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Dreamcloud Mattress Reviews

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+2.1x best sleep

+1.6x back support

+1.7x love it

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Spring 2024 Updates: DreamCloud mattresses continue to be delivered in a timely manner, typically within 2 working days. Working with ClimatePartner, these luxurious hybrid mattresses are now 100% carbon neutral.

DreamCloud is a high value for the money luxury pocket sprung mattress. Similar to other pillow top style mattresses available at mattress retailers, the DreamCloud's claim to fame is its fluffy top layers. However, shoppers appreciate that the design is more focused on long term support than common retail options. Overall, customers describe a well-balanced medium-firm comfort similar to the feel of a luxury hotel, but with added support.

Mattress Score

Overall Score 9.7/10
Customer Satisfaction: 9.6/10
Price Value: 9.7/10
Back Support: 9.3/10
Price: £949-£1899

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Longevity: 9.5/10
Body Conformability: 9.6/10
General Support: 9.3
Softness: 9.6
No Motion Transfer: 9.5
No Odor on Delivery: 9.5
Good for Hot Sleepers: 9.4
Sex / Bounce: 9.4
Good for Heavy Folks: 9.1
Silence: 9.5
Warranty: 9.8

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Dreamcloud Specifics

DreamCloud is a top rated mattress, directed towards those looking for a luxury-style hybrid mattress. When it comes to comfort, DreamCloud's approach is to provide a medium supportiveness with an exceptional amount of pressure point relief on the top layer. This blend of soft and supportive is one reason why DreamCloud wins acclaim from side sleepers especially.

Craftsmanship & Materials
With its pocket spring support system, DreamCloud has focused more on support in their recent iteration of their mattress, while also maintaining exceptional pressure point relief. We'll walk through each of the layers to help clarify the benefits.

Here is what's inside the DreamCloud Mattress:Cover Layer: DreamCloud's top layer is a quilted cover that features cooling technology. This layer has 'phase change material' stitched into the top, which provides a pressure relieving cosiness.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is 'Dream Plush' breathable memory foam, which contours and cradles the body without creating a sinking feeling. This slow response layer provides substantial pressure relief while also working in tandem with the layers below for a supportive feel.

Layer 3: A transitional support foam layer provides moderate response and spinal support while still providing some pressure point relief. This layer, along with the coils below give DreamCloud its firmness.

Layer 4: The core support layer is the 15cm Activedge™ Coils which move independently to adjust to the body's curves and support the spine in any sleeping position. These coils cut down on partner disturbance as well.

Layer 5: he bottom layer is a supportive foam that further helps to absorb motion while providing additional support.

Overall Comfort
The DreamCloud mattress is top rated for the value it drives for the price. Customers overwhelmingly describe a superb comfort, ideal for back and side sleeping. Its luxury style and positive sentiment from customers are competitive with retail brands that are oftentimes much more expensive.

FirmnessDreamCloud has a medium-firm feel. Customers describe a softer surface layer that relieves pressure point discomfort and spinal tension, and also a deeper supportiveness that some may equate with firmer mattresses.

Back Pain Relief
There are numerous reports of customers feeling alleviated discomfort with this mattress. This mattress is best for those that need a blend of both pressure point relief and supportiveness.

Most customers describe a comfortable night sleep in regards to heat retention. For those that live in very warm environments or are especially warm sleepers, there may be some minor heat retention in the top layer.

Who Are DreamCloud Mattresses Right For?
DreamCloud mattresses are ideal for those that want a high-end, luxury hotel style mattress at a competitive price. With a 365 day trial and forever warranty, it's a better deal than many other mattresses or online competitors.

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Love Love Love

I love my DreamCloud mattress!!! It’s the perfect amount of softness which I need to sleep comfortably. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Money well spent. Thank you for creating the perfect mattress!



Great mattress and bed frame

Was worried I might not like it as much as my Tempur pedic but no such worries! its wonderful, comfortable and well made. I also love my bed frame. Highly recommend.

Feels like a Cloud

We had been through some other mattresses that were over double the price of Dream Cloud prior to receiving ours. We heard people tell us it was like sleeping on a cloud, not sure if I believe that or not. But once we slept in it we did believe that. It's got the perfect mix of support and comfort, something that 3 other mattress companies couldn't get right. We love our Dream Cloud and I've recommended them to my friends as well.

Great Mattress

The mattress has a medium firmness, which is adequate for me at my weight of 170 pounds. The mattress is currently on the floor - not on a bed frame. The mattress is dense enough that I cannot feel the floor after laying down.

No regrets

Took a chance of buying online. But with the 365 day trial.. you can’t go wrong. Totally satisfied and wish I would’ve done sooner.


Great mattress! Couldn't have believe that it could fit in the box. The mattress pad is great but it does creep from the edge of the mattress.

Good Nights Sleep

Overall, I am happy with my new mattress. It is cooler than the memory foam mattress I had before. I'm not sweating 1 hour after going to bed. But, I think this mattress is best for people that sleep on their backs. I'm a side sleeper and find that my hips hurt and I toss and turn all night. My husband loves this mattress.

GREAT Experience!

I had many questions & interactions with multiple service agents on-line prior to my decision to buy, all of which were extremely professional & helpful. I'm not one to make purchases sight unseen, but after reading ALL of the reviews, like so many others, I took the plunge and so glad I did! White Glove service was wonderful & worth the price for me. The bed was a bit firmer than I expected. I discussed this with their Concierge one month later. They were tremendously helpful. The Soft-Topper was exactly what I needed to make my mattress exactly what I was hoping for. My experience with DreamCloud, start to finish, has been a GREAT one!

Absolutely Dreamy!

This mattress has far surpassed my expectations! My husband and I BOTH can finally sleep comfortably. I appreciate a firm mattress, while my husband prefers soft. Together, we agreed that this mattress is a perfect combination! I was hesitant about purchasing a mattress without trying it out first. However, based on the reviews, and 365 day guarantee, I had nothing to lose. I'm so glad we invested in this particular mattress. I'll never own a different kind!!!


I ordered a different hybrid mattress that would qualify as “luxury,” but the $4000 didn’t meet expectations. After some research, we decided to give DreamCloud a try. I have not been disappointed. It is well-worth the low price, and will absolutely be pushing family and friends this direction.

Wonderful Mattress

Easy to order, came on time! The mattress is like sleeping on clouds as our 4 year described it. I have taken several naps and I can't wait to order ours.


I love it. Not too soft and not too firm. Amazing comfortable. I sleep much better then before.



