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Twin Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Whether it is your child's first bed or your long term sleeper, twin memory foam mattresses offer some of the highest value for the comfort they provide. However, with extremely cheap options also available and being advertised online, there is also risks in buying something that degrades faster and doesn't work for you or your family. That's why we've gone through some of the highest rated options below, and some of the most popular sold in-store and in major retailers, like Amazon to dispell the myths and lead you to the best mattress for the price.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.6/10

Price Value: 9.6/10

No Back Pain: 9.4/10

Price: $145-$3999

Trial Period: Depends On Brand

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Twin Memory Foam's Specifics

Memory foam mattresses are some of the most popular mattresses to buy. For one, foam provides some of the most comfortable surfaces to lay on, with its slow response and pressure relieving abilities. That said, when it comes to foam quality and price, there is a hidden truth:

Not all foams offer high value and durability.

Because memory foam is so popular, there has been a massive influx of cheaply made foams, which sometimes don't have the same rigorous standards of durability and toxicity. However, this doesn't mean that you should have to go into debt to buy a new mattress. The answer:

Search for competitive online brands that use certified foams and have solid reviews.

Over the past few years, there has been a major competitive force in the mattress industry in the form of online mattress brands that sell direct. These brands have focused on building higher quality and durable foam mattresses that can be tightly packed on shipping while being competitively priced. This enables them to cut out the 'mattress middleman' in the form of retailers and pass on additional savings to the customer.

If you are ready to jump into options, learn what sleepers are saying about our top rated mattresses or our list of top memory foam mattresses. Read on to learn more about twin sized memory foam mattresses (both the best and popular brands that you may want to avoid)...

Twin Memory Foam Mattresses

While there are many mattress brands that sell mattresses that feature memory foam, some of the highest rated include Level Sleep, Bear Mattress, and Nectar. Those that are retail favorites, but have mixed reviews from customers include affordable Amazon-sold brands like Linenspa, Zinus, and Lucid. We'll go through the top rated foam mattresses and those that are popular options that may not be as well rated.

Here they are ranked...

#1 Level Sleep

The Level Sleep mattress is one of the most comfortable, spine aligning options on the market. Its proprietary design is recommended by doctors due to its support of the middle spine while dissolving pressure points on the hips and shoulders, and its ability to fight joint and back pain. These mattresses get great response from customers and are ideal for those that are looking for something that will lead to posture-enhancement.

The pros: A posture relieving mattress that is clinically tested to help sleepers sleep longer.

The cons: It is not the most affordable option on the market.

Twin Price: $799

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#2 Bear Mattress

Bear Mattress got its start as one of the top rated all-foam mattress brands for its extremely cooling and body relieving design. Their mattress features Celliant®, an FDA certified material, that diffuses heat and alleviates muscles. While this is perfect for an exercising adult, it is also ideal for growing and active children, helping lead to more restful sleep. Most customers like their Bear Mattress, and it comes at a competitive price for the materials.

The pros: Cooling mattress with muscle relieving Celliant® technology.

The cons: Not the cheapest option.

Twin Price: $540

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#3 Nectar

For budget lovers, look no further! The Nectar mattress is one of the best bargains available for the quality of foams used. With a medium-firm feel that is within the universal comfort range and countless positive reviews, the Nectar mattress is a beloved option for those that are looking for something for their children or an affordable option for themselves.

The pros: The Nectar mattress is ideal for budget-savvy customers who want more value for the price.

The cons: Some may desire a slightly softer mattress.

Price Range: $499

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#4 Puffy

Want all of the pressure relieving softness of a Tempur-Pedic but at a lower cost? The Puffy and Puffy Lux mattresses come at a higher pricepoint than other online options, but they have an important differentiator. They feel similar to a fluffy, cooling memory foam mattress. Due to this, they are a favorite for those that are looking for Tempur products, but don't want to pay the high price. Overall, customers really like their Puffy mattresses.

The pros: Fluffy mattress with all the benefits of a cool pressure-relieving feel.

The cons: Their prices are higher than some of the competitive alternatives.

Twin Price: $795

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#5 Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding has a lot of benefits -- for one it owns its own mattress factory, which enables them to pass more value to the customer. Their Signature is an all-foam mattress that offers three different firmness options, which is a major differentiator versus the competition. These mattresses also come at a competitive pricepoint. If you or your child is looking for something that is softer or firmer, these mattresses are well reviewed by sleepers!

The pros: Multiple firmness options and high quality for less money.

The cons: Not as well-known as other brands.

Twin Price: $599

Check Brooklyn Bedding's Current Deal

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#6 Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle is one of the most popular mattress in a box companies. One of the first online-first mattress companies, Tuft & Needle originally launched with a two layer foam mattress. Since then, they also offer a higher quality 'Mint' version that offers a bit more softness and memory foam feel. Most customers like their Tuft & Needle mattresses, but there are some who disagreed with their less affordable version.

The pros: Well-known and popular all-foam mattress brand. Well rated overall.

The cons: Some issues reported with the feel of the less expensive version.

Twin Price: $350 & $595

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#7 Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic is the ultimate memory foam mattress brand. They were the original innovators that brought all-foam mattresses to the market. Also, they offer a variety of pricepoint options and build varieties in multiple firmnesses, including their Tempur-Breeze cooling variety. Overall, customers really love their Tempur-Pedic mattresses overall, but there are some complaints about the lower priced options, meaning that customers often pay more than they should for comfort.

The pros: A range of firmness options. Well-designed and constructed mattresses.

The cons: Few issues reported about feel and pricepoint is higher than other competitors.

Twin Price: $1499

Check Deal On Tempur-Pedic

#8 Casper

Casper is another extremely popular brand that has taken the world by storm with their all-foam mattresses (and now pocketed coil options). When it comes to their memory foam mattresses, they have three options -- an affordable Casper Essentials brand, the original Casper mattress, and the higher end Wave mattress. These mattresses get good reception from customers overall, but there were some that had issues with the durability and firmness of the lower priced varieties.

