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Tulo is a mattress in a box brand by Mattress Firm, which comes in three firmness choices and ships directly to your home. Its entry into the crowded customer-direct market is another example of a big brand making significant investment in the space. They claim the significant differentiator versus other popular memory foam mattress in a box brands is its firmness customization, but with many other mattresses with this attribute, we think the diffentiator here is the price value.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 9.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

No Back Pain: 9.3/10

Price: $390-$950

Trial Period: 120 Days (Fee Required)

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Tulo's Specifics

Tulo is backed by Mattress Firm and is manufactured in the United States with CertiPUR-US certified foams, which means that they won't offgas nasty toxins. Reviewers claim that their foams are high quality for the price of the mattress.

Considering a Tulo mattress but don't know what else is out there? Take a look at our list of top rated mattresses, specifically our list of top rated mattresses for the money may be helpful on your search.

Quality of Materials

They make 2 different designs -- the Tulo Liv Mattress and the Tulo Comfort Series that they are most popular for. The biggest difference between these mattress designs is that the comfort series has 3 different firmness options, while the Tulo Liv mattress only comes in a medium-firm design.

Here is what's inside the lower priced Tulo Liv Mattress:

Layer 1: The cover offers a beathable fabric blend that keeps things comfortable.

Layer 2: The top layer is a 1.5'' layer of open-cell LumaGel™ infused foam that diffuses heat away from the body while relieving pressure.

Layer 3: 2.5'' of support foam provides responsive support, while not aggravating pressure points.

Layer 4: This 5'' layer of base foam provides the mattress structure and deeper spinal support.

Now, we'll go into detail about the Tulo Comfort Series:

Layer 1: The cover is a polyester and Tencel blend that keeps things cool and whicks moisture away on the top layer.

Layer 2: 2'' of high density cool flow ventilated foam that is infused with titanium particals makes this layer diffuse heat away from the top layer.

Layer 3: 1.5'' of responsive foam that is firmer and has an egg-crate design for extra ventilation and compression.

Layer 4: This 1.5'' layer is a transitional foam layer that is reinforced and firmer to relieve pressure points while provding support.

Layer 5: 5'' of base foam gives deep support and structure to the mattress.

Overall Comfort

Customers report that Tulo's Comfort Series is the more comfortable mattresses versus the Tulo Liv. The Tulo Liv is a good option for a temporary or guest bedroom, but was firmer than expected for some sleepers. For the Comfort Series, customers and reviewers describe these mattresses as comfortable, but some had issues figuring out which firmness to choose. If this is you, check out our guides by sleeping position that shows what's best for your body type: back, side, or stomach.


Check out the scale above. The medium Comfort Series is the most common and popular Tulo option and is slightly more firm than medium. If you are larger, it may feel softer to you.


In the Comfort Series, the Titanium infused foam, ventilation, and Tencel cover help these mattresses sleep cool for most folks. The Liv version's gel top layer will also diffuse some heat. However, if you sleep extremely warmly, you still may experience some heat retention.

Who Are Tulo Mattresses Right For?

Tulo is a fine cost conscious option for those looking for multiple firmness options. There are some reviewers that mention that it pays off in terms of quality to buy from the Comfort Series line.

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My kid loves this bed

Bought awhile back for my daughter who had a basic box spring mattress. She loves it!!

Best mattress for your bucks

Got this mattress after we were highly dissatisfied with Sleepy's. I absolutely love it. It had ZERO smell right out of the box. It bounced right up and holds it's shape very nice. I recommend it to anyone.

The Best bed out there!

I received my Tulo Mattress on 11/18/2017. To say I was skeptical about a bed in a box is an understatement. I have always bought traditional mattress', and was never quite pleased with it my sleep. So when the opportunity to try a "Bed in a Box", I said can't hurt. I have slept on this cloud for the last 3 nights, no toppers and I must say, don't judge a bed by its box! I don't wake up in the middle of the night, I sleep hard and on the morning's, I get up and feel rested. Minimal packaging, Very easy directions and a bed that does what it's supposed to! If you haven't tried Tulo's"Bed in a box", you owe it to yourself to try it out!! Your sleep habits will thank you!

