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Trundle beds are usually attached to daybeds, but not always. With designs ranging from wood to metal and modern to rustic, the best trundle beds will blend perfectly into your design while offering hidden versatility. Customers report that some of the most important aspects to their purchase is ease of assembly, sturdiness, and style. We go through what customers love the best below.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 9.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.7/10

Material Quality: 9.7/10

Design Options: 9.6/10

Ease of Assembly: 9.6/10

Price Value: 9.7/10

Price: $292-$2299

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Top Trundle Beds Details

Trundle beds have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Trundle beds can offer great functionality without taking up too much space. But, what makes a great trundle bed? For one, a cozy and discreet trundle drawer beneath the primary bed. Additionally, easy assembly is another essential. However, what customers also really want are trendy styles and high value for the materials used. Good trundle bed brands provide seamless trundle space and easy to assemble products that are stylish, all for a lower price for the materials.

That said, not all great trundle beds are bargains, which is why we have selected a range of brands that have excellent feedback from customers, some that are lower cost and some that offer higher-end quality.

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Best 5 Trundle Bed Brands

Below, we'll go through competitive trundle bed brands that customers love, and discuss the ins and outs of their styles, craftsmanship, and any caveats customers report.

Here is what's inside the widely popular Charlton Home Trundle Beds:

Looking for high-end modern designs for an affordable price point? Charlton Home trundle beds feature luxury trundle bed designs for a fraction of the cost of luxury brands. With primarily upholstered looks, there are plenty of color and style options to choose from. Customers describe these trundle beds as simple to assemble and well-made.

Next, here is what's inside the Andover Mills Trundle Beds:

Desire affordable price points with a wide range of designs? Andover Mills offers both metal and upholstered trundle beds with low prices on average. With sleek metal designs that can fit both modern and rustic design elements, Andover Mills trundles are well-suited to many homes. Their most popular Ione Daybed with Trundle features an all metal design with a desirable white finish. Customers rate Andover Mills well with easy set up and assembly.

Next, here is what's inside Three Posts Trundle Beds:

Want something a little higher end? Three Posts has a wide variety of trundle beds, with wooden, upholstered, and metal designs. In both daybeds with three sides and those with only two, there are options for any room design. Customers like their Three Posts trundle beds with special appreciation for the higher priced options that are elegant enough to pass as a nice couch.

Next, let's take a look at Latitude Run Trundle Beds:

Latitude Run trundle beds come in wooden, metal, and upholstered options in a variety of styles and price points. With pretty and classic styles that come in mostly neutral colors, these trundle beds can easily double as a nice seating piece when not in use. Customers appreciate the reasonable prices as well as the versatile styles of these trundle beds, with most mentioning that they are very satisfied with their purchase.

Lastly, let's take a look at the Red Barrel Studio® Trundle Beds:

For those in search of a more traditional look, Red Barrel Studio has a number of trundle beds that might fit your space. With mostly wooden options, most of their designs feature a classic bed with headboard. Customers appreciate the affordability and perceived sturdiness for the price point of Red Barrel Studio trundle beds.

How to Find The Best & Avoid The Worst

When it comes to finding the best trundle beds, the best options are sturdy, styled-well, price-competitive, and are loved by customers. However, those to steer clear from include brands that aren't transparent with customer reviews and seem priced too high for what they are selling. These include many name-brand retailers and storefronts that may mark up their materials many times before you buy them.

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Beautiful [Charlton Home Trundle Bed]


easy [Charlton Home Trundle Bed]

easy assembly good quality

Looks great [Charlton Home Trundle Bed]

Looks great and fast shipping...

Great quality [Charlton Home Trundle Bed]

Great quality, matches everything

Very nice [Charlton Home Trundle Bed]

Very nice bed for the money.

This bed is absolutely adorable [Charlton Home Trundle Bed]

This bed is absolutely adorable! High quality and easy assembly. I couldn't be happier.

Goes great [Charlton Home Trundle Bed]

Goes great in the Florida room.

This bed is perfect [Charlton Home Trundle Bed]

This bed is perfect for my daughter’s room. The color and size were exactly what we needed.

