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Tuft And Needle Mattress Reviews


+2.1x side sleeping

+2.2x back support

+1.4x back pain relief

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Spring 2024 Updates: Tuft & Needle mattresses continue to be shipped in a timely manner, usually within 1 to 3 business days. Recent reviewers have happy experiences with rare complaints about firmness.

Tuft & Needle made a big splash in the mattress industry when it offered one of the lowest cost all-foam mattresses in a box directly to customers, their T&N Original Mattress. Since then, they've elaborated on their initial concept with two more innovative designs: The Mint and The Hybrid, which provide high quality, superbly pressure-relieving offerings. On top of that, the Mint Mattress was recently upgraded to include antimicrobial protection embedded in its cover layer. With their three mattresses and 100,000s of positive reviews, customers have spoken in approval of T&N.


+2.1x side sleeping
+2.2x back support
+1.4x back pain relief

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.2/10

Price Value: 9.1/10

No Back Pain: 9.2/10

Price: $645-$1895

Trial Period: 100 days

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Tuft And Needle's Specifics

Tuft & Needle is one of the most popular mattress in a box companies with over 1 million mattresses sold. With recent top 20 placements in Consumer Reports for both their T&N Original and the Mint Mattress, independent testers have also had good things to say about their mattresses. With stringent GREENGUARD Gold certification for emissions, a Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval™, and Affirm financing options, it's clear there is a lot to love about their mattresses. Most customers like their mattresses and describe immediate comfort.

Quality of Materials

Tuft & Needle makes three mattresses: the Original Mattress, the Mint Mattress, and their newest Hybrid Mattress. Both their Mint and Hybrid are higher-end and offer more pressure-relieving comfort. The Original features 2 comfort layers excluding the cover, the Mint version comes with three comfort layers to facilitate greater support and pressure point relief, and the Hybrid offers 6 total layers for pillowy, luxury-style comfort. T&N developed their own foam especially for their mattresses, which takes an aim at long term comfort. We'll go through their mattresses below in detail.

Here is what's inside The Hybrid Mattress:

Cover Layer: The top layer is a quilted cover that has open-cell foam with carbon fiber and graphite infused. This layer provides initial pressure point relief and provides a fluffy, comfy surface layer that has a luxury feel.

Comfort Layer 1: The proprietary T&N Adaptive® foam with graphite and ceramic gel beads provide pressure relief without being overly 'sinking.' This moderate response foam also provides superior cooling with its gel bead and graphite infusion.

Comfort / Support Layer 2: A 1'' micro-coil layer provides superior independent response to the curves of the body while also working with the layers above for superior pressure relief.

Comfort Layer 3: Another layer of T&N Adaptive® foam provides further pressure relief and transitional support for the hips and shoulders.

Support Layer: 6'' of pocketed coils adapt to the body, while supporting and aligning the spine. This firm layer also has additional support along the sides for those that like to sit along the side of their bed.

Support Layer 2: The last layer is a 1'' layer of high density foam that provides lasting durability and support for the coil system above.

Here is what's inside The Mint Mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover has been recently upgraded to include HeiQ NPJ03 antimicrobial protection to help protect the mattress from harmful microbes that can affect the lifespan of the mattress and cause odor.

Comfort Layer 1: The first comfort layer is made of a gentle-soft foam infused with 30% more graphite than the Original to keep things cool. This layer provides a gentle pressure-relieving contour, ideal for both side sleepers and back sleepers alike.

Comfort Layer 2: A layer of proprietary medium-response foam is infused with gel beads for more support and more cooling, which helps cradle and align the spine while not taking away from the pressure relief of the first comfort layer.

Support Layer: The last layer is a firmer base that provides edge to edge support, a welcome addition vs the Original version.

Now, we will go through the Original version offered by Tuft & Needle. This mattress has two rather than three layers and a bit firmer profile than the Mint mattress. Built with their Adaptive® foam that is designed to resist rather than sink, their Original Mattress is still much different than both memory foam or latex foams that are common in the mattress space.

Here is what's inside their Original Mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover has been updated with a blend of cooling and adaptive fabric that provides luxurious softness and wicks away heat from the sleepers above. For an additional cost, you have the option to add HeiQ NPJ03 antimicrobial protection to the cover layer to help protect your mattress against harmful microbes.

Comfort Layer 1: 3'' of Adaptive® foam, which is a polyurethane blend provides more air movement than many other foams to facilitate cooling and is a medium-firmness, which is comfortable to those that don't like too much contouring.

Comfort Layer 2: The 7'' piece of base foam provides even support for the spine and a foundation for the bed. Together with the layer above, it provides lasting structure and support.

Overall Comfort

Most customers found the T&N mattresses comfortable. The Mint has superior ratings for those that are interested in a foam mattress, while the Hybrid is ideal for those looking for a luxury-hotel style mattress.


All of Tuft & Needle's mattresses aim to be universally comfortable, though the Mint and the Hybrid are slightly softer in their feel, ideal for side sleepers. When compared to the average mattress, Tuft & Needle reviewers are over +2.6x more likely to report a positive side sleeping experience*. The Original's comfort level is best suited for back sleeping and stomach sleepers.

Back Pain Relief

Each of Tuft & Needle's offerings are built to help alleviate some back pain based on body size and sleep position, with reviewers 1.4x likelier to mention pain relief versus the average comparable mattress. Medium or smaller body-types and side sleepers may do better with the Mint or Hybrid versions, while back and stomach sleepers will do better with the Original. Those with heavier body types may need something firmer.


The cooling cover and the airy foam will help these mattresses sleep cool for most sleepers. The Hybrid's inclusion of graphite and gel-bead infused foams will do excellent at cooling for most sleepers. Some customers that aren't used to memory foam and live in very warm environments may still experience some heat retention with the other two versions, but rarely is it an issue.

Who Are Tuft & Needle Mattresses Best For?

The Original mattress is ideal for those that are on a tight budget and are back or stomach sleepers. The Mint is a great option for those that want a lux foam feel but for a lot less money than retail name-brands. And, the Hybrid version is excellent for those that are side sleepers and are looking for a luxury-hotel style mattress.

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The upgrades to the Mint mattress

The upgrades to the Mint mattress addresses the few weaknesses of the standard T and N mattress. We have been extremely satisfied with both of them and have begun giving them to our kids

The comfort!

The comfort! I’m obsessed with my queen bed. I no longer have to try to fall asleep-it’s effortless!


The ease of setup.

It's a very comfortable mattress

It's a very comfortable mattress. Soft with nice support.

The original mattress

The original mattress we purchased has exceeded my expectations. I have owned a big name foam matress before for twice the price. This matress meets and or exceeds that. Its nice to be sleeping well again. Easy to unbox, easy to sleep. Thank you!

Quality and comfort

Quality and comfort. They made a mattress that’s for the consumer at an affordable price. Best nights sleep I’ve had in along time!

Great product

Great product, fast delivery, easy purchase process.

The mattress is very comfortable

The mattress is very comfortable. However the mattress protector makes it seem more stiff and the jersey sheet son top of the protector makes that feel just as rough

Offer firmer mattress option

Offer firmer mattress option. Bring down prices of accessories like sheets and pillows.

They are all great quality

They are all great quality- from the mattresses to the sheets. I also love the simplicity of the product offerings. No one needs hundreds of options, just a few really great ones.



The 100 day free trial

The 100 day free trial and the comfy but firm support and breathability of the mattress.

I just rarely recommend things

I just rarely recommend things. If it comes up, I will. The mattress is splendid.


Comfort, quality and price are exceptional.

Great price

Great price and so comfortable

It’s neat

It’s neat and new!

Easy to order

Easy to order, fast delivery, easy to set up, well-priced, well rated by Consumer Reports (particularly like the top rating for long-term wear); but the best part is both my husband and I find it very comfortable. It feels firm, but is comfortable and there are no body stress points. A winner.

I’ve had back pain

I’ve had back pain ever since I got the OG mattress.

It is just perfect

It is just perfect. A good smooth, comfy but firm sleep. The mattress also stays cool. It is definitely just as good, probably better, than my old tempur pedic set. I am very happy with it. I initially had my reservations and thought I should get another tempur pedic set, even though the cost was so much greater. So glad I took a chance.

Very comfortable

Very comfortable and able to be assembled easily.

Ease of ordering

Ease of ordering, delivery and set up. Quality mattress. Love it.



I have already great products

I have already great products. I personally went from purple to tuft and needles

Unrolled into its seemingly full size

Unrolled into its seemingly full size immediately. All well wrapped to arrive pristine. A good night's sleep was available same day.

The comfort level is amazing

The comfort level is amazing. My sleep has been great. It feels soft and firm all at once. I am a side sleeper and it has made a huge difference for my hips. I have talked a coworker into buying one and my dad and stepmom. Plus I am buying one for my daughter!

Just the right amount of softness

Just the right amount of softness and support.


Very comfortable

Excellent quality

Excellent quality with a great price. Free shipping and easy set up.




mattress quality is great.


The mattress was great from night 1!




Everything. It takes a little to get use to the change but after that it is awesome

Incredibly well packaged and presented

Incredibly well packaged and presented, very easy to assemble frame and support and best of all...the Mint was super comfortable from Day 1!

The mattress is very comfortable

The mattress is very comfortable and the foundation was easy to set up...

Comfortable mattress

Comfortable mattress. Getting in an out of bed with no noise, quiet mattress. Doesn't hurt side sleepers in the hips and shoulders.

The products are wonderful

The products are wonderful, it's the customer service that brings it all together and makes it special. As someone who is autistic and can get very easily overwhelmed the attention to care made such a difference for me.

Excellence quality

Excellence quality, fast delivery, great engineering of the mattress and platform, easy setup, attractive fabric covering, very comfortable.

I am warmer than I thought I would be

I am warmer than I thought I would be sleeping on the mattress. I also have a slight issue with feeling 'stuck' in a position. The height of the bed is also a bit too much, though I suppose it is more like the industry standard than what I had before. It is just that it barely fits in our bed frame, and if we had not bought the support box, it definitely would not have fit in our frame; we would have had to buy a new frame.


Comfort and price

Still adjusting to the mattress

Still adjusting to the mattress. Not sure if I’m 100% satisfied.

Absolutely love

Absolutely love that I can hardly feel when my husband gets in and out of bed. Our mint mattress seemed like it was firm to the touch but after laying on it, that’s definitely not the case. We are both side sleepers and after 2 weeks of sleeping on this mattress, we feel like it is a great fit for us both.

price and quality

price and quality

How good of quality the product is

1) How good of quality the product is and 2) How easy the process was to buy and receive

Everything is perfect

Everything is perfect A wonderful buy A very comfort mattress and perfect transaction

Great mattress

Great mattress, easy to order, and setup. All around a great purchase.


Comfort, price, simplicity, transparency.

The bed is pretty great

The bed is pretty great - it is comfortable and we are sleeping pretty well on it. It is taking a *long* time to stop "off gassing" - the chemical smell from the foam is still quite strong after a couple weeks of sleeping on it, and that has been hard to adjust to...hoping it won't be much longer before we stop feeling light headed in the bedroom from the smell.



easy to purchase

easy to purchase, unboxing was fun

Extremely comfortable

Extremely comfortable without the feeling of sinking down into a hole I have to climb out of each morning!


Very comfortable!!!


Price, warranty, quality


Comfort & feel of a new bed!

The bed is really hard

The bed is really hard and very uncomfortable for us. We are waking up with joints hurting every morning (and we are only 40!) :)


The ease of setting it up

I have a lot of trouble getting comfortable at night

I have a lot of trouble getting comfortable at night. The Mint mattress so far has been very, very comfortable. I bought it as a back up bed, and have been very satisfied when I end up there.

I just don’t think it’s very comfortable

I just don’t think it’s very comfortable. The ordering process was great, it came quickly and was easy to set up. It’s for my daughter’s new full size bed and she’s fine with it, so we’ll keep it, but I wouldn’t order again.

The beds are far superior to their pillows

The beds are far superior to their pillows. The pillows are not the same material as the beds.


Quality and comfort.

Easy assembly

Easy assembly - great product!

Firm yet soft

Firm yet soft. I am sleeping a lot better

The bed is not soft it’s very hard

The bed is not soft it’s very hard. I’m planning on returning it. We are very sorry.

While it is firmly supportive

While it is firmly supportive - I love the comfy softness on my bones!

Excellent construction

Excellent construction, yet simple to assemble. Simple, no-frills, and high quality American product! Also, the support staff are very helpful and a true money-back guarantee with return policy negates the risk of trying the product out.

Very comfortable

Very comfortable, even weight distribution, no more hip and shoulder pain. The side edges don't dip, no bounce when my husband flops around. 2 weeks on this mattress and we love it.

