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Dreamcloud vs. Ikea

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DreamCloud is a high value for the money luxury pocket sprung mattress. Similar to other pillow top style mattresses available at mattress retailers, the DreamCloud's claim to fame is its fluffy top layers. However, shoppers appreciate that the design is more focused on long term support than common retail options. Overall, customers describe a well-balanced medium-firm comfort similar to the feel of a luxury hotel, but with added support.


IKEA is one of the most well-known affordable furniture brands with their multiple showrooms throughout the UK. Their mattresses offer very low prices with both sprung and foam designs. While most customers report happy initial comfort, there are significant complaints about sagging, firmness, and long term comfort about certain mattresses offered.

Based on our aggregated reviews and our scoring method, we recommend Dreamcloud in this match up!

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Mattress Score

Overall Score:
Dreamcloud: 9.7/10
Ikea: 7.6/10

Customer Satisfaction:
Dreamcloud: 9.6/10
Ikea: 7.7/10

Price Value:
Dreamcloud: 9.7/10
Ikea: 7.7/10

No Back Pain:
Dreamcloud: 9.5/10
Ikea: 7.5/10

Dreamcloud: £949-£1899
Ikea: £40-£699

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Dreamcloud's Owner Satisfaction

Starting with a brand that has a good customer satisfaction rating is a good tactic. Customers rate these mattresses highly when it comes to comfort. Sleepers have felt good overall about their mattresses and the brand when they purchased. Keep reading below to discover if one of these mattresses will work well for your body!

Dreamcloud's Supportiveness

All folks need a mattress that is supportive. Whether you like a firm, soft, or medium mattress, a bed that gives you a healthy spine is what we're all looking for. Most reviewers report that these mattresses help provide that kind of support.

Edge Support
Edge support is one of the most important things to sleepers -- must don't know until they lose it. Customers report that these mattresses do well with edge support, which means customers who sit on the side of the mattress feel good support.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests
It's popular to measure mattress firmness with a bowling ball on the surface and it is an excellent way of measuring support across the surface. These mattresses do well with evenness of support across the surface of the mattress.

Dreamcloud's Durability

Durability, along with being comfortable, is the most important factor to customers buying a new mattress. Being able to get up to a decade of use out of a mattress and still be comfortable is a good mark of durability. That said, mattress craftsmanship and sleeper body weight can affect durability as well. These mattresses impress reviewers with their durability. There may be a slight decrease in longevity for those that are larger.

Ikea's Owner Satisfaction

If you are thinking of buying, read on below for more information from customers. Sadly, not all customers review them well overall. Some folks were cozy in their new mattress, but others reported trouble getting comfortable.

Ikea's Supportiveness

Most customers report these mattresses to be supportive of their bodies, but some had some complaints about feel. For those that are heavier, take a look at the firmness levels and overall specs as you'll want to ensure that you're adequately supported.

Edge Support
For those that want a mattress they can sit comfortably on, most folks will be comfortable with the support from these mattresses. That said, some have reported issues over the long term so make sure to review more if you have mobility issues.

Ikea's Durability

Durability is one of the most important attributes to finding a mattress. We are all hopeful to find a mattress that would be just as comfortable day one as it is 10 years from now. Sadly, not all sleepers agree that these mattresses are durable, and some have had issues with longevity after a short time. If you are considering using as your full time mattress, read over the reviews, warranty, and return policies to make sure that you are safe in your purchase.

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Love Love Love
I love my DreamCloud mattress!!! It’s the perfect amount of softness which I need to sleep comfortably. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Money well spent. Thank you for creating the perfect mattress!

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Great mattress and bed frame
Was worried I might not like it as much as my Tempur pedic but no such worries! its wonderful, comfortable and well made. I also love my bed frame. Highly recommend.

Feels like a Cloud
We had been through some other mattresses that were over double the price of Dream Cloud prior to receiving ours. We heard people tell us it was like sleeping on a cloud, not sure if I believe that or not. But once we slept in it we did believe that. It's got the perfect mix of support and comfort, something that 3 other mattress companies couldn't get right. We love our Dream Cloud and I've recommended them to my friends as well.

Great Mattress
The mattress has a medium firmness, which is adequate for me at my weight of 170 pounds. The mattress is currently on the floor - not on a bed frame. The mattress is dense enough that I cannot feel the floor after laying down.

No regrets
Took a chance of buying online. But with the 365 day trial.. you can’t go wrong. Totally satisfied and wish I would’ve done sooner.

Great mattress! Couldn't have believe that it could fit in the box. The mattress pad is great but it does creep from the edge of the mattress.

