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Bensons For Beds Mattress Reviews


+1.6x quality selection

+/- durability

+/- delivery

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Summer 2024 Updates: Bensons For Beds generally offers deliveries within 2 - 6 weeks for most mattress models. Recent customers report good experiences overall with some delivery and durability mishaps.

Bensons For Beds is a large UK mattress retailer with over 250 stores in the UK. They have a wide array of name-brand mattresses available such as those from Tempur®, Sealy, and Slumberland. Over the last few years, they have also added their own branded mattresses, Bensons For Beds and Simply Bensons. Overall, both in-store and online customers describe prompt delivery and happy purchase experiences, but there were some complaints about the perceived quality and durability of their mattress offerings, as well as customer service at some locations.


+1.6x quality selection
+/- durability
+/- delivery

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.2/10

Price Value: 7.3/10

No Back Pain: 7.4/10

Price: £89-£2899

Trial Period: No Trial

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Bensons For Beds's Specifics

Bensons for Beds is the largest mattress retailer in the UK and has one of the largest selections of mattresses to choose from with both name-brand and budget friendly options. Also, they have enhanced their online sales experience in recent years by adding more transparency around reviews, delivery times, and mattress information, which has been essential to those looking to buy a mattress from the safety of their own homes.

While most shoppers have enjoyed browsing their selection and their wide array of offerings, there are some that described issues when it came to durability and perceived quality for the price.

Read on to learn more about the selection at Bensons For Beds...or browse our top rated mattresses.

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Mattress Brands

Bensons for Beds has a selection of mattress brands to choose from, and we'll go through each in detail so that you can make an informed decision.

Here are their options...

#1 Tempur®

Tempur® became famous for its high end memory foam mattresses that they developed in the 90's. Since then, they have introduced pocket sprung support systems in some of their mattresses. Their options also have been enhanced with added cooling and firmness ranges. Overall, they get good reviews from customers, but have very high prices, which some don't feel are worth the money especially versus newer British online brands.

The pros: High quality memory foam focused mattresses.

The cons: Very high prices for the materials versus competitors.

Price Range: £1049-£2899

#2 Sealy

Sealy is a global brand that has been popularised by its spine relieving Posturepedic line. Their mattresses have zoned support with an aim for greater spine alignment and relaxation, while relieving pressure point pain in the hips and shoulders. With some affirming sleep success, especially when paying more, there are some complaints about durability and sagging. Lesser priced option especially suffer from negative feedback related to degrading comfort in the top layers.

The pros: Ergonomically designed mattresses with pocket sprung systems.

The cons: Some issues with durability reported.

Price Range: £399-£1899

#3 Silentnight

Silentnight is a discount brand that has both memory foam and pocket sprung options. Their most popular mattresses feature Miracoil® technology that incorporates more springs than other mattresses. These mattresses get mixed reviews from customers, with some enjoying the high values and others complaining about degrading quality.

The pros: Affordable mattresses with both memory foam and pocket sprung options.

The cons: Some problems with durability and comfort reported.

Price Range: £169-£1549

#4 iGel

iGel™ mattresses are developed in the U.S. and come with temperature regulation technology for warm sleepers. Additionally, the mattresses are designed to provide extra pressure relief. Some customers felt like they experienced better sleep, but others lamented the high prices.

The pros: iGel™ technology, which provides cooling. Multiple firmness options.

The cons: Some complaints about the comfort and high prices.

Price Range: £839-£1999

#5 Bensons For Beds

Bensons For Beds' mattresses offer firm and extra firm traditional sprung mattresses, ideal for those that appreciate traditional firm mattresses and are stomach or back sleepers. These mattresses offer mid-range prices with most customers reporting good experiences. However, there were some that described degrading firmness over time.

The pros: Firm and extra firm traditional sprung mattresses at reasonable prices.

The cons: Some issues with sagging described.

Price Range: £299-£1039

#6 Simply Bensons

Simply Bensons is another Bensons For Beds' namesake mattress offering, offering discount pocket sprung designs. They offer firmnesses ranging from extra firm to soft, and feature eco-fibre comfort layers. Customers mostly liked these mattresses for the price, but with some describing less than ideal perceived quality.

The pros: Very affordable pocket sprung mattresses with multiple firmness options.

The cons: Some disagreements with durability and perceived quality.

Price Range: £99-£879

#7 Bespoke

Bespoke mattresses take a more traditional and natural approach. They feature materials like wool and alpaca, and also have pocket springs in their mattresses for support layers. Overall, their mattresses get good reviews from customers on initial comfort. But, there were reports of sagging for some.

The pros: Mattresses that feature natural materials and traditional designs.

The cons: Some complaints about sagging.

Price Range: £799-£1149

#8 Slumberland

Slumberland mattresses are mid-grade and have traditional designs with a focus on posture and orthopaedics. They feature highly responsive pocketed coils, latex, and open cell foams. Also, you can find their Naturals brand at Bensons for Beds, which offer cotton, flax, and bamboo comfort layers. Overall, they get good reviews from customers on initial feel. However, there were some issues with sagging for some sleepers.

