I was promised that my bed will arrive in 6 weeks (which is already very long delivery time for beds!). Now being told that it will take 10 weeks! Apparently it was always meant to be 10 weeks, so the store salesman just lied to our faces. Absolute joke!

Best experience

Best experience. Never bought a bed for myself before, walked into store and explained what I wanted, was greeted by the store manager and she helped me but my base and a perfect mattress for myself. She also gave some discounts and helped me get a reasonable price for everything I wanted, including two pillows. The delivery time is very quick and I would definately use them again!

Great value with great care

Great value with great care

Had a great xperience of store and…

Had a great xperience of store and product range but only trouble had couldn't get finance in store even online was offering £2500 credit for buy now pay later.

We paid almost £2,900 for a Nature's Finest...

We paid almost £2,900 for a Nature's Finest 4500 SK Super King Size bed expecting the best nights' sleep ever. The delivery guys dropped the mattress in an oily puddle. The plastic cover was ripped so the mattress was stained with oil. Their surreptitious attempt to clean the mattress failed and they had to confess. The second mattress was delivered after 4 weeks. Four months later we were both waking up in pain. We got the mattress inspected to be told that the top mattress had collapsed. We were assured it was a one off manufacturing fault and Dreams replaced this mattress with another Nature's Finest 4500 SK. The third mattress lasted 6 months before we could take no more pain filled mornings. This mattress has been condemned too. It is like sleeping on concrete. Dreams have agreed to let us replace it with a different manufacturer's mattress and will allow us to choose one that is up to £200 more. Wow! That does not even cover the Osteopath's bill. We are not impressed.

*****DO NOT USE DREAMS!!!*****

I have not experienced such bad customer services from a company this bad in many many years. I purchased a mattress from Dreams on 11th August 2018. It turned out to be significantly faulty. I called the store to report this, but they told me that they did not deal with complaints and that i had to call the nationally customer services line. I called this number to report the fault - Dreams will NOT deal with complaints of faulty products until they have sent someone out to verify that you are telling the truth! When I asked what time this would be, they informed me that it would be at the end of the following week!!! Despite me pointing out how unacceptable this was, and in total breach of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, they would not budge. When the Friday of the following week came, a gentleman arrived and full credit to him, he was on time, and assessed the mattress quickly, concluding that the fault was clear and obvious, and that we needed a replacement one. He informed me that he would send his report to Dreams and that they would be in touch to arrange a replacement. Well they didn't! I gave them the benefit of the doubt and gave them the Monday of the following week in case he hadn't sent his report until late on the Friday, but they still did not call me. I had to call them on the Tuesday! The person I spoke to had to search for his report on their system indicating that nobody was going to call me from Dreams at all, until I eventually chased them up! He saw that we needed a replacement, but then said that the earliest they would deliver one to me was another 14 days!! I can't express how gobsmacked I was at this point at the utter incompetence and awful service they were offering. This was arranged with the person to be delivered between 07:00 - 07:30 so that it arrived before I left for work. He explained that this was a special request as they normally only provide slots of AM or PM (which is another ridiculous service that Dreams and some other companies still offer which is very outdated and poor). I today have received a text message to say that my delivery tomorrow will arrive between 09:00-10:00. I have called back to clarify that I had actually had an arrangement for it to be delivered between 0700-0730 as that is when I am in the house before leaving for work and after the start of Dreams' available delivery times of 0700, to be told that there was no record of this arrangement and that it would not be met. I now have to wait for another 2 weeks for it to be delivered as I won't be in tomorrow between 0900-1000. I have had this faulty mattress since 11th August (now 18th September) and appears that it will be another 2 weeks before a replacement will be sent. Dreams are operating in breach of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, have atrocious customer services and have offered NOTHING to compensate. I totally regret using Dreams and would very highly recommend you not to use them!

Great customer service

Great customer service dreams in slough this morning researching mattresses for VivisVenture! No decision made yet memoryfoamfavourite

Bad customer service and dishonest...

Bad customer service and dishonest. I bought a mattress on september 8th and i am still waiting to get it deliveted. After they set a delivery date they randomly changed it to the next day, after i complained to them it happened once again because of an error in their website and no matter how many time i contacted no one helped and they kept saying the delivery date I picked (the initial date they confirmed over and over by email and texts) wasn't available but when i checked the same item i ordered online that delivery date was still available to new buyers.

Bought two beds and two mattresses...