Very nice looking bed [Charlton Home Trundle Bed]

Very nice looking bed. Seems sturdy. Was not difficult to put together

I love the size [Andover Mills Trundle Bed]

I love the size and the color

Love love it [Andover Mills Trundle Bed]

Love love it, for my office guest room love it for very nice

very cozy [Andover Mills Trundle Bed]

Comfterbel very it

My daughter and I put it together [Andover Mills Trundle Bed]

My daughter and I put it together in about an hour. Loved the look an the material was the perfect color for the room . Very happy with our new Daybed

Not too hard [Andover Mills Trundle Bed]

Not too hard to put together, would be easier if actual pieces were labeled.

This was perfect [Andover Mills Trundle Bed]

This was perfect easy to put together

Easy to put together [Andover Mills Trundle Bed]

Easy to put together, well made.

Really attractive [Andover Mills Trundle Bed]

Really attractive looking bed!

Doesn’t take up their space [Andover Mills Trundle Bed]

Doesn’t take up their space in their room!!!

Fit perfect [Andover Mills Trundle Bed]

Fit perfect and looks great. Sturdy

The bed is nice looking [Andover Mills Trundle Bed]

The bed is nice looking, it did not come with all the hardware.

Beautiful [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

Beautiful! Beyond expectations. Very high quality. Even the assembly was very manageable.

My husband and I purchased this [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

My husband and I purchased this for our extra bedroom/office. We needed it to be sturdy, functional, yet fit with our decor. We debated on the twin or a twin XL for the top mattress. I am very glad we decided to get the twin XL! Do NOT buy a twin - it will be too small and leave a gap. The twin XL fits perfect and you can still tuck your sheets in. We purchased a 6 inch mattress for the trundle and an 8 inch mattress for the top. I would not recommend going larger than that. Too high of a trundle mattress will prevent it from shutting with sheets/blankets on. Too high of a top mattress causes you to have to "hop in" because its so tall. It will also cover the tufting of the bed frame if it's too tall. This was a great buy for our home office/extra bedroom. This is a LARGE piece of furniture, however, the grey accents nicely and compliments the space. I wanted something suitable for guests but still leaving with me enough room to work. This checked all the boxes! My only complaint is that there are not enough slats for either the trundle or the top. We plan to cut more to fit. So far, my husband and I both fit on it and haven't broken any of the slats and it still feels sturdy. Although the 250 lb limit might seem high, we want to make sure it won't break. We were actually surprised how sturdy this was! It took us maybe an hour to completely put it together but we're both engineers and found the directions fairly easy. Make sure you have a drill as it will make tightening and screwing in the slats SO much easier. The boxes it came in were large and HEAVY. I couldn't lift them myself. I had to wait until my husband came home so we could BOTH lift them. We opened them in our heated garage and brought the parts inside individually. Overall, this was a great buy for the price point. We are thrilled with our purchase. I can't wait to have guests over!

Works great [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

Works great in our air bnb we use it as a sofa and a day bed.

It’s nice but the back doesn’t have fabric [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

It’s nice but the back doesn’t have fabric, so it has to be pushed against a wall. Hence 4 star rather than 5. Really practical for a guest room. Trundle is easy to roll out.

exactly [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

exactly what I ordered

Easy for to not very handy [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

Easy for to not very handy people to assemble.. sturdy .. got the look for less

Love the look [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

Love the look except the ends aren’t flush.

Love [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

Love it.

I recently purchased this daybed [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

I recently purchased this daybed and we are very happy with it! It is well made and looks great!

The Color is beautiful [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

The Color is beautiful! It is really big though so measure generously!

Wow [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

Wow! Wonderful bed for my mother! She loves it!

Made well [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

Made well and so perfect for our guest room

this was one of the best item [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

this was one of the best item I purchase from Wayfair , everyone complements this sofa bed great for small places good quality !

Beautiful bed frame as pictured [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

Beautiful bed frame as pictured. Easy to put together except one of the pre drilled holes was mis-aligned and had to be redrilled.

The bed was extremely easy to put together [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

The bed was extremely easy to put together. I was a little wary at first because the instructions said to gather parts that had 20 to 40 of each piece, but after reading and realizing how it all went together, it seemed easy enough. My husband was out of town and I put the bed and trundle together in less than an hour by myself. Still need to find mattresses, but the bed’s color and finish is very nice, and overall seems sturdy.