The pros: Traditional mattress designs with spine-focused support systems.

The cons: Some issues with durability and sagging reported.

Price Range: £299-£1149

#9 Staples

Staples specialises in eco-latex mattresses, which feature pocket spring and micro-spring support systems. With both foam and latex comfort layers, these mattresses offer high value for the thickness. However, there are some sagging complaints about the top layers.

The pros: Mid-grade mattress offerings with both latex and foam pocket sprung mattresses.

The cons: Some issues reported about top layer sagging.

Price Range: £689-£1599

#10 Clima Comfort Latex

Clima's latex mattresses feature both pocket sprung and all-latex designs with either firm or extra firm option available. Their mattresses also feature cooling and temperature regulating features like Tencel® fibre covers. Overall, customers like these mattresses for their responsive, firm feel. Those who disagreed mostly mentioned firmness.

The pros: Latex mattresses with added temperature regulating features.

The cons: Some complaints about firmness and delivery times reported.

Price Range: £699-£1819

#11 Stompa

Stompa makes very affordable roll up mattresses including those for trundle beds. With slim pocket sprung designs, these mattresses come exclusively in a single or small double size, and come in either a firm or medium firmness profile. Overall, there are not much in terms of customer feedback about the brand, but given the low cost materials, there are doubts about the longevity of these mattresses.

The pros: Very affordable roll up mattresses.

The cons: Some low priced materials used.

Price Range: £199-£279

#12 JAY-BE Simply Kids

JAY-BE sells an array of mattresses for children in the single size. They have features like waterproof lining and anti-allergy materials. They get good reviews from parents overall and are budget-friendly. However, others wished they were more comfortable.

The pros: Childrens mattresses with desirable features for parents.

The cons: Some complaints about the comfort.

Price Range: £99-£399

Bensons For Beds Mattress Alternatives

A surprising fact: it is still a great time to buy a new mattress. Since the late 2010s, there have been many new UK brands that have come to market to sell direct to customers online. Buying a mattress online direct from the brand is one of the best ways to get high quality for less. These brands often have optimised their supply chain and pass on extra incentives like free delivery and generous discounts. If you're interested in shopping online for your mattress, read our reviews for the Top Rated UK Mattresses.

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I was looking to replace my old mattress...

I was looking to replace my old mattress for quite a while but just couldn't find a store where the good ones aren't overpriced and they give you discounts if you buy like pillows and mattress protectors in addition. Unless that was the case until I found Bensons. I couldn't have been happier when I found just the one I was looking for at a price that perfectly fitted my budget. And with the help of the salesman I was able to get a protector that matched both the quality and the price of the mattress I bought plus I got a 5% discount. I just couldn't be happier. Would most definitely recommend this shop to all my friends.

This place was a total life saver...

This place was a total life saver! After an awful visit to 'Dreams' next door, this place pulled it totally out of the bag! The 'salesman' (totally laid back guy though, so not a salesman at all in the typical sense) left us alone to meander around the selection, whilst managing to be available and willing to answer our questions as they arose. The bed selection was good, but not huge and the whole shop looks like it's just been set up in one day as it doesn't have the bright flourescent lights and signage-overkill with many other bed retailers. This wasn't a negative though, it actuallly made me feel like profit wasn't being wasted on unnecessary shopfittings, instead they concentrated on keeping prices low. I hadn't ventured out that day to actually buy a bed, I just thought I'd have a window shopping session and head home to mull it over. However, I found a deal that I couldn't refuse and before I knew it I was seated at the little desk working out delivery times! We managed to get mattress protector, pillows, draws, mattress, bed frame and delivery all for a very reasonable price (over half price against the RRP). The delivery came, as scheduled, a week later and even the delivery men were great; bringing the bed all the way into the house unaided. They had a good selection of metal, wooden, divan styles and also a good variety of mattresses all at very good value.

Would give 0 of 5 if I could...

Would give 0 of 5 if I could. The store staff were great but the delivery was shocking. I asked for a specific date and they said that was fine for delivery. But then I didn't get the call/txt 24 before to confirm, not the txt to say if it was a 7-12 or 13-18 hr delivery window or the call a hour before that I asked for. Not getting the call I pop out to the corner shop, I miss them and the wait in all day for a delivery that I have missed only to be told when I ring customer service at 17:45 that they turned up while I was out at 07:50. Then told that by customer service that they did ring and that maybe my phone isn't working! Starting to think they didn't even turn up and are lying to me as my phone is fine (filling this in on my phone) and there is no sign of a 'sorry we missed you card'. If they can't redeliver to a time that suits me and may ask for a refund.

We will be informing everyone...