Bought two beds and two mattresses from Dreams just under three years ago, now the springs are coming through one of the mattresses. Contacted Customer Services to be told to have an independent review, which would cost me £50, then if it was due to faulty workmanship they would replace the mattress but would deduct £150 for usage. What a waste of space. In my opinion, poor product and even worse customer service. Wouldn't use or recommend Dreams again.

Visited Dreams on the Middlebrook

Visited Dreams on the Middlebrook, Horwich, whilst browsing for a new mattress, both Sam and Saf where really helpful and friendly without being intrusive, and certainly no high pressure sales patter. Offered us various options and left us to make a decision, good old fashioned customer service, well done lads.

Jonathan provided excellent customer…

Jonathan provided excellent customer service at the West Ealing branch. after listening to my requirements he guided me through the options in a very professional manner and I purchased exactly what I wanted with the minimum of fuss. Excellent

5 Stars without a shadow of doubt !!!!!

5 Stars without a shadow of doubt. The High Wycombe store and in particular Charlie , Cameron and James were extremely friendly . Charlie was excellent , and spent a good couple of hours showing us around the different products that had been recommended by sleep match whilst Cameron and James kept our boys occupied and entertained with hot chocolate ; biscuits and a good few games of hide and seek. Knowledge and expertise was as to be expected and extremely pleased with our purchase even if did end up spending almost triple what we had planned.

5 Star's all the way

5 Star's all the way. Very welcoming and polite. The sales adviser was very helpful in what we were looking for.

We ordered a mattress from dreams...

We ordered a mattress from dreams and it smelled damp and musty, after sending round an “independent” inspector who could not smell anything (after family, friends and a police officer who could) Dreams refused to give us a refund, we could however take a reduced priced item such as a put you up bed BUT they would keep the difference. Dreams reduced me to tears out of sheer frustration. We are now stuck with an inferior product which has caused back and shoulder issues for both my partner and myself. DO NOT give dreams your hard earned cash.

I placed my order for 3 bedside tables...

I placed my order for 3 bedside tables and a sofa bed on August 1st. I have a guest staying with me so need the sofa bed asap. The earliest delivery date was shown as August 17th. 17 days for the delivery was later than I had hoped for but I selected it and ordered anyway. On August 7th I receive a confirmation email. This email incorrectly states August 7th as my order day (why did it take 7 days for the confirmation to go through?) and lists the delivery date as August 29th. An extra 12 days delay is unacceptable. I checked my online account and it still lists by delivery date as August 17th. I contacted the customer service team online and spoke to Katy. She informed me that those sofa beds are made to order (not mentioned on the website when I was ordering) and that the earliest delivery date is the 29th, despite my online order stating otherwise. I explained that I may need to source a sofa bed else where and requested that the bedside tables be despatched and delivered on the 17th, as arranged and that I would get back to them about the sofa. Katy refused. In fact she was generally very unhelpful and did absolutely nothing to try to rectify the situation. I therefore emailed the customer service department explaining the situation and requested that a manager deal with and split my order. Max Fox split the order and said the tables would arrive on August 17th, as planned, but that the sofa would now be delayed even more and he wouldn't be able to confirm a delivery date until AFTER the 17th. So his solution to a delayed order was to delay it even more. Terrible company. Incompetent staff. Wont be using them again.

Bed delivery delayed 3 weeks...

Bed delivery delayed 3 weeks (I had to wait 7 weeks in total!) because the shop staff and ordering department didn’t even order my mattress!! Customer service solution was to just go and select another mattress!! When delivery arrived, the wrong mattress was actually brought so I had to wait for the driver to go back to depot to collect mine. Will never go back or recommend.

we went to one of Belfast shop...

we went to one of Belfast shop, placed the order and had to wait for a simple bed base 3 weeks. Finally, we got goods news, but we had to wait for another week for the bed to delivered (they do not do next day delivery any more?). Agreed Wednesday was so long - I stayed at home until 7 pm waiting for a driver (he doesn't know what time he will be at your address). never ever back.

I would advise anyone to think very carefully...

I would advise anyone to think very carefully before they buy anything from Dreams. I ordered a mattress from Dreams for £1800 - almost the most expensive one in the shop. However, the wrong one was actually entered into the order system and delivered. We didn't realise this until delivery day when the mattress was taken out of its packaging and we saw that it had a topper. We specifically did not want a mattress with a topper. The delivery men said it was worthless because the packaging had been opened and the store insisted that because the one that had been delivered matched with the order (although was not what we asked for or wanted!) they would not just take it away, we had to use the 30 day 'Comfort Guarantee' - which meant that we had to store it for 30 days while continuing to sleep on our old mattress. We chose a replacement mattress and paid even more money to have it delivered, but when the delivery men turned up (now 3 and a half months since the original order) they spotted a tiny mark on the mattress and refused to take it away. Everyone I spoke to at the company throughout this saga had a 'not my problem' attitude. The customer support representative I have contacted since claimed that we wanted a mattress with a topper and she knows this because the store staff remember our conversations since April and know more about what we want than we do. AVOID!!!!!!

