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Argos Mattress Reviews

Argos is a large catalogue retailer in the UK and Ireland. When it comes to their mattress selection, their focus is on name-brand and mid-priced options (including their own branded Argos Home selection). Most customers report happy purchases and are pleased with the selection, but there are some disagreements at times. Some customers report issues with durability and perceived quality with some purchases and brands. Read on to learn about the full offering and what customers say.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.4/10

Price Value: 7.5/10

No Back Pain: 7.5/10

Price: £89-£1459

Trial Period: No Trial

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Argos's Specifics

Argos is a large catalogue retailer that sells more than just mattresses. With thousands of products across many different consumer categories, their focus is hardly just mattresses.

Despite their wider focus, they have still managed to have a larger mattress selection than many local retailers with 7 brands to choose from. However, with more selection can come more headaches about finding the right match for you and your family.

Also, with their selection comes a hidden truth:

The £ value is often much lower than buying direct from online mattress brands.

This is because Argos must mark-up the mattresses from the brand to make a profit. Additionally, the mattress brands also have to make a profit above the materials and manufacturer costs. This means that Argos mattresses are oftentimes marked up over and over again before you buy them.

So what is Argos really selling?

You are buying a more convenient shopping experience.

Some prefer to deal with traditional retailers, but many mattress buyers are turning to online UK mattress brands, who cut out the middlemen and pass on more value to the customer.

Read on to learn more about the Argos offering...or learn about our best rated UK mattress brands.

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Mattress Brands

Argos sells mattresses from 7 mattress brands including British brands like Silentnight and global brands like Sealy. We'll go through each brand in detail below so that you can get a better sense of what you are buying.

Here are the details...

#1 Silentnight

Silentnight is a large British mattress brand that focuses primarily on budget friendly mattress options -- though they have some high end options too. They mainly sell pocket sprung mattresses that have foam or synthetic fill. Customers give them good initial comfort scores overall, but there are problems with durability for the lower priced options.

The pros: Both pocket sprung and all-foam mattresses for an affordable price.

The cons: Some durability problems reported.

Price Range: £115-£2144

#2 Airsprung

Airsprung is a mattress company that has 140 years of experience in bedding. They focus on providing quality for a comfortable price. Their mattresses are pocket sprung with foam and traditional comfort layers. Customers report feeling comfort mostly, but there were some that disagreed with indentations forming and overall firmness in some cases.

The pros: Affordable mattresses with a luxury style.

The cons: Durability is a problem for some sleepers.

Price Range: £99-£749

#3 Dormeo

Dormeo developed the revolutionary all-foam Octaspring mattresses. Also, they have added traditional memory foam options as well. These mattresses range in firmness, which is a benefit for those that need something specialised. Most customers feel comfortable with Dormeo products, but others had problems with heat retention and durability.

The pros: Mid-priced innovative foam mattresses.

The cons: Some problems with heat retention.

Price Range: £149-£1399

#4 Sealy

Sealy is a global mattress brand that has popularised the ergonomic zoned pocket sprung mattress. Their products come in a variety of pricepoints and incorporate foam and pocket springs. Customers like Sealy products at first with positive reports on initial comfort. However, there are issues of sagging reported by some customers.

The pros: Pocket sprung mattresses with foam. Well regarded.

The cons: Some durability and sagging problems reported.

Price Range: £219-£999


JAY-BE offers a line of children's single mattresses with some exciting features for parents. Their mattresses are open-coil and brightly colored and have anti-allergy and water proof material in some models. Customers have good things to say overall, but some found the mattresses could be more comfortable.

The pros: Childrens mattresses with enviable features.

The cons: Some parents hoped for more comfort.

Price Range: £69-£149

#6 Rest Assured

Rest Assured mattresses are well-priced high profile mattresses with a devotion to fluffy comfort layers. These mattresses come with traditional materials and designs using pocket springs and packed fibre. Most have good things to say about these mattresses, but sagging was a big concern for some sleepers.

The pros: Traditional mattress with luxury style designs.

The cons: Some sagging concerns reported.

Price Range: £329-£949

#7 I-Sleep

I-Sleep makes both pocket sprung and memory foam mattresses that are very affordable and easy to transport. They are slimmer than many other mattress options and best suited for children. Those that are older have reported that they don't hold up as well as other options.

The pros: Variety of foam and pocket sprung mattresses for budget friendly prices.

The cons: Some durability concerns reported by sleepers. Slimmer than other options.

Price Range: £89-£249

Argos Mattress Alternatives

A suprising fact: right now is one of the best times ever to buy a new mattress.

Over the past few years, there have been many new online brands in the UK that have come to market to sell direct to customers. What this means:

Lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Since these brands are well-funded and eager to please customers, buying direct from the brand is one of the best ways to get high quality for less. By taking a few minutes to learn about the best mattress for your body, you can save upwards of £1000 in mattress costs and frustrations.