Cured my back pain

Cured my back pain.. love it

It is so comfortable

It is so comfortable! Even for someone 5’8” sleeping on their two year olds twin with them. I don’t want to go back to my own bed!

It's not as soft as I expected

It's not as soft as I expected and I shouldn't have to buy an extra topper to make it comfortable, and it's still not as soft as I'd like. Speaking of, the topper moves all around even though it's being held in place with the protector and sheets. Thinking of returning everything and going with something different.

Super comfortable

Super comfortable. Worth the money. Easy process receiving.

Soo comfortable

Soo comfortable and customer service was outstanding. Can’t wait to change out ALL the mattresses in our home with these.



The configurability of the mattress

The configurability of the mattress and over all quality of both mattress and mattress protector!

Easy to get

Easy to get and very comfortable



The bed is super comfortable

The bed is super comfortable and the delivery and setup was super simple!

The ease of delivery

The ease of delivery, set up and comfort! It is great!


AMAZING MATTRESS! No chemical smell when you get it out of the box and perfectly soft and firm at the same time. My back problems have been resolved since sleeping on this mattress.

Memory foam

Memory foam and not being able to feel other people in the bed move

My original queen tuft and needle mattress very significantly improves the knots and aches

My original queen tuft and needle mattress very significantly improves the knots and aches I've been having in my neck and back. I would highly recommend it. I wake up well rested.

The price was a little steep

The price was a little steep for my budget so I had to cut out other necessities to afford your mattress. Hopefully we catch back up in the near future. So far the mattress has been good to sleep on.

Bed still hard

Bed still hard Pillow hard. Giving it more time to adjust to bed


Delivery time, excellent quality

The simplicity

The simplicity of the box arriving at your door, and how easy it is to move the bed into position.

It is the most comfortable mattress I have owned

It is the most comfortable mattress I have owned. Combined with the ease of ordering and purchase I would recommend it to anyone.

It’s comfy and big and well made

It’s comfy and big and well made. There’s a slight adjustment period but afterwards it’s a great mattress.

Soft yet supportive

Soft yet supportive

ease of use

ease of use and the quality


Comfort, fitmness



Not for us.

I own and have used this mattress 1yr now. After numerous toppers I gave up and it is now in the guest room. I think it is made of a good foam but not for people that are not shaped like a log (hips and shoulders of equal width). My husband hated it and he likes firm mattresses. I have wide hips and an Apple shape. Felt like the mattress was fighting my bottom weight giving me the feeling of sleeping downhill (head down). The pressure on shoulders and hip became to much. After 4 different toppers that with or without covers would not stay in place I gave up.
I believe that this one size fits most mattress definitely does not work for heavier and disproportionately shaped persons. Maybe a mattress model with the same base but 2 additional inches of cushioning would work.

Will buy this mattress again!

WOW. WOW. WOW! Love this mattress. We've had it for just about two months.

I read about it on Consumer Reports - it was their highest rated foam mattress, so I decided to take the plunge and buy it without "testing" it at a local mattress store.

I'm glad I did. We had our previous traditional mattress for twelve years - it was a great mattress (and twelve years ago, still cost $500 more than I paid for this Tuft & Needle mattress). It was a great mattress, so it would have been easy to be disappointed with our new mattress.

But, thankfully, that has not been the case. I weigh about 250, and my wife weighs half that much; nevertheless, we're both happy with this new mattress. Highly recommend it.

Fantastic bed...don't waste your money on those expensive beds they are a waste of money.

We've had this mattress for over a year now and it hasn't broken in like our last mattress. No need to flip or rotate. We originally bought this for our soon coming tiny house but it works just as good in our foundation home too. Like the day we bought it. I will buy one of these again and highly recommend these to all of my friends and family.


I love this foam mattress, and will not try other products any more!!!

Since I'm from Japan, and used to love to sleep on a Japanese traditional futon mattress, my husband and I decided to purchase this mattress. We previously bought a shiki-futon mattress from other company, and found it got thinner after using 1 month or so. So, we were worried if this foam mattress is the same as the previous useless mattress.

So far we have been using this mattress about for one month, but it has not got thinner at all. It's very comfortable that we sleep very well every night! My husband who used to snore loudly every day stopped making noise since we started sleeping on the mattress. I highly recommend this item to everyone!!!


I've officially given this mattress 6 months to win me over, and I have to say that I feel duped by all of the glowing reviews I've read.
I first entertained the idea of ordering this mattress because after buying the highest rated mattress from a leading consumer-driven magazine, and hating it because it was too firm, I was left with mere days to find a replacement, or face sleeping on the sofa indefinitely. So, because I'm pretty Amazon loyal, and after reading many reviews, and seeing that I could have the mattress delivered within 48 hours, I pulled the trigger and bought it. The first few night were unbearable -- firm, strong chemical odor, and overall much worse than the previous mattress I had just sent back. So, I invested a few hundred more dollars on a mattress topper, which had made absolutely no difference. After a few months, it started to sink in the places where we sleep, leaving sad people-shaped spots, so we flipped it over. I resent that I had to flip over a mattress that I've only owned a few months. (I should also note that flipping the mattress over has not made it any more comfortable.)
Overall, I'm underwhelmed by the quality of this mattress.

Two very happy customers...

So my wife and I have been searching for a new bed and after two months of reading every review out there and going into the traditional stores we found an article about Tuft & Needle. I think it was NBC or ABC, I am honestly not quite sure but after reading that and then going to their website and then reading I think every review on Amazon we took the plunge and bought the California King size. And after a week of sleeping on the beds I couldn't be any happier than I am. The first day I slept in it I passed out so hard my wife had trouble waking me up and pretty much every day since then. It is honestly not too soft and not too firm.. I does lean more towards the firm side but that is ok and makes it perfect. On top of that when I get in and out of bed it doesn't seem to bother my wife as much as before when we had a traditional mattress. I highly recommend this bed and both my wife and I are extremely happy customers.

They just earned a customer for life.

Absolutely the best mattress I have ever used. It doesn't make me hot, doesn't make me cold...I'm just comfortable all the time. Customer service stands by their guarantee.

Perfect for a big guy who needs the right support without feeling the trapped heat.

I was recommended by a friend and Reddit to check out Tuft & Needle mattress when i was looking to upgrade. The webchat with the agent at Tuft and needle answered all the questions i had in regards to my concerns about the weight limit and the cooling factor.

I am a heavy set tall guy that loves sleeping in the cold, and this mattress did not disappoint. I rarely feel warm when I am using it, and that to me was important for me to get a good night sleep.

I bought the Saferest protector based of the recommendation of the Tuft & Needle rep, but sadly could not use it after about two weeks. it got too hot for me. and since I cant return it, its money down the drain.

Overall it was a very solid purchase. just watch out for which protector you buy as it can change the mattress itself.

and would end up sleeping on floor because it was more comfortable. As a practicing chiropractor I know the benefits ...

I weight 220 lb and have been through 3 mattress in past 5 years nothing seemed to hold up or give correct support. Prior to getting this mattress I would wake up every night do to some back pain, and would end up sleeping on floor because it was more comfortable. As a practicing chiropractor I know the benefits of a good supportive night sleep has. This mattress in absolute the best mattress I've ever slept on.

Very Firm

I have to give this a mixed review which I will explain here. First off, the packaging was great, very compact and fun to watch it expand once fully unwrapped. It is mostly as described, very firm and feels like it will give you just enough play to be soft. However, my sleeping experience with it was not ideal, it stayed a bit too firm for my liking. I decided to return it which Amazon was amazing about so that is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 3. Please keep in mind this is a very firm sleeping mattress, I have multiple gel pads and mattress toppers at this point to try and make it sleep-able.

Best purchase I've made in a while.

Plainly put, this is the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on. I've only ever owned spring mattresses, but this time around I decided I didn't want springs poking my back. I was also on a budget, so when someone sent me a link for a similar mattress, I dug deeper and came across Tuft & Needle. I was immediately sold on the ethos of the company -- the good quality affordable mattress, the cutting out of the unnecessary middle man (who really wants to deal with salespeople anyway?), the fact that T&N donates any mattresses that get returned, etc. Upon receiving my mattress, I was then sold on the full package. I love my T&N. It is the perfect mixture of firm (the bottom layer) and soft (the top layer). I found my mattress comfortable from night one, but after breaking it in for four or five nights, it was even better. I can't imagine wanting it any softer and I'm not even big on firm mattresses. It supports and envelopes at the same time, conforming to your body for the ultimate support. For anyone who receives their T&N and feels it is too firm -- give it a few days. You might love it after it breaks in. If not, know that it will go to someone in need. How awesome is that?!

Tuft and Awesome...

My wife and I were looking for a new mattress and decided to look at online reviews. This was highly rated and we loved the return through charity aspect. We ended up ordering through Amazon to get it a few days quicker and have it arrive on a weekend. I built our slat bed frame from scratch. The mattress had 5-6 hrs to inflate before we slept on it. The first night I thought it might be just me sheer exhaustion from working on the bed. The second night I thought it might just be true. The third night I was sold. This is the best mattress that I have ever slept on in my 34 years on earth. I wake up rested and ready to blast through the day. I wake up without joint pain (ie shoulder, hip, lower back). If you are on the fence about this mattress, I challenge you to give it a try for a week.

Best night sleep in a long time.

I LOVE it!! After researching mattresses for a year or so I finally decided on Tuft and Needle's full size 10". Slept on this last night and had,the best sleep I've had in years. Not as hard as I thought it would be due to the reviews. I'd give it a 7/10; just enough softness with the support your body needs. Because I was nervous it might be too hard I bought a mattress topper/pad from Eluxury which added another layer of heaven. Thank you Tuft and Needle! Wonderful product I'm happy to put my stamp of approval on! Cheers!!

i think i mostly like it cause it doesnt take up so much room

decent bed, but i wouldn't run around shouting about it or anything. i think i mostly like it cause it doesnt take up so much room, and I can move it around fairly easy. i originally bought it thinking it might help with my back/neck, but it didn't really help like i expected. still a decent bed though.

Amazon Return Policy Is a Mess

After extensive reading online we decided to go with Tuft & Needle because it seemed to be the firmest of the online mattresses. I think they must have changed the density of the mattress because it is NOT at all firm. We are very disappointed.

Most importantly though: returning through Amazon is a horrible, horrible experience. We read about Tuft & Needle's amazing return policy where you can get a full refund and donate it, which sounded great. When we went to return through Amazon we realized that they only do UPS pickups. UPS will not give us a window (except 9am to 7pm) as to when they will pick it up. My husband and I both work and I am very confused as to how this is going to work considering we cannot stay at home all day waiting for UPS to come. It is not at all clear how I should have the mattress ready for pickup. I just spoke to Amazon and they said I should have it by the front door. Considering it is on our 4th floor now (possible to carry up with two people when in box, impossible to carry down as one person without box) I don't know what the UPS man is going to do. They said if we miss three days of pickups then we will have to drop off at UPS location.

Buy through Tuft & Needle and not Amazon because of the Return policy.

On the Fence - VERY Marshmallowy

On the fence on this one.

I've had this for about 2 weeks now and I gotta say, Hip pain disappeared within a few days. However, neck, shoulder and upper back pain developed.

Comfort and usability of the mattress greatly depends what you are going to be using it for. If you are ONLY sleeping, it should be ok.
If you plan on doing ANYTHING else, eg. Eating, sitting, watching tv, reading a book, meditating, I would not recommend it. You end up sinking in and lower back pain begins quite quickly to compensate. If you are sitting on the edge (including back near headboard) you will sink below the headboard. As far as sex ... probably better to get a spring mattress, this one has waaay too much give. Remember that you'll have two people (or more) with hands, knees etc in single points sinking in to the marshmallow like mattress. If sitting crosslegged in the middle is a core workout, sex is out of the question.
Sleeping, yeah, it's fine. Anything else, look for a spring mattress.
I'm 5'9" 210-220

Buyer beware

I wanted to love this mattress. I read all of the reviews, liked the concept of the company, and tried to give this a full try but this is truly the worst product I have purchased. I have not had a good night of sleep on this thing. I planned to return prior to the 100 day trial but then when I went to return I saw that since I had purchased on Amazon I only had 30 days to return which I had exceeded. My back and hips have been horribly tight since I purchased this and my wife has had much the same issues. At this point we will probably just eat the $600 and get something that does not hurt us

Just buy it!