We will be informing everyone we know not to deal with Benson's For Beds. Delivery driver took it upon himself not to bother turning up to deliver our bed on confirmed date. When my husband contacted customer service hours after delivery time, I was surprised to be informed the driver had marked it as 'tried to deliver' (complete lie) We had already removed our old bed to make room for the long awaited new one so, my husband and I had to sleep on the couch for a few days until we could arrange a new delivery date. Customer service promised to make it right and to reimburse us expenses of another day taken off work after the bed had been delivered. My husband contacted customer service (if you can call them that) after the bed had been delivered and the company have not kept to their word what so ever! When my husband was trying to explain the issue to the representative he was interpreted and found not to be listened to. They were extremely rude and didn't want to help us at all, they literally couldn't care less about you. Not what you'd expect from a company you just spent nearly £3000 with. Note - Everything you buy from here is non refundable!


Appalling. Don't buy a mattress from this retailer. They don't honour their 40day comfort guarantee. Customer service is terrible. We bought an Opulence mattress (firm) but it is sagging and has no support after just 8 weeks. FIRA say it's "not faulty" so Benson's have said it's not their problem despite quickly changing their firmness ratings to a max of 'medium' on this mattress. Deeply regret buying from this retailer, spent over £1,000. Disgusted!

delivery date was not kept...

delivery date was not kept, the store hadnt prompted us for the balance payment. the bed which was actually a staples bed didnt seem as good as the in store one. they had supplied the wrong feet. customer service just go through the motions until you go away. i wish i had read this column before. never again harveys or bensons. apparently their parent company a south african outfit nearly bombed in december 2017. delivery was dhl with benson s badged shirts, they were ok. the bed was badly finished and one thread was faulty to attach the headboard

Bought a mattress and was told to get it out...

Bought a mattress and was told to get it out of its once home to let it rise properly. Was not told that as soon as it was opened it couldn’t be returned for a full refund. Brought it back to store for a refund, they couldn’t help so I had to call their customer services the following day and lost 20% of the purchase price because it was open, even though I explained that had not been mentioned on purchase. Very disappointing and unhelpful experience. Won’t be shopping with them again.

Bed had developed lump down the middle...

Bed had developed lump down the middle. Engineer came and said we had to pummel and pull the mattress weekly. Quite difficult and makes no difference. Bensons aftercare is appalling. They are not interested. Very disappointed after purchasing a very expensive bed. Would not recommend anyone to shop here.

I have never experienced such bad customer service...

I have never experienced such bad customer service. I ordered a Super King bed back in October last year. The delivery driver bent the mattress when trying to get it up the stairs. We didn't really think much of it at the time until a few weeks later we noticed the mattress dipping in the middle to the point where we rolled into the middle. It was that bad we reverted to sleeping in our spare room for months. When I emailed customer service (supported with pictures) they sent a really snotty email back stating they wont do anything about it but they will send out a bed technician anyway. Only if he found a fault would they attempt to replace it. Weeks later the guy arrived and surprise surprise he was going to say there was nothing wrong with it until we mentioned it had been bent getting up out stairs. They decided to replace it which took another 4 weeks. We realised they were only going to have the same problem again so rang them to see if they could arrange for our windows to be removed maybe and they shoved us off and said that wasn't their problem. The mattress arrived and this delivery guy took one look at our stairs and refused to take the mattress up and said it should never have been taken up in the first place. They said we need a 'Zip & Lock Mattress'. We agreed to take this only because we were told you would not be able to feel the difference. That we wouldn't be able to feel the partition in the middle. They had non in the store when we went in so we had to go off the word of the adviser. The mattress arrive 2 weeks ago but we went on holiday the same day. We slept in the bed for the first time last night and its not what we got told. Its basically just two mattresses pushed together with the zip being down in the middle of them so the middle of them is obvious even with a protector on. I called first thing this morning and they said there is nothing they can do. I was persistent and explained the whole situation but they just kept saying there is nothing they can do. Finally after 40 minutes on hold they said because they didn't show me a 'Zip & Lock' they might be able to do something. This was 12:30 and they said someone will call me back in 1hour. It's now 17:15 I STILL HAVEN'T HEARD FROM THEM! I'm totally sick and tired of the waiting around. This company will do anything possible to not give you your money back or help you out. Disgusting and I will never use them again and tell anyone I can to avoid them. Very very poor.

I recently purchased a shop floor temper mattress...

