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Dormeo is a popular mattress brand in the UK and Europe with countless mattress offerings to choose from. They revolutionised the industry with their inclusion of the Octaspring all-foam coil, which provides targeted support while ensuring essential cooling and pressure relief. Since then, they have added pocket sprung and traditional all-foam varieties too. Customers generally like their mattresses, but there have been some complaints about durability.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 8.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.6/10

Price Value: 8.1/10

No Back Pain: 8.8/10

Price: £99-£1549

Trial Period: 60 Day Exchange

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Dormeo's Specifics

Dormeo has won acclaim with their Octaspring mattresses, but over recent years, they have included other mattress options, such as all-foam mattresses and pocket sprung varieties. These mattresses are lower priced and are well regarded by customers initially, but there are some complaints about durability for some sleepers.

Those that are concerned about durability and long term comfort, take a look at our top rated mattresses for great alternatives.

Craftsmanship & Quality

Dormeo revolutionised the mattress industry with its Octaspring, 'foam spring' design. Their mattresses feature buzz-worthy materials like Aloe Vera infusion and anti-allergenic foams. That said, there are some complaints around how dipping over a shorter than average timeframe.

We'll go through each of their mattress types below:

Here are the details about the Dormeo Octaspring Mattresses:

The Dormeo Octaspring mattress features the breathable Octaspring, all-foam spring, which provides the pressure relief of foam, but the support and cooling of springs. These mattresses come in either pocket spring (such as above) or all-foam mattresses. Customers report good initial pressure relief and comfort, but some experienced durability problems.

The Pros: Revolutionary mattress designs and good initial comfort scores.

The Cons: Durability and dipping issues reported by some.

Here are the details of the Traditional All-Foam Mattresses:

The Dormeo all-foam mattresses feature both latex and memory foam options. These mattresses have innovative features like Aloe Vera infusion and anti-allergenic properties in some models. They are lower priced and have slimmer profiles. Overall, customers report a good initial feel on these mattresses, but there were some concerns about dipping over a shorter period.

The Pros: All foam mattresses with innovative features.

The Cons: Durability and sagging issues were a problem for some.

Lastly, we'll discuss Dormeo's Pocket Sprung Mattresses:

The Dormeo pocket sprung mattresses come with a high profile of pocket springs. They come with either generous or slim layers of foam on the surface depending on the model. Overall, customers have good things to say about these mattresses, but there were some that reported dipping and initial pressure discomfort in some models.

The Pros: Pocket sprung mattress varieties with multiple firmness options.

The Cons: Some initial comfort and durability concerns.

Overall Comfort

Customers report feeling a good amount of comfort from their Dormeo mattresses. The Octaspring mattresses tend to be the most popular for side sleepers while those that prefer a firmer option like the pocket sprung mattresses.


Take a look at the chart above. Dormeo's mattresses range from medium-soft to firm. These mattresses should fit most sleepers with stomach sleepers and larger sleepers preferring firmer mattresses and those that are side sleepers and smaller sleepers preferring medium and medium-soft mattresses.

Back Pain Relief

With the good initial comfort scores and range of supportive materials, these mattresses should do well with initial back pain relief. However, there were some complaints about dipping. Once durability is an issue, spinal alignment can be an issue too.


Most of these mattresses will do well with cooling. Specifically the pocket spring and Octaspring mattresses have plenty of cooling. Some of the all-foam mattresses may retain some heat.

Who Are Dormeo Mattresses Good For?

These mattresses are ideal for those that are looking for an affordable mattress solution with plenty of options, but don't mind potentially having to replace it sooner than expected.

Browse Dormeo Customer Reviews

Not as great as expected

Don't get me wrong, it is an okay mattress, but not the kind of mattress that I was really after. I got sold on their Octaspring tech, but in all it just makes weird bumbs in the mattress. I didn't feel as supported as I was before.

Love it!

The Dormeo bed has a bounce to it that other beds don't. It's good for snuggling up with your SO if you know what I mean. :) Highly recommended.