So comfortable I’m not even kidding

Dreamcloud is like dancing a waltz with a big strong man who leads you and holds you and graces you with strength and security.

Sleeping is a DREAM!!

We have had our dream cloud for about 2 months now and have never slept better! It is the perfect firmness for both of us and “cuddles you back”. I used to have frequent back pain which has stopped since we have gotten our dream cloud. Neither of us wake up during the night and previously we had tossed and turned and gotten up multiple times to use the restroom. I can not say enough good things about this mattress- we both agree it was 100% worth the investment!

Better sleep !

I was not sure whether or not to purchase this Dream mattress, I was debating for months. Then I just go too tired of not having a good few hours of sleep. I guess I was too tired to think on the day I ordered it, but I ordered it. Next thing you know I was unrolling the mattress. Oh course thinking out loud “I hope I didn’t make the wrong decision!” Well let me tell you. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my DREAM! One of the best decisions I have made. My husband and I sleep like babies and I don’t even feel my back pains anymore! Woohoo!!! I give you guys 5 stars!

Very comfortable

So far loving the mattress good back support

Pretty good

Overall the Dreamcloud is a very comfortable mattress. However, I was hoping for a bit more cooling from the gel

Best sleep

Love love love it

Queen size bed

My daughter visited me and she has insomnia, but she was able to sleep thru every night on this bed. She said that was the best night sleep she has had in a very very long time. She said it was great to be able to sleep the entire night without waking up.

Best Night Sleep

I believe this is the most comfortable mattress I have sleep on in my 65 years. I have owned everything from water beds to extra firm rocks, purchased through mattress stores that the “sales experts” assured was the correct fit for us. After sampling our daughters recent purchase of her Dream Cloud, we were convinced this was the the way to go. Everything from the out standing price, ease of ordering, quick delivery, and the second to none trial and warranty made this decision even easier. Since ordering ours, our Son and Daughter-in-law have also ordered a Dream Cloud. I can whole heartedly recommend this product with out hesitation.


My DreamCloud out of the box was easy to set up. I bought it because my older mattress was very firm and I wanted a softer feel but with some firmness. I do think it's still a firm mattress, not as firm as my older one. I do sleep well on it, although I wish it had a more plush feel on the top.

First Thoughts

My first impression of this mattress is very mixed. It feels softer than I am used to and i was concerned about that at first. But I seem to be sleeping better so i guess time will tell. Also it is very soft on the edges so you have to be careful sitting on the perimeter. Not nearly as much support as a traditional bed.

Quality matteress

A good mattress but just to firm. Returning process underway. Hope it goes a little better than it is as of now.

First Review.

I received my mattress mid-Sep and completely love it. It is very comfortable; I can't believe the difference from my old mattress. I titled the review First Review, as most everything goes well for a short time, after which the product fails and customer service is nonexistent...hopefully, this wont be the case.

Dream Cloud

This mattress is everything I expected it to be. Very comfortable

As comfortable as I can

As comfortable as I can be with mattress on floor, furniture company really delaying my shipment

Good once I received it.

Once we got the real mattress delivered and set up it has been great. Unfortunately when the box was first delivered it was filled with pillows and clothes. Apparently a throw away from another delivery. Ultimately the responsibility of Dreamcloud. So far so good.

Great so far!

We have used the mattress for almost thirty days and love it. Best sleep ever. The frame and headboard was a project by myself but I have never had a more sturdy one. Highly recommend the mattress and frame.


This is seriously the best mattress ever. It's so comfy and perfect


We really love our Dreamcloud mattress. It is very supportive but still very comfortable. It felt a slight bit firm at first, but now I sleep so well. My husband loves it too. Great investment. Thanks.

Awesome mattress

Good quality product, delivery on time, easy to set up and price reasonable. Dreamcloud need only to work in custumer service because is difficult the comunication..But the mattress is awesome.

LOVE our Dreamcloud!

This mattress is the perfect mix of support and softness. We absolutely love it.

Love it!

This mattress is very comfortable and helps to keep you cool. Best night sleep I have had in many years. Well worth the money.


Mattress is not bad. Quality appears to be good. Luxury firm is a good description. Adjustable base is good. Micky from customer service was great!

Very comfortable, no more back pain

Box arrived in poor shape and several days later than promised, but the mattress was not damaged. Other reviews have mentioned a protective cloth bag. All I saw was plastic. I was not sure how to get it open but when I did, I discovered that it was upside down. Difficult to get a king mattress turned over by myself. Maybe some better instructions. Finally got it installed on the original box springs which were in good shape. Covered them with a fitted king bed sheet and they look great. The mattress is very comfortable but I am a little disappointed in the edge support. After a couple of weeks, the edges seem to be getting softer and with less support when I sit on the edge of the mattress. There seems to be a permanent $ 200 discount in their ad. It is listed for a short time but it is always there. Overall, I am satisfied with the mattress but I have no way to compare to other mattresses in this price range. Well, I do have a year to make up my mind.

So0 much softer than our Tempurpedic!!!

This mattress is really comfy, we love it ... so0 much softer than our tempurpedic that we used to have. I'm hoping that as time goes on, it will get alittle softer, but otherwise we're loving it!

The perfect bed!

This is the perfect bed. It’s not too soft or too firm. Well made with no weird “new smell”. Well worth the money, which surprisingly wasn’t all that much in comparison to other mattresses.

High end mattress quality at a very reasonable price

We bought a CalKing Dreamcloud mattress because we needed a new mattress that was firmer the our 10 year old pillows top mattress from Banner mattress in CA. We were concerned about purchasing online but with the 1 year return it if you don’t like it policy we figure it was worth a try. The mattress arrived quickly and we liked it a lot so after a few months we bought a queen size for our sons room. The company responds very quickly to any issues as the queen and a weird spot on the bottom and after sending photos a replacement was sent quickly. Very happy with the mattresses and the service at Dreamcloud. We sleep better also with these luxury firm style mattresses.

Dream Cloud Queen hybrid mattress

This mattress is beyond comfortable. We love it especially bcuz it’s high enough to get in and out of comfortably. Couldn’t be happier

Great so far!

Set up was easy, there was no smell, and very comfortable. My husband and I typically don’t agree on our mattresses, but we both love this one. We’ve only had it a month so our hope is it doesn’t start to bow.

A bit pricey but what

A bit pricey but what a difference it makes in a good nights sleep I feel more rested now then before


Really like this mattress!