The pros: Very popular mattresses with an array of universally comfortable choices.

The cons: Some disagreements on feel and firmness for some.

Twin Price Range: $395-$1345

#9 Amazon Sold Brands

Amazon is an amazing retailer and offers many different types of products for budget-conscious pricepoints. However, when it comes to mattresses, many of the most displayed options are low-priced memory foam varieties (oftentimes at under $200 for a twin). While this may seem like a great deal, some of these brands use lower grade foams that haven't been certified. In some cases this means offgassing nasty toxins and in others it means durability problems with mattresses that sag over just a few months. Brands like Lucid, Zinus, and Linenspa are popular options on Amazon, but durability is a concern for these brands and many customers describe issues with long term support.

The pros: Extremely low priced options for the budget-conscious shopper.

The cons: Issues with durability reported by many sleepers.

Twin Price Range: $145-$395

Alternatives to Memory Foam Mattresses

Although on first glance, buying a memory foam mattress is a great option, there may be better options out there for you depending on your body. If you or your child are looking for something cozy that will last and last:

Consider buying a mattress that features pocketed coils.

Most folks may not know this, but it is one of the best times to be a mattress shopper. There are hundreds of new brands that are coming into the market to compete for your business and this means if you are willing to take a little extra time reading about the best mattresses for you, it can literally save you $1000s of dollars and endless headaches.

If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand is better than shopping elsewhere, read our 2021 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses.

Browse Twin Memory Foam Customer Reviews

Chiropractor-Approved [Level Sleep Mattress]

I'm a chiropractor and I have been looking for an orthopedic mattress for myself, as well as something I can recommend to my patients. I've had the TriSupport Mattress now for almost 2 weeks, and I am very happy with it so far! It successfully supports the spine's curves and is comfortable in all sleeping positions. I have noticed an improvement in my sleep quality too (fall asleep faster & wake up feeling more rested than before), which is an awesome added bonus. Stellar customer service as well. Thank you!

Barbara [Level Sleep Mattress]

The trisupport mattress is wonderful. The varied supports in the mattress lend itself for a painfree, relaxed sleep.

Good sleep [Level Sleep Mattress]

I have slept better the past week than I have in the last year. The pillow is as much help as the mattress. I plan on getting the pillows for my children.

Level Sleep Tritopper [Level Sleep Mattress]

I am so grateful for this wonderful product which provides pain relief for my autoimmune and osteoarthritis joint problems. I am now having a restful night's sleep and can more comfortably get out of bed in the morning. My quality of life has been greatly improved. Thank you to Zach for arranging to send it and the wonderful restore pillow to me in Melbourne Australia. My best wishes to all in the happiness team at Level Sleep.

GREAT Investment [Level Sleep Mattress]

We were a bit apprehensive at first ordered 2 mattresses and couldn't be happier being a side sleeper my shoulders are in heaven sleeping better than ever Thanks

mattress is great but the [Level Sleep Mattress]

mattress is great but the pillow is not flat enough for my neck.

One week with the Level Sleep TriSupport Mattress [Level Sleep Mattress]

We have had our Level Sleep mattress now for one week and so far so good. It did take some nights (3) to get used to it and find the "sweet spot" for greatest comfort, but since then, we have slept great and have had no back trouble whatsoever!

Lower back issues [Level Sleep Mattress]

I had a bad shot mattress. I replaced with the tri support and have slept much better from night one. The mid support area is a little to close to the head for my baby. I have a twin. My abdominal part of my body is a litttle longer than normal and my legs area little short. I would have bought the longer and wider one but don,t have thes space.

The Chiropractors Mattress [Level Sleep Mattress]

I really love this mattress, it is very supportive in all the right places. The staff are very helpful.

Tri support mattress [Level Sleep Mattress]

For years I have had to put a wad of socks under the middle of my back to give me the support I needed to lay on my back. With this mattress I no longer need to do that. I also had issues laying on my left side putting pressure on my hip and making it feel out of joint the next day. With this mattress I have a lot less of that issue as well. I am very pleased with the purchase.

Level Sleep [Level Sleep Mattress]

we finally spent our first night in our new home on our sleep level bed. It was so comfortable. Jim said he felt very comfortable in all hia sleeping positions. I slept very soundly as well. I was going to send a note to thank the team for there great service.

Fantastic mattress! [Level Sleep Mattress]

We started sleeping on our luxe mattress 2 weeks ago and couldn't be happier! We previously had a different brand foam style mattress that cost quite a bit more and we are much happier with the Level Sleep product! Thank you JJ and Zach for the awesome service!

Level Sleep mattress [Level Sleep Mattress]

So far so good I think it's a keeper

Exactly what we needed.... [Level Sleep Mattress]

...a great night's sleep! This topper is amazing. From the very first night we slept on it, we were amazed how comfortable we were compared to previous nights. It arrived promptly and love that it was guaranteed to make us happy. It sure does. Highly recommend!

Thankful [Level Sleep Mattress]

Zach, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, taking the time to reach back out to me in relation to my inquiry on a bed. After losing my bed and my sons amongst other things due to the fire this year, I had replaced our belongings and my sons needs first. I was also having a shoulder surgery in February. A bed was a priority, but so were many things. This local company came through with support and kindness. I am sleeping on a bed that is helping the healing process on so many levels. Thank you, Zach and the rest of the level sleep team :)

Nice Mattress [Level Sleep Mattress]

We have had our Cal King TriSupport Mattress for about 16 months now and really like the way we sleep. We ditched the Spring bed with pillow top to try something different and deal with my shoulders falling asleep because of the bed. The three bands allow for excellent side sleepers and belly down is very comfortable too. No depressed areas where we sleep after 16 months. The only concern I have is the top area for your head and softest of the areas, needs another few inches. It's very minor, but for over 6-2", I feel like I have to have my head almost at the head board. Other than that, it's a great sleep.

