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Twin Loft Bed Reviews

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Twin Loft Beds are the most popular loft beds available. With more designs, ranging from metal to wooden options, shoppers have access to more styles than ever before. However, not all loft beds are created equal. With some options having issues with durability and assembly, it can be difficult to find the right beds for your family. Below, we go through some of the best rated brands and spell out the essentials to buying your new twin loft bed.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 9.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.7/10

Material Quality: 9.8/10

Design Options: 9.8/10

Ease of Assembly: 9.7/10

Price Value: 9.8/10

Price: $232-$1375

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Twin Loft Bed Details

Loft beds have become increasingly popular over the last few years. But, what makes a great loft bed? For one, a sturdy and spacious area beneath the mattress makes a great bed. Additionally, easy assembly is another essential. However, what customers also really want are trendy styles and high value for the materials used. Good loft bed brands provide extra space and cozy sleep areas with easy to assemble products that are stylish, all for a lower price for the materials.

That said, not all great loft beds are bargains, which is why we have selected a range of brands that have excellent feedback from customers, some that are lower cost and some that offer higher-end quality.

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Best Loft Bed Brands

Below, we'll go through competitive loft bed brands that customers love, and discuss the ins and outs of their styles, craftsmanship, and any caveats customers report.

Here is what's inside the widely popular Mack & Milo Loft Beds:

Like finding great bargains? Mack & Milo offers a a wide range of designs that are affordable and low cost. Their most popular options include those with metal materials that most customers like. Most customers find these loft beds sturdy, but there are some rare complaints about longevity.

Next, here is what's inside their Viv + Rae Loft Beds:

If you are looking for a loft bed for your child or teenager, Viv + Rae provide a wide range of products that are low cost and beloved by parents. With popular designs that are lower profile and range from metal to wooden craftsmanship, most customers find what they are looking for with Viv + Rae. Most customers find these loft beds to be easy to assemble, but there are some small issues on long term durability.

Next, here is what's inside their Harriet Bee Loft Beds:

Harriet Bee provides higher end loft bed options that primarily feature wooden designs that have added shelving and desk space. These loft beds are ideal for both children and adults with sizes ranging from full to twins. Most customers like their Harriet Bee loft beds mentioning durable craftsmanship and straight forward assembly.

Next, here is what's inside their Birch Lane™ Heritage Loft Bed:

Birch Lane offers high value for the materials used with affordable pricing. Their loft beds feature primarily wooden designs with both entertainment and storage space below the mattress. Customers have good things to say about the styles, assembly, and durability of these beds overall.

How to Find The Best & Avoid The Worst

When it comes to finding the best loft beds, the best options are sturdy, styled-well, price-competitive, and are loved by customers. However, those to steer clear from include brands that aren't transparent with customer reviews and seem priced too high for what they are selling. These include many name-brand retailers and storefronts that may mark up their materials many times before you buy them.

Browse Twin Loft Bed Customer Reviews

Nice [Mack & Milo Twin Loft Bed]

Nice bed!

Clean [Mack & Milo Twin Loft Bed]

Clean lines,sturdy,built-in side ladder on both sides gives you many design options for your room. Bed works great with a full size bed underneath.

Love [Mack & Milo Twin Loft Bed]

Love it! Love the space, quality, just a cover of one leg came broke overall is the best item to my girl enjoyed!

This is a nice looking loft [Mack & Milo Twin Loft Bed]

This is a nice looking loft and very sturdy. I originally thought I wanted a wooden loft, but I went with this because of the built in ladder and great reviews. I like that the ladder does not stick out away from the bed, thus reducing its overall footprint. Assembly was not complicated and took about 4 hours for this 40-something mom with just a little help at the end when it was time to stand up the ends and connect them....Read More

Solid [Mack & Milo Twin Loft Bed]

Solid bed for my 5-year-old. Easy assembly.

I like that this loft bed has two ways [Mack & Milo Twin Loft Bed]

I like that this loft bed has two ways to climb into. It has opened up the space in my daughter's room. We put the loft bed together ourselves.

My son loves the bed! [Mack & Milo Twin Loft Bed]

My son loves the bed! It’s sturdy and is beautiful!

As expected [Mack & Milo Twin Loft Bed]

As expected. Some Plastic parts, sturdy for the price.