We spent one full day going all over town looking/laying on mattresses - not fun! Then to come home and read about Dream Cloud. Within one hour of researching I was sold:) Thought it could be to good to be true BUT it was not! We love it and sleep great! It’s a pretty mattress and so thick. We would purchase again without hesitation:)

Perfect mattress

From day one unrolling it( make sure you get help) we have throughly enjoyed every night sleeping on it. To be honest I was apprehensive about buying it but my wife talked me in to it. I'm glad I listened to her! Thanks for the great mattress!!

I didn’t know it could be this good

I’ve been sleeping in a reclining chair because our mattress and most all mattress were so uncomfortable for me. Our first night on the DreamCloud was amazing. I actually slept all night! I can sleep on my back even! Although I mostly sleep on my side and feel supported and cosy at the same time. I highly recommend this mattress. We even bought one for our guest room!

Very happy so far

We have enjoyed it so far. I did buy the mattress cover as well and it is really nice. Now I wish I had bought the sheets also!

Best mattress...period!

Did a lot of researching before deciding on the DreamCloud, felt sure it was the right one, after a month or so of sleeping on it, I know I made the right choice. I can honestly say I haven't had one bad night since it arrived, perfect blend of support, firmness, and comfort. I love this mattress, and can't stop talking about it to friends and family, if you're considering buying one....just do it, will be the best decision you'll ever make, good sleep matters, and great sleep comes with this mattress.

A great nights sleep

We bought this after endless sleepless nights on an uncomfortable mattress. We could not be any more happy with this mattress and even upgraded to a king size which makes sleeping that much better! It’s the perfect mix of soft and from enough that you feel supported.


Great so far. I want to give it a 5 star but have only had it for about 2 months. This bed keeps it up, I’ll definitely give it a 5 star rating. Overall, it’s comfortable and has reduced my tossing and turning by quite a bit. I seldom have back pain and feel relaxed in range morning. Everything is good so far.

Great sleep

Great sleep


This bed is pretty firm. The edges of the bed are not firm enough. You can not really sit at the either side of the bed without falling.


I was having back issues and searched for a bed that is good for back issues as well as heavier people and DreamCloud came up. I purchased the DreamCloud and I have had no back issues since! It seems to be most comfortable for people who sleep on their back or their side. No sore spots, no divots in the bed so far.

Dream Cloud Mattress

I have had my dream cloud mattress now for almost 3 months. Absolutely love the mattress. It is not too soft or too firm. We ordered the king size with frame headboard. Putting together frame and headboard super easy and mattress set up too

Great for Back Sleepers!

I love the mattress. I sleep well when I’m on my back but not so much on the sides because it’s too firm and I don’t weigh enough to even put a dent in it. They’re sending me a 2” gel mattress topper to see if it helps with the firmness. If it doesn’t I’m going to continue with the process of returning it. I can’t say anything bad about it because I’ve had some really good nights of sleep. I just need something that’s a little softer when sleeping on my sides.

Great mattress

We were uncertain about buying a mattress online but have found it to be the best mattress we have ever had. It was comfortable from day one. We love our mattress.

Dream Cloud Mattress

We are very happy with purchase. Great nights of good sleep

My 10th mattress

Seven back surgeries and 10 mattresses and this is my best and final mattress. That includes a sleep number bed. This carries at least as much weight as a Consumer Report recommendation.

Excellent mattress for side and back sleepers

Extremely pleased with our purchase. The mattress is just the right firmness for our side and back sleeping habits. We like a medium to firm surface and this mattress fits the bill 100%. Very comfortable and much cooler than our previous double sided mattress. We are both sleeping much longer and waking rested and pain free. We sleep undisturbed all night as there is virtually no movement when either of us move or get out of bed. I would have rated the mattress a 5+++ if the perimeter edge had more support. The mattress edge is very soft and does not support one sitting on the edge of the mattress as it compresses very easily. However this issue does not affect our sleep as we are not edge sleepers as we have plenty of room now that we have a king mattress. KUDOS to DreamCloud for a great sleeping experience!

No more pressure pain. Great

No more pressure pain. Great mattress

Best sleep ever

Best sleep ever

Dream Cloud Mattress

Best bed I've ever slept on and certainly the best bed I've ever owned! I'm just sorry I waited so long! Everything went perfectly...ordering on line and selecting the white glove service delivery.

My DreamCloud

I simply love my mattress! This is the best mattress I have ever had. I would highly recommend this mattress.

Love 💘 It

Perfect for both my husband and myself. Very comfortable and I don't disturb him in the middle of the night getting in and out of bed. He says he doesn't feel any mattress movement.

Dreamcloud mattress

Been sleeping on our Dreamcloud for almost 2 months now, and we absolutely love it. To start, the customer service was excellent in helping me place my order and I felt they went out of their way to save me as much money as possible. The delivery was prompt, our bed showed up quickly though FedEx was a nightmare to deal with. Unboxing was very easy, and we did not experience any gassing odors. My wife and I are both side sleepers and the bed has been incredibly comfortable and supportive. It transfers almost no motion. I'm a hot sleeper, and have had no issue waking up sweating like I have with other mattresses. I'd happily recommend this bed to anyone, it really is incredible.

My bed ROCKS

Love my Dream Cloud!! Best sleep I have had in years.

Amazing mattress. Comfortable every night.

Amazing mattress. Comfortable every night. I look forward to sleeping now.

Very comfortable!!!

Very comfortable!!!

Best Sleep Ever

Love it...the first night I slept on it was truly like a dream...a dream come true.

So far the best mattress

So far the best mattress I’ve owned.

Worth the $$$

I’ve never been one to splurge on furniture, but this mattress is worth every penny! The past 30 days have been the comfiest and cosiest sleep I’ve had in years. No regrets.

Good buy

The mattress is properly supported and the lifetime warranty is a plus. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because it does seem to hold on to heat more than I'd like.

Awesome mattress.

I bought it with the mattress protector and also got myself some 1800 thread count sheets and it feels heavenly. I needed a new mattress and did a lot of searching to decide this was the bed I wanted. Im glad I did.


I’m so happy that my bed is nice and cosy again. The dream cloud mattress is extremely comfortable. It is a little heavy and cumbersome when it is time To change the sheets. A small price to pay for the luxurious comfort I’m sleeping on this mattress!

Best Mattress!!!!

This is the best mattress I’ve ever had. Super soft but firm at the same time. The box it comes in is small but heavy. It’s a 2 person job to get it upstairs. I’m never buying another mattress.

Great Sleep

Love my new Sleep Cloud.

Best sleep ever

My hip and shoulder no longer hurt. It’s magical amazing and fantastic. Ok seriously, I love it! I sleep so well.

"Everything it says it is."