Weird peaks and valleys

I've had my new bed for a couple months and it already has some weird dips in it that weren't there at the beginning. I don't feel anything differently yet, but I expect that it may sag soon.

Really comfortable

I just love this bed. It is really comfortable and curves to my body when I sleep, which is exactly what I was looking for! I might even buy one for my kids because I love it so much!

It's pretty good

I knew I was taking a risk when I selected this mattress because it is new technology, but overall I really like the feel. It's unlike other beds that I've had.

Truly Great

Truly Great Mattress, so comfortable and supportive

I am very pleased...

I am very pleased with this mattress. It took some getting used to. Having slept on it for 3 months now, I can feel a difference in my back. The support it provides is excellent. It is unfortunate that I couldn't try the mattress before buying, but based on the description from Dormeo, I went for it. This mattress feels as good as other well known and more expensive memory foam mattresses. One negative is that there are no handles on the sides of the mattress to enable rotating it. So it is difficult to hold it to rotate. It comes rolled up, and then you open it and roll it out. But if I had any reason to return it, i don't believe i would ever be able to fit it down the stairs again. Fortunately that is not necessary for me, but worth considering before buying.

Best mattress I’ve had so far

We brought this mattress after suffering problems with back pain with our previous mattress, this is a well built and quality matress and the Octaspring technology seems to work well. Only snag I have is that its starting to become soft in some areas after one week of use hence why I’ve given it 4 stars so far. I will review this again after 1 month.


Wonderful, firmness perfect, can lie on it all day, like I sometimes need to do without the usual backache from my old mattress. It is worth the money, and I look forward to going to bed every night now.

It's medium/firm...

It's medium/firm so excellent for lying on back and good for side sleeping as well, I just prefer the Mistral as it's softer at the shoulder end due to the different zones

Very comfortable except...

Very comfortable except at the edges. Bought it for my back problems. Getting a comfortable nights sleep but find that when sleeping over 8 hours, back hurts a little.

A very comfortable mattress

A very comfortable mattress, you'll sleep wonderfully on it. It can't get 5 stars though, mainly for one of the reasons you'll see on the reviews that told you how good the mattress is. It's very thin, which you don't notice when sleeping on it due to the foam they've used. The problem comes with bedding, mattress protectors and fitted sheets, even Dormeo's own are for thicker mattresses. You'll constantly find yourself rolling over on big clumps of excess sheet, your protector will move around a lot. It's a shame because the mattress is great, if only Dormeo would make a protector and sheet for this mattress this is the only decent mattress on the market that is this thin.

If I am honest, the mattress...

If I am honest, the mattress is not a comfortable as I imagined it would be. Although, for the price I am not complaining as it is still a good mattress. I think it may just be a bit harder that I thought it was going to be. I still seem to end up in the middle of the bed for some reason?

This mattress is the best

This mattress is the best. It comes vacuum packed and needs to be unrolled and left for several hours so that it reaches its maximum capacity. Bought for rugby player who finds that it is the best mattress he has had. His body is perfectly supported from top to toe and he has a very relaxed deep sleep. Would recommend this mattress to anyone who suffers from aches and pains.

I am delighted

I am delighted with the mattress it is comfortable and seems to be helping to alleviate some of the pain I experience due to a long-term condition. Still getting used to the pillow but it was free so I am not complaining - its firmer than my previous pillows so I am adjusting to it over time. I would certainly recommend the mattress, I am delighted with it.

It's really comfy

It's really comfy and I'm very happy with it. It's not too hot, as with some thicker memory foam mattresses. It took about 8 weeks for the new chemical smell to disperse though. Given the chance it would be better to air it for as long as possible before using. I gave it two weeks, but longer would have been better.

This was O.K.

This was O.K. However my Dunlop was just the same, so no better or worse. The pillow was dredful. Hard, couldn't get it to shape my neck or head. I think these are pilowas they can not sell.

High quality

High quality, very comfy mattress - pleased with purchase. A bit thinner than I imagined it would be, but it is the size stated, so it was me imagining it to be higher that was the problem.