Excellent Mattress and Customer Sevice [Bear Mattress]

After a couple months of sleeping on our Bear mattress, I can say that it is extremely comfortable. This is this fourth “mattress in a box” that we have purchased, but the first one we have found that isn’t hard as a rock. Definitely recommend getting it! To add to the comfort, their customer service is great! They were able to switch out the free item since we already owned what they were offering and didn’t need more. They took care of everything from the one email I sent - which is so rare.

Natural mattresses [Bear Mattress]

This bed has been great so far. I was expecting it to be a little bit more firm then it is but overall still decent support throughout the night. Didn’t take long to swell up after removing from packaging and didn’t leave a weird smell at all. Happy with my purchase

Bear Mattress Review [Bear Mattress]

The mattress is of very good quality and was firmer than anticipated when we first started to sleep on it. We have not been sleeping on it for about 2 1/2 months and it has softened nicely and is very comfortable.

Best mattress ever [Bear Mattress]

Literally the best mattress ever.

Bear Mattress for Life [Bear Mattress]

First few days felt a bit hard for my wife. After about the 9th day, it was magical. The mattress is great, you do feel more relaxed when you wake up. My work is very physical for 8 hours a day, after sleeping on the mattress for about 2 weeks I feel rested & my muscle feel relaxed. Also for both of us, our backs feel a lot better.

Best bed ever [Bear Mattress]

We love our Bear mattress! We bought one a few years ago and fell in love instantly. My husband doesn’t like to sleep anywhere else now. We bought a second one just recently for our lake house because my husband said he wanted to be just as comfortable up there as he is at home.

Best sleep of my life [Bear Mattress]

I love my bear mattress. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore and always wake up feeling like I got a good night’s rest.

No more morning strain [Bear Mattress]

The Bear Mattress lets me sleep through the night and recover from workouts without a lot of morning sore muscles.

Very satisfied! [Bear Mattress]

This matress is comfortable , perfect softness and firmness . After sleeping on it for 2 months back pain is significantly decreased. Would definitely recommend it to a friend or family member!

BEST MATTRESS EVER ! [Bear Mattress]

We now own two bear mattresses. One of which my husband and I use (LOVE) and we are constantly receiving compliments from our guests on how amazing it is and it’s the best sleep they’ve had in a while!

Great for recovery [Bear Mattress]

I have had the Bear Mattress now for about a month and I love it. I have recommended it to friends and they have even laid in it to try it out. The mattress definitely aids I recovery because I do a physically demanding job and the aches and pains are not nearly as bad as they used to be once I switched to Bear. Overall, I am very impressed on the mix between firm and comfy because it keeps my hips up and doesn't allow for my lower back to become strained. I highly recommend.

Super comfortable [Bear Mattress]

My husband and I have different sleeping needs. He has back pain intermittently and I was 7 months pregnant when we received the new mattress. Both of us have slept wonderful on this bear mattress and when I need to get up it does not bother him because he can’t feel it. When he gets up earlier than I do, I have not once woken up to him stirring in bed. This mattress is true to what they promise with comfort, customer service (reply back to questions quickly) and delivery was right on time.

Best Mattress Ever! [Bear Mattress]

This is by far the best mattress I’ve ever slept on, not too firm, not too soft. Just right!

Refreshingly comfortable [Bear Mattress]

My wife had back issues with our previous mattresses, but all of those problems went away with the Bear Matteess. It’s comfortable for both of us to sleep on and we never feel each other move. Our dogs love it too! I will be a customer of Bear for a very long time. Couldn’t imagine us sleeping on a different bed ever again!

Very comfortable [Bear Mattress]

My husband was the one who found this brand of mattress and I’m so happy he did! The mattress is on the firmer side which is what we wanted and is very comfortable. We’ve both been able to get great sleep at night and have noticed such a difference from our old pillow top mattress.

Best night sleep [Bear Mattress]

I will admit I was skeptical of a mattress that came to me in the mail in a box. However, it was the best decision I made! I sleep through the night, my lower back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain are all gone. It was so easy to set up too! I will admit it took me a couple days to adjust to sleeping on it, but my old mattress was so worn I would expect nothing less. If you're considering purchasing, do it! I mean with the return policy what do you have to lose?!?

Very nice [Bear Mattress]

Very nice

Best Mattress Yet [Bear Mattress]

I was a little skeptical for the first week, as I was used to a softer mattress, but now I’m in LOVE with my bear mattress and can’t imagine returning it! I know longer have back pain when I wake up in the morning (I’m a stomach sleeper), and I wake up more refreshed and well-rested.

Best mattress ever! [Bear Mattress]

I was extremely hesitant about ordering a mattress out of a box and without even trying it. But the reviews were so good I did. So glad I went with it! Love it! So comfortable and will be ordering another!

Bear-y Good Mattress [Bear Mattress]

The Bear Mattress is a great mattress. Fairly firm which is how I like my mattress. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in search of a new mattress

So amazing...we bought 2! [Puffy Mattress]

We purchased a twin sized puffy for my son who is 9. After all of us gave it a try, we decided to order a full sized puffy for our daughters' room. My mom, who has major arthritis pain in her back and joints stayed with us for a month this summer and was amazingly pain-free. Typically she is miserable after a few days without her zero gravity we were shocked at how well she did on the puffy. My husband and I have a tempupedic, which we love, but...


Received my puffy mattress late but Puffy Customer Support was quick and responsive on providing an update on the status of my delivery and contributed two king size puffy pillows for the delay. Hands down recommend this mattress!

Good [Puffy Mattress]


Great mattress [Puffy Mattress]

This mattress is absolutely great. I have slept so good the last month.

Perfect Mattress [Puffy Mattress]

Definitely love my matress so far. My back feels so much better and I am getting better sleep.

Puffy Pillow [Puffy Mattress]

I ordered a Puffy pillow last week. I've been searching for the perfect pillow and I found it! One night sleep on the Puffy pillow and I ordered a second one. The best feature of this pillow is that you can add and remove some of the foam in the pillow for the perfect feel. By far the best pillow I've slept on and better yet, it has a lifetime warranty!(as with all their products). I also recommended this to a friend and he purchased.