A perfect sleep

I have lower back issues and find it hard to get a good night sleep. After trying the Tull 10 queen mattress I found myself not wanting to get out off bed in the morning because it felt so good. I would normally toss and turn to get comfortable but on this mattress I didn’t do that. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who have back problems or even if you don’t.

Very Comfortable

I've been sleeping on this mattress for two weeks now. It feels a bit different than sleeping on a traditional mattress at first, however the comfort level is high. It doesn't take much getting used to. Provides a wonderful nights sleep. I'm obviously going to notice a bit of a difference going from a mattress that is five times the price, but for the money, this is a wonderful mattress. I wish it was a bit thicker, because I like my bed to sit up high. My other mattress is 18" and this one measures 10". All of that said, this is the most comfortable mattress I've slept on in the 500-750 dollar price range.


I got the medium firmness. It’s very comfortable. Not to firm. I slept heavily the past 2 weeks, it was awesome. It came in a convenient box which made it easy to move upstairs.

Very Comfortable

The mattress was supportive and comfortable. My wife and I fell asleep quickly...I looked over pricing and found the cost of the Tulo to be significantly cheaper than the mattress we had been previously sleeping on. The only reason I did not leave 5 stars is because I felt the mattress retained a lot of body heat through the night.

Superb Mattress !!!

My mattress is without a doubt is the most comfortable, well made mattress I have ever owned (and I've owned many), I choose the "medium" firmness one because I am a side sleeper for the most part but change to sleeping on my back as well. This mattress does not hold body heat (like some of the other premium ones do) I don't like to be hot when I sleep. One of the best features of my mattress is that it conforms to my body i.e. my hips, back, shoulders and neck. All in all I feel I made the "best" decision choosing this mattress!!!

Perfect firmness

I decided to go with the medium mattress and I was not disappointed. The mattress holds up and never get that sinking feeling and it holds temperature perfectly. I don't always sleep well but this mattress has been helping stay asleep. It was also super easy to setup right out of the box.

Very comfortable, very firm, good sleep.

We've slept on memory foam mattresses before, and this is a good one. It's firm, holds it's shape, and minimizes movement when my husband shifts around. My back feels supported but the mattress is not stiff. It took less than 8 hour to fully expand after opening. Good product !

Tulo 10’ firm mattress

I have had this about 3 weeks and I sleeping well it is very firm yet contours to your body

Tulo firm mattress

This is a really nice mattress and sets up pretty quick. I have a really bad back with 4 reputured discs and two herniated discs and a pinched nerve. So I was looking for something that would give my back the support I needed and to also get a good nights rest. I'am pretty happy with this mattress....I did trade it back in for medium. Which turned out to be the right match for me. After sleeping on the Tulo unit now for over 2 weeks I have had nothing but a greats nights sleep. Me and my wife love it....it makes a big difference over a conventional mattress. You feel refreshed and ready to go the next morning.

Great mattress for the price!

Overall, this mattress is very nice for the price. Good quality and has a nice washable cover. I ordered this mattress in firm which is almost a bit too stiff, but it does soften up and is very supportive. The mattress has very good motion seperation, which is great so i can’t feel my partner move around or get out of bed. I feel like this will be a durable mattress that will hold up very well.

For what it is, it's pretty comfy!

When the mattress first arrived, I was a bit skeptical...it looked like a giant sushi roll wrapped in shrink wrap. But after setting it up, I was pleasantly surprised. It actually looked like a mattress and didn't have any issues with it retaining a rolled shape. It was firmer and thicker than I was expecting and definitely more comfortable than the spring mattress I had on my bed previously which was all worn down. Its not the worlds most comfortable mattress but it's still pretty comfy and it's so much easier to buy and have delivered than a basic mattress.