We've had this mattress for a little over 3 months now and I feel like I can finally share my final thoughts on it. I LOVE IT. I did weeks of research before making the decision to purchase this one. The other mattress we considered was the Casper, but after testing one out that was in our local West Elm store, we decided that it sunk way too much and probably wouldn't be supportive enough. I wanted a soft mattress and my husband wanted something firm. We found ourselves in a "3 Little Bears" story and were worried we weren't going to find something that was just right for the both of us. But after seeing that T&N gave a 100 day return policy, we took the plunge and bought a king size. It delivered in TWO DAYS! Amazing! I was concerned when we first purchased it because it was very firm, especially in comparison to our 13ish year old tempurpedic mattress (gross!) But it just showed me that having that old mattress was causing so many back problems for my husband and myself. Our tuft & needle mattress took a couple of weeks to "break in" or maybe we just adjusted to the new feeling of it. I purchased a zip mattress cover to prolong the life of it and protect our investment, and then I also purchased a 100% cotton mattress pad, it's not very thick so it doesn't compromise the true feel of the mattress, but just gives a little extra comfort.I wake up hot some nights, but probably because I wear sweatpants, sheets, blanket, and have a heavy goose feather down comforter. I call it my marshmallow bed, because it really is that comfortable. I was not paid to give this review, I just felt like contributing my opinion to those who are finding themselves in the same position as I was in. Solid ethical company, affordable product, comfortable, and chemical free.

I am so sad that this isn't working for me.

I wanted to love this mattress so bad! I was excited to be supporting a seemingly great company. Unfortunately, after a few weeks of sleeping on this, I hate it. My back has been killing me and I frequently wake up with neck and arm pain throughout the night. My day to day tasks have become nearly unbearable to complete with all this back pain I have been having. I am a stay at home mom of 4, so you can imagine how important a good night of sleep is for me. I'll be returning as soon as I can figure out how.

I really wanted to love this mattress... but I don't.

After many years of service (probably too many), my wife and I decided to replace our big name brand memory foam mattress as it had developed permanent soft spots where we lay.

I spent a lot of time looking at different options online, and found the Tuft & Needle videos informative and entertaining. They offer a generous 100 day in home trial (unless you buy from Amazon - more on that in a moment) with the mattress likely to go to charity per their website if you do not like it. When I saw they are on Amazon with Prime shipping, I was sold.

So here is the short and long of it:
1) If you do buy this mattress, do not but it from Amazon. The 100 night trial does not apply, and mattress is subject to Amazon's 30 return policy. You don't like it? Of course you can return it, just pay return shipping and......
Have you ever considered trying to pack and send back a queen size mattress? Sure, it comes compressed and vacuum sealed in a box, but anyone have a queen size bed press and vacuum sealed at home? Yeah, me either.

2) If you are a side sleeper, and don't enjoy shoulder pain, run. Run now.
This bed is firm. To firm. Well, in most places. It is oddly extra firm on the sides and softer in the middle. I would blame a box spring, if I used one, but this is sitting on a solid foundation.
When my wife and I are both in bed, we both hurt. The only time I get a comfortable nights rest is when she is working overnight and I sleep in the middle where it is softer. No too squishy soft. Just comfortable. Like I thought the whole mattress would be.

3) Made in the USA by a company owned by real people. I like this, but not at the loss of sleeping well and having a happy, well rested wife.

I am sure this mattress is right for a lot of people to have the ratings it does, but if you buy, buy direct without the benefits of Amazon Prime. The cost of not doing so are much greater.

Awesome for 1. Not as good for two sleepers

Bought this mattress almost a year ago. Straight out it looked and felt just perfect. Don't even feel like putting a bed sheet on this thing. A little later we started noticing that when both me and my wife were sleeping on it it felt much less firm and we woke up with back and neck pains sometimes. When only one of us was sleeping it felt perfect. I think it's not able to completely take the weight of two people (we weight about 165 and 110 lbs respectively)

We had mostly gotten used to the feeling over the months but Recently we returned from a trip to India where we had a very firm mattress for a month and immediately felt the lack of support with mattress again and started having an uncomfortable sleep and started waking up with slight back pains.

It pains me to say this because it's such a beautiful mattress and when I'm the only one on it, it feels just heavenly.

Wonderful Mix of Firm and Soft and a Great Value!

We absolutely adore these mattresses! We got one for our 3-year-old as his first "big boy" bed and we all laid down on it and tried it out and loved it, so we bought a second for my 8-year-old! Easy to set up, easy to unpack, inflates quickly. It is a wonderful mix of the give of memory foam but the firmness of a solid mattress to get a mixed-feel mattress that doesn't appear to be severe in either area. Very happy with the price vs. what you get and will happily purchase again -- and will likely be replacing our king master bed with a Tuft soon!

Glad I made the purchase

I was a hesitant about ordering a mattress online without trying it first. I decided to go for it since the mattress is so highly rated. I must admit, that I was a little surprised at how much I liked it right away. I had no issues falling asleep. I tend to toss and turn a lot in my sleep, and the mattress is made so that your partner doesn't feel the movement. Needless to say, my wife is now sleeping like a baby. The mattress also keeps cool, so it's great to not feel so hot at times when staying in the same spot for too long. My wife wants to put a mattress top on it, but I'm a little against it. I think it'll take away from it, but we'll see. Overall, solid buy, and you can't go wrong with the price.

Was great the first week

So this company said to give the bed a week. I gave it a little bit more than that, as I want to give a true review. The first week was great! I loved it, I had the best sleep. My back pain went away, and I stayed nice and cool. But now, I can already see where I usually sleep, and my husband sleeps. Its not a dramatic cave in, but if its doing it this early, I don't see this mattress lasting us 10 years, like this company said it would. I really wanted this to work, one because I believe in supporting small businesses, and two because we have been searching for years for a mattress to actually last us longer than a year. I don't see this lasting even close to a year. Oh and I also started to notice that the mattress is starting to make a plastic sound. Not all the time, like when I just move a leg, but like when I kneel on the bed or if I put my elbow into the bed. I wish it could stay how it was the first week we had it because I really did have the best sleep ever. I have read some reviews that said the bed was too stiff when they bought the bed, that is not the case for me. It was the best bed I have found, well until now. We might have to return this and pay for a more expensive bed. Like a tempur pedic.

UPDATE: Wow, I am so impressed with this company! They are quick at helping you, and do EVERYTHING they say they will. No extra hoops to jump through, and no small writing you didn't see. They are sending us a new mattress, AND they are taking care of the old one!! That is a huge plus for me. That would cost us time and money to get rid of it. We will be getting our new one soon. I will for sure keep updating, as I hope my next update will be 5 stars! I can't say enough about this company, customer service is fast, and they are very nice and helpful. Just all around an awesome company. I'm very glad we decided to push the buy button. Thank you very much Tuft & Needle

Buy through

Tuft and Needle is a great company.

My wife and I purchased the mattress on Amazon and it was delivered, as promised, in a relatively tiny box. We unfurled it on our existing box spring and gave it a whirl.

It took about one week to find the mattress comfortable. The first few nights were pretty bad. I woke up feeling very stiff and sore. After my body adjusted, I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, my wife didn't feel the same way. After giving it a go for about 75 days, we decided to cash in on the return policy.

After reading the fine print on their website, it appeared that because I purchased on Amazon, they weren't going to honor the 100-day warranty. I prepared a very intense speech to deliver to the customer service rep, but it wasn't necessary.

Their customer service couldn't have been better. They walked me through the entire process of donating my mattress. Upon proof of donation, they confirmed that my payment would be processed. About 7 days later, a check came in the mail for the full purchase price, including sales tax. In order to avoid any issue with service, head on over and purchase the mattress directly from their website.

I still honestly still can't believe it. You can buy one of these mattresses with absolute confidence that if you don't like it, you can get your money back. I regret that it didn't work out for my family. We ended up buying a mattress at a local store for 4x the price...

Excellent quality, great customer service!

This mattress is excellent quality and a good value.

It feels medium-firm to firm when used on slats (IKEA $30 birch slats) - firm enough to support one's spine, but not overly firm for back and stomach sleepers or for some side-sleepers (for side-sleepers used to a memory foam mattress or who have wide shoulders, we found that it's a bit too firm under the shoulders, but comfortable otherwise - definitely more than a coil spring mattress).

For most of us who've slept on it, it's comfortable, but for the side-sleepers, it's just too firm for the shoulders (waking up from pain, turning into chronic pain w/ trigger points after a week); however, we knew from the reviews when we bought it that it was going to be on the firmer side, which works fine for most, but not all, of us. Overall, we like this mattress and consider it to be a good value.

The company has great customer service and we like that they make their mattresses in the USA. It would be really nice if they offered the option of a mattress with a softer zone at the ends (where the shoulders are), for those who cannot tolerate firmer mattresses, since this mattress is excellent quality. We'd give it 4.5 stars if we could, and are only not giving it 5 stars because it is too firm for side-sleepers, despite what the website states about it being suitable for all sleeping styles.


This 10in King mattress is lovely and well-priced. When we unpacked it we didn't really notice a harsh chemical smell. After two nights of letting it inflate and air out, we had the best night's sleep. I like beds firm while my husband likes them on the softer side. Oddly enough, I find it to be quite firm and he thinks it's nice and soft! They seem to have figured out the right sweet spot. Very happy with our purchase and have recommended widely.

6'4" and hips and back owe TN some extra love ;)

Do you like sleeping like a baby and not waking up the next morning feeling like you just spent 8 hours in the ring with Mike Tyson? If the answer is yes then this mattress is for you.

I'm 6'4" (190lbs) and my wife is 5'7" (115lbs), we were looking for a bed to fit our needs and weight absorption/distribution was a concern. Our previous mattress was too hard, we purchased a 3" memory foam to soften the load, both had us feeling like we were getting beat up each night. My wife use to talk about her neck and my hips and lower back hurt so bad - we honestly thought it wasn't related to our mattress.

It wasn't until the 2-3 day of using the TN until we talked about it, we both realized we had not said one thing about our hips or neck. Since then we've been waking up feeling like we've gotten an extra hour or two of sleep and without any pain.

If you've got hip or lower back pain, this mattress might be just what you need. If you're on the fence, don't be, get it done. You'll thank yourself later.

Very nice mattress

I did a ton of research on mattresses before splurging.

Here is the deal. If you want the best mattress in the world, you will go buy a Sealy Posturepedic mattress. You will also spend upwards of $2,000. I wanted a high quality mattress, but I did not want to spend $2,000. Consumer Reports led me to Tuft and Needle.

Consumer Reports ranks three different brands as "best buys" when it comes to mattresses. The Sealy brand is one, and the brand that Costco sells is another. The third is Tuft and Needle. Perhaps the mattresses that Sealy and Costco sell are better, but I think that the Tuft and Needle mattress is the best value.

Yes, it is a firm mattress, but it isn't like sleeping on a hardwood floor. In fact, I found little in the way of pressure points while lying down on this mattress. I tend to be a stomach sleeper. I know, that's horrible for my back, but I've had sinus issues my whole life, and sleeping on my back or side causes horrible pressure to build up overnight. I usually fall asleep on my side and then find myself on my stomach when I wake up in the morning. The first night was a little weird, but the insert that came with the mattress advised to give it at least a few days for the mattress to completely air out. After a couple of nights, I had adjusted, and I can say with certainty that I like the mattress.

The interesting part is that it didn't seem, at first, like it was all that great. Yesterday, though, I tried to take a nap on my old bed because I was washing the bedding for this one. It wasn't the same. It's kind of like internet speeds or HD television. It doesn't seem all that great when you first use it, but you definitely notice it when you try to go back.

I give this mattress five out of five stars.

Gets softer and deformed over time. If you like harder feeling mattresses, stay away from this one.

I decided to write my review some months after buying the product. At first, it was ok. Firm and comfortable. But now, 7 months later, the mattress is a real mess. It seems like it got deformed in the edges, it's very soft (I like firm mattresses and by the reviews of this one that should be the case) and I wake up almost every morning with a pain in my back.

If you like soft mattresses, that shouldn't bother you. But if you are like me, who likes a harder feeling one, stay away from this one.

Buy it buy it buy it

Will never go back to a futon or spring mattress again knowing foam mattresses can be this comfy. It's so supportive but yet still soft when you sit on it. While laying down, it doesn't feel like I'm sinking in at all and I'm 220 lbs!! I'm a side sleeper and only have back issues if I've been extra busy at work, so it's no fault of the mattress. It's holding up remarkably well too. I sit on the edge while playing Xbox1 but there is not an area there that feels worn out or softer than the rest of the mattress. Also I don't feel the cats jumping on and off the bed in the night anymore. Woohoo! highly recommended like so many other ppl have too.

Better than a $2,000+ tempurpedic

Some people hate memory foam mattresses, other love it. If you absolutely hate memory foam, there is very little chance you'll like this mattress. It's not quite memory foam, but it's very similar.