Nice people informative plus excellent…

Nice people informative plus excellent products

Fantastic customer service!

Fantastic customer service!! The team in the Ashton under Lyon store were great, they were very helpful but were not intrusive while we were trying mattresses. Anne made sure we walked away with a fantastic deal on a new mattress and I couldn't be happier. I have already recommended Dreams to a friend and would definitely shop here again in future.

Good honest shopping

Good honest shopping

Great Experience at Manchester Store: White City Retail Park

Overall, a great experience at the Manchester Store. The entire team were very welcoming as soon as we arrived and really tried their best to help. They provided a lot of useful advice and managed to get the balance right between strongly recommending a solution without being too pushy. They were more than happy to give us time to think about our options before returning later in the day. Dominic/Dom, in particular, was a really great help and a pleasure to deal with: staying after the store closed to finish our order. My only slight criticism was that we had hoped for a slightly bigger discount than we eventually ended up accepting, mostly due to the value of the order, however, we reached a stage of being happy to accept so overall, no big deal and it was our choice on whether to proceed or not. We had looked for months online at various retailers but when it comes to it, ordering face to face and being able to try the products first always seems to be preferable. Overall, very happy!

Very very bad service...

Very very bad service. Horrible company They listed a bed frame with 20% off but the discount did not show up in the checkout. I called customer service they replied they can refund me the money if I call them back Monday. When I contacted customer service again for the refund they informed the discount is applicable only if I buy the mattress . That was not neither satated in the website or the customer service person inform me earlier. I requested them to listen to my call and I sent a screenshot of the website listed with the discount. But they strongly denied both. I was disappointed and asked them to cancel my order. Hassan Shahid said he has canceled and can offer a full refund. After a few mins, I became worried that the cancellation will affect my credit rating, therefore, emailed Hassan to revoke the cancellation and called customer service to keep the order. Hassan said he has canceled the order and has informed Barclays about it, however, the customer service lady who answered my call said nothing has been touched in the order and no notes recorded and the order will be delivered the next day. After this call, Hassan is replying to me saying he has revoked the cancellation and it will be delivered. So, in fact, the first time when he said it was canceled and a full refund will be offered is a total lie. How can you rely on a company which has a bunch of liars? I am very very disappointed. When I say I am upset and I cant offer is good feedback he replied that is entirely up to me. PLEASE DONT RUSH TO BUY WHEN THEY LIST THERE IS A SALES .... EVERYTHING TOTAL EYE WASH ... THE SAME BED HAS BEEN IN MARKET FOR 547, 20 days ago but I have bought it for 647 thinking I ham getting a bargain.. when in fact I have been cheated

I was in the Clydebank store...

I was in the Clydebank store in Glasgow. When you go into these type of shops, it can be quite frustrating when you want to have a look around but are hounded by sales assistants trying to get you to buy something especially when you don't know what you want in the first place. My Husband and I wanted a new bed? Where do you start? I went in to Dreams after visiting a few other bed companies, and as soon as we arrived it happened - a sales assistant! How wrong was I, the woman that introduced herself Lesley was so pleasant, she just welcomed me to the store and briefly explained the set up around the store. She made us both a coffee while we looked about. Beds are quite confusing and we had no idea where to start. Lesley confidently took the lead, she found out quickly what type of mattress we needed by encouraging us to lie down and try. Explained what is good and what is better. After an hour or so we settled, we were happy to spend the amount we did because we are sure we have paid good money for quality. *Free Pillow yeah Thank you Lesley, we will be back for the kids beds soon. Anne & John

Brilliant customer service...

Brilliant customer service. Kept us informed all the way. Gave a 2 hour window slot for delivery and even telephoned on the morning of delivery to confirm the time. Friendly guys put our beds together. Old beds taken away aswell. Well done Dreams. Very satisfied customer. Much better than another well known bed firm who do not take old beds away.

dreams beds...

dreams beds - thinking of buying a mattress?? their peace of mind offering (comfort exchange) means you can change your mattress if it isnt suitable - you pay £50. BUT (the bit they dont tell you) if you go for a more expensive mattress you pay the difference (ok) if you go for a cheaper one....wait for it.....they pocket the money!!!!!!