Great Mattress

Mattress has the right amount of firmness. The mattress does not retain body heat so you don't feel hot at night even laying on the same area for long period of times. The mattress is good for back/side sleepers.

Great Night's Sleep

This is my first memory foam type mattress. As someone who always stuck with inner-spring type beds I was a little nervous at first. I have to tell you, this is the best night's sleep I have had in years. Literally.

The bed comes rolled and boxed. As I moved it to my box spring I was pleasantly surprised at how well it unfurled. Full 10" high it really has the look and feel of a luxury mattress.

I got the medium firmness and again I was pleasantly surprised.

No musty smell either. It smelled "clean" and has a lovely white cover over the top.

My first night's sleep on this mattress was so comfortable I couldn't believe it came in a box. I slept a sold 8 hours, and when I got up there weren't any indentations from where I slept. In fact, there was no evidence at all that I had just spent 8 hours in there.

I want to note I do sleep with a pet and I had no idea she had crawled into bed with me. You don't feel the bed shake or move when someone else gets in. Great for couples who work opposite shifts.

Thank you Tulo for giving me my sleep back!!

Comfortable mattress!

I received this mattress and set it up half thinking I wouldn't be comfortable on it or get a good nights sleep. Boy was I wrong! The mattress is so comfortable and felt so good on my back. The mattress is firm yet it felt so comfy! I absolutely love my new mattress! I plan on getting my daughter one too! Thank you Mattress Firm for once again selling a great product! I recommend this mattress and this company to anyone I know!

So comfortable and nice!!

This mattress is wonderful! It conforms to your body as soon as you lay on it. It takes all the pressure off your hips, shoulders, back, etc! Definitely recommend this mattress for side and back sleepers!

Good product!

We have been sleeping on it for 2 weeks now. Previously we had a Sealy mattress. I noticed right away I was not waking up with sore shoulders and back. Also not waking up hot and uncomfortable! It did take a bit of getting use to, as it's very different than sleeping on a traditional spring mattress! When you move the person next to you doesn't move at all, so that's nice that you don't disturb your partner! My husband liked how the springs helped him turn and he says it feels like you're laying in quick sand. He does admit once he is sleeping he sleeps good. Overall, it's a good mattress, especially for the cost! I hope it doesn't become deformed after sleeping on it longer (after 2 weeks it's still like new). You do have to be careful not to lay too close to the edge, because you might sink and fall off!

Omg! Greatest Mattress Ever!

Ever since I purchased this mattress I have wanted to sleep my mornings in! This has been the best sleep ever! I highly recommend this mattress! Get one for yourself and try it out! Your soul will love you more

Good for Guestbed

We got the Tulo Soft mattress and it's super comfy to lay on but seems to lack back support as when we woke up in the morning we were a bit sore. Maybe should have picked the medium or even firm version. However we will be using it as a guestbed so for that usage I think it's a great buy as it feels great and a lot of our friends like softer memory foam.

Feels great

The mattress is great. I love the fact that it molds to your body for comfort. I have that this mattress for approximately two weeks and I feel more rested.

This is an awesome mattress!

I absolutely LOVE this mattress! I was having neck issues for awhile. I had SO much pain on a daily basis and I was getting frequent migraines because of it. Once I started sleeping on this mattress I noticed a WORLD of difference! My neck rarely hurts, and I actually look forward to coming home to sleep! I am so happy with this product!

Comfortable queen size mattress!

I received this new queen size mattress two weeks ago and it is very comfortable!! I am very impressed with this mattress!

Perfect for side sleepers

I am a side sleeper and right away I noticed my back feels so much better with Tulo after just one week. It molds to my body and completely supports it. Very happy with Tulo!

Great for Arthritis Pain!