My main point of comparison is a $2,000 (over 3x the cost) Tempurpedic mattress I owned. I was happy with that mattress, but lost it in a fire. Researching mattresses I came across Tuft and Needle, contacted their costumer support (incredibly responsive by the way) and decided that given their return policy (take it to charity within 30 days, show them receipt, and you get your money back) I gave them a try.

I am so glad I did.

I had 2 minor gripes with the tempurpedic:
1. It gets very hot between you and the mattress
2. You kind of sink in - no bounce, kind of hard to move about.

I loved the comfort, support, etc. Well, except the price tag, everything is well made.

This tuft and needle just one upped it. NOTE: I bought this right after they started shipping mattresses with their custom top layer of foam. The mattresses went up in price by like 20-25%, but supposedly this is a really good foam. I cannot compare how the mattress was before, just the new version of it. (2015)

- Does not get hot! You don't sleep hot like with a tempurpedic.
- Feels great. Most comfortable mattress I've ever slept in. They did a great job with it.
- You don't sink in quite as much, it pushes back a little. "localized bounce" is their marketing term, but basically, you don't totally sink in.
- All materials and constructions from the USA.

- None so far.

So far I love this mattress. I hope it lasts, but I got nothing bad to say about it. It is very comfortable, their support is amazing, return policy great. Honestly, seems like a great company and they are producing a quality product are a good price.

Highly recommended if you are considering any memory foam mattress.

No more backache with T&N mattress

Happened upon Tuft & Needle quite by accident and read all the reviews. The only complaint some people had was that they really wanted a soft mattress and this T&N was too firm for them. So I thought it was exactly what I needed. Firm support, soft top and not sweaty. I live in Hawaii and it really is important to have a mattress that breathes otherwise you feel like you are in a sauna. It arrived promptly, I unwrapped it per directions and voila, instant mattress. I thought my back was getting worse because of my age, and guess what? It was because of lack of support while sleeping. I sleep well and my back does not hurt now. A VERY worthwhile investment for me. Needless to say, I am more than pleased.

After over a year, it's still perfect.

I waited to do this review because when I was researching mattresses, I wanted to know how they held up. After owning this mattress for over a year, I can honestly say that this is the best mattress, hands down, that we've ever owned. We traveled recently and kept telling each other that we only had a few days left before we would be back to our own mattress. Falling into bed after we got home was an exquisite relief. We've owned innerspring, memory foam, and sleep number beds, and they don't hold a candle to the comfort offered by the Tuft and Needle.
Every part of the mattress supports you so that there are no pressure points, just like the memory foam, but it doesn't hold your shape, so if you roll over in the night, you don't roll over into a hole--it springs back immediately to cushion you again. It holds a small amount of heat, but my husband, who is sensitive to temperature when he sleeps, doesn't have any problem. For me, it's enough to ensure comfort. After over a year of ownership, there are no sagging spots or indentations, and no loss of firmness. The mattress is just exactly firm enough for us because there's support without pain. My husband needs a very firm bed for his back, and I prefer a softer bed. Memory foam was too soft for him, innerspring was too hard for me, and the sleep number was just a miserable experience for us both (yes, it's sort of like the Three Little Bears around here!). The Tuft & Needle has what it takes to meet both our needs, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Hard as a rock

Mattress was hard as a rock. My wife and I gave it two full weeks to try to get acclimated to it and for it to 'break in'. After 2 weeks, we were tired of losing sleep and ultimately went back to the mattress we were trying to replace. Also beware of return policy - You don't get the 100 day return time frame when purchased through Amazon. Now we are stuck with this mattress we can't use or we have to figure out how to ship it back to Amazon.. :(

Goldilocks was wrong.

There are a few things that you should always buy in person to check for quality.

Fresh fruit. Diamond rings. Cars.

Up until a few months ago, I would have added mattresses to that list. Wasn't that one of the morals of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears"? Most of us were taught that the moral was that a life of crime doesn't pay and you really shouldn't be sneaking into other people's houses - especially if they are bears - but another, often overlooked moral was "not every mattress will feel JUST RIGHT. Try before you buy."

When I saw T&N's claim of a mattress with optimal comfort, I was skeptical. What worked for Mama Bear and Papa Bear wasn't what worked for Baby Bear.

But T&N's business model intrigued me as did their pricing structure. And if their mattress didn't work out, I would return it and they would donate it to charity. Win-win.

I'm happy to report that Goldilocks was wrong. There are some mattresses that are JUST RIGHT for everyone. This is one of them. My husband and I both sleep well on our King mattress from T&N. The quality is fantastic. The business model is sublime. And my bank account is happy that I didn't spend a small fortune on a bed.

So I guess you could say we're living happily ever after.

Unlike Goldilocks. Who really shouldn't have broken into the bears house.


Unless you enjoy sleeping on a stack of bricks or plywood, because that's about as soft as this mattress is, then you'll hate this mattress as much as we did. I got better sleep on the mattress in our camper than I did on this thing. We bought this because it had thousands of reviews and nearly a 5 star rating. However, it is the firmest mattress ever. The off-gassing from the foam was horrific. I had to lay a blanket down on top of the sheets to add another barrier so I couldn't smell the chemicals from the foam. Even spraying with Febreze and letting it air out did not help. It took about a week for the smell to dissipate.
Thankfully there is a 30 day sleep trial with this mattress and a full money back guarantee. We called Amazon to return this mistake and was issued our full refund within a few hours. You can't return the mattress but you will get your refund. We were told by Amazon (via telephone and email) that you can keep the mattress, donate, or sell it. At least Amazon was very helpful and had great customer service with this purchase.

Great for Tendinitis and Pressure Point Issues

This is my second Tuft and Needle mattress--the first one I had slept on is on the third floor of an old house in Baltimore, actually on an old wood floor. This is a fantastic night's sleep!

If you have tendinitis, this doesn't hurt pressure points. It's very, very comfortable if you are a back sleeper.

One warning: once you open the second cover, the mattress will inflate like a balloon in a matter of seconds. Don't open that last cover until you've put the bed where you want it. Recommended.

Edit: After a few days, I feel better than I have in years. (I was sleeping on a fifteen-year-old Sealy futon.) Seriously, this will make back pain and tendinitis from sleeping on an old mattress better in days. This is a cure for soft tissue pain caused by an old or too hard bed. It's amazing.

I'm also in love with your transparent pricing

First of all, the price is legit-ski. I'm talkin' divine quality mattress, at a human price point. Look, I tried other mattresses, even my baby boo's Tempur-pedic and it doesn't compare. I'm also in love with your transparent pricing, so much so, I want to marry it. I can't even! When it comes to obscene mark-ups, due to lack of market competition. Tuft & Neddle is a serious strike toward fair market pricing. It's the American dream you can sleep on! Could this get any better? Yes! I'm not even done. My mattress aka "Love Cloud", was shipped straight to my face, within days. Easy to transport and hecka-easy to setup. I sleep better than I ever have, in the sum total of my foolish life! In conclusion: great sleep at a fair price, + customer consideration and service that's off the chizzy = me telling everyone I know about Tuft & Needle AND showing them pictures. I wish you sold t-shirts and had an instagram account, so I could rep you hardcore and follow your every move! 10 outa’ 10~!

To firm for side sleepers

I'm debating returning this bed. It's pretty firm, and seems comfy when I'm sleeping on my stomach but i sleep on my side too. Its way to firm for when i switch to sleeping on my side. The shoulder i sleep on gets very sore, to the point it hurts to raise my arm. Not what i expected when i spent this much on a bed that claims to stand up to the larger names in their industry.

Good support but topper required. Still good value

First, a message to many of the other reviewers: learn the difference between a "product" review and a "seller" review. Even though it is rare these days for a company to actually do what it says it will do, that doesn't justify a 5 star "product" review for a mattress you returned.

Well-made, good value, too firm. King size was correct dimensions.

The mattress is firm. My girlfriend and I noticed back and shoulder pain immediately. We are both side/ back sleepers and 40 ish in age. If you researched any then you should have known that this mattress is "universal" which means it is meant to appeal to the masses as far as comfort. So it's a crap shoot on whether you are going to like it. If you are a sleeper who is comfortable on a mattress this firm then just save the money on a bed and sleep on the floor. Otherwise, be prepared to buy an additional topper.

The good news is that the price point and quality allow it to still be a value by adding a quality mattress topper to provide the top level cushioning needed. I think t&n should market the mattress this way since they choose to manufacture it in a universal manner (I expect this is a "cost down" method)

I went with the Sleep Innovations 4" topper which ran almost $200 on Amazon. That put me at about $1000 after tax for the whole deal. Good value imho. We both sleep fine now with the firm support of the t&n with the added pillow top feel of the topper. No more pain.

Kudos to t&n for thinking outside the box with their business model and warranty. However, I like a warranty that I never have to use. No company/person can guarantee my comfort, only quality and craftsmanship. Especially when it is an online purchase. This mattress is a quality product and I believe it will last for many years. The option to return via donation is great but an absolute pita. So have a backup plan. Mine was the topper.

Best bed on the market for its price.

One of the best mattresses we have owned. It was a little on the firm side for my wife at first so we put our old memory foam topper on it. After a few days we did not need it. I sleep much better on this mattress than I did on my old inner spring from Serta.

If you are hesitant due to the price, we were also. We assumed because it was affordable it would not be as good as the latex/foam hybrids at the bedstore for $2500, but it definitely met all our expectations.

Some of the reviews complained about a chemical smell. We did not experience this, we took it out of the box and slept on it the same night that it arrived.


I'd heard about Tuft & Needle mattresses from what I thought was a trusted source. My past two mattresses were Stearns and Foster and were very good mattresses, however they are getting very expensive so I decided to try T&N. I need a firm mattress and reviewers said T&N was firm, and a lot of folks were happy with it. The package arrived on time and was easy to open, and set up was simple. Once the plastic was opened, the mattress came to life. I like that it isn't very heavy so one person can move it and there wasn't an odor. My sheets fit, but once the bed was put together it didn't look very plush, primarily because the thickness of the mattress is only 10". I've been trying to adjust to the mattress for the last two weeks, but my back hurts every morning upon arising, and I wake multiple times in the night trying to get comfortable. While I need firm, this mattress is almost too firm. I have ordered a memory foam topper to see if it will make a difference. I hope this isn't going to be of those times where "you get what you pay for". It seems T&N has awesome customer service, but I've not contacted them yet, waiting to see if the memory foam topper helps. I will provide updated information before my one month trial period is up.

It's June 3 and I've been using the memory foam topper on top of the Tuft and Needle mattress. While it is more comfortable with the topper, it still doesn't provide the comfort I'd like. Not sure what I need, but this isn't it. Be very sure you can handle a "firm" mattress because the Tuft and Needle is that.

Great value here

My wife and I have been sleeping on this mattress for about 6 months now. Gotta say I'm pretty impressed. I'm a side sleeper mostly and used to wake up a few times a night with my hip or arm asleep. Never happens with this mattress. Very rarely do I wake up stiff and if I do it's mostly my neck from an awkward pillow position. My wife also sleeps noticeably better and says she has much less pain as well. It's nice that one of us waking up or moving around doesn't wake the other one up anymore.

I would say this is a pretty firm mattress, but it's still soft on top. I don't feel like I really sink in. I'd describe it more like there is some give at your pressure points. Overall, it's firm but comfortable.

Unpacking it was a pretty painless affair. The box was heavy and mine was broken open on the bottom (needs more than paper tape to keep it closed). Fortunately, the mattress was wrapped tightly in two layers of plastic, so no damage. I cut it open and it took shape after about 10 minutes. I still gave it a full night and day to get situated though.

I wanted to wait a while before writing my reviews I be sure I liked and nothing changed. After 6 months I don't regret buying this at all. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive mattress.

Best purchase of any kind I have ever made

Nervous about buying a bed online, without even testing it out. But it's turned out to be everything everyone said it would be, and more. I've gotten the best sleep nights of my life on this bed, by far. I wake up now feeling so good, so refreshed, it's like being a new person. And I am not tired at all during the day.

On my old bed, I would toss and turn all night, it hurt to lay in any one place for long, and I'd wake up exhausted and spend all day downing tons of caffeine trying to stay awake, which never really worked. I was miserable. But all of that has changed with this Tuft & Needle bed. I am getting extremely high quality, deep sleep on this bed and no tossing and turning and waking myself up all night. And when I do wake up in the morning, I have so much energy it's like someone flipped on a lightswitch and I am instantly awake and ready to go. Haven't felt like this since I was a child.