I recently purchased a shop floor temper mattress which was reduced to £1000. Upon paying we were told by the manager that this carries a 40night comfort guarantee. The mattress was for my disabled mother. Well this turned into a complete nightmare as after a few days of having this mattress she developed a terrible rash. When discussed with the store manager we were advised this may be because she needs time to adjust to the new mattress and to persevere with it a little longer. He did however offer an alternative mattress. My mother declined this as she thought the managers advice may be correct. However to our horror we discovered bed bugs on the mattress a few days later. I then went to the store to discuss this and the fact that this mattress was never fot for purpose. Whilst the manager agreed he said he could now no longer offer a replacement unless authorised by head office. I asked him to call them from the store. This turned into a complete nightmare! Despite my mother's medical records indicating no prior problems to a rash until after the mattress was delivered they went on the defensive suggesting I prove that bed bugs had originated from the mattress. Now unless I'm mistaken this is pretty much impossible as bed bugs move around. Bensons are well aware of this fact! In fact they suggested I speak to the local environmental office and arrange for an inspection of the bed. What I found was that they were totally unwilling to assist support in any way. Typical of the negative feedback I've read about this company. I would never ever purchase anything from this store again!!! I am now pursuing this matter through legal channels. THE WORST COMPANY EVER DEALT WITH! WARNING: NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THE SHOP FLOOR!

Went last week to Dalton Park...

Went last week to Dalton Park store to get code for free travel pillow and told they were expecting leaflets that day, so took name and address to send one out, when it never arrived called in shop today only to be told offer finished early!!! Went to shop over road and told offer finished yesterday. Will be using Tempur store in future

The short version...

The short version. Ordered a wardrobe and two chester drawers 6th January 2018. After 8 days off work to receive faulty or no parts, 8 months on we still dont have a completed order. Customer services have refused to collect faulty parts until new ones are delivered, they have refused to get a manager to contact me and from the amount of representatives i have spoken to i would say it is a huge department that is obviously needed to deal with this more than poor service, if i could give a minus star i would. Most stressful purchase ever made.

Great customer service today...

Great customer service today from Laura in Cardiff Gate store. Helpful, knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. Thank you Laura is an asset to your team.

Very very bad service...

Very very bad service. They do not even deserve 1 star!!!!!!!!! Delivered the wrong size bed first time round. We had to wait for two weeks for the right one. Finally received our bed this morning. Delivery guys were very unhappy and just looked at us like they were doing us a massive favour. They unloaded the bed from the vehicle and didn't want to carry anything to a room. My husband had to carry all the boxes himself with his bad back. Obviously this statement from Bensons for Beds is completely untrue - ** Bensons for Beds offer FREE DELIVERY on everything. And what’s better we’ll even take it to a room of your choice ** - All you will get is a free delivery maybe with the wrong items too but do expect to carry everything yourself - THANK YOU VERY MUCH BENSON'S FOR BEDS FOR RUINING OUR DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We bought an I gel mattress...

We bought an I gel mattress, it is the most uncomfortable thing ever. We are both waking up aching from head to toe. Considering this cost £1500 we expected much more. We are now considering purchasing another mattress, but definitely not from Benson.

Absolutely shocking customer service...

Absolutely shocking customer service. If you have an issue with your purchase, them God help you.

Ordered a wardrobe for my Daughters room...

Ordered a wardrobe for my Daughters room in December (yes 6 months ago) Arrived a bit later than promised and hurriedly assembled. Fitters tried to leave but I noticed you could not open the interior built in drawers. They said theres nothing they can do and left. Several phone calls later and pictures sent in to customer service and they decided the wrong doors had been fitted so were sending a new door. Waitined in all day for the fitters who arrived (very late) and was told the new door wouldn't rectify the drawer opening as the drawers were too big for that wardrobe. After several more phone calls and pictures I was offered to dismantle the wardrobe and they would send smaller drawers (not what we ordered) and rebuild. Went into the shop (they were as helpful as thye could be) and explained I do not want a rebuilt wardrobe as it would never be as strong and stable and eventually agreed to have them refund our money and collect the wardrobe. Arranged collectin and again stayed in all day to recieve a phone call cancelling the collection. Store have now arrnaged for collection this Saturday but I'm not holding my breath. Still recieved no refund of my monies and at no point has anyone offered any form of goodwill for the several lost days and 6 months without a wardrobe that i've paid for. Avoid at all costs, go to Ikea and save a lot of hassle.

Probably the worst company...

Probably the worst company I have dealt with. Placed two orders on 3 March for two wardrobes. Was given a delivery date of 25 April. Received a SMS message on 23 April giving a time slot for delivery of 07:00 to 13:00 on 25 April. Nothing arrived and no contact to say there was a problem. Called customer services who then said that neither of the two orders were even in the warehouse. SMS is sent out automatically (even though the goods are not there). Great help! Numerous calls and emails to customer services who have no answer except that they are looking into it. Emailed the Managing Director Mr. Alan C. Williams and posted a recorded letter to the manger at Harvey's in Slough where the goods were purchased. Got a response from 'customer relations' in response to my email to the M.D. stating that they were looking into it. They still do not have a reply. Customer services called on 24 May to say that one of the orders had been located. Delivery was arranged for today. Received another SMS on 30 May 'confirming' delivery for today between 07:00 and 13:00. Called customer services at 09:30 today to check on status. What a surprise, the goods are not in the warehouse !!! Not being delivered today. Emailed all concerned again today. Just got a response that due to 'structural changes' within the company the goods are in a different warehouse. True management. My recommendation is to NEVER buy anything from Bensons for Beds. Unless of course you like a life full of frustration and high blood pressure. Ali Shirazi Orders A5397487 and A5397488

when we were in the show room we were very popular...

when we were in the show room we were very popular. The staff were very very helpful once we agreed to purchase a bed the member of staff could not wait to finalise the deal as she noticed some other customers who had showed an interest beforehand. she made a mistake with the order number the bed was delivered one mattress two beds customers service was very unhelpful . do not buy from bensons customer services is very very bad

My mum and Dad are 80 years old...