I have been sleeping on this mattress for a week now. I have arthritis in my shoulders, hips, knees, hands, feet, etc. My old mattress made all of my joints ache if I had them on the mattress. I can now sleep without any pain in my hips. My shoulders still hurt a bit, but they're pretty much a mess and I can't expect a miracle. Still MUCH more comfortable than my old inner spring mattress. I do tend to sleep "hot" but the mattress holds less heat than my old mattress, again not perfect but I sleep so well it doesn't matter if I'm a little warm as I doze off. Since I am older, I tend to wake for bathroom stops. I used to wake 2-3 times a night, but since I got this mattress I wake once, or not at all. I am a belly sleeper, which I know is not the best way to sleep, but it keeps all pressure off of my shoulders. I got a Medium and I am very happy with its support, even while sleeping on my stomach. My back doesn't ache or anything. One thing I'm having trouble getting used to is that I sit on my bed to dress, and this mattress doesn't have the firm sides my old one did, so I had to get used to dressing while sitting back further from the edge of the bed. It was super affordable which made me doubtful of its quality and comfort, but I love it!

Exchange policy is awesome...unless you don't live in a "warehouse area"

We bought a King sized medium-softness Tulo mattress a couple of months ago during a sale and it was such an amazing price we couldn't turn it down. We finally get the mattress a week after they say it will arrive because we "don't live in an area where they have a warehouse." Understandable. After sleeping on it a couple of days, we realise we wish we had ordered the Soft version. So we call customer service and tell them we want to exchange, and we are told that we need to go ahead and donate the mattress, (which honestly I love that this is what they do instead of putting it in a landfill) get a donation receipt to send to Tulo, and then JUST NOT HAVE A MATTRESS until they get around to sending us the one we are exchanging it for. All I can say is, this Soft version better be effing incredible if we're going to have to sleep on the couch and the floor for a week waiting for the damn thing.

Most comfortable

I bought this for my daughter and she loves it. I’m want a new bed now.

Very Comfortable

Mattress is very supportive despite its soft surface. After a life time of rock like matresses it is a breath of fresh air.

After testing many this one was the best!!!!

I've had my bed for about a month and have had the best sleeps since. No back or shoulder pain. I would recommend to any and everyone. I'm so confident that if you offered me to do a commercial I would. I believe in the product that much!!

Best sleep ever!

I bought this because it was economical and I was desperately in need of a new mattress. It has far exceeded my expectations! Just wonderful! It is so comfortable and supportive - no waking up with sore spots. Love it!

Not great

The soft is only soft on the top. Once you lay on it, your hips and shoulders can feel the other foam which is hard. It might work for some people but unfortunately not for me. I don’t believe it’s worth what I paid.

Easiest Delivery Ever!

I bought this mattress to move in to my new walk up NYC apartment. The delivery was smooth and the set up was super fast. The mattress itself is everything it was said to be. I love it!

Very comfortable, only one silly complaint

This mattress is great for side and back sleeping. I have many back problems and I know a mattress cannot fix those problems but it definitely does not add to them. I get a great nights sleep and don’t toss and turn nearly as much as with other mattresses. My only complaint is that with the somewhat smooth surface I feel like I get tangled up in my fitted sheet because it moves around so much. Getting a mattress protector with a slip proof bottom helps with this issue.

Great bed and excellent value

Bought about 3 weeks ago and am enjoying the bed. It is the first foam mattress I have slept on. I usually like a firm bed, but the wife likes a soft bed....so we got the soft. I did have a chance to test a soft one out before purchase and was comfortable enough to go with it. After sleeping on the mattress I have found the soft to give plenty of support. We are both side sleepers and my wife no longer complains of sore hips or shoulders. Motion transfer is excellent as neither of us can tell when the other leaves the bed. So far we are both very happy with the bed, especially for the price.

