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Top Rollaway Beds Reviews

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Rollaway and temporary beds are great pieces of furniture for guests, surgery or injury recovery, and more. However, not all rollaway beds offer a comfy night sleep or simplicity of set-up. Whether you are looking for discreet designs or the most comfortable night sleep, we've selected some of the best rated rollaway beds to review below.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.5/10

Material Quality: 9.2/10

Design Options: 9.2/10

Ease of Assembly: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

Price: $161-$389

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Top Rollaway Beds Details

Whether you are looking for a space saving option for regular sleepers in your home or are thinking about guests, finding the right rollaway bed that is both discreet and comfy is easier said than done. What makes a great rollaway bed? For one, it needs to be easily stored. Additionally, easy assembly is another essential. However, customers also really want high end comfort for an affordable cost. Good rollaway bed brands provide versatile designs that are easily stored, while also providing unbeatable comfort.

That said, not all great rollaway beds are ultra-bargains, which is why we have selected a range of brands that have excellent feedback from customers, some that are lower cost and some that offer higher-end quality.

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Best Rollaway Bed Brands

Below, we'll go through competitive rollaway beds that customers love, and discuss the ins and outs of their styles, craftsmanship, and any caveats customers report.

Here is what's inside the widely popular Jay-Be Rollaway Beds:

Jay-Be rollaway beds offer a wide range of rollaway beds with varying styles and pricepoints. With thin options that would be ideal for children and temporary solutions, to those with thicker mattresses, these rollaway beds have a traditional hotel feel with an easy middle fold that can be rolled and hidden in a closet or storage area. These are well-rated by customers with a refreshing range of designs.

Next, here is what's inside the Ebern Designs Rollaway Beds:

While Ebern Designs doesn't offer as wide of a range of different rollaway bed options, they offer high value for the price, with a sleeker and thinner design that can discreetly fit in many areas without being noticed. Their rollaway beds get good ratings from customers for comfort and price value.

Next, here is what's inside Serta Rollaway Beds:

For those looking for name-brand experience at home, the Serta rollaway beds offer multiple mattress options that are simple to set up and store. Most customers describe them as being ideal options for children, with some adult sleepers wanting more space and cushion.

Lastly, here is what's inside the Symple Stuff Rollaway Bed:

The Symple Stuff rollaways provide slimmer mattresses for affordable pricepoints. With a multitude of competitively priced designs, customers can find what they are looking for with Symple Stuff. With most customers liking their rollaway beds but a few caveats on durability and comfort, Symple Stuff is ideal for those on a budget and are looking for a temporary solution.

How to Find The Best & Avoid The Worst

When it comes to finding the best rollaway beds, the best options are sturdy, styled-well, price-competitive, and are loved by customers. However, those to steer clear from include brands that aren't transparent with customer reviews and seem priced too high for what they are selling.

Browse Top Rollaway Beds Customer Reviews

Bed is comfy [Jay-Be Rollaway Bed]

Bed is comfy for a roll away, a little shorter than a normal but but not by much. Folds up easily, and moves on its wheels easily. Great option for an extra bed.

Very comfortable [Jay-Be Rollaway Bed]

Very comfortable guest bed. Also can be put away in closets. Love it

Its nice for a one night [Jay-Be Rollaway Bed]

Its nice for a one night, maybe two nights sleep. Its very narrow. Not a regular twin size. Its a cot with an upgrade on the mattress. The mattress is comfortable. I think it couldve been a little less expensive.

Not tall enough [Jay-Be Rollaway Bed]

Not tall enough from the floor

The mattress and frame are excellent [Jay-Be Rollaway Bed]

The mattress and frame are excellent. However, the strap (which is provided to lash the bed closed when it is folded up) isn't long enough once the headboard is attached.

A comfy mattress [Jay-Be Rollaway Bed]

A comfy mattress for a child or short adult. It is very low to the ground.

this bed is terrific [Jay-Be Rollaway Bed]

this bed is terrific. opens easily. mattress is thick, very comfortable

One of the most comfortable [Jay-Be Rollaway Bed]

One of the most comfortable folding beds l have slept on. Happy to have purchased it !

Mattress looked more comfortable [Jay-Be Rollaway Bed]

Mattress looked more comfortable than it is

Easy to set up, super comfortable [Jay-Be Rollaway Bed]

Easy to set up, super comfortable! Just want I was looking for.

I like the headboard [Jay-Be Rollaway Bed]

I like the headboard and it then makes for a tall table when folded. With a table cloth it becomes an inconspicuous feature of the room until the bed is needed. It has a good mattress but I’ve found the springs on one end keep getting detached. I will likely modify them by bending with pliers.

Great addition [Jay-Be Rollaway Bed]

Great addition to our beach condo. Our guests described the bed extremely comfortable!!