My mum and Dad are 80 years old and their mattress was sagging by 5 inc within 3 days, they sent out someone to carry out the inspection who sad this is normal and would settle in a few weeks and to KEEP turning it. I then contact and paid for a private inspection and they found this £800 mattress to be faulty. It’s taken 3 months through resolve and me contacting the CO for them to get a full refund. I always say check out any companies refund policy before you buy anything, read theirs it’s a wonder anything can be returned! Stay well away to treat to OAP in the manner they did is in my book discussing.

I purchased a mattress for £540...

I purchased a mattress for £540 which arrived mid January within 3 months the top layer has rippled and gone baggy making the mattress look more like 4 years old not 3 months and is not so smooth to lie on. Their procedure was to send a technician out which took 3 weeks and unsurprisingly claims it is not faulty, yet clearly shows signs of something wrong. Benson`s refuse to deal with my dissatisfaction leaving me high and dry with a thoroughly disappointing service and item.

We had our bed delivered last week...

We had our bed delivered last week, the delivery guys moaned about how awkward our stairs were dispite being the easiest stairs ever. The guys left and we started unwrapping the base only to find a small dent in the base, this was clearly done on the stair rail and we took photos and made a complaint. We had a response saying it was our fault through assembly that the damage occurred and basically washed there hands of it. Awful service from a company that really do not care about the most important person the customer. We had intended to buy beds for the rest of the family with Bensons but we won’t now and really ask others to stay clear of this sham of a company. You will not sleep well at night if you have a bad experience like us.

ordered mattress on line and got 5% discount...

ordered mattress on line and got 5% discount. mattress arrived after just a few days and was as described and good value

The company Benson for beds...

The company Benson for beds are basically thieves… they charged me 700 pounds for a bed only to see for the bank holiday they have reduced it by 140 pounds, so I rang the shop in Tunbridge Wells and said I wanted a refund for the difference as I only bought it 6 days ago and they wont be delivering until the 17th April which is well over two weeks away, they said we cant help you, ring customer services. So after 25 minutes waiting to get through I re explained it all to this gentleman to be told this "Did you buy online or in store? So I said in store, he said well in that case you cant have a partial refund as you can only do that if you bought online, but by buying in store you waive your rights to any price change refunds etc", so I said well in that case I will cancel the whole order, he then said that will cost you 20% restocking fee, which is also 140 quid, at this time I was spitting blood as I said but you have plenty in stock as the sales assistant checked and you are not actually delivering to me for another 18 days all you done is charged me 6 days ago and now you want to charge me another 140 quid to cancel my purchase… So basically they are fucking thieves who are dishonest they take your money then fuck ya your not having it back… Well Bensons fuck you arseholes as I am plastering this over facebook public posts and your feedback for other consumers to read, and just for good measure I am in the process of making a sign which will be very visible in the back of my car telling would be motorist behind me you are RIP OFF MERCHANTS WHO FUCK OVER THEIR CUSTOMERS well you can screw any loyalty from me as I am going to park my car outside your Tunbridge wells car park so people can read you are THIEVING WANKERS, I will get my satisfaction over discrediting your company, so if I manage to put off just a few people from buying off you over this coming weeks then it is no less than your company deserves. FACEBOOK AND TWITTER will be plagued for the next few days from me and all for what 140 quid that you ripped off from me which I didn’t deserve. BENSONS FOR BEDS ARE THIEVES……. BENSONS FOR BEDS ARE THIEVES…….. BENSONS FOR BEDS ARE THIEVES…….. BENSONS FOR BEDS ARE THIEVES…….. BENSONS FOR BEDS ARE THIEVES……… BENSONS FOR BEDS ARE THIEVES…….. BENSONS FOR BEDS ARE THIEVES……..

We are so pleased...

We are so pleased with the bed and the two complimentry pillows so comfy we dont want to get up

They were very friendly on entering to shop...

They were very friendly on entering to shop. Advice was very good but not pushy. Because of these reasons we brought. We went to another shop to see if we could get a better offer but staff were very pushy, so went back to Bensons

very happy quality is outstanding...

very happy quality is outstanding. good sturdy solid beds

Extremely helpful sales staff...

Extremely helpful sales staff without being at all pushy .the product was of exceptionally good quality.and the delivery was polite and punctual

I am absolutely disgusted Bensons for Beds...