I am impressed

When this product was dropped off at my home, it was in a big box. I thought what did I get myself into? After following the directions, and unrolling the mattress, I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy it was. I have been sleeping on it for a week. The product did state that it was for side sleepers and I am sleeping like a baby. I had a pillow top mattress with bamboo inside it to help cool it off. I still sometimes woke up sweating,

I am going through menopause and with this mattress, I have not been waking up hot and sweating. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. It is not very high where I have to climb on it too sleep. I highly recommend this product. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great bed and excellent value

Bought about 3 weeks ago and am enjoying the bed. It is the first foam mattress I have slept on. I usually like a firm bed, but the wife likes a soft bed....so we got the soft. I did have a chance to test a soft one out before purchase and was comfortable enough to go with it. After sleeping on the mattress I have found the soft to give plenty of support. We are both side sleepers and my wife no longer complains of sore hips or shoulders. Motion transfer is excellent as neither of us can tell when the other leaves the bed. So far we are both very happy with the bed, especially for the price.

Trading it in

I gave a review on this mattress a couple of months ago, but now I'm changing it. I don't like this mattress and am exchanging it for something completely different. I originally had the Tulo 10" firm, and now have the 10" soft. It's still not that soft. What I have come to realize is that it's not the typical dense memory foam I am used to feeling on other beds. It just feels more like foam than memory foam. And once you sit down on a Tulo, you feel like you hit the "bottom" a few inches down. This is their support base, I guess. On other memory foams I have tested, I don't ever feel like I'm hitting the bottom. I would not recommend this mattress unless you are able to sleep on anything.

Nice bed

The bed is nice soft and comfortable. I do sleep good in this bed. Brought it in November it is now May. I noticed for the last few days I wake up to back pain for the first minute and then I'm fine. I've never had this issue with any bed or my couch.

Most comfortable mattress I've ever owned

I was wary of ordering a mattress without testing it first, but Tulo has won me over.

Best sleep ever

We purchased an expensive mattress 2 years ago and it did not live up to the hype. We purchased the Tulo soft king size mattress recently after giving our son the mattress that we did not love and we are so incredibly happy with the quality. We have both never slept better and we got it at such a great price! We highly recommend Tulo!

Definitely worth it

I went with the soft mattress and have had it for about a month now and love it! I definitely was skeptical going with the “mattress in a box” and the price being much lower than most mattresses, however I’m so glad i went with it. I’m sleeping so much better at night, the first 3 nights i actually didn’t wake up for work on time. I will say at first it was a little more firm than i was expecting, however with time it has gotten softer. I am definitely pleased with my mattress and would recommend it to any of my friends.

Soft Tulo Mattress

Well I have had my mattress for about 2 weeks now and I orginially started off with the the medium, which I found a little too firm for side sleeping so I exchanged the day after getting it, which was fast and without hiccups. The mattress has a wierd feel to me. It seems firm and I myself like plush mattresses, but I don't wake up with any pains and I feel well rested. I also sleep hot on most memory foam beds and this one doesn't seem to have that issue. If I could just feel comfortable on this bed it would be a 5/5.

Great mattress

I got this a month ago and very pleased, it comfortable and stays cool, I used to get back pain a lot now with this mattress I don't.

I’ve never slept better

I bought the mattress abou 2 weeks ago. The setup was super easy and they even took my old mattress. The very first night I slept so sound. The medium is great. I personally love a firm mattress but know that most people aren’t that way. The medium is supportive enough for me to sleep on my back but soft enough for me to sleep on my side and stomach.

Best mattress

I bought this mattress a couple weeks ago and it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. My boyfriend and I noticed an instant decrease in back pain, I fall asleep much easier, and it minimizes motion transfer so one doesn't feel the other rolling over or getting in or out of bed. It's an extremely afffordable, comfortable mattress and I loved that they came and set it all up for us! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new mattress.

Great purchase!