Title says it all. This bed is everything it's advertised to be. From quality construction, easy set up, great price and most of all comfort. I am 100% satisfied with all aspects of my Dream Cloud purchase.

Sleeps good

Shipping information was not great. Box looked used. Matress sleeps well. Thought had cooling technology but doesnt seem the case. Do like. Will keep for a while

As Expected

Nothing less than a great nights sleep.

Dream Cloud mattress

After many hours researching mattresses online, I came across a blog that seemed impartial to many mattresses to buy online. It was very helpful in narrowing down my choices. What I liked about the Dream Cloud is their 365 day return policy. Buying a mattress online was very daunting but I did it. I bought the king size. I am happy with it after 30 + days. Some reviews say its like sleeping on a cloud, well I wish I knew what that is like but I can say it is a very comfortable mattress, my husband and I get a solid good night sleep, night after night. So, if you have been searching and reading reviews, go ahead and purchase this one. If you don't like it, you have plenty of time to return it. I also bought the bed frame with the gray fabric, it is very sturdy, looks great and easy to assemble.

Awesome mattress

Awesome mattress

Have only had mattress for

Have only had mattress for a few weeks - so far so good@

Wonderful Bed

Wonderful Bed

Worth it!

We recently got the DreamCloud mattress when we were upgrading to a King size! We have had it now for over 2 months and I am in love with it! It has a great mix of feeling super plush but also firm. My partner has scoliosis and constant back pain, but since sleeping on the DreamCloud his pain has really decreased and sleeps through the night! The only 2 cons I had with the mattress is the off gassing did take about 2 weeks to finish, but now we do not smell anything and lastly there isn't a lot of edge support. I didn't know what that meant until I received my mattress. Basically it feels like you are getting off an air mattress on the sides. It took me awhile to get used to that, but now I don't mind it at all. Overall, I love the mattress and would definitely recommend!

Love this mattress

We have never slept so well and I am so glad I decided to make this purchase

Best sleep we've had in years!

My wife and I both complained of back problems and restlessness until we purchased the Dreamcloud mattress. It has definitely improved our sleep! So glad we decided to give it a try with the 365 night sleep trial! Definitely worth the money!

Pretty good

The delivery took too long, website says shipped within 5 business days, took about 10 to receive confirmation; emailed customer service for update and it took a few days to respond. The customer service when they did respond was rude and unhelpful. Mattress is well made, but seems a bit narrower than my other King as it doesn’t fit the same on the frame. It is firm, but not too firm. We purchased because our previous mattress was plush and causing back pain, still have some pain, but the firmness has definitely helped. Overall, pretty good mattress, not good customer service.

It was the most wonder

It was the most wonder full mattress I've I ever had. I have had 2 back surgery When my mattress came it was so so soft I has worrying my mattress would be too soft for me I sleep like a baby now even my back does not hurt Gloria

No more pain

My old air adjustable mattress was hurting my back from day one. My arm would go numb in the middle of the night and leave my elbow sore causing me to wear a compression band to aliviate the pain. I spent months researching mattresses. When I say months I mean I suffered for a solid 6-7 months while looking, comparing prices and reading hundreds of reviews. I came across dream cloud and book marked the page. I narrowed it down to two but ultimately went with Dreamcloud based on the sleep trial and reviews. I didn't know if it would be good for my husband who has a hurniated disk and neck problems so the 360 sleep trial really got me.

Great Bed, slow response

This is a great, comfortable mattress. BUT, it took a little longer than promised to deliver. And customer service is not responsive at all.


I love my DreamCloud, but I'm about 230lb I have a few issues with heath. So I spend alot of time in my bed. I'm worried because it's already showing sign's of a dip in it where it was folded in package. Thank you for any help would be appreciated. Tammylee Vaughn

Great mattress!

I was nervous to buy a mattress online and watched/read reviews for over a week. I love this mattress and have told friends and family to check it out if they are shopping for a new one. It did take about a week for my body to get adjusted, at first I didn’t think I liked it.. so don’t give up too early- I think your body just needs to get used to what sleeping on a great mattress feels like!

Dreaming every night

Besides the somewhat slower than normal shipping time, the bed itself is pretty much what the name is- Dream Cloud. It has the right amount of support for sleepers who roll around all night and plush combined. My husband and I both didn't feel much of the other moving around, which is what we were looking for. As mentioned in my first sentence, we had a little hiccup with shipping. The bed didn't ship out until weeks later then FedEx had shipped the bed back due to some error in the shipping label. The second bed came slightly faster but still close to two weeks but once we opened the seal, poof the bed expanded, waited a few days and heavenly sleeps began. It gave me dreams every night, not sure considered a deep sleep or not but would definitely recommend to those getting a decent bed in a box for the first time.

Not disappointed

We really like our mattress. So far it is everything they claim it to be. My husband was skeptical but has admitted he no longer has back pain in the morning

Comfortable bed but a bit misleading

Let me start by saying that this bed is very comfortable! However, there is no edge support at all. If you sit on the edge of the bed you will fall off. Also, when i spoke to a customer service rep about my husband and I both having back pain I asked if this bed would help to alleviate that. I was told that yes it would. It really hasn't. That being said I am sleeping more comfortably then I was with my old mattress so still happy with the purchase.

It is a dream

Never had a better nights sleep

Hands down the best sleep

Hands down the best sleep ever! I sleep through the night every night now and at 55 yrs old, that's a wonderful thing! Thank you, DreamCloud!

Almost Perfect

Great Mattress, Very comfortable sleep. It could use alot of help with edge support. I do not feel that I get an entire king size mattress from this. I can't lie close to the edge or sit on the edge like other mattresses. The mattress slopes outward when laying close to the edge, and the edge caves when you sit on it. But I love the comfort and the lack of feeling your partner moving. Please advise if there is something wrong with mine.


Now that the bed is placed correctly, everything is fine. When first set to unroll the mattress actually unrolled upside down, and the bed was made. Kept wondering why it was so hard. Then after seeing another picture online I realized mine was upside down. Once switched I love it. Can it be rolled for packaging the other way, or perhaps a note suggesting one check the status? Was very difficult for one person to flip as it is very heavy.

New formula. Not good. Cheap

New formula. Not good. Cheap build

Best purchase ever!

We researched so many mattress before deciding on making a big purchase and decided on this one based on many great reviews. We LOVE our mattress! It was the perfect fit for our new bed, it is spacious and honestly feels like we are sleeping on a cloud. I no longer feel my partner moving, I rarely move, and no longer have back problems. We find the firmness just perfect for us.