I am absolutely disgusted Bensons for Beds. They make a big thing about a 40 day MATTRESS exchange (I’m perfectly happy with the divan bed) but, because I accidentally put the headboard on the wrong end, they won’t exchange the mattress. Customer services are rude and unhelpful. They clearly don’t want me as a customer. I’ve ever offered to pay the 10%, the extra for a more comfortable mattress and for the damaged bed but the answer is a resounding no. Once the bed has been delivered, they couldn’t care less. I will never buy from here again and I strongly recommend that no one else buy from them either.

I wouldn’t advise anyone to shop...

I wouldn’t advise anyone to shop with Bensons for beds. They have sold me a faulty product which I only received yesterday and they are not willing to exchange this item. Absolutely appalling service. #neveragain

Have made several complaints to Bensons...

Have made several complaints to Bensons about a mattress which has developed 2 body-shaped troughs, with large dips at hip position. The FIRA technician declared that, despite the fact that the mattress has been well maintained, there is a problem - just not a manufacturing fault. Naturally, Bensons deny that there is a problem and have even suggested that we should stop using it to make it last longer! They have said that we can get second opinion, but they have to pre-approve them and won't accept a report from a competitor. We were encouraged to upgrade to a more expensive mattress by the sale advisor - it has turned out to be made of cheap materials (low-grade memory foam) and certainly wasn't made to last 7 years! Would never deal with Bensons again. Can't understand how the reviews on "trustpilot" are so favourable.

They will take your money from you but...

They will take your money from you but they won’t help you if you have a problem. After eight months we still don’t have the bed we ordered. The first mattress was dragged through the mud. After waiting a month for a replacement, they sent us the same mattress that had been through the mud and they then ‘lost’ our headboard. After another month we received our headboard and a mattress with a hole in it. Our most recent mattress delivery ended with a large fire in front of our house as the delivery lorry went up in flames. No calls from Bensons for Beds to follow up about the incident. A long wait time anytime you try to call the call centre to get through to unsympathetic and poorly trained staff. The staff in the shop say that there is nothing they can do to help us. Stay away from this inept and incompetent company.

Customer Service Appalling

Bought an Igel bed and mattress in January 19, delivered in Feb. This bed is most definitely not Temperature Intelligent !!!! Tried contacting them by telephone and gave up as was on the telephone for over 1hr waiting to be answered. So I sent an email to cusgtomer service in May 19, auto response said they would get back to you within 10 days - no such thing I had to chase this via telephone and again was on the phone waiting for over 1hr. When you do get through they are very unhelpful. Evetually they arranged for a FIRA engineer to attend who just took pictures to show that it was in good condition. When I asked about the moisture test that customer service said they would do - the engineer had never heard if it. He also said that he was just taking pictures so that Bensons for Beds can re-sell it!!! Quite worrying. As the engineer said there was no manufacturer fault, although he did not do the test that was required, Bensons for Beds are not doing anything about the faulty bed. Total waste of £1300 - do not ever buy a bed from this company

Shocking sevice

SHOCKING SERVICE Bought a bed on the 28th oct was told it would be delivered on the 31st. It arrived on time and as arranged, unbelievably they didn't bring the mattress. They told us it wasn't put on the van and to give it 20 mins then ring the shop. On ringing the shop they told us it was nothing to do with them and they would ring the warehouse and ring me back.,2 hrs later I rang the shop back to be told customer service would ring me to sort this out (still waiting) . The following day I rang customer care who answered after walking 30 mins. I was told how sorry they were and that they would look into this matter. We will have to find out where your mattress has gone(all ready been told it wasn't put on the van). They rang the warehouse and told me they could deliver the mattress on the 6th Nov. I refused and asked for my money back to be then told we can't pick it up till the 8 th nov,can drop one off on the 6th but can't pick one up (amazing). I can't have a refund till it is picked up. I've no bed apart from a blow up camping mattress . I live 20 mins from there warehouse unbelievable and I'm still waiting for them to ring me to confirm collection

If there was a minus rating they deserve it

If there was a minus rating this would be at minus 10. I am an ill woman and in order to make my last few days more comfortable I purchased a hospital style bed from bensons - Bilston Road, Wolverhampton. I paid for them to take away all rubbish which they did not do. I had the bed 2 days never having slept in it as I wanted to get new bedding for it and christen it properly. I tested the bed in its most upward position and then it couldnt come back down to horizontal position. I contacted the customer services - which is itself a feat as they take their time answering the phone. I sent pictures of the position of the bed and that was all I heard from them for 2 weeks. I call back to see what was being done, as I couldn't use the bed, or the bedroom, thanks to this so non-functional bed. so I have no bed and no use of my bedroom. I was told it just had to go through the process and there was nothing they could do and no-one I could speak to. Meanwhile my health was deteriorating due to the stress that dealing with this organisation was causing me. After several attempt to speak to someone who would help..They finally organised someone to come and see me and test/fix bed - they didn't turn up. Ever since my e-mails have been bounced back and I've not been able to contact anyone in customer services. what am I to do they clearly want me to die before any resolution and hope my family will be too distressed to follow-up and resolve. I don't need this stress and hateful behaviour in my last days - its shameful and evil - where can I go for help??