To get started, read what customers are saying about our Top Rated UK Mattresses.

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Browse Argos Customer Reviews

Good quality and comfortable

Delivered on time, very comfortable and well made, I am thinking of buying another for the other single bed.

Comfotable bed but noisy

Once you adjust to bed , its comfortable, although needed quality mattress topper as top covering of bed is a little thin, good support though. For some reason, think its the filling, bed noisy when you move

This mattress is absolutely amazing

This mattress is well worth the money, it is so comfortable even on the 1st night I had the best sleep in a long time. It doesn't have to be turned either which makes it easier

So Comfy!

I managed to get this in the home event so was a right bargain! I suffer with a bad back, would wake up crippled each morning but since getting this mattress just over a week ago it's definitely improved and I'm also getting more sleep! Definitely recommend!

Daughter is Very Pleased!

New mattress for my daughter, says it's much nicer than her previous one, although could be a little softer!

OK Mattress

This is a fairly firm mattress that I’ve found ok for sleeping on my side and has improved my back issues. Not bad for what is really quite a cheap price in comparison to my very expensive old mattress that only lasted four years before I was waking with terrible back ache every day. It is also much lighter in weight for turning and making the bed, but I really do miss having any handles on the sides to help with this, hence only four star rating

Uncomfortable Mattress

mattress is not very comfortable. would be fine for a spare room

Great as first mattress...

Great as first mattress for kids! Comfortable to sleep on and very handy that it can be collected in store!!

Great value and comfy too

Brought for our daughter’s first double and she sleeps well on it. Good quality and s great price.

I would not of bought this feels 50 years old

I would not of bought this sprung one... I would of preferred a foam one it feels old fashioned and too springy like it’s 50 years old

Really Good Feel and Easy To Get Home

Great price and light enough to carry to the car on the way home. There's a real comfortable feel to mattress. Really satisfied!

Noisy Mattress

Bought this as it was what I thought good value, very noisy to be honest, had to put a duvet over the top to suppress the nouse of the springs, ok for the price and hopefully when it is used for a while the pings will go away.

Cheap But Comfy

This has been bought to go on a guest bed, and the mother in law finds it it must be!

Waste of Money

Purchased in a hurry,needed a mattress asap argos was able to deliver same day so i ordered this one.Bad mistake,arrived rolled up and when released from its packaging i waited and waited for it to spring to life like other rolled mattresses ive previously purchased,no chance ! Its still as flat as a pancake and rock hard. I placed my old mattress on top of the new as needed bed straight away, expensive as all it does now is just surport our old mattress. Biggest waste of money ive ever spent !

Came Rolled Up And Was Easy To Transport

The mattress is a little bit hard for us but we had a mattress topper which made it very comfy and we both sleep very well.

A Very Firm Mattress

This mattress is very firm. I like a firm mattress but this took a little getting used to but I now find it comfortable. It feels durable. I am very pleased with my purchase overall.

Firm Not Medium Firm

A beautifully made quality mattress but too firm for me. It was like sleeping on a bed not in a bed and for my osteoarthritis it was no comfort.

The mattress is too bouncing...

The mattress is too bouncing. you can feel the sprung. I have back-heck every morning

Very Comfortable

mattress very comfortable and very firm so exactly what we wanted. price good and excellent delivery.

Excellent Quality and Comfort

Like sleeping on thin air, the most comfortable mattress we have ever had. It has helped my back and hip ache greatly. An excellent purchase.

Too Hot!

Hi this mattress was quite comfortable but was much too hot for me and a lot thinner than expected. Returned it!

Fantastic Mattress Really Comfortable

Overall a really good purchase really good night's sleep whatever position you sleep would definitely recommend

Good value for money

Only had it few weeks but happy with it so far.


Very comfortable mattress

nb drawbacks

The top layer is memory foam ie hot. And with foam on just one side it can not be turned over. Expensive and eagerly anticipated but I gave it to the lodger !

Mattress is fab

This mattress is just as I wanted soft but firm, I sleep really well, on the first night I thought it was firm but it settled in to a medium feel I’m really pleased with my purchase

Very good quality

Very happy with the services

comfortable but smelled damp

Lovely comfortable mattress but had a strong smell of damp which lingered and made my bedroom smell. Ordered another the same as I liked it but the delivery man sniffed it before he got it off the lorry and that one smelled the same.

Didnt like the smell

The mattress seemed fine when delivered untill we opened the sealed wrapper. There was a damp smell to it that didn't go away, in all fairness when we phoned Argos they were very good and exchanged it within a couple of day. Unfortunately the second one was the same, we tried airing it by standing it up during the day with window open with no joy. We then exchanged for a silentnight mattress which was much better


Really comfy but firm mattress

One year on, the mattress is firm and fabulous

Still in great condition, and oh so comfortable

Too soft for me

Nice quality but I like my matress to be more firm

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