Puffy Mattress Pad [Puffy Mattress]

I bought the original Puffy Mattress in September of 2017, when it first came out and I still love it (even though the new mattress has an added gel foam). I got the Puffy Mattress Pad for referring a friend and it is by far the most comfortable pad I've slept on. It is worth buying 100%. I didn't think it could get any more comfortable until I got the pad. Love it! I recommend Puffy to everyone!

Best night sleep ever! [Puffy Mattress]

We purchased our King size Puffy Luv mattress a month ago. After one night sleeping on it, both my husband and I were amazed we both woke up with no back pain. Been the best night sleep ever since! I highly recommend.:)

I Love my Puffy Comforter [Puffy Mattress]

I Love my Puffy Comforter it feels so soft like a cloud.

Puffy Mattress Came In The Nick Of Time [Puffy Mattress]

Puffy Mattress arrived just in time! I had knee surgery and needed a new mattress. I wanted something firm but soft and I needed ASAP! Puffy Mattress 4th of July Sale answer my prayer! Thanks Puffy Mattress!

Amazing Comfort and Keeps Me Cool [Puffy Mattress]

This is by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned. It really is breathable and keeps me cool through the night. I bought my mattress with the Puffy Foundation. I love it. No annoying mattress squeaks. I had some trouble assembling at first, so I emailed the Puffy team and they sent me a helpful tip for successful assembly.

Love it [Puffy Mattress]

No more shoulder pain!

Bodacious bed [Puffy Mattress]

I've been sleeping on my new Puffy mattress for about three months, and I just love it. It is so supportive and cozy that my back doesn't hurt anymore in the morning, and I sleep like a rock and wake up refreshed. I think this may be the best purchase I've ever made. I slept for the past five years on a Tempurpedic (three times the price) and believed that it was the best, but actually it did nothing for my back pain or quality of sleep. One has to try a Puffy to...

Best bed I've ever owned [Puffy Mattress]

Most comfortable and supportive mattress I've ever slept on. Great to just relax and de-stress after a hard day of work

A Firm Cloud! [Puffy Mattress]

We love our puffy twin XL’s! Like sleeping on a cloud but still nice and firm!

Puffy mattress with pad [Puffy Mattress]

I was pleasantly surprised on this mattress and pad -almost 13 inches of sweet comfort, I am not disappointed with my purchase.

Love My Puffy Lux! [Puffy Mattress]

Love, love, love my Puffy Lux!!!! I am so happy with my new mattress. I sleep better on my side now. Much more comfortable then my old bed.

Best mattress ever [Puffy Mattress]

We love our new Puffy Lux, We have only had it for 22 days and it is helping my husband’s hip and back feel a lot beter.

Great Sleep [Nectar Mattress]

My 70 year old cousin was the first to try our new Nectar mattress. She said it’s the most comfortable mattress she’s ever slept on! After five nights, she claimed to have fewer aches and pains during the daytime, and she loved the way the bed comforted her aching knees at night.

Truly delivers [Nectar Mattress]

I was looking for a mattress that would be firm for my husband and side for me. This mattress fits the bill. We both sleep so well and no more bouncing around everyone one of us rolls over. Really is a wonderful mattress.

The Nectar mattress is one [Nectar Mattress]

The Nectar mattress is one of the best mattresses i have ever owned. I was comprehensive to buy with out seeing it or laying in it first, but when they offered free return if I didn’t like it , I thought I would give it a try. I’m so glad I did as I was not disappointed. Highly recommend. Thank you Amy.

Great value! [Nectar Mattress]

Great value!

Nectar mattress [Nectar Mattress]

It is a wonderful mattress it has been the best sleep ever

No more sleepless nights [Nectar Mattress]

Since getting my Nectar mattress I finally sleep through the night. I was waking up multiple times during the night for the last 10 years and kept blaming it on age, worries, etc., but now realize that the mattress I had, which was obscenely expensive, was the cause. My son had bought one a year ago and convinced me to only buy Nectar and he had e...Read Morextensively researched all the bed in a box brands. An interrupted night’s sleep leads to calmer days. Read Less

Nectar queen [Nectar Mattress]

I needed a bed for a guest room asap, but low on funds to purchase. We had ordered a nectar bed already and loved it. I live that the payment plan was so easy to do. Had the bed a few days after order. It was packaged well. I was able to get it around and on the frame by myself. I am 4'11". Also we almost always get items that are slightly used be...Read Morecause it takes forever to break them in. I sleep comfortably on the nectar matteress day one. Read Less

I love it! [Nectar Mattress]

I have fibromyalgia and ankelosing spondolitis. I have found it very difficult to get a good night's sleep. Until Nectar! I don't toss and turn and if it weren't for my narcissistic bladder, I would sleep straight through the night! I rarely wake up in pain either. So far so good!

Absolutely Amazing!! [Nectar Mattress]

This bed & pillows are amazing! It's the perfect combination of soft and supportive that both my husband and I enjoy! We've been sleeping better the last few weeks than ever - and have noticed that both of us are snoring less, can't feel movement from the other when turning over and/or getting in/out of bed. I always thought I needed 2 pillows...Read More to sleep, but it turns out I just needed 1 pillow with the right support! Also, I'm less achy in my joints and back when I get up in the morning. This is the BEST purchase I've made in a long time!!! We purchased the King Mattress, Platform Bed (also great - we were afraid it'd be too low), and mattress cover. Thanks Nectar!!! Read Less

Fantastic mattress [Nectar Mattress]

I never thought I would wake up without back pain again, until I tried nectar! It is the best sleep experience I have ever had and my husband loves it too! I highly recommend this mattress if you are on the fence, it’s just the right amount of soft and firm and doesn’t transfer hardly any movement so your partner can rest peacefully if you have di...Read Morefferent sleep and wake schedules. Read Less