Love it Cool , comfortable

Love it Cool , comfortable with the perfect support. Highly recommend

My only complaint is that

My only complaint is that I cannot sit on the edge of the bed to put on socks or shoes. The sides & bottom of the bed tilts in & I slide off. As for comfort, totally fine.

Yes, just yes.

Do yourself a favor and buy it. My husband and I like opposite mattresses. He likes firm and I like soft. It’s perfect for both of us. Cheers to lots of restful nights.

So far so good

I had my doubts about this being a adequate support bed for my husband and I, being heavier set people. However, his hips have stopped hurting, and I have been getting very restful sleep since purchasing this bed! I am very interested in how it will hold up after several years, and we will see!


Ordering process and working with customer service was not great. The mattress also needs a box spring.

Sleeping great waking up without any pain

So far has been great sleeping very good, super comfortable. Wife trying to find the right pillow but we are very happy.



Good but not great

This mattress is not quite firm enough to support my lower back. I am primarily a stomach sleeper, and still wake up with lower back pain most mornings.

Love it!!!

Love it!!!


So incredibly comfortable!

Love this mattress

My husband and I had a Sleep Number bed for over 20 years and I had a hard time convincing him to purchase a new one. We both have different sleeping styles but our Dreamcloud mattress has us both comfortable, supported, and sleeping well. So glad we bought it!

Great mattress for back & stomach sleepers

My Dreamcloud mattress feels great when I’m sleeping on my back or stomach. When I’m on my sides, however, it’s a little too firm. I feel pressure on my hips & shoulders. It’s a high quality mattress—I just wish it was a little softer.

The Best Bed Ever!!

We were in the market for new beds. As I researched I ran across dreamcloud. I was very surprised and pleased in the quality and the features offered. So I spoke with one of the reps. He verified all of the claims dreamcloud offered and it was a better price and features than the other bed sets I was considering. So, I purchased 3 queen size beds. (No king size available at that time) 2 for my home and 1 for my mom. She was having trouble sleeping because of the common thing: tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable spot. Waking up with aches, pains and a restless night! My sets came in their timeframe but there was a problem with her deliver which came 2 weeks later than expected. The frames are very sturdy and heavy. I did one bed at a time because I had to get rid of the old set. You also have to inflate the dream mattress so it can air out for 24hrs. (Not too bad of a smell) I must say putting it together was not too bad. The Dreamcloud is phenomenal!! It took one day two for me to adjust and we have been having the best night sleep ever!! My wife is retired and sheas been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She literally slept for 2 days!! We love this bed because it all that it claims to be, good for people with fibromyalgia or anyone looking for a good nights sleep!!. The bed also adjust and vibrate to a little light hum. This is the best purchase ever! Thank you Deamcloud!


the support is firm, i just wish it had better side support for sitting on side of bed or getting off the bed.

The Best Boxed Mattress!

Comfy right out of the box.


Great mattress. Very Comfortable. It's a firm core with a soft top.

Dream Cloud King Mattress and Pad

After approximately 60 days, we are very please with our purchase, thus far. We should be able to fully gauge the mattress after 6 months. Please check back with us then.

So far so good!!

We have had our mattress for a couple months now and I love going to bed now. Back pain is reduced. Comfy!!

Love this mattress

After trying several mattresses and spending thousands, we tried the dreamcloud mattress. It has been the best mattress and purchase we've ever made. It is more comfortable, supportive than other hybrids. It sleeps cool. Unlike our tempurpedic mattress. I wish we would have found this sooner.

On cloud 9

This mattress is amazing, though the communication to get it here wasn’t. Shipping nod and customer service calls weren’t good. Changed shipping dates a lot

Best mattress. Ever!!

I’ve had trouble sleeping for the last two years. I bought this bed, and within the first week I’ve slept better then I’ve slept in the past 5 years. I love this mattress!!

Great mattress!

We love our mattress. It is very comfortable. My biggest concern was the amount of time it took to be shipped to us. Also be sure you have it in the room you want it in as once it isn’t sealed it expands quickly!

Great sleep

Great sleep

Love it

So far it is like sleeping on a cloud!

B Jones

Very nice mattress. Quality construction. Set up was quick and easy. Sleeping on the mattress was different than I expected. I found it to be quite firm. I would rate the mattress at 7-8 on the firmness scale. Overall I really appreciated the quality of the mattress but it was just too hard for me.


We've had our new mattress for 2 months and my shoulder pain has all but disappeared. I'm so grateful to have this mattress. It's so comfy. I'm a side-sleeper and it does seem to conform to my shape. Definitely recommend for someone looking for a plush bed.

Neck and back pain are gone!

It became common for me to wake up with a pinched nerve and sore back. I did months of shopping and research to find the perfect mattress, that has the right amount of firmness while being comfortable, and also not just memory foam to keep it cool at night. After reading the reviews I decided to buy the DreamCloud mattress and have never looked back. I haven’t woken up with any kind of pain or from being hot. These have been the best nights of sleep I have ever had and would recommend this mattress to anyone!

Love This Bed!!

I was having trouble with hip and back pain when sleeping on my old mattress. But since day 1 sleeping on my DreamCloud mattress I no longer wake up with back or hip pain and sleep like a baby. This mattress it truely a DREAM!

Great bed

Have slept sound since day 1

Above average but a couple issues

Bed sleeps great, but the cover has a weird wrinkle that can be uncomfortable

The best mattress I have slept on!

Long gone are the days when I used to wake up in the morning with a bad back pain! The DreamCloud mattress is the best I have slept on!

Very good

Very good

Best bed ever ! I don't want to get out of it.

Best bed ever ! I don't want to get out of it. Soft, comfortable but still with good support. I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, and degenerative disc disease. Im glad to say the Dreamcloud mattress a headboard frame have been Great! I'm just very very happy. Only slight disappointment is the short height of the upholstered headboard. Once bed made can't see very much of the lovely headboard but I'll just get a taller one later. But other than that we are very satisfied with this great bed

Very comfy

Very comfy

Love my bed!!!

I had purchased a very expensive bed at a national retail bed store and was extremely disappointed and returned it after many calls...I did a lot of research and decided on Dream Cloud...WE LOVE IT!!!!


The mattress is very comfortable and the adjustable base gives us plenty of options. I love it and and would buy it again!