Excellent Service and great value

Excellent Service and great value for money. Stress free purchase

Sleep easy when you shop at Dreams!

Very helpful and friendly staff in the Cardiff store who helped in picking the right mattress for me. Great selection of beds, mattresses and services all at competitive prices.

huge range of mattresses in all sorts of comfort levels..

Huge range of mattresses in all sorts of comfort levels. They had a huge sale on and I got a lovely comfy mattress for a good price. The man working there was most helpful and very friendly too.

Kevin who served us was polite

Kevin who served us was polite , attentive , professional and very friendly,

Fantastic sales service

Fantastic sales service

Bought a medium mattress...

Bought a medium mattress(it was nearly £1100 so not cheap )but when delivered felt like a rock Was told had to sleep on it for 14-30 days before the mattress had worn in Could not sleep on it for another 30 min let alone 30 days Very helpful staff before they took our money but awful afterwards Would never use again

Great shoppers experience

Great shoppers experience. Nothing was too much for them and no hassle. I spent ages trying out beds despite being guided to what would be my best selection based on what I told the assistant. I will definitely go there again

Ordered a bed and mattress from Dreams…

Ordered a bed and mattress from Dreams back in August 2018. Was told by Dreams that a bed delivery will take longer as it became very popular and was out of stock. Delivery was suppose to take place 5 - 6 weeks, which I was fine with. Have been talking to customer delivery team on the emails constantly and was offered a delivery date 18th of October. Closer to this date emailed them to get a time confirmation, no reply for 3 days. Had to phone customer service to find out what is going on and why I have no reply. I was told by one of the staff member since I have chosen a split delivery, for a mattress to be delivered first, I no longer had a date reserved for a bed delivery (which I was never informed about). Also was told bed will now be available in December, so another 6 weeks. Even for a mattress I had to chase and ask when it could be delivered, since there was a delay with a bed. Had to wait 6 weeks for a mattress delivery (Eve mattress) even though other shops I have been to offered same mattress delivery within 5 days. I must say this has been a worst experience ever, very poor customer service and a lack of communication. Disappointed, thought Dreams are definitely better than this! Big mistake and I wish I would have gone with another supplier!

Very friendly staff who welcome you and…

Very friendly staff who welcome you and tend to your needs when you arrive. The bed and mattress that we have ordered is exactly what we were looking for. The only reason I haven't provided 5 stars is because after spending £2000 I don't think you should have to pay extra to have old bed and mattress taken away.

I was advised to buy a Tempur mattress...

I was advised to buy a Tempur mattress as I have back problems. The sales person- Marwan assured and reassured that if I’m not happy with i can get a refund within 100 days ( showed me this on the Tempur website) . However, after the 1st night when I woke up in excruciating pain, I called Dreams and I asked for an exchange. They said that I would loose the difference to £1600 that paid for the Tempur mattress. I was in shock. They only care about money and not about customers. A rip-off!!! I’m taking this further. Dreams is a big disappointment

Valley Park Dreams (Croydon)

Deryck of Valley Park, Purley Way branch was very knowledgeable and helpful. He has good product knowledge and is very patient. I was very pleased with the help and assistance he gave me.

Fantastic service received by Ash at…

Fantastic service received by Ash at Stafford, was really helpful even though I'm awkwardly indecisive! Overall great help in choosing my new bed!

Diane Purley Way Croydon was great…

Diane Purley Way Croydon was great offered us a Drink, and purchased some pillows.

Went to dreams to look for a new divan…

Went to dreams to look for a new divan bed and made a purchase,staff were really helpful and helped us to find what we were looking for, can't wait for it to be delivered now.

I had a fitted bedroom...

I had a fitted bedroom put in and it was supposed to fit a super king bed so I ordered one from dreams without measuring myself. Needless to say it didn’t fit the customer service were very unhelpful the was taken back but ideally all I wanted was a smaller size but she was so disinterested & unhelpful I just paid the £38 recollection fee and will be going else where.

Seemed to be the best value having…

Seemed to be the best value having tried 4-5 competitors in the local area on the same day. I felt a little like they were more interested in commision than my needs...particularly as we were walking away from the desk having just paid, there were colleagues (who had been lurking in the background) quickly approach the advisor asking "what did you get? what did you get?". That said, the store was one of only 2 that we saw on the day that appeared interested in helping us choose products and narrow down our options instead of just letting us browse with little input or information.