The bed itself is easy to setup, and very well made. It's just the right balance of soft and firm and holds my weight perfectly. I'm a stomach and side sleeper and there is no problem at all for either way. No soreness or pains even after laying in one spot for hours. It's just perfect. I could not be happier. I didn't know I could BE this happy from just sleep. I mean, sleep is sleep, right? Wrong. So very wrong.

This is my first real foam bed and I am a hot sleeper so I had concerns about whether this bed would work for me, but there has been zero problem with heat. It's absolutely fine. A major consumer magazine called this mattress very breathable and I agree.

Summary: this may have been the best purchase of any kind I've ever made, given how wonderful I feel after a night's sleep on this mattress. Nothing I can think of has ever given me this kind of feeling. I'm so grateful that somebody invented this. It's going to give me back my life.

Great mattress, just needs a little softer top.

I bought this mattress instead of the Leesa, which was my second option. It is a replacement for an almost eight years traditional coil 18" Euro top mattress set on box spring. It arrived when expected and once opened and unrolled it filled up quickly (less than 24 hours). It didn't have a chemical smell. No smell at all, so that was a plus. At first try it was instant love affair with it. I bought the king size and will place it in a platform bed with slats (2" separation), but for now and to test, is on a hardwood floor. I protected it with a King Size SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector - Vinyl Free (good choice). I have slept on it for six consecutive nights. First couple of nights, it felt hard for what I was used to, but I decided that it may get better with time. I've noticed that after eight years of the Euro top, I am liking the less softer mattress I've slept in hotels in last few years. I don't like a too soft of a mattress, but after the third night with my Turf & Needle, I think I need a mattress top to make me happier. I am mostly a side sleeper and found myself turning way too many times last couple of nights. I do like this mattress; no doubt about it, but a little softer top will be nice. I am just debating on which mattress top to buy. Any recommendations?

So Disappointed To Be So Disappointed!

Update: Trust Amazon and Tuft & Needle to put the "action" in "customer satisfaction"!

Although this wasn't the right solution for us, they stepped in to make sure that we were fully satisfied with regard to the transaction and refund. Honestly, they could not have done it better.

Full disclosure: Both my wife and I do suffer from "back anomalies", in my case a congenital defect -- or as my family doctor described it to me many years ago "you were born with an extra vertebrae". When I asked him what that meant, he said "If you are ever eaten by cannibals, they'll get an extra T-bone"... and ... "Your back will probably be weaker than normal."

Well, he was right on with his latter statement, as to the first, it has never (fortunately) been tested.

Point being: Most people would probably love this mattress. I'll bet you will too, and if on the odd chance not, you won't be dissatisfied with your dealings with Amazon & the Tuft & Needle folks. They are great.
I was so sure this was the right choice for us. How could so many positive reviews be wrong? I read. I investigated. I compared the competition. I called Tuft & Needle and asked them if they had feedback on the satisfaction of former waterbed users. They tried to be helpful. They are obviously a great company, with great people, and a great satisfaction policy. How could we go wrong?

The simple answer is that it was just too firm for us. We knew that after the first few nights and the morning back pain that followed. Desperate, we bought a foam topper from Costco for $200 -- that will fix it -- right? Nope. We're used to the natural way our waterbed would shape itself to us. It felt like no matter what we covered this with, there was still this board underneath.

Then one morning, I awoke to find my wife sleeping on an air mattress beside the bed. She'd given up.

This surely is the perfect solution for many, maybe for most, but it just wasn't right for us. We bought it from Amazon instead of directly from T&N, even though T&N probably has the easier "return" policy. The thought we might actually not be able to use it just seemed so remote.

The promise that "one mattress fits all" is perhaps true most of the time. Unfortunately, it's just our bad luck to be the exception to that rule.

Nice Quality on the Firm side

I feel this is a great quality memory foam mattress. I have two home. My main home I have a $7,000 tempurpedic king size bed. I wanted something much less expensive for my 2nd home. Upon unpacking the mattress did have a smell to it but being a nice day I left my window open and the smell was gone within 8 hours. The mattress cover looks good comparable to my expensive mattress. Compared to a tempurpedic it is a bit more firm. For me that is not a good thing as I prefer a softer bed. However my husband had no problem with it at all. What is nice about it is it holds it edges like a tempurpedic. Having bought cheaper memory foam mattresses for my kids from Amazon in the past I was very aware of how some less expensive brands simply cave in on the edges or middle making you sleep at an angle. This mattress does not do that so that is a very good thing. In the end I bought a 4 inch memory foam pad to put on top just to make it softer. But if you like a mattress a tad more firm than most memory foam mattress this is the one for you.

Very comfortable!

Very comfortable, packed+shipped well, unpacked and let air out for a couple hours, and no issues!

Paired with a set of LINENSPA Bamboo Sheets and the Zinus Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed

Made in the USA, Inexpensive... AND SO COMFORTABLE!

Wow! Super comfy...
First, I LOVE a nice plush mattress... and this is NOT soft and plush, but strangely really really comfy!! I sleep like a baby every night (when my baby lets me sleep). I has the perfect amount of support. Haven't woken up with a crick in the neck yet! Awesome! I have Malouf, low profile pillows and the combination is heavenly. I hope you give it a try! PS read up on their company... they seem like a great group of people :) MADE IN THE USA!

Update: Still love it! My husband was diagnosed with MS and this mattress is perfect when he needs extra support.

Worst sleep of my life!!

I am far from picky when it comes to mattresses, once I'm tired I can fall asleep just about anywhere, but how anyone could enjoy sleeping on this mattress just blows my mind. I've had it for 9 nights now, and never have I ever woke up with such horrible back & neck pain! And not even after a full nights sleep - I haven't slept longer than 3-4 hours a night since getting it, which especially pisses me off because this is the first week I've had off work in years. Was hoping to get rested up, but nope! Still deciding if I'm going to return it or buy a pillow top mattress to put over it. So incredibly disappointed.


Look, prior to this mattress, I swore off ALL mattresses and decided that a 2 inch soft mattress pad on top of a HARD flat surface worked best for me. I'm a stomach sleeper and like my mattress FIRM. Firm like the floor, with some softness to contour to my body. Mattresses I've owned before always sagged.

I discovered Tuft & Needle in 2013 and bought my first bed (a full size) with them. I fell in love with Tuft and Needle. I loved it so much, I moved the full into my guest room and bought myself a queen a few months later. Loved it.

Recently I decided to upgrade to a king. Of course, having been a prior Tuft and Needle enthusiast, I was expecting the same firmness from the full and the queen. Unfortunately, not the case. I've had the king for about a week now and I can already feel the stiffness in my back. I was hoping the bed would get more firm in time, but I don't see that happening.

Lo and behold, I read all these reviews after the fact and find out that Tuft and Needle changed their formula because people complained it was too firm. My bad, I should have read those reviews first. But being a previous customer, I didn't feel reading reviews for a product I already loved was necessary.

I think Tuft and Needle should have options for softer and firmer mattresses. In addition, for people who are disciplined enough to do research (as I have now), they should give the ILD rating so that people know exactly what they're getting.

For those you like a firm mattress, you will be disappointed in Tuft and Needle now. I called their customer service and they said there's nothing they can really do for me. So unfortunately tragic. I give them 3 stars since I was completely happy with the first two mattresses I bought. Completely unhappy with the 3rd. I was hoping Tuft and Needle would still have older versions that they could replace mine with. But they do not.

Sorry Tuft and Needle, you lost a loyal fan. I'll come back if you give me a firm mattress option (44 ILD). If I were to rate the most recent mattress purchase, this would be around a 30 ILD, or a medium-firm mattress (I'm not an expert, I'm just going by the ratings that I've researched on other sites). I'm sure for a lot of people, it's perfect. For the select few (like me) it's too soft.

Here's the website I found explaining ILD:

Too firm for light people! Can't sleep at all.

I really wanted to love this mattress. I ordered the queen size. I’ve “slept” on it for a week now, if you can call it that. I'm 25 years old and weigh 100 pounds, so I hardly sink into the mattress and it’s insanely firm. I’ve tossed, turned, and barely slept a wink in the past 7 days, and my zombiage is beginning to affect my work. When I do manage to fall and stay asleep, I wake up sore with back pain. I can’t mentally afford to test it out for another week. I would buy a mattress topper, but this mattress was already at the top of my budget. I’m going to start the return process through Amazon, and sleep in the guest room until I find a suitable replacement.

I like that it was made in the USA and the company seems ethical, but it just didn't work for me.

UPDATE: I worked with CEVA to return the mattress to Amazon. Amazon deducted $31.92 from my refund to pay for return shipping, so be aware that return shipping is NOT free! I should have bought it from Tuft & Needle itself, but I wanted the 2-day Prime shipping.

Great Mattress !!! I highly recommend it and I was not paid for this review.

Okay at first I was skeptical of a mattress that is made of foam and arrives to you by regular mail in a box. I was 50/50 on this purchase I was prepared to tell them to come pick this thing up, cause I thought there was no way a mattress that fits into a box that can ship to my door was going to hold up well at all or support me. I was mistaken and pleasantly surprised by this mattress it has changed my opinion of this type of mattress and the need to buy $1000 + mattresses from the big box stores with the pushy sales guys/gals. First off let me state I'm not a small guy by any means I am 6ft 4" 285lbs and this mattress does not sink or bottom out and supports me very well. Just like any mattress even my old queen size $1000 Sealy mattress if you sit on the corner edge it will compress and touch your frame our supports so a box spring or proper bed frame is required. The mattress cover is durable and nice it seems to be holding up well so far and it can be removed for washing even though I haven't tried it yet it doesn't appear to be a difficult process. I bought two sets of cuddle dud flannel sheets and they hold on very well I don't see a problem with sheets sliding off as long as you don't buy cheap sheets. So far we have had our mattress about 3 months now and have not had any issues and I'm sleeping very well. It does take some getting used to it is a little firm but not to firm and you WILL feel uncomfortable at first if you're not used to a firm mattress but after a week or so on the mattress I sleep better than I have on any mattress and wake up feeling better. There is also not a lot of motion transfer when getting in or out of bed so you don't have to worry about waking up someone sleeping next to you.This is an honest free opinion of this mattress from a regular consumer this review was not paid for in any way.

Painfully hard bed.

Mattress and pillow reviews are so subjective given everyone's personal preferences, medical needs, etc, so please take this with a grain of salt. For me, I have many back problems and am a side-sleeper. This bed was incredibly hard and caused my chronic pain, which had me rolling around all night. I slept with this for almost four months to really try it out, but I'm completely exhausted and in pain. I'm giving up.

Not Supportive, Difficult Return

In summary, this mattress had too much give/not enough support, and we ended up returning it toward the end of the 30-day trial period. We ordered the California King, and I was surprised at the lack of proper support given the other reviews stating how firm the mattress was, but perhaps the 2015 version has changed somewhat. The mattress isn't soft in any way (there's a difference between hardness and support), and there's never a "wow" moment of comfort when laying down on it. I was ok with this assuming it was going to provide proper support, but I immediately noticed a "hammock" type effect where after lying down for any amount of time (back sleeper), the lighter parts of your body (arms, legs, shoulders, head) are being pushed up in an unnatural manner relative to your heavier parts (torso). This causes pain in those areas and after a few weeks hoping it would get better, we decided to continue our mattress search elsewhere. If you are particularly small/light, this issue may not manifest as much; however my wife is fairly small and she echoed my sentiments. In the end it was worth trying out but just not comfortable enough for a long-term solution.

A note on returns: I bought this through Amazon and not T&N. Obviously you can't return this to Amazon in it's original packaging because of the expanded size after opening. The returns department didn't grasp that fact initially but eventually sent me to the large items department and they sent a 3rd party shipping company to take it away, presumably to a charity. This was still a bit of a hassle because the rep kept insisting I needed to wrap it in some way in preparation for shipping, not understanding this mattress was as large as my hallway. Eventually he got the picture and stated he would have the shipping company bring plastic to wrap it for shipping. When the return shipper arrived this morning, he was alone in a small van, dropped the mattress in the mud, and eventually had to enlist my wife's help to get it squeezed into his vehicle. All in all not a good return experience. Your mileage may vary, but perhaps you would have better luck with the trial return if purchased through the manufacturer directly.

Memory Foam comfort at a reasonable price

Finally a wonderfully comfortable mattress at an affordable price. Soft and pliable, yet firm, ideal for side sleeping. Much more comfortable than the expensive "memory foam" mattress it replaced (and at a fraction of the cost!) Tuft and Needle also has great customer service -- followed up their shipment with an email to make sure I was satisfied. Great product!

2600$ Tempur what? Not after my PT showed me this!