Good and cumfy but just seems uneven and awkward on edges

It seems like just a pile of mattress if that makes sense? It just seems really mussy but once in it it is cumfy :)

Love my bed

Great customer service and I love my bed. This is the third bed I bought striking out on more expensive beds on the two prior purchases. Very good on line shopping experience

Just a bit more firmer

Shipping was great. Coming from a firmer tempur pedic I am needing a bit more density at the ends when sitting down. Then i lay flat the firmness gets better.. Moving around on it, iI have to go slow or I pull muscles . ( Blood Thinners ) I wish there was an option for other firmness. Like one more up. I am considering returning. Back issues continue, but the bed has been a blessing and


I'm so happy I finally took a chance on a bed in a box. I love my hybrid mattress! All I can say is that so far, it is perfect. I've only had it a few months, but I have absolutely no complaints! It's not too soft, not too hard, it's just right!!!

Awesome bed

We thoroughly love our bed... Recommend for everyone.

very nice.Love the delivery service.

My Dreamcloud

Super comfortable. Makes me feel like royalty

It truly is like sleeping

It truly is like sleeping on a cloud but gives support where needed. My back feels great and I get a restful nights sleep

Sleeping much better

Sleeping much better, do not wake up with a sore back anymore, but the edge retention when you sit on it is not as good as I expected. We also like to sit up in bed and watch T.V. and can no longer do that because you sink in to much at the back edge.

Great mattress! Would buy again

Great mattress! Would buy again and recommend!

Loving my new mattress.

I am very pleased with my new mattress and bed frame. I’ve been sleeping like a baby!

Dream Cloud Mattress in a Box

We were a little apprehensive about this new mattress trend, but we have been thoroughly delighted. My husband and I feel that we sleep better and the cats all love it, too.

Love this mattress!

I absolutely love this mattress! I was concerned about purchasing a mattress online without trying it. I am so happy with my Dreamcloud purchase. The firmness is medium/firm. The top is soft and luxurious, and it slightly cradles your body, with the firmness underneath. It’s truly like sleeping on a cloud! I used the white glove delivery service and it worked out great!!

Best mattress

Was very skeptical about purchasing on line mattress- but this changed my mind. Best mattress I have owned- perfect for belly sleepers Would buy again

Best bed ever!

Best bed ever!


I am loving my Dreamcloud. It is firm but also lets me feel like I sink in a little to snuggle in.

Great buy

I'm almost eighty and I've never slept so well. Thanks to my daughter for recommending this wonderful sleep aid.

365 days to change your mind

So far, so good. I am sleeping as well as can be expected at my age. Tempurpedic? Too hot and too expensive. Prime Sleep? “Dent” where I sleep within a month. I bought this mattress online without ever trying it because they give you 365 days to test it out. I am still in the testing year, but so far, no “dents/sags” and it is comfortable on my aching joints. I reserve the right to return it if I experience any of the above mentioned negatives.

Amazing Night Sleep, Every Night!

We replaced a Sleep Number bed for this bed and have not regretted it one bit! My husband and I aren't small people so we looked for a long time to find a bed that would take 500 lbs. Once you are in this bed, finding a comfortable spot is never a problem. It molds to your body, no pressure points. When you get up, the mattress goes right back into place.

I’ve had the mattress for

I’ve had the mattress for two months and the reason for only four stars is I think it may be a touch too soft for my liking. I would like to give it a few more months to see if my body adjusts. My daughter absolutely loves her’s.

Love this mattress!

We love this mattress. Had to replace a nearly new mattress because of my back problems as a 100% disabled vet, and this mattress is the bomb! Just soft enough, just firm enough! We love it!

Best mattress ever

Surprised how a partial coil mattress could be so compressed and then fill out with the support this provides. We’ve been sleeping on it for 7 weeks now and so far so good. Comfortable and a great sleep. Live the thickness. Only thing is the top cover gets s little wrinkled and I’m used to a smooth hospital or military bed. Just my hangup.

1,000% Satisfied Customer!


Dream cloud

The dream cloud I purchased is the most incredible mattress I’ve ever laid on. Well worth the money, it’s the best thing I’ve ever invested in.

First Time Dream Cloud Sleepers

This bed isn't like anything we have had before. My husband doesn't snore nearly as much anymore. Also, we aren't waking up with nearly as many aches and pains. Great investment!


So far so good! A bit firmer than I normally like but we are getting used to it.

Not sure yet! But alot better than our old one!

It arrived in the a box, that was beaten up and taped. That being said, when I called in about the condition, the lady was very supportive and helpful in documenting, everything. With the advice, if we felt something was wrong, they would replace it. This is very good PR! When we opened the plastic wrap, it unfolded as stated. I guess, my initial thought upon seeing the mattress, I was somewhat disappointed in the quality... For the price we paid, I was expecting a lot more plushness and padding on the top. The cashmere, part that is. Now that being said, my husband is sleeping much better and soundly, at night. Has had issues with his left hip bothering him on our old bed, but this one seems to have helped that problem. Occasionally, a night here or there of normal tossing or turning. For myself, I have good nights, sleeping for 4 to 5 hours straight. Which is unusual for me, as I deal with muscle issues. It seems to bother, my lower back and middle of my back. But with all mattress's, one needs to allow, one's body time, to adjust to a different overall support. This is called old age! Ha! Ha! We are happy with the bed and would recommend, that one should give it a try!

Absolutely LOVE our new mattress

Absolutely LOVE our new mattress


I have never slept better! I love my new mattress!!!

Dream Cloud review

I bought the dream cloud mattress for my son. I love the mattress, but it is a bit too firm for him since he is only 120 lbs. The only complaint is the yarn in the tied tuffs has come out in some areas and underneath is a sharp casing. I am worried that these small casings will pull through without the support of the yarn and cause the mattress to loose shape. In addition the base we ordered is flimsy and not machines correctly so the structure is weak. Love the mattress for heavier framed folks.


Best sleep I have ever had. The mattress conforms to your body.

Sleeping in supreme comfort

I am not a person that likes to remain and linger in bed...but my Dreamcloud has me looking towards the end of the day, and a wonderful night sleep.

No more pain

Bought this bed and within the first week I had no more neck pain or arms that ached when I woke up. So happy with my purchase.

Excellent Mattress

love, love ,love my DreamCloud mattress

First time owning a Dream Cloud mattress

I find this mattress to be very comfortable although it's not as firm as my previous mattress that we had which was a 10 inch memory foam. My husband has the same complaint. With our previous mattress when one of us got up in the middle of the night the other person was not disturbed absolutely no movement was felt. My husband states he misses that. We've only had this mattress a couple of months so I'm still willing to keep trying to adjust to the difference between the two.

I would like to return the Mattress

Please let me know the process for returning the mattress. I'm having back issues and the mattress is turning out to be too soft for us.

I love it

I love it

Love this mattress!