Nectar matters protecter [Nectar Mattress]

I really like the the quality of this this product but a have noticed after putting it on that do get hotter at night.

love our mattress! [Nectar Mattress]

Every night my husband climbs into bed and says "oh, I love this mattress"! We haven't hesitated to recommend it to our family and friends

Mattress Topper vs Sleeping Hot [Nectar Mattress]

I sleep hot, and found that my Nectar mattress just wasn't cool enough for me. When I brought the situation to the attention of the Nectar Support Team, they offered to ship me their gel-infused mattress topper without charge or obligation. The topper arrived after a few days, boxed and compressed in plastic wrap. The Topper expands to about a fou...Read Morer-inch thickness. With the Topper on, the surface of the mattress feels plush, quite a bit softer--I would even say "luxurious." As for cooling, I was at first skeptical. But to my happy surprise the Topper does, noticeably, "spread out" my body heat so that I sleep much cooler than before. And, whenever I roll over to a new position, the mattress definitely cools more quickly behind me. In summary, the Mattress Topper made enough difference in my comfort that I'm sleeping really well now, and will gladly be keeping my Nectar Mattress. Read Less

Submitted one already [Nectar Mattress]

Submitted one already

OWNER [Nectar Mattress]


Best sleep in my life [Nectar Mattress]

This mattress has seriously changed my life and I wake up feeling great every single morning.

Sleeping great! [Nectar Mattress]

The frame took a while to be delivered, but I must admit, it was worth the wait. Between the adjustable frame and the mattress I sleep great. I replaced a Casper Mattress which I always felt was too firm for me. So far, I am very happy...

Daughter loves it! [Nectar Mattress]

Very comfortable, and so easy since everything shipped to my house.

We love our mattress and [Nectar Mattress]

We love our mattress and the easy of getting it there!!

I've had this bed over [Brooklyn Bedding Signature]

I've had this bed over a week now, and I sleep entirely through the night! The medium softness is ideal. It's soft when initially laying down, but it doesn't make me sink. I have slept on my back, stomach, and side since getting the mattress, and it does seem to support all of them. I was nervous about buying a mattress online so I reviewed a lot on before choosing. This one was well rated, and rightly so!

We enjoy it! [Brooklyn Bedding Signature]

We enjoy it!

Great bed and very good [Brooklyn Bedding Signature]

Great bed and very good customer support, thank you!

Pat [Brooklyn Bedding Signature]

I am completely satisfied with the entire process from ordering to delivery. The salesman was very attentive to our needs. He is knowledgeable, personable and not pushy. The delivery time took 7 days. The 3 gentlemen who delivered and set up the bed were knowledgeable, professional and respectful of our property during the delivery, set up, and removal of former bedding. All our questions were answered at the showroom and our home. Great company and employees.

Awesome mattress. [Brooklyn Bedding Signature]

Awesome mattress.

After LOTS of research, I [Brooklyn Bedding Signature]

After LOTS of research, I decided on the Brooklyn Signature in med firm. I use a lightly padded mattress protector on top , and I love it. My husband likes it too, but said it could be a little firmer. He is 190 stomach sleeper, I’m 125 side sleeper. Overall, I think it’s a good fit for us. There was no smell when we removed the plastic.

Extremely comfortable bed that looks [Brooklyn Bedding Signature]

Extremely comfortable bed that looks very well made. The handles are a nice feature. I also think this mattress will last a long time.

Definitely with others who has [Brooklyn Bedding Signature]

Definitely with others who has spent HOURS and HOURS researching. This is our 5th mattress in less than a year. We have tried Beautyrest World Class, Leesa, Casper, Nest Bedding, and Dreamcloud before this one. We are only a week or 2 in, so time will tell. But as long as I don't update this post, we are still sleeping good FINALLY. We are light weight side sleepers who have found every other mattress too firm. I had little faith in this mattress changing that, but we are loving it so far. It is the end-all-be-all game changer? Not 100% sure yet but so far so good. Also, we chose this mattress because it was a Hyrbrid Soft mattress vs an all foam (we felt would be less durable than a hybrid).

Slept on it a few [Brooklyn Bedding Signature]

Slept on it a few nights and so far I like it, i still need to adjust to not sleeping on my old mattress, but so far so good with my new Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress.

Mattress is very comfortable. Not [Brooklyn Bedding Signature]

Mattress is very comfortable. Not to hard and not too soft.

Very happy with this mattress. [Brooklyn Bedding Signature]

Very happy with this mattress.

Timely delivery and Excellent quality!!! [Brooklyn Bedding Signature]

Timely delivery and Excellent quality!!!

After tons and tons of [Brooklyn Bedding Signature]

After tons and tons of research for an affordable, ship-in-a-box mattress, I chose Brooklyn Bedding. I like that this isn't made entirely of memory foam which makes me feel suffocated. The signature mattress in medium firmness is the right amount of softness to make the bed feel luxurious. The only slight downside is that there is movement transfer when sleeping with a partner - not enough for me to remove a star but a consideration if you're a light sleeper.

I love this mattress! It’s [Brooklyn Bedding Signature]

I love this mattress! It’s so comfortable.

Bought the mattress sight unseen, [Brooklyn Bedding Signature]

Bought the mattress sight unseen, natrually, so I was a little skeptical at first. I was offered the first responders discount, which was a huge help on the cost. I called the customer service line because I had some questions and they were very knowledgeable and they answered all of them. Had the mattress delivered, installed it, and I couldn't wait to sleep on it. At first, it seemed way to soft (I got the medium setting). The first couple nights, it was uncomfortable for me as it was too soft. I gave it another go on the third night, now I can't stay out of the bed. Best money I could've ever spent on a bed. Thank you Brooklyn Bedding for an amazing mattress!!!

I'm loving the Brooklyn Signature [Brooklyn Bedding Signature]

I'm loving the Brooklyn Signature mattress!