Really pleased [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

Really pleased with this Day bed and it fits in this tiny guest room. Took me a bit longer to assemble, 2 evenings after work. But once you get the hang of O and W to F1. Etc. it’s comes together.

Loved my Day Bed [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

Loved my Day Bed, very elegant and comfortable. It match with my whole family room sofa. perfect :)

It was easy to put together [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

It was easy to put together and I think it looks great. It's a little darker than what I expected, based on some of the pictures, but it works for me!

This bed is absolutely gorgeous [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

This bed is absolutely gorgeous, sturdy and strong I’m extremely happy with my purchase

Relatively easy to put together [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

Relatively easy to put together. Would definitely suggest to people. Its a beautiful bed. Love the design and color. The bolts in the back will dig into the wall so be careful of that. Overall love the piece.

I love this day bed! [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

I love this day bed! It's beautiful and comfortable! It's also very sturdy after it's put together. Our 1st one came damage in the shipping. There was a hole in the box where something protruded the box and went through to out a hole in the arm of this day bed. The company was excellent in sending out a new one as a replacement and it came very quickly. We have been very happy with it and very happy with the service from wayfair especially if there is a problem. They didn't hesitate to get on it and resolve the issue.

Loved this daybed [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

Loved this daybed worked well in my she room!!!!

Perfect! [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for!

Bed is nice. [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

Bed is nice. Wish the toybox sides were antique white like the front. The sides are pure white and stand out.

Arrived in a timely manner [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

Arrived in a timely manner. My Husband is very handy so he said it was not that difficult to assemble. Looks great in my room. Trundle slides out very easy. Quality of piece good for price. Solid wood slats for mattress to rest on. Color of fabric true to photo on Wayfair. The only negative comment I have is that there is a black mark on trundle which I am trying to remove

Just put the trundle bed together [Three Posts Trundle Bed]

Just put the trundle bed together, no issues with assembly of it. The bed seems very sturdy and well made. Hope it survives our 6 grandchildren.

Looks nicer [Latitude Run Trundle Bed]

Looks nicer than in pictures!

Looks sleek and amazing [Latitude Run Trundle Bed]

Looks sleek and amazing! Needed a space saver bed for spare bedroom that would accommodate guest and provide enough space for my home office without interrupting comfort of guest.

Excellent [Latitude Run Trundle Bed]

Excellent quality bed

Excellent for all ages [Latitude Run Trundle Bed]

Excellent for all ages. Works great with any color.

This daybed has the clean [Latitude Run Trundle Bed]

This daybed has the clean, modern look I wanted. It came in manageable sized boxes (3) and assembled easily.

Lots of good things about this piece [Latitude Run Trundle Bed]

Lots of good things about this piece- just directions could’ve been more intuitive. First, it’s super sturdy- and Even the trundle is well made- But starting off it seemed Confusing ! When we first opened it up- they ask you to put the ‘feet’ on the headboardbaseboard but the headboardbaseboards didn’t have holes that were readily visible, so we kind of just guessed and screwed them in- there is a lot of it says to screw in, but you don’t see a place indicated or it’s a mark and not a hole—- so just be mindful you need to be paying attention to the parts and instructions. Now that it’s up- it’s great- and well-made. also I ordered a 10” mattress and it is super high. The 10” mattress fits the trundle, so I think I’m going to go with an 8” up and move the 10” to under — so it sits more like a couchdaybed!

Perfect [Latitude Run Trundle Bed]

Perfect for my office/second bedroom!

Easy to put together [Latitude Run Trundle Bed]

Easy to put together (instructions are in the box with the wheels) and nicely made.

This is really a beautiful piece of furniture [Latitude Run Trundle Bed]

This is really a beautiful piece of furniture. It's super easy to assemble and, so far, seems very sturdy. Really happy we chose this!

Very easy to put together [Latitude Run Trundle Bed]

Very easy to put together. Good value for the money.

Arrived intact [Red Barrel Studio Trundle Bed]

Arrived intact, on time, with simple instructions and was easy to assemble. Bed seems sturdy enough and well made for the price.

Just Perfect [Red Barrel Studio Trundle Bed]

Just perfect for our 3rd bedroom!

This bed is the perfect guest [Red Barrel Studio Trundle Bed]

This bed is the perfect guest bedroom bed!


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