Cute [Mack & Milo Twin Loft Bed]

Cute colorful

Very pleased with our purchase [Mack & Milo Twin Loft Bed]

Very pleased with our purchase! The bed is sturdy and well-made. Our 3-year-old loves climbing up and down the ladder to his "treehouse." The flat rungs of the ladder make it easy for his feet to step up. Important detail compared to other loft beds we looked at....Read More

This bed was a challenge [Mack & Milo Twin Loft Bed]

This bed was a challenge to put together by myself but we LOVE it. The mint color is beautiful and it is very sturdy.

Great [Mack & Milo Twin Loft Bed]

Great bunk bed! Perfect for the kids room.

Seems sturdy enough [Mack & Milo Twin Loft Bed]

Seems sturdy enough if properly constructed. The 1 hex key tool provided does not make construction easy or timely. Luckily I have plenty of my own tools. I feel it is put together well only because I had the necessary tools of my own....Read More

Big bed [Viv + Rae Twin Loft Bed]

Big bed, beautiful it’s creaking now but hope it settles soon.

My 10 year old loves it [Viv + Rae Twin Loft Bed]

My 10 year old loves it! My husband put it together himself one afternoon (with very minor help from me). We’ve had it a few months now and it’s very sturdy.

Love this bed! [Viv + Rae Twin Loft Bed]

Love this bed!! The child does too. Zero complaints!

After 3 months [Viv + Rae Twin Loft Bed]

After 3 months of a 65lb 10 year old boy sleeping on the bed, the foot board has separated. I am disappointed in the quality.

Feels sturdy enough [Viv + Rae Twin Loft Bed]

Feels sturdy enough for my 11 year old son, he loves it so far. Looks beautiful too.

LOVE [Viv + Rae Twin Loft Bed]


Very sturdy [Viv + Rae Twin Loft Bed]

Very sturdy and a beautiful bed! My 13 yr old daughter has the full size version with a sofa sleeper table underneath. We put up curtains around the bottom to create a completely separate area for her. She LOVES this bed!...Read More

I would have given this 5 stars [Viv + Rae Twin Loft Bed]

I would have given this 5 stars if there hadn't been some chipping of the paint on the headboard. I didn't want to go through the hassle of waiting for a replacement so the part that is chipped is against the wall. Ceiling height is 8'10". Our 11 year old LOVES this loft. Rug is the Maya Flokati Dark Grey Area Rug from Wayfair....Read More

The bed was delivered on time [Viv + Rae Twin Loft Bed]

The bed was delivered on time and is very good quality! There were no missing pieces and everything seems well made. Assembly was not complicated. Definitely needed 2 people to put it together. My daughter loves it!...Read More

Nice bed [Viv + Rae Twin Loft Bed]

Nice bed but I wish the 4 posts were long solid pieces. Each post is two pieces which makes the bed less sturdy.

Amazing [Viv + Rae Twin Loft Bed]

Amazing well made love it.

This bed is beautiful! [Viv + Rae Twin Loft Bed]

This bed is beautiful! This is the only full size loft bed I have found for under $1000 and I've been looking for two years! It is incredibly solid and built to last. Beautifully made and my eight year old daughter absolutely loves it. Worth every penny and more!...Read More

All solid wood is a plus [Viv + Rae Twin Loft Bed]

All solid wood is a plus. The loft went together without any issues and is solid. Perfect for my daughter.

The bed is sturdy [Harriet Bee Twin Loft Bed]

The bed is sturdy but definitely requires two people to put together. Two of the holes weren’t drilled deep enough so we had to buy a special tool to drill in the hole further to put the screws in. A good bed but a lot of hassle putting together. Opt to have it assembled for you....Read More

Delivery on time and convenient [Harriet Bee Twin Loft Bed]

Delivery on time and convenient. Bed is solidly built and should last for years. Saves so much space in a small bedroom and my granddaughter loves it. Only issue was the assembly instructions were not in English but pictures were clear enough for one person to put together in a few hours.....Read More

Great [Harriet Bee Twin Loft Bed]

Great quality product. My daughters love it!