Store manager who dealt with us on our…

Store manager who dealt with us on our visit was friendly and had a lot of knowledge! Made sure we had the right product to suit our needs. Highly recommend

Fantastic service at Dreams

Fantastic service at Dreams. Clean, efficient and welcoming. Not a hard sell but a friendly experience with a lot of great products and offers.

I really enjoyed the experience

I really enjoyed the experience in store it’s so much easier choosing a mattress with the facilities at Dreams the manager Donald at the Aberdeen branch was such a nice guy and really understood my needs giving me a lot of options and made sure I felt relaxed

Our bed broke...

Our bed broke They sent a so called engineer out who spent 5 minutes to check We have 10 year warranty They said due to too much downward force it broke All my son does is sleep on it I asked them to elaborate on there findings to which I received no answer Never buy a bed from them They are crooks There after sales care is non existent Badly designed goods

Customer Service...

Customer Service is spectacular for making dreams come true at the last minute!

Dreams match

I purchased a mattress using the dream match, I paid just under £1000 In a sale for a mattress, mattress protector and two pillows, worst purchase ever, Im conviced we had the wrong mattress, Its like sleeping on a concrete floor, I wake up with a stiff arm and neck nearly every day, next time Im going to purchase a cheaper mattress so that If I dont like It I can simply replace It

Mattress problems

Bought bed and mattress from Dreams after two years six months springs started to come out of the sides of the mattress which I think is a manufacturing fault with only a twelve months guarantee I'll have to shop elsewhere

We are returning customers from 6 years…

We are returning customers from 6 years ago and will always use dreams

Always my go to for bedding and…

Always my go to for bedding and mattresses!

Got the therapur mattress

Got the therapur mattress. Useless after a weeks use. Did not help the back, waste of money - never shopping at dreams again


Faulty item but spoke with a manager over the phone and got a matter settled in minutes. Thank you swift attention was greatly appreciated

Brilliant service

From entering the shop to delivery was perfect. Helpful assistants that want you to be pleased with the product. And the delivery was brilliant. I was given a two hour time slot but phoned 5mins before delivery. I would fully recommend Dreams.

Excellent service

Excellent service. Timely and prompt delivery. I was kept well informed. The delivery staff were polite and informative.

Poor service, poor materials

Brought an eve mattress within 12 months started to lose all shape and and position, eve who offer a 10 year warranty palmed straight back to dreams and they are uninterested, sent out a inspector which have unrealistic targets for a failed bed, now want nothing to do with it poor customer service poor service from the sales team to sell us This type of mattress in the first place overall disappointment,

Had a brilliant experience to be…

Had a brilliant experience to be honest, ordered on Black Friday, received the week after. Brilliant communication throughout and the driver was absolutely lovely on the phone. 5 star!


From ordering to delivery really pleased informative throughout on time and quality goods

Fantastic doorstep delivery

Fantastic doorstep delivery service during the covid 19 restrictions, Very friendly, polite and prompt delivery drivers, excellent communication as to delivery time, the team even warned me which boxes were heavy so I wouldn’t hurt myself, will definitely shop with dreams again

Outstanding online customer experience

I was not able to visit your store but your website is very user friendly, with all information needed and really clear. I have made my purchase and receive the delivery date same day (this is recently a big achievement).Thank you for all hard work you’ve done to make our virtual customer experience memorable. Can’t wait to receive my new mattress.

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service, delivery was very smooth, very helpful team

Great service on line simple to follow…

Great service on line simple to follow and order products and great offers .

The Bed Specialists

My dreams experience was very good. The in store experience was informative and friendly. The delivery was quick and without fault. And the product looks good and is providing me with the improved sleep I was looking for.

I am extremely satisfied with the…

I am extremely satisfied with the service I received from dreams the college that helped me was very helpful

Excellent service from start to finish

Excellent service from start to finish. Delivery information was superb as were the delivery team who still managed to be friendly despite adhering strictly to the social distancing guidelines. Highly recommend.

Great communications

Returning customer to Dreams after Emma mattress failed to impress. Fabulous service, communications and delivery throughout.

Hyde and Sleep Mattress

Hyde and Sleep Mattress, useless after just 2 years.

Me and my partner needed a new bed…

Me and my partner needed a new bed quite quickly and struggled to find one elsewhere that was a reasonable price and that we liked. We had a quick look on dreams and found one we loved straight away! Perfect price and no ridiculous delivery fees! Very happy and not too long to wait either , ordered yesterday and it’s coming late feb which compared to other places at this time was brilliant.

Very good service and comfortable…

Very good service and comfortable mattress. Delivery team were very helpful especially with the added issues of having to follow COVID precautions.

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