My girlfriend and I purchased the medium mattress and were not disappointed. Along with a super comfortable and breathable mattress, the frame and pillows that came in the deal were worth every penny. The mattress itself is stiff enough that it doesn't feel like you're sinking into the floor, yet soft enough to never want to leave the bed! Outstanding mattress and would definitely recommend.

Comfortable/Convenient Twin XL

Took longer to get here then what it said it would. My son sleeps like a log on it. Unpacking it was harder than they make it out to be. Even using the tool they provide it still caught on the mattress and tore about a 7 inch cut in it. Had to duct tape it. :-( After 3 weeks, the mattress still hasn’t flattened out all the way. At the head of the bed it isn’t flat against the stand. But the mattress is the perfect size. I love it that they make these in Twin XL. Perfect for my constantly growing 12 yr old. As long as he’s sleeping good that’s what counts! So just a tip, be careful when unrolling the mattress! Thanks Tulo for making a mattress that can be delivered right to our door step!

Perfect for Me and Partner

I bought this mattress a month ago, and it is great! I bought the Medium, because I like soft and he likes firm. The first week was an adjustment for me, but if it is too firm at first for you, just walk on it (yes walk on your mattress, trust me) for a week, 5 minutes a day, and it helps break in the foam faster. Ive seen a lot of reviews that said it was too firm, so people returned it for the Soft, but i was worried that after a year, when it is fully broken in, itll be too soft. So Im sticking with Medium. It has been a wonderful sleep experience since then.

Thrilled with our Mattress-give it some time!

We purchased a Medium mattress around the 4th of July. We have needed a new mattress for years but have always been afraid to take the plunge and pay a lot of money and not be happy. When we heard our friend bought one and that we would have 120 days to return it and they would actually pick it up, we HAD to give it a try. Let me just say that for the first 2 weeks I was uncertain. It made my shoulders kind of ache. We went to the store and tried a SOFT mattress - just to make sure we bought the correct one, and it was just too soft. But after that 2 weeks of sleeping on this mattress - we are BOTH sleeping SO much better. I cannot remember when I have slept so well. We LOVE our mattress and would highly recommend it!

Very enjoyable bed

We bought this a month ago after weeks of shopping. Needed a reasonably priced bed that fit my comforter size for our guest room. Great purchase experience and delivery was painless. We've tried it out at least 10 times between us and find it to be very comfortable. We also got the simple electric bed frame with the head that elevates. Hubby and I have both taken a break here just to relax and read a while. Great purchase and will be happy to have our guests sleep here.

Honest review

I searched for weeks and must have read hundreds of different reviews for different mattresses. The medium was initially firmer than I thought it would be, but after a week of getting used to it and adjusting from a spring mattress, its perfect. I sleep through the night and wake up feeling better and have much more energy throughout the day. I actually look forward to going to bed now and hit the snooze button more than I probably should in the morning because it's that comfortable. I'm a side sleeper and this has put a stop to my shoulder pain and any back pain I had before which is my favorite part. The bed doesnt sleep hot and keeps you cool and comfortable all night. If you're contemplating buying it, do it and if it's not for you, you have 4 months to take it back. I doubt you will though.

I don't want to get up in the mornings

We got our Tulo Medium bed at the the end of June. It is now mid July, and I am convinced this is the best bed ever! It took a few nights to get used to, but now I sleep deeply through the whole night without waking up. On our old mattress, I was always restless and would wake up multiple times a night and re-position. Not on this bed. Every position is comfortable! Both my husband and I love this bed! I never want to get up anymore...

Best mattress ever

I have arthritis in my spine along with scoliosis. Prior mattresses that I had and slept on (even soft ones) where so stiff and made sleeping so unbearable. Use to not sleep for more than a few hours at a time. But now, after two months of sleeping on my Tulo, I'm able to sleep for 8hours straight and not wake up with total back pain. It's like the mattress gives where it is needed and support where it needs to support. Love it.