This bed is perfect [Harriet Bee Twin Loft Bed]

This bed is perfect! I thought it would be intrusive for our size room because we only have a 10x10 room with an 8' ceiling, but it really isn't intrusive at all because of all of the floor space that it's opened up. It is extremely well made, too. Super solid & beautiful! I like that the stairs can be put on either side, too....Read More

My daughter loves this! [Harriet Bee Twin Loft Bed]

My daughter loves this! Sturdy and well-made, lots of drawer space, and she enjoys this area under the loft.

Very solid [Harriet Bee Twin Loft Bed]

Very solid. Not too difficult to assemble

Gets damage easily [Harriet Bee Twin Loft Bed]

Gets damage easily, like scratches!

Very sturdy and great storage [Harriet Bee Twin Loft Bed]

Very sturdy and great storage. Grab a friend and a few beers to put the thing together, it takes a while.

this is just perfect [Harriet Bee Twin Loft Bed]

this is just perfect for the loft area outside of my daughter's bedroom which we use as a playroom. It proved not only extra sleeping space, but plenty of wonderful storage. Just what I needed.

The bed feels solidly [Harriet Bee Twin Loft Bed]

The bed feels solidly made and it looks great! We have my daughter’s toddler bed under it now as a “bottom bunk” and love the way it looks. The extra storage in the drawers and stairs is awesome. I shopped around for a very long time before purchasing this, and I have no regrets so far. My 5 year old loves his new bed!...Read More

It looks great [Harriet Bee Twin Loft Bed]

It looks great. sturdy, spacious and comfortable.

DO NOT TRY [Harriet Bee Twin Loft Bed]

DO NOT TRY AND ASSEMBLE THIS ON YOUR OWN! It's nearly impossible! But it is a very lovely bed. The stairs are quite narrow. You have to go down slowly and sometimes your ankle or heel hits the knobs on the drawers. The dresser drawers we're MUCH smaller than expected. I will have to put clothes in the stair case drawers. Also not being able to adjust the shelves height is kind of a bummer....Read More

Took 2 people 6 hours [Harriet Bee Twin Loft Bed]

Took 2 people 6 hours to put together however once done it was pretty solid. Our daughter,7 years, loves it. It completely transformed her room giving her more floor space. I have climbed up there with her and it still feels secure. So far, happy with this purchase....Read More

The items were shipped [Harriet Bee Twin Loft Bed]

The items were shipped on time and came delivered undamaged. I was worried about missing or damaged pieces since this was such a large and heavy item. The parts were finished nicely and it is well built. The instructions were unfortunately picture driven instead of detailed so make sure you read each steps carefully before proceeding. The only negative was around four bolts that were too short. Wayfair customer service was great at resolving the issue. I gave them the page number and the item in questions and they were all over it, cudos!! The finished product was exactly what we wanted !!...Read More

Sturdy [Harriet Bee Twin Loft Bed]

Very sturdy, great storage, really great space saver!

We love the bed [Birch Lane Heritage Twin Loft Bed]

We love the bed. It came in one box, the delivery was fast and the parts were in great condition. We were able to put it together quickly. It only came with one allen-wrench, and it would have been helpful if the parts had two wrenches. The bottom bunk has enough room to sit up and a grown up to read a night time book comfortably. The kids find the bed very comfy and cozy. The bed is a little wobbly so because of that it is 4 stars....Read More

love [Birch Lane Heritage Twin Loft Bed]

Kids love their new bed

Great looking [Birch Lane Heritage Twin Loft Bed]

Great looking, durable, and easy to set up!

Overall great bunk beds [Birch Lane Heritage Twin Loft Bed]

Overall great bunk beds! Used for 6 and 4 year old. My 4 year old is very petite and she is able to climb up and down. We have 9” mattresses and there is plenty of room on the bottom for my husband and I to sit or lay comfortably. The 9” mattress also leaves about 12” of railing on the top to keep our daughter from falling. Pros -Very easy to install. Use a drill with Allen wrench bit. Makes it much easier. Took my husband about 2 hours by himself. -Delivery was fast! No knicks or anything on any of the wood. The box is extremely heavy! So be sure to have help moving it. -Very sturdy! Very pretty!! -Love the space under the bed for baskets to store items in! Bought these grey baskets on wayfair too and they are great! Cons -The only reason I gave it 4 stars, there is nothing at the head of the bottom bunk to keep the pillow on bottom from falling off. (See Picture) I think this is common with bunk beds, but something to think about when shopping. If you plan to put the head against the wall, it wouldn’t cause a problem. -The screw heads are visible. I thought they’d come with the plastic caps that cover them but it didn’t. Would have made the bed look so much nicer if they were covered. Other than that, no complaints. We just got the bed today so I can’t speak for how it holds up. But I have 2 very happy little girls!!...Read More

Easy set up [Birch Lane Heritage Twin Loft Bed]

Easy set up and the kids are loving it.