Good Nights Sleep
Overall, I am happy with my new mattress. It is cooler than the memory foam mattress I had before. I'm not sweating 1 hour after going to bed. But, I think this mattress is best for people that sleep on their backs. I'm a side sleeper and find that my hips hurt and I toss and turn all night. My husband loves this mattress.

GREAT Experience!
I had many questions & interactions with multiple service agents on-line prior to my decision to buy, all of which were extremely professional & helpful. I'm not one to make purchases sight unseen, but after reading ALL of the reviews, like so many others, I took the plunge and so glad I did! White Glove service was wonderful & worth the price for me. The bed was a bit firmer than I expected. I discussed this with their Concierge one month later. They were tremendously helpful. The Soft-Topper was exactly what I needed to make my mattress exactly what I was hoping for. My experience with DreamCloud, start to finish, has been a GREAT one!

Absolutely Dreamy!
This mattress has far surpassed my expectations! My husband and I BOTH can finally sleep comfortably. I appreciate a firm mattress, while my husband prefers soft. Together, we agreed that this mattress is a perfect combination! I was hesitant about purchasing a mattress without trying it out first. However, based on the reviews, and 365 day guarantee, I had nothing to lose. I'm so glad we invested in this particular mattress. I'll never own a different kind!!!

I ordered a different hybrid mattress that would qualify as “luxury,” but the $4000 didn’t meet expectations. After some research, we decided to give DreamCloud a try. I have not been disappointed. It is well-worth the low price, and will absolutely be pushing family and friends this direction.

Wonderful Mattress
Easy to order, came on time! The mattress is like sleeping on clouds as our 4 year described it. I have taken several naps and I can't wait to order ours.

I love it. Not too soft and not too firm. Amazing comfortable. I sleep much better then before.


So comfortable I’m not even kidding
Dreamcloud is like dancing a waltz with a big strong man who leads you and holds you and graces you with strength and security.

Sleeping is a DREAM!!
We have had our dream cloud for about 2 months now and have never slept better! It is the perfect firmness for both of us and “cuddles you back”. I used to have frequent back pain which has stopped since we have gotten our dream cloud. Neither of us wake up during the night and previously we had tossed and turned and gotten up multiple times to use the restroom. I can not say enough good things about this mattress- we both agree it was 100% worth the investment!

Better sleep !
I was not sure whether or not to purchase this Dream mattress, I was debating for months. Then I just go too tired of not having a good few hours of sleep. I guess I was too tired to think on the day I ordered it, but I ordered it. Next thing you know I was unrolling the mattress. Oh course thinking out loud “I hope I didn’t make the wrong decision!” Well let me tell you. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my DREAM! One of the best decisions I have made. My husband and I sleep like babies and I don’t even feel my back pains anymore! Woohoo!!! I give you guys 5 stars!

Very comfortable
So far loving the mattress good back support

Pretty good
Overall the Dreamcloud is a very comfortable mattress. However, I was hoping for a bit more cooling from the gel

Best sleep
Love love love it

Queen size bed
My daughter visited me and she has insomnia, but she was able to sleep thru every night on this bed. She said that was the best night sleep she has had in a very very long time. She said it was great to be able to sleep the entire night without waking up.

Best Night Sleep
I believe this is the most comfortable mattress I have sleep on in my 65 years. I have owned everything from water beds to extra firm rocks, purchased through mattress stores that the “sales experts” assured was the correct fit for us. After sampling our daughters recent purchase of her Dream Cloud, we were convinced this was the the way to go. Everything from the out standing price, ease of ordering, quick delivery, and the second to none trial and warranty made this decision even easier. Since ordering ours, our Son and Daughter-in-law have also ordered a Dream Cloud. I can whole heartedly recommend this product with out hesitation.

My DreamCloud out of the box was easy to set up. I bought it because my older mattress was very firm and I wanted a softer feel but with some firmness. I do think it's still a firm mattress, not as firm as my older one. I do sleep well on it, although I wish it had a more plush feel on the top.

First Thoughts
My first impression of this mattress is very mixed. It feels softer than I am used to and i was concerned about that at first. But I seem to be sleeping better so i guess time will tell. Also it is very soft on the edges so you have to be careful sitting on the perimeter. Not nearly as much support as a traditional bed.

Quality matteress
A good mattress but just to firm. Returning process underway. Hope it goes a little better than it is as of now.

First Review.
I received my mattress mid-Sep and completely love it. It is very comfortable; I can't believe the difference from my old mattress. I titled the review First Review, as most everything goes well for a short time, after which the product fails and customer service is nonexistent...hopefully, this wont be the case.