Love it so far

Bought it one month ago. It states that it can be use on slats 3in or less apart, and I don’t recommend it. We turned our bed into a platform due to sagging no matter what on the slats. We have the queen medium firm and I love the support, my husband has taken some getting used to it. It is his first memory mattress. Quality is good, only thing is that there is no support on sides of bed. My 3yr old came in in the middle of the night and rolled off the bed because he likes to sleep on the edge. When you sit on the edge the side just collapses.


We bought the medium firm mattress to go on the bed in our weekend home. When we got it home and set it up, everything seemed fine. However, after sleeping on it several times per month over the past 6 months, it hasn’t become any more comfortable, despite following all the recommendations to “break it in”. I end up sleeping on the couch, and have even slept on the floor. My back and hips continually hurt all night (I’m a side sleeper) and wish we would

Have chosen something else. I cannot believe all the good reviews on it - I do NOT recommend this mattress!

Rock hard

Received this bed and expected a nice bed that was just the right amount of firm, not a rock hard bed with almost NO comfort. Woke up multiple times in the night to a sore back and shoulders and asleep arms. Very VERY disappointed.

No Support

I boughta medium queen-sized mattress a few weeks ago, and at first I was very excited due to the convenience and all of the great reviews, but it has been the worst bed I ever owned. I have no history of back problems, but with this bed I wake up every day with pain in my lower back. I feel like the mattress is too thin and offers no support. Although many seem to have had positive experiences, I unfortunately have not and plan on trading this one in for a better bed

Great for a bad back

I found Tulo when I was mattress shopping at Mattressfirm and immediately knew I had to have it. I’d been looking to try a memory foam to help ease my sciatica. Free delivery, free return, 10 year warranty, no hassle... I was sold. It’s been a month since I broke it out and I must say I’m so happy I bought this bed. My back pain has decreased and it isn’t as stiff as I used to be waking up on a traditional spring mattress! I love my Tulo mattress!

I love my new mattress!

I had back pain in the mornings when I woke up until I replaced my old mattress and bought a Tulo. I love it so much. It was really easy to install and I now wake up refreshed and rested.

Love this thing!!!

I bought this six months ago in a Queen Firm for a guest bedroom. Now I sleep in the guest room most of the time because it is more comfortable than my Sterns & Foster upstairs. no odor. I have sciatica and this bed works for me. I have a college student moving into apartment and I am buying them one for school.

Everything Great

I review a lot of things, some good and some bad. This mattress is a good one. The sales rep was knowledgeable and helpful. No pressure. The delivery was timely and efficient. The mattress itself is much better than expected. Much better. Y'know how you true the mattress in the store and then at home it is not as pleasant. Just the reverse and it was good in the store. Better in the house. The Tulo 10" Firm is for the guest room. I have left my bed to sleep on it several times. Comfortable, restful, and nice.

Exceeded expectations

Have suffered with severe lower back, hip, and other issues for several years. Had to go to physical therapy, doctors, chiro, etc. without much improvement. My ex insisted on having a stupid water bed and didn’t care that I was in pain. Guess what? I left him (one of countless reasons!) and got this nice, firm bed. My back and hip pain were virtually nonexistent within a matter of days!!! I sleep like a baby and feel great when I wake up, great all day, etc! Wish I had this bed years ago!!!! It has changed my life!

it seems to be a perfect for a firm bed

I've only had this now for about 3 weeks but it's really help my back feel better and is also help my neck feel better I really believe that this bed is you know one of the best friends I've ever had Plus getting the bottom for free was awesome works perfect goes up and down I had a very good salesman Scott and everything went perfectly I got my bed the next day set it up took him less than 15 minutes so I would say if I go for a new bed it will be Mattress Firm


I've had my tulo firm full sized mattress for about 2 months now, and I sleep like a baby! As described, it supports my full body. No more needing to use pillows for back support!!! Before I got this mattress, I had a regular coil mattress and had to sleep in various contorted positions just for comfort. With the tulo, I sleep normally and comfortably!!!! I recommend trying it out in person to find your firmness level first.