Excellent [Birch Lane Heritage Twin Loft Bed]

Excellent bed so far. Lots of wood bolts with Allen wrench heads, so get your wrists and forearms ready!

Well made [Birch Lane Heritage Twin Loft Bed]

Well made, sturdy, love the color and design, and fairly easy to assemble (2 adults in 2.5 hrs). Did use a power drill which made the assembly less tedious. Just need another mattress!

It's very flimsy [Birch Lane Heritage Twin Loft Bed]

It's very flimsy. That was unexpected.

My daughter absolutely [Birch Lane Heritage Twin Loft Bed]

My daughter absolutely loves this bunk bed :)

Purchased [Birch Lane Heritage Twin Loft Bed]

Purchased for our second home at the beach. Look good but very challenging to put together.

Looks great [Birch Lane Heritage Twin Loft Bed]

Looks great. No damaged pieces. Other than the slats under the mattress, everything is supposed to be put together with an allen key. I used a drill. It would take forever without one. There were 3 holes that hadn't been pre-drilled properly and had to be done before the screws would go in fully. This added quite a lot of time to the process. Took 2 people about 3.5 hours to put together. Other than the pre-drilling issues, I was very easy to do..... with a drill!! Looks great. Lots of room between beds, I even have a 11" mattress on the bottom and there's just enough room for me to sit on and read a bedtime story....Read More

Nice bunk bed [Birch Lane Heritage Twin Loft Bed]

Nice bunk bed but wood was chipped in a few areas that is visible.

We are very pleased [Birch Lane Heritage Twin Loft Bed]

We are very pleased with our purchase, this bed was bought for our two boys aged 10

Great [Birch Lane Heritage Twin Loft Bed]

Great quality. Very solid

Beautiful bed [Lakeway Loft Bed With Desk]

Beautiful bed, got it for my teenage college boys because I wanted a bunk bed that would not look childish. Excellent quality, but only drawback was a lot of packaging to deal with.

It looks great [Lakeway Loft Bed With Desk]

It looks great in my boys room! I just wish the upper level had deeper panels.

So far, we really like this bed [Lakeway Loft Bed With Desk]

So far, we really like this bed. It's stable and attractive - the wood panels, though, sadly, aren't wood, and as designed, provides more space in the room. My child loves it.

Just got this in [Lakeway Loft Bed With Desk]

Just got this in. It’s a bit of a headache to put together. The directions were simple and clear. The packaging was more than sufficient for transit. No issues. Make sure you have room in your recycle for all the cardboard )...Read More

quality [Lakeway Loft Bed With Desk]

The quality

Love [Lakeway Loft Bed With Desk]

Love this bed!

Delivery took forever [Lakeway Loft Bed With Desk]

Delivery took forever, but this is an excellent Bunkbed! Great quality. My daughters wanted a rustic modern bedroom. This make the look.

[Lakeway Loft Bed With Desk]

This is perfect for my sons cabin themed bedroom. He loves it!

Sturdy [Lakeway Loft Bed With Desk]

Sturdy and good looking

Great for my 12yo [Lakeway Loft Bed With Desk]

Great for my 12yo and when he has sleepovers. 10in bed on the bottom and 6in on the top works well. Sturdy. Took forever for 1 person to put together, get a partner. Ladder metal is hard under the foot but most are.

We have a sloped ceiling [Lakeway Loft Bed With Desk]

We have a sloped ceiling to deal with, so this shorter bunk was perfect. It's very stable and the style is exactly what we were hoping for.

For the money [Lakeway Loft Bed With Desk]

For the money they are great.

Full/twin bunkbed [Lakeway Loft Bed With Desk]

Full/twin bunkbed is awesome, great price and love the style

It's great! [Lakeway Loft Bed With Desk]

It's great! Easy to assemble. It is very sturdy and handsome. Just what we were looking for in our mountain home so more guests can bundle in!


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