The Brooklyn Signature mattress is [Brooklyn Bedding Signature]

The Brooklyn Signature mattress is outstanding! The confort is totally awesome. No chemical smell and the manufacture and shipping time frame was as promised.

Second purchase of a Brooklyn [Brooklyn Bedding Signature]

Second purchase of a Brooklyn bed.j Very comfortable beds with none of the heat of memory foam. Highly recommend. Fast delivery.

Comfort [Tuft & Needle Mattress]

Comfort and a great sleep

I love the no bs advertising [Tuft & Needle Mattress]

I love the no bs advertising and actually showing what they sell and honestly pricing and real reviews from actual people who own the products

relaxing [Tuft & Needle Mattress]

How firm and relaxing it is

Everything [Tuft & Needle Mattress]

Everything, this is the best mattress and pillow I have ever used.

No pressure [Tuft & Needle Mattress]

No pressure on my joints

So far your customer service is outstanding [Tuft & Needle Mattress]

So far your customer service is outstanding the mattresses feel good on my back what more could I ask for

Great [Tuft & Needle Mattress]

Great sleep

I've had my Tuft & Needle Mint mattress for about 10 days [Tuft & Needle Mattress]

I've had my Tuft & Needle Mint mattress for about 10 days and have found it to be firmer than I remember from trying it in the store. I'm hoping that it'll become less firm in the next couple of weeks (as indicated by customer service) and that the topper that's being sent to me will also help in my quest for good, restful sleep.

Easy to order [Tuft & Needle Mattress]

Easy to order, get the mattress, set up the mattress.The whole process was easy!!

The mattress is beyond comfortable [Tuft & Needle Mattress]

The mattress is beyond comfortable and helps me stay cool throughout the night.

Better delivery [Tuft & Needle Mattress]

Better delivery and set up.

Wonderful [Tuft & Needle Mattress]

Wonderful mattress and pillows. Delivery was great and no hassles at all!!!!

affordable [Tuft & Needle Mattress]

affordable, easy, comfortable

Easy to order [Tuft & Needle Mattress]

Easy to order inline, easy delivery, easy set-up and assembly... Not to mention the Mint mattress is amazing and worth every penny!

Customer service is personable [Tuft & Needle Mattress]

Customer service is personable and very efficient.

perfect [Tuft & Needle Mattress]

It’s perfect

In love [Tuft & Needle Mattress]

In love with this mattress.

Mattress [Tuft & Needle Mattress]

Mattress is wonderful and linen sheets are the best I have ever slept on

STILL THE BEST [Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

It's been 5 years since I got my Tempur-Pedic mattress and it is still one of the best purchases I have ever made. For those wondering I bought those tempur-pedic pillows and it was a great addition! This mattress still allows me to perform at my best the next day no matter the challenges. Would recommend this mattress to anyone.

Best Sleeping Experience Ever! [Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

This is the most expensive Tempurpedic one you can buy and I was kind of not certainly sure about doing this investment but now which bought and have it for 1 month, I should say I LOVE it. Nothing is comfier than my mattress. I purchased Luxebreeze firm one in a king size and it's the best investment I ever made. when I'm going to bed, I really don't want to wake up and go to work! it's cool, not so soft, not so firm and really helped me with my body adjustment and pressure points. I never into the memory foam mattresses but man, this is the different story. You should try it and then you can understand what I'm talking about.

Awsome!!! [Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

Simply amazing! Sink in to your body shape and sleep...this mattress keeps you cool and gives you a good nights sleep.

Still sleeping but cooler [Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

We have had one of the original tempurpedic king mattresses since 2003. We loved the comfort and sleep it provided. However as we aged it seemed to sleep warmer than originally. We probably changed not the mattress. We check all kinds of competing mattresses and none could be agreed upon. Then shopped tempurpedic again. Wow, at the different models available, they have really progressed as a product line. Bought the Tempurpedic Luxe Breeze Soft, no more hot nights and the comfort is exceptional.

Worth it [Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

First Tempur-Pedic purchase. I am very pleased with the mattress. With my old mattress, I would wake up with aches and pains. Not anymore. I am now well rested. A big concern for me was that I would get too hot on a Tempur-Pedic, but the LuxeBreeze mattress is not any hotter than my old pillow top mattress.

Finally!! [Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

This is my third Tempurpedic mattress. The first was a Classic, the second a Cloud Supreme Breeze; which was way too soft and not very cool, as advertised. After 4 years on the Cloud Supreme Breeze; I decided that I would test the LUXEbreeze Firm. It was a hit! It only took me 45 minutes laying on it and one day to think and the decision was made to purchase the Firm. Never regretted it, especially since I had only had my Cloud Supreme Breeze for 4 years. Sleeping so much better and cooler.

comfortable and relaxing. [Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

It seems to fit me however I am laying on it. Would recommend to anyone wanting a experience with comfort!

Sleeping like a baby! [Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

Love it! Love the adjustable base and it's much cooler than other foam mattresses I've tried !

Love Love Love [Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

My husband and I are in love with our new mattress! This mattress is so comfortable-it has revolutionized sleep and relaxation. The cool breeze technology keeps me comfortable-night sweats are a thing of the past for me!

Comfy and supportive [Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

Has given us great sleep and has helped our backs. Best mattress we've ever had.

High Quality [Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

I've tried several beds in the last year. I have lower back pain that seems to have become worse from my old mattress. Each mattress I tried I would wake up with severe back pain. Since I bought this mattress my lower back pain has been minimal. I don't wake up with pain in the morning anymore! I'm in love with my mattress

Woww so comfortable! [Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

I have beed thinking of buying a tempur-pedic mattress for years now...more specifically 11! why didn't I do this sooner?! what a loss ..I ended up buying a beauty rest 5 years ago and after 1 year and a half I couldn't sleep anymore on it and I bought the tempur-pedic topper which saved my back! I wish I bought this mattress sooner and instead of the beauty rest which was in the 3000 range.. oh well lesson learned! sticking with tempur-pedic for lifetime!!!

comfortable and relaxing. [Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

It seems to fit me however I am laying on it. Would recommend to anyone wanting a experience with comfort!