Quality of mattress & cover nice, but...

...I ordered a “firm” and while it’s definitely not soft, it’s definitely not as hard as I hoped for. Also, I’ve owned a half dozen memory foam mattresses over the last 25 years and, contrary to its claims the Tulo doesn’t sleep any cooler than the others.

Wonderful mattress, great value

I have Tula Firm since February and highly recommend this mattress. I searched through many reviews and tried another brand at a pop-up store before settling on Tulo. Make sure you let the mattress rest before putting on bedding, and enjoy the rest!

Great So Far

I went with the firm because I wanted lower back support as I am a back/side sleeper. The mattress felt like a concrete slab for the first 30 days and I almost returned it. I decided to try to give it the full 90-120 day break in period. It became more and more comfortable through the break in period and I am glad I stuck with it. I love it now, it works for me as a back and side sleeper.

Best Bed!

I bought this bed about a month ago and so happy that I did. This is the first mattress that I have had that doesn't have coils and I am in love. I sleep much better and my body feels rested when I wake up. I bought a firm because my boyfriend likes a hard bed and the bed was perfect for me too. It truly is a bang for your buck!

Awesome Bed at a Great Price

I've had this bed a few weeks now and I am very happy with it. I bought the firm and it's been great for me as a mostly stomach and sometimes side sleeper. I'm also on the heavier side so the firm offers great support for my weight. I originally had purchased the original Purple mattress which was causing me to toss and turn and wake up sore since it was too soft for me. I ended up returning the Purple for the Tulo which even ended up saving me money. I was able to get a queen for $518 shipped during the Memorial Day Sale.

soft support is excellent

Ive been sleeping on my firm tulo for 3 weeks now,. Im a side sleeper and ordered the firm matress. I like how it is firm for support yet it has a soft feel to it. Finally my soulders don't wake me with pain and my arms are not falling asleep. Im really digging the cooling layer also.

Fair, but not our cup of tea

We bought this mattress 3 weeks ago and after sleeping on it for a couple weeks decided to go ahead and trade it in for a different one. The memory foam seems really soft if you sit on it from the sides but laying on it, its much firmer than the one we tried in the store. Mattress also seems small. Quality is very good and I feel that if you like sleeping on a super firm mattress this one would be great; however, if your a side sleeper or only occasional back sleeper I feel you will not like this mattress IMO of course. My wife likes a firm mattress and even she felt it was to hard when sleeping on your back.

Quality A+ / Comfort F / Service from Mattress Firm A+, It cost a little more to trade to a different mattress, but the service we have received from Mattress Firm was excellent.

Very impressed

Only have had this mattress a few days but so far I’m very impressed. I know there’s somewhat of a break in period but so far this mattress is just as comfortable as a $5200 tempur-pedic I purchased a few years ago. Also love the frame for the mattress, it really gives you a lot of storage space under it.

Too Hot

Great bed however its too hot! If you are warm person, stay away!

Not as soft as a Soft or Plush should be, its more like a medium so far.

I got this mattress yesterday the tulo soft and its not soft at all. im skinny and I have shoulder, back, neck, and hip problems and so far I feel worse. they say sleep on it 30 days and if you don't like it then you can exchange it only no returns, so id have to go back to a pillow top like I had and pay way more money. I will update this review if things change but im not counting on it so im most likely just going to keep it and get a mattress topper for it to make it super soft like I wanted. the thing that makes me real angry is I could of got a casper for the price I payed. 3 stars is more then it should get but like I said I had it one night and my whole body hurts and its not soft at all so if for some magical reason it becomes soft ill change it to 4 maybe and the mattress STINKS! ii took it out the bag and it reeks and it still does. if your a super soft sleeper get something else but if your a medium sleeper and up youll be fine because soft = medium, medium = firm, and firm = rock hard. ill keep you posted if it improves.

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