Dream Cloud
This mattress is everything I expected it to be. Very comfortable

As comfortable as I can
As comfortable as I can be with mattress on floor, furniture company really delaying my shipment

Good once I received it.
Once we got the real mattress delivered and set up it has been great. Unfortunately when the box was first delivered it was filled with pillows and clothes. Apparently a throw away from another delivery. Ultimately the responsibility of Dreamcloud. So far so good.

Great so far!
We have used the mattress for almost thirty days and love it. Best sleep ever. The frame and headboard was a project by myself but I have never had a more sturdy one. Highly recommend the mattress and frame.

This is seriously the best mattress ever. It's so comfy and perfect

We really love our Dreamcloud mattress. It is very supportive but still very comfortable. It felt a slight bit firm at first, but now I sleep so well. My husband loves it too. Great investment. Thanks.

Awesome mattress
Good quality product, delivery on time, easy to set up and price reasonable. Dreamcloud need only to work in custumer service because is difficult the comunication..But the mattress is awesome.

LOVE our Dreamcloud!
This mattress is the perfect mix of support and softness. We absolutely love it.

Love it!
This mattress is very comfortable and helps to keep you cool. Best night sleep I have had in many years. Well worth the money.

Mattress is not bad. Quality appears to be good. Luxury firm is a good description. Adjustable base is good. Micky from customer service was great!

Very comfortable, no more back pain
Box arrived in poor shape and several days later than promised, but the mattress was not damaged. Other reviews have mentioned a protective cloth bag. All I saw was plastic. I was not sure how to get it open but when I did, I discovered that it was upside down. Difficult to get a king mattress turned over by myself. Maybe some better instructions. Finally got it installed on the original box springs which were in good shape. Covered them with a fitted king bed sheet and they look great. The mattress is very comfortable but I am a little disappointed in the edge support. After a couple of weeks, the edges seem to be getting softer and with less support when I sit on the edge of the mattress. There seems to be a permanent $ 200 discount in their ad. It is listed for a short time but it is always there. Overall, I am satisfied with the mattress but I have no way to compare to other mattresses in this price range. Well, I do have a year to make up my mind.

So0 much softer than our Tempurpedic!!!
This mattress is really comfy, we love it ... so0 much softer than our tempurpedic that we used to have. I'm hoping that as time goes on, it will get alittle softer, but otherwise we're loving it!

The perfect bed!
This is the perfect bed. It’s not too soft or too firm. Well made with no weird “new smell”. Well worth the money, which surprisingly wasn’t all that much in comparison to other mattresses.

High end mattress quality at a very reasonable price
We bought a CalKing Dreamcloud mattress because we needed a new mattress that was firmer the our 10 year old pillows top mattress from Banner mattress in CA. We were concerned about purchasing online but with the 1 year return it if you don’t like it policy we figure it was worth a try. The mattress arrived quickly and we liked it a lot so after a few months we bought a queen size for our sons room. The company responds very quickly to any issues as the queen and a weird spot on the bottom and after sending photos a replacement was sent quickly. Very happy with the mattresses and the service at Dreamcloud. We sleep better also with these luxury firm style mattresses.

Browse Ikea Customer Reviews

Very Comfortable mattress [HYLLESTAD]
Very comfortable, excellent value for money would definitely recommend

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Guest bed mattress [HAMARVIK]
Great price, guests say very comfortable. Added airmax mattress topper and padded mattress protector for extra comfort.

Too short for bed frame! [HAFSLO]
I bought this mattress to go with the Slakt bed frame. It was recommended to go with that frame and the price was very reasonable. I understand that a rolled mattress may take a while to settle but thus mattress is 11cm too short for the frame, leaving a big gap at the bottom of the bed. There’s a whole slat that isn’t covered by mattress!! This doesn’t seem right considering IKEA recommend this mattress to go with the Slakt bed. I feel we will have to return it for a better fit.

Comfortable [HAMARVIK]
Nice mattress and very comfortable

Does what a mattress should [HAMARVIK]
Does what a mattress should do.

Hafslo comfy mattress but ridges after 2 months [HAFSLO]
I bought this mattress for my daughter who is a mere 66kg. She does love the springyness of however, after only 2 months it is no longer flat and has developed creases/ridges which she says makes it less comfy. Disappointed.

Very comfortable [HAMARVIK]
An excellent mattress at a reasonable price, great

Looks amazing [HAMARVIK]
My teenage daughter absolutely loves this bed. We ordered online & click & collect down in Nottingham was the only place with it available.... 4hr round trip BUT so pleased with it.

Fantastic [HYLLESTAD]
I makes me want to stay in bed all day long :) It really good , farm and strong and comfortable

Bought for our daughter, says [HYLLESTAD]
Bought for our daughter, says mattress is comfy and sleeps well

Very comfortable [MORGEDAL]
Soft and firm at the same time.