This mattress feels so good! It's a bit too soft for a stomach sleeper. On my back it feels like heaven and on my side it's great too. I've only had it for 2 months, but so far so good. As long as it doesn't begin to sag in the spot where I usually sleep, I would highly recommend it. Delivery took about 3 weeks.

An excellent purchase!

I quite literally hit up you YouTube and searched best mattress for a fat guy. DreamCloud was #1 in many and in the top 5 on all of the videos I watched. Purchasing was easy, delivery was quick, and I was able to man handle the mattress into place by myself. A quick cut of the plastic, and about 5 hours for it to “breathe” and I was sleeping more comfortably than I have in years. It’s thick, it’s supportive, and it shows no signs of sagging or weakness as of yet.

The mattress is too soft.

The mattress is too soft. According to the description it should support back complaints. Unfortunately not effective for me.

Looks like pillow top...not so

Looks like pillow top...not so much

Great mattress

Great mattress for the price. So far it’s very comfortable and holding up well. I’m Excited to see how it does in the long run

Less than pleased

Sags. Support lacking

Love it!

Love it!

Great mattress

Very comfortable we sleep great. I highly recommend. My daughter bought a mattress at three times the cost and is not as comfortable as Mine

Such a comfortable mattress

I have had my Dreamcloud mattress for about 2 months and it's the most comfortable mattress that I have owned. I really love how it is soft yet firm enough for my bad back.

Great mattress

Love my new dream mattress. Worst part is having to drag myself out of bed. Not to firm and not to soft. Perfect

Love it!

I have only had my mattress for about a month but so far, I absolutely love it! I can sleep on my back or either side without having my body ache which has been the case for the last couple of years. I don't believe any mattress, regardless of brand or price, could have been more comfortable. Check back when the year is up.

Pretty good, but lacks form

It's a pretty good mattress, especially for the price. The DreamCloud is not as good as the Remembrance line from Living Spaces, which we got for the guest room, in a number of ways. One, the edges on the DreamCloud lack form. That is, when you sit on the side of the bed, it collapses too easily, where the Remembrance does better. Two, the Remembrance has a more luxurious pillow top layer than the DreamCloud. Altogether, if we had to do it again we'd order two of the Remembrance instead. However the DreamCloud is serving its purpose.

Not as firm as I expected

I researched a firm mattress because I have some back pain. After sleeping on this for a month or so, I’ve noticed it’s not as firm as I need. It has quite a bit of give to it. Here’s hoping it doesn’t sag.

Sleeps like a dream!

Amazing! Perfect from day one!!! Love it!

After trying several beds, the

After trying several beds, the DreamCloud was recommended to us. We have LOVED the bed!


My wife and I is very happy with the choice we made is choosing a new mattress

Too Hard

The quality of the mattress is supreme, however the top plush is not soft. In fact, my complain is that its too hard.

love our mattress, recommend it

love our mattress, recommend it to anyone looking for a good night sleep.

Dream bed!

ABSOLUTELY love this. Never want to leave it

The only review you need to read.

I have spent hours researching and reading reviews. I finally decided on the Dreamcloud King Hybrid and SO happy with my decision(also ordered the grey bed frame w/ headboard and it was extremely easy to assemble). Not only do they offer a whole year trial - after the 1 year you are eligible for a free professional matress cleaning; & after 5 years if it needs a "refresher" they will recondition it for FREE. FREE SHIPPING! They left it right by my garage. I have been sleeping on it for 2 months (it took about 10 nights to really get used to it). This company just offers way more than any other I've seen which means they are confident in their product. I barely want to get out of bed(in a good way)Thank you!

Love it!

We've been sleeping on our DreamCloud mattress now for about two months. It's amazing!!! The ONLY negative thing I might say is that, for a person with arthritis on her hips, if my hip ends up on the square where the mattress is tufted, it sometimes hurts. Think if I get the mattress protector, it might help. Otherwise...we're loving it!!

Gary Glaysbrook

So far we have enjoyed the bed very much. Firmness seems to be about right for our needs. Very good product.

DreamCloud Mattress/Just OK

Was very excited by all of the positive reviews. Have struggled with getting used to the new DreamCloud mattress. Had quite a bit of shoulder and hip pain with side sleeping and waking up daily with back pain. It has improved but continue to have this pain intermittently. The mattress is ok but not as “dreamy” as I had hoped. Probably a little too firm for me. Delivery and packaging were good and very easy setup.

Like it but don’t love it

I specifically purchased the Dreamcloud because it is supposed to be the coolest sleeping mattress. It’s certainly cooler than the Serta iComfort I was using but it still warms up pretty well where my body makes contact. My solution is to get out of bed for a few minutes, pull the covers all the way back, and blast the ceiling fan while I hit the restroom. It isn’t ideal but I don’t have to put an ice pack on the bed to cool it off. Hopefully this won’t be an issue at all during the winter. Regarding comfort, I don’t get that satisfying “ahh” that can come from getting into a cosy bed at the end of a long day. It’s comfortable enough to sleep, but I don’t instantly relax when I lie back. Sleeping on my back is fine but I find that my hips hurt quite a bit if I sleep on either side for very long. I prefer to sleep on my side. My husband seems to sleep fine but he can sleep anywhere. I’m tempted to return it, but I’ll probably end up relegating it to a guest room or giving it to my daughter so I don’t have to deal with it. I had some trouble returning a damaged bed frame so I’m not convinced that their return policy is as friendly as they make it out to be. I’ll update this if something changes.

Love my DreamCloud

I have have several spine surgeries and a horrible time sleeping because my back and hips would start hurting so bad that I would have to walk around and wait for the pain to stop. Me and my husband have gone through a few mattresses and nothing was working. I tried DreamCloud because of the trial, but thanks to Dream Cloud I am able to sleep throughout the night without hip or back pain! I absolutely love my new bed!!! Thank you times a million!!

Mattress Bed

I love this Dream Cloud Mattress Bed I would recommend to this family & friends


My husband and I love the mattress and we found out early that Dreamcloud stands behind it’s products. I ordered a mattress and then found our California King frame broke in our interstate move. The new mattress was in transit, but I couldn’t find any CAKing frames I liked, although there were plenty of great King frames. Dreamcloud let me refuse shipment and took the other mattress back. I got the size I wanted with no hassle and no charge. I don’t think we will ever need their comfort warranty, but, if we did I am confident the experience would be great. Thanks, Dreamcloud!

Love my mattress!