Well i have upper back and neck problems and i have been searching for a mattress for almost a year because i didnt want to spend 2500$ on a Tempurpedic and all other memory foam mattress were just sub par or over priced. I thought my effort was futile and i would be forced to cut off an arm and a leg to pay for the mattress. I was explaining my plight to my physical therapist (who kicks butt btw) and she being ever helpful went straight to her phone to call a couple of her other physcal therapist buddies because she heard of this great mattress at a nerve damage seminar a few weeks back. Within fifteen minutes we were both looking at this mattress on amazon right there at the Cleveland clinic. She was excited to tell me that this mattress out-preforms the Tempurpedic as well as having a 10year warranty all for a quarter of the price. The story in the physical therapy community is that the guy who created this mattress used to work for tempur but left due to what he thought was price gouging. So he left and started his own company with the same technology for a quarter of the price. I was sold before she explained the benefits (simply due to her never steering me in the wrong direction) and even more thrilled when another dr called her back to explain how several of his patients got it and swear by it.

So long story short, i went for it. It arrived last night and after night one i am 100% sold. This thing rocks and i have never been as comfortable as i am now when sleeping. The difference in quality and feel are intangible compared to a Tempurpedic. The support is great all the way to the edges and it comes with a nice zip-off cover just like the Tempur. Again, this mattress rocks and i have never slept so well in my life!

I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of my sleep

After owning it for over a month, I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of my sleep. I have slept better with fewer aches and pains than I did on my $1700 mattress. My only complaint is that the mattress is almost too cool--I like to be cool when sleeping, but this mattress doesn't quite insulate like standard mattress. We are looking at getting a heated mattress cover.

if you like a firm

The mattress is a bit too firm for my taste, but, my husband really likes it. However, my suggestion is that you buy the mattress through Tuft and Needle. We thought we would be able to have a 30 day trial and return the mattress through Amazon. Unfortunately, through many phone calls to customer service and many misunderstandings, we were not able to return the mattress because you have to return items to Amazon unopened and in its original packaging. However, I don't understand how their 30 day trial and their return policy coexist. It was a very frustrating process. Overall, if you like a firm, foam mattress, there is a good chance you will like this mattress, just purchase it through Tuft and Needle because they will give you a full refund if you don't like it.

Not for me

I read all the reviews and was excited about this bed. I was also interested on the return process if I did not like the bed. The mattress arrived quickly and was easy to set up. We spent about 14 nights on it before we decided to send it back. My husband reported no sleep in those 2 weeks and on numerous occasions I woke up with numbness in my hands and fingers. This bed was just to firm for us.
The return process was easyreturn process was easy. since I purchase it through Amazon Prime I submitted a request for return and they were at my door the next day to pick it up all I needed to do was put it back in a box. luckily we had a box big enough because I don't know how else to get a king size mattress in the mail!

Comfortable and cool.

Our other bed is a 'by number' model with a pillow top. Very plush and comfortable, and was, comparatively, very expensive. I find this one just as comfortable, though not as plush, and like the fact that I don't have to find "extra deep" sheets to fit it. Regular ones do just fine.
I had concerns when ordering about getting hot in the night. I have had a memory foam mattress in the past and would get very hot and have to find a 'cool spot', but after sleeping on this for a month, I have to say, I've not had the problem at all. We purchased an adjustable frame for this bed (due to snoring issues), and it works perfectly on the adjustable frame.
This is a great value on a straight-forward product.

Too Firm

This mattress is just too firm for me. I've had this mattress for over a month which would normally be a pretty good adjustment period but it still isn't quite cutting it for me. I find myself tossing and turning more than I did on my old pillow-top coil mattress.

On Tuft and Needle's website, they offer 100-night hassle-free guarantee but yet they only offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on Amazon. I was dissapointed to find out about this since I had originally looked at their website before buying this and thought I had 100 days. It does leave me wondering as to why there is a difference though.

I have come to find out that Casper (a Tuft & Needle competitor) offers a similar mattress except softer. If I can't make this mattress work for me, I may have to give them a shot.
Casper Mattress

Not Firm, not as much support

I have tried this mattress at a friend's house. I was very pleasantly surprised how supportive, and firm it was. After I had purchased my current mattress it turned out that the company does in fact make changes to their product. Hence the feel was no longer the same, not quite as firm.

Width is lacking by 3.5 inches, too firm

Shipping was quick, we actually had to wait another 5 days for the base (another company) we ordered to arrive, before opening the mattress box. We called the company because the king size width is off by a little more than 3.5 inches. The customer rep told us to give it a few more days, however, never expanded any more than the first day. We slept on it for a couple of nights, to test it out. It was too firm for me. I'm a side sleeper and I feel my shoulders and hips achy in the morning. I thought it's just trying to get used with a new bed. My husband, a very sound sleeper, seems to be okay with it. We then went away on vacation and slept in a hotel touted with good beds. I didn't have any achy shoulder/hip during the 2 weeks. I'm not sure if the T&N is just too firm for me (120 lbs/ 5'2".) Anyway, we will definitely return it due to the very obvious short width, we just keep on bumping our shins on the bed frame. We are just trying to find out how to return it without lugging it out of our 2nd story bedroom. I would love to really like this bed, I wish the king size mattress is true to size and a little less firm.

Awesomely comfy mattress

After several months of waking up feeling very sore and not well rested, I figured it was time to replace my 7 year old king serta mattress. I was also getting ready to have surgery which would require me to be planted in bed for about 6 weeks. I couldn't believe how expensive furniture and mattress stores were and I really was not prepared to fork out that kind of money when I stumbled onto an ad by Tuft & Needle and decided to give it shot. I figured I couldn't go wrong with their return policy and while they didn't haul away the old, I could work around that for the price point. Thanks to the awesomeness of Amazon Prime, the totally manageable box arrived the day before my surgery. We rolled it out and I was ready to go. I am close to my 5 month mark of owning this mattress and I have to say that this is the very best mattress I've ever paid for. There is no rolling side to side to find a comfy spot - it's just all evenly dispersed goodness. There didn't seem to be heat radiating from it in the summer months but now in the cooler months, it is cozy to slide into. I will say that very edge of the sides tend to be a bit mushy (like 2") but who sleeps dangling from the edge anyway? I'm very pleased and happy with this purchase so much so, that I'm getting ready to order a queen size for one of the kids!

Tuft and Needle has raised my spirits.

Aww man! It's awesome. I was weary about buying a mattress online, but all of the reviews and "research" I did pushed me towards my decision. I'm very happy with my purchase. How much was this mattress? about $650 with tax? The cost was pretty low compared to the other mattresses I was looking at. I wanted a foam mattress and I really liked the ones I tested in store at the mattress outlets. The prices were up in the thousands there and I almost committed, BUT, I'm glad I didn't. I compared the materials used in the tuft and needle vs the ones I liked instore and they were pretty close. That's why I took the dive.

This mattress is comfy, for me. It's really firm. My family members tested it out and compared it to sleeping on a rock, but I think it's very comfy. I love it. I've slept great these past couple days. Maybe it cured my bad attitude I was having lately. A good sleep really helps and I attribute that to this mattress, the Tuft and Needle.

Thank you

Less pain

I must say that I was quite nervous about ordering a mattress online. I did a lot of research. The good customer reviews on this site gave me the confidence to order. The order arrived promptly. Be prepared to lug it to your room designation. Plain, simple, and visible directions are provided, and following that the bed was ready in no time. Someone mentioned a chemical smell,and I noticed it as well, but it was not overpowering. Kept the room aired out and using a mattress pad helped. My main interest in selecting this mattress was an effort to have a more green matress. Now for the sleep experience. The mattress is less firm than I would like, but having said that, I am getting used to it and have no more hip pain- which is wonderful, and less shoulder pain. Very pleased with the purchase. The only thing I would do differently is go for about 14 inches rather than 10 to raise it up a bit on the platform bed.

THICK, SOLID, nice mattress. Glad we bought it!

My wife and I had been wanting to get a new mattress for a while and most of our immediate friends and family had made the move to a tempurpedic-based mattress. While I love the feel, I don't love the cost of tempurpedic.

I read about Tuft and Needle months ago, and it's been on my radar since then.

After coming into some unexpected money recently, I suggested to my wife that we order a Tuft and Needle mattress. About 2 minutes later, we had it ordered.

Delivery was quick with Prime and setup was fairly easy for the most part.

One thing that was difficult was during the unpacking of the mattress, I accidentally rolled it out upside down and the mattress began to "inflate." I am 6'5", 220 lbs, I lift weights, run, etc. I'm not a strongman, but I'm very capable of moving heavy things. Due to the fact that my bedroom is relatively small and this was the king size mattress, it was pretty challenging flipping it over without knocking things off my walls, hitting ceiling lights, etc. However, I was doing this by myself. If I had the help of someone else, it would have been pretty easy.

It's honestly a great mattress, especially for the price. It's comfortable and appears to be of high quality. I hope it holds up over time.

I feel like I made the right choice

After sleeping on a traditional Japanese Shikifuton for a decade I needed something less firm to sleep on after developing sciatic nerve issues after losing a lot of weight. I ordered the 10 inch in Full as I was afraid the 5 inch would still be too firm and people had complained about that in other reviews. I feel like I made the right choice. I am sleeping better and longer without sciatic pain. The mattress feels like tempurpedic I have slept on at a friends without out the heat retention but also springier and super supportive. Really liking it. Highly recommend the 10 inch to side sleepers. It unpacked and expanded within 2 hours instead of two days and there was absolutely no chemical smell whatsoever. Fits perfect on my Ikea Malm platform bed.

If I could give this mattress ten stars it wouldn't be enough!

I just this month purchased a Queen sized T&N mattress. I am in heaven!

I was sleeping on an old spring mattress and box spring bed, I knew it was time to get a new one...but you know, one pocrastinates... I was at Costco and they were selling Tempurpedic mattresses. They were less expensive then some, but still about $1500. I considered...but needed to research. My research showed that memory foam mattresses sleep hot. I live in the California desert. In the summer, hot does not begin to explain. So that was nixed instantly. My research then lead me to Tuft & Needle. Oddly enough, my friend was telling me about the new mattress she and her husband were getting for their move to Maui ( I know, I hate her!) They live in San Francisco at present, and T&N have a brick and mortar store there. They were sold on how comfortable it was. Now my wheels were really spinning. I trust her. Also, this mattress was less than half the price of the Tempurpedic and did not sleep hot! I then was able to justify buying a new platform bed, because I was saving so much, and wanted a whole new look too! When it came, everything was so easy. I had a small issue getting the bed out of the box, but that was because the bonehead furniture delivery guy had broken the seal on the shrink wrapped mattress (it comes looking much smaller, but then, like sea monkeys, gets big!) he said it was not a queen, but a twin and put it back in the box. Once you break the seal it begins to open, so that was happening in the box, therefore making it hard to get out. This allowed me to deal with T&N's famous customer service! They are easy to get hold of on the phone or even through their website on a live chat (which is what happened) They were so nice and patient. This issue wasn't even their fault or problem, but they still followed up with me by calling me on the phone, making sure that my experience was positive and even taking the initiative to send me a small refund for my problems. That was ABOVE AND BEYOND. I was duly impressed.
For the first week, it was a bit of an adjustment, as I was used to my old bed with a memory foam topper on it. This wasn't mushy like that was. I would say that it is firm, but in the best way. After a week, I was waking up so comfortable it was truly tough to get out of bed! Every night I get excited to go to sleep. I am so grateful that I have this. I have rheumatoid arthritis pretty bad, and this has been really helpful for aches and pains. For the last couple years on my old mattress, I was unable to side sleep, as I would wake up sore and immobilized somewhat in my neck. Now with the T&N every position is comfortable. No joke! It's like every pressure point is met. I am worried about travelling now, cause how will I sleep on any other mattress like...EVER????!
I did not purchase through Amazon, but through their website. Still, I had to leave a review to let you know that if you are thinking about buying a new mattress, you must consider Tuft & Needle. MUST.

I wish it were better.

From all of the five star reviews on this mattress I thought this mattress was going to make me feel like I was floating on clouds. Unfortunately, it was less like clouds and more like a very dense, and stale, marshmallow.

I was fine with it at first, and considered keeping it, but then I realized that there was a weird cavity in the middle of it that the fabric part of the mattress stretched over. In the photos I took, you can see how the box is supported on all other parts of the mattress, but in that middle part, dips down. (You wouldn't be able to tell there was a defect just by looking at it, because the fabric stretches over that layer.)

Fortunately, customer service at Amazon is top-notch and they issued me a refund without any hassle.

Kitten approved

Great mattress, much better than our previously brand new mattress that we returned for this. Definitely a great buy. Plus, it's kitten approved.