NO customer service that help

trying to use the comfort warranty as bed was not great however they gave us a free mattress protector and free pillow in deal but these are marked on receipt as a cost so they try to give us a voucher minus this cost saying we paid for them - which we didn’t so we are loosing over £200 due to them making a dodgy false invoice - have to write here as customer service is Really bad staff argue on phone with us said we paid for mattress protector and pillow - will be taking them to financial ombudsman and trading standards if they don’t fix


STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. PURE ROBERY! My elderly parents sent an email to homeserverepairs on the 06/01/20 @ 22:52 and received a reply from Alan Weaver on the 07/01/20 @ 14:56 stating he was investigating my concerns and will get back shortly. All good so far. On the 02/02/20 26 days later, they sent an email to Alan Warner - Customer Relations Manager saying how disappointed I was with how long and how unprofessional it was taking by both himself and the company in responding to my concerns. They still didn'e get a reply reply. Their original email was due to the fact they had just received a copy of the report that they had sent to Benson for Beds and wanted to register a formal complaint in relation to the report because of the discrepancies between what the technican Ian Palmer communicated to myself and what was written in the report. They were informed that the fault in the mattress was due to collasped springs and is now unsupportive, also measurements were outside tolerances, which is correct. However his report to Benson for Beds stated it was not a manufacturing fault, just misuse, which is a complete lie. Benson for Beds have written in their guarantee that the decision of the inspector will be final (How convienent). Therefore, the 5 Year guarantee is not worth the paper it is written on. The mattress is only 18 months old and cost £959 at full price, but because of the report, Benson for Beds have stated that the guarantee is now invalid. After going through the reviews on trustpilot for Homeserverepairs over the last six months they discovered that over 80% of the reviews in relation to mattress inspections have received only 1 star, due to the fact that the reports come out in favour of the manafacturer who pays them to carry out inspection, therefore it cannot be considered an unbiased report. Your company ignores complaints in the hope that they will eventually give up. Neither me, my friends or any of my family will ever purchase an item again, where informed that your company has any involvement in either the guarantees or repairs. Because of your report, my elderly parents have had to replace the mattress at a cost of £800 due to suffering sever backache and sore neck. I am currently investigating if I can take legal action either against Homeserverepairs or Benson for Beds (or both) to see if I can recover the money they have waisted in order to replace the mattress. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. PURE ROBERY!

Four months comms

Appalling customer service. We have been waiting for four months now for our bed frame. There is no communication from Bensons for Beds and it is impossible to meaningfully contact them. During the lockdown, we moved. We have received countless cupboards, wardrobes and even a log burner, during this time. We have been forced to buy another very basic bed frame as we disposed of our previous one before our house move. How is it normal/possible to have a FOUR MONTHS - and counting - wait time for a bed?? If we continue to wait, I wouldn’t be surprised if it took six months to arrive. It is a totally unacceptable time to wait for a delivery. I cannot recommend this company based on the fact that they take the payment or a substantial deposit and keep this money for months without providing your item. Not sure that that’s even legal. We would strongly recommend you look elsewhere for a bed, based on our experience.

Dreadful customer service

Delivered a broken bed. Despite paying thousands for the bed, they were incapable of shipping out replacement parts. We spent hours on the phone and got nowhere. I've had to make a DIY repair. Will NEVER order from this company again!

Poor quality and terrible customer service

Very helpful when you’re interested in buying but not at all interested once you’ve paid. Bought an expensive bed from Bensons but they sold us the wrong mattress unbeknown to us. It was the same but the comfort they gave us was wrong as we wanted firm which was also recommended by themselves after doing checks on our sleep patterns. However the mattress we had was deteriorating quickly and during lockdown they weren’t contactable after several attempts even though they were still working. They told us as it’s outside of the six months warranty there’s nothing they can do. Phone calls and Email after email They just copied and pasted their replies. Lumped with a poor mattress which is only good for the tip. Terrible unprofessional customer service. I would certainly look elsewhere for a more professional outlet other than Bensons who don’t know how to treat their customers properly. Don’t waste your money.....