My mom convinced me to go with the dreamcloud and I love it! The customer service situation is kind of a nightmare. Calling, online chat feature and emailing got me nowhere. I was moving and needed to know the lead time to ship so it didn’t arrive at my house before escrow closed. The site said 1 week and it ended up being scheduled for delivery 1 day before we closed (4 days early...which is prob ideal for most but not in my situation). I had to request s fedex hold. Only then did DC customer service reach out to me. I’m glad I wasn’t turned off by the lack of responsiveness from customer service because this is a great product and I highly recommend.

LOVE this mattress!

Very comfortable, sleeps cool to cold, helps with joint pain.

Queen Size

My boyfriend and I just moved into our first home. We decided to give dreamcloud a chance and we were not disappointed. It is so hard to get out of bed in the morning now. We love it!

Dream Cloud Envy

I bought the bed for the guest room, basically for when my 90 yo mom visits. The bed arrived really quickly and set up was oh so easy. The cover is Heaven, so soft and really well made. When I laid down on the bed to see how I liked it (I had serious doubt about buying a bed in a box and online) I wanted to put it in my room...sigh. Mom came to visit and she slept great and loved the bed. Not too hard, not too soft. At 90 she is under 100 lbs and frail so I was worried about it being too firm. When its time for a new bed for me, it WILL be a Dream Cloud. Bravo!

Amazing Bed

I am over the moon happy with my Dream Cloud. My shoulder pain in GONE...seriously...gone. Wonderful sleep each far, best decision I have Dream Cloud bed! Thanks.

Dream Cloud Mattress after 60 days

I am 5'4" 122 lbs and my husband is 5'8' 178 lbs, he has back problems, the mattress seems to help the aching that he normally gets the next day. I find the mattress a little too firm and slightly warm. I would give it 50/50 some nights I slept well and not so good on some. We are both side sleepers and I find it too firm to be comfortable, my husband didn't seem to mind. Love the height of the mattress. We are still undecided whether we should keep it.

Customer Service

Had problem with adjustable base white glove delivery broke it but it was far so good Thomas Poveromo

Best Mattress ever!

I am so pleased with my purchase. Totally worth the money, wish I had done it sooner.

We’re really loving the mattress.

We’re really loving the mattress.

I Like It

Coming from a 14 yr old mattress, I knew it was time to upgrade and had been putting it off until I had time to build the bed frame I wanted. Well life and other projects have gotten in the way of that, but I was fed up with my old mattress and ordered this one. I'd done some mattress shopping in person and had determined I preferred the hybrid style mattress over the straight foam beds and the Purple. This one popped up on my facebook feed and with their price being a couple hundred less than the big name in store, good reviews, and solid return policy I figured I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did. Firmer than I anticipated, but that's not a con for me. Usually I'm worried about things being too soft. This is a good firm/soft combo. My GF LOVES IT. She's a huge fan. The mattress kinda holds your body nice and she'll roll into my "indent" when I get up cause she says it's warm and cosy. The isolation between the people are good allowing two people and dogs to move around without noticing the others on the bed. Overall, I'm pretty happy and hope the mattress lasts a long time.

Best Choice

This is by far the most comfortable mattress I've ever owned. Delivery was fast & convenient and setting up bed was a breeze.

DreamCloud is an appropriate name

I bought a full size mattress for my autistic daughter who has sleep issues. She absolutely loves it. So do I. Siesta time in the afternoon frequently has up both on it jockeying for position. It's firm, it's spine friendly and moldable. DreamCloud mattresses simply feel super GOOD.

Lovely Mattress, but...

The DreamCloud is almost everything I expected it to be. was advertised as having a tufted top. However, mine was not. It was indeed cashmere, but not fixed in place with tufting. Not sure if this will affect long-term quality of sleep experience. This does indeed diminish the aesthetic quality of the mattress because top layer wrinkling is visible even when the fitted sheet is tightly in-place. Very comfortable though!

Awful customer service

Absolutely disgraceful customer service. My mattress should have been delivered on 19/6 but wasn’t . We had got rid of our mattress the day before and had slept on our sofas overnight, and for the next 7 weeks. I contacted them by email for an approximate date only to be told they didn’t have an order attached to my email. So I sent them the confirmation email. I then got another email saying they couldn’t give me delivery information because of data protection. I got another email then, with my order details and order number asking for the order number before they could answer my query. I sent a rather short email in reply but got nothing back. We tried the online chat, were given another delivery date of 26/7 and £100 for the inconvenience. We were told we were a priority. We went on online chat again just before delivery only to be told they couldn’t deliver that date and were unable to give a date. They suggested cancelling the order, but my legal minded husband said no, they were in breach of contract and they had to put it right. He was emailed by a manager and replied setting out our position. The manager subsequently cancelled our order, refunded the purchase price minus the £100 they had given us for the inconvenience. The worst thing about this is they are still offering short dates for delivery when they haven’t been able to keep up with the orders they have. We were lucky to source another mattress. Even if the pandemic was at fault (and they never suggested it was) there is no excuse for such awful service. Avoid!!


My husband and I took a chance on the Dreamcloud mattress after being disappointed in traditional memory foam and loving some of the more luxury mattresses we experienced at a upscale hotel. So I went on a hunt for a hybrid mattress that provided me the best of both. We came across Dreamcloud and after months of research and review reading we decided to jump in. AND...we've never looked back. We are both combination sleepers and the mattress is exactly what we needed. It has just the right amount of sink in softness and supportive firmness to get us through the night and awake without all the traditional mattress aches and pains. I can sit on the edge to put my socks on without sliding off and my husband does not complain about the mattress making him hot at night. Even the dog hates to be away from the mattress for extended periods of time. So when the time came to look for a new mattress for the guest bed...we came back to Dreamcloud. I recommend it to all my friends and I rave about the quality, the 365 day trail period, and a price-point that I think is much more affordable than many traditional and memory foam options. Thank you Dreamcloud for a GREAT night's sleep!

Nice mattress, convenient shipping.

Nice mattress, convenient shipping.

Literally a dream!

I am extremely picky when it comes to finding a good mattress. I have purchased online mattresses before and been very disappointed so I was fairly hesitant to buy another mattress without actually testing it out but I figured I had nothing to lose with dreamcloud. I am SO glad I got this, perfect combination or firmness/support but also with a cosy top layer, zero regrets on my purchase.

Ultimate comfy feel but...

We've had the mattress now for 3 months, 1st month, complete pain in back every morning. Company sent a free of charge pillow topper enhancer, this has helped. I sleep well and cannot feel partners movement but towards the morning feel stiff when changing position and have stiff back for a number of hours in the morning everyday. Will continue to try for another month but I think I'll be looking for another mattress in the near future

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