We thought we would sleep a lot better...

We thought we would sleep a lot better than we use to. Perhaps we expected too much.

Very comfortable...

Very comfortable, no sign of the back problems which plagued me for years

Although this mattress is a lot 'thinner'

Although this mattress is a lot 'thinner' than others I have had - so my wooden frame is almost as high as the mattress, it is excellent - exactly as it says. And whilst I still don't sleep as much as I should do, it has certainly made a difference. Definitely recommend !

I bought this mattress for my Son

I bought this mattress for my Son, he has joint problems and is a big lad about 15 stone, he loves the mattress,He was skeptical to start with as he helped pay for it. he says he has never slept so well

Absolutely love it

Absolutely love it ,had a memory foam mattress before this one which was excellent ,so after lots of research decided upon this after reading many positive reviews .Highly recommended .

The mattress is very comfortable

The mattress is very comfortable, good depth and feels great. As I already had a memory foam mattress that I purchased many years ago at a much greater price i

Thought my old mattress & topper...

Thought my old mattress & topper could not be beaten but it has. So comfortable, sleep came easy & following day just feel rested & ready for the day ahead.

It does the job

It does the job. I grew up in foam mattresses and at a fraction of the price of others it's a good deal. The smell took a long time to fade though


Delighted with my new mattress. I never realised what a good night's sleep was until I bought this mattress. So comfortable

So much cheaper

So much cheaper than alternatives of same quality. Love the cooling layer which offers a little give to the firm memory foam

Very comfortable

Very comfortable - best I've had! A bit too warm in hot weather, but the comfort makes up for that.

I was very happy

I was very happy with the size fit on to my bed frame very well. I would recommend this to others.

Great product

Great product, easy transaction and super quick delivery. I'd certainly order in line again.


Superb value for the money! Really happy with this Memory Plus mattress. Nice and comfy!


Fantastic best sleep as I'm disabled I've never slept so good now sleep night through

comfortable supportive mattress

comfortable supportive mattress - good for relieving aches and pains after a long day

I find I am sleeping...

I find I am sleeping a lot better without a bad neck and back in morning

Very comfy mattress

Very comfy mattress, great nights thing I have ever brought.

Excellent product

Excellent product, excellent quality very comfortable nights sleep.

Awful product and customer service

I purchased the Octaspring mattress at the Ideal Home Show in London. Within 18 months the mattress had developed deep splits in the foam. After a lengthy battle Dormeo replaced the mattress which developed the same fault within 9 months. I notified Dormeo who passed my problem to their Quality team and have been trying to get a response from them for at least seven weeks now. This mattress was a very expensive mistake and I would give zero stars to both the product and company if the option existed

Lousy mattress

We have had a king size dormeo mattress for 1.5 years now. It has many valleys (sinking spots) . we have turned it very regularly and it has gotten to the point that there are very few good spots left. A lot of sinking everywhere. Very very dissapointed and would not recommend.

Terrible durability. Do not buy

In a year and a half this mattress has started causing a bad back and terrible sleeps. It started off amazingly and then as the coils gave up it started to sag and sag and sag. I would NEVER buy this one again and I would tell anyone who is looking at it to give it a miss. There are much better and much cheaper mattresses out there. Total rip off.

OK but not long lasting

We have had our bed for four years. When we bought it, we were impressed by the technology and unique construction. getting it home it was just OK but we kept thinking that it need to "break in". Anyway, it has now been 4 years and over-all it is OK but definately not as comfortable or supportive as we hoped. Additionally, lately the bed seems to have some soft and hard section so we guess that the foam coils are wearing out. We will be replacing it shortly with a bed from a different manufacturer. It is OK but we would not recommend it.

Horrible Mattress

Bought a Dormeo a yr ago and the worse mattress ever! I tend to have back issues and had to sleep on the sofa last night because my back was aching so bad. Definitely advise not to buy this mattress!


Awful products and terrible customer service

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