Sleeping like a baby! [Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

Love it! Love the adjustable base and it's much cooler than other foam mattresses I've tried !

Love Love Love [Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

My husband and I are in love with our new mattress! This mattress is so comfortable-it has revolutionized sleep and relaxation. The cool breeze technology keeps me comfortable-night sweats are a thing of the past for me!

Comfy and supportive [Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

Has given us great sleep and has helped our backs. Best mattress we've ever had.

High Quality [Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

I've tried several beds in the last year. I have lower back pain that seems to have become worse from my old mattress. Each mattress I tried I would wake up with severe back pain. Since I bought this mattress my lower back pain has been minimal. I don't wake up with pain in the morning anymore! I'm in love with my mattress

Woww so comfortable! [Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

I have beed thinking of buying a tempur-pedic mattress for years now...more specifically 11! why didn't I do this sooner?! what a loss ..I ended up buying a beauty rest 5 years ago and after 1 year and a half I couldn't sleep anymore on it and I bought the tempur-pedic topper which saved my back! I wish I bought this mattress sooner and instead of the beauty rest which was in the 3000 range.. oh well lesson learned! sticking with tempur-pedic for lifetime!!!

Lives up to the hype [Casper Mattress]

I finally decided to bite the bullet and make the purchase of the Casper queen size mattress. My old mattress was a full size memory foam one purchased from Overstock and I’ve had it for almost ten years now. Needless to say, I was ready for a new mattress. Sleepless nights and cramped quarters with my boyfriend pushed me to purchase this mattress. We both work in healthcare…

Casper the friendly mattress [Casper Mattress]

Worth every penny - going from a 5 year-old box spring foam mattress setup to a Casper was an instant game-changer. Cool, clean, and most importantly COMFORTABLE. I don't see myself going back!

No back pain [Casper Mattress]

My husband has had 3 spinal fusions. We have been sleeping on a Tempur-pedic mattress for several years. His back always hurts when he gets up in the morning. Since being on the Casper, his back doesn't hurt. That's a big deal!

It’s almost magical! [Casper Mattress]

What a difference a night makes! I was used to waking up with a stiff or sore lower back every day, thinking it had to do with my line of work. I decided to buy a new mattress since my old spring mattress was starting to show its age and after a good amount of research, kept hearing/seeing the Casper mattress reviews. I gave in, bought one, and I’m glad I did. My back…

Very Satisfied! [Casper Mattress]

I was skeptical about purchasing a mattress without trying it first, but figured the no hassle return policy provided some confidence I could back out if I didn't agree with the mattress. The mattress arrived before my platform frame, so the first couple of nights I slept on it, the mattress was on the floor and for whatever reason I initially did not sleep well. But once I…

Sleep Like a Baby Again [Casper Mattress]

So far, we’ve had the Casper mattress for about 3 weeks. It did take a couple of nights for me to get used to the support bc I’ve been sleeping on a pillow top mattress for at least the last 10 years. While the pillowtop mattress appears soft, it was deceiving for what my body needs. I was first introduced to the Casper through advertisements and then slept on one at the…

Very Comfortable Mattress [Casper Mattress]

I have been sleeping on this Casper mattress for about 3 weeks now. It is a comfortable mattress that is not too firm or too soft.

Happy Customer [Casper Mattress]

We love our mattress and are so happy we picked Casper! The whole process was super easy and we loved being able to go in the store and try it out

Pillow and mattress Casper lovers! [Casper Mattress]

Exactly what we were looking for. Firm but not so firm where its uncomfortable. We are a co-sleeping family meaning our toddler sleeps in our bed and we've all had a hard time waking up since we've been sleeping on our new bed. We also have Casper pillows and love them too!!!

Restless Nights, No More [Casper Mattress]

I had difficulty sleeping through the night and the lack of rest was effecting my daily routine. But after a few nights on the Casper, my energy has gone up and more long nights of rest have awaited me. Your partner will thank you for getting this!

Twin [Casper Mattress]

We love the pillows and tried the mattress for our son. He has slept well and I am ready to try the king for myself

Great sleep [Casper Mattress]

Enjoying great sleep and no back aches!!!

My Casper experience (so far) [Casper Mattress]

The truck delivered my two twin XL's and we hauled them to our garage. Our two Vizsla puppies watched as I opened the first box and cut away the retaining wrapper. The pups were amazed as the matress seemed to come alive and grow before their eyes. The second unboxing again grew before them. Now, they give the bed a wide berth as if it is a living thing.

The Hype Is Real [Casper Mattress]

I thought there was no way this mattress was as good as it was hyped up to be....but I am very happy to have been proved wrong! I suffer from an anxiety disorder that causes lots of issues with my sleep and I can honestly say having my Casper has greatly improved the quality of sleep I’ve been getting! Thank you!

Support/Cloud life. [Casper Mattress]

It’s like every part of my body is supported and I’m floating on clouds at the same time.

Pregnant and finally sleeping [Casper Mattress]

Im currently pregnant with my second child, and my husband has had back surgery for scoliosis. Finding a mattress that fit both of our needs was a must! For the first time in my pregnancy, I feel like I'm finally getting some good sleep. Plus, my husband has had less back pain. Thankful for a mattress that worked for both of us!

Best Sleep Ever [Casper Mattress]

One of the most comfortable mattresses I’ve ever slept on. Super fast and easy setup. Personally didn’t take more than a night or two for me to get used to it.

Sleeping better than a baby! [Casper Mattress]

I purchased another major brand foam mattress and slept terribly for almost 2 years. Have been sleeping on a Casper mattress for almost 2 weeks and the difference has been unbelievable! I would highly recommend the Casper mattress to everyone!