A living and candid review. (From 5 stars to 3 stars after ~100 days)

Introduction: Just a few random thoughts I feel are relevant in this review. 1. I am 27, 5'10" ~165lbs. 2. I am not a wealthy person, and price was definitely a factor in my purchase. 3. I threw my back out about a year ago - and my mattress [before T&N] was incrementally, day by day, exacerbating my bulging disk. Also, waking up with extremely tight shoulders. 4. This was a difficult decision for me to purchase this mattress. While the reviews were excellent, I couldn't help but feel many were fake, and there were two factors that led me to finally pull the trigger. I managed to get $140 in Amazon gift cards, and I read you could donate the mattress for a refund. Buying from Amazon may negate this - but the fact that this company allows for this is really incredible and thoughtful. I like to support ethical businesses, and I've deemed Tuft & Needle is one of them. 5. This will be a living review. It's only been 1 night thus far, but I'll be sure to keep this updated [2 weeks, 2 months, 9 months, etc.] because I know how difficult this decision was for me, and could be for many others without disposable income. 6. The foundation is an old box spring, it seems a little low to the ground - if anyone has any suggestions on whether I should look into a platform for this, let me know!

Day 1: I received my T&N mattress yesterday, the box was a bit heavy and awkward, but once I got it in my room, and began cutting it open, it inflated within a minute. Set up was a breeze. I laid down for a minute, just for a tease. A smile graced my face, "This is what a comfortable bed feels like," I thought to myself. The mattress I had prior was an old hand-me-down spring pillow top mattress, and has been destroying my back and shoulders for the past couple of years. There was a noticeable chemical smell, but not too offensive sleeping on my back or side. I flipped over to my stomach and YEP.. it's quite potent.

Falling asleep. It took me a little longer than usual to fall asleep. It may have been more of me [the over thinker I am] just analyzing how my body was molding to the foam. Reading other reviews, and experiencing this mattress myself, re-enforces that much more just how SUBJECTIVE most opinions are. It bothers me when people say things like, "THIS IS TOO FIRM! >:[ " or "This is like sleeping in a fluffy magical cloud in heaven next to Jesus! :D"

Honestly, for me, this was right down the middle. Balanced. Not too firm, not too soft. Laying on my stomach, back, and side were very comfortable. I typically sleep on my back, and with this mattress I didn't even need a pillow. I felt the foam contort to the natural curvature of my spine. It was awesome, especially because I'm only 27 and have a stupid lower back.

I woke up, and my shoulders didn't hurt, I didn't have to bellow a discomfort grunt when getting up. It genuinely made me happy. My first night review is 5 stars - and this may be due to the fact that I've been sleeping on a terrible mattress for so many years and there was a significant contrast. We'll see if this rating changes throughout the weeks, months, years.

I can only be so descriptive with one night - So I'll leave it as is for now. Again I'll be sure to make updates. And also, please ask me questions if you have any. I'm no expert, but I'm candid with my opinions and open about my biases. Some may scoff at a $600 mattress, but I know for a lot of us this is a big purchase and an important decision and I would be more than happy if I can help anyone one way or another.

Update: 2 weeks in.

I think above I made it seem almost like a miracle in healing my back and my shoulders. My back is still jacked up.. but much better. My shoulders are only a little jacked up anymore, way better. I think I may need a lumbar pillow.

So after two weeks of using this mattress. I still love it. There's no visible indentations, and it feels about the same it did the first time I laid down on it.

Something I did notice is the heat. When I sleep on my back, I notice being MUCH warmer than I have been with other mattresses. This should help in the winter, but right now it's kinda beat. Fortunately, I found it to be an easy transition sleeping on my side and the heat issue isn't really a problem.

The smell mentioned above is all but gone. If I bury my nose in it and inhale, I still smell it a little bit.. but it's really not a big deal. I question your ability to be reasonable if the smell still perturbs you after a couple weeks.

That's all I have for now. I'll make an update maybe mid-September which is right before the 100-day return policy.

Update 3! ~100 return policy mark.

I down voted to a 3 from a 5. Over this past month or so since my last review, I've slept in some other beds. And while the Tuft & Needle has still relieved some of my aches and pains due to my old mattress, I still awake generally sore. In contrast, the other beds I've slept in I have woken up MUCH more limber.

Tuft & Needle may just be too firm for me. :( I cannot return it because I purchased through Amazon and the 30 day trial has passed. I want to love this mattress, I think the company has the right idea and is reasonably priced. So at this point, for me, it is an acceptable mattress at a reasonable price.

ALSO. To be fair, the mattresses I slept on were +$1000, so keep that mind.

More updates coming, not sold yet.

I want to start with, I am no stranger to foam beds. My first was the Bragada Avalon which was AWFUL for the first two nights, and then for the next five years I heard a choir of angels sing whenever I laid on it, the next year wasn't good. After researching other reviews, I've come to the conclusion that no foam mattress lasts longer then five years. I pay close attention to previous Tempurpedic owners reviews which seem to agree with my theory. My next mattress I purchased right here on Amazon, and it was fabulous right out of the box, but started to lose its support faster then the Bragada. That said, I still have it, and it's still better than any other mattress I sleep on in other houses. I did need a new mattress at another house and so it was time to delve into the reviews again.

After much reading I decided to try the Tuft and Needle. I am not new to foam, and this one feels like a foam mattress, until you try sleeping on it. My review comes after only one night (I'll update as I go), but I woke with numb hands and a sore back. I can attribute the sore back to the extra lifting I did the previous day. (I did pick up a king size pillowtop and carry it to the barn for storage) of extra lifting. We'll see, I'll keep updating, but I won't buy a topper for a mattress when I've never needed a foam topper for a new mattress before.

Update 02/26/16. Ok, it never got better, and I don't need to own a mattress for a month for it to be comfortable, or buy a foam topper for a foam bed. None of my previous foam beds have required that, I don't feel that exceptions need to be made. It feels firm, but it didn't support properly, my hands were numb each morning, my woman's neck, shoulders, back and head ached. If you read above, I've had foam before, previously memory foam, and when I brought my old memory foam to this house she could immediately feel a difference. So their pitch that it is bouncey for sex is negated by all the soreness from lack of proper support, and the pitch for cool sleeping compared to memory foam is negated by the need for a memory foam topper to try and make it sleepable. The reviews were good, the mattress was not, look for a memory foam mattress instead, you'll be happier that you did. I will be checking out one the Amazon Prime eligible Dynasty Mattress next.

I liked the idea of the company

Wasn't able to return after 45 days of trying it out. Its really hard. I liked the idea of the company. But this mattress is way to hard. And I'm used to sleeping on just about anything. Really a let down. Makes me wondering if something was wrong with my mattress. Tried contacting the company. They couldn't help me because I ordered it from amazon.

Giant Foam Taco Shell

My wife and I bought this mattress about 2 months ago. We slept on it for about 3 nights before going out of town for 2 months, and the experience was mixed. She was ok with it. I like to sleep on my side and belly, but after not too long I would have pain in my side and lower back. I felt like I was sinking in the middle and had too much support in my shoulders and legs. It was like being folded in half like a taco. I am in my 20s and am in good shape. I feel like I should not be having back issues everyday from my mattress.

Update: I meant to post this review a couple months ago. Anyway the mattress is still a miss. I mostly sleep on my old bed or the couch. The tuft and needle just doesn't offer enough support for me. It reminds me of sleeping in a hammock and sinking down in the middle. Maybe it works for some people great, but not for me.
After being back from travels, and sleeping on a dozen different beds all over the world, the Tuft and Needle is still the most uncomfortable for me. I have tried putting a mattress topper on and it has alleviated a little pain, but I still wake up sore and tired.

We saw this bed on a tiny house blog we follow and I really wanted to like it. The company seems great, and many people do like it. It is just not for me. Maybe it's time to go back to the old Ikea bed?

Mattress is off-gassing toxic fumes - Must get it out of my house

I bought this mattress as a guest bed for my visiting in-laws. I thought I was ahead of the game by ordering over the weekend and it was delivered on Tuesday. I was concerned about chemical smells from the form, etc. as I have a personal aversion to being poisoned. From the reviews, I felt reassured that there would be no smell. Manufactured in USA in CA & MA. The first odd thing I noticed was that this package was shipped from Orlando FL. I found this strange since it was supposedly made in CA or MA and this is the furthest possible point it could have been shipped from in the US. We immediately unpacked it to let it puff up and noticed a plasticy, chemical smell. I thought it was coming from the plastic that it was wrapped in so I immediately discarded the plastic. After leaving it unpacked on its side to have plenty of air to de-gas and waiting 30 hours, the smell of chemicals/plastic is so strong tonight it has permeated my house (even downstairs), When I enter the room it is in, it feels like I am being hit in the face. My lungs hurt from breathing it in. I have opened the window and turned on a fan overnight to see if I can rid my house of the smell.

What is going on here? How can I be having such a different experience that others? Was it stored too long in an Amazon warehouse? Is this a counterfeit mattress? I will be taking up returning it tomorrow as I need to get this out of my house. Apparently, I can donate it to a charity (which I kinda feel bad about dumping this toxic POS on someone else), but that seems to be what I have to do. All I can say is BE CAREFUL.

Wanted to love it...

After doing a fair amount of research and reading through the numerous positive reviews here, I decided to purchase my mattress back in June of 2016. It pains me to have to write a negative review, so I’ll start with what I do like because I’m a positive person, dang it.

The shipment was fast and well packaged.

Unrolling the mattress was a breeze and fun to watch! It puffed up to full size quickly.

There was only a slight chemical smell that completely faded within a couple weeks.

The mattress is firm so that if you sit on the edge you don’t sink down too much or slip off. Because of the bed sinking in so little it almost seems as if the bed is more spacious than a traditional spring mattress.

There’s very little transfer of motion with this mattress so you won’t disrupt your partner.

Unfortunately that’s where the benefits end with my experience. I was really excited to get a new bed, especially after reading the overwhelmingly positive responses from other purchasers. From what I’ve seen, the company seems to be really interested in making sure the consumer is pleased which really appealed to me. I was also swayed by the fact that they have stores based in my state of Arizona.

That being said, this mattress is killing my body. I’m at the point that I have to take pain relief pills before I go to bed to stay asleep throughout the night and after I wake up to deal with the amount of discomfort I’m in. I bought this bed to replace my old spring mattress that was getting up there in years and was losing its firmness. This was my first experience with a foam mattress and reading that it was firm appealed to me, but as a few displeased reviewers mentioned, it is firm to the point of being incredibly uncomfortable. I find it difficult to describe. You can press down on the mattress and it is soft to a point, but as you lay down your body’s weight is so evenly dispersed to where you don’t sink down at all so it is indeed like laying on the floor. It’s as if the mattress is pressing back against my body instead of gently cradling it.

Sitting on the bed is pleasant enough, I can type away on my laptop for hours without issue, and in fact I enjoy the support it offers as I sit. However as soon as I lay down to rest for the night I feel pressure in my neck, shoulders, and especially my lower back and hip. The first few nights I slept on my new mattress I didn’t feel especially strongly either way, but I wanted to wait it out. I read that it would take two weeks for the bed to reach its peak softness, and while I think it may have softened up a tiny bit (maybe?) I’m still in agony and wake up multiple times throughout the night.

For reference, I’m in my early thirties, female, 5’5” at 160lbs. and work out 4-5 times a week. As someone who prefers a firmer mattress, I cannot for the life of me gather why this bed hurts me so much. Is it just my body type? Could there be a manufacturer defect with the mattress that could somehow maker it firmer than intended? I’m unsure. The worse part about the discomfort that I experience from sleeping on this mattress is that it lingers with me throughout the day and is beginning to affect my daily life. I’m experiencing issues I’ve never had before, like hip pain that I feel all day just getting in and out of chairs or climbing into the car or simply walking about. It’s intense and extremely upsetting. My fiancé is also experiencing restless sleep and waking up sore, however not to the same degree of discomfort I am having. I attribute this to fact that he sleeps more on his stomach while I can only sleep on my back and side.

This if the first negative review I think I’ve ever written and I feel guilty considering how other people seem to really love their mattress. But the truth is I haven’t experienced a single good night sleep since it’s arrived. It takes me longer to fall asleep because the pain sets in within minutes of lying down, I wake up numerous times throughout the night to adjust my position and wake up before I need to because of the pain. The longer I sleep the worse it is. What good is a mattress if I can’t get a restful night’s sleep, instead suffering body aches and feeling tired throughout the day? Even as I sit here and type this review my back and hip are aching, despite waking up hours ago.