Both Mattresses Sagging within days

I spent a lot of money on the zip and link Bespoke Tranquility mattress and base set. It was far more expensive than the other beds available, and was promised this was an excellent mattress which came with a 10 year warranty . Firstly delivery took months (however I forgave this issue due to Covid restrictions). The bed finally arrived at the end of May ( was ordered in Feb). I had been charged an assembly fee - but was told due to Covid I would need to assemble myself and that the fee would be refunded. This never happened. After two weeks the pillow top started to collapse. I tried every lunch hour I had to reach Benson for Beds call centre but it would take more than my hour lunch holding before being able to speak to anyone. Eventually I managed to reach them and they said they had to arrange a company to come out and inspect the mattress. This took another 2-3 weeks. The company (Homeserve) arrived on the 27 July to inspect the mattress and we were told that they would submit the report and that the mattresses would have to be replaced. We never heard another word. Again it took days of trying to get through to someone to find out what was happening. By this time the mattress had collapsed to such an extent that one could feel the "buttons" holding the pillow top in place digging into your back at night. We then managed to get through to them on the on 18/09/2020 and were told that the company that had come out no longer serviced for Benson Beds so another company would have to come out. I immediately called Homeserve and they said that as nonsense they were still the supplier of back up service for Bensons. They confirmed they had sent the original report through the day after they had come to our home to inspect the bed. I called Bensons back (again took days to get through) and was told " they made a mistake"- the replacement was ordered.. . I received an sms on 23/09 stating IF A REPLACEMENT has been ordered we will contact you to arrange a delivery." This message in no way confirmed a replacement had been ordered. By the 7 October I has still heard nothing from Benson Beds with an ETA of the mattress. My husband has a herniated disc and by this stage could not take the discomfort of sleeping on the collapsed mattress!!!. He in fact moved to the spare room. I eventually stormed into the Farborough branch to see if I could somehow get some assistance from them ( The lady in store was very helpful but could not even get hold of customer care herself whilst I was there, but she said she would email them. I still had heard nothing for two weeks so again managed to speak to them on 22 October and was told they could not give me an ETA on the bed delivery. Finally we felt we were getting somewhere when we received a call on 09/11 /2020 and an sms on 11/11/2020 with confirmation the mattress would be delivered on the 16/11. Finally on the 22/10 I called weeks later on the 16 November the mattress were delivered. By this morning ( 20/11/2020 - 4 nights of sleeping on it) the mattress already looks like it is collapsing and has such a dent in it it looks years old My husband called today to say this is unacceptable. He has already had to endure the discomfort of a collapsed mattress for months and the same thing is happening again. They first said they would have to send out an inspection company again (which we now could take weeks). My husband said we were not prepared to go through that again and that we needed to exchange the mattress as clearly this mattress is poor quality. We were then told that we would have to pay a 10 percent exchange fee. Really!!!!!!. Why should I have to pay a penalty for a bed that comes with a guarantee in addition to Bensons comfort guarantee. This is not a case of us not finding the mattress comfortable - ITS THAT THE MATTRESS COLLPASES AND YOU CAN FEEL THE LUMPS AND BUMPS AND KNT STITCHES IN YOUR BODY. I will be taking this to the consumer council DO NOT BUY THIS MATTRESS.

Avoid Avoid

AVOID AVOID. Unfortunately zero stars is not an option. 4 days of leave wasted for a delivery that never came. Multiple customer services calls. Bought in store but appalling customer service and told store can’t help. Do yourself a favour and buy online. In some cases, cheaper is better. You have more chance of customer care.

Poor Quality beds! poor customer service

We have purchased two complete beds and both delivers faulty, had to wait another 8 weeks to replace again one them was faulty, customer service was appalling, lacked empathy and care, they stated they don’t have a complaints procedures, I’m so close to seek legal advice due to them not helping, would never buy from them again,


Your first encounter with Bensons while trying to convince you will not only impress you but spur you to buy their Mattress. You are told how solid it is and firm it will be for a very long time. You are advised to rotate your mattress weekly to keep it firm. You are assured of the 5 year warranty should anything go wrong. Sadly, my experience was the contrary as the mattress started sagging after a while and become depressed in the middle, making it so difficult to use. This was after I complied with the advise on keeping it rotated weekly. While trying to manage it, I started having pains on my back. The BAD NEWS here again was when I contacted them to register my complain. Firstly, I was asked to use my hand to depress it and take photos to ascertain if there was need to send someone down or not. The SHOCK I got was the advisor telling me because it had stains ( which was cleaned easily), that invalidates my Warranty. Every words to make him understand it was easy to get rid of it was ignored as his main focus and interest was not even the sad and lies told about the durability of the mattress, which was Misrepresentation, but the stains. This particular advisor was so unfriendly and lacks the quality of a good advisor, which is the ability to listen to your customers. I was so disappointed and shocked that I abandoned calling them back. Later on, because it was now so unbearable for me, I tried but every further attempt to talk about this issue later on was met with 'sorry, this has now been closed'. How sad and horrible can you feel after making a purchase worth almost £800. Apart from the misrepresentation, If they were so happy to sell out the so called "good quality " of their mattresses verbally, why were they not advising customers on what could invalidate any claims in future? I find it very embarrassing and unrealistic. I WILL NEVER ENCOURAGE ANYONE TO BUY THEIR MATTRESSES. They do not match the sugar coated advert you get from them whenever you walk into their store. You will be more disappointed to hear how quickly you are being dismissed on the phone with the word " sorry we can't help you' on this further. IT IS HEARTBREAKING!

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