My ex got the Casper in the divorce [Casper Mattress]

I lost my first Casper mattress in my divorce and for no real reason other than my ex wife kept the house. I needed to furnish my new place and instead of buying another Casper, I bought a traditional spring coil mattress at half the price. What a mistake and one I will never make again. I should have just slept on the floor in a sleeping bag and saved the extra I needed to…

My daughters love their new mattresses [Casper Mattress]

I bought 3 mattress one for each daughter and all three daughters love heir new mattress. It made me very happy when my youngest, who is 12, told me without any prompting, that she loves her new mattress and feels as though she gets to sleep quicker and without waking throughout the night. I am completely sold and would highly recommend it.

Great buy [Amazon Mattress]

This bed is great. It’s as comfortable as the other foam mattresses that cost 3x’s as much. I read a lot of complaints that it’s too soft..which is confusing because it’s soft but also plenty firm. I have the mattress on a box spring and a slatted bed frame which I’m sure helps add firmness. Great buy! Hopefully it holds up.

Does a memory foam mattress need a box spring? [Amazon Mattress]

A foundation is as vital to your bed as it is to your house. Leaving your mattress directly on the floor will wear it out more quickly, and therefore reduce its lifespan. Even so, as a rule, you should never use a box spring to support your memory foam mattress. The truth is that it won’t give your bed the kind of foundation that it really needs. Memory foam mattresses are created with various layers of high-density polyurethane foam. When used on box spring over a long period, the bed may begin to sag. This is because of the gaps between this kind of foundation. Besides, because memory foam mattresses are bouncy enough on their own, they don’t need the extra bounce that a box spring provides. That being said, it is essential to know that what your memory foam mattress requires is a solid base, and a wooden slat foundation is an ideal choice for it. Apart from the fact that you can use it to gain extra height for your bed, the foundation will also provide a robust uniformed bottom for your foam’s cores, and make it feel even more comfortable to relax on. Usually, most of these foundation models typically come with built-in storage space and help to create the illusion of larger bedroom space. It also offers healthy airflow for the mattress while helping to keep it cool as well. The best foundations for memory foam mattresses are those whose slats are no more than 3 inches apart. With this, the foam will not sag easily. Bottom line Mattresses require a sort of foundation for support. For a memory foam mattress, however, box spring foundations are a no-no. So, what do you think? Do you need a box spring with a memory foam mattress? In the end, the choice is yours. Even so, you should stick to all that has been written here. It will guide you a lot. Also Read:

Slightly oversized for a regular twin frame. Otherwise, nice. [Amazon Mattress]

Slightly oversized for a regular twin frame. Otherwise, nice.

For the price, worthily comparable to my Tempurpedic [Amazon Mattress]

For the price, this mattress is amazing. I am comparing it to my tempurpedic brand mattress with a medium firmness/softness. I sink in about the exact same amount as my Tempurpedic. The video on the site was really helpful in my decision; I could see exactly how much the person sank into the foam. It may be too soft for some people; totally understandable, so use the video to get a sense of the softness. While the foam doesn’t feel as luxurious as my Tempurpedic, it is still quite comfortable and I sleep pain free. The price absolutely cannot be beat. Even if I have to replace this mattress with the same one every five years, I won’t reach the cost of a king size Tempurpedic at least 25 years!

Good quality for price, retains heat [Amazon Mattress]

This mattress was pretty good for the price. A good cross between firm and soft. It does tend to retain heat though so be warned.

Great price for the quality [Amazon Mattress]

It’s so comfy and the best great price!

Great for the money. [Amazon Mattress]

Great for the money. So comfortable and soft love this bed.

Amazing [Amazon Mattress]


mattress comfy, but is not flat!!! [Amazon Mattress]

unfortunately my mattress has not fully expanded or something, as it is shaped like a banana!!! low in the middle, high on the ends. very difficult to sleep through the night when my back in lower than my head/feet... the mattress itself is a very good mix of firm and plush, but the fact that in isn’t flat is a deal breaker. i called to have it picked up to return for a refund, but they only pick up monday-friday during the hours i am at work... not sure what i will do, as i cannot afford to take a day off of work. hopefully someone will reach out to me with another solution, i’m sure i’m not the first person who has ran into this issue.

Very comfortable and very soft [Amazon Mattress]

It was softer than I realized but I love it. I’ve had it for a week now and I’ve slept very well on it.

Good mattress. [Amazon Mattress]

Love this. It is a slightly soft, but very comfy.

Smells horrible, even 8 months later [Amazon Mattress]

8 months later this mattress still smells horrible. I can't lay on the thing for more than a couple minutes. This isn't our first memory foam mattress, and I'm not generally one to notice this kind of thing.

Fiber glass :( [Amazon Mattress]

2 nights of owning and 2 uncontrollable nights of sneezing. I never have bloody noses and I woke up with one! Buyer beware! I think this mattress is a danger to your health because of the fiber glass

I wouldn’t recommend [Amazon Mattress]

Not satisfied with my item

Great sleep [Amazon Mattress]

Comfortable, reasonable, love it.

soft [Amazon Mattress]

It said soft but isn't soft!

Delivery quality matter the most when its really needed. [Amazon Mattress]

This says Amazon basics. Basic in quality perhaps?? Little did I know this purchase on 7/20/19 would be arriving all the way from Canada as did not specify before I placed order on July 30th. On July 22nd I tried to return because said delivery as projected may take longer than normal and bought another that arrived in two days. Very disappointed after the thousand's we spend with Amazon as also this is not the only account , about this. This was purchased for someone with lumbar spine issues before they left in their motorhome to their next destination. Better luck next time and more $ spent in meantime. I feel I should get a credit because this had to be shipped from elsewhere as stated in one message due to a demand??? Issue everywhere I turned.

Great value [Amazon Mattress]

So comfortable

I can’t sleep comfortably on this bed [Amazon Mattress]

slept in my bed for the very first time- after receiving the bed frame, although the bed is soft- it’s too soft for me. I haven’t had a good night sleep. I body aches and I am 143lbs and sinks to the bottom touching the frame. I will be grateful to return the bed for something much more firm.

Good matress [Amazon Mattress]

Great matress. Comfortable and no smell from the box.

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