So comfy! [HOKKÅSEN]
We spent some time in store testing out all the different mattresses, and it was definitely worth it - we’ve had this one for a few months now and it is so comfortable! We had many a good nights sleep!

Most comfortable mattress ever [HOKKÅSEN]
We bought the medium firm mattress and are really pleased with how comfortable it is. We coupled this with the Leirsund slats and this seems to also help with the comfort of the mattress. We couldn’t have made a better choice.

Good night sleep! [MOSHULT]
Ikea never fail in their design for comfort with their mattresses, I cannot fault them. You will get a good night sleep.

My mother at 82, a recent cancer survivor and currently living with vascular dementia, so her dreamy comfort whilst she sleeps is paramount. This recent item, goes some way to add the additional comfort required to our existing bed.

Life changing quality [MORGEDAL]
Perfect nights sleep every night

Excellent value for money [HYLLESTAD]
Really comfortable and affordable. Deciding was difficult but only because of range available. Ifind it very comfortable

Super comfy, like sleeping in [HAMARVIK]
Super comfy, like sleeping in the clouds but not too soft.

Really good comfort & value [HAFSLO]
Wasn’t expecting that much but it really is comfortable

Really comfortable mattress [MALFORS]
Mattress, good value and comfortable

Very comfy the edging colour [HAMARVIK]
Very comfy the edging colour isn’t appealing but covered with a fitted sheet anyway

Comfortable bed great price [HUSVIKA]
Worth spending more than the foam versions for the hemnes day bed

Comfortable [MALFORS]
Great value for money and great for the spare bed. I liked it so much that I bought bigger size for my bed. Comfortable and really good feature of being able to wash the outside cover.

Perfect comfy mattress. [HAFSLO]
Was not expecting much for the price of the mattress but it’s the best we have bought. So comfy and stayed like new. Bargain!

Exactly as expected [MALFORS]
Not used get owing to lock down but I have laid on it and it seems fine.

2 singles = 1 superking! [MALFORS]
I bought a secondhand bed from Gumtree and needed a mattress. I only realised when I assembled it that it was a superking and the mattresses for super kings are really expensive. However I found out that 2 singles = 1 superking. It worked really well once all the bedding was on!

Gives you a good nights sleep

Good price [MOSHULT]
Cheap price for what needed it form worked well

Mattress [MOSHULT]
Excellent quality and very comfortable

Double mattress [HYLLESTAD]
Very comfortable,very good quality. Is not flat packed, hard to transport.

Dipping Mattress! [HOKKÅSEN]
We have had the Mattress for 5 years and a little while ago we noticed that it started to sag on all the edges! We kept our Receipts as it came with a guarantee so someone was sent out to assess, we were told that our bed frame is not supportive enough! I have never had a mattress do this before we do not sit nor lie on the edges of our beds and our bed frame is perfectly acceptable so i will not be being an Ikea mattress again!

Not a good quality [MORGEDAL]
We had purchased 2 mattresses. After few months, started back pain due to it’s quality as it’s shrunk down completely. And same experience with other family member as found same issue as she is now suffering due to back pain. Not recommended product to be honest.

Very comfortable. [HÖVÅG]
Delivery was wise as it was 25kg but you could easily collect it in a car with help. Unrolled it takes a few days to restore itself. Initially it felt hard but it is perfect now.

Fantastic price for a great [HÖVÅG]
Fantastic price for a great mattress

Beger sleeping on the floor [MORGEDAL]
The worst mattress on the plant! I know it not super expensive but it’s so hard like a rock, I tried this in store before I bought it and it was so nice, got deliver and I thought I might give it a time to get used to it, but it’s so bad I bought it less then 2 years ago and my back hurts so only 22 and I should not have back problems at this age, my husband which is 28 is also starting get really bad back pains I’m so sad they can’t do an exchange.

Would not advise to buy [MALFORS]
Would not advise to buy a foam mattress considering to exchange for a spring when we can get back to the store

Spend the extra pennies [HUSVIKA]
These sprung mattresses are very comfy, people that have used them always compliment how comfortable they are. I would say worth spending the extra for a bit of comfort.

Very Poor [MORGEDAL]
avoid this item as the quality is very poor. it did not even reach one year from the date of our purchase and it already started sagging. the mattress has already become very uncomfortable to sleep on and my body is already sinking into it.

Morgedal foam mattress [MORGEDAL]
So comfortable used with white wooden Hemnes bed. Fab.

Mattress [HAFSLO]
Does want it says on the tin - no issue so far!