I wanted so much to love this mattress to the point that I tried to convince myself that it would work out, much to my detriment. I thought maybe my body needed to adjust to the difference but things have only gotten worse as time has progressed. I am in so much pain because of this bed. I’ve never suffered buyer’s remorse to this degree. I’m out over $500.00 and have no other bed to replace my current mattress while I try to sort this out. I’m kicking myself for trying to force myself to adjust to this bed instead of just contacting customer service right away. Knowing that my only option may be is to spend at least another $100+ for a mattress topper as a temporary solution for my situation is truly disappointing to say the least. Please don’t make the same mistake I have, if you’re uncomfortable be sure to contact Tuft and Needle right away, don’t wait it out and force yourself to suffer!


I had a bad allergy to this mattress.....After reviewing both on Amazon and company website I decided to go. The company really has a great customer service which I appreciated really. Anyhow when I revived the package, after unpacking this chemical smell odor kind of covered the whole house. I aired out the mattress for 5 days the smell kind of went away a bit do I decided to sleep on it. The following morning I had bad allergy, my face , eye lids were all swollen and I only slept 6 hours or so and couldn't go back to sleep in the other room due to terrible headache and sinus/flu like symptoms . . When I checked online about poly foam and allergies, seems like I am one of those who have allergies. The smell itself gave me headache the entire time. When I called the company they were nice though. I got it through Amazon so plan to call for a pick up service And return this soon. I wanted to write this review in case there are out there who are sensitive to chemicals like myself... The company was nice when I talked to them about allergy issue


Overall, the mattress is very comfortable. My wife slept like a rock on it, I unfortunately did not sleep as well. We purchased the T&N to replace an old foam mattress that developed hot spots.
After the second night, I encountered the same problem. The big problem came when we returned it. If you purchase directly from T&N, you get to try the mattress for 90 days verse 30 days if you go through Amazon. Here's the BIG problem- Amazon requires you to box up the mattress before UPS picks it up ( no cost to you). This is easier said than done. The mattress is vacuum packed at the factory. Once you cut open the bag, it naturally inflates to full size.
Getting it back in the box is impossible.
Finding a king size mattress box was harder than expected. Our local Uhaul store had nothing and mattress stores typically don't keep old boxes on sight. I ended up purchasing a poly bag for the mattress at the Uhaul and, using a shop vac, sucked out enough air to roll the mattress small enough to fit in two large boxes. It took my whole family of 5 to accomplish this feat. What a pain. If we had purchased directly off the T&N website, they would have had someone pick it up and we would have avoided the whole repackaging nightmare.

Tuft and needle mattress review

I have now owned the tuft and needle for awhile, So i felt it time to leave a review on this product.

If you haven’t heard, theres been a big boom in direct to customer mattress companies, who cut out the sleazy mattress salespeople who work on commission and sell you garbage mattresses for thousands of dollars. I love the fact that now you can buy an awesome mattress, for a fraction of the cost, and have it shipped straight to your door in a box.

So, will you like a foam mattress if you have always slept on a regular spring mattress?

Short answer, YES! This opinion comes to you from the point of view of someone who has done the exact thing you are about to. I only slept on regular spring mattresses all my life. I thought that I would buy a foam mattress and simply sink into it, be extremely hot, etc. That is not the case. A foam mattress, at least for me, is definitely comfortable.

I have to say that I am impressed by the Tuft & Needle, not much downside for the price of 600$. The one thing i found was that the tuft and needle was a little on the firm side for me (Im a 185lb guy, so i assume if you weigh any less you will find it even more firm than I do), and the problem is you cant order or exchange to one that is a little bit less firm. Theres only one standard option.

A lot to like about it, but just too firm

I bought this mattress because of an article I saw on the company featured in The Digg. It was an impulse buy, because our 10 year old mattress is getting the two grooves from our sleeping positions, and I really wanted something that was a lot thinner than our foot and a half thick mattress.

The bed arrived quickly, and when I pulled it out of the box and cut it out of its plastic wrap, it didn't take long to "inflate" up to normal size. It was not stinky at all. I didn't notice any smell at all. The cover for the mattress is nice. The mattress itself is just a block of foam. It's nothing fancy at all. We slept on it for 2 nights before deciding it was just TOO firm. I like a soft, cushy mattress, this is true, but I'm a fit mid-30s woman and this hurt my joints. I am a side sleeper. My husband agreed that it was too firm, so we purchased a mattress topper for it. Problem solved. I would've liked to not have to get an extra mattress topper though, just to make it a comfortable bed. So, while I do appreciate the cost is much less than a "real" mattress, I feel like for a slab of foam with a cover around it, $400 isn't too screaming of a deal. But I'm happy now with my bed. I got rid of the old outdated frame at the same time, and got a nice modern platform bed, and the whole set up is miles better than it was.

So, the mattress is great, as long as you want a firm sleeping surface, or be prepared to shell out another $140 or so to add that last bit of comfort.

Update: The company has reached out to me within 24 hours of posting this review, and is doing everything it can to make me a happy customer, so I have to say, I AM a happy customer. Good customer service is so rare these days, that I have increased my rating from a 3 to 4 stars, and would like to clarify that I do like the bed, once I solved the too firm issue.

Waiting for replacement

We were looking forward to receiving this mattress after reviewing the feedback left by other buyers.
Very disappointed to have received the mattress in King size almost 4 inches smaller than the bed.
The gap is way too much to be filled in with bed-sheet/comforter. Not at all what we were expecting.
This is our third online mattress purchase and never had to deal with this kind of problem before.
NOTE: The dimensions of this mattress are 73.5 inches x 77 inches x 9.5 inches
NOTE: At the bottom it clearly has a visible indentation already
UPDATE 7/29/17- Thanks for responding. We opened the box immediately after it was delivered. It's been few weeks since then and there is no difference in the dimensions. We liked the mattress however, not happy with the fact that it runs much smaller than our bed and bends at the edges when we sit on the bed we almost sink into it, not sure this because it runs smaller in size and doesn't get support from the bed itself. We have hence decided to replace the mattress and give it another try. Please..please make sure that this time around it doesn't run smaller in size and fits right. We are looking forward to the replacement mattress and hope it fits into the bed.
Other than the edges and dimension we are happy with the mattress itself.
UPDATE 8/3/2017- The replacement mattress was shipped immediately, only two days of wait. Unfortunately this one too runs much smaller than the dimensions mentioned. I have two king size beds and one king size mattress. The previous mattress I had fits perfectly on both the beds. We are disappointed this time around too, the mattress is much smaller than the bed. If the difference was small enough to be compensated by adding a thick comforter, we would have had no issues. However it runs so much smaller that its very evident by just looking at the bed and is too much of an inconvenience. If Tuft and needle can provide a filler instead of replacing this second time would be much better.
On another note, this mattress is amazing. I am prone to minor back pain every now and then, but since the time we started using Tuft and Needles mattress I do not recall having back pain at all. It's just right, not too hard not to soft that you sink in. I would highly recommend this mattress if they can resolve the issue with it's size.

Disappointed in service.

I ordered this matress for my daughter and her husband for a housewarming gift. After a couple of months she said it just felt harder and harder, but if you ordered on amazon instead of their actual website, they won't do anything for you. Very much a waste of money for us. I will start ordering from the website of the companies from now on.

One year later...

We have had this mattress for a year now. My wife has never really been that comfortable on the mattress. From the second month she started to complain of shoulder and back pain. She is a side sleeper and found that the only way to minimize the pain was to force herself to sleep on her back. However, as she is not a back sleeper, she tossed and turned all night. Her biggest complaint is that it feels like her hips are sinking into the mattress so much that it's throwing her back out of alignment. The foam around the shoulders and knees is more firm and does not sink in nearly as much. For the last few months, the pain has been so bad that even laying in the mattress for a few minutes causes her to feel pain. She has even complained that her bones feel "creaky" after laying on it.

We tried adding a foam topper to see if the problem was that the foam was too firm. After three different toppers, the problem remained.

The last two months have been full of sleep experiments to see if it is my wife's back or the mattress. We have slept on our two guest beds (spring mattresses with two different firmness levels), an air mattress and the couch. None of these cause the same "creakiness" in her bones.

I am pretty bummed to have to write such a negative review. Before buying we read up a lot on the company and looked at other non-traditional mattress companies before we decided on Tuft and Needle. We have had the mattress a significant amount of time and even tried to add things to make it more comfortable. Unfortunately, the mattress seems to sink so much in the middle that my wife's back hurts all the time. Keep in mind that we are 30 years old so her back and bones should not feel that way yet.

One star for sleeping on the equivalent of the floor.

Hard. As. A. Rock.

I wanted to love this mattress. Set-up was a breeze, it is lighter than my old pillow top queen and the smell is gone so fast. The fabric covering it even feels soft enough to sleep on it by itself (if you had to.)

BUT. It is painfully firm. Back-slaying, sleep-destroying firm. If Motel 6 beds are softer, you know you are doing something wrong. I spent the hours between 3-5 (since I couldn't sleep and by then my back was dying) reading the other Amazon reviews which I didn't spend enough time doing before. Everyone gave 5 stars but more often than not, the rating was for the customer service they got RETURNING the mattress.

Someone from T&N should really spend a couple hours going through and counting how many reviews saying these mattresses are too firm to how many like the firmness. If there are more complaints than not, time to readdress the formula.

I'll update this. Of course, I already ordered a foam topper because that solved the problem for everyone else who didn't want to go to the hassle of getting yet another new bed. I think the bed will be a great foundation, it just needs a bit more cushion on top. I do feel like, if you are on the heavy side, you would sink into their cushion more and be happier with it. The sides of the bed when you sit on them sink in just fine.

For comparison's sake:
-5'8", 160lb female
-side/back sleeper

Hard & difficult to return

Think twice before ordering - if you dont like it, you will pay the difference for shipping to return. 80+ lb king size bed is a lot. The springy foam has a lot of resistance to being folded as well. My back hurts.

Awful. Do not buy

I would expect a king mattress to be 76x80 not 71x78. I also expect crazy things like square edges like a normal mattress.

Worst of all? Called Tuft & Needle and was told it was not their issue since I bought from Amazon. Interesting position to take.

Bad experience front to back. This mattress is going back. Buyer beware.

Side sleepin' curvy girls move on. This is not the one for you.

I had high hopes to write a review that raved about this mattress after reading what so many people had said, and researching the awesome company that the product comes from. I could relate the mission of the company and the ethics that they stand behind, and after a few months of searching, I decided that this would be the bed for me. Let me validate the company and their product: I think that it would be FANTASTIC for 'thinny' people... but if you need jeans in the double digits, look elsewhere.I had high hopes to write a review that raved about this mattress after reading what so many people had said, and researching the awesome company that the product comes from. I could relate the mission of the company and the ethics that they stand behind, and after a few months of searching, I decided that this would be the bed for me.

I'm a curvy girl, who' enjoys food a little more than I aught to and sure I could stand to loose my share of a few pounds. I try to go to sleep on my back, but I end up on my sides many nights as so many do. My previous mattress was a pillow top and I was looking for something soft, but firmer to contour my curves and give me an awesome nights rest. I had bought into they mythos of the Tuft & Needle branding and this mattress so completely that the first night waking up with the first sore back that I'd had in ages, I attributed it to shoveling a little too much snow the night before (Wisconsin, ugh). The second and third mornings were groggy because I'd been up not once, but twice in the night -- an anomaly for me. Again, I rationalized this away. Perhaps the aforementioned snowstorm had my fat cells complaining from the work out. As the days went on, and the waking up became more frequent in the night, I found reason after reason to tell myself that it was me, and not the beloved bed that I'd bought and went loyally to sleep on and invariably found myself on the couch by morning and my backache was becoming quickly disabling; to the point where I felt like I'd need help to stand up!!! Still, I found reasons to blame circumstance. . .until last night.

Yet another snow storm (I have GOT to move somewhere warmer..) caught me out of the city overnight at ye olde random middle of the line hotel room, where the room' promised to be inexpensive but the coffee was promised to be free-flowing in the morning. As I eyed up the bed in the hotel room suspiciously, I groused to myself because I *knew* that if I couldn't get a decent night sleep at home in my new awesome bed, a snowball had a better chance of surviving being deep-fried than I had at getting a decent night sleep. What happened next? Seven hours and eighteen minutes of bliss.

Now safely back at home, I've realized that the only entity in the house that really gets a good night sleep on the mattress is my chubby feline who has nothing better to do than lounge around the house all day and props to her...but for the money I spent, I need more than a new bed for my cat. I need to sleep soundly, and this is not the mattress for me.


I wanted to love it. Husband and I both noticed the feeling of sleeping "downhill" when on our backs right away, and we switched up pillows to compensate. Around the same time i began to have consistent back/rib/hip pain. After traveling for work and not having ANY pain those few days, then immediate pain upon returning to sleep at home, we gave up. Just not enough give for side sleeping, I guess.

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