Very comfortable [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

Very comfortable. The only drawback is that setting it up isn’t as simple as opening it up. You have to take the mattress off, flip the frame, and then put the mattress back on. It is a little clunky for me to do in the small space in which I am using it. The mattress is thin and surprisingly comfortable. I am small (5”2’, 120 lbs) and don’t know how comfortable it would be for someone larger. I’m pleased with the purchase.

Works great [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

Works great. Guest said it was comfortable.

It was priced right [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

It was priced right and was perfect for what I needed it for. It was really easy to assemble, there were only a few pieces (part of the legs) to screw on and unwrap.

Quite flimsy [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

Quite flimsy. They will suffice right now, yet I would have gotten a higher quality

Not as comfortable [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

Not as comfortable as was advertised

It is perfect size [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

It is perfect size for the spot it’s in

This is great for my grandkids [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

This is great for my grandkids. Then it can be stored away. Surprisingly comfortable for short term use. Good value.

Bought this for my mom [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

Bought this for my mom when she came to help us out with my newborn baby... she said the bed is very uncomfortable and didnt even use it after one night she slept on our living room couch.

So worth it! [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

So worth it! Super compact and actually comfortable

It worked perfect [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

It worked perfect !!!! And it hides away easily in a small place!

Way fair you've got just what I need [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

Way fair you've got just what I need but it's not in my budget ...1 really expensive comfortable daybed that costs between 500.00 and 2,000 bucks...

Super [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

Super easy to store away. Great for family visits.

It’s kind of a pain [Ebern Designs Rollaway Bed]

It’s kind of a pain to have the mattress stored underneath and the locking doesn’t feel sturdy. But my mom liked sleeping on it and that’s all that mattered

This is a great little bed [Serta Rollaway Bed]

This is a great little bed to pull out when guests come, but really best for the kids. Mattress is functional, but better than a lot of the others for this type of bed. Happy with this purchase as it isn't used all the time and it serves its purpose.

Great [Serta Rollaway Bed]

Great Quality and sturdy

I bought it for my grandsons [Serta Rollaway Bed]

I bought it for my grandsons to use when they needed it. One of them use it so far and loves it.

Very comfortable [Serta Rollaway Bed]

Very comfortable for our special needs adult son when he comes for overnight visits. Easy to fold up snd roll into the closet.

It will work on holidays [Serta Rollaway Bed]

It will work on holidays. I feel as though Serta would have used better quality material on the mattress. Feel as though it was over priced and does not meet Serta standards or quality I was use to. Looking to purchase another one with better quality materials. Way over priced. Would never recommend this to anyone

Worked perfect [Serta Rollaway Bed]

Worked perfect for what I needed

Exactly as advertised [Serta Rollaway Bed]

Exactly as advertised. Mattress compresses a lot.

Perfect [Serta Rollaway Bed]

Perfect! I bought the mattress topper for it and my daughter loves it!

It was a good bed [Serta Rollaway Bed]

It was a good bed for family coming from out of town.

This is certainly adequate [Symple Stuff Rollaway Bed]

This is certainly adequate - mattress is pretty thin, but then it does have to fold! It will work out just fine. Set up was pretty straightforward - used it one night, and then folded it up and stored it in the basement for next time.

It was easy to assemble [Symple Stuff Rollaway Bed]

It was easy to assemble and was so useful when all the grandchildren arrived. Fits nicely into the closet now.

Cheap [Symple Stuff Rollaway Bed]

Cheap thin mattress. Plastic wheels break easily. Disappointed

I have not slept on it [Symple Stuff Rollaway Bed]

I have not slept on it but the person who did said he slept great

Perfect [Symple Stuff Rollaway Bed]

Perfect litle folding bed for any last minute guest. The only thing I don't like is that it will move back and forth .. The legs do not locked.

Bought it 3 years ago [Symple Stuff Rollaway Bed]

Bought it 3 years ago and its used everyday. Great buy.

Good quality the mattress [Symple Stuff Rollaway Bed]

Good quality the mattress that comes with it is of good quality. Have a problem with the first one it was a defect. But it was promptly taken care of. Love the bed I would buy it again.

Great value [Symple Stuff Rollaway Bed]

Great value. It was extremely comfy and soft. Pros: Easy assembly very comfortable Cons: Only for one person.

My only issue with this bed [Symple Stuff Rollaway Bed]

My only issue with this bed is how low to the ground it is. This was expected. However it is still very comfortable

Very well made [Symple Stuff Rollaway Bed]

Very well made, Ive had it about 4 yrs now and it is very handy to have.

My son loves this bed [Symple Stuff Rollaway Bed]

My son loves this bed. It’s perfect for him while we’re living in a small space. He has all the room he needs and is sleeping so much better!

Is very hard [Symple Stuff Rollaway Bed]